Alias Pawnee
2003 black spotted blnkt colt
(Alias Mirage [m-phf] x Pawnee Lioness [m-phf]- Brght Time Leo [m-c.nakagawa])
Breyer SM standing foal OF

Alias Prince
2004 black leopard colt
(Alias Mirage [m-phf] x Princess Revelation [m-phf]- Prince Shannon [l])
Classic QHF 01 OF

America's Sweetheart
2006 Appaloosa filly
(Powder River Wrangler [m-phf] x Miss American Pie [m-phf]- Dreamfinder ®)
Reserve Champion.
Stone Direct 'Firefly' OF

Appalachian Turquoise
2004 Grey App 3/4 Arab colt
 (Muneer el Ajzaa x SW Navajo Turquoise)
Breyer #39 Fam foal OF

Blue Ice Floe
2005 black spotted blanket colt
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Equal's Blue Heron [m-phf]- Silver Strike's Equal [®])
ceramic App foal OF

Bright Eagle
2005 chestnut snowflake Appaloosa colt
Jet's Bright Operator [m-phf] x Sea Eaglet [m-phf]- Ima Sea Prince)
HR mini OF.

Bright Mesa
2006 buckskin blanket colt
(DoublBrightHotScotch [m-phf] x Lakota Natane [m-phf]- Joker Hands B Up [®])
Breyer ASHF 'Wakanda O'Kie' OF

Burning Bright
red dun, clear blanket Appaloosa filly
(Jet's Bright Operator [m-phf] x Burning Autumn [m-phf]- Hot Ice [m-phf])
Stone THHN 2003 SR 'Keepsake' OF

2002 grey snowflake part-Arab App colt foal
(MC Escher [m-phf] x Sterling Silver Frost [m-phf]-Images Moonshine ®)
Breyer glossy dapple running foal OF

Conversation Heart
2005 blk leopard Appaloosa filly
(Holiday Prince [m-phf] x Alias Sweetheart [m-phf]- Alias Mirage [m-phf])
Stone SR 'Head Of The Class"

2006 black blanket colt
(Crowfeather [m-phf] x Zitakala [m-phf]- Kingfisher Silver [m-phf])
Ertl Colorado Ranger foal OF

Dancin' Shoes
(Muneer el Azjaa x )
Black leopard App 1/2 Arab
Breyer running foal repaint

Double Dotted Swiss
2006 tri leopard Appaloosa filly
(Holiday Prince [m-phf] x Poca Dot Time [m-phf]- Some Kinda Easy ®)
Stone Direct 'Bugsy' OF.

DQ Kodachrome
( x Dakota Dilly Dally [m-phf]- Tumbleweed Devil ®)
Chestnut spotted blanket
H-R Roughneck repaint by Linda Leach Hardy

Dun Daydreamin
2005 dunskin lacy blanket filly
(Smokin Gold 45 [m-phf] x Bright Sunshiny Day [m-phf]- Provoking [live])
Stone SR weanling 'Enigma' OF
Reserve Champion.

Eagles Chinook Raindrop
blue roan spotted blanket filly
(Cascade Eagle Icon [m-phf] x Chinook Rainbow [m-phf])
Hartland App family foal OF

NEW! Funfetti
2009 few spot tri leopard filly
(Holiday Prince [m-phf] x Apparition [m-phf]- Harvest Moon [m-l.james])
Stone weanling "Today's Rumor"

2006 chestnut leopard filly
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Aolani [m-phf]- Cloud Chaser [m-phf])
SM standing foal CM

Holly Daze Dazzle
2008 bay spotted blanket filly
(Red Hot Spot [m-phf] x Hollyberry [m-phf]- Festive Occasion [m-phf]
Breyer grazing foal OF.

Hot Summer Spot
2008 bay blanket filly
(Red Hot Spot [m-phf] x Wichita Summer [m-phf]- Wichita's Geronimo [l])
Breyer SR "Brandy" in app
Jet's Corvette
2006 yellow dun App filly foal
(Jet's Bright Operator [m-phf] x Dunmeara Sunset [m-phf]- GJs Justacen ®)
Breyer leaping foal CM.

Lavender's Blue
2002 black roan blanket filly
(MC Escher [m-phf] x Voodoo Hue [m-phf]- Voodoo In The Shadows [m-c.nakagawa])
Winner's Choice micro mini cantering foal OF

Little Deuce Coupe
2004 Chestnut spotted blanket filly
(Jet's Bright Operator [m-phf] x Mighty Bright Confetti [m-phf]- The Mighty Executive ®)
Photo show winner, live show placed.
Breyer ASHF OF

Locket Wrangler
2007 buckskin colt
(Powder River Wrangler [m-b.mayse] x Evocative Locket [m-phf]- Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf])
Breyer Stablemate scratching foal by Janet Bonney

chestnut snowcap filly
( x )
Breyer classic Mustang foal OF
Photo show winner.

Marbled Mahogany
(Mahogany Starfire x )
Bay app/spotted blanket 1/2 Arab
Breyer FAF repaint

( x Siri Snow Queen II [m-phf])
Dark bay with spotted blanket
Breyer nursing foal r/r/h by Bonnie Sumser

Northern Lights
2007 black leopard filly
(Polar Heat [m-phf] x True Blue To You [m-phf]- Snowcap Blue Plaudit [m-c.hartung])
2006 Fun Foal SM pack

Okie Hokie
2006 chestnut blanket colt
(Atom Bomb [m-phf] x Hollywood Ladybug [m-phf]- Hollywood Reedy [m-mbr])
Pour Horse 'Red Okie Clay' OF.

2005 chestnut leopard colt
(Checkmate [m-phf] x Milky's Way [m-phf]- Isle Breeze By ®)
North Light lying foal in chestnut leopard app

Pajama Party
bay semi-leopard filly
(Carbonation Celebration [m-phf] x Cat's Pajamas [bso-lod])
Breyer SR "Ashley" in app

Passionate Kisses
bay blanket filly
(Daydream Believer [m-phf] x Cowboy's Sweetheart [m-phf]- Cowboy Cadillac [l])
Breyer SR "Amber" in app

Red Hot Cloud
2008 bay spotted blanket colt
(Red Hot Spot [m-phf] x Peacock's Cloud Power [m-phf]- Hayes Roman Cloud)
Breyer SM TB foal OF

NEW! Sacajawea
2004 black leopard App filly
(Fancys Kalata [m-phf] x Co-Jo Moonglow [m-phf]- Images Moonshine®)
Shafford Japan OF.
Years available: 2009 on.

Seymour Spotz
2008 Appaloosa colt
(Red Hot Spot [m-phf] x Princess Revelation [m-phf]- Prince Shannon [®])
CM by Janet Bonney

Shadowed Heart
2006 bay dun Part Arabian App filly
(Powder River Wrangler [m-phf] x Blue Alternatiw [m-phf]- Blue Ice [m-oma])
Breyer classic Arab foal OF from mare & foal set

Shamrock Illusion
2002 bay and black tri-leopard colt
(Illusive Sun [m-phf] x Shamrock's Serendipity [m-phf]- Ulrich's Kingpin)
Breyer FAF SR OF

Sharade's Peacock
2004 bay blanket colt
(Daydream Believer [m-phf] x Sheba's Sharade [m-phf]- Atabi Moonfyre [®] Arabian )
Hartland Arab foal in app OF
Shy Cedar
2005 grulla near leopard Appaloosa filly
(Powder River Wrangler [m-phf] x Dusty Dakota Review [m-phf]- Dakota Reveille [m-phf])
CM classic Mustang foal by Janet Bonney

Years available: 2010 on.

Sioux Sequelle
2005 brown, frosted hips
(Go Boy Bayfrost [m-phf] x Sioux See Q [m-phf]- Ulrich's Siouxchief [l])
OFCC RES NAT'L CHAMPION FOAL, MFBA Reserve Champion, multiple winner.
Border Fine Arts app foal OF

Siri's Edelweiss
2003 App filly
(Joker's Granite Bar x Miss Siri Shamrock)

Siri Snowlight
2004 black leopard filly
(Streetlights [m-phf] x Siri Spring Snow [m-phf]- PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf])

Siri Spring Diamond
2006 black leopard Appaloosa filly
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Siri Spring Snow [m-phf]- PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf])
Reserve Champion.
Moody 'Hearts Of Fire' by Sommer Prosser.

2005 buckskin spotted blanket colt
(Powder River Wrangler [m-phf] x Sequential [m-phf]-)
Snow N'Ice
2006 blk leopard App filly
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Siri Snowdrift [m-phf]- Streetlights [m-phf])
Breyer ASHF OF

Speckled Chicory
2006 grey blanket colt
(Speck-U-Lation [m-phf] x Chinook Orchid [m-phf]- Leopard Chinook [m0oma])
Breyer ASHF OF

Speck Of Trouble
grey blanket colt
(Speck-U-Lation [m-phf] x Rockalena All Night [m-phf]-Streetlights [m-phf])
Breyer SSHF OF

Spring Blizzard
2004 black leopard colt
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x Siri Spring Snow [m-phf]- PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf])

Spring Rain Showers
2005 tri leopard Appaloosa filly
(Meteor Shower [m-phf] x Siri Spring Snow [m-phf]- PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf])
Breyer SM prancing foal OF
2004 suckling brown dun leopard Appaloosa filly
(Chelsea Cat [m-phf] x Halona [m-phf]- Cherrys Leader®)
Norleans OF.

Starry Starry Night
2009 bay snowflake App colt
(Batik [m-phf] x Greengrass [m-phf]- Green Herb [®])
Breyer standing stock horse foal SR BHR 'Night Vision' OF
NEW! Struttin Her Spots
2004 tri leopard filly
(Meteor Shower [m-phf] x How Now Brown [m-phf]- Fancys Kalata [m-phf]
Breyer SM OF prancing foal from sire/foal set

Summertime Blues
2006 tri leopard mare
(Holiday Prince [m-phf] x Country Summer [m-phf]- Travel On By [m-b.gustas])
Stone SR weanling "Today's Rumor"
Years available: 2011 on.

2003 chestnut semi-leopard
(Sierra Snoboy [l] x Foxi Comanche [m-phf]- Deep Thought ®)
ceramic lying foal handdone OF

Treble Clef
(Tumblin Dice [m-phf] x Under The Stars [m-phf])
Black App with spotted blanket
ceramic lying foal handdone OF

2003 chestnut blanket filly
(PHF Checkmate [m-phf] x Wood Sorrel [m-phf]- Aspenwood [m-phf])
Breyer new SM foal OF

Wego Faster Sister
2006 chestnut lacy blanket filly
( x Wego On Wheels [m-phf]- Easy We Go ®)

Wichita Sweetheart
red near leopard filly
(Wichita Time [m-phf] x Cowboy's Sweetheart [m-phf]- Cowboy Cadillac)

Willie's Little Love
2001 bay spotted blanket filly
(I Love Willie ® [QH] x Wyoming's Little Jaguar [m-lod]- Wyoming Territory)
Breyer Cm Sm running foal by Janet Bonney

Winter Suns
2004 buckskin and black tri leopard colt
(Hot Ice [m-phf] x SLM Pretty Lil Pok-A-Dott [m-phf] -CD Polk-A-Bear [m-cn])
Breyer Andalusian foal customized by Laurie Jo Jenson
Champion and Grand Champion
Wyoming Bluebell
2006 bay spotted blanket filly
(Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x Calla Lea [m-phf]- Bold Light Ky ®)
DeMuth 'Buttercup' by DeMuth
Multiple Champion, Grand Champion.

Wyoming Bluebird
2006 Appaloosa filly
(Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x Shes So Fine [m-phf]- Stayready Bull ®)
Stone RR 'Bobo' OF

Wyoming Larkspur
2002 blue roan App /spotted blanket filly
(Wyoming Territory x Princess Sea Lark [m-phf] - Mac's Speck-U-Lation [m-phf])
ceramic lying foal handdone OF

Wyoming Red Pepper
2008 bay blanket colt
(Red Hot Spot [m-phf] x Wyoming's Little Jaguar [m-phf]- Wyoming Territory [m-phf])
Breyer SR "Buster" in app

Wyoming Springtime
2006 bay App/spotted blanket
(Sierra Snoboy x Wyoming's Tiger Lily [m-phf]-Wyoming Territory [m-phf])
ceramic lying foal handdone OF


Sailor Sun or Atomic Lullaby
bay spotted blanket colt
(Red Hot Spot [m-phf] x )


Revolution or Gold Derringer
Palomino spotted blanket App Colt
( x )