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Blue Spruce
reference- deceased

Wyoming Territory
reference- deceased

Spanish Skyler
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Chief's Joker
reference- deceased

Granite Horizon
reference- deceased

Jet's Bright Operator
reference- deceased


Holiday Prince

East West Exchange

Bright Badger

Freckles Joker

Ima Scotch Zipper

Party With Confetti

High Time Charlie

Atom Bomb+++

Cloud Chaser

Copper Firefox

Hot Night Spot

Rustle And Shake

Silverado Zip

Zip Drive

Blarney Stone

Go Boy Blue

Roxys Blue Fox

Docotah Carbon Dust

Muskateer Bar

Mighty Wapiti Speck

Wyoming Double

Steel Rustler

Frosted Tacoma

Wranglers Halllmark

Wranglers Red Dust

Red Earth Fox

Wyoming Doc

A Boy Named Sioux

Dream On

Starfall V

Wyoming Corvette

Playing With Hearts


Cherry Blossom Time


Hollywood Ladybug

Kachina Kitten

Lakota Natane

Princess Revelation

Wego On Wheels

Jokers Roxseona

Summer Moon

Co-Jo Moonglow

Dixie Chick

Miss American Pie

Mighty Cherry

Sioux See Que

Rockalena All Night

Shez So Fine

Dilly Bar



Bronze Orchid

Country Summer

Chipotle Pepper

CK's Inkling

Confetti Soiree

Party Dress

All Hands For Pleasure


Wyoming Onyx

Jet Powered Janie

Shesa Dilly

Summertime Blues

Burning Autumn

Mighty Frosted Arizona

Naranja Daylily

Sweet Sioux

Blue Amber

High Summer

Loves Blue Valentine

Cattleya Orchid

Twice As Bright

Lady Sistine

Cinnamon Girl

Appaloosas were bred by the Nez Perce Indians in Idaho. The breed nearly died out until one man made dedicated efforts to revive it; his name was Claude Thompson. After leasing the Appaloosa stallion Old Painter, and breeding his mares, Mr. Thompson decided he needed to add refinement, so he brought in the blood of an Arabian, Ferras. From this mixture came Red Eagle. Mr. Thompson became one of the founders of the Appaloosa Horse Club, and Red Eagle became a foundation Appaloosa, and a noted sire. The Appaloosa breed has distinctive characteristics beside spots: white "sclera" encircling the eye, striped hooves, even on dark legs, mottled skin around the muzzle and other relatively hairless areas and often, a "rat" tail, skimpy on hair and length. Patterns include leopard, spotted blanket, clear blanket, snowflake, frosted and marbled. Draft and Pony blood is not accepted for registration, and pinto patterns of any sort are a disqualification. Appaloosas do not always have spots, though they often have the other characteristics. In today's show ring, most Appaloosas are
very high percentage Quarter Horse and/or Thoroughbred blood.
However, Arabian horses are still an outcross accepted by the ApHC.
The new rules (2003) allow only colored Appaloosas from the breeding of a registered App to an outcross breed to be registered. Also, as of 2004, the designation of "Foundation bred Appaloosa" has increased the required percentage of Appaloosa blood to 70+% from 50%. This amounts to three of the four grandparents of foal being registered Appaloosas. For regular registration, horses must have either an appaloosa coat pattern or mottled skin, and at least one of the other main characteristics: white sclera or striped hooves.
 I have concentrated on the blood of the founding Appaloosas, incorporating Money Creek Rockledge (Siri Sheik), Navajo Breeze & Silver Strikes Equal (Mansfield Comanche), Red Eagle's Peacock (Red Eagle), Joker B, Mighty Bright (Bright Eyes Brother), Colida, Prince Plaudit (Red Plaudit), Wapiti, Chief of Fourmile and Ding Bob II. You'll also see some outcrosses. Also, a few of these horses have noted model lines, almost all of which trace to  live horses if you take the pedigrees out far enough.
Naming rules: Limit of 20 characters~ No numbers, punctuation marks or similarly spelled names~ No naming after famous/notorious people or famous horses~ No vulgar or suggestive names. I'm always pleased when the sire and or dam's name is reflected in the progeny's name.

Appaloosa stallions

Wranglers Red Dust

Blue Spruce
1986-2018 black roaned near-leopard
(Doc's Fox [l] x Mighty Misty Blue [l]-Mr Mighty Dell) 4/4. Sire by Doc's Prescription [AQHA]. Sire, OK State Fair Cutting Champion; OK State Fair Heading/Heeling Champion; 1996 Res. National Champion Non-Pro Heading/Heeling. Dam was 1985 Nat'l Champion Saddleseat Pleasure horse, and qualified for World in hunter pleasure and Western pleasure.
Breyer CLQH stallion rem/rep by Karen Livingston, spots by Laurel Dedes
Retired Champion.
Foals: 1990-2008.

Wyoming Territory
1987-2016 bay spotted blanket
(Wild Affair x Prairie Magic [l] - Pondie's Leo-AQHA) 4/3+. Sire is double Wapiti, dam is 1/2 QH app.
BHR Mr. Conclusion resin, customised by Jamie Coughlin.
Champion, MEPSA Reserve Champion, multiple winner in breed and color, IPABRA Champion Sire.
Sire of multiple performance winner Wyoming's Wyandot; Wyomings Wyld Pajamas; Multiple Champion Wyoming Bluebell; retired Champion Wyoming Larkspur and winner Wyoming Bluebird, all o/b Persimmon Hill and MMR Wyoming Twister, 09, o/b Debbie Teeselink.
Foals: 1991-2005. I'd love foals to carry part of name, but not required.

Spanish Skyler
1988-2018 palomino spotted blanket
(Princes Fury [®] x Spanish Over [®] QH- Spanish Nick) By son of Prince Plaudit, sire's dam is Skipper W and Nick Shoemaker QH bred. Dam is Skipper W linebred. Lots of Wisecamp QHs in this pedigree.
Stone ISH 'Shynoah' OF.
Sire of MMR Skyler's Heart, o/b Debbie Teeselink and Hanhepi-wi, o/b Melissa Addison.
Foals: 1992-2010.

Carbonation Celebration    New pedigree info!
1989-2018 tri-leopard
(Festive Occassion [m-phf] x Ruby's Dusty Jewel [m-phf]-Vain Warrior [l]) Both parents on this list. Foundation breeding. Time Flies, Bear Paw, Chief Navajo, Red Eagle. Also Skipper W Quarter Horses through dam's maternal lines.
BSO at this time.
Sire of Reserve Champion and winner Confetti Soiree, Meteor Shower and Pajama Party, all o/b PHF.
Foals: 1993-2010.

Chief's Joker
1989-2017 black spotted blanket
(Fourmile's Stormy [l] x Joker's Bright Eyes [m-ms] bay blnkt- Joker's Leader [l]) 3+/4+. Sire's side is only 3+ generation because sire's maternal g-dam is a Foundation App from unknown parentage. Have full 4 on the rest. Beside Hall Of Fame Chief Of Fourmile; Joker's Leader to Joker B, Ding Bob and Bright Eyes Brother.
Breyer 99 CE 'Chief of Fourmile' OF.
Photo Show Winner.
Sire of Chief's Revelation, o/b Melissa Henderson.
Foals: 1993-2010.

Granite Horizon
1989-2018 black leopard Appaloosa stallion
(Joker's Granite Bar [m-phf] x Many Red Horizons [m-phf]- Blueeaglesupreme®) Lines to Joker B., Ulrichs Many Coups, Money Creek Rockledge, Red Eagles Peacock, Bambi E, Bay Bob.
Breyer OM SM QHS customised by Sue Sudekum.
Photo show placed.
Sire of Frosted Tacoma, Rock Candy, Graseona, all o/b PHF.
Foals: 1993-2010.

Jet's Bright Operator
1989-2015 red (chestnut) dun with hip spots
(Jetset Gigalo [l] x Leo's Bright Lace [l]- The Executive-Nat'l Ch) Sire was 4th in World Halter, stands 15.3 and threw Pleasure Champions. Dam is a Nat'l Champion Working Cowhorse with ROMs in Reining and Heading and Heeling. Double Dial Good [AQHA], Leo Feast [AAAT].
Breyer SM Citation Sears SR 1998 OF.
Sire of Dial N Shine, Jet's Corvette; Bright Eagle; Little Deuce Coupe; Jetstream Flyer and Burning Bright, all o/b PHF.
Foals: 1993-2012.

1991 bay spotted blanket stallion
(Dreamfinder [®] x Shados Straw [®]- Ha-Dar Shado) sire WC Dreamfinder, dam has lines to Wapiti, Romans Straw Man, Johnny Dial [QH], Sully B.
CM SMSH by Kimba.
Sire of Nekedintheshadows, o/b Jean Soresen and KGs Scallywag, o/b Melissa Addison.
Foals: 1995-2013.

Holiday Prince
1991 black leopard
(Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Princess Revelation [m-phf]-Prince Shannon [l]) both sire and dam on this list.
Stone ISH SR of 180, 'Hot To Trot' OF.
IPABRA OF Top Ten Year-End, Reserve Champion OF Stallion (of 178 entries). Get Of Sire winner and Champion.
Sire of Conversation Heart and Double Dotted Swiss, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1995-2103.

East West Exchange
1992 bay spotted blanket
(Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Ruby's Dusty Jewel [m-phf]-Vain Warrior [l]) Lines to Time Flies, Bear Paw, Johnny Walker, Vain Warrior, Red Eagles Peacock, Tender's Six (QH) and Skipper's Lad (QH)
Cheval Appaloosa OF
Sire of Frost King, o/b Anna Childers.
Foals: 1996-2002 (gelded).

Bright Badger
1994 chestnut spotted near leopard stallion (also POA)
(Bright Domino [m-c.hartung] x Sno Badger Princess [m-c.hartung]- Fair Charles®) Lines to Bright Eyes Brother, Buttons B, twice to Prince Plaudit and Grey Badger II.
Breyer classic QHS CM by Linda Hardy.
Sire of Doc's Velvet Babe, and Badger's Kachina Doll, both o/b Melissa Addison.
Foals: 1998-2015.

Freckles Joker
1994 black leopard gelding, also Colorado Ranger Horse
(Images Moonshine [®] x Sea Freckles [®]- CGR Feathersun) Sire was year-end High Point Western and Western Performance Horse and ApHC World qualified in Halter. Lines to Joker B through Joker's Bill, Bambi E and Patchy Yamini. Dam's sire to Illusion through BBFs Ovation. Lines to Navajo Britches, Siri Spaniard, Red Eagle through Simcoe's Chinook. Dam is CRHA and Sundance 500.
SR App performance horse OF.
Foals: 1998 and 1999 only.

Ima Scotch Zipper
1995 chestnut clear blanket stallion (gelded 2013)
(Scotch Bar Sam [m-h.mays] x Katie Hawk [m-h.mays]- Princes Mighty Mambo) Lines to Zippo Pat Bars, Prince Plaudit, Skip Bright. Good model breeding on damline to Lori Williams program.
Breyer QVC LE of 1500 Artist’s Proof ‘Pleasure Horse’ Zippo Pine Bar.
Placed in halter and WP.
Sire of Ima Secret Zipper, o/b Julia Gronroos and Ima Scotch Penny, o/b  Randa Garrett.
Foals: 1999-2104.

Party With Confetti

1995 tri leopard
(Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Butterscotch Confetti®- Choklate Confetti) This guy carries on for his Champion Sire sire. Grandsire is HoF Time Flies, Bear Paw, Chief Navajo, Choklate Confetti, Mulino Cousin, Toby II, Navajo Britches and Patchy. Foundation, TB and sport horse bred.
Beswick round stamp Appaloosa OF
Foals: 1999-2015

High Time Charlie

1996 bay dun App stallion
(A And B Stop Sign® x Bluff B Hands [bso-lod]- Joker Hands B Up®) From a sire line of performance Champions! Sire is World Freestyle reining Champion. Paternal grandsire won 54 World and National titles and 315.5 ApHC points in reining, cutting, judged and timed roping, working cow horse, trail and several other events. Paternal g-grandsire was a World Champion Reining horse who also won Halter points. Multiple lines to the great Joker B. Also goes to Hands Up and Mighty Bright.
Breyer CM Smart Chic Olena by Jackie Huey.
Foals: 2000-2017.

Atom Bomb
1997 black spotted blanket stallion
(Mr Rustler Charge [m-phf] x Bahama Mama [®]- Bar Charger) Double Rustler Bill bred, through Rustler Charger. Also carries lines to Absarokee Sunset, Jessie James, Three Bars, Croton Oil, and Go Man Go. Working lines, with speed behind them.
Royal Worcester 'Appaloosa' by Lindner OF
IPABRA Supreme Champion (+++) GRAND CHAMPION. Multiple Champion. OFCC National Champion Color, and App breed winner. MEPSA Champion. Qualifed 04/05/06/07. IPABRA 2005 Nat'l Reserve Champion OF Stallion and Top Ten OF Year-End 05. OFCC 07/08 Top Ten Stallion, Appaloosa, App Color, Make and Overall Halter.
Sire of Shez Da Bomb and Rustlin Up Da Bomb, both o/b Jean Sorensen, and Okie Hokie, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2001-2018. Similar body type foals preferred.

Cloud Chaser
2000 dark bay spotted blanket
(Charlie Cloud [l] x Potpourri [m-phf] TB- Watchstar x Clove- Noble Jay®)  Sire is a son of ApHC HoF Hayes Roman Cloud, with Halter and Performance point earners to his credit. Sire's dam is running bred QH. Dam is a Thoroughbred, with race lines and retired CH showhorse. Her sire is a CH showhorse, sire of a race winner, and sire of several Show Champions. Cloud Chaser is suitable for Appaloosa sport horse breeding.
Breyer Classic Terrang CM by Janis Whitcomb.
Sire of Aolani, o/b Persimmon Hill.
Foals: 1994-2020.

Copper Firefox
2000 chestnut blanket App stallion
(Copper Key-TB [m-m.arras] x Foxy Freckles [m- m.arras]- Freckles Echo® [QH]) Sire is by Key To The  Mint, sire's broodmare sire Affirmed. Dam goes to Colonel Freckles, Doc's Prescription, Wapiti. Great lines. Racing or working, gaming get possible.
Breyer "Treasure Hunt" 2007 Silver in appaloosa.
Sire of Fleetwood Sunfire, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2004-2020.

Hot Night Spot
2000 black leopard stallion
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Rockalena All Night [m-phf]- Streetlights [m-phf]) Money Creeks Rockledge, Moster's Diamond, Justasample, Santee Apollo, Solar Flair Eclat.
Vintage CM Breyer Stock horse stallion.
Performance winner and Halter placer.
Sire of MMR Majestic Visions, o/b Debbie Teeselink and The Fireman, o/b Hannah Jameson.
Foals: 2004-2020.

Rustle And Shake

2000 black spotted blanket stallion
(Mr Rustler Charge [m-phf] x Eyes High Falutin®- High Sign Nugget) To Rustler Charger, Rustler Bill, Jessie James, Absarokee Sunset, Chief Of Fourmile, High Sign, Top Hat H. Working western lines.
Breyer SM QHS JCP 97 SR OF.
Foals: 2004 on.

Pedigree change! Silverado Zip
2000 bay extensive spotted blanket App stallion
(All Hands On Zip [live] x Halona [m-phf]- Cherrys Leader [®]) Sire is a leading sire of pleasure performance horses- Western and Huntseat. Zippo Pine Bar sire line, with a line of Champion and Champion producing sires. Also Two Eyed Jack and Foundation App, Hands Up. Dam has great lines to Cherrys Leader, Joker B., Colida and Wapiti.
Pam de Muth 'Vaquero' by Dara West.
Sire of Shesa Dilly, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2004 on.

Zip Drive

2001 chestnut spotted blanket stallion, gelded 2014
(Ima Scotch Zipper [m-phf] x Miss Freckles Plaudit [m-phf]- Colonel Freckles ®) Grandson of Heather Mays' Scotch Bar Sam, by Nat'l CH Skip Go Grand®, and Katie Hawk, with lines to Prince's Jim, Zippo Pine Taylor and Prince David. Dam is a Colonel Freckles® daughter, out of a Prince Plaudit daughter. Linebreeding to Prince Plaudit. Top side carries several generations of well bred models from the programs of Green Mountain, Indigo Creek Stables and Zodiac Stables.
Breyer LE 2005 'Impress Me Shanon' Zippo Pine Bar OF.
Foals: 2006-2015.

Blarney Stone

2002 black varnish roan App stallion
Blackstone [m-k.dodson] x Joker's Bright Eyes [m-k.dodson]- Joker's Leader (r)) Lines to Houston Jet, Chief Dominion Bar, Joker's Leader, Bright Eyes Brother.
ISH "Chief" OF.
Sire of Seabird Stone, 08, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2006 on.

Go Boy Blue
2002 bay with frosted rump
(Go Boy Bayfrost [m-phf] x True Blue To You [m-phf]- Snowcap Blue Plaudit [m-c.hartung]) Lines to Go Bay Go, Silver Strike's Equal, Double Six Domino, A Touch Of Blue, Three Chicks Snowcap, and Acclaim. By a sire of a multiple champion.
Breyer SM QHS SR 98 JCP.
Sire of A Boy Named Sioux, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2006-2023.

Roxy's Blue Fox
2002 black roaned spotted blanket App stallion
(Blue Spruce [m-phf] x Joker's Roxseona [m-phf]) Both parents from Persimmmon Hill. Lines to Doc's Fox, Mr Mighty Dell, Joker 3 Bars, Money Creeks Rockledge, Mulino Cousin, Bambi E.
Stone FC OOAK "Just Right Jake" OF.
MEPSA Qualified 2013 Reserve Champion.
Foals: 2006-2023.

Docotah Carbon Dust
2004 sooty dun blanket app stallion
(Dun In Carbon [m-j.sorensen] x Miss Blush Dust [m-j.sorensen]-The Upper Hand®) Lines to Peppy San, Poco Mr Beaver, Skipa Star, The Executive. Dam is a multiple Champion, and has produced a mutliple Champion foal, My Lil' China Boy, o/b Lake Hill Ranch.
Stone ISH "Pasty" 2010 OF.
Foals: 2008-2025.

Muskateer Bar
2004 brown Appaloosa and Colorado Rangerbred stallion
(Klines Candy Saiela® x Flicka Feather®- Deacon's Dude) Lines to Navajos Candy, Simcoes Sarcee, Princes Mac, Holy Smoke, Joker B Bold, Deacon's Bonanza, Cooterville Crawfish, Red Clouds Mr Twister.
Josef Original china Appaloosa MIJ.
multiple Champion MIJC.
Sire of Sweet Sioux, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2008-2024.

Mighty Wapiti Speck
2005 sooty palomino snowflake
(Wapiti Super Speck [m-phf] x Mighty Bright Confetti [m-phf]- Mighty Executive®) Lines to Super Weed, Tumbleweed Devil, Wapiti, Hayes Roman Cloud, The Executive, Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother and Top Deck.
Breyer Adios "Clayton" OF
Foals: 2009-2026.

Wyoming Double
2005 bay blanket app stallion
(Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x Double Maple Lena [m-phf]- Frogettes Thistle [m-phf])
BHR Mr Conclusion customized by Jamie Coughlin.
His multiple Champion sire's replacement in our herd.
Foals: 2009-2025.

Steel Rustler
2006 grullo spotted blanket
(Rustle And Shake [m-phf] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]- Little Steel Dust®)
CM BOTW QH by Debra Williams
MEPSA Champion 2012.
Foals: 2010-2026.

Frosted Tacoma
2007 bay varnish roan
(Granite Horizon [m-phf] x Lakota Natane [m-phf]- Joker Hands B Up®) Joker B 2x, Money Creeks Rockledge, Ulrich Many Coups 2x, Santee Supreme, Bright Eyes Brother, Prince Plaudit, Chocolate Soda, Ruffs Spot. 3rd and 4th generation doubling of the two noted horses. Meaning foals will be 4th/5th generation, unless the dam contributes more. Old App lines. This guy is one of my very favorite SM scale models- he's just cool.
Breyer G1 QHS CM
Foals: 2011-2028.

NEW! Wrangler's Hallmark
2007 bay spotted blanket gelding
(Powder River Wrangler [m-phf] x Shez So Fine [m-phf]- Stayready Bull®)
Breyer Premier horse "Latigo" 753 made in 2013.
Foals: 2011-2012 only.


Wranglers Red Dust
2007 chestnut dun or chestnut stallion
(Powder River Wrangler [m-phf] x Miss Blush Dust [m-j.sorensen]- The Upper Hand@)
Foals: 2011 on.

NEW! Red Earth Fox
2009 chestnut with hip spots gelding
(High And Mighty [m-phf] x Foxi Comanche [m-phf]- Deep Thought [live]) Sire goes to
Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother, High Hand, Tonto Bars Gill, Johnny Dial. Dam is 3/4 TB with lines to Deep South, Rose Time, Fords Commancha Rio, Prince Plaudit, Billie Chicaro, Native Dancer, Stymie, Swoons Son, Bull Lea, Blue Larkspur. 
Foals: 2013 only.

NEW! Wyoming Doc
2009 chestnut spotted blanket gelding

(Wyoming Double [m-phf] x Doc Bright September [m-phf]- Ima Bright Doc [m-ics])
Power Steering AR by Michelle Locke Belisle.
Winner in gender and breed, plus western performance.
Foals: 2013 only.

NEW! A Boy Named Sioux
2010 bay leopard App
(Go Boy Blue [m-phf] x Sioux See Que [m-phf]- Ulrich's Sioux Chief [live]) Sire carries l
ines to Multiple Champion sire Go Bay Go, Nat'l Grand Champion Halter and Nat'l Champion EP Silver Strike's Equal, Foundation horse Double Six Domino, A Touch Of Blue, Grand Champion Three Chicks Snowcap, and Acclaim. Dam is foundation bred from some of the earliest Apps, with lines to Navajos Candy, ApHC National Cutting Champion, National Champ in Halter & Perf Simcoes Chinook, Kamiak Princess, Toby, Freels Chico.
Breyerfest 2018 Dark Horse SR matte leopard App on Smarty Jones, 4000 made.
Foals: 2014-2030.

NEW! Dream On
2010 bay extended blanket
(Daydream Believer [m-phf] x Claymation [m-phf]- First Draft®) Paternal grandson of Dreamfinder, with the illustrious sire line of Alias Smith And Jones, Alias King, Z-Bull. Sire's dam is a late foal from an own daughter of Red Eagle's Peacock. Dam by the first and only Appaloosa son of the great TB, Secretariat, with bottom line to Wapiti, Candys Pondie and Colida.
Breyerfest 2014 SR.
Foals: 2014 on.

NEW! Starfall V
2013 black semi-leopard App gelding (gelded 2018)
(Kopy Kat V [m-h.goldman-craig] x Cha Cha Cha V [m-h.goldman-craig]- Fox Trot [m-k.myers] Lines to Native Dancer [TB], Hail To Reason [TB], First Secretary [App], Secretariat [TB]
Stone TB extreme app 2016 DAH.
Years available: 2017, 2018, 2019.

NEW! Wyoming Corvette
2016 bay extended blanket
(Wyoming Double [m-phf] x Tuf Lil Whizzer -QH [m-phf]- Jumpin Jack Whiz®)
Premier SM 'Diesel' in appaloosa
Foals: 2020 on.

NEW! Playing With Hearts
2017 bay roan spotted blanket App 5 panel negative
(Roan Valentine [m-c.hartung] x Blue Valentine [m-phf]- Snowcap Blue Plaudit [m-c.hartung]) Nice lines to Royal Redford, King David, Impressive, ApHC Champion A Touch of Blue, Alias King, Dreamfinder.
Breyer web special "Scotty" on Swaps in matte App.
MEPSA Champion 2018.
Foals: 2021-2037.

Appaloosa mares

Cherry Blossom Time
1986-2016 bay blanket
(Money Creeks Monte-Time [l] x Plaudit's Cherry [m-oma]-Plaudit's Paprika) Sire is by Joker's Monte by Joker B. and sire's dam is by Wapiti. Dam goes to Red Plaudit, Sure Cash, Colorado Sorrel.
Breyer 'Breezin Dixie' OF
Dam of Foxfire Spot On Brilliant, 91, Champion Performance horse, o/b Delana Metcalf; Ultra Blue Bars, 92, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Skipt A Spot, 95, o/b Eileen O'Dell; Wyoming Wyld Pajamas, 97, o/b PHF; Wapiti Star Time, 98, o/b Melissa Henderson; Shez Da Bomb, 02, o/b Jean Sorensen.
Years available: 93,94,96,99,00,01,03,04,05,06.

Halona (Native American for Happy Fortune)
1986 bay spotted blanket
(Cherry's Leader [l] x Mighty Wapetta [®]- Mighty Dial) Sire line is Joker B., also Chief Apache, Leo, Hard Twist. Dam goes to Mighty Bright, Colida, Wapiti.
Photo show winner.
OF Stone WP horse.
Dam of Luck N Dreams, 91, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Silverado Zip, 00, o/b PHF and Springwater, 04, o/b PHF.
Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,05,06.

Hollywood Ladybug
1986 red (chestnut) leopard App
(Hollywood Reedy [m-mbr] x Jokettes Love Bug [m-mbr]- The Love Doctor) Hollywood Jaguar, California Champion Joker 3 Bars, twice to Joker B, Shalako's Plaudit and Roman's Straw Man.
Breyer Lady Phase red leopard SR OF.
multiple Photo Show Winner.
Dam of Senda Dream, 92, o/b Sarah Norini; and Okie Hokie, 06, o/b PHF and Wyoming Twister, 09, o/b PHF.
Years available: 91,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04.

Kachina Kitten
1986-2014 chestnut spot blanket
(Straws Topcat [l] x Kachina's Jet [m-fl]-Easy Jet) Sire has lines to Wild Hope- ApHC Racing Hall Of Famer, Johnny Bull, Blazing Vandy and Hayes Roman Cloud. Dam to Jet Deck through Easy Jet, Three Bars, Mahmoud, Man O'War and Poco Bueno. Good racing and working lines.
Breyer Indian pony OF.
Dam of Kachina Red, 91, o/b Crissi Nickerson; High Country, 94, o/b PHF; Ima Catty Britch, 98, o/b Nikki Byler and Badgers Kachina Doll, 00, o/b Melissa Addison.
Years available: 92,93,95,96,97,99,01,02,03,04,05,06.
Suitable for sporthorse production.

Lakota Natane
1986-2014 buttermilk buckskin spotted blanket
(Joker Hands B Up [®] x Bright Fancy [®]- Mr Ultra Bright) Great Granddaughter of Joker B. Sire also has lines to Hands Up, Waggoner, Leo. Dam traces to Bright Eyes Brother, Prince Plaudit, Chocolate Soda and Ruff's Spot.
Enesco Appaloosa by Rich Rudish for Hallmark.
Multiple CHAMPION. MIJC 2005 Year-End 4th Top Japan point earner 2005 Year-End Reserve Champion Appaloosa. Supreme Champion MIJC, mandatory retirement 2009.
Dam of Bright Lakota, 00, o/b Erica Jelen; MMR Lakota Stargazer, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink; Bright Mesa, 06, o/b PHF and Frosted Tacoma, 07, o/b PHF.
Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,01,03,04,08.

Princess Revelation
1986 Black leopard App
(Prince Shannon [l] x Sunspots Revelation [bso-lod]- Sunspot Revel [l]) Sire is by Prince's Jim [Prince Plaudit/Joker B] son, dam is a full sister to Sunspot's Eclipse. Good old breeding.
Breyer Lady Phase black leopard OF
Photo Show Placed.
Dam of Holiday Prince, '91, o/b PHF; Chief's Revelation, 95, o/b Melissa Henderson; multiple winner Dalmatia, 98, o/b PHF; Alias Prince, 04, o/b PHF and Seymour Spotz, Champion, 08, o/b PHF.
Years available: 92,93,94,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,07,09.

Wego On Wheels
1987 red chestnut snowflake
(Easy We Go [live] x Helen Wheels [live]- First Secretary) Sire was a leading race producer. Racing Hall Of Fame SI=98. Dam is a 1984 Hunter Hack ApHC World Champion by Secretariat's first foal and out of a QH mare with lines to Billy Clegg and Norfleet.
SM NM TB CM by Janet Bonney.
Dam of Wego Faster Sister, 06, o/b PHF.
Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07.

Jokers Roxseona
1988 black marbled few spot leopard
(Jokers Granite Bar [m-phf] x Choclaseona [m-phf]- Mulino Cousin [®]) Joker B, Three Bars, Money Creek Rockledge, Utah Comanche, Mulino Cousin, Bear Paw.
Stone 'Palouse' Living horse.
Dam of MEPSA Reserve Champion, Roxys Blue Fox, 02, o/b PHF.
Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,05,06,07,08.

Summer Moon
1988 palomino spotted blanket
(Winterhawk [l] x Colida Sunspot [l]-Candy's Plaudit) Sire is a Halter Champion, by AQHA Moore To Run, who goes back to Top Moon, AAAT. Sire's dam is to Chicado and twice to Storm Cloud by Red Eagle. Dam goes to Candy's Pondie, Wapiti, Colida.
Breyer Lady Phase customized by.
Photo show winner.
Dam of Wapiti Moon, 93, by Wapiti Super Speck, o/b Monika Stewart; Topaz Wind, 94, NAN TOP TEN, o/b Kathy Dodson; Hanhepi-wi, 03, o/b Melissa Addison and MMR Zips Summer Star, 07, o/b Debbie Teeselink.
Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,06,08.

Co-Jo Moonglow
1989 black leopard
(Image's Moonshine [l] x Co-Lily [®]- Colida) By a foundation bred App, triple Patchy Yamini, also with the great Colida, Joker B and Bambi E.
Breyer BHR SR IP OF.
Winner. MEPSA qualifed 03/04.
Dam of Sacajawea, 04, o/b PHF.
Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,07,08,09,10.

Dixie Chick PhD
1990 bay blanket
(Wajo Three Chicks [l] x Dixie Doodle Dandy [m-scr]) Sire is a grandson of both Wapiti and Three Chicks, and a great grandson of Joker B and Ding Bob II. Dam has some grand model lines, including *Alconbury Hill.
Breyer 'Breezin Dixie' OF
Photo Show Winner.
Dam of Wyoming Wind River, 02, o/b PHF and her replacement, Zip Dixie Chick, by Zip On Down®.
Years Open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,05,06,07,09,10,11.

Miss American Pie
1992 chestnut mare
(Dreamfinder [l] x Ms American Maid [®]- Jack Justice) Sire is legendary Dreamfinder, dam is by QH Jack Justice, by Two Eyed Jack, with lines to Hard Twist.
Stone SR ISH mare 'Ladybug' OF.
Dam of Americas Sweetheart, 06, o/b PHF and MMR Shez Justa Dream, 08, o/b Debbie Teeselink.
Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,09,10,11,12,13.

Mighty Cherry
1993 bay spotted blanket mare
(Mighty One [m-c.hartung] x
Jokers Cherry Buzz
[m-c.hartung]- A & B Stop Sign ®) Maternal sire is World Champion NRHA Money Earner & 2x’s ROM; also Dial Ten, Prince David, Mighty Tim.
QVC SR SM Stockhorse.
Dam of Rustle And Shake, 00, by Mr Rustler Charge, o/b PHF.
Years available: 98,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14.

Sioux See Que
1994 chestnut varnish leopard
(Ulrich's Siouxchief [l] x Tobys Dancer [®]- Black Peppers Genesee Chief) Sire and dam both foundation bred. Navajos Candy, Simcoes Chinook, Kamiak Princess, Toby, Freels Chico.
Border Fine Arts App mare and foal OF.
MEPSA 2002 Championships Reserve Champion; 2003 Top Ten, qualified 03/04.
Dam of Prom Queen, 99, o/b Nora Gunderman, Champion Sioux Sequelle, 05, o/b PHF, MMR Heza Sioux Chief, 06, o/b Debbie Teeselink, Sweet Sioux, 08, o/b PHF and A Boy Named Sioux, 2010, o/b PHF.
Years available: 00,01,02, 03,04,07,09,11,12,13,14,15.

Rockalena All Night
1995 black near leopard mare
(Streetlights x Rockalena Angel [m-c.hartung]- Solar Flair Eclat®) Sire by Champion Justasample, out of a Hard To Beat mare, with a line to Bambi E. Dam is Foundation bred, with 3 crosses to Chubs Powderface and Money Creek lines.
Lady Phase CM by
Photo show winner.
Dam of Hot Night Spot, 00, o/b PHF; Wyoming Onyx, 04, o/b PHF and Speck Of Trouble, 06, o/b PHF.
Years available: 01,02,03,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16.

Shes So Fine
1995 bay blanket App mare
(Stayready Bull [®] x Fine Repute [®]- Roman Jet) Sire by Mr. Spotted Bull.Z Dam is double Hayes Roman Cloud bred, and was a World Champion yearling. Also Top Hat H, Bright Eyes Brother, Depth Charge.
Stone SR 'Great American' aka 'One Bright Paige' OF.
Dam of Wyoming Bluebird, 06, o/b PHF.
Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15.

Dilly Bar
1997 buckskin blanket app mare
(Joker's Granite Bar [m-phf] x Dakota Dilly Dally [m-phf]- Tumbleweed Devil®) Sire is close up to Joker B, Three Bars and Money Creek's Rockledge. Dam by Tumbleweed Devil, with line to High Hand. Older lines. 
Breyer Indian pony OF .
Showing in western performance. MEPSA Western Performance Champion and Reserve Champion- 2015. IPABRA Western Reserve Champion-2014.
Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.

1998 black leopard
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Princess Revelation [m-phf]- Prince Shannon [l]) Sire line to Money Creek's Rockledge, with known Indian Shufflers in the pedigree, and dam has Prince Plaudit, Barretta Bright- HoF producer, Sunspot Revel and Bambi E Foundation lines.
Breyer G2 TB SM CM by Monika Stewart .
Multiple winner, Reserve Champion Breed; Reserve Champion Color.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19.

NEW! Graeseona
2000 bay marble Appaloosa mare
(Granite Horizon [m-phf] x Choclaseona [bso-phf]- Mulino Cousin®)
Sire on this list, 2 generations Persimmon Hill bred with lines to Joker B., Ulrichs Many Coups, Money Creek Rockledge, Red Eagles Peacock, Bambi E, Bay Bob. Dam was a foundation mare for us, with foundation lines, by Mulino Cousin [l] , out of Santee Angela [l] by Utah's Comanche. 
Mid-States SR 2014 "Miigwan" OF

Years open: 05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20.

NEW! Bronze Orchid
2001 bay blanket Appaloosa mare
(Mardi Gras Party [m-phf] x BBFs Nite Orchid®- NLB Midnite Magic) Lines to QHs Joe Hancock and Grey Badger; TBs Alibhai and Bull Dog, Apps
Bambi E and Sully B, Illusion and Money Creek Rockledge. Sire is a Reserve Champion at Halter, and grandsire is a multi-Champion IPABRA sire.
Breyer SR Lady Phase 'Sprinkles' Breyerfest 2009
Dam of Blue Amber, multiple Champion, 09, o/b PHF and Cattleya Orchid, 10, o/b PHF.
Available 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21.

Country Summer
2001 bay blanket mare
(Travel On By [m-b.gustas] x Going Country [m-b.gustas]- Moon Lark ®) Navajo Breeze, Top Moon, Easy We Go. Great racing lines! Dam of an Express winner.
Dam of Summertime Blues, 06, o/b PHF.
Years available: 07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21.

Chipotle Pepper
2002 bay near leopard App
(The Miracle Chip® x Foxfire Miss Pepper [m-d.metcalf]- Navajo Brother)  Sire is a Nat'l and World WP Champion, a son of QH Zips Chocolate Chip, World Champion WP horse and leading sire of WP horses. Also, lines to Prince Charles, Bright Eyes Brother, Navajo Britches, Peavy Bimbo, High Hand Man, Mighty Peavy.
CM by Art On Fire 2009.
MEPSA COLOR CHAMPION 2013; winner gender and workmanship.
Dam of Ima Festive Pepper, 07, o/b Twin Springs Stables.
Years available: 08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22.

NEW! CKs Inkling
2003 sorrel leopard Appaloosa and Colorado Rangerbred mare
(Colida Skipntiwst [live] x Cimarron Sea Babe [live]- Moon Bull) Old foundation and CHRA bloodlines: Dragon Seed, Illusion, Colida, Skip Bright, Siri Spaniard.
Norcrest OF.
Years available: 08,09,10,11,12,13,14,1,516,17,18,19,20,21,22,23.

Confetti Soiree
2003 chestnut leopard mare
(Carbonation Celebration [m-phf] x Restless Blue [m-phf] TB- Restless Wind [®])
CM Strapless by Janet Bonney '03.
Winner. MEPSA qualifed 03/04.
Years available: 2008,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23.

Party Dress
2003 tri leopard app sporthorse type mare
Confetti Occasion [m-phf] x Party Shoes [m-c.nakagawa]- SS Cloak & Dagger [m-m.addison]) Lines to Time Flies, Bear Paw, Johnny Walker, Choklate Confetti, Navajo Britches, Patchy, Quanah’s Warrior, Rock Bottom Red, Riva Ridge [TB], and Bold Bidder [TB]. Damsire is a multi-Champion model, and his sire, Mr Silver AAA [live] App, was a Grand Champion halter & top barrel horse. Dam's dam has many TB crosses, and an ApHC race winner close up.
CM Strapless by Rita Menard.
Halter and performance winner.
Years available: 08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23.

NEW! All Hands For Pleasure
2004 black blanket App mare
(All Hands On Zip [live] x Wares Pleasure [live]- Scooter Bug G) Great live pleasure and performance lines! Sire is PSSM1 n/n, GBED n/n, HERDA n/n
5x World Champion,Championships in Western Pleasure, Hunter In Hand & 3X Hunter Under Saddle, Reserve World Champion in Hunter Hack and an excellent sire. Sire lines Zippo Jack Bar, Zippo Pine Bar, Zippo Pat Bars. the Appaloosa in the sire line is from Hands Up, an early Foundation registered leading sire of Champions. Dam is 1/2 TB on the damline, with her sire being Appaloosa Scooter Bug G, Racing HoF.
Breyer classic TSC SR "Prince Plaudit" mare.
Years available: 09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24.

2004 tri-leopard mare
(Harvest Moon [m-l.james] x Winds Of Change II [m-l/james]- Rebel Wind) Sire line to Bold Ruler [TB]- also Native Dancer [TB], Hayes Roman Cloud, Wap's Spot 2, Go Man Go, Count Fleet, Shavano. Apparition is over 1/2 TB blood in the first three generations of her pedigree.
MEPSA Champion.
Years available: 2010,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24.

Wyoming Onyx
2004 black spotted blanket mare
(Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x Rockalena All Night [m-phf]- Streetlights [m-phf])
Breyer QH yearling CM by
Years available: 09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24.

Jet Powered Janie 
2005 bay spotted blanket mare
(Go Navajo Jet [m-oma] x Peacocks Cloud Power [m-phf]- Hayes Roman Cloud ®) Sire to Easy We Go, Go Man Go, Navajo Breeze.
Breyer Silky Sullivan 'Spice' OF.
Years available: 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25.

NEW! Shesa Dilly
2006 buckskin blanket mare
(Silverado Zip [m-phf] x Dakota Dilly Dally- Tumbleweed Devil®) Sire's sire is a leading sire of pleasure performance horses- Western and Huntseat. Zippo Pine Bar sire line, with a line of Champion and Champion producing sires. Also Two Eyed Jack and Foundation App, Hands Up. Sire's damside has great lines to Cherrys Leader, Joker B., Colida and Wapiti. Dam goes to Famous sire Tumbleweed Devil, plus High Hand. Performance and race lines, as well as pretty for Halter through Prince Plaudit.
Breyer Indian pony customised.
Years available: 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26.

Summertime Blues
2006 bay varnish roan mare
(Eye Full Of Cash [live] x Country Summer [m-phf]- Travel On By [m-b.gustas]
Wire-to-wire Maiden winner first race (Express) as a 3yo.
Stone Ginger horse SR.
Years available: 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,25,26.

Burning Autumn
2007 chestnut App mare
(MA Thunderstorm [live] x Doc Bright September [m-phf]- Ima Bright Doc [m-c.nakagawa]) Working western lines. Sire is a winning Reining horse, with Doc Olena,  High Sign, The Continental. Dam has Doc Olena, Scotch Bar Time lines.
Stone SR Idaho Spud show "Mattie" OF.
MEPSA qualified.
Dam of Burning Bright, 12, o/b Persimmon Hill.
Years open: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28.

NEW! Mighty Frosted Arizona
2008 chestnut with frosted blanket App mare
(High And Mighty [m-phf] x Fleetwood Frosted Macdonna [m-phf]- Fleetwood BigMac ZI [m-c.nakagawa])
Showing in Halter and performance.
DeMuth 'Arizona' by DeMuth.
Years available: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28.

NEW!  Naranja Daylily
2008 chestnut extended spotted blanket App mare
(KSW Matrix [m-r.peavler] x Smart Lil Kandi [m-r.peavler]- Colonel Kandy Bar [live]) Sire is 3/4 TB, his sire is Sunday Silence, and dam traces to What A Pleasure, with App Mr Spotted Bull bequeathing the spots. Dam has QH lines to Colonel Freckles and Smart Lil Question, App lines to Prince Plaudit and Colida.

Shown as a yearling (20 months old)
Beyer classic Dutchess etched.
Years open: 2013,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28.

NEW! Sweet Sioux
2008 dark chestnut roaned blanket App mare
(Muskateer Bar [m-phf[ x Sioux See Que [m-phf]-
Ulrich's Sioux Chief [live]) Sire is App and Colorado Rangerbred,with lines to Navajos Candy, Simcoes Sarcee, Princes Mac, Holy Smoke, Joker B Bold, Deacon's Bonanza, Red Clouds Mr Twister. Foundation bred dam, with lines to Navajos Candy, Simcoes Chinook, Kamiak Princess, Toby, Freels Chico.
Breyer porcelain "Dances With Wolves" OF.
Dam of Cinnamon Girl, 15, o/b PHF.
Years available: 13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28.

NEW! Blue Amber
2009 bay spotted blanket Appaloosa mare
(Roxy's Blue Fox [m-phf] x Bronze Orchid [m-phf]- Mardi Gras Party [m-phf])
Carol Williams Matriarch by Claire Williams
Many times Champion and Reserve
Years available: 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,223,24,25,26,27,28,29. *SELECT*

NEW! High Summer
2009 red dun appaloosa mare
(High And Mighty [m-phf] x Summer Moon [phf]- Winterhawk®) Lines to Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother, High Hand, Tonto Bars Gill, Top Moon, Chicado, Candy's Pondie, Wapiti, Colida.
CM Lady Phase by B Morgan, Wildwood Customs.
Years available: 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,on.

NEW!  Love's Blue Valentine
2009 bay app varnish roan mare, spots barrel and hip
(Snowcap Blue Plaudit [m-c.hartung] x Valentine To A Te [live]- Te's King Of Hearts) Dam's sire if a Champion producer, and sire of Performance horse winners. Lines to A Touch Of Blue, Three Chicks Snowcap, Alias King, Dreamfinder, Te 'N Te, Prince Plaudit, Joker B.
Breyer classic App 'Wild Blue" OF.
Dam of Champion Playing With Hearts, 17, o/b PHF.
Years available: 14,15,16,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29.

NEW! Cattleya Orchid
2010 black near leopard Appaloosa mare
(Hot NIte Spot or ? x Bronze Orchid [m-phf]- Mardi Gras Party [m-phf])
CM Lady Phase by Rita Menard Baker 2009
Years available: 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31.

NEW! Twice As Bright
2010 Appaloosa mare
(High And Mighty [m-phf] x Doc Bright September [m-phf]- Ima Bright Doc [m-c.nakagawa]) Dial Bright Too, High Hand, Bright Eyes Brother, Mighty Bright and Peavey Bimbo on sire's side, dam to Doc Olena, Wa-Jo-Re, Skip Bright, Scotch Bar Time, Fairfax Joe and Mr Poco Music.
Breyerfest 2013 SR CC Shuffle App.
Years available: 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31.

NEW! Lady Sistine
2011 black leopard Colorado Ranger and Appaloosa mare
(CTR Chocolate Reign [live] x Lady Magnificent [live]- Solar Flair Eclat) Great foundation and CHR breeding.
DAH FCM Palouse 'Gummi Bear' body 2017
Years available: 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31.

NEW! Cinnamon Girl
2015 chestnut near leopard App mare
Zip Drive [m-phf] x Sweet Sioux [m-phf]- Muskateer Bar [m-phf]) Sire is by 
Scotch Bar Sam from Heather May's Green Mountain Stables. He is a son of Nat'l CH Skip Go Grand®, and Katie Hawk, with lines to Prince's Jim, Zippo Pine Taylor, Prince David, Colonel Freckles, and Prince Plaudit. Dam has lines to Navajos Candy, Simcoes Sarcee, Princes Mac, Joker B Bold, Simcoes Chinook, Kamiak Princess, Toby, Freels Chico.
Horse from Leotie and Indian pony set 2008.
MEPSA winner.
Years available: 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35.

Reference stallions-
Hot Ice 1979-2006 black leopard (Money Creek Rockledge [l] x Moster's Diamond [l]-Jet Fire Of AA) Limited pedigree on dam at this time. Dam is a part-Arabian. Breyer Ranch Horse "Hank" OF. MIB, NYS. Sire of Polar Heat, lookalike replacement; Burning Autumn, 2000, o/b PHF, Spring Blizzard, Blue Ice Floe, Siri Spring Diamond, Winter Suns, Snow'n Ice, Holani.
Foals: 1983 to 1999, limited book thereafter through 2005.

Mr Rustler Charge 1979-2004 black roaned app stallion (Rustler Charger [®] x Absarokee Britches [®]- Absarokee Sunset) By the famous Nat'l Champion Roping and Reining Horse, winner of Open Reining at QH Congress over all breeds plus set a world record for barrels and poles that held up for years. No accident, he was bred that way. By Champion Rustler Bill, who goes back to Peter McCue, and his broodmare sire Jessie Bueno by Jessie James. Dam by Absarokee Sunset, also lines to Chief Of Fourmile, and QHs Leo and Joe Bailey. Breyer SM QHS JCP 97 SR OF. Sire of Rustle And Shake, lookalike son, o/b PHF; Foxfire Spot On Brilliant, Champion performance horse, o/b Delana Metcalf;  Ima Catty Britch, o/b Nikki Byler; Itsallinblackandwhite, o/b Erin Logan; and Multiple Champion Atom Bomb, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1983-2000.

PHF Checkmate 1979-2006 black, extensive spotted blanket (Money Creek Rockledge [live] x BBFs Chimera [live]- Illusion) double Money Creek's Rockledge bred. Also to Dragon Seed. Breyer Fighting Stallion repaint. retired Reserve Champion. Sire of Trillium, and Orbiter, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1983-2003.

Festive Occasion 1981-2007 tri color leopard (Time Flies [l] x Anniversary Maid- Dusty Lake's Ambassador [l] x Maid O'Many Waters [l]- Chief Tahoe) Sire is a HOF racing App, 3/4 TB and SW of $97,250. 36 starts with 26 wins, 8 places and 2 shows. Dam is heavily foundation bred App. She goes to Bear Paw and Chief Navajo.
Beswick Appaloosa OF. IPABRA Champion Sire. 4th in breed at IPABRA Nat'ls (only horses with firsts during the year may enter) and 10th in App color. 2005 Top Ten (3rd) OF Sire. Sire of Champion Appaloosa sporthorses! Qualified for MEPSA Nationals. Sire of: Champion Carbonation Celebration, Reserve Champion & Sire/Get Champion Holiday Prince, Multiple Champion East West Exchange, Reserve Champion Mardi Gras Party, Performance Champion White Tie N Tails, Pa Sybil Magic, Summer Festival o/b Jean Sorensen and Brother Night, o/b Tina McDowell. Foals: 1985-2001. Limited numbers 2002-2008. Prefer similar body type foals, with photo for Get/Sire.

Snowcap's Spectrum 1981-2006 black ext.sp.blnk (Three Chicks Snowcap [l] x Moster's Fourmile BB- Chief of Fourmile II) 2+/3+. Three Chicks, Shavano. Breyer "Diamonddot Buccaneer" App Perf Horse OF 98. Photo Show winner and Reserve Champion. Sire of Midnight Spectrum, o/b PHF. Foals: 1985-2001.

Streetlights 1981-2000 Black spotted blanket (Justasample [l] x Santee Apollo [l]- Hard To Beat) 3+/3+. Chief Joseph Rex, Red Eagle, J&Bs Little Red Rose, Sundance 500. Lots of foundation App breeding. Breyer "Stud Spider" OF. Photo Show Placed. Sire of IPABRA 04 auction ID, Justa Blue Moon, o/b Tracey Bartone; Siri Snowdrift and winners Rockalena All Night and Siri Snowlight, o/b PHF. Foals: 1985-2001.

Alias Mirage 1982-2005 black leopard (Alias Smith & Jones [l] few spot leo. x Princess Mirage [l]- Prince Plaudit) 4/3+. Alias Smith & Jones is sire of Alias King, who is sire of Dreamfinder. Sire is 1/2 TB, by Z-Bull. Breyer SM QH stallion OF leopard app. Sire of Alias Snow King, o/b Monika Stewart; Le Champion, o/b Betsy Bissell; and Alias Sweetheart, Alias Pawnee, Alias Prince, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1986-2004.

Fancy's Kalata
1984-2014 Black near leopard 1/2 Arabian (Ali Lazi [®] Arabian x Sarcees Fancy [®]- Simcoes Sarcee) Sire to Abu Farwa and Oran, CMK bred. Dam's sire is a Red Eagle descendant, and dam is 1/4 Arabian. Breyer FAS custom by Ellen White Retired Champion, in both Halter and Performance. Sire of How Now Brown, 95, o/b PHF and Sacajawea, 04, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988-2004.

Go Boy Bayfrost 1984-2014 bay with frosted rump (Go Bay Go [l] x Tonee's Sunshine [l]- Skeeter Domino) Sire is famous sire of Goer, etc., and dam is a grandaughter of Double Six Domino. Breyer SM QHS SR 98 JCP. Sire of Go Blue Boy, herd replacement and OFCC Res. Nat'l Champion Foal, Sioux Sequelle, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1988-2004.

Wapiti Super Speck
1984-2012 sooty palomino snowflake (Super Weed [l] buck x Wapiti Cloud III [l]-Wapiti) 3/4. also to Hayes Roman Cloud, Three Chicks. Breyer "Clayton" Adios mold OF. Sire of Wapiti Moon, o/b Monika Stewart and Nike, o/b Elizabeth Romano. Foals: 1988-2006.

Kingfisher Silver
1985-2008 grulla spotted blanket (Mr Spotted Bull [l] x Equal's Blue Heron [m-phf]-Silver Strike's Equal) Racing lines. Sire is a 1/2 TB Racing Hall Of Fame and sire of many racers; dam is 1/2 QH and 1/4 TB. Dam's sire was a racer with a Mansfield Comanche sire line, and her QH lines include Mr Blackburn, Leo, Chicaro and Oklahoma Star. Stone SR ISH "Coho" OF. Photo show winner. Sire of Zitkala, 88, o/b PHF; Evergreen, 90, o/b PHF and Centennial Silver, o/b Monika Stewart. Foals: 1989-2006.

Spot Me Ten 1987-2012 black spotted blanket (Silk Spots [®] x SW Breezin [m-phf]- Navajo Breeze [®]) Sire is an Appaloosa grandson of Silky Sullivan. Dam is by racehorse Navajo Breeze, out of Another Lark [TB] mare. Over 1/2 TB. SM NM stockhorse CM painted & etched. Foals: 1991-2011.

Daydream Believer 1988-2014 bay spotted blanket (Dreamfinder [l] bay sp blnkt x Peacock's Sheba-Red Eagles Peacock) 4/4. Z-Bull sire line, sire Dreamfinder is 3/4 QH, 1/8 TB, 1/8 App, while dam is foundation bred App, with TB and Arabian blood. Breyer 99 'Sir Wrangler' OF Photo Show Placed. Sire of Green Day; Passionate Kisses and Sharade's Peacock, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1992-2009.

DoublBrightHotScotch 1989-2017 Buckskin with spotted blanket (Bright Pro [l] dun x Little Scotch Sissy [l] QH- buckskin- Little Stringer) 4/4. Bright Eyes Brother/King Plaudit lines. Breyer stock horse stallion OF.Photo Show Placed.Sire of CD Bright Maple, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Bright Idea and Bright Mesa, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1993-2010.