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Arabians are one of the oldest and purest breeds of equine. They are considered "hot-bloods", and known to be spirited, intelligent and beautiful. Arabians are used mostly for show, racing, endurance, pleasure riding and companion horses. They excel at endurance, and often make excellent Dressage horses. Arabian colors are chestnut, bay, grey, infrequently black and occasionally rabicano, a type of roan, but not a true genetic roan. Rabicano is usually fairly subdued, but can be very extensive. The dilute gene does not exist in purebred Arabians and so there are no true, genetic palominos or buckskins. There is at least one chestnut Arabian that has been accepted for registration in a palomino color breed registry. Duns also do not occur. Sabino coloration, with high white legs, wide blazes and white upper and or lower lips are not uncommon, and the occasional white "body spot" shows up, primarily in the Crabbet lines. Very rarely, these sabinos can have a lot of white on their bodies or strange spotting patterns. Naming traditions include using Arabic names for Egyptian horses, and the first letter of the dam's name for Polish horses. Other bloodlines often use a name that relates to the sire's name, or the sire and dam's names. Names may be up to 17 characters and spaces long, no more than three words, and no punctuation. In 2002, names allowed were lengthened to 19 letters and spaces and four parts.

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<----------------------------------------------------STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN------------------------------------------------->
Year End!

Bahiim Zuhrah
*Bahiim Zuhrah "jet black brilliance"
1988 black
(Gharib [l] x Moatazza [l]-Tuhotmos) straight Egyptian Imported from Germany. Very little Nazeer in this pedigree. Anter, Sid Abouhom, El Sareei, Shahloul. *Tuhotmos was sire of a US Nat'l Champion Trail Horse, El Barraka.
Breyer SM AS SR OF black.
Reserve Champion Stallion, GOS winner, IPABRA Nat'l Res Ch Sire 2008.
Sire of Aniqa Dalima, o/b Jean Sorensen; Back Ofthe Moon, o/b Becky Henson; Wild Nectar, o/b Nancy Baker; Lotus; Fahm Hajar Harik, PSW; Cameo PhD, PSW and his replacement, Ibn Bahiim Zuhrah, all o/b PHF.
Foals: 1992-2009

Muftakir Amir

Muftakir Amir
1991 grey
(Ibn Hossny [®] x Itaba Walide [m-phf]- Ansata Ibn Halima®) straight Egyptian. Sire's sire, Hossny® by US Nat'l Top Ten *Ansata Ibn Halima, out of Sanaaa. Sire's dam has lines to Nazeer, Gamil III, Mashhour. Dam has lines to Nazeer, Fabah, Fay-el-Dine, Ibn Rabdan. 
China 'Aashiq" OF.
Multiple CHAMPION. MEPSA Champion.
Sire of Mutarahm Amir, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1995-2012.


1991 grey
Hagen-Renaker large "Nataf" OF glossy '80s release
(Shaikh al Badi® x Ansata Sabhiya [bso-lod]-Ansata Ibn Sudan®) Straight Egyptian. Sired by Shaikh al Badi, who was the preeminent son of *Morafic, and was named U.S. Res. Nat'l Champion Futurity Colt. Shaikh al Badi sired National winners, including Ruminaja Ali, US Res. Nat'l Champion Stallion. Ruminaja Ali, in turn, sired Nat'l Champion Stallion Ali Jamaal. This is a strong sire line. Dam by Nat'l Res. Ch Stallion, out of granddaughter of Nat'l TT Stal. Ansata Ibn Halima.
Live show placed and photo show winner! IPABRA National Top Ten 2001, MEPSA qualified 2002. Multiple Champion, Reserve Champion, Reserve Grand Champion.
Sire of Nile Cloud, IPABRA Year-End Top Ten, and Ibn Sanaan, IPABRA Year-End Top Ten, both o/b PHF; WA Sanaana, o/b Karen Hesse; Al-Maisan, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Mustanafa, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 1995-2012.

Serr Maarauder

Serr Maarauder
1991 black stallion
(Serr Rou [live] x PrincetonMaaroufa [live]- Serr Maariner) Straight Egyptian. 100% Babson lines. Linebred *Fadl. Maternal sire was a famed Dressage horse.
Hartland Regal 2001 release OF.
Sire of Shesh'Ta, o/b Carra McClelland.
Foals: 1995-2012.

Tamr PhD
1991 chestnut
(Tammen [l] x Qastal [live]-*Soufian) straight Egyptian. Tammen is a Multiple Champion & regional Top 5 in Halter and Costume, and a multiple Champion Country EP horse, with lines to Sameh, Alaa el Din, Talal and *Morafic. Qastal's sire is by Alaa el Din, out of Moniet el Nefous, by Shahloul and her dam is by *Sakr, out of an Anter mare. Suitable for crossing to all the new Egyptian lines, and should produce horses capable of both halter and performance, with moderate English action, and possible speed.
Sire of Cal'mah, o/b Carra McClelland and Champion Waf'a el Moniet, 01, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1995-2012.

Fahm Hajar Harik
Fahm Hajar Harik "Coal Fire"
1992 black
(Bahiim Zuhrah [m-phf] x Kayyir Bint Mokhtar [m-phf]- Mokhtar) straight Egyptian. Sire and dam both on this listing. Sire and dam are not heavily Nazeer bred. Anter, Sid Abouhom, El Sareei, Shahloul, Galal.
Peter Stone Arabian OF 'Priority One' RR.
Color winner, well placed other classes, IPABRA 2001 National Top Ten, MEPSA 2008 qualified.
Sire of Enduring Dark, o/b Laura Rushing.
Foals: 1996-2013.


Kanjar PhD
1994 chestnut
(Qabas [m-phf] x Taira [l]- Soufian) Sire is son of a Nat'l Champion Stallion and Nat'l Champion English Pleasure Horse and out of a daughter of 3x US Nat'l Res. Ch. Park horse and 3x US Nat'l Champ Costume horse, Sakr. *Sakr was also a Halter Champion and Most Classic winner. Sire Double *Sultann bred. Dam has lines to Alaa el Din, Moniet el Nefous, *Ibn Hafiza and Anter, with only 1 line to Nazeer, and two to Mansour on her 5 gen pedigree. Good cross for heavy Nazeer mares.
Animal Artistry resin mini striking Arabian.
MEPSA qualifed 2002.
Foals: 1998-2015.

Nile Cloud
Nile Cloud
1995 grey
(Sanaan [m-phf] x Nile Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal) Straight Egyptian. Dam is a Bloodstock multiple Champion daughter of the broodmare sire supreme, El Hilal. Sire is from the most winning straight Egyptian sire line.
Stone direct SR Arabian 'Cameo' by Sheri Rhodes.
Breed Champion, Color winner, IPABRA 2001 National Top Ten, 2002 MEPSA qualified.
Foals: 1999-2016.

Ibn Sanaan
Ibn Sanaan
1996 grey
(Sanaan [m-phf] x PHF Nile Moon [m-phf]-Imperial Al Kamar [l]) Straight Egyptian, sire is by Shaikh al Badi, dam is out of a *Morafic mare. Both also carry lines to Ansata Ibn Halima.
Stone Arabian SR 'Silver Sultan' for H & H Winner's Circle.
2001 IPABRA National Top Ten winner, MEPSA qualified for 07/08.
Foals: 2000-2017.

Muhtaram Amir
Muhtaram Amir
1996 grey stallion
(Mufktahir Amir [m-phf] x Nile Mist [m-phf]- Imperial Imdal®) Straight Egyptian.
resin 'Aashiq' by Dara West.
Multiple CHAMPION. MEPSA qualified 2008 Halter and Headstudy.
Foals: 2000-2017.

Amir al Nil
Amir al Nil
1997 grey (black) stallion
(LL Ib Kumar [l] x Bint al Nil [m-phf]- Imperial Al Kamar [l]) Sire is 3/4 Babson Egyptian, 1/4 "new" Egyptian, with his sire line through *Ansata Ibn Halima. LL Ib Kumar is black. Dam is by straight Egyptian Imperial Al Kamar by El Hilal. Kamar has been a good sire.
Breyer CAS SR OF.
Foals: 2001-2018.

Jibril PhD
Jibril PhD
1997 black stallion
(SW Hallany Shai® x Ravenwood Cassara®- RG Al Mone) straight Egyptian. Simeon Shai, Abenhetep, Alicibiades, Ibn Moniet el Nefous, Julyan.
FM Fury OF.
MEPSA winner.
Sire of Sibelle Shamrah, 10, o/b Jean Sorensen and Suha RM, o/b Rebekka Mietinnen.
Foals: 2001-2018.

Ramik Shams
Ramik Shams
1997 flaxen chestnut
(PRI Asali Halim [l] x Al Jiwanna [m-phf]-Al Metrabbi [®]) new/Babson Egyptian lines. His now deceased sire was a Champion show hack horse, and competed up to 2nd level Dressage. He was also trained to drive. One of PRI Asali Halim's sons finished Top Ten in the Tevis cup ride, after winning the Old Dominion ride. Maternal sire, Al Metrabbi++, U.S. National Champion Futurity Colt, U.S. Top Ten in trail, & Legion of Supreme Merit winner. Al Metrabbi++ was inbred to *Morafic.
Eberl trotting Arabian stallion.
Reserve Champion.
Foals: 2001-2018.

Musharraf (dignity)
1998 bay rabicano & minimal sabino stallion

(Ibnibn Hafiza PhD [m-phf] x Majeka [m-phf]- Ruminaja Majed®)
Stone factory custom bay rabicano.
Foals: 2004-2018.

Shahin  "handsome, graceful"
1998 chestnut
(Makhsous® x BinteBint Moniet [m-phf]- Rasmoniet RSI®)

By a Halter and performance Champion sire. Makhsous sired a straight Egyptian Nat'l TT Working Cowhorse, Ziba Jalisa. Makhsous's sire, *Sultann, was sire of an US Nat'l EP Champion & US Nat'l Champion Stallion, *Asadd. Asadd also sired Working Cowhorse and performance horse Ahadd. Dam is the product of full sibs mating. Half-brother to two Champions.
AR mini Optime.
Foals: 2002-2018.

Majek Ali
Majek Ali
1999 chestnut
(ZT Ali Baba® x Majeka [m-phf]- Ruminaja Majed) Straight Egyptian. Racing lines! 68sts (18, 14, 2) $54,197 Retired sound at age 11, sire of 194 purebred Arabian foals. Moniet el Nafis, Amaal, Shaikh al Badi, Khofo, Magidaa, Ramses Fayek. Heavily Nazeer bred.
Animal Artistry by Alchemy porcelain OF trotting Arabian.
Reserve Champion.
Sire of WSC Golden Opportunity, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 2003-2020.

*Ibn Medjool Pasha

*Ibn Medjool Pasha
2003 bay
(Medjool Pasha [m- phf] x Lanata [m-PENDING-t.mcdowell]- *Tuhotmos®) Straight Egyptian, mostly new, with a dash of Babson. Sire is tightly bred, dam is an outcross. *Ansta Ibn Halima, El Hilal, *Morafic and the excellent broodmare, Maar-Ree, El Sareei, Tuhotmos, Hamdan, Ibn Hafiza, Fol Yasmeen. bred by Gubbera Park Stud, Australia
Beswick Xayal# OF
Foals: 2007-2024.

2007 grey Arabian stallion
(Serr Hilal [m-phf] x Ghariba [m-phf]- Gharib®) straight Egyptian. *Ansata Ibn Halima, Anter, Fa-Serr, Sid Abouhom. Good possibility for Babson line mares,
AR Muscat customised ears forward and finished by Dani Schacht
MEPSA qualified Halter, Champion Performance (Arabian costume)
Foals: 2011-2028.

Khalid (everlasting)
2008 flaxen chestnut stallion
Sahil Rayih [m-phf] x BinteBint Moniet PhD [m-phf]- Rasmoniet RSI®) straight Egyptian
OF china HA Jamil edition of 50.
Foals 2012-2030.

2011 grey (chestnut) stallion
(Sanaan [m-phf] x Ilmizan [m-phf]- Ahadd®) Straight Egyptian, blend of Nazeer, Babson and Sameh lines. Sire is a multiple Champion and Champion Sire. Live maternal sire is a open Cutting champion and overall performance horse, as well as sire of a live Halter Champion.
Stone Arabian customized by Linda Elkjer.
MEPSA 2015 Championships, Top Ten (75) Custom Light type Stallions and Top Ten (4th of 53) Custom Arabians
Foals: 2015 on.

Shamaal KA
NEW! Shamaal KA
2015 grey straight Egyptian Arabian stallion
(KA Damascus [live] x Saahara KA [live]- MB Talmaar) Lines to Makhsous, Nabiel, Raquin, MB Talmaar, Ibn Safinez and Jamil.
Franklin Mint "Racing The Wind" grey
Foals: 2019-2035.

<----------------------------------------------------EGYPTIAN RELATED------------------------------------------------->

1986 grey stallion
(*Sakr x El Comita- El Magato) A blending of Egyptian and old American lines. Dam is a maternal g'daughter of Synbad. An Egyptian stallion on an El Magato mare produced Ali Jamaal. This cross is a little more action than type oriented.
H-R "Encore" OF
IPABRA NSH nominated sire.
Foals: 1990-2007.

Halimaar Phazar
Halimaar Phazar
1989 alabaster grey
(El Halimaar [l] x Gai Cecilia [l]- Phazon) 1/2 Egyptian, 1/2 Gainey. Lines to El Hilal, Ansata Ibn Halima and Babson; Ferzon, Raffles, Phantom. El Halimaar is sire of Champion Stallion and winning Dressage horse, Abraxas Halimaar, and El Halimaar's dam is renowned broodmare RDM Maar-Hala. Phazon is a Can. Nat'l Champ Pleasure Driving & Nat'l Res. Ch. EP.
Breyer Arab 99 SM OF
Sire of Halimaar Shaklan, MEPSA qualified 2002, on this list, in the American bred section.
Foals: 1993-2010.
Last year on my list.

Ibn Ibn Ozem
Ibn Ibnozem
2003 black stallion
(Ibn Ozem [m-phf] x Cameo PhD [m-phf]- Bahiim Zuhrah [m-phf])
Egyptian lines to Galal by Nazeer, Fa-Serr, also El Sareei, Sid Abouhom, Sheikh el Arab and Shahloul. Mirage, Raseyn.
Breyer classic Black stallion custom by Karla Rankin.
Foals: 2007-2024.

2010 grey Arabian stallion
(Jamaal el Hilal [m-phf] x Cameo PhD [m-phf]- Bahiim Zuhrah [m-phf]) From the first crop of his sire, on this listing under American bred. Baccarat's dam is SE. 
Grandsire is one of the best producing Ali Jamaal sons, with lines to *Bask and Gai Parada. Sire's dam is a Gai Parada great granddaughter, with lines to *Bask, Crabbet horses, and Egyptians El Hilal and Ibn Hafiza. Dam is a straight Egyptian photo show winner with less common lines, including Gharib, Tuhotmos, El Mokhtar, used as one of three stallions to portray "The Black" on the movie; and Kaisoon, a German Nazeer son.
MEPSA 2014 winner. MEPSA Reserve Champion Western

Stone FCM DAH 'Blue Angel' OF.
Foals: 2002 on.

<----------------------------------------------------PURE POLISH------------------------------------------------->

Pandemoniumm PhD
1989 chestnut stallion
(Monogramm [l] x Pandora PHF [m-phf]- *Gondolier [l]) "pure" Polish. Sire was a US Nat'l Res. Champion Futurity Colt, and sire of a National winner in Halter and English. He is a Negatraz (by *Bask) son, twice exported on lease to Poland to refresh their *Bask blood, and then coming home to the US. Dam is a daughter of World Champion stallion Gondolier.
Breyer Huckleberry Bey SR from Breyerfest 01 OF.
Reserve Champion.
Sire of Optimoniumm, o/b Shannon Tostanoski; Perfect Pandemoniumm, NSH, o/b Alicia Schafroth and Foxfire Celestynka, o/b Delana Metcalf.
Foals: 1993-2010.

Brazier PhD
1992 bay
(AH Gallant [live] x MS Batista [live]- *Bask) pure Polish. Sire is a Halter Champion, and a successful retired race horse. AH Gallant has sired Champions at Halter, WP, HP, placers in Trail and Reining and 4 US Nat'l Top Ten Hunter Pleasure horses. He is by El Paso, US Nat'l Champ Stallion, out of a daughter of *Aladdinn, also a US Nat'l Champion Stallion. These Polish lines are also noted for athletic ability. Dam is a pure Polish, US Nat'l Top Ten Mare and show res. Champ Park, daughter of the legendary *Bask, with additional lines to Comet and Rozmaryn.
Breyer classic "Black Stallion' OF bay
Foals: 1996-2013.

Chryptonn (SOLD)
1995 grey (bay) Arabian stallion
(Konnoisseur [m-phf] x Chrysanthemumm [m-phf]-Monogramm [l]) Pure Polish. Sire was a Champion and multiple Top Ten IPABRA NSH nominated sire here at Persimmon Hill, by the wonderful formerly live horse *Penitent, who looked and moved like a dream. Konnoisseur full sibling to US Nat'l Champion Mare Kawalkada. Aquinor and Aswan, plus Trypolis, Priboj and Gwarny. No Bask on sire side. 4th paternal dam is also dam of Comet. Dam is by the fantastic Monogramm, exported to Poland, and very well utilized by the Poles as a sire to re-establish the Witraz line. Sire was Negatraz, one of Bask's best pure Polish sons, also lines to Knippel and Priboj. Dam's maternal side carries Palas, Aquinor, Abu Afas.
Peter Stone RR 02 'White Madras' OF.
Foals: 1999-2015.

1995 grey (bay) stallion
(Penitent® x Eternall [m-phf]- Geydmin [l]) pure Polish, sire is a gorgeous 1985 Polish National Champion Stallion and 1987 European Champion Stallion. He had a lovely head and extraordinary movement. Aquinor, Aswan, Faher, Priboj lines through sire. Dam brings in Gwarny, Miecznik. Some Ofir, no *Bask. Euphrates can sire bay and chestnut, as well as grey.
Breyer 2003 Huckleberry Bey as 'Marengo' OF.
Foals: 1999-2016.

1996 grey (born bay) stallion
(Negatraz [®] x Prima VF
- Bandos) Pure Polish. Perhaps the best *Bask son x crossed on a Bandos mare with excellent lines. Double Bandola, double Negatiw, Salon through Namiet.
Reserve Champion.
Cheval porcelain Arabian stallion OF
Foals: 2000-2017.

Argosy PhD
1999 bay
(MHR Nobility® x Aristine®- Aristo Kossak) pure Polish. Sire was a US Nat'l CH Park Horse with lines to Elimar, *Bask, and Faher. Dam to Aristo Kossak, Naborr and Kirkor. Aristo Kossak was 1979 Canadian National Reserve Champion Futurity Stallion, and his sire, Ariston, was a Reserve Champion at Park and Formal Driving.
Breyer "Best In Show" Arabian
Foals: 2003-2020.

Migotać (Polish for shimmer)
2000 grey (bay) stallion
(*Emanor® x *Marzipana- *Bandos®) Sire is a Natl CH Park, double Natl CH Stallion, and a Natl R-CH EP, by a Polish Natl CH Stallion and out of a mare from the incomparable Polish "E" mare line. Lines to Nabeg, El Paso, Bandos and Palas. Dam is by sire of Champions, Bandos, and out of a Comet mare. Lines to Negatiw, Witraz, Balalajka, Comet and Grand.
Breyer Xmas 2009 'Nutcracker Prince' Huck OF.
MEPSA Winner.
Foals: 2004 on.

NEW! *Amaranth (imp from Switzerland)
2006 grey (black) Arabian stallion
(Feres® x Alhena®- Santorin) pure Polish. Sire line is Aquinor through Exelsjor. Lines to Negatiw through Nabor, Andrut and Bandos, also Comet and Aladdinn.
Stone FCM body DAH 2016
Foals: 2010-2027.

2007 chestnut (sabino) stallion
(Piaff® x Czandora [m-phf]- Aladorr [m-phf]) pure Polish. From a 4 generation line of Polish Nat'l or Res. Nat'l CH stallions. Sire, Piaff, is a Polish Nat'l Champion, and also a sire of a US Nat'l CH working cowhorse. Lines to Penitent, Negatiw, Palas, Amurath-Sahib, No *Bask lines.
Breyer Premier 2013 Eberl 'Ashquar' OF.
MEPSA 2014 Reserve Champion Light Breed, winner Arabians, color winner.
Foals: 2011 on.

<----------------------------------------------------STRAIGHT RUSSIAN------------------------------------------------->
1993 chestnut stallion
(*Muscat® x Pristiara [m-phf]- Pesniar®) by the late, great Muscat, US Nat'l Champion stallion, Canadian Nat'l Champion stallion and Scottsdale Champion stallion. Out of a Persimmon Hill mare, by US Nat'l Top Ten Pesniar. Lines to Salon, Arax, Aswan, Priboj, Naseem, Mammona, Taktika.
G1 SM Arabian stallion.
Foals: 1997-2015.

2001 chestnut stallion
(Mpulse® x Marina [m-phf]- *Naturel®) Straight Russian. By an underused son of the reknown *Muscat, out of an Aswan/Arax mare, and out of a multi-Champion PHF broodmare with Aswan, Arax, Priboj, Amurath-Sahib and Negativ lines.
Stone Arabian FCM 'All Hallows Eve' 2006, number unknown.
MEPSA Champion 2012
Foals: 2005-2021.

Lech Z Kon
Lech ZKon
2007 grey (bay) stallion
(Kubinec® x Novinka®- Karnaval) straight Russian bred, imported from Holland. Sire was European Champion, World Champion Stallion, German National Champion, Nations Cup Res. Champion Stallion, Platinum Cup Stallion and sire of US Nat'l CH FS Bengali. Lines to Menes, Aswan, Muscat, Arax, Priboj.
Shafford Arabian glossy.
Foals: 2011-2028.


Khai el Hawa
Khai el Hawa
1992 grey (black) stallion
(Dakir el Khala [m-phf] x Mockingbird CF [m-phf]- Lysander®) 100% Davenport. Davenport horses are a small, tightly bred subgroup of Arabians, coming from the horses imported from the desert by Homer Davenport.
Breyer TRU SR CAS OF grey "Drinkers Of The Wind"
Sire of Glacier Rose, o/b Martha Baker.
Foals: 1996-2013.

<----------------------------------------------------CRABBET and ENGLISH------------------------------------------------->

Count The Stars
Count The Stars
1998 bay
(Nizzam Diamond [m-phf] x Royal Conceit [m-phf]- Royal Vanity®) 100% Crabbet
'Amankhar' resin by Judy Renee Pope, OF for H and H model sales.
Multiple Champion. Multiple MEPSA Champion. Winner in costume. 2007 OFHC Hall Of Fame, mandatory retirement from club showing. International Champion and Reserve MEPSA 2009 Championships in breed, color, make and gender, Top Ten (3rd) in breed. 
Sire of Strike A Pose, 08 part Arabian, o/b PHF, MMR Golden Star o/b Fatima el Hammoudi and Eva Enchanted, o/b Michelle Smith.
Foals: 2002-2020.


Garza de Nilo
1988 grey
(*Nilo [l] x Nina Tagata [l]- *Barich de Washoe) Straight Spanish. Sire has thrown Champion Halter horses and Nat'l Top Tens in WP, Sidesaddle, HP as well as the 1997 US Nat'l Champion Show Hack horse (of 49 entries), Venus del Nilo.
Hoffman China copy of PAS.
Sire of Reposo de Garza, 04, o/o Orquidea, o/b PHF, his replacement.
Foals: 1992-2009.

Reposo de Garza
Reposo de Garza
2004 grey
(Garza de Nilo [m-phf] x Orquidea [m-phf]- *Zaon [live]) Straight Spanish. Sire is an MIJC Champion; this is his replacement son. Sire's sire has thrown Champion Halter horses and Nat'l Top Tens in WP, Sidesaddle, HP as well as the 1997 US Nat'l Champion Show Hack horse (of 49 entries), Venus del Nilo.
Hoffman China copy of PAS.
Foals: 2008-2024.

<--------------------------------------------------------AMERICAN BRED------------------------------------------------------>

Omaar Sharif
Omaar Shaarif
1985 black stallion
(Ibn Ozem PhD [m-phf] x AF Shamaara [l]-Gamaar) Tail female is the Davenport import, Reshan DB. Strong black lines. Babson Egyptian, new Egyptian, Davenport, Mirage, DB, Witez II, Skowronek lines.
Foals: 1989-2006.

Darq Moon Bey
Darq Moon Bey
1986 Bay
(Huckleberry Bay [l] x Semi-Sweet [m-phf]- Darq [l]) Sire is the famous Huck, Nat'l Res Ch Fut Colt, Champion EP horse and part of one of the most successful sire lines in recent history. Dam is a by a US Nat'l TT Stallion sired by Raffon, on this list.
Breyer Huckleberry Bey OF.
Photo show winner.
Sire of RA Heartbreaker, o/b Heather Gnidovec; Bey-Cherie, o/b Rebecca Ratliff and Blue Moon Bey, 98, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1990-2007.

1988 bay stallion
(Safire [l] x Emerald Bay [l]-El Magato [l]) Good lines for movement- *Bask and El Magato!
SM OM Arabian customised by Mary Redenbach.
MEPSA qualified 2002.
Foals: 1993-2009.

Shimmering Mirage
Shimmering Mirage
1989 grey
(Deep Freeze® x Gazmara®- Gazzal) linebred to *Mirage DB. Gali-Rose, Niga, Rifage and Raminage, all having lines to Mirage. Also, Katar, Fay-el-Dine, Bride Rose and Alla-Jo-Kar. Deep Freeze is by Gawad. Old American, Babson and Desertbred.
AAA porcelain striking Arabian OF.
Grand Champion.
Foals: 1993-2011.

Bayberry Beau
Beyberry Beau
1990 Bay
(Huckleberry Bey [l] x Basks Jubilee [l]- *Bask) Bred for athleticism and beauty.
Breyer "Huckleberry Bey" OF
PS Winner, multiple Champion, Get of Sire winner and Reserve Grand Champion. Multiple wins in gender, breed, color and make. OFHC LOM + ROM.
Sire of Romeo Bey, Bey Finesse, Beau Ideal, Bey Tron Mirage, Baksheesh Bey, Blackberry Beau, Bey Femme, Copperberry Bey, Rain Beau Bey, Winterberry Bey, Silver Caroberry and Bahama Belle NSH.
IPABRA NSH nominated sire.
Foals: 1994-2011.

Padrons Amber
Padrons Amber
1990 chestnut
(*Padron x WHF Pavlova-Tamerlan) Over 3/4 brother in blood to Padron's Psyche. Sire is US Nat'l Champion and sire of Nat'l Champions and breeding horses. Dam combines Aswan, Arax and Priboj blood.
Breyer SR PAS "Sundown" OF
Foals: 1994 on.

Special Effects
Special Effects PhD
1990 extreme flaxen Chestnut sabino, body spot
(Padron [l] x Venus In Gold [m-phf]-*Erros x WRR Golden Goddes) Sire is the Nat'l Champion stallion and sire of nat'l winners, *Padron. Dam is by 1978 pure Polish Reserve Nat'l Champion Stallion and tremendous mover, *Erros, out of a double Lewisfield Sun God, heavy Aaraf, mare. Both maternal sire and dam are sabino.
Vicki Keeling LE resin "Padron" head down, by Sheri Rhodes.
Sire of multiple Champion Teen Idol, o/b Kathy Dodson; Effets de Briller, o/b Cindy Nakagawa; multiple Champion Chrome Effects, Taupe Effects, Open Show winner Ma Cherie Aamour, all o/b PHF, Cala Johara, Live and photo show placed, o/b Autumn Rupert and Finishing Touch, o/b Eileen O'Dell.
Reserve Grand Champion, multiple Champion, IPABRA 2001 Nat'l Top Ten, MEPSA 2002 qualified.
IPABRA NSH nominated sire.
Foals: 1994-2011.

Alada Heart
Alada Heart
1991 chestnut
(Alada Baskin [l] x PHF Bint Habeeba [m-phf]- *Zahid) Polish/Egyptian/Crabbet/Spanish. By a 2x Nat'l Reserve Champion stallion who has sired both National Halter and Performance winners, and also many horses ridden by juniors and amateurs due to their kind temperaments. His dam is a Champion model, by an English Pleasure Champion and out of a Halter Champion.
Breyer SR SM AS dap ches OF
Photo show winner. 1st of 62 Arabians.
Sire of part-Arabian Alada Sweet Dreams, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1995-2012.

1992 liver ches/flaxen sabino rabicano Arabian stallion
(Percussion [l] x Mane Street [l]- Back Street) Sire is a sabino, and dam is rabicano, registered roan. Wonderful horses in this pedigree: *Eter, *Bask, *Faleh, Negatiw and both sire and dam have *Raffles lines. This stallion can be bred many ways to lead to success.
Peter Stone Direct 'Merlot' by Ed Gonzales.
Multiple winner, Reserve Champion.
Foals: 1996 on.

Blackberry Beau
Blackberry Beau
1994 black
(Beyberry Beau [m-phf] x Semi-Sweet [m-phf]- Darq [l]) American bred with excellent lines. Huckleberry Bey, *Bask, Raffon. Champions throughout pedigree.
Breyer Huckleberry Bey CM.
Halter Champion, English Champion and Winner under saddle in EP and Parade.
IPABRA NSH sire nominated.
Foals: 1998-2015.

Chrome Effects
Chrome Effects
1994 flaxen chestnut sabino
(Special Effects [m-phf] x Chrysanthemumm [m-phf]- Monogramm [l]) Sire and dam both on my listings. Both have lines to Aswan. Russian, Polish, Crabbet and American Polish lines.
Stone Arabian Artisan's Hall 'Ra' OF.
multiple Reserve Champion, Color winner, Stallion winner, IPABRA 2001 National Top Ten.
IPABRA NSH nominated.
Foals: 1998-2015.

Copperberry Bey
Copperberry Bey
1995 grey
(Beyberry Beau [m-phf] x Silver Filigree [m-phf]- Silver Monarch) Sire and dam on my lists.
Breyer 2001 SR of 500 QVC 'Paradigm' OF .
Photo show winner, 1st of 46 stallions, 2nd of 62 Arabians, 7th of 178 Breyer Traditional.
IPABRA NSH nominated sire pending.
Foals: 1999-2016.

Tristan PhD
Tristan PhD
1998 chestnut stallion
(MHR Muscateal+ ® x Serafine Fire [1988- bso] Serrific+/® x Fire Fancy®- Fire Bolt) Sire is a US Nat'l Champion Reining horse. Great performance horse lines to *Muscat, *Bask, *Serafix, Hanad, Raffles, Kahar, Mirage. Active and athletic!
MEPSA Champion in Gender, Color, Breed. OFCC Champion Stallion, Breed (of 80) and Color (of 79) winner. MEPSA qualified 2012/13/14. Now showing in costume and parade!
Lucas-Francis "Mudir" OF
Sire of Luck Of The Draw, part-Arab, 12, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2002-2019.

Make Mea Zee
Make Mea Zee
1999 bay Arabian stallion
(Hesa Zee+/® x Speed Princess®- Ferana) Top working western lines. Full to Arabian Cutting horse, Zee Bunny; US Nat'l Cutting Champion, Zee Queen; Champion Cutter, Zee Princess, etc.
Foals: 2003-2020.

Vermillion Moon
Vermillion Moon
1999 bay
(Versace [l] x Mocha Moon [m-lod]- El Hilal [l])
Stone JAM SR of 500 'Pain In The Brass' Arabian stallion OF
CHAMPION and Reserve Champion.
Foals: 2003 on

Rain Beau Bey
Rain Beau Bey
2001 grey (black) sabino stallion
(Bayberry Beau [m-phf] x EK Vermilion®- Red Tape+// ) Sire to Huckleberry Bey, *Bask, dam to *Bask, Gulastra, *Raffles, Comet, Rabiyas, Ronek. Excellent American and Polish lines. Athletic and sabino.
Breyerfest SR "High Wire" OF.
Foals: 2005 on.

Fahim Pharaoh
Fahim Pharaoh
2002 bay stallion
(KB Omega Fahim® x MPA Dalal®- Sunnyacres Apollo) Sire is a Arabian Sport Horse Nationals Champion at Prix St. Georges with a score of 69.5. In addition, he is a National Top Ten Sport Horse In Hand and a Regional Champion In Hand. He carries lines to Babson horses and Davenport horses, as well as new Egyptian and some others.
Breyer CM by Lisa Merrill as a portrait of Serr Maariner.
First MEPSA show 6th (51) CM Light Stallions, 7th (40) bay/brown
Foals: 2006-2023.

Huckleberry Sun
2002 chestnut stallion
(Hucklebey Berry [l] x Mamselle Cognac®- Cognac) Sire is a Nat'l EP Champion, Driving Champion, Halter Top Five and sire of multiple performance discipline Champions. Great English action lines.
BSO at this time.
Foals: 2006-2023.

Blue Moon Bey
Blue Moon Bey+
2003 black sabino
(Darq Moon Bey [m-phf] x Blue Bayou [m-phf]- Ibn Ozem PhD [m-phf]) Lines to Champions Huckleberry Bey, Raffon, Ozem, El Hilal.
Herd stallion variation from Color Crazy set.
Foals: 2007 on.

Winterberry Bey
NEW! Winterberry Bey
2003 bay stallion
(Darq Moon Bey [m-phf] x Wielka Baskja [m-phf]- *Bask®) Huckleberry Bey, Raffon, *Bask and Comet. American/Polish. Great performance lines. 
Huckleberry Bey OF resin JCP SR run of 1,100.
Foals: 2007- 2023.

Poised For Night
NEW! Poised For Night
2004 black rabicano
(Mojave Kid+++® x Mistical Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal®) Sire has earned Regional Champion, Reserve Champion, and Top Five in hunter pleasure and english sidesaddle.He was US National Champion Show Hack and Sport Horse Stallion, US National Reserve Champion SH Show Hack, SH In-Hand, and Dressage 1st Level, Canadian National Champion SH Show Hack twice and Canadian National Champion Dressage 1st Level and has both the Legion of Excellence and Legion of Masters. Lines to Huckleberry Bey, Dar, Bask, Ali Jamaal, El Shaklan, El Hilal, Bask and Hallany Mistanny.
Breyer 2007 Tour Special "Polaris" Huckleberry Bey OF.
Foals: 2008-2025

Khool Kharacter
Khool Kharacter
2005 bay
(GS Kochise +++//® x Jamala Magdalena [m-phf]- Ali Jamaal®) Sire is the famous Khemosabi+++s most decorated son, having won a Legion of Supreme Merit, 38 National Awards, 5 National Championships, 7 Res. National Championships, 26 National Top Tens, 70+ Regional Awards. Dam is a PHF broodmare by the renowned US Nat'l CH stallion, Ali Jamaal and out of a Nabiel sired mare, with lines also back to Kellogg and Babson horses, like GS Khochise+++//.
rare Eberl 'Shetan' by Lori Daniels in oils
MEPSA 2015 Halter winner 1st (58) Arabians, 1st (32) Bay.
Sire of Khool Khrome and Khaterina PhD, both o/b PHF.
Foals: 2009-2025.

Jamaal el Hilal
Jamaal el Hilal
2006 grey
(Parys el Jamaal® x Autumn Swan [m-phf]- Autumn Seance®) Sire is one of the best producing Ali Jamaal sons, with lines to *Bask and Gai Parada. Dam is a Gai Parada great granddaughter, with lines to *Bask, Crabbet horses, and Egyptians El Hilal and Ibn Hafiza.
Stone FCM DAH 2012.
Sire of Cire Nayr, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 2010-2026.

Maximum Effect
NEW! Maximum Effect
2007 chestnut sabino Arabian stallion
(Special Effects PhD [m-phf] x Marina [m-phf]- *Naturel®) This pedigree combines Aswan for type, Arax for smoothness, Negativ for beauty, and Priboj for athletic ability. 
Eberl Muscat AR by Jessica Saucier.
Foals: 2011-2027.

Samir El Shaklan
NEW! Samir El Shaklan
2008 grey stallion
(Sanadik El Shaklan® x WN Salome- Arn-Ett Perlane®) Sired via frozen semen. By an international champion son of *El Shaklan, bred Egyptian/Spanish cross, the same as his sire. Dam is full in blood to the mare who produced the Legion Of Masters gelding, WN Starlane+++/. Spanish, Polish, Ferzon and Raffles lines.
AR 'El Hadiye' by JAF
Foals: 2012 on.

Khool Khrome
Khool Khrome
2009 bay Arabian stallion
(Khool Kharacter [m-phf] x Wiosna [m-phf]- Europia [live]) A great-grandson of the versatile Khemosabi++++//, through one of his most accomplished sons, GS Khochise+++//, who was awarded 5 Nat’l CHs, 7 Res. Nat’l CHs, 26 TTs, and sired well. Sire's dam adds double El Magato, plus "new" Egyptian. Dam is pure Polish, by a Champion Park horse with a Nat'l Fut Reserve Halter title. Dam's maternal sire is the legendary *Bask. Lines to El Paso, Bandos, Comet, Palas, and Aloes. Khrome is aimed for a Halter career, but these lines are overall performance.
Stone FCM DAH Arabian, turned head, flagged tail.
MEPSA 2014 winner.
Foals: 2013 on.

Freedom Bey
NEW! Freedom Bey
2010 bay
(Beyberry Beau [m-phf] x Fames FemmeFatale [m-phf]- Fame VF®) Lines to Huckleberry Bey, Bask, Bay-Abi, Bey Shah, Raffon, Gamaar, Witez II.
MEPSA 2012 qualified winner. 1st of 54 Arabian. MEPSA 2012 Championship Top Ten Arabian (of 98)
Breyer Color Crazy Herd sire red bay variation.
Foals: 2014-2032.