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Persimmon Hill Thoroughbred Broodmares


TB Broodmares at Persimmon Hill

Key- /= ONR submitted, + = ONR okayed

Abbey Road 85 gr m (*Vaguely Noble x Native Street, Native Dancer) ONR#Y-10125 MW, 5s- 1-1-1-1-1 $16,551. Mixed Auction 2002 consigned by C. Huebschen.
--->1993 f/a
--->1995 Sabre Road h winner
--->1997 Golden Slumbers m placed
--->2000 foal
--->2001 Noblesse Oblige g h by Manor Born [d.hauser] + Maiden placed
--->2003 Explosive Road b m by Explosive Flare +
--->2004 booked to Watchstar

 Always Amber 1980 ches (Herbager® x Ever Amber®, Ambiorix®) +
--->1985 f/a
--->1986 Accountable b h by Private Account®/
--->1993 Amber Lassie c m by Cutlass® /
--->1995 Amber Aura c.m. by Halo® /
--->1996 Amber Angel c m by Holy Bull®/
--->2000 Real Sharp Amber c h by Cutlass Reality®/
--->2001 Amber Echo ch m by Eastern Echo®/
--->2003 pensioned

 Alyda Bride 1987 grey (Runaway Groom® x Begum®, Alydar) +
--->1992 f/a
--->2000 Nuclear Fusion b h by Plutonium / Maiden winner
--->2001 Married At Home g.m. by Manor Born +
--->2002 Dancing Bride gr m by Fred Astaire /
--->2003 Got Cold Feet gr h by Lurking /

Amber Angel 1996 ch m (Holy Bull® x Always Amber- Herbager [FR]®) +
--->2001 Wish On A Star b m by Watchstar /

 Amber Aura 1995 c (Halo® x Always Amber, Herbager) +
--->2000 Amber Sky b.m. by Holy Bull + Maiden winner
--->2001 Amberleigh b.m. by Fleet Raleigh /
--->2002 Aura Leigh c.m. by Fleet Raleigh /

 Amber Lassie 1993 ch (Cutlass x Always Amber, Herbager)
--->2001 Brassie Lassie ch m by El Prado /

 Amber Sky 2000 ch m (Holy Bull® x Amber Aura, Halo®) +
--->OTT in 2003 Maiden winner

 Aromatica 1989 bay (Judge Smells® x Clove, Noble Jay®) +
--->1994 f/a
--->2000 Best French Perfume c m by Flying Continental /
--->2001 Arohai by Songhai? [b.holder]
--->2002 Narcissus b m by Watchstar
--->2003 by Diamond Syndicate [d.gatcombe]

 Around The Galaxy 1973 b (Round Table® x Heavenly Body®, Dark Star) +
--->1977 f/a
--->1983 Danzing In The Dark b.m. by Nijinsky II +
------>2000 Please Danze b.m. by Pleasant Colony /
--->1985 Danzig Star b.m. by Danzig +
--->2000 The Red Planet c h by Jaggery John /
--->2001 Northstar b.h. by Watchstar +
--->2002 Skywatch b.h. by Watchstar /

As Promised 1988 b m (Promised City® x Anchorwoman®, Iron Ruler) /
--->2000 Synonym gr m by Alphabet Soup /
--->2001 Promise Me Heaven dkb/br m by Saint Ballado /

 Avowed 1984 bay (Affirmed® x Savannah- Sword Dancer) +
--->1989 f/a
--->1999 DiplomaticImmunity b m by Deputy Minister /
--->2000 Indicative b.h. by A.P. Indy®/ Maiden placed
--->2001 Open Road b m by Langfuhr®/ Maiden placed
--->2002 Savannah Sky c m by Sky Classic®/

 Bayberry Caveat 1990 bay (Caveat® x Bayberry Wine- Desert Wine®) +
--->1995 f/a
--->1995 Cavatina b m by Forty Niner 3/4 to Editor's Note /
--->1996 by Fappiano
--->2000 Bayberry Rubiana gr m by Rubiano /
--->2001 River Caveat b h by River Flyer® / Maiden placed
--->2002 Unberried b h by Unbridled

 Bayberry Ninja 1984 bay (Nijinsky II ® x Bayberry Rum, Round Table®) /
--->1988 Befitting b m by Affirmed 7/8 to Turf CH Flawlessly/
--->2000 The Boatswain b h by Swain/ ALW winner
--->2001 by Hello Fierce? Ninja Greeting/Ninja Fighting/Hello Ninja b. h. /

 Bayberry Rum 1979 b (Round Table® x Tacking®- Turn-To) +
--->1983 f/a
--->1984 Bayberry Ninja b.m. x Nijinsky II /
--->1985 Bayberry Wine b.m. by Desert Wine®+
--->2000 Rum And Pez b m by The Pez Factor [pending] /
--->2001 Bayton Place b.h. by Matt Houston [j.coughlin] /
--->2002 Bayberry Fox b m by S.F. Fox [d.gatcombe] pending
--->2004 pensioned

 Bayberry Wine 1985 b (Desert Wine® x Bayberry Rum- Round Table®) +
--->1989 Wine Jewel c.m by Secretariat +
--->1990 Bayberry Caveat b.m. by Caveat /
--->1999 VintageFortyNine b h by Forty Niner /
--->2000 More Wine b.m. by Mt Livermore /
--->2001 by Hello Fierce? Heckofa Hangover/Heckofa Headache/Too Much Wine
--->2002 by S.F. Fox [d.gatcombe] Tipsy Fox/Fox And The Grapes/Cabernet Fox b m

 Befitting 1988 bay (Affirmed x Bayberry Ninja, Nijinsky II) 7/8 to Turf CH Flawlessly/
--->1993 Crowned Head? by Chief's Crown /
--->1994 Form Fitting b m by Dynaformer /
------->1998 Body Language by Caerleon/Thunder Puddles/Lost Code?
------->2000 Freeformer/Freeform/Crowned Head b h by Unbridled
------->2001 not bred- 2000 foal late
--->2002 Hardwired/Retrofitted by Information Society- pending

 Bellechasse 1979 grey (Poker® x Belle Of Kentucky- Grey Dawn II®) +
--->1983 f/a
--->1985 Carondelet Belle g.m. by Caro® +
--->2000 by Diamond Syndicate? d.gatcombe RingsOnHerFingers/Belles On Her Toes/
--->2001 Ironclad (The Merrimac) b.h. by Devil His Due® /
--->2002 Royal Riviera/ ch f by Anjou [w.blum] pending
--->2003 Pensioned

Belle Of Kentucky 1973 grey (Grey Dawn II® x Jeanelou®- Discovery) +
--->1979 Bellechasse g.m. by Poker® +
--->1982 Party Hat g.m. by Al Hattab®/
--->1993 Pensioned

Blue Bridal Lane 1987 bay/br (Blushing Groom®x Blueberry Lane®- In Reality) /
--->1992 f/a
--->2001 Diamond Broker/Diamond Cartel ch h by Diamond Syndicate [d.gatcombe] pending /
--->2002 Blue Aspen ch m by Aspen's Wood /

 Blue Salvia 1983 bay (Good Old Mort® x Fennel®, Revoked) /
--->1988 f/a
--->2001 Blue Move b h by Saint Ballado /

 Bombalurina 94 ch m (Macavity x Dragonflight- *Forli) MW, 12s- 1-2-3 $38,430. 2002 Mixed Auction from C. Huebschen +
--->2000 foal
--->2001 f/a
--->2003 Linealurina ch m by Shawline +

 Burmese Tigress 1988 chestnut (Dr Blum® x Burmese®, Cougar) /
--->1992 f/a
--->1999 Tie Dyed ch m Dynaformer
--->2000 Real Burmese dkb/br m by Known Fact®/
--->2001 Tiger Woods ch h by Aspen's Wood / Sp
--->2002 Aspen's Tigress ch m by Aspen's Wood /

 Bye Night 1981 black (Bye Bye Birdie x Fleet Of Foot®- Native Dancer) +
--->1986 f/a
--->1987 Midnight Service dkb/br m by Deputy Minister +
--->2003 pensioned

 Caboom 1980 bay (Capote® x Begum®, Alydar) /
--->1985 f/a
--->2001 Home Wrecker b.m. by Manor Born +
--->2002 Pez Destroyer ch h by The Pez Factor [a.berdie] /


Call The Law 1991 b (Caller I D® x Keep It Legal ®- Silent Screen) +
--->1995 f/a
--->2000 Advocate (QH) b h AW
--->2001 filly o/b Daralyn Wallace
--->2002 Court Appointed gr h by Free House /

Cannon Smoke 1988 gr m (Relaunch®x Confederate Lady, Grey Dawn II®) /
--->2001 Brandy Station ch h by Aspen's Wood /

 Carondelet Belle 1985 grey (Caro® x Bellechasse-Poker®) +
--->1989 f/a
--->1997 Jack Frost PPR (Irish Sporthorse)
--->2000 Imbellish g.m. by A.P. Indy + placed
--->2001 Terms Of Engagement by Private Terms /
--->2002 Unbridled's Belle b.m. by Unbridled /
--->2003 Invincible gr. h by Free House®


Cataclysm 1998 grey (Storm Cat® x Carossa [h.white], Caro®) breeding pending
--->2003 Hello Kitty b m by Hello Fierce

 Cavatina 1995 bay (Forty Niner® x Bayberry Caveat, Caveat®) 3/4 to Editor's Note
--->2000 f/a

 Charming Erin 2002 b m (Wicked [m-n.delany] x Tara Belle Buck- Buckpasser®) +
---> OTT in 2004

 Charming Secretary 1980 ches m (Secretariat® x Charm School®- Dr Fager) +
---> 1985 f/a
--->2000 Silken Cord b.m. by Cordovan [k.coursen] + Maiden placed
--->2001 Charmingleigh, ch m by Fleet Raleigh /

 Clove 1977 dkb (Noble Jay® x Pomade®-Prince John) +
--->1981 Cloven b h by Crimson Satan /
--->1982 Northern Clove b m by Northern Dancer /
--->1988 Potpourri b.m. by Watchstar +
--->1989 Aromatica b m by Judge Smells /
--->1990 Spicy Sachet b m by by Baldski /
--->1992 Clove Punch b m by Pancho Villa /
--->1993 Thistle Seed b.m. by Storm Bird /
--->1994 Dominion b.h. by Roanoke®/ (Pleasant Colony x Last Bird, Sea-Bird) /
--->2001 Orangerie b.m. by Manor Born / Stakes placed
---> Pensioned

Clove Punch 1992 bay (Pancho Villa® [Secretariat x Crimson Saint, Crimson Satan] x Clove- Noble Jay)
--->1997 f/a
--->2002 Time Clock by Watchstar

 Clover Honey 1991 palo (ch) (Romantico® x Intents Honey®, Intents Last) +
--->1996 f/a
--->2000 Basket Of Clover ch m by Basket Weave / Maiden winner
--->2002 Meadowflower ch m by Meadow Jay® /

 Cold Shoulder 1990 grey (Icecapade x Sea Silence, Silent Screen) /
--->1995 f/a
--->2001 Winter Aspen grey filly by Aspen's Wood /

 Confederate Flag 1981 grey (Hoist The Flag® x Confederate Lady- Grey Dawn II®) +
--->1985 Flag For Sunrise b.h. by Halo® /
--->1992 Civil Pleasures
--->1999 Infamous dkb/b h by Devil His Due
--->2000 Concentric b.h. by Dixieland Band® + Maiden winner
--->2001 Confederate Opal g.m. by Affirmed® +
--->2002 Shiloh Star b.h. by Watchstar +
--->2003 Unfurled blk m by Lurking
--->2004 bred to Sharp Cat (

 Confederate Lady 1972 grey (Grey Dawn II® x Magic Dancer- Native Dancer) +
--->1978 f/a
--->1981 Confederate Flag g.m. by Hoist The Flag®
--->1982 Real Grey gr m by Believe It® /
--->1986 Southern Spectacular gr.m. by Spectacular Bid®
--->1987 Runaway Dawn g.m. by Runaway Groom®/
--->1988 Cannon Smoke gr m by Relaunch /
--->1999 In The Devil's Den/Lee's Campaigner gr h by Homeland Hero
--->2000 Arlington gr.h. by Sekari [GB]® + Maiden winner, Alw placed
--->2001 Manassas ch. h. by Aspen's Wood /
--->2002 Pensioned

 Confederate Opal 2001 grey (Affirmed® x Confederate Flag- Hoist The Flag®) /
--->OOT in 2003

 Cowgirl Culture 1990 chestnut (Buckaroo® x Gun Club, Gun Shot®)
--->1995 f/a
--->by Storm Cat
--->2000 Culture Club ch m by Flying Continental
--->2001 Cowboy Cat ch h by Hennessy (Storm Cat x Island Kitty, Hawaii)
--->2002 Kitten Culture

 Crowned Head 1993 bay (Chief's Crown x Befitting, Affirmed) /
--->1998 f/a

 Danzing In The Dark 1983 b.m. (Nijinsky II® x Around The Galaxy, Round Table®) +
--->1988 f/a
--->1999 Wedding Danze gr m by Runaway Groom /
--->2000 Please Danze b m by Pleasant Colony + Alw placed
--->2001 Song And Danze b h by Sultry Song

 Danzig Star 1985 bay (Danzig® x Around The Galaxy- Round Table®) +
--->1990 f/a
--->2001 Song And Danze dkb/br h by Sultry Song /

 Double Giggle 1979 bay mare (Shecky Greene® x Double Deck®- Double Jay) +
--->1983 f/a
--->1999 Double Your Bucks ch.sab.h. by Bucksplasher
--->2000 Silver Laughter gr m by Silver Buck / Alw placed
--->2001 Slap And Tickle ch m by Flying Continental /
--->2003 Pensioned

 Doubly Romantic 1979 bay mare (Noble Jay® x Anxious Gal®- Gallant Man) +
--->1983 f/a
--->2000 A Romantic Star b m by Watchstar
--->2001 Nightwatchman b.h. by Watchstar +
--->2004 Pensioned

Drink Green Te

Dylanette [GB] 1984 bay (Welsh Pageant® [FR] x Sauceboat® [GB]- Connaught) +
--->1988 f/a
--->2000 Croftlands b.h. by Crofter [v.neiduski] + placed
--->2001 Rosemary and Dyll b m by Aspen's Wood
--->2002 Along The Watchtower b.h. by Watchstar +

Elusively 1981 ches (Exclusive Native® x Deceptive, Round Table®) 6s- 3-1-2 $69,498 / Won an Alw@6-1/2f as a 2yo.
--->1986 f/a

First Bridesmaid 1983 br (Blushing Groom® x First Feather®- First Landing) +
--->1987 f/a
--->1991 Fuschia b m by Puchlingui /
--->2001 Nuclear Fission dkb/br h by Plutonium /
--->2003 Secret Affair or Silent Ceremony dkb/br m by Lurking /

Fleet Ebony 1996 blk (Marquetry® x Fleet Broad®- Broad Brush) NEED RMR
--->2001 blk m by
--->2003 Lurking Darkness blk h by Lurking

Flirt 1997 blk (Sultry Song® x Shadowind- In Reality®) +
--->2001 Affectionate Dem blk m by Demaloot Demashoot +
--->2002 Meadow Romance ch m by Meadow Jay /


Foreteller or Iva Fortune 1987 dark bay mare (Sir Ivor® x Palmistry®, Forli)
--->1991 f/a
--->2001 by Mesmerize b filly Watchstar

Form Fitting 1994 bay (Dynaformer® x Befitting, Affirmed®)

Gemstar 2001 bay (Watchstar x Wine Jewel- Secretariat®) /
--->OTT in 2003

Georgia Native 1985 ch m (Exclusive Native® x Savannah- Sword Dancer) /
--->1989 f/a
--->1999 Georgia Peach pal.m by Millenium Gleam/
--->2000 African Sky or Late Date ch h by Transworld or Late Act
--->2001 Innovative ch m by A P Indy /
--->2002 by Amcheered Am A Native

Giselle 86 b m (Gallant x Willow Magic- Great Mystery) SW 20s- 3-6-5 $708,665. Won Plum Pudding S (1M) 2002 Mixed Auction from Sharon Kidder
--->1996 Exeter b.h. by Nottingham o/b Kay Reindl- placed
--->1997 unnamed b m by Nottingham o/b Sheila Alcala- unraced
--->1998 BEACON FALLS b.m. by Pleasant Sea o/b Nancy Ellis- MSW
--->1999 unnamed b.h. by Safari o/b Sheila Alcala- unraced
--->2000 Northern Giselle b m by Northern Spur [IRE]® +
--->2001 Castinella dkb/br m by San Saba o/b Sharon Kidder- unknown
--->2004 Aspenelle by Aspen's Wood

Go Go Girl 1990 bay (Easy Goer® x Partygoer®, Secretariat) +
--->1995 f/a
--->2001 Etiquette 2001 b.m. by Manor Born +

Golden Bonnet 1987 b (Slew O Gold® x Frillery®- Stage Door Johnny) +
--->1992 f/a
--->2000 Ruby Bonnet b m by Rubiano®
--->2001 Fancy Coffee b m by Java Gold® -Maiden winner


Golden Glow 1993 palo (Glow® x Hasty Gold- Milkie®)+
--->1997 f/a
--->2000 Cozzy Glow gr m by Cozzene / placed
--->2005 Golden Brandy ch m by Brandy Station

Good'N Golden 1988 ches (Key To The Mint® x Treasury Stock®, Seattle Slew) +
--->1993 f/a
--->2000 by Storm Cat? Good Kitty/Golden Cat/Perfect Storm
--->2001 Aspengold c.h. by Aspen's Wood
--->2004 Cache Of Gold b m by Lurking

Hasten Down The Wind 1987 bay (Tsunami Slew® x Hasten Home, Hasty Road) +
--->1992 f/a
--->2002 Fierce Bad Rabbit by Hello Fierce?


Hasten Home 1972 grey (Hasty Road® x Home By Dark®- Hill Prince) +
--->1976 Hasty Pass b m by Buckpasser®, unraced /
----->1982 Hasty Princess/Princess Princess/ b m by Majestic Prince /
--------->2000 Hasty Code/Castle Code/The Artist b h by Lost Code /
--->1980 Grau Home/Grau Hasty/ dkb/br m by Graustark® 3/4 to Outward Sunshine, dam of Sunshine Forever /
--->1987 Hasten Down The Wind b m by Tsunami Slew®
--->1991 Homing Pigeon gr m by Storm Bird® unraced /
--->1992 Am At Home gr m by Amcheered
--->1993 Home Free gr/ro m by Arts And Letters®, unraced, o/b Mary Schoedel
--->1997 Pensioned.

Hasty Gold 1989 ches (palomino) (Milkie® x Hasty Quick®- Hasty Road) +
-->1993 Golden Glow c.m (palo) by Glow®
--->1996 Trakehner foal

Hasty Pass 1976 bay (Buckpasser® x Hasten Home, Hasty Road) /
--->1981 f/a
--->2002 Fierce Bad Rabbit by Hello Fierce

Heartagold 1987 ches TB mare (Key To The Mint® x American Heart®- Singh) +
--->1993 f/a
--->2001 Heart Of The Sea ch.m. by Calm Seas [k.coursen] /

Herb Garden 1997 (Sunnys Halo® x Blue Herb®- Herbager [FR]) need RMR /
--->2002 f/a

 Highly Clandestine [GB]1988 bay (Shirley Heights® [GB] x Clandestina®, Secretariat) +
--->2001 Swiss Account b.h. by Manor Born +

Homing Pigeon 1991 grey (Storm Bird® x Hasten Home, Hasty Road) /
--->1996 f/a

 Home Land Lass 1972 gr. m. (Promised Land® x Home Lass®- Tim Tam) +
--->1977 f/a
--->1984 Rob's Lass gr m by Roberto
--->1985 Homeland Hero gr h by Halo® /
--->1997 Pensioned

Intrigue 2002 black (Cryptoclearance® x Shadow Wind- In Reality)
--->OTT in 2004

Irish Rebellion 98 ch m (Bootlegger [GB] x Irish Jasmine- Wrack [ITY]) MW, IFT Storyville, consigned 2003 Mixed Sale by C. Huebschen
--->2001 foal
--->2003 An Irish Tale ch m by Storyville

Jayleen 1972 bay mare (Double Jay® x Winchester Queen®-King Of The Tudors) +
--->1976 f/a
--->1988 Meadow Jay c.h. by Meadow Lake®
--->1996 Songbird b m by Sultry Song®
--->2002 Pensioned

Lady Pompadour 1988 bay mare (Spring Double x Pomade- Prince John) +
--->1992 Lost River c h by Riverman

Laureate Road 1977 bay mare (Hasty Road ® x Double Laureate®- Double Jay)
--->1982 f/a
--->1985 Dixie Laureate b m by Dixieland Band
--->2003 Pensioned

Lilac Sermon 1986 bay (Deputy Minister x Lilac Hill- Prince John) +
--->1991 f/a
--->1992 Fleet Raleigh by Fleet Velvet

Maplewood 1997 chestnut (Aspen's Wood x Maple Sugar- Seattle Slew®)
--->2001 f/a

Meadowflower 2001 palomino (ch) (Meadow Jay x Clover Honey- Romantico®)
--->OTT in 2003

Merimoss 96 dkb/br m (Mossmoor x Meriblue- War Dance) placed, from 2003 Mixed Auction/ C. Huebschen
--->2002 foal

Midnight Service 1987 dkb/br (Deputy Minister® x Fly Bye Night- Bye Bye Birdie) /
--->1992 f/a
--->2001 Nightwatch b.h. x Watchstar

Ms Ice Princess 1998 grey (Miswaki® x Castle Garden [w.blum]- Icecapade®)
--->2002 Ice Ballade b.m. x Saint Ballado

No Kidding 1987 gr m (In Reality® x Belle Of Kentucky- Grey Dawn II®)
--->1992 f/a

Northern Clove 1982 bay (Northern Dancer® x Clove-Noble Jay®)
--->1987 f/a

Northern Giselle 2000 b (Northern Spur® x Giselle®- Gallant)
--->OTT in Europe 2003

On Country Roads 2001 bay (A.P. Indy® x Tara Belle Buck- Buckpasser®) +
--->OTT in 2003

Party Hat 1982 gr m (Al Hattab® x Belle Of Kentucky- Grey Dawn II®)
--->1987 f/a


Potpourri 1988 bay (Watchstar x Clove-Noble Jay®) /
--->1992 f/a

Prospect Of Snow 1996 grey (Lion Cavern® x Snowing®- Icecapade) needs RMR
--->2001 f/a

Real Shy 97 b m (Quiet American x Really Blue- Believe It) AW from Megan Grant's Little Hill Farm. She will race this year, and then go into the broodmare band.

Respectable 1986 bay (Daring [w.blum] x Respectful [w.blum]- )

Restless Blue 1979 ches (Restless Wind® x Dame Blue ®- Flag Raiser) +

Riverglass 1984 bay (Riverman® x Beautiful Glass®, Pass The Glass) /
--->1989 f/a
--->2001 Manor House b h by Manor Born

Rob's Lass 1984 grey (Roberto® x Home Land Lass, Promised Land®)
--->1989 f/a

Royal Tamarisk 1969 bay (Royal Nonesuch x Bolero's Baby- Bolero) +
--->1974 f/a
--->1992 pensioned

Runaway Dawn 1987 grey (Runaway Groom® x Confederate Lady- Grey Dawn II®)
--->1991 f/a

Savannah 1963 chestnut (Sword Dancer x Hot Gem, Tom Fool) +
died 1993
--->1970 Savvy b.m. by Bold Ruler®
----->1982 Savvy Native ch m by Exclusive Native
MANOR BORN Exclusive Native® Gal CH
--->1982 Georgian Native ch.m. by Exclusive Native®
----->2001 Invincible br h by A.P. Indy
--->1983 Enferno b.h. by Affirmed®
--->1984 Avowed or Affection b.m. by Affirmed
------> 2001 Indicative b.m. by A.P. Indy
--->1985 Secret Savannah ch m by Secretariat®

Savvy 1970 b m (Bold Ruler® x Savannah- Sword Dancer)
--->1975 f/a
--->1982 Savvy Native ch m by Exclusive Native®

Scratch N'Sniff 1988 blk m (Judge Smells® x Chisel®- Hatchet Man)
--->1993 f/a

Secret Identity 1992 black (Secretariat® x Shadowwind- In Reality®)
--->1996 f/a

Secret Savannah 1985 c.m. (Secretariat® x Savannah, Sword Dancer)
--->1990 f/a

Shadowind 1987 black (In Reality® x Battlewind®- Restless Wind) +
--->1992 Secret Identity blk m by Secretariat
--->1996 Shadowind's Hour, Sporthorse
--->1997 Flirt bl.m. by Runaway Groom
--->2001 Equinox Star b.h. by Watchstar
--->2002 Intrigue bl m by Cryptoclearance

Sea Silence 1985 chestnut (Silent Screen® x Sea Sister®, Sea-Bird) /
--->1990 f/a
--->2000 Unfathomable gr. m. by Forever Silver® Placed

Silver Lining 1995 (? x Summer Silver- Silver Buck®)
--->1999 f/a

Skintight 1983 black (Fast Chance [w.blum] X Skinnydippin' [w.blum]- Imbros®)
--->1987 f/a

Songbird 1996 bay (Sultry Song® x Jayleen- Double Jay®)
--->2001 f/a

Southern Spectacular 1986 gr m (Spectacular Bid® x Confederate Lady- Grey Dawn II®)
--->1990 f/a

Summer Silver 1985 grey (Silver Buck® x Summer Sal®- Summer Tan) +

Summer Skies 1990 grey (Party Flag® x Summer Silver, Silver Buck®) +
--->2001 Summer's Storm

Summer's Storm 2001 grey (Storm Cat® x Summer Skies- Party Flag®) /
--->OTT in 2003

Sunbird 1991 chestnut (Storm Bird® x Sun Cove-Little Current®)
--->1995 f/a

Sun Cove 1987 chestnut (Little Current® x Sunny Harbor- Harbor Prince®)
--->1991 Sunbird ch m by Storm Bird®
--->2001 Sunstruck ch h by

Sunny Harbor 1983 chestnut (Harbor Prince ® x Sunny Circle® -Decidedly) /
--->1987 Sun Cove c.m. by Little Current®
--->19?? Sunny Air c.m. by Air Forbes Won®

Tallaporesa 1984 dkb/br (Nijinsky[CAN]® x Tally Round®- Round Table) +
--->2001 Tall Seas dkb/br.h. by Calm Seas [k.coursen] pending

Tara Belle Buck 1984 bay (Buckpasser® x Belle O Reason®- Hail To Reason) +
--->1988 f/a
--->2000 Buck The Tide b.h. by Calm Seas [k.coursen] pending
--->2001 On Country Roads b.m. by A.P. Indy ®
--->2002 Charming Erin b.m. by Wicked [n.delany]

Tarragon 83/91 bay (Known Fact® x Blue Herb®- Herbager [FR])

Thistle Seed 1993 bay (Storm Bird® x Clove- Noble Jay®)
--->1997 f/a

Topaz Treasure 1987 ch (Mr. Prospector® x Cash Assets®- Key To The Mint)
--->1991 f/a

Touch Of Love 1972 brown rabicano (Kentucky Love [m-r.horner] x Fille de Joie [m-r.horner]- Tehran®)
--->1977 f/a

Unfathomable 2000 grey (Forever Silver® x Silent Sea, Silent Screen®) /
--->OTT in 2003- Placed 1st start

Virginia Dare

Willin 1978 bay (Dike x Tempted [b.wetzel]- Hasty Road) Ran 3-5 10:2-1-2-1 AW $53,650 7f.
--->1982 f/a

Wine Jewel 1989 ch (Secretariat® x Bayberry Wine- Desert Wine®) /*
--->1993 f/a
--->2001 Gemstar b m by Watchstar


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