The divas of the show world, the Amercian Saddlebred is an elegant, long-necked, high-stepping horse, groomed to perfection and entering the ring with an artificially high-set tail. Some Saddlehorses are called 3-gaited, which means they perform the walk (show walk, not natural) trot and canter in the ring. The often most desired are the 5-gaited horses, which perform the three gaits, but add a "slow gait" and a "rack", which are cadenced, demanding and elevated. Saddlebreds are also frequently shown to cart, as driving horses. What this doesn't tell you, though, is that instead of being trained for show, the Saddlebred can also be trained to make a fine jumper, a sporthorse, a dressage mount or a trail horse. Saddlebreds come in almost all colors,including the dilutes and tobiano pinto, although not appaloosa spots, or any form of dun, and it is thought that roans have died out of the breed. Some model roans have been bred forward from old roan Saddlebred stock.
Tennessee Walking Horses have been long appreciated for their special, very comfortable, gait. The TWH special gait is called a running walk, and it can be done slowly or at speed. Originally developed to help farm owners ride comfortably all day around their large farms, they have become show horses. In the show horse world, there has been abuse of these very kind-natured horses in order to exaggerate their gaits. The people who love the breed have noticed, and are trying hard to stamp out abuse of the horses in the ring. Meanwhile, other people who don't show, but love Walkers, continue to ride them on the trails and in the rings at home. They can also make very capable jumpers.
Other North American gaited breeds include Rocky Mountain Horses & Missouri Foxtrotters. In addition, some Appaloosas perform a natural extra gait called the "Indian shuffle" and a few Arabians have been four or five gaited.

See his lookalike son
foaled 1996

Frosty Irish
1971-2002 grey
(Frosty Highland [l] x Abie's Irish Rose [l]-American Born) Old lines, HTF today. Twice to American Born.
Breyer 5 gaiter customized by Jason Ross, aka Nancy Strowger
Photo show winner.
Foals: 1975-1991, limited numbers through 01.

no photo, but he's cool
Express Train
1974-1993 Blue roan sabino
(Society's Crown Jewel [®] x Sparkling Cider [bso]- Chief's Sweet Cider [R]) To Society Rex, American Ace, Conowingo's Grand, Sparkling Waters. The roan coloration comes through Hodge's Gloriana Dare (Stonewall King x Daphne Dare).
WC micro mini custom.
Sire of DHRs Bluerose Frost, o/b Cory Hartung and Night Train, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1978-1994 only

See his lookalike son
foaled 2000

Society Bourbon Cynsation
1975-2005 Buckskin
(Society Mastermined [l] bay x Cynthiana Of Belvedere [m-rr] palo- Bourbon Peavine Of Belvedere) Sire line to Kalarama Rex; pedigree includes Spoonbill, Leatherwood King, Golden Cavalier.
Sire of Heiress To Evening, o/b PHF; DHRs Melody Cynsation, o/b Cory Hartung and Society's Summer Song, o/b Mary Schoedel.
Foals: 1979-02
Foals, prefer: Clock horses, Breyer OM SMs, H-R ASBs, Breyer NM SMs, etc.

Wild Assignment
1979 bay stallion
(Captain's Assignment [l] x Wild Ginger [l]- Wild Genius [l]) Anacacho Denmark sire line through WC Broadland's Captain Denmark, also Special Assignment, King Barrymore, Bourbon King, Grand Stonewall.
Winner's Choice micro mini OF.
Sire of MIJC multiple CH. Supreme Assignment, Foxfire Ruby's Wild Night, o/b Delana Metcalf; Phantom Candle, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Sterling Silverrose, o/b Sue Stahl.
Foals: 1983-2005.

Mr. Moonbeam
1980 grey (gelded 1999)
(OMA's Sultan [m-oma] x OMAs Ima Title Too [m-oma]-OMA's Titleist) Lines to OMA and Twin Willow horses: Dance Or Die, TW Exhiliration, TW Extra Extra. Also to Lady Carrigan, Wing Commander & Sparkling Waters, all live and notable horses.
Napco Japan china OF.
Photo show placed.
Sire of Nights In White Satin, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1984-2000.

Island Sensation
1981 palomino stallion, gelded 2004.
(Thunder Island [live] x Sport's Mara-Gold Sensation [live]- Wonder Boy's Sport) Sire bred by Ellen Scripps Davis. He is by Flashy Bourbon Peavine, out of Lasting Star by Wing Commander. His dam has lesser used lines: Mack's Golden Parader, Genius Of Stonyridge, Cameo Kirby, Bourbon King, etc.
Japan OF.
Sire of Caribbean Sun Sensation, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1985-2004.

Key To Success
1981 chestnut tobiano pinto
(Key Largo [l] x Symbol Of Success [bso-lod]- Status Symbol [l]) The unsurpassed Wing Commander sire line, along with Flashy Bourbon Peavine on the sire side. Dam is a full sister to WC Night Prowler~ by Status Symbol and out of Empire's Lady Genius by Anacacho Empire.
Winner's Choice micro mini OF.
Foals: 1985 on

Tea Leaves
1983 chestnut
(Family Jewels [l] x Foxy Brown [l]- Chief Of Greystone) Sire by Grape Tree's Fox, out of a daughter of Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly. Dam is by a son of the great Wing Commander, out of Carol Trigg. Lines to CH Anacacho Shamrock, sire of CH Wing Commander, both top and bottom.
OF Breyer 5 gaiter, top notch condition.
Sire of Too Darn Hot, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Poconos Lalita, o/b Sherry Ball; winner Long Island Iced Tea and placed Red Zinger, both o/b PHF.
Foals: 1987 on

Emerald Isle's Mile High
1985 Bay tobiano stallion
(Irish American [l] x Rosie's High Color [bso]- Modern Creation [l]) Sire a Champion stallion by The Rambler, Bourbon Genius sire line. Starheart's Society, RWC Anacacho Dancer, WC Oman's Anacacho Rhythm, Anacacho Denmark, Veiled Prophet, Sensation Rex on dam's side.
Breyer 96 SR #710396 JCP 'Gaited Breeds of America'
Sire of Poetic Enough, Emeralds and Rubies, Irish Eyes.
Photo show winner, IPABRA Nat'ls qualified, 2001.
Foals: 1989 on

Solar Supreme
1985 palomino
(Little Supreme Sensation [m-ls] x Shadow's Dream [live]-CH The Black Emerald) sire to Valley View Supreme, dam is double Wing Commander.
Breyer glossy palomino 5-gaiter, restored to perfection by Nan Wagner.
CHAMPION, MEPSA 2001 Year-End International Reserve Champion ASB and Top Ten Discontinued Breyer. MEPSA 2002 Championship Top Ten ASB & Disc. Breyer.
Sire of chocolate palomino, Solar Eclipse, and Golden Lustre, both o/b PHF.
Foals: 1989 on

PT Beauregard
1988 Dark buckskin
(Anacacho's Golden Genius [l] x Scarlett O'Hara [m-lod]-Radiant Sultan [l]) Ace O'Goshen sire line, also to Anacacho Denmark. Sire of Ribbons and Beaus, o/b Rebel Meadow Ranch; Vogue, o/b Chris Wallbruch and winner Tropical Tango, o/b PHF.
Breyer #51 'Commander' OF touch-up
Foals: 1992 on

Glynhill Tintype
1989 grey stallion (gelded 2008)
(IIS Tintinnabulation [m-b.kruger] x IIS Twist Of Fate [m-b.kruger]-Grape Tree's Fox [live]) 7/7. All lines to live. Sire is by The Silver Lining, by WGC Yorktown. Multiple lines to King's Genius and Edna May's King; Ace O'Goshen, Kalurama, Wing Commander.
BHR Saddlebred resin OF.

Sire of Nella Fantasia, 93, Multi-Champion, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 1993-2008.

Jazzmaster Gold
1989 Golden chestnut tobiano
(Chubasco [r] x Golden Ribbons [m-phf]-Golden Symbol [m-bb]) By #1 sire Chubasco, Wing Commander sire line through Yorktown. Also, Anacacho Denmark, Flahy Bourbon Peavine, Flight Time.
Breyer #700298 show special 5 Gaiter "A Class Act" OF
Photo show placed.
Sire of CH. PHF Saffron, Jam Session and Jazzy Ginger, all o/b PHF.
Foals: 1993 on

After Midnight
1990 Black
(Captive Spirit [l] x Midnight Confession [m-phf]-OMA's Blue Moon) Captive Spirit is a World Grand Champion and a six time World Champion stallion; in hand as a weanling, and then in fine harness. Strong fine harness lines! Sire line goes to Stonewall's Golden Dream. Beside broodmare sire being a son of the popular Valley View Supreme, most of these lines are more unusual ones. Dam is on this list, with great lines to Special Assignment, Belle of the Dell, Wing Commander.
Breyer 5-Gaiter CM by Terri DeWit
Multiple photo show winner.
Sire of Valentine Kisses; Society's Night Out; The Midnight Hour, o/b PHF; Midnight Heiress, o/b Diane Peter; The Witching Hour, o/b Jean Whipple and After Midnight and Spanish Harlem Night, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1994 on

Red Zinger
1990 strawberry roan ASB stallion
(Tea Leaves [m-phf] x Morning Glory [m-phf]-OMAs Sultan [m-oma]) Grape Tree's Fox, Wing Commander, Lady Carrigan, Sparkling Waters. Both sire and dam are on this listing.
Breyer 2001 5-gaiter 'Firefly' OF.
Sire of Phoenix Starr, o/b Nicole Slates.
Foals: 1994 on.

Galaxy Starlight
1992 Dapple grey
(OMAs Blue Moon [m-oma] x Paramount Starlight Express [m-ff] -CH Paramount Irish Lad [m]) Dam linebred to Wing Commander, also to Stonewall King.
Breyer #109 OF
Foals: 1996 on

Nights In White Satin
1992 grey stallion
(Mr. Moonbeam [m-phf] x White Hot Satin [m-phf]- Our Grey Dawn [®]) both sire and dam on my listing. Lines to OMA and TW horses: Dance Or Die, TW Exhiliration, TW Extra Extra. Also to Lady Carrigan, Wing Commander & Sparkling Waters, all live and notable horses. Dam's sire is double Kalarama Rex. Granddam's sire is a sabino chestnut, known for throwing a lot of white on offspring. White Hot Satin is a heterozygous grey, born chestnut with four high whites.
Breyer SR 'First Frost' OF.
Foals: 1996 on.

Night Train
1992 Blue roan
(Express Train [m-phf] x Midnight Confession [m-phf]- OMA'S Blue Moon) True old roan Saddlebred line brought forward through sire's dam. Traces all to real horses. Kalarama Rex, Spoonbill, American Ace, Conowingo's Grand, Sparkling Waters. Dam carries Naughty Verdict, My My, Special Assignment, Airman, Belle Of The Dell and Wing Commander, Anacacho Shamrock, Valley View Supreme and model lines.
Breyer 'Moonshadows' 94 JAH SR 5 gaiter (2000) OF
Sire of Blue Flame, o/b Ann Jone McGinnis and Champion, Ticket To Ride, o/b PHF.
Photo show placed.
Foals: 1996 on

Solar Eclipse
1992 dark chocolate palomino (charcoal)
(Solar Supreme [m-phf] x Heiress To Evening [m-phf]- Society Bourbon Synsation) although I've never seen an ASB in this color, it occurs in Morgans, and only takes the dilution gene to be possible. He should be able to sire foals colored like himself ;-) as well as other shades of palomino plus chestnut and cremello if another dilute parent is chosen. Like all palominos, he can't sire buckskin, bay or black unless bred to a non-chestnut based horse.
Breyer 'Rhett' 5 gaiter OF.
Foals: 1996 on.

Supreme Assignment
1992 bay
(Wild Assignment [m-phf] x Albemarle Supreme Vanity [m-phf]) both parents on this list. Anacacho Denmark sire line through WC Broadland's Captain Denmark, also Special Assignment, King Barrymore, Bourbon King, Grand Stonewall. Dam to Genius Bourbon King through Valley View Supreme. Dam's sire is a WC son of Supreme Sultan. Supreme Sultan has one of the best producing female families. Also, Stonewall's Reveler, Lucky Kalarama.
ceramic finished by Mary Miserak.
multiple CHAMPION. Breed Champion, make Champion.
Sire of Heirloom Silver, on this list and Sultan's Swing 'N Time, o/b A. Harpole.
Foals: 1996 on.

Independence Day
1993 bay sabino ASB stallion
(CH. Heir To Champagne x Albemarle Supreme Vanity [m-phf]-Albearm Supremacy [l]) Sire is a Champion, by Champagne Fizz. Also Supreme Sultan and Stonewall King.
Breyer 2001 TRU SR 5-gaiter 'Valiant Bey' OF.
Sire of Flag Raiser, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1997 on

Osay Can You See
1993 dark palomino ASB stallion (gelded 1998)
(Clever Dynasty [m-a.haddock] x Ace's Golden Sea [m-a.haddock]- Robert E Sea®) All lines to live. Glenknoll's MoreTo Sea, Wing Commander, Starheart's Decision, Prophet's Genius Decision, The Axe.
UCAGCO Japan OF china.
Foals: 1997 and 1998 only.

Brittania's In A Flash
1994 chestnut tobiano pinto ASB stallion
(Flashpoint [m-woodl] ch tob x Brittania [m-woodl]-Buck Rogers [l] ) From Michelle Peck Williams' program, his sire, Flashpoint, is a NAN Top Ten and Reserve Champion Donna Chaney model. His dam has 100% live lines, a daughter of Buck Rogers.
Breyer 'Project Universe' OF
Foals: 1998 on

Storm Trooper
1994 grey
(After Midnight [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]- Frosty Irish [m-phf]) Both sire and dam on this list.
Breyer SR 2000 5 gaiter
Photo show placed.
Sire of Snow Fire, o/b Ann Jone McGinnes.
Foals: 1998 on

Perpetual Romeo
1996 palomino
(WBP Anticipation+ [m-c.wallbruch] x Golden Elegance [m-h.mays]- Flight Time Gold [l]) All lines to live.
Hagen-Renaker Honora BHR SR palomino.
Multiple Champion. 2005 IPABRA Top Ten OF Saddlebred Point Earner. 2007 Top Ten (2nd) point earner in OFHC, and Supreme Earner.
IPBRA NSH nominated.
Foals: 1999 on.


Moonlight Mastergold
1995 palomino tobiano
(Solsbury's Silver Moon [m-c.nakagawa] x Harlequin Shimmer [m-c.nakagawa]- Showtime Harlequin Glitter [m-l.williams]) Live lines to The Silver Lining, 2x CH Yorktown, Chief Of Greystone, Valley's Desdemona Denmark, Harlequin Magic Maker, CH mare Duchess Delovely and WGC CH Cora's Time!
Breyer CM 5 gaiter by Jennifer MacLeod.
Well Placed.
Foals: 1999 on.

Southern Harvest
1997 palomino ASB stallion
(CH. Harvest Commander [live] x Starheart's Southern Lady [live]- Pat Pending) Sire is a Champion, by CH Sky Watch, and gets the palomino color from Bourbon Peavine of Belvedere. Dam has lines to CH Night Prowler, Hide-A-Ways Firefly Supreme, Starheart Peavine, Chief Beauchamp.
CM LB. Not shown.
Foals: 2001 on.

Believe In Me
1998 chestnut tobiano stallion
(Mr. Bojangles [m-k.fawcett] x We Can Make Believe [m-k.fawcett]- The Showboat®) Lines to CH Rick Rack, Private Contract, Status Symbol, CH Will Shriver.
Breyer "Chubasco" clock horse OF.
Not yet shown
Foals: 2002 on.

Ironclad Command
1999 grey stallion
(Glynhill Tintype [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]-Frosty Irish [m-phf])
Lefton large ASB OF
Multiple CHAMPION Breed and Make. 1st show: 1st of 42 Lefton, 1st of 14 ASB/TWH and Reserve Champion. 2nd show: 1st Lefton, Champion Lefton, 1st ASB/TWH.
Available: 2003 on.

Smoked Bourbon Rocks
1999 sooty buckskin
(Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-phf] x Ballet School [m-phf]- Wild Assignment [m-phf]) Old, less common lines. Kalarama Rex, Spoonbill, Leatherwood King, The Rambler, Rex McDonald, Special Assignment, Bourbon King. This stallion is the replacement for his sire at Persimmon Hill.
Breyer "clock horse" CM by Kathy McKenzie.
Foals: 2004 on.

Beau Dancer
2000 bay ASB stallion
(PT Beauregard [m-phf] x Ballet School [m-phf] - Wild Assignment [m-phf])
Japan china OF.
Foals: 2004 on.


Ruby Slippers
1978 bay
(The Red Rambler [l] x Symbol's Queen [l] bay- Status Symbol) Red Rambler was a once prominent son of The Rambler, by Genius Bourbon King. Bourbon King sire line. Also, Rex McDonald.
Hartland 7" ASB OF.
Dam of My Blue Heaven, '83, o/b Natasha Powers; Heroes For Ghosts, '84, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Sultan's Burnished Ruby, '85, o/b W. Blum; Touch Of Class, '86, o/b Betsy Bissell; Foxfire Ruby's Wild Night, '87, o/b Delana Metcalf; Sandlewood, '88, o/b Alethea Drexler; Dancing After Midnight, 94, o/b Monika Stewart; Ballet School, '95, o/b PHF and Fashion Statement, 02, o/b Caroline Jones.
Photo show placed.
Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,96,97,98,99,00,01,03.

Irish Silverrose Frost
1979 grey (black base)
(Frosty Irish [m-phf] grey x Maiden Moon [l] blk- Bold Society) Sire by Frosty Highland. Lines to Society Rex, Guided By Love, Jean Val Jean, Private Contract, Flirtation Walk. There are some less used, but excellent, lines here.
Lefton ASB OF.
Dam of Frosty Fizz, 84, o/b Amanda Geci; Sterling Silverrose, 85, o/b Sue Stahl; Frosty's Sterling Belle, 86, o/b PHF; Silverrose Charlotte, '87, o/b Alethea Drexler; Foxfire Moon Frost, 88, o/b Delana Metcalf; IPABRA 04 pedigree auction, 90, o/b; DHRs Bluerose Frost, 91, o/b Cory Hartung; Highland Classic Rose, 93, o/b PHF; Storm Trooper, 94, o/b PHF; Champion Silvered Bourbon Rose, 98, o/b PHF; Champion Ironclad Command, 99, o/b PHF; and winner Heirloom Silver, 01, o/b PHF.
Part of name must be carried forward.
 Years Open: 89,92,95,96,97,00,02,03.

Champagne Mimosa
1980 chestnut
(Champagne Fizz [l] x Winter Wine [l]-Gallant Guy O' Goshen) Dam is World Champion mare, with Beau Gallant and Conowingo.
Winner's Choice micro OF
Dam of All Fizzed Up, 85, o/b Wendy Blum; Foxfire Champagne On Ice, 86, o/b Delana Metcalf; Too Darn Hot, 89, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Ladybird, 93, o/b Althea Drexler; Belle Supreme, 95, o/b Sarah Norini and Ticket To Ride, 03, o/b PHF.
Years available: 87,88,90,91,92,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02.

Meadow Melody
1980 flaxen chestnut
(King Of Magic [l] x Meadow Duchess [l]-Americus Denmark) Sire is by Mr Magic Man, by the great Wing Commander. Sire's dam to Sparkling Waters and Guided By Love. Dam's sire is by Anacacho Denmark. Dam's dam was the beautiful Meadow Princess, a fine harness horse. Also Meadow Majesty, Abie's Genius, Edna May's King and Leatherwood King.
Custom SM NM ASB by Jaci Hibbert.
Dam of DHRs Melody Cynsation, 85, o/b Cory Hartung; Danske Magic, 86, o/b Jean Sorensen; Foxfire Jade Sensation, 89, o/b Delana Metcalf; Phantom Candle, 91, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Sharcoal, 96, o/b Ann Jone' McGinnes; Society's Summer Song, 99, o/b Mary Schoedel; PHF Meadow Monarch, 04, o/b PHF and Jingle Jangle Morning, 05, o/b PHF.
Years open: 87,88,90,92,93,94,95,97,98,00,01,02,03.

Sultan's Op Art
1982 Black tobiano pinto
(Winter Sultan [l] x Modern Lady Starheart [bso-lod]- Modern Creation [l])
Winner's Choice micro OF
Not yet shown
Dam of Blushing Aphrodite, 90, Live show Multi-Champ, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Optimoniumm, 93 NSH, o/b Shannon Tostanoski; Streaming Midnight, 94, o/b Sarah Norini; Pacifica, 95, o/b Melinda Blegan; The Witching Hour, 96, o/b Jean Whipple and Pearls And Lace, 02, o/b PHF.
Years available: 87,88,89,91,92,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,05.

Golden Moon
1983 bronze palomino
(Lunar Fire G.S. [l] ch x Gold Empress [m-oma] palo-Advance Notice) Sire has get that are Champions in all divisions. Wing Commander sire line, also Ensign's Dream, Valley View Supreme, The Red Rambler, Lady Carrigan.
Hartland 7" 5 gaiter OF
Dam of Sweetbrooke Class Act, Winner and LSP, '89, o/b Betsy Bissell; Golden Lustre, '90, o/b PHF; Cointreau 93, for 03 IPABRA auction and Copper Penny Moon, 01, o/b PHF.
Years open: 88,91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,02,03,04,05.

Sunbeam's Fortune Cookie
1983 strawberry roan
(Captain Fortune [®] x Christian's Sunbeam [m-j/lord]- Captain Christian®) True roan line, from Judy Roan.
Hartland ASB NIB OF.
Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04.

1984 black
(Harlem Globetrotter [l] blk x SWF Castanet [m-phf]- Mistletoe Magic [m-bhr]) Sire is a famous WC, by New Yorker, Wing Commander sire line. Dam is by BHR's Son of Wing Commander and out of Mary Sue Humphries' Starheart Stonewall mare.
Breyer 89 Sears SR SM OF
Dam of Season Of The Witch, '89, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Jack Sparrow PtE, 90, o/b Carra Reinmiller; Mr. Sandman, '91, o/b Karen Fawcett; 'Round Midnight, 94, o/b PHF; Rhythm Master, 95, o/b Marta Towne; Pocono's Lalita, 99, o/b Sherry Ball; Spanish Harlem Night, 00, o/b PHF and The Midnight Hour, 04, o/b Persimmon Hill.
Multiple winner. MEPSA Top Ten in 2003.
Available: 92,93,96,97,98,01,02,03,05,06.

Heiress to Evening
1984 Dark sooty buckskin
(Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-lod] x Champagne Heiress [m-oma]-Moonspinner)
Hartland 7" ASB repaint by J. Vallejo
Dam of Foxfire Pirate Treasure, 89, o/b Delana Metcalf; Solar Eclipse, '92, o/b PHF; Midnight Heiress, '94, o/b Diane Peter and Evening Roses, 00 o/b PHF.
Photo show placed.
Years available: 90,91,93,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Morning Glory
1984 strawberry roan
(OMAs Sultan [m-oma] x Mido Suzi [m-oma]- Grandhill Rollicking Jay) To TW horses, and the live horses Lady Carrigan, Sparkling Waters and Wing Comander.
Hartland 9" 5-gaiter OF
Dam of Red Zinger, '90 o/b PHF; NSH Glory Glory, 05, o/b PHF and Queen Of The Bay, 06, o/b Anna C.
CHAMPION & multiple show winner and placer.
Years available: 89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,07,on.

Scarlett OHara
1984 Bay
(Radiant Sultan [l] x Spring Status (bso)-Status Symbol [l]) The greats Supreme Sultan and Status Symbol, Anacacho Denmark, Stonewall Supreme.
Breyer #1021 'Belle' LB ASB OF
Dam of P.T. Beauregard, 88, on this list; Ulysses, '89, o/b Alethea Drexler; Poetic Enough, 96, o/b Heather Mays; Midnight By Train, 97, o/b Melissa Blegan and Scarlett's Gypsy Emerald, 02, o/b PHF.
Photo show placed.
Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,98,99,00,01,03,04,on.

Stonewall Silver Belle
1984 Grey
(The Silver Lining [l] x Belle Of Jasper [l]- Supreme Sultan)
Breyer NM ASB SM QVC SR 2002 OF
Dam of Meadow Silver Satin, 89, o/b PHF; Nella Fantasia, 93, Multi-Champion, o/b Randa Garrett; and Sultan's Swing 'N Time, 97, o/b Allison Harpole.
Years Open: 90,91,92,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Golden Ribbons
1985 Palomino
(Golden Symbol [m-bb] palo x Promise Me This [m-ff]) Line to models Worthy Choice and Explosive, Wing Society and Blue Boy, and to real horses Flashy Bourbon Peavine, Flight Time, Status Symbol, Anacacho Shamrock, Kalarama Rex.
Breyer LB OF.
Dam of Jazzmaster Gold, '89, o/b PHF, Ribbons N Beaus, '90, o/b Rebel Meadow Ranch and Bahama Breeze, '91, o/b PHF.
Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Frosty's Sterling Belle
1986 grey (black base)
(Sultan's Great Day [l] black x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-ph]-Frosty Irish) By a World Champion, whose sire is Supreme Sultan. Lines to Stonewall Supreme and Denmark Beaverkettle through sire; dam on list above.
Breyer 96 JCP SM OF dapple grey
Dam of Long Island Iced Tea, 91, o/b PHF; and Express Yourself, 92, o/b Chris Wallbruch.
2008/09 MEPSA qualified.
Years Open: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.


Midnight Confession
1986 Black
(OMA's Blue Moon [m-oma] x Confidential Agent [m-ff]- Dream Merchant) Sire has lines to My My, Naughty Verdict, Special Assignment, Belle of the Dell and Wing Commander. Dam is by a Top Ten, ROM stallion. Most lines are real, a few model. Dam of After Midnight, 90, o/b PHF; Rimed Confession, 91, o/b Emily Leslie and Night Train, 92, o/b PHF. Part of name must be carried forward.
Breyer LB #1603 ASB OF.
Photo Show Winner.
Years open: 95,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Say You Will
1986 bay
(Repeat After Me [m-c.nakagawa] x Show Me Off [m-c.nakagawa]- Show Me Too [l]) Society Rex sire line, also carries Private Contract, CH Wing Commander, Flirtation Walk. CH Will Shriver, Carol Trigg, 2x CH Valley View Supreme.
SM custom by Michelle McKissack.
2005 IPABRA Top Ten CM Saddlebred Point Earner.
Dam of Your Special Assignment, 91, o/b Randa Garrett.
Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on. I appreciate part of her name carried forward.

Albemarle Supreme Vanity
1987 bay
(Albelarm Supremacy [l] ch x Titleist's Vanity [m-rocknm]bay- Titleist) Sire line Genius Bourbon King through Valley View Supreme. Sire is a WC son of Supreme Sultan. Supreme Sultan has one of the best producing female families. Also, Stonewall's Reveler, Lucky Kalarama.
Dam of Supreme Assignment, 92, and Independence Day, 93, both o/b Persimmon Hill.
Years Open: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Ohmygoodness Gracious
1987 red roan ASB mare
(Hayfield's Last Guy [l] ch x Blues Serenade [m-hr]- Courageous In Blue [l]) Hayfield's Last Guy by Gallant Guy O'Goshen, #1 Sire and WGC 5-Gaited Stallion. Sire line to Sun Beau. American Ace, Bobby Sea, Conowingo. Less common blood.
Hartland Saddlebred OF
Photo show placed.
Dam of Supreme Grace, 92, o/b Beata Parsons; Drops Of Jupiter, 93, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Goodnight Kiss, 94, o/b Karen Fawcett and Foxfire Center Stage, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf.
Years Open: 95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Passing Fancy
1987 Bay tobiano pinto
(Wild Assignment [m-phf] x Winter Fancy [bso-phf]- Winter Sultan)
Breyer #62 ASB weanling repaint (FOAL body)
Retired Reserve Champion.
Years available: 1992,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Ruby Jubilee
1987 Bay
(Longview's Paladin [l] x Rhapsody in Red [m-ff]-Vogue [m]) Sire is a Valley View Supreme stallion crossed on a Wing Commander mare. Dam is Jen Raymond's good mare, M-CH, TT, ROM Rhapsody In Red, out of TT ROM LOM Bay Nobi, a Flight Time and Real Grand Stander granddaughter.
Breyer #5002 SM.
Dam of Emeralds And Rubies, 2003, o/b PHF.
Photo show placed.
Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

White Hot Satin
1987 grey ASB mare
(Our Grey Dawn [®] x Satin Ribbons [®]- Center Ring) Sire is double Kalarama Rex. Dam's sire is a sabino chestnut, known for throwing a lot of white on offspring. Satin is a heterozygous grey, born chestnut with four high whites. Bred to chestnut, she can only produce chestnut, grey or chestnut sabino, but bred to a black-based color horse, she could produce bay, etc., too, with or without lots of chrome.
Hartland OF.
Dam of Nights In White Satin, 92, o/b PHF.
Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Georgia Amber
1988 Palomino
(Cobra Command [m-ff] x Amber Light [m-oma]-Amber Flash) By Fleetwood Farms Multi-Champion, Top Ten, LOM, ROM palomino stallion. Dam is from Chris Wallbruch's program, has lines to OMA's Titlelist, Dance or Die and other model lines.
Hartland 7" ASB OF
Dam of CH. Saffron, 98, o/b Persimmon Hill and '97 reserved for Alethea Drexler.
Years Open: 93,96,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Meadow Silver Satin
1989 Grey
(Lord O'Shea [l] ch x Stonewall Silver Belle [m-phf] grey- The Silver Lining x Belle Of Jasper) Sire is a gorgeous sire of WCs. Sire line Anacacho Denmark through Oman's Desdemona Denmark. Also Stonewall King and Meadow Majesty. Dam is by The Silver Lining, and out of a Stonewall Starfire mare; lines to Stonewall Supreme and Anacacho Shamrock.
Breyer action ASB SM OF
Dam of Wildly Frosted, 94, o/b Mary Vinyard; Vogue, 95, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Snow Fire, 98, o/b Ann Jone McGinnes.
Years Open: 96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Sunny Bourbonee
1989 liver chestnut Saddlebred Sporthorse mare
(TOP O'HILL BOURBON STONEWALL [l] Beata Parsons [Wings of Time x Melodie's Blue Note, Skyrim's Bourbon Stonewall] chestnut x Taffy's Golden Sunshine [l]- Energetic Lad) Sire was a IPABRA member's real Saddlebred sporthorse, and dam is a live palomino Saddlebred sporthorse. Sire and dam both have sire line to Wing Commander through Flight Time.
Photo show placed.
Years available: 1994,95,96,97,98,99,00, 01,02,03,04,on

Brandy's Ginger Rogers
1990 Chestnut tobiano pinto
(The Brass Brandy [m-OMA] x Dance or Die [m-OMA]-) To Real Grand Stander 2x, Wild Country, Society Rex 3x. Out of an October Moon Acres broodmare.
Breyer #5651 99 SM OF.
Photo show winner.
Dam of Persian Rose, 96, o/b Melinda Blegan; Flashy Slow Dance, 98, o/b Mary Vinyard and Jazzy Ginger, 04, o/b PHF.
Years open: 95,97,99,00,01,02,03,05,on

Golden Lustre
1990 palomino
(Solar Supreme [m-phf] x Golden Moon [m-phf]- Lunar Fire [l]) both parents on this list.
Hartland 2001 release ASB OF
Years open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Bahama Breeze
1991 palomino tobiano pinto
(Sultan's Sun Spots [l] ch tob x Golden Ribbons [m-phf] palo- Golden Symbol [m-bb] palo) 4+/ Bahama is a 1/2 sister to Jazzmaster Gold on this list. Sire is by Supreme Sultan and out of the CH. mare, Honey Wind by Flashy Bourbon Peavine.
Breyer 96 JCP SR OF LB/PP palo pinto.
Dam of Bahama Belle, 96 NSH, o/b Michelle Arras; Tropical Breeze, 97 NSH, o/b Cindi Nakagawa, Magnifique, NSH, 02, o/b PHF; Caribbean Sun Sensation, 04, o/b PHF and My Tropical Gale, 05, o/b Oak Tree Farm.
Years Open: 98,99,00,01,03,06,on.

Blaise O' Dawn
1991 grey
(Blaise O'Callen [l] gr x Spring Training [l] ch -Epcot Center) Sire was never shown, but has good old producing lines. To Bourbon Genius, through Genuis Bourbon King. Also King Of Highland, Kalarama Rex. Dam has high white stockings, her lines include Supreme Sultan, Stonewall Supreme, Highland Born, Captain Courageous. Maternal family has produced WCs.
Dam of Winter Moon, 96, o/b Beata Parsons and Flag Raiser, 97, o/b PHF.
Years open: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Long Island Iced Tea
1991 chestnut
(Tea Leaves [m-phf] x Frosty's Sterling Belle [m-phf]-Sultan's Great Day [l]) Both sire and dam on this list.
HR small 'Honora' OF.
Photo show placed.
Dam of Socks, 96, o/b Mary Lineman.
Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Damask
1992 Light dapple Grey
(Impressario [m-ff]x Society Silk [m-OMA]- Society Assignment) Damask is heavily model bred, by GR CH Impressario, who is by a CH. and out of a CH sired broodmare. Damask is out of a Wonka Spritz granddaughter. Also to OMA's Titleist, Dance or Die. Live lines to Victory Ace, Starheart Stonewall and Valley View Supreme.
Breyer #5002 SM repaint
Dam of Dance With Me, '97, o/b Rockin M Ranch and Battenburg Lace, 98, o/b PHF.
Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Summer Cameo
1992 chestnut tobiano pinto
(Firewind Cameo [m-OMA] x Gazebo Dances [m-OMA]) Robert E Sea sire line, also to Flight Time, Chubasco, Status Symbol, Anacacho Empire and Supreme Sultan. Some model lines.
Breyer 98 old mold SM OF.
Dam of Summer Success, 1997, o/b Kit R.
Years open: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Tropical Tango
1992 bay tobiano ASB mare
(P T Beauregard [m-phf] x Remember Topical Gale®- Chubasco) Chubasco by Fountain Of Youth by Yorktown, out of PtHA Champion Tropical Gale from famous Scripps Miramar Ranch, by Ensign's Storm Warning to Edna May's King, out of Miss Stormy Weather by Anacacho Empire. Carries double Cameo Kirby.
resin by Candace Liddy.
Winner. 1st of 25 CM Gaited, 9th of 109 CM Mares. MEPSA Reserve Champion 2009.
Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Apricot Jam
1993 Palomino
(Phi Slama Jama [l] x MW Jazzy Gold [m-os]-Showtime's Gold Card) By a beautiful linebred Denmark's Bourbon Genius stallion and leading sire. Dam goes to Wing Commander, plus Real Grand Stander and other model lines.
Breyer 99 SM #5608 palomino OF.
CHAMPION & Photo Show Winner.
Dam of Magnicot, 98, o/b PHF and Jam Session, 03, o/b PHF.
Years open: 99,00,01,02,04,on.

Highland Classic Rose
1993 Grey (liver chestnut base)
(Classic Memories [l] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-ph]-Frosty Irish [m-lod] ) Sire's dam is a Champion. Lines to Genius Mountain Bourbon, Beau Le Rose Peavine, Frosty Highland.
Breyer SM ASB Sears 98 SR.
Years Open: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Valentine Kisses
1993 Black tobiano pinto
(After Midnight [m-lod] x Valentine's Day [m-oma]-Scecina) After Midnight is by a live World Grand Champion and sire of World Champions, Captive Spirit and out of Midnight Confession by OMA's Blue Moon. Society Rex, Kalurama, Valley View Supreme lines. Dam goes to Capitol Hill, Storm Deacon and the real top mare My My.
Breyer #9070 LB ASB OF
Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Kaandi Kiss
1994 bay
(Kaandi Man [m-hm] x Harlem Jewel [m-hm]- WC Harlem Globetrotter [l]) Lines to Hollyhock Memorial, Candyman, Fashion Page, CH Wing Commander, CH Yorktown, Supreme Sultan & Anacacho Denmark. Sire is a photo show Champion.
Breyer SM ASB OF.
Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

'Round Midnight
1994 black ASB mare
(After Midnight [m-phf] x Castanet [m-phf]- Harlem Globetrotter [l]) Both parents on this list. Lines to WGC Captive Spirit, Valley View Supreme, Special Assignment, Wing Commander and Harlem Globetrotter.
Levade china OF.
Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Society's Night Out
1994 black
(After Midnight [m-phf] x Midnight Breeze [l]- Private Night)
Photo show placed.
Dam of Blue Flame, 99, o/b Ann Jone McGinnes.
Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,on.

Ballet School
1995 bay ASB mare
(Wild Assignment [m-phf] x Ruby Slippers [m-phf]) Both sire and dam on this list. The Rambler, by Genius Bourbon King. Also, Rex McDonald, Anacacho Denmark, Special Assignment, King Barrymore, Bourbon King and Grand Stonewall.
Japan china OF.
Dam of Beau Dancer, 00, o/b PHF.
Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Chanson Doux
1997 Black tobiano pinto
(Cappuccino Royale [r] x SLM Firewind Rhythm [m-slm] black -SLM Firewind Storm) Champagne Fizz, Supreme Sultan, Valley View Supreme, Status Symbol, Wing Comander and Stonewall King. Model line to Dance or Die.
Breyer old mold SM repaint.
Not shown.
Years available: 02,03,04,on.

Emerald Sky
1998 bay tobiano
(Emerald Isle's Mile High [m-phf] x Winter Sky Watch [m-circledp] ch tob- Caribbean Flight) To Irish American, with The Rambler sire line, and the great Flight Time, plus Modern Creation.
MEPSA qualified 2008.
Years available: 03,04,on.

Silvered Bourbon Rose
1998 grey ASB mare
(Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]- Frosty Irish [m-phf])
'A Quality Product' Japan china OF.
multiple Champion.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Spanish Harlem Night
2000 brown mare
(After Midnight [m-phf] x Castanet [m-phf] Harlem Globetrotter®)
Hagen Renaker Show Special mini Honora OF.
2008/09 MEPSA winner.
Years available: 2005 on.

Copper Penny Moon
2001 chestnut ASB mare
(Supreme Assignment [m-phf] x Golden Moon [m-phf]- Lunar Fire G.S.®)
Stone SR Pebbles "Showgirl" from Equilociy 2003.
Years available: 2006 on.

Heirloom Silver
2001 grey ASB mare
(Supreme Assignment [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]- Frosty Irish[m-phf])
Stone SR "Broadway" Pebbles from Equilocity 2003
2008/09 MEPSA winner. Winner. Multiple Reserve Champion. 2005 IPABRA Top Ten OF Saddlebred Point Earner. OFHC Supreme Earner and 2007 Top Ten (2nd) Saddlebred and Gaited mare.
Years available: 2006 on.

NEW! Evening Roses
2000 rose grey (from buckskin) ASB mare
(Glynhill Tintype [m-phf] x Heiress To Evening [m-phf]- Society Bourbon
Cynsation [m-phf]) Kalarama Rex, Champagne Fizz, Spoonbill, Leatherwood King, The
Silver Lining, Ace O'Goshen.
Years available: 05,06,on.

Pearls And Lace
2002 black tobiano mare
(Key To Success [m-phf] x Sultan's Op Art [m-phf]- Winter Sultan®) Sire has lines to Wing Commander, Flashy Bourbon Peavine, Status Symbol and Anacacho Empire. Dam to Winter Sultan and Modern Creation.
Breyer OM SM OF.
Multiple Winner, including 1st of 323 in Breyer, SM size.
Years available: 2007 on.

Grace In The Moonlight
2003 chestnut mare
(The Moonlight Man [m-a.schafroth] x Say Goodnight Gracie [m-a.schafroth]- Supremacy's High Time®)
OF Mini Connoisseur “Third Times A Charm” G2 ASB
Years available: 08,09,10,on.


Socially Motivated
1996 palomino ASB gelding
(Sultans High Society [m-c.nakagawa] x Ulterior Motive [m-c.nakagawa] - )
Japan china OF.

ASB FOALS (Foal bodies)

PHF Meadow Monarch
2004 Chestnut colt
(Beau Dancer [m-phf] x Meadow Melody [m-phf]- King Of Magic®)
Breyer #62 ASB weanling OF.
Foals: 2008 on.

PHF Saffron
1998 Palomino filly
(Jazzmaster Gold [m-phf] x Georgia Amber [m-phf]- Cobra Command [m-ff])
Breyer #710396 SR ASB weanling OF
Multiple Champion and Reserve Grand Champion.
Years available: 2003,04,on

Flag Raiser
1997 Chestnut sabino filly
(Independence Day [m-phf] x Blaise O'Dawn [m-phf]- Blaise O'Callen®)
Breyer ASB weanling 'Kentuckiana' OF.
Available: 02,03,04,on.

Caribbean Sun Sensation
2004 palomino ASB mare (foal body)
(Island Sensation [m-lod] x Bahama Breeze [m-lod]- Sultan's Sun Spots [®])
Japan OF
Years available: 2009 on.

The Midnight Hour
2004 Black filly
(After Midnight [m-phf] x Castanet [m-phf]- Harlem Globetrotter [®])
Photo show placed.
Breyer ASB weanling SR 'Raven' OF.
Years available: 2005, on.

Emeralds And Rubies
2003 bay tobiano mare
(Emerald Isle's Mile High [m-phf] x Ruby Jubilee [m-lod]-Longview's Paladin [l])
Photo show placed.
Breyer SR ASB OF.
Years available: 2008,on.

Jam Session
2003 palomino ASB mare
(Jazzmaster Gold [m-phf] x Apricot Jam [m-phf])
Photo show placed.
Breyer CE ASB weanling palo tobiano OF.
Years available: 2008 on.

Ticket To Ride
2003 strawberry roan colt
(Night Train [m-phf] x Champagne Mimosa [m-phf]- Champagne Fizz [®])
Breyer ASB weanling OF.
Reserve Champion MFBA, PS winner open. Does well in color class.
Foals: 2007 on.

Jingle Jangle Morning
2005 chestnut tobiano mare
(Believe In Me [m-phf] x Meadow Melody [m-phf]- King Of Magic®)
Breyer "Caravelle" ASB weanling OF.
Years available: not until 2010.

Jazzy Ginger
2004 chestnut filly
(Jazzmaster Gold [m-phf] x Brandy's Ginger Rogers [m-phf]- The Brass Brandy [m-oma])
Photo show placed.
New trotting Sm foal OF.
Years available: 2009 on.


Hot Politics
1988 palomino
(Red Hot And Gold [m-oma] x Senator's Gypsy Rose [l]- Ebony's Senator)
Photo Show winner.
Breyer SR glossy TWH OF.
Foals: 1992 on.

Ghost Wind
1990 bay sabino
(Ebony Mountain Man® x Clown's Roan Lady-BSO 1972 = Spurs Clown® x Rockets Fair Lady®-Suns Rocket E) Sire is a WGC, sabino, with lines to Merry Boy, Midnight sun and Roan Allen. Dam also carries Roan Allen lines. None of these until the 3rd generation back.
EquinArt TWH stallion by Janet Bonney.
Sire of Mischievous Spirit, o/b M. Addison and CG Pushin' Platinum, NAN qualified, o/b Chris Wallbrush.
Foals: 1994 on.

Merry Afterglow
1991 palomino
(Go Boy's Windwalker [l] black x Crystal Cream®- Jacks Black Rebel) Lines to Merry Go Boy and Midnight Sun.
Hartland TWH OF.

Foals: 1995 on.

Sterling's Steel Cent
1991 grey (from bay) TWH stallion
(Sterling Advice [m-j.lord] x Pride's Red Penny [m-j.lord]- Pride's Dark Spirit®) all to live lines, Ebony's Senator, Pride of Midnight HF, Go Boy's Merry Bird, Reyclif Merry Allen. Bred by Julia Lord.
Breyer CE "Blackberry Frost' OF.
Foals: 1995 on.

Threat Of Snow
1991 chestnut tobiano pinto
(Snow Chief Delight [l] x Threat's True Love [l]-Superior Threat) Merry Go Boy, Midnight Sun, Triple Threat and Ebony Masterpiece lines.
Breyer TWH OF 'High Flyer'.
Foals: 1995 on.

Champagne At Sunset
1993 amber champagne
(Champagne Look [l] x Sunnys Sassy Sue®- Sunny Midnight P)
Hartland new release 2001 TWH family stallion.
Foals: 1997 on.

Kitty's Cruise Control
1993 buckskin TWH stallion
(Prides Gold Control [l] x Sunrise Miss Kitty [l]- Go Boy's Pride) Merry Go Boy and Spirit Of Midnight, 2x to Pride of Hall Allen.
Hartland TWH CM by Karen Grimm, Black Horse Ranch.
Sire of Sunday Cruise Control, o/b Tayler McKee
Foals: 1997 on.

Masterwork Saturn
1994 Black tobiano pinto
(Glorious Masterpiece [m-rvf] black x Rainbow's Fascination [m-rvf]-b tob Rainbow's Dandy Man [l]) Bred by Wendy Blum.
Breyer JCP SR 99 '3 Pintos' OF
Photo show winner.
Sire of Saturn's Chyna Doll, o/b Melissa Addision.
Foals: 1998 on.

Cascading Music
1999 black tobiano
(Sun Moon And Stars [live] x Final's Cascade Mist [l]- Pride's Final Edition)
Hartland new release 2001 TWH stallion.
Foals: 2004 on.


Sunday Misdemeanor
1988 black
(Sunday Tradition [m-ics] x Pusher's Lil Miss [m-ics]- The Pusher CG [l])
Ertl mini TWH OF.
Dam of Never On Sunday, 94, o/b PHF; Mischievous Spirit, 95, o/b Melissa Addison; Sunday Cruise Control, 02, o/b Tayler McKee; Sundance Cavalier, 04, o/b Chris Wallbruch; and Cruisin On Sunday, 05, o/b PHF.
Years available: 93,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,06,on.

Perfect'ns Pink Lady
1992 golden champagne
(Arian Gold Perfect'n [l] x Papa's Hardcopy [l]- Delight Of Pride)
Hartland new release 2001 TWH family mare.
Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,on.

The China Trade
1992 buckskin
(Midnight Magik [m-powers] x Legacy's Chinadoll [m-powers]) Lines to real TWH, including Go Boy's Magic.
North Light TWH OF.
multiple Winner.
Dam of Saturn's Chyna Doll, 98, o/b Melissa Addison and Country Cavalier, 03, o/b PHF.
Years available: 97,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Never On Sunday
1994 black mare
(Bums Warrior® x Sunday Misdemeanor [m-phf]- Sunday Tradition [m-ics])
Dam of Never Say Never, 99, o/b Melissa Addison and CG Pushin' Platinum, 00, NAN qualified, o/b Chris Wallbruch.
Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Bandit's Sippin Whiskey
1996 buckskin TWH mare
(Alans Belfast Bandit® x Brandy Time®- Carbon Coal Dust) Sire has won 20 World Champion open shod titles, and 6 World Grand Champion titles. Lovely, loose, natural gait. Lines to Rogers Perfection, Ebony Masterpiece, Sun's Delight D, Shadow's Spotted Alen, Sun's Eldorado.
HR 2007 release 'Roan Lady'.
2008/09 MEPSA Reserve Champion .
Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Champagne and Roses
1996 amber champagne sabino mare
(Champagne Sunstar-pend-wwmhs x Venus Gold Rose-pend-j.sorensen-Dandy Copy ®)
EquinArt TWH mare resin by Shannon DeWaal.
Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Pride's Golden Perfect'n
1996 golden champagne sabino
(Jubilee's Pushin Pride [m-ics] x Perfect'ns Pink Lady [m-phf]- Arian Golden Perfect'n [l]) Sire is a NAN Top Ten CM TWH, a photo and live show multiple Champion and a Champion sire. Lines to Midnight Sun, Merry Maker, Merry Boy. Dam is a golden champagne.
multiple winner, MEPSA qualified, IPABRA Qualified.
Animal Artistry CM by unknown- please write if you did her!
Multiple winner. MEPSA qualified 2008.
Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on

High Lumen Output
1997 grey TWH mare
(Gen's Sir Charles® x Sarahs Bright Light®- Tobe's Mountain Drifter)
Mini Whinny OF.
Years available: 02,03,04,05,on.

Threat's Goldensilver Girl
1997 bay silver
(Proud Threat® x Gold On Silk®- Rusty Masterpiece) full sister to a gorgeous live bay silver mare. To Ebony Masterpiece, Triple Threat, Pride Of Midnight, Glory's Merry Boy.
BSO at this time.
Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,on.

Delight's Merry Bright
1998 palomino
(Merry Afterglow [m-phf] x Sarah's Bright Light®- Tobe's Mt. Drifter.® OR Sunday Triple Delight®- Duke's Threat) Dam is a lovely grey mare, with lines to Derrick's Delight, Triple Threat and Thunder Bird.
Hartland TWH family mare OF.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Spooky Moon
1998 grey TWH mare
(Threat Of Snow [m-phf] x Masseys Silver Moon®- Master Mountaineer) Sire on this list; dam has lines to Ebony Masterpiece, Sun's Delight D., Moon-Glow Jr.
Brinns Japan china OF.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Apple Brown Betty
2000 bay TWH mare
(Red Bud's Rambling Slim® x Brandied Cinnamon®- The Sundance) Sire is a certified Heritage Horse, with Red Bud Allen, Merry Maker and Pride of Merry Boy lines. Dam has a line to Pride Of Midnight, Ebony Go Boy R and Rodger's Perfection.
Japan china OF.
Breed winner; Champion.
Dam of Hot Apple Pie, 05, o/b Melissa Addison.
Years available: 06,07,08,on

Blue Dusk Rose
2000 blue roan sabino mare
(Gs Melancholy Blues [m-wwmhs] x Evening Sun Rose [m-wwmhs]- Ebony's Evening Sun ®)
EquinArt TWH mare resin by Jaime Baker
Dam of Blues Main Pusher, o/b Melissa Addison.
Years available: 2006 on.

NEW! Tennessee Taffeta
2000 bay TWH mare
(Foxfire Tennessee Masterpiece [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Sweet Southern Spirit [m-d.metcalf]-Spirits Space Odyssey) Lines to Ebony Masterpiece, Scat Man MC, Prides Secret Threat, Pride's Generator, The Pride Piper. All lines to live.
Breyer JCP 2008 G3 TWH SR.
Years available: 05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,on.

Wing And A Prayer
2000 grey sabino mare
(Pushers Coat Of Color® x Plus Silver®- Silver Design [WGC])
Years available: 05,06,07,on.

Foals (foal bodies)

Country Cavalier
2003 bay TWH colt foal
(RPM® x The China Trade [m-phf]-Midnight Magic [m-n.powers]) Sired by a WGC stallion, sold for 1.25 million dollars at auction, who met an untimely death in 2005 from colic. Gsire is the WGC Rebel's Dark Spirit.
Lefton OF.
Live show winner, NAN Qualified, Photo show winner, CHAMPION MIJC.
Foals: 2007 on.

Cruisin On Sunday
2005 black TWH colt
(Kitty's Cruise Control [m-phf] x Sunday Misdemeanor [m-phf]- Sunday Tradition [m-c.nakagawa])
Ertl mini TWH foal OF

Pink Champagne
2003 golden champagne filly
(Champagne At Sunset [m-phf] x Perfect'ns Pink Lady [m-phf])
Hartland new release 2001 TWH family foal
Years available: 08 on.


1992 palomino MFT stallion
(Foxy Pale Gold [t.bartone] x Little Beauty [t.bartone]- Little Charley's Duke®) All lines to live. 2x in the 4th generation to Golden Rawhide.
Breyer RR 2003 MFT OF.
Foals: 1996 on.

King Of The Road
1994 sooty buckskin MFT stallion
(Missouri Traveler® x Midas' Sweet Dare [m-t.bartone]- King Midas®)
All lines to live. Sterling Merry Boy, Golden Governor, Nancy Ann.
Breyer CM MFT
MEPSA Reserve Champion.
Foals: 1998 on.

NEW! Supercalifragilistic
1997 bay tobiano MFT gelding, gelded 2006.
(Silver Diago [m-a.haddock] x Pixie [m-a.haddock]- Shepherds Superman®)
Breyer 2006 limited edition 'Double Trouble' OF.
Foals: 2001-2006.

Boom Queen O'The Blues
1998 grey MFT mare
(Songers Ambraw Boomer® x Blue Ozark Queen®- Blues Boogie II) Old MFT lines on sire's side- Jack Of Diamonds, Flaxy C, Little Charley's Duke.
BSO at this time.
Dam of Mississippi Queen, 05, o/b PHF.
Years available: 03,04,06,on

MFT Foals

Twist And Shout
grey MFT colt

Mississippi Queen
2005 grey MFT filly
(WGC Southern Nights® x Blue Ozark Queen®- Blues Boogie II))
Japan china
Years available: 2010


Aries Choco Brandy
1994 chocolate/flaxen Rocky Mountain stallion (gelded 2008)
(Blue Rain [l] x Grandview Aries Illusion [l]- Choco) Sire is a 4x Internat'l Grand Champion and is triple registered Rocky Mtn Horse, Kentucky Mountain Horse and Mountain Pleasure horse. Dam has Tobe sire line and Sam Tuttle horses in her pedigree.
Breyer JCP SR Rocky Mountain Horse 2001.
Multiple winner. MEPSA qualified 07/08. OFHC 2007 Supreme Earner and Top Ten Other Pure.
Foals: 1998-2008.

NEW! Docks Tick Tock
1993 chestnut Rocky Mountain mare
(Choco Dock ® x Reva ®- Pena Negra) Choco Dock is a multiple Show Grand Champion Under Saddle and Conformation Champion as well as RMHA Sire of the Year Award winner and all time leading sire.
Artist's resin "Miriam"
Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.


Walking Man PhD
1996 black tobiano Spotted Saddlehorse stallion
(Paints Impala [l] x Stroker's Walking Fancy [l]- Pepe's Super Stroker) 2+/3+. TWH cross. Sire is registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA and Racking Horse, and has sired a WGC Spotted Saddle Horse. Dam is registered Spotted Saddle Horse and Racking Horse.
Breyer 2001 "clock horse" OF.
Foals: 2000 on.


Southern Chameleon
1998 bay near leopard Walkaloosa stallion (gelded in 2006)
(Guess Whose Back [m-a.haddock] x PUBs Wish Upon A Star [m-a.haddock]- Southern Fool)
Stone SR 'Bladesmith' 1 of 65, this one is a variation with brown spots.
Foals: 2002-2006 only

Haiku de El Cajon
2000 black blanket Walkaloosa stallion
(Hakuba Jazz® x Tempestita de El Cajun®- Pabellon) 1/2 App, 1/2 Paso.
Foals: 2004 on.

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