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Surprisingly, there are several kinds of Mustangs! The term "Mustang" is used to describe almost any kind of wild or feral horse. Within this designation, there are the Kiger Mustangs, which are small herds that have been found in remote areas, undiluted by outside blood. The Kiger Mustangs have very strong ties to their Spanish origins, and have strong genetic similarilites to the Spanish descended Sorraia, plus distinctive coloration; they are almost invariably some shade of dun. Other Mustangs also show strong ties to Spanish breeds, brought over by the conquistadors, these "Spanish Mustangs" show great resemblance to Lusitano horses in body shape. Also, some Mustangs can be designated as "Indian Horses". Thought to descend from the Horses of the American Native peoples mounts, some show a gait called the Indian Shuffle, which certain Appaloosa horses also show. This is a lateral gait, similar to a pace. There are certain associations that register the different strains of these horses. Also, the BLM- Bureau Of Land Management- feral horses, of various mixes. In addition, there are wild horses from countries other than the U.S., Like Australia's Brumby.
I have some models to represent each different type.

1983 silver bay stallion
(Fallen King [m-tgr] x Bronzed Glory [m-tgr]- Prairie King) 5/4. Sire of Bowie, on this list.
Breyer Mustang stallion from 'Pony For Keeps' set OF.
Sire of Bombero, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 1987-2008.

Texas Espresso
1984 bay, minimal sabino
(Tiger Eye [l]
x La Senorita De Madrid [l]- Ka-Maw-I) Both parents live, but neither has further pedigree. Tiger Eye is considered to be one of the foundation sires of the modern Mustang.
Breyerfest 2000 SR semi-rearing Mustang 'Sasparilla' glossy OF.
NAN qualifed 2001/02.
Sire of Try To Get Me, o/b Alison Harpole, Nayati, o/b Cory Hartung and Smokin Ice, o/b Heather Mays.
Foals: 1988-2008.

Blackjack Ace
1986 black overo stallion
(Snakeyes [m-dhr] x TC Paint By Number [m-dhr]-Riksdag) 3+/5+ From Cory Hartung's breeding program, Blackjack's sire is buckskin, so he could carry a hidden dilute.
Breyer TRU SR semi-rearing Mustang 98
Foals: 1990 on.

Mesa Verde
1987 palomino stallion
(Golden Dreamer [m-oma] x Snowbound Lottery [m-oma])
H-R mini rearing stallion OF.
CHAMPION and MEPSA 01 & 02 qualified. MEPSA 2003 Championship Top Ten.
Sire of Midnight Sunshine, o/b Heather Gnidovec and First Light, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1991 on.

1988 red dun Mustang stallion
(Wildcat [m-dhr] x Jasmine [m-dhr] -Snake Bite) 4+/3+ Also from Cory Hartung's program.
Breyer Sears SR semi-rearing Mustang 99
Photo show winner.
Sire of Chris Wallbruch's San Jacinto, and Endless Dreamer, o/b Heather Gnidovec.
Foals: 1993 on.

Cinda's Sandstorm
1988 buckskin tobiano
Chief Yellow Fox® x Lucinda [m-dhr]-Fighter Cloud) Lines to Yellow Fox, Buckshot, Bandolero, Sams Red Eagle, Tie Fighter.
Breyer 'Chaparral' OF.
Winner in Breed, placed in color.
Sire of White Sands Fox, Rain Storm and Catalina.
Foals: 1992 on.

1990 chestnut stallion
(Weatherman [m-phf] x Cassay [l]- unknown) Sire is also on this list.
Hartland Mustang stallion OF
Not Yet Shown- NIB.
Sire of Ziggy Stardust, o/b Shana Bobbitt
Foals: 1994 on.

Matonka PHF
1990 black tovero stallion
(Blackjack Ace [m-phf] x Magnificent Desolation [m-rcs])
Hartland rearing Mustang OF.
Foals: 1994 on.

1990 bay, minimal sabino stallion
(Texas Espresso [m-phf] x Copper Cookie [m-phf]) Sire and dam on this list.
Breyer 'Titan Glory' SR 96 foundation stallion.
Foals: 1994 on.

Espectro del Llano
1991 grey Spanish Mustang stallion
(Hemlock [m-fh] x Tiger's Sunrise [l] grey- Phoenix II) 3/. Sire goes to Steen's Kiger and Cortez Amigo. Dam has lines to Tiger Eye and Little Bit.
Hagen-Renaker Don Cortez OF.
Sire of
Mitakuye- Oyas'in, 99, o/b Moriah Schilders and Lomosi, o/b Cory Hartung.
IPABRA Nat'ls 2001 qualified.
Foals: 1995 on.

Purple Haze
1991 grey dun Kiger Mustang
(Steens Kiger [l] x Nite Lite [m-phf]- Choctaw Ghost Dancer®) Dam is on this list.
Hagen-Renaker mini 'Skywalker' OF
PS Winner.
Sire of Mingan, o/b Cory Hartung.
Foals: 1995 on.

1992 chestnut spotted blanket stallion
(Trouble [m-dhr] x Ruby [m-dhr]- Warrior's Heart) 4+/2. Sire's dam goes back to App lines.
Breyer SR 'Rawhide' semi-rearing Mustang OF.
MEPSA qualified 2007/08, 2nd of 46 Mustang.
Foals: 1996 on.

Oglala Sioux
1992 bay frame overo Mustang/Indian horse stallion
(Oglala Spirit [m-ybar] x Bright Angel [m-ybar]- Black Thunder)
Breyer John Henry 'Cree Horse' OF.
Sire of Apache Dynamight, o/b Brenda Varian and Foxfire Cyia, winner, o/b Delana Metcalf.
Foals: 1997 on.

River Valley
1992 grey grulla stallion
(Sequoyah [l] x Little Valley [l]- Jack Slade) Both parents are live, registered Spanish Mustangs. Sequoyah is a most unusual color, called "blue".
Breyer 'Smoky The Cowhorse' OF.
Not yet shown.
Sire of Valley Girl, o/b Sherry Ball; Kaya, o/b Cory Hartung and Champion Blue Nueces, o/b PHF.
Foals: 1996 on.

Chaparral Wind
1993 Buckskin stallion
(Challenge The Wind [m-tgr] x Texas Wildflower [m-tgr]- Golden Desperado) 3+/2+.
Breyer running stallion 'Mighty Buck' OF.
Sire of multiple Champion Foxfire Daisimai, o/b Delana Metcalf.
Foals: 1997 on.

Muskrat Love
1991 buckskin Mustang stallion
(Possum Soup [m-h.reaves] x Vibora [m-h.reaves]- Joaquin)
Breyer Silver "Hobo" OF.
Sire of First Love, o/b Tayler McKee.
Multiple winner and MEPSA qualifier.
Foals: 1997 on.

1993 dun roan/varnish roan semi leopard Mustang stallion
(Adoeete [m-j.hopkins] x Agridulce [m-j.hopkins]- Azul®) multiple lines to Azul, also Midnight Special, Blue Corn.
Breyer SR Mustang family stallion semi leopard App.
Sire of Anoki, o/b Cory Hartung.
Foals: 1997 on.

1993 grey appaloosa stallion
(Choctaw Sun Dance [l] x Wild Heaven [l]- Blue Crane) Full brother to a live Spanish Sorraia Mustang.
Breyer Mustang glossy app OF.
1st show-
Winner of a class of 144 discontinued Breyers, MEPSA 01 qualified, MEPSA 04 qualified.
Sire of Kali Deva Eyes, o/b Sherry Ball.
Foals: 1997 on.

Ace Of Spades
1994 black overo gelding
(Comes From Dream [l] x Miss Crazy Horse [l]- Special Warrior)
Japan china OF.
Photo Show Placed.
Foals: 1998 and 1999 only

1994 bay spotted blanket stallion
(Viper [m-phf] x Mora's Spring Dance [l]-)
Breyer 'Wild Horses Of America' SR 93 foundation stallion.
Foals: 1998 on.

Inca Empire
1994 Palomino Mustang stallion
(Gold Nugget [m-rcs] x Tempestad de Arena [m-phf]- rangebred, Old Mexico) 2/1.
Japan china OF.
Foals: 1998 on.

Mako Shark
1994 grey stallion
(Five O Vigilante [m-outlaw] x Concepcione [m-tgr]-Warcry In Winter) 3+/5. To Warcry In Winter, War Bratt, Chief Half Moon.
Breyer 'Rumbling Thunder' SR running stallion.
Sire of Ms Hilton, o/b Sarah Carper.
Foals: 1998 on.

Paseo Libre
1991 dun tobiano stallion, gelded 1999
(Poco Loco [m-h.reaves] x Libre [m-h.reaves]- Ira's Possum [live])
Breyer San Domingo last half-year Dakotah Indian horse OF.
Sire of Manipi, o/b Cory Hartung.
Foals: 1998 and 1999 only.

1994 white (all white sabino) stallion
(Special Warrior [l] x Mystic Maiden [l]- Thunder Cloud) Both sire and dam are registered Spanish Mustangs.
Breyer 'Silver' OF.
Photo show winner, MEPSA 01 & MEPSA 02 qualified.
Sire of Chris Wallbruch's Red Barchetta and Supstitious Vendetta, o/b Natasha Powers.
Foals: 1998 on.

Chubasco- colloq for "commotion"
1996 grey (red dun) stallion
(Joaquin [m-h.reaves] x NP Summer Squall [m-n.perrault]- Wild Glory) Sire is a Cerbat Mustang.
Breyer running stallion JCP SR from "Cowboy Pride" set.
Sire of Sakima, o/b Cory Hartung
Foals: 2000 on.

Jade Stone
1996 light sorrel/flaxen stallion
(Diablo Jade [m-cc] x Crimson Beauty [m-cc]) Modelbred. Lines to Black Flame, Vivid 2x, Candlelight Magic. Jade's color is very nice, soft and very nearly palomino.
Breyer SR semi-rearing Mustang sorrel OF.
MEPSA qualified for 2001.
Foals: 2000 on.

Blue Shadows
1997 grulla tobiano BLM stallion
(VnV Blue Poet [m-s.kroese] x Cozy In Shadows [m-s.kroese]- Bound To Shadows) model bred, with lines to Bear Claw, Eternal Shadow, Blue Cougar.
Breyer semi rearing Mustang OF.
Sire of Dances With Wolves, 01, o/b Mary Lineman.
Foals: 2001 on.

Painted Desert Warrior
1997 palomino pinto BLM Mustang stallion
(Cirrus [m-s.kroese] x Aztec Angel [m-s.kroese] - Mist of Dawn) Model bred, with lines to Wings of Fire, Golden Tide, Radiant Mist, Special Sunglow.
Relco Japan china OF.
Foals: 2001 on.

Devil's In The Details
1999 black overo stallion
(Sundowner® x Sweet Dream Lady®- black overo-Comes From Dream) Lines to Jack Slade, Doby, Blue Corn, Miss Crazy Horse, San Domingo, Special Warrior.
Lefton copy of HR Abu Farwa OF.
Sire of Dante, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2003 on.
MIJC H2211f-L-2931

Don de Cordoba
2000 palomino stallion
(Wild Mustang from Saylor Creek x Mustang mare)
Hagen-Renaker 'Don Cortez' OF.
Foals: 2004 on.

2000 palomino stallion
SWS El Duc® x Diamond Mountain Sunshine® 93 palomino - rangebred)
Hagen-Renaker 'Sun Cortez' OF.
MEPSA Champion.
Foals: 2004 on.

Lobo De la Madera (timberwolf)
2001 grey (from bay dun) stallion
(Street Legal [m-m.weston] x Mystic Chrome [m-m.weston]- Dances With Wolves®)
Franklin Mint "Andalusian" OF.
Foals: 2006 on.

Duel In The Sun
2002 palomino Mustang stallion
(Fernando [m-oma] x Sigh of Spain [m-oma]- San Pozzi)
Napco OF.
Foals: 2006 on.

Red River Rock Star
2002 red roan Mustang stallion
(Spitfire [m-oma] x Sea Drift [m-oma]- Silver Vanishing)
Breyer vintage red roan running stallion
Foals: 2008 on.

2003 black overo Mustang stallion
(Devils In The Details [m-phf] x Masadas Way®- Chief Masada) Addt'l ines to Majuba, Midnight Special.
Lefton turning horse OF.
Foals: 2007 on.


Willow Creek Desperado
2003 grulla Sorraia Mustang stallion
(Silver Bullet® x Sulphur Rose®) no further pedigree on dam; little on sire. These live horses were wild caught or feral a few generations back. They have genetic markers for Sorraia lineage, and are registered as Sorraia Mustangs. The Sorraia is endangered in its native country of Portugal.
Foals: 2007 on.


1992 bay Spanish Barb stallion
(Orgulloso [l] x Chiripa [l]- Manoso)
Blue Ribbon Spanish Barb OF.
Foals: 1996 on.

1988 Spanish Barb/Mustang stallion
(London Night [m-oma] x Vendetta [m-phf])
Blue Ribbon Spanish Barb OF.
Foals: 1992 on.


Terra Cotta- mare
1980 chestnut mare
(Sundance Kid [m-n.perrault] x NP Gingersnaps [m-n.perrault]- El Corjito's Santana [live])
Enesco OF.
Dam of Foxfire Cyia, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf; Cisco, 00, o/b PHF and Deseret, 03, o/b PHF.
Years available: 85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,98,99,01,02,04,on.
shown with 2003 filly, Deseret

Tempestad de Arena
1981 palomino Mustang mare
(rangebred, Old Mexico) Dam of Inca Empire, on this list.
Japan glossy OF
Years available: 86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

1983 black
(War King [bso-d.peters] x Chocolate [l]) Spanish Mustang and Barb blood.
Breyer grazing mare OF.
Dam of Vengeance, 88, o/b PHF; Endless Dreamer, 93, o/b Heather Gnidovec; Try To Get Me, 94, o/b Allison Harpole; Hania, 97, o/b Cory Hartung and Superstitious Vendetta, 98, o/b Natasha Powers.
Foals: 87,89,90,91,92,95,96,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Copper Cookie
1984 bronze chestnut mare
(Battle Hymn [m-rcg] x Sugarcoated Candy [m-dhr]) /3+. Dam of Viper, on this list.
Japan metal micro mini copy of Hartland tinymite Quarter Horse.
Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

1985 brown tobiano mare
(Chocolate Mousse [m-dhr] x Lucinda [m-dhr]) 3+/3+. From Cory Hartung's ranch, and descended from Bandolero, a Champion. Her dam is also dam of Cinda's Sandstorm, so they will not be bred.
Hagen Renaker mini Mustang mare OF
Dam of Midnight Sunshine, '91, o/b Heather Gnidovec, Rebel Dreams, '92, o/b Betsy Bissell; Apache Dynamight, 95, o/b Brenda Varian; Valley Girl, '97, o/b Sherry Ball; Pajarita, 02, o/b PHF and Sangria, 04, o/b PHF.
Not yet shown.
Years available: 90,93,94,96,98,99,00,01,03,05,on.

1986 grey
(Sundance Kid [m-breeze] x China Lake Mirage [l])
Stone Critter OF.
Dam of Ice Mint, 90, o/b PHF and Blue Nueces, 2004, o/b PHF.
Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Nite Lite
1986 greyed dun Kiger mare
-Pedigree change-(Choctaw Ghost Dancer [l] x Broomtail Jane [®]-Majuba) 3+/3+. Has all live lines.
Hagen Renaker mini TB mare 'Raindrop' OF
Dam of Purple Haze, 91, o/b PHF; Laken, 94, o/b Melinda Blegan; Sakima, 00, o/b Cory Hartung and Dances With Wolves, 01, o/b Mary Lineman.
Open: 90,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,02,03,04,on.

Earth Wind And Fire
1987 red (bay) roan mare
(Heartbreak Kid [m-cc] x Heaven And Earth [m-cc] )
Breyer Indian Pony 'Cheyenne' OF
Dam of Chris Wallbruch's Red Barchetta, 1997 and San Jacinto, 1999.
Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,98,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Brindled Lady
1988 chestnut with spotted blanket
(Anasazi Battlescar [m-rcg] x Naduah [l]-Rio Grande Lightning)
Cm etched SM TB mare.
Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Wakeup Lil Suzie
1988 bay overo mare
(Crash [m-cc] x Anything Noble [m-ra]- Chief San Domingo [l]) /3+.
WC micro OF.
Dam of Wakoyantonke, 93, o/b James Hopkins; Chevayo, 97, o/b Cory Hartung; Rich And Famous, 03, ob PHF and Rain Storm, 04, o/b Tayler McKee.
Years Available: 94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,05,on.

Kiger Kittycat
1989 Yellow dun Kiger mare
(Kiger Tiger I [l]- rangebred apricot dun x Kiger Katherine [rangebred])
Dam of Manipi, 98, o/b Cory Hartung.
Years available: 94,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Ice Mint
1990 grey mare (grulla)
(Wyoming Kid [®] x Cobweb [m-phf]- The Sundance Kid [m-n.perrault] )
Breyer 1972 Indian pony #177 OF.
Multiple Champion. MEPSA qualifies yearly.
Dam of Smokin Ice, 96, o/b Heather Mays;
multiple Champion Foxfire Daisimai, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf; Ms Hilton, 98, o/b Sarah Carper and Spider Kiss, 04, o/b PHF.
Years available: 95,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,on

Khaki Kiss
1992 buckskin dun (dunskin) mare
(Kiger Hombre [l] x Paloma Manana [l]- Tiger Eye) Both parents are live Spanish Mustangs, sire a handsome yellow dun Kiger and dam a silver buckskin mare with registry in the American Indian Horse association, as well as the Spanish Mustang book.
Breyer 'Ginger' OF from the Hanoverian family.
Dam of Overturned, 97, o/b Cory Hartung; Fernando, 98, o/b Chris Wallbruch; SMS Catalina, 99, o/b Amy DeWaal; and Khaki Plan, 02, o/b PHF.
Years available: 00,01,03,04,on

After The Deluge
1994 grey mare
(Black Thunder [m-c.hartung] x Garnet [m-c.hartung]- Neptune[m-c.hartung])
Hagen Renaker mini mustang mare 'Sedona' OF.
Dam of Bombero, 98, o/b Randa Garrett and Ghost Rider, 03, o/b PHF.
Foals: 99,00,01,02,04,on.

Canyon Cacao
1993 yellow Dun Spanish mare
(Freedom [m-foxh] x Starlite [l]-Tiger Eye) 3+/.
Hagen Renaker mini Mustang mare OF
Dam of Lightning, 98, o/b Melinda Blegan; Mitakuye- Oyas'in, 99, o/b Moriah Schilders; and Dustflower, 02, o/b PHF.
Years available: 00,01,03,04,on.

Rainbow Dream
1993 strawberry roan mare
(Blackhawk Won [TB-m-tgr] x Someone Else's Dream [m-tgr] 88 bay roan) 5/3+. 1/2 TB Mustang from Sherry Ball's Thunder Glen. Excellent TB lines to Bold Forbes, Summer Tan, Chateuagay, Heliopolis. Mustang dam goes back to rangebred.
Dam of Aponi, 98, o/b Cory Hartung.
Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Yellow Rose Of Texas
1993 yellow dun roan sabino, with corn spots, Mustang mare
(Spotted Eagle [m-h.reaves] x Sabandija [m-h.reaves]- Trailblazer®)
Breyer SM new TB CM by Dawn Marie Calo/Spirit Woods Studio
Dam of Libre Aumentó. 99. o/b Sarah Carper.
Years available: 00,10,20,03,04,05,on.

1994 black appaloosa Mustang mare
(Moon Spots® SMR742 bay app x Liona®- Broom) Sire is a winning Endurance racer-
1988 UMECRA Competitive Rookie of the Year; UMESRA Top Ten Competitive Lwt.; UMECRA Competitive High Point Stallion;UMECRA 4th place Competitive Horse (700 miles) Dam is also a winning Endurance horse; the first SMR NATRC Nat'l Champion.
Breyer classic Mustang mare OF.
Dam of Panic Switch, 98, o/b Vicki Griffiths; Kali Deva Eyes, 99, o/b Sherry Ball; Anoki, 00, o/b Cory Hartung and Sanskrit, 05, o/b PHF.
Years available: 01,02,03,04,06,on.

Meadowlark PhD
1994 palomino tovero mare
(Chasing Shadows [m-h.reaves] x Morning Glory [m-h.reaves]- Possum Soup)
Japan Enesco OF.
Dam of Kajika, 00, o/b Cory Hartung and White Sands Fox, 04, o/b Sherry Ball.
Years available: 01,02,03,05,06,on.

1994 grey Mustang mare
(Spectrum [m-pend-oma] x Irish Tune [m-pend-oma]- Everything Changes)
Japan OF.
Years available: 2001,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Sands Of Spain
1994 yellow dun Kiger mare
(Kiger Hombre [l] x Wallowa's Fancy Lady [l]- Wallowa Kiger) 1/2. Parents go back to wild, but both are live Kigers.
Breyer Mesteno's dam OF
Dam of Sandy Shadows, 02, o/b Deborah Kaiser and Llano de Espana, 04, o/b PHF.
Years available: 99,00,01,03,05,on

Wind In Her Ear
1995 brown mare
(Joaquin [m-h.reaves] x Speaks To The Wind [m-h.reaves]- Son Of Sailor®)
small resin horse.
Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,on.

First Light
1996 palomino mare
(Mesa Verde [m-phf] x Rising Sun [l]- rangebred) Sire is on this list, dam is a beautiful, rangebred mare.
ceramic finished by Mary Miserak
Reserve Champion 1st show. Winner, Winner Headstudy. MEPSA qualified 2008.
Dam of First Love, 03, o/b Tayler McKee.
Years available: 01,02,04,on.

First Feather
1996 brown spotted blanket mare
(Vexacious [m-phf] x Windsong [m-as/pcs]- rangebred)
Breyer classic Kelso 'Geronimo' OF.
Dam of Macarena, 04, o/b PHF.
Years available: 01,02,03,05,on.


Love Minus Zero
1996 grey mare
(Raven Dance [m-h.reaves] x
Sunday Silence [m-n.perrault] )
Breyer Indian pony SR 'Chinook' OF
Photo show winner.
Years open: 01,02,03,04,on.

1996 chestnut medicine hat mare
(Riddle Mountain Redman [l] x Medora [l]- Chief Santa Domingo) Sire is a wonderful red dun Spanish Mustang, and dam is a medicine hat mare.
Breyer Nursing mare OF from Gift set.
Dam of Wynona, 03, o/b PHF.
Years available: 01,02,04,on.

Walks At Dusk
1999 grey (from dove grulla) BLM Mustang mare
(VnV Wolf At Dusk [m-s.kroese] x Twilight Mist [m-s.kroese]- Paper Tiger) model bred. Kiger Magic, Kiger's Ecstasy. Paper Tiger, Wild Promise.
Breyer Connoisseur "Casseopiea".
Years available: 2004,05,06,on.

2000 bay sabino Mustang mare
(Cuervo [m-h.reaves] x Kokopelli [m-h.reaves]- Anazasi®)
Dee Ann Kjelshus 'Twisted Sister' resin by Janet Bonney.
Years available: 2006 on.

Kangaroo Court
2002 buckskin Spanish Mustang mare
(Dunkareem [m-s.kroese] x Meoquence [m-s.kroese]- Choctaw Three) All live lines. Yellow Fox, Ka-maw-i, Choctaw II, Sirbee.
Breyer SM OM QHM OF.
Years available: 2007 on.


Bundarrah Bree
1979 bay Australian Brumby mare
(unknown sire x unknown dam) Rangebred, as a Brumby would most likely be. This mare has a lot of TB blood in her- an Australian Waler stallion with the herd she was captured from would have probably been her sire.
Franklin mint TB mare and foal OF.
Years available: 84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.


2002 brown tobiano filly
( x Jacaranda [m-phf])
Hagen Renaker mini Mustang foal OF.

2002 red dun filly
(Purple Haze [m-phf] x Canyon Cacao [m-phf])
Hagen Renaker mini Mustang foal OF.

Wistful Hobo
2002 grulla dun colt
( x [m-phf])
Bronze OF.
Photo show winner.

Ghost Rider
2003 grey Mustang colt
(Espectro de Llano [m-phf] x After the Deluge [m-phf])
HR mini Mustang foal 00.
Photo show placed.

(or pony)
Breyer Mustang foal bay OF


Sioux City Sagebrush
palomino tobiano Mustang colt
(Cinda's Sandstorm [m-phf] x )
Breyer Mustang foal chestnut pinto OF
Photo show placed.


Kiger Kin
2002 yellow dun permanent colt
( x Kiger Kitten [m-phf])
Japan plastic OF

2003 medicine hat permanent filly
(Bowie [m-phf] x Mahala [m-phf])
Breyer medicine hat nursing foal OF

Llano de Espana
2004 red dun colt
(Espectro del Llano [m-phf] x Sands Of Spain [m-phf])
Breyer Mesteno foal OF

2004 chestnut snowcap app Mustang permanent filly
(Viper [m-phf] x First Feather [m-phf]- )
Breyer 'Mustang' foal from Fine Horse family.

Khaki Plan
2002 buckskin filly
( x Khaki Kiss [m-phf]- Kiger Hombre®)
Breyer SM lying foal OF

Mochalatte or Widget
(Purple Haze [m-phf] x )

2004 grulla tobiano filly
(Purple Haze [m-phf] x Jacaranda [m-phf]- )

Rich And Famous
2003 Mustang filly
(Texas Espresso [m-phf] x Wakeup Lil Suzie [m-phf]- Crash [m-cc])

(Challenge The Wind [m-phf] x

(Challenge The Wind [m-phf] x

Bundarrah Croc
permanent light bay Brumby colt
(Ascot [m-oma] x Bundarrah Bree [m-phf])
Franklin mint TB mare and foal OF.

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