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FEES & INSTRUCTIONS: E-mail breedings are free to members of my clubs. If you submit e-mail breedings, the best way to do them is to send each one in a separate mail, titled "BREEDING REQUEST". Sending a lot of extraneous stuff is highly likely to slow me down. The people who get their breedings back fastest are those who submit one horse per mail, with all needed information in one mail. If I have to write you back asking what the model is, or the other parent's color, etc., and you send me back only that info, all info is no longer in one place. Please send the complete request if there are any changes or added material. NEW! Photos of foals are appreciated, and required in certain cases. Digital transmission is fine. Also, check my name policies- some breeds require certain prefixes, and some horses require part of their name carried.

For regular mail breedings, all fees are 30 cents per horse or 50 cents per s/d set and SASE unless noted. Add an extra stamp for more than 3 certificates, 2 extra stamps for more than 6, etc. No limit on breedings per submission. Photos for showing in get/produce classes are accepted in lieu of fees in some cases - email me to inquire. Send complete foal information when requesting a breeding- I will not pedigree without the mold information or a note if the foal is bso or d/o- and any information known on other parent, if not one of mine. List a choice of years for mares (dams), in case your first choice is already taken. None of the mares are open for permanent foals. I assign all foals a birth year, although you may keep your foals as non-aging if you prefer.

UPDATES: Updates on get/produce showing and/or breeding records are immensely appreciated. I will reciprocate with anyone who keeps me updated.

BREEDING POLICIES: I comply with basic color genetics rules, and I discourage inbreeding except in a few special cases. I will only accept breeds in colors that actually occur in the breed, whenever I have that information. I try to follow breed naming rules and also traditions whenever appropriate, and encourage foals to follow them also. Some horses require part of the s/d name to be carried forward. No breedings are confirmed until both parents are selected. All breedings are considered temporarily approved until I review the other parent and pedigree selected. Until then, parents may be used with the designation [pending] on your list. No information can be copied from these listings without an approved breeding. No photos may be used or reproduced without permission. I reserve the right to reject any breeding for any reason. In some cases I've indicated how many generations are available on pedigrees, I'll try to add this to all listings eventually. Some breeds' pedigrees are much harder to obtain than others, so a few of the rarer breeds may have scant pedigrees.

PHOTOS REQUESTED In cases where I'm showing the sire and/or dam in Bloostock classes, I might specially request offspring photo. Digital is fine, attached to email. I always appreciate an offspring photo. I put these in my files, and save them for breeding class usage or records.

TERMS USED: I've sometimes used the terms PSP, PSW and LSW to indicate horses which have photo show placed, won a 1st in a photo show, or live show placed, etc. Some of my records have been lost over the years, so the horses' show records are not truly complete. Also, updating the show records is one of the last things I designate time for, so some horses noted as "not yet shown" are now winners or Champions!

ID or BSO: I will accept BSO breedings for my stallions under most circumstances (inquire) and for my mares with a time limit of one year to obtain a body. If you do not confirm a body within one year, I reserve the right to cancel that breeding and re-open that year for the mare.

I usually have new horses on a monthly, basis, so this list is always "in the process". I also have limited time to work on additions and finishing up breeds, so I do my pedigreeing as time allows. As disclosure notice, breeding requests are not terribly high on my priority list. They always come after all "real life" committments, and also after judging photo shows; also entering takes precedence. As with everyone, my time is limited, so these sometimes slide. All I can say is, "Keep after me" if you need it done faster than I'm getting to it.

Laurel O Dedes
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AKHAL-TEKES and Halfbred- updated 5/06
NEW! Sinequanon 1984/85/86 black Akhal-Teke stallion (Azatlyk [m-pend-j.soresen] x Sharlawuk [m-pend-j.soresen]- Gindukush®) SM Native Dancer SR OF. Foals: 1989 on.

Anatole 1990 chestnut Akhal-Teke stallion (Turali [®] x Azaliya [®]- 968 Pursat) Breyer SR SM Native Dancer. Foals: 1994 on.

Kellius 1986 bay Akhal-Teke mare. (Darius [m-js] x Kelchermek [m-js]- 685 Angar [l]) All lines trace to live. Breyer SM Native Dancer repainted by Kathy Marsh. Winner. Dam of Gizem, 91, o/b Heidi Reaves. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Kharkovaka 1989 bay Akhal-Teke mare (Paganai [m-j.sorensen] x Kebelek [mj.sorensen]-Palatli®) Franklin Mint Akhal Teke Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Galianya 1993 buckskin ½ TB, ½ Akhal Teke mare (Gizlin [m-js] x Maplewood -TB [m-phf]- Aspenwood) All lines to live horses. Breyer 'Bolya' Halla OF. Showing in halter and performance. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

Astrakhana 1994 palomino Akhal-Teke mare (Astrakhan [l] x Golden Targa [m-cc]- Goldwillow) 3/4. Sire is the Nat' l Champion Akhal-Teke. Dam has lines to Goldwillow, Neon II and Norilsk. Artist's resin by Fara Shimbo LE of 10. Photo show winner. Years available: 99,00,01,02.

ALTER-REAL- updated 7/09 certain lines of Lusitanos, from the state stud
*Gavilán 1999 bay Alter-Real stallion (Assirico [l] x Cissita [bso]- Cisne® x Lequita [AR]®) 3 gens on sire, 5/3+ on dam; these are Lusitanos of Alter-Real lines, from Britain. Breyer Justin Morgan. Foals: 2003 on.

Sagittaria 1987 black bay Alter-Real mare (Gemdene [m-oma] x Gloria [m-oma]- Noble Testimony) Hartland Polo Pony OF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

AMERICAN CREAM AND WHITE- updated 5/06- Horses of cremello, perlino, all white sabino or ivory champagne coloration. Any breeding is allowed, although the breed began with a horse of primarily Arabian and Morgan blood. Many also appear under another breed listing. These horses may be bred to non-creams of their own or other breeds, for other than Cream breed horses.
Superstition 1994 white (all white sabino) American Cream Mustang stallion (Special Warrior [l] x Mystic Maiden [l]- Thunder Cloud) Both sire and dam are registered Spanish Mustangs. He is also listed under Mustangs. Breyer 'Silver' OF. Photo show winner, MEPSA 01 & MEPSA 02 qualified. Sire of Chris Wallbruch's Red Barchetta. Foals: 1998 on.

Laurelwood's Meadow Oracle 1996 perlino American Cream Morgan stallion (Delphi Adonis [m-phf] x October Meadowgold [m-phf]- October Highlands [m-oma]) BSO at this time, intended to be a #48 custom. Foals: 2000 on. Will sire only buckskins, palominos, smoky blacks, cremellos or perlions.

Moira 1998 ivory champagne American Creme mare (Mascarpone [®] x Terry's Golden Girl [®]- Yankee's Moonlight Bandit) Sire is the cremello Warmblood stallion, who was double registered as American Cream and dam is a gold champagne Missouri Fox Trotter. Japan china clover OF. Years available: 03,04,on.

Vanilla Creme 2006 amber champagne American Cream And White Horse filly (Laurelwood's Meadow Oracle [m-phf] x Moira [m-phf]) Otagiri Japan OF. Foal body. Years available: 2011 on.

Frosty Irish
1971-2002 grey (Frosty Highland [l] x Abie's Irish Rose [l]-American Born) Old lines, HTF today. Twice to American Born. Breyer 5 gaiter customized by Jason Ross, aka Nancy Strowger. Winner. Foals: 1975-1991, limited numbers per year through '01.

Express Train 1974-1993 Blue roan sabino (Society's Crown Jewel [®] x Sparkling Cider [bso]- Chief's Sweet Cider [R]) To Society Rex, American Ace, Conowingo's Grand, Sparkling Waters. The roan coloration comes through Hodge's Gloriana Dare (Stonewall King x Daphne Dare). WC micro mini custom. Foals: 1978-1994 only

Society Bourbon Cynsation 1975-2005 Buckskin (Society Mastermined [l] bay x Cynthiana Of Belvedere [m-rr] palo- Bourbon Peavine Of Belvedere) Sire line to Kalarama Rex; pedigree includes Spoonbill, Leatherwood King, Golden Cavalier. deceased. Sire of Heiress To Evening, o/b PHF, Cyncerely Sweet, o/b PHF, DHRs Melody Cynsation, o/b Cory Hartung and Society's Summer Song, o/b Mary Schoedel. Winner. Foals: 1979-99 Foals, prefer: Clock horses, Breyer OM SMs, H-R ASBs, Breyer NM SMs, etc.

Wild Assignment 1979 bay stallion (Captain's Assignment [l] x Wild Ginger [l]- Wild Genius [l]) Anacacho Denmark sire line through WC Broadland's Captain Denmark, also Special Assignment, King Barrymore, Bourbon King, Grand Stonewall. Winner's Choice micro mini OF. Sire of MIJC multiple Champion, Supreme Assignment; Foxfire Ruby's Wild Night, o/b Delana Metcalf; Phantom Candle, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Sterling Silverrose, o/b Sue Stahl. Foals: 1983-2005.

Mr. Moonbeam 1980 grey/gelded 1999 (OMA's Sultan [m-oma] x OMAs Ima Title Too [m-oma]-OMA's Titleist) Lines to OMA and TW horses: Dance Or Die, TW Exhiliration, TW Extra Extra. Also to Lady Carrigan, Wing Commander & Sparkling Waters, all live and notable horses. Napco Japan china OF. Photo show placed. Sire of Nights In White Satin, o/b PHF. Foals: 1984-2000.

Island Sensation 1981 palomino stallion (Thunder Island [live] x Sport's Mara-Gold Sensation [live]- Wonder Boy's Sport) Sire bred by Ellen Scripps Davis. He is by Flashy Bourbon Peavine, out of Lasting Star by Wing Commander. His dam has lesser used lines: Mack's Golden Parader, Genius Of Stonyridge, Cameo Kirby, Bourbon King, etc. Japan OF. Sire of Caribbean Sun Sensation, o/b PHF. Foals: 1985-2004.

Key To Success 1981 chestnut tobiano pinto (Key Largo [l] x Symbol Of Success [bso-lod]- Status Symbol [l]) The unsurpassed Wing Commander sire line, along with Flashy Bourbon Peavine on the sire side. Dam is a full sister to WC Night Prowler~ by Status Symbol and out of Empire's Lady Genius by Anacacho Empire. Winner's Choice micro mini OF. Sire of Foxfire Champagne On Ice, o/b Delana Metcalf and Pearls And Lace, o/b PHF. Foals: 1985 on

Tea Leaves 1983 chestnut (Family Jewels [l] x Foxy Brown [l]- Chief Of Greystone) Sire by Grape Tree's Fox, out of a daughter of Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly. Dam is by a son of the great Wing Commander, out of Carol Trigg. OF Breyer 5 gaiter, top notch condition. Sire of Too Darn Hot, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Poconos Lalita, o/b Sherry Ball; Meadow Leaves, o/b Randa Garrett; winner Long Island Iced Tea and placed Red Zinger, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1987 on

Emerald Isle's Mile High 1985 Bay tobiano stallion (Irish American [l] x Rosie's High Color [bso]- Modern Creation [l]) Sire a Champion stallion by The Rambler, Bourbon Genius sire line. Starheart's Society, RWC Anacacho Dancer, WC Oman's Anacacho Rhythm, Anacacho Denmark, Veiled Prophet, Sensation Rex on dam's side. Breyer 96 SR #710396 JCP 'Gaited Breeds of America'. Sire of Poetic Enough, Emeralds and Rubies and Irish Eyes. Winner. Foals: 1989 on

Solar Supreme 1985 palomino (Little Supreme Sensation [m-ls] x Shadow's Dream [live]-CH The Black Emerald) sire to Valley View Supreme, dam is double Wing Commander. Will accept 40% non-dilute foals. Breyer glossy palomino 5-gaiter, restored to perfection by Nan Wagner. Photo show winner, MEPSA Year-End International Reserve Champion ASB, and Top Ten Discontinued Breyer. Sire of chocolate palomino, Solar Eclipse, and Golden Lustre, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1989 on

PT Beauregard 1988 Dark buckskin (Anacacho's Golden Genius [l] x Scarlett O'Hara [m-lod]-Radiant Sultan [l]) Ace O'Goshen sire line, also to Anacacho Denmark. Sire of Ribbons and Beaus, o/b Rebel Meadow Ranch; Vogue, o/b Chris Wallbruch and winner Tropical Tango, o/b PHF. Breyer #51 'Commander' OF touch-up. Foals: 1992 on

Glynhill Tintype 1989 grey stallion (IIS Tintinnabulation [m-b.kruger] x IIS Twist Of Fate [m-b.kruger]-Grape Tree's Fox [live]) 7/7. Gelded 2008. All lines to live. Sire is by The Silver Lining, by WGC Yorktown. Multiple lines to King's Genius and Edna May's King; Ace O'Goshen, Kalurama, Wing Commander. BHR Saddlebred resin OF. Sire of Nella Fantasia, 93, Multi-Champion, o/b Randa Garrett. Foals: 1993-2008

Jazzmaster Gold 1989 Golden chestnut tobiano (Chubasco [r] x Golden Ribbons [m-phf]-Golden Symbol [m-bb]) By #1 sire Chubasco, Wing Commander sire line through Yorktown. Also, Anacacho Denmark. Sire of CH. PHF Saffron, Jam Session and Jazzy Ginger, all o/b PHF. Breyer #700298 show special 5 Gaiter "A Class Act" OF. Foals: 1993 on

After Midnight 1990 Black (Captive Spirit [l] x Midnight Confession [m-phf]-OMA's Blue Moon) Captive Spirit is a World Grand Champion and a six time World Champion stallion; in hand as a weanling, and then in fine harness. Strong fine harness lines! Sire line goes to Stonewall's Golden Dream. Beside broodmare sire being a son of the popular Valley View Supreme, most of these lines are more unusual ones. Dam is on this list, with great lines to Special Assignment, Belle of the Dell, Wing Commander. Breyer 5-Gaiter CM by Terri DeWit. PS Winner, 1st show. Sire of Valentine Kisses; Society's Night Out; The Midnight Hour, o/b PHF; Midnight Heiress, o/b Diane Peter and The Witching Hour, o/b Jean Whipple. Foals: 1994 on

Red Zinger 1990 strawberry roan ASB stallion (Tea Leaves [m-phf] x Morning Glory [m-phf]-OMAs Sultan[m-oma]) Grape Tree's Fox, Wing Commander, Lady Carrigan, Sparkling Waters. Both sire and dam are on this listing. Breyer 2001 5-gaiter 'Firefly' OF. Foals: 1994 on. 

Galaxy Starlight 1992 Dapple grey (OMAs Blue Moon [m-oma] x Paramount Starlight Express [m-ff] -CH Paramount Irish Lad [m]) Dam linebred to Wing Commander, also to Stonewall King. Breyer #109 OF. Foals: 1996 on

Nights In White Satin 1992 grey stallion (Mr. Moonbeam [m-phf] x White Hot Satin [m-phf]- Our Grey Dawn [®]) both sire and dam on my listing. Lines to OMA and TW horses: Dance Or Die, TW Exhiliration, TW Extra Extra. Also to Lady Carrigan, Wing Commander & Sparkling Waters, all live and notable horses. Dam's sire is double Kalarama Rex. Granddam's sire is a sabino chestnut, known for throwing a lot of white on offspring. White Hot Satin is a heterozygous grey, born chestnut with four high whites. Breyer SR 'First Frost' OF. Foals: 1996 on.

Night Train 1992 Blue roan (Express Train [m-lod] x Midnight Confession [m-phf]- OMA'S Blue Moon) Sire is currently BSO, but may well get a body. True old roan Saddlebred line brought forward through sire's dam. Traces all to real horses. Kalarama Rex, Spoonbill, American Ace, Conowingo's Grand, Sparkling Waters. Dam carries Naughty Verdict, My My, Special Assignment, Airman, Belle Of The Dell and Wing Commander, Anacacho Shamrock, Valley View Supreme and model lines. Breyer 'Moonshadows' 94 JAH SR 5 gaiter (2000) OF. Sire of Blue Flame, 99, o/b Ann Jone' McGinnes; Ticket To Ride, multiple Champion, and Jovita, o/b Kay Myers Foals: 1996 on

Solar Eclipse 1992 dark chocolate palomino (charcoal) (Solar Supreme [m-phf] x Heiress To Evening [m-phf]- Society Bourbon Synsation) although I've never seen an ASB in this color, it occurs in Morgans, and only takes the dilution gene to be possible. He should be able to sire foals colored like himself ;-) as well as other shades of palomino plus chestnut and cremello if another dilute parent is chosen. Like all palominos, he can't sire buckskin, bay or black unless bred to a non-chestnut based horse. Breyer 'Rhett' 5 gaiter OF. Sire of Sharcoal, 96, o/b Ann Jone' McGinnes. Foals: 1996 on.

Supreme Assignment 1992 bay (Wild Assignment [m-phf] x Albemarle Supreme Vanity [m-phf]) both parents on this list. Anacacho Denmark sire line through WC Broadland's Captain Denmark, also Special Assignment, King Barrymore, Bourbon King, Grand Stonewall. Dam to Genius Bourbon King through Valley View Supreme. Dam's sire is a WC son of Supreme Sultan. Supreme Sultan has one of the best producing female families. Also, Stonewall's Reveler, Lucky Kalarama. ceramic finished by Mary Miserak. Multiple CHAMPION. Breed Champion, make Champion. Sire of Heirloom Silver, on this list. Foals: 1996 on.

Independence Day 1993 bay sabino ASB stallion (CH. Heir To Champagne x Albemarle Supreme Vanity [m-phf]-Albearm Supremacy [l]) Sire is a striking, Champion, liver chestnut sabino. Breyer 2001 TRU SR 5-gaiter 'Valiant Bey' OF. Foals: 1997 on

NEW! Osay Can You See 1993 dark palomino ASB stallion (gelded 1998) (Clever Dynasty [m-a.haddock] x Ace's Golden Sea [m-a.haddock]- Robert E Sea®) All lines to live. Glenknoll's MoreTo Sea, Wing Commander, Starheart's Decision, Prophet's Genius Decision, The Axe. UCAGCO Japan OF china. Foals: 1997 and 1998 only.

Brittania's In A Flash 1994 chestnut tobiano pinto ASB stallion (Flashpoint [m-pend-woodl] ch tob x Brittania [m-pend-woodl] ch tob- Buck Rogers) From Michelle Peck Williams' program, his sire, Flashpoint, is a NAN Top Ten and Reserve Champion Donna Chaney model. His dam has 100% live lines, a daughter of Buck Rogers. Breyer 'Project Universe' OF. Foals: 1999 on

Storm Trooper 1994 grey (After Midnight [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]- Frosty Irish [m-phf]) Both sire and dam on this list. Breyer SR 2000 5 gaiter. Sire of Snow Fire, 98, o/b Ann Jone' McGinnes. Foals: 1998 on

Perpetual Romeo 1994/95/96 palomino (WBP Anticipation+ [m-c.wallbruch] x Golden Elegance [m-h.mays]- Flight Time Gold [l]) All lines to live. Hagen-Renaker Honora BHR SR palomino. Multiple Champion. 2005 IPABRA Top Ten OF Saddlebred Point Earner. IPBRA NSH nominated. Foals: 1999 on.

Moonlight Mastergold 1995 palomino tobiano (Solsbury's Silver Moon [m-c.nakagawa] x Harlequin Shimmer [m-c.nakagawa]- Showtime Harlequin Glitter [m-l.williams]) Live lines to The Silver Lining, 2x CH Yorktown, Chief Of Greystone, Valley's Desdemona Denmark, Harlequin Magic Maker, CH mare Duchess Delovely and WGC CH Cora's Time! Breyer CM 5 gaiter by Jennifer MacLeod. Well Placed. Foals: 1999 on.

Southern Harvest 1997 palomino ASB stallion (CH. Harvest Commander [live] x Starheart's Southern Lady [live]- Pat Pending) Sire is a Champion, by CH Sky Watch, and gets the palomino color from Bourbon Peavine of Belvedere. Dam has lines to CH Night Prowler, Hide-A-Ways Firefly Supreme, Starheart Peavine, Chief Beauchamp. CM LB. Not shown. Foals: 2001 on.

Believe In Me 1998 chestnut tobiano stallion (Mr. Bojangles [m-k.fawcett] x We Can Make Believe [m-k.fawcett]- The Showboat®) Lines to CH Rick Rack, Private Contract, Status Symbol, CH Will Shriver. Breyer "Chubasco" clock horse OF. New- NYS. Foals: 2002 on.

Ironclad Command 1999 grey stallion (Glynhill Tintype [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]-Frosty Irish [m-phf]) Lefton large ASB OF Multiple CHAMPION. 1st show: 1st of 42 Lefton, 1st of 14 ASB/TWH and Reserve Champion. 2nd show: 1st Lefton, Champion Lefton, 1st ASB/TWH. Available: 2003 on.

Smoked Bourbon Rocks 1999 sooty buckskin (Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-phf] x Ballet School [m-phf]- Wild Assignment [m-phf]) Old, less common lines. Kalarama Rex, Spoonbill, Leatherwood King, The Rambler, Rex McDonald, Special Assignment, Bourbon King. This stallion is the replacement for his sire at Persimmon Hill. Breyer "clock horse" CM by Kathy McKenzie. Foals: 2004 on.

Beau Dancer 2000 bay ASB stallion (PT Beauregard [m-phf] x Ballet School [m-phf] - Wild Assignment [m-phf]) Japan china OF. CHAMPION. Foals: 2004 on.

NEW! Buckeye FoxXTwo- on 2012 list- 2005 liver chestnut ASB stallion (Tea Leaves [m-phf] x Foxfire Buckeye Strut [m-d.metcalf]- IIS Solsbury Hill [m-b.kruger]) Sire has lines to Grape Tree's Fox, Vanity's Sensation of Crebilly, and Anacacho Shamrock, sire of the great Wing Commander, top and bottom. Dam also to Grape Tree's Fox, and to Oman's Desdemona Denmark, Stonewall Supreme,Kourageous Kalu.Stone DAH ASB. Winner. Foals: 2009 on.

Ruby Slippers
1978 bay (The Red Rambler [l] x Symbol's Queen [l] bay- Status Symbol) Red Rambler was a once prominent son of The Rambler, by Genius Bourbon King. Bourbon King sire line. Also, Rex McDonald. Hartland 7" ASB OF. Dam of My Blue Heaven, 83, o/b Natasha Powers; Heroes For Ghosts, 84, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Sultan's Burnished Ruby, '85, o/b W. Blum; Touch Of Class, 86, o/b Betsy Bissell; Foxfire Ruby's Wild Night, 87, o/b Delana Metcalf; Sandlewood, '88 o/b Alethea Drexler; Dancing After Midnight, 94, o/b Monika Stewart; and Ballet School, 95, o/b PHF. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Irish Silverrose Frost 1979 grey (black base) (Frosty Irish [m-phf] grey x Maiden Moon [l] blk- Bold Society) Sire by Frosty Highland. Part of name must be carried forward. Lefton ASB OF. Dam of Frosty Fizz, 84, o/b Amanda Geci; Sterling Silverrose, 85, o/b Sue Stahl; Frosty's Sterling Belle, 86, o/b PHF; Silverrose Charlotte, '87, o/b Alethea Drexler; Foxfire Moon Frost, 88, o/b Delana Metcalf; IPABRA 04 pedigree auction, 90, o/b; DHRs Bluerose Frost, 91, o/b Cory Hartung; Highland Classic Rose, 93, o/b PHF; Storm Trooper, 94, o/b PHF; Champion Silvered Bourbon Rose, 98, o/b PHF; Champion Ironclad Command, 99, o/b PHF; and winner Heirloom Silver, 01, o/b PHF.Part of name must be carried forward.  Years Open: 92,95,96,97,99,00,02,03

Champagne Mimosa 1980 chestnut (Champagne Fizz [l] x Winter Wine [l]-Gallant Guy O' Goshen) Dam is World Champion mare, with Beau Gallant and Conowingo. Winner's Choice micro OF. Dam of All Fizzed Up, 85, o/b Wendy Blum; Foxfire Champagne On Ice, 86, o/b Delana Metcalf; Too Darn Hot, 89, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Ladybird, 93, o/b Althea Drexler; Belle Supreme, 95, o/b Sarah Norini; It's My CHampagne, 96, o/b Randa Garrett and Ticket To Ride, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 87,88,90,91,92,94,97,98,99,00,01,02.

Meadow Melody 1980 flaxen chestnut (King Of Magic [l] x Meadow Duchess [l]-Americus Denmark) Sire is by Mr Magic Man, by the great Wing Commander. Sire's dam to Sparkling Waters and Guided By Love. Dam's sire is by Anacacho Denmark. Dam's dam was the beautiful Meadow Princess, a fine harness horse. Also Meadow Majesty, Abie's Genius, Edna May's King and Leatherwood King. Custom SM NM ASB by Jaci Hibbert. Dam of DHRs Melody Cynsation, 85, o/b Cory Hartung; Danske Magic, 86, o/b Jean Sorensen; Meadow Leaves, 87, o/b Randa Garrett; Foxfire Jade Sensation, 89, o/b Delana Metcalf; Phantom Candle, 91, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Sharcoal, 96, o/b Ann Jone' McGinnes; Society's Summer Song, 99, o/b Mary Schoedel; GTF Mile High Melody, 03, o/b Nora Gunderman; PHF Meadow Monarch, 04, o/b PHF and Jingle Jangle Morning, 05, o/b PHF. MEPSA qualified 2002, winning the custom ASB class. Years open: 87,88,90,92,93,97,98,00,01,02.

Sultan's Op Art 1982 Black tobiano pinto (Winter Sultan [l] x Modern Lady Starheart [bso-lod]- Modern Creation [l]) Winner's Choice micro OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Blushing Aphrodite, 90, Live show Multi-Champ, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Optimoniumm, 93 NSH, o/b Shannon Tostanoski; Streaming Midnight, 94, o/b Sarah Norini; Pacifica, 95, o/b Melinda Blegan; The Witching Hour, 96, o/b Jean Whipple and Pearls And Lace,02, ob PHF. Years available: 87,88,89,91,92,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,05.

Golden Moon 1983 bronze palomino (Lunar Fire G.S. [l] ch x Gold Empress [m-oma] palo-Advance Notice) Sire has get that are Champions in all divisions. Wing Commander sire line, also Ensign's Dream, Valley View Supreme, The Red Rambler, Lady Carrigan. Hartland 7" 5 gaiter OF. Dam of Sweetbrooke Class Act, Winner and LSP, '89, o/b Betsy Bissell; Golden Lustre, '90, o/b PHF; Cointreau 93, for 03 IPABRA auction and Copper Penny Moon, 01, o/b PHF.  Years open: 88,91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,02,03

Sunbeam's Fortune Cookie 1983 strawberry roan (Captain Fortune [®] x Christian's Sunbeam [m-j.lord]- Captain Christian®) True roan line, from Judy Roan. Hartland ASB NIB OF. Dam of Fortunate Twist, 96, o/b Vicki Griffith, and Cyncerely Sweet, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,03,04.

Castanet 1984 black (Harlem Globetrotter [l] blk x SWF Castanet [m-phf]- Mistletoe Magic [m-bhr]) Sire is a famous WC, by New Yorker, Wing Commander sire line. Dam is by BHR's Son of Wing Commander and out of Mary Sue Humphries' Starheart Stonewall mare. Breyer 89 Sears SR SM OF. Breyer 89 Sears SR SM OF. Dam of Season Of The Witch, '89, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Jack Sparrow PtE, 90, o/b Carra Reinmiller; Mr. Sandman, '91, o/b Karen Fawcett; CTR Smokey Emerald, 92, o/b Angela Bates; 'Round Midnight, 94, o/b PHF; Rhythm Master, 95, o/b Marta Towne; Midnight Miracle, 96, o/b Jessica Bates; Pocono's Lalita, 99, o/b Sherry Ball; Spanish Harlem Night, 00, o/b PHF and The Midnight Hour, 04, o/b Persimmon Hill. Multiple winner. MEPSA Top Ten in 2003. Available: 93,97,98,01,02,03,05,06.

Heiress to Evening 1984 Mare Dark buckskin  (Society Bourbon Cynsation [bso-lod] x Champagne Heiress [m-oma]-Champagne Fizz [l]) Hartland 7" ASB repaint by J. Vallejo. Dam of Foxfire Pirate Treasure, 89, o/b Delana Metcalf; Solar Eclipse, '92, o/b PHF; Midnight Heiress, '94, o/b Diane Peter and Evening Roses, 00 o/b PHF.
Photo show placed. Years available: 90,91,93,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Morning Glory 1984 strawberry roan (OMAs Sultan [m-oma] x Mido Suzi [m-oma]- Grandhill Rollicking Jay) To TW horses, and the live horses Lady Carrigan, Sparkling Waters and Wing Comander. Hartland 9" 5-gaiter OF. Champion. Dam of Red Zinger, '90 o/b PHF; NSH Glory Glory, 05, o/b PHF and Queen Of The Bay, 06, o/b Anna C. Years available: 89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,07,on.

Scarlett OHara 1984 Bay (Radiant Sultan [l] x Spring Status (bso)-Status Symbol [l]) The greats Supreme Sultan and Status Symbol, Anacacho Denmark, Stonewall Supreme. Breyer #1021 'Belle' LB ASB OF. Dam of P.T. Beauregard, on this list; Ulysses, '89, o/b Alethea Drexler; Poetic Enough, 96, o/b Heather Mays; Midnight By Train, 97, o/b Melissa Blegan, abd Scarlett's Gypsy Emerald, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,98,99,00,01,03,04,on.

Stonewall Silver Belle 1984 Grey (The Silver Lining [l] x Belle Of Jasper [l]-Supreme Sultan) Breyer NM ASB SM QVC SR 2002 OF. Dam of Meadow Silver Satin, 89, o/b PHF; Nella Fantasia, 93, Multi-Champion, o/b Randa Garrett; and Sultan's Swing 'N Time, 97, o/b Allison Harpole. Years Open: 90,91,92,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Golden Ribbons 1985 Palomino (Golden Symbol [m-bb] palo x Promise Me This [m-ff]) Line to models Worthy Choice and Bay Nobi, to real horses Flashy Bourbon Peavine, Flight Time, Status Symbol, Anacacho Shamrock, Kalarama Rex. Breyer #LB OF. Dam of Jazzmaster Gold, '89, o/b PHF, Ribbons N Beaus, '90, o/b Rebel Meadow Ranch and Bahama Breeze, '91, o/b PHF. Years available:92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Frosty's Sterling Belle 1986 grey (black base) (Sultan's Great Day [l] black x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-ph]-Frosty Irish) By a World Champion, whose sire is Supreme Sultan. Lines to Stonewall Supreme and Denmark Beaverkettle through sire; dam on list above. Breyer 96 JCP SM OF dapple grey. Dam of Long Island Iced Tea, 91, o/b PHF; and Express Yourself, 92, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Years Open: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00, 01,02,03,on

Midnight Confession 1986 Black (OMA's Blue Moon [m-oma] x Confidential Agent [m-ff]- Dream Merchant) Sire has lines to My My, Naughty Verdict, Special Assignment, Belle of the Dell and Wing Commander. Dam is by a Top Ten, ROM stallion. Most lines are real, a few model. Dam of After Midnight, 90, o/b PHF; Rimed Confession, 91, o/b Emily Leslie and Night Train, 92, o/b PHF. Part of name must be carried forward. Breyer LB #1603 ASB OF. Photo Show Winner. Years open: 95,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Say You Will 1986 bay (Repeat After Me [m-c.nakagawa] x Show Me Off [m-c.nakagawa]- Show Me Too [l]) Society Rex sire line, also carries Private Contract, CH Wing Commander, Flirtation Walk. CH Will Shriver, Carol Trigg, 2x CH Valley View Supreme. SM custom by Michelle McKissack. 2005 IPABRA Top Ten CM Saddlebred Point Earner. Dam of Phantom Candle, 93, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Dam of Your Special Assignment, 91, o/b Randa Garrett. Years available: 92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on. I appreciate part of her name carried forward.

Albemarle Supreme Vanity 1987 bay (Albelarm Supremacy [l] ch x Titleist's Vanity [m-pend-rocknm]bay- Titleist) Sire line Genius Bourbon King through Valley View Supreme. Sire is a WC son of Supreme Sultan. Supreme Sultan has one of the best producing female families. Also, Stonewall's Reveler, Lucky Kalarama. Dam of Elvish Legacy, 1992, o/b Kit R and Independance Day, 93, o/b PHF. Years Open: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Ohmygoodness Gracious 1987 red roan ASB mare (Hayfield's Last Guy [l] ch x Blues Serenade [m-hr]- Courageous In Blue [l]) Hayfield's Last Guy by Gallant Guy O'Goshen, #1 Sire and WGC 5-Gaited Stallion. Sire line to Sun Beau. American Ace, Bobby Sea, Conowingo. Less common blood. Hartland Saddlebred OF. Dam of Supreme Grace, 92, o/b Beata Parsons; Drops Of Jupiter, 93, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Goodnight Kiss, 94, o/b Karen Fawcett and Foxfire Center Stage, o/b Delana Metcalf. Years Open: 95,96,98,99,00, 01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Ruby Jubilee 1987 Bay (Longview's Paladin [l] x Rhapsody in Red [m-ff]-Vogue [m]) Sire is a Valley View Supreme stallion crossed on a Wing Commander mare. Dam is Jen Raymond's good mare, M-CH, TT, ROM Rhapsody In Red, out of TT ROM LOM Bay Nobi, a Flight Time and Real Grand Stander granddaughter. Breyer #5002 SM. Dam of Emeralds And Rubies,03, o/b PHF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

White Hot Satin 1987 grey ASB mare (Our Grey Dawn [®] x Satin Ribbons [®]- Center Ring) Sire is double Kalarama Rex. Dam's sire is a sabino chestnut, known for throwing a lot of white on offspring. Satin is a heterozygous grey, born chestnut with four high whites. Bred to chestnut, she can only produce chestnut, grey or chestnut sabino, but bred to a black-based color horse, she could produce bay, etc., too, with or without lots of chrome. Hartland OF. Dam of Nights In White Satin, 92, o/b PHF. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Georgia Amber 1988 Palomino (Cobra Command [m-ff] x Amber Light [m-oma]-Amber Flash) By Fleetwood Farms Multi-Champion, Top Ten, LOM, ROM palomino stallion. Dam is from Chris Semon's program, has lines to OMA's Titlelist, Dance or Die and other model lines. Hartland 7" ASB OF. Dam of CH. Saffron, 03, o/b Persimmon Hill and '97 reserved for Alethea Drexler. CHAMPION, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION. Years Open: 93,96,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Meadow Silver Satin 1989 Grey (Lord O'Shea [l] ch x Stonewall Silver Belle [bso-lod]grey- The Silver Lining) Sire is a gorgeous sire of WCs. Sire line Anacacho Denmark through Oman's Desdemona Denmark. Also Stonewall King and Meadow Majesty. Dam is by The Silver Lining, and out of a Stonewall Starfire mare; lines to Stonewall Supreme and Anacacho Shamrock. Breyer action ASB SM OF. Dam of Wildly Frosted, 94, o/b Mary Vinyard; Vogue, 95, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Snow Fire, 98, o/b Ryder Kair. Years Open: 94,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Sunny Bourbonee 1989 liver chestnut Saddlebred Sporthorse mare (TOP O'HILL BOURBON STONEWALL [l] Beata Parsons [Wings of Time x Melodie's Blue Note, Skyrim's Bourbon Stonewall] chestnut x Taffy's Golden Sunshine [l]- Energetic Lad) Sire was a IPABRA member's real Saddlebred sporthorse, and dam is a live palomino Saddlebred sporthorse. Sire and dam both have sire line to Wing Commander through Flight Time. Photo show placed. Years available: 1994,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Brandy's Ginger Rogers 1990 Chestnut tobiano pinto (The Brass Brandy [m-OMA] x Dance or Die [m-OMA]) To Real Grand Stander 2x, Wild Country, Society Rex 3x. Out of an October Acres broodmare. Breyer #5651 99 SM OF. Photo show winner. Dam of Persian Rose, 96, o/b Melinda Blegan. Years open: 95,97,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Golden Lustre 1990 palomino (Solar Supreme [m-phf] x Golden Moon [m-phf]- Lunar Fire [l]) both parents on this list. Hartland new 2001 release ASB OF. NYS. Years open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Bahama Breeze 1991 palomino tobiano pinto (Sultan's Sun Spots [l] ch tob x Golden Ribbons [m-phf]palo- Golden Symbol [m-bb] palo) 4+/ Bahama is a 1/2 sister to Jazzmaster Gold on this list. Sire is by Supreme Sultan and out of the CH. mare, Honey Wind by Flashy Bourbon Peavine. Breyer 96 JCP SR OF palo pinto. Dam of Bahama Belle, 96 NSH, o/b Michelle Arras; Tropical Breeze, 97 NSH, o/b Cindi Nakagawa, Magnifique, NSH, 02, o/b PHF; Caribbean Sun Sensation, 04, o/b PHF and My Trpical Gale, 05, o/b Oak Tree Farm. Years Open: 98,99,00,01,03,06,on.

Blaise O' Dawn 1991 grey (Blaise O'Callen [l] gr x Spring Training [l] ch -Epcot Center) Sire was never shown, but has good old producing lines. To Bourbon Genius, through Genuis Bourbon King. Also King Of Highland, Kalarama Rex. Dam has high white stockings, her lines include Supreme Sultan, Stonewall Supreme, Highland Born, Captain Courageous. Maternal family has produced WCs. Dam of Winter Moon, 96, o/b Beata Parsons and Flag Raiser, 97, o/b PHF. Years open: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Long Island Iced Tea 1991 chestnut (Tea Leaves [m-phf] x Frosty's Sterling Belle [m-phf]-Sultan's Great Day [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. HR small 'Honora' OF. Photo show placed. Dam of Socks, 96, o/b Mary Lineman. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Passing Fancy 1991 Bay tobiano pinto (Wild Assignment [m-phf] x Winter Fancy [bso-phf]- Winter Carnival®) Breyer #62 ASB weanling repaint (FOAL body) Retired Reserve Champion. Dam of High Fashion Fancy, 07, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,08,09,10,11.

PHF Damask 1992 Light dapple Grey (Impressario [m-ff]x Society Silk [m-OMA]- Society Assignment) Damask is heavily model bred, by GR CH Impressario, who is by a CH. and out of a CH sired broodmare. Damask is out of a Wonka Spritz granddaughter. Also to OMA's Titleist, Dance or Die. Live lines to Victory Ace, Starheart Stonewall and Valley View Supreme. Breyer #5002 SM repaint. Dam of Dance With Me, '97, o/b Rockin M Ranch. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Summer Cameo 1992 chestnut tobiano pinto (Firewind Cameo [m-OMA] x Gazebo Dances [m-OMA]) Robert E Sea sire line, also to Flight Time, Chubasco, Status Symbol, Anacacho Empire and Supreme Sultan. Some model lines. Breyer 98 old mold SM OF. Now showing. dam of Summer Success, 1997, o/b Kit R and Jovita, 02, o/b Kay Myers. Years open: 98,99,00,01,03

Tropical Tango 1992 bay tobiano ASB mare (P T Beauregard [m-phf] x Remember Topical Gale®- Chubasco) Chubasco by Fountain Of Youth by Yorktown, out of PtHA Champion Tropical Gale from famous Scripps Miramar Ranch, by Ensign's Storm Warning to Edna May's King, out of Miss Stormy Weather by Anacacho Empire. Carries double Cameo Kirby. resin by Candace Liddy. Winner. MEPSA Reserve Champion. 1st of 25 CM Gaited, 9th of 109 CM Mares. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Apricot Jam 1993 Palomino (Phi Slama Jama [l] x MW Jazzy Gold [m-os]-Showtime's Gold Card) By a beautiful linebred Denmark's Bourbon Genius stallion and leading sire. Dam goes to Wing Commander, plus Real Grand Stander and other model lines. Breyer 99 SM #5608 palomino OF. CHAMPION & Photo Show Winner. Dam of Magnicot, 98, and Jam Session, 03, o/b PHF. Years open: 99,00,01,02,04,05,06,on.

Highland Classic Rose 1993 Grey (liver chestnut base) (Classic Memories [l] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-ph]-Frosty Irish [m-lod] ) Sire's dam is a Champion. Lines to Genius Mountain Bourbon, Beau Le Rose Peavine, Frosty Highland. Breyer SM ASB Sears 98 SR. RESERVE CHAMPION. Years Open: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Valentine Kisses 1993 Black tobiano pinto (After Midnight [m-lod] x Valentine's Day [m-oma]-Scecina) After Midnight is by a live World Grand Champion and sire of World Champions, Captive Spirit and out of Midnight Confession by OMA's Blue Moon. Society Rex, Kalurama, Valley View Supreme lines. Dam goes to Capitol Hill, Storm Deacon and the real top mare My My. Breyer #9070 LB ASB OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Kaandi Kiss 1994 bay (Kaandi Man [m-hm] x Harlem Jewel [m-hm]- WC Harlem Globetrotter [l]) Lines to Hollyhock Memorial, Candyman, Fashion Page, CH Wing Commander, CH Yorktown, Supreme Sultan & Anacacho Denmark. Sire is a photo show Champion. Breyer new SM ASB OF. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

'Round Midnight 1994 black ASB mare (After Midnight [m-phf] x Castanet [m-phf]- Harlem Globetrotter [l]) Both parents on this list. Lines to WGC Captive Spirit, Valley View Supreme, Special Assignment, Wing Commander and Harlem Globetrotter. Levade china OF. Now showing. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Society's Night Out 1994 black (After Midnight [m-phf] x Midnight Breeze [l]- Private Night) Breyer JAH SR SM ASB OF. Dam of Blue Flame, 99, o/b Ryder Kair. Photo show placed. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,on.

Ballet School 1995 bay ASB mare (Wild Assignment [m-phf] x Ruby Slippers [m-phf]) Both sire and dam on this list. The Rambler, by Genius Bourbon King. Also, Rex McDonald, Anacacho Denmark, Special Assignment, King Barrymore, Bourbon King and Grand Stonewall. Japan china OF. Dam of Beau Dancer, 00, o/b PHF and Jazz Hands, 08, o/b Kay Myers. Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,09,10,11,on.

PHF Chanson Doux 1997 Black tobiano pinto (Cappuccino Royale [r] x SLM Firewind Rhythm [m-slm] black -SLM Firewind Storm) Champagne Fizz, Supreme Sultan, Valley View Supreme, Status Symbol, Wing Comander and Stonewall King. Model line to Dance or Die. Breyer old mold SM repaint. Not shown. Years available: 02,03,04,on.

Flag Raiser 1997 Chestnut sabino filly (Independence Day [m-phf] x Blaise O'Dawn [m-phf]- Blaise O'Callen®) Foal body. Breyer ASB weanling 'Kentuckiana' OF. Available: 02,03,04,on.

NEW! Heaven On Earth 1997 grey (from chestnut) ASB mare DHR’s Fire N Moonlight [m-c.hartung] x Piece Of Heaven [m-c.hartung]- Bayonne) Lines to Dubuque Great Marquis®, Supreme Sultan®, Stonewall Supreme®, Wing Commander®, Wonka Spritz, Roman Candle. Andrea by Sadek ASB OF. Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

Emerald Sky 1998 bay tobiano (Emerald Isle's Mile High [m-phf] x Winter Sky Watch [m-circledp] ch tob- Caribbean Flight) To Irish American, with The Rambler sire line, and the great Flight Time, plus Modern Creation. Years available: 03,04,on.

Silvered Bourbon Rose 1998 grey ASB mare (Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]- Frosty Irish [m-phf]) Japan china OF. Multiple Champion. Years available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Evening Roses 2000 rose grey (from buckskin) ASB mare (Glynhill Tintype [m-phf] x Heiress To Evening [m-phf]- Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-phf]) Kalarama Rex, Champagne Fizz, Spoonbill, Leatherwood King, The Silver Lining, Ace O'Goshen. BHR ASB OF. Years available: 05,06,on.

Spanish Harlem Night 2000 brown mare (After Midnight [m-phf] x Castanet [m-phf] Harlem Globetrotter®) Hagen Renaker Show Special mini Honora OF. Years available: 2005 on.

Copper Penny Moon 2001 chestnut ASB mare (Supreme Assignment [m-phf] x Golden Moon [m-phf]- Lunar Fire G.S.®) Stone SR Pebbles "Showgirl" from Equilociy 2003.  Years available: 2006 on.

Heirloom Silver 2001 grey ASB mare (Supreme Assignment [m-phf] x Irish Silverrose Frost [m-phf]- Frosty Irish[m-phf]) Stone SR "Broadway" Pebbles from Equilocity 2003 Multiple Reserve Champion. 2005 IPABRA Top Ten OF Saddlebred Point Earner. Years available: 2006 on.

Cyncerely Sweet 2002 strawberry roan (Society Bourbon Cynsation [m-phf] x Sunbeam's Fortune Cookie [m-phf]- Captain Fortune®) True roan line, from Judy Roan, dam bred by Julia Lord. Hartland ASB NIB OF. Years available: 07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,on.

Pearls And Lace 2002 black tobiano mare (Key To Success [m-phf] x Sultan's Op Art [m-phf]- Winter Sultan®) Breyer OM SM OF. Years available: 2007 on.

NEW! Golden Mimosa 2002 chestnut tobiano ASB mare (Jazzmaster Gold [m-phf] x Champagne Mimosa [m-phf]- Champagne Fizz®) Kentucky Cabaret resin by Lisa Shepard, haired. MEPSA Qualified 2011 3rd (40) Light type mares. Years available: 07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,on.

Grace In The Moonlight 2003 chestnut mare (The Moonlight Man [m-a.schafroth] x Say Goodnight Gracie [m-a.schafroth]- Supremacy's HIgh Time®) OF Mini Connoisseur “Third Times A Charm” G2 ASB. Years available: 08,09,10,on.

NEW! Invested In Mercedes 2004 grey (bay) ASB mare (Foxfire Heir Commander [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Mercedes Lady [m-d.metcalf]- SLM Firewind Supreme [m-s.feld]) Lines to Brett Kruger's IIS Tintinnabulation, live horses The Silver Lining, Kourageous Kalu, Supreme Sultan and Oman's Desdemona Denmark, and Chris Wallbruch's Wonka Spritz and Gazebo Dances.
Stone Pebbles "Gypsy" OF. Years available: 09,10,11,12,13,14,15,on.

Viento Invierno "Winter Wind"
1984 grey (from bay, carries chestnut) (Dejado II [l] x Inventiva [bso]-Genil [l]) Linebred to Ganador VIII. Also Poseido III, Taco Taco, Agente, Maluso, Dominante. Breyer Andalusian stallion #3060 OF Not yet shown. Sire of Prenda de Navidad, o/b Christie Richardson and Rio de Oro, 97, Azteca, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988 on

Palacio PhD "Palace" 1985 Dapple grey (Embajador II [l] x Crown S Contessa III [l]- Caballeroso de Nevesco) 3 gen. ped. Lines to Lebrero, Africano III, Ambicioso and Hacendoso V. Breyer # 956 Embajador XI OF. PSP. Sire of Beso de Luna, o/b Michelle Weston and Embajador Luna, o/b Mary Lineman. Foals: 1989 on

El Marengo PhD 1986 Grey Pedigree change! (Majorio III [l] x Caprichosa [l]-Capitan XIII) Capitan VIII, Bizarro V, Helicon, Dadivoso and Legionario II. Breyer #68 Legionaro III OF. PSP in breed. Sire of Relampago Blanca, 90, Multi-Champion, o/b Randa Garrett. Foals: 1990 on

Ardiente "Passionate" 1988 bay (Adalid [l] x Lebrijana XI [l] - Poseido V) All PRE live lines. Sarah Rose 'Deseoso' resin finished by Sheri Rhodes. LIVE SHOW RESERVE CHAMPION! NAN Qualified. MEPSA Multiple Champion. Multiple IPABRA Champion. IPABRA Champion Sire. Sire of Zar and Forte, o/b Cindi Nakagawa. Photo (digital okay) of SQ get requested, please! Foals: 1992 on.

Viento Blanco V "White Wind" 1991 grey (Viento Invierno [m-lod] x *Navidad Blanca [m-lod]-Don Marco [l]) Almost all lines have 4 gens. Lines to Ganador VIII, Poseido III, Novato, Leopardo, Legionario III. Breyer #3060 Clas. Andalusian Stallion OF Not yet shown. Sire of Gaucho, o/b PHF. Foals: 1995 on

Cielo de Azul "Blue Sky" 1992 dapple grey (Acero [l] x Celeste [m-lod]- Celatrur [m-oma]) Hosco II sire line. Line to famous Spanish stallion, Jenson. Also, Legionario III, Leopardo. Modelbred dam. Breyer #5016 SM repaint. PS Winner. Foals: 1996 on

El Primero "The First" 1992 bay (Ardiente [m-lod] x Celinda [m-lod]-Teodoro [l]) Both MCH sire and dam on this list. Breyer 'Spanish Pride' OF. PS Winner. This is one of my most consistent showers. Foals: 1995 on

Obscuro de la Luna "Dark Of The Moon" 1992 black (Genio III [l] x Hija de la Luna[bso-lod]-Bizarro X [l]) To Ordago, Odalisca II, Habanero IV, Nevado III, Bruja, Capitan XIII, Bizarro V, Juglar and Leopardo II. Breyer Classic Andalusian stallion OF. Shown lightly, PSP. Foals: 1996 on

Optimo "Excellent" 1992 grey (Don Marco [l] x Odalisca II[l]- Jardinero V) Lines to Leopardo II, Legionario III, Nevado III, Habanero IV and Bruja. Breyer 99 SM Andalusian OF. Live show placed (3rd) Photo show winner, PSP, including 2nd of 109 OF Stallions. Sire of CHAMPION Iantha, o/b PHF. Foals: 1996 on.

Maestro del Mundo 1993 bay PRE Andalusian stallion (Ducado III ® x Tunia®- Temerario V) Linebred to Jenson. Also Legionario III, Capitano, Talayote, Egoista IV, Baratero IX. Eberl 'Almanzor' resin by Brigitte and Lori Williams. Winner, Reserve Champion. Foals: 1997 on.

Limero "Lime Tree" 1994 black (Ardiente [m-lod] x Luna la Plata [m-phf]-Gozo de Plata [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. Breyer black Andalusian OF. Not yet shown, NIB. Foals: 1996 on.

Nacido Navidad "Christmas Born" 1994 grey (Domino [l] x *Navidad Blanca [m-lod]-Leonardo [l]) Legionario III sire line, also to Legionario III through dam side. Breyer #5035 SM repaint. Retired PSP. Sire of Father Figure, o/b Mary Lineman. Foals: 1995 on

Onyx PhD 1994 Black (Samovar [m-ff] x Portentosa II [l]- Favorito 20) All lines tracing to live. Breyer #64 Fndnt Stal. OF touch-up retired PS Winner. Foals: 1998 on

Aguas Azul "Blue Waters" 1995 grey Andalusian stallion (Optimo [m-phf] x Cabriola [m-phf]-Temerario VII ®) LSP Sire and dam both on this listing. Breyer SR JAM 'El Campeador' OF. Winner. Foals: 1999 on.

Magistrado "Magistrate" 1995 grey (Optimo [m-phf] x Majolica [m-phf]-Jocoso XV [l]) both sire and dam on this list. Breyer JAH SR SM Andalusian Showing lightly. Foals: 1999 on

Oriente SLM  "East" 1997 bay Andalusian stallion. (Ascesion® x Amada [m-lod]- Bravio®) SM Andalusian stallion customized by S L McAllister PSP. Foals: 2001 on.

Gaucho 1998 grey (Viento Blanco V [m-phf] x Orozuza [m-phf] Genio III [l]) Japan OF. 2002 on.

Splendido 1998 black bay Andalusian stallion (The General ® x Ladina ®- Ganador VIII) General is a very masculine and gorgeous PRE stallion from mostly Terry breeding. Ladina is PRE, and black. Breyer new traditional Andalusian. Winner. Foals: 2002 on.

Golfan (a white water lily- male) 2002 grey Andalusian stallion (Gaucho [m-phf] x Cabriola [m-phf]- Temario VII [l]) Breyer TRU SR Legionario III ' Stardust' OF. Foals: 2006 on.

Caminar con los Reyes 2003 grey from bay carrying pearl PRE stallion (Gabeno [live] x Melazo III [m-k.myers]-Bravio XVI®)  carries a recessive pearl gene from his dam. Sire is a multiple USA Nat'l Champion in Best Movement, Saddle Seat and Halter. Dam is an HR 'Tria' in bay by the lovely, now dead, Bravio. Multiple Winner. MEPSA qualified. Foals: 2005 on.

NEW! Volado "Superior" 2004 grey (bay) PRE Andalusian stallion  (Novillero VIII® x Luna la Plata [m-phf]- Gozo de Plata®) Sire is Cardenas bred, a lovely stallion with outstanding movement. Jubilosa II, Jopo, Leviton, Encantada XI, Majorio, Legionario III, Juglar, Floridita.  Breyerfest 2008 SR Alborozo OF MEPSA Champion Foals: 2008 on.

NEW! Coqueton (dagger, smuggler or lady-killer) 2005 grey (black) PRE Andalusian stallion (Onyx PhD [m-phf] x Iantha [m-phf]- Optimo [m-phf]) North Light Andalusian OF. Foals: 2009 on.

NEW! Obelisco 2008 grey (from bay) stallion Costoso [m-m/welte] x Opala V [m-phf]- Optimo [m-phf]) CM cantering Andy by Kim Swanson.  Winner. MEPSA qualified 08/09.  Foals: 2012 on.

ANDALUSIAN MARES - updated 7/09
Navidad Blanca
1982 Grey (Leopardo II [l] x Capitana XIII [l]- Capitan IX) Legionario III, Novato, Destinado, Urbana, Navarra II, Peliblanca. Breyer Clas And Mare in alabaster OF. Winner. MEPSA qualified 2007/08. Dam of Prenda de Navidad, 87, o/b Christie Richardson; Tarquesi Blanca, '88, owned by Heather Lettengaver; Relampago Blanca, 90, Multi-Champion, o/b Randa Garrett; Viento Blanco, '91, owned by Persimmon Hill; Forte, 92, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Chris Wallbruch, 93; and Felice Navidad, '95, o/b Karen Fawcett. 2001 reserved for my use. Open years: 86,88,96,97,98,99,02.

Perla 1983 Grey (Germano [l] x Eslava [l]- Honroso II) Juglar, Destinado III, Maluso, Descarado II. Breyer Ginger CM by Angelica Nelson. Dam of Fantasmal, 92, o/b Erin Logan; Opala, 95, o/b PHF; Iantha, Champion, 96, o/b PHF and Rey de Perlas, 05, o/b Cndi Nakagawa. Available: 88,89,90,91,93,94,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,07,08,09,10.

Celeste BSO 1984 grey (Celatrur [m-oma] x Victoria [m-ybar]- Sir Royalty [m]) Breyer SM MM customized (not yet CMed) Dam of Cielo de Azul, '92, PSW, on this list. Open years: 88,89,90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,on.

Cabriola 1986 grey (Temerario VII [l] x Esplendida V [l]- Hortelano) Sire's grandsire is the famed Jenson. Also lines to Destinado II, Bilbaino II, Destinado IV. Temerario VII is a dressage horse- Champion Intermediare. WC micro OF. Not yet shown, should do reasonably well despite her tiny size. Dam of the very handsome Zar, 1992, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Adagio, 94, o/b Becky Henson; our own Aguas Azul, 95; Agraciado, 96, o/b Laura Graham; Danzador, 97, o/b Sarah Carper; Father Figure, 98, o/b Mary Lineman; and Golfan, 02, o/b PHF. Open: 93,99,00,01,03,04,on

Luna la Plata
1987 alabaster grey (Gozo de Plata [l] x Hija de la Luna [bso-lod]-Bizarro X [l]) Lines to Leviton, Vasallo II, Majorio, Legionario III, Floridita, Juglar. Sire is a horse capable of working western, and mare might be shown under western saddle. Breyer Classic 'Ginger' #3040G TRU SR (part of Spanish Norman family) OF. PS Winner.  Dam of La Donna Luna, '92, o/b Heather Lettengaver; Oscura Luna, '93, o/b Becky Jones; Limero, '94, o/b PHF, Beso de Luna, '95, o/b Michelle Weston; Embajador Luna, 96, o/b Mary Lineman; Cristobal, 97, o/b Kay Myers, Hijo de la Luna, 03, o/b Esther Johnson and Volado, 04, o/b PHF.
Open years: 98,99,00,01,02,05,on.

Celinda 1988 bay (Teodoro [l] x Estrella [l]- Ofuscado II) 2-3 Gen.ped. Lines to Bizarro V, Caballeroso de Nevasco. Breyer SMQHM OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Viento de Montana, 93. o/b Kim Martin; Maravilloso, 94, o/b Marta Towne and Sueno, 95, o/b Jen Wager. Open years: 96,97,98,99,00,01,on.

Majolica 1988 grey mare (Jocoso XV [l] x Magnolia [bso-lod]- Caprichoso[l]) 3 gen. ped. Lines to Vampiro, Leopardo, Adentro, Caprichoso, Hosco II, Jenson. Breyer Clas And mare #3060 OF. Lightly showing. Dam of ?, 97, o/b PHF. Open years: 92,93,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,on.

Amada 1991 Bay (Bravio [l] x Banda II [l]- Barquillero X) Lines to Cabelleroso de Nevasco, Barquillero X, Leopardo, Europa. Breyer "Marabella" OF. Not yet shown, NIB. Dam of KA Bolero, 95, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Oriente SLM, 97, o/b Laurel Dedes and Lleno de Vivido, 04, o/b Jean Sorensen. Open years: 96,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on

Azucar 1993 Dapple grey (Amoroso Nicolas [m-np] x Almansa [l]-Labertino II) 3 gen. ped. To Gorron IV, Banbury Nicolas, Habenero IV, Bruja, Feudal. Breyer Clas And mare #3060 OF. Not yet shown. Foals: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Orozuza 1994 black mare (Genio III [l] x Granada K [l]- Belico) 2- 3 gen.ped. Lines to Jerez, Jardinero V, Belico (Carthusian) and Genil (Champion of Spain). Showtime black Arab mare OF. Not shown. Dam of Gaucho, 98, o/b PHF and Gotico, 99, o/b Alicia Vogel. Open years: 00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Opala V 1995 Grey (Optimo [m-lod] x Perla m-lod]- Catherino [l]) 3-4 gen. ped. Lines to Leopardo II, Legionario III, Navado III, Habanero IV, Hosca II, Bodeguero, Vasallo II. Breyer 'Marabella' customized by Janis Whitcomb PSP. Dam of 01 foal o/b ? and Obelisco,08,o/b PHF. Open years: 00,02,03,04,05,06,07,09.on

Iantha 1996 grey Andalusian mare (Optimo [m-phf] x Perla [m-phf]- Germano [l]) Both parents on this list. Goebel china OF (scarce) CHAMPION. Other Pure Breed Champion MIJC. Dam of Lluvia de Plata, 02, o/b Becky Henson and Coqueton, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,03,04,06,on.

Hot Ice
1979-2006 black leopard (Money Creek Rockledge [l] x Moster's Diamond [l]-Jet Fire Of AA) Dam is a part-Arabian, limited pedigree at this time. Breyer Ranch Horse "Hank" OF. NYS-NIB. Sire of Polar Heat, lookalike replacement; Burning Bright, 2000, o/b PHF, Spring Blizzard, Blue Ice Floe, Siri Spring Diamond, Snow'n Ice, Holani. Foals: 1983 to 1999, limited book thereafter, through 2005.

Mr Rustler Charge 1979-2004 black roaned app stallion (Rustler Charger [®] x Absarokee Britches [®]- Absarokee Sunset) By the famous Nat'l Champion Roping and Reining Horse, winner of Open Reining at QH Congress over all breeds and set a world record for barrels and poles that held up for years. No accident, he was bred that way. By Champion Rustler Bill, who goes back to Peter mcCue, and his broodmare sire Jessie Bueno by Jessie James. Dam by Absarokee Sunset, also lines to Chief Of Fourmile, and QHs Leo and Joe Bailey. Breyer SM QHS JCP 97 SR OF. Sire of Rustle And Shake, lookalike son; Champion performance horse, Foxfire Spot On Brilliant, o/b Delana Metcalf; Ima Catty Britch, o/b Nikki Byler and Multiple Champion Atom Bomb. Foals: 1983-2000.

PHF Checkmate 1979-2006 black, extensive spotted blanket (Money Creek Rockledge [live] x BBFs Chimera [live]- Illusion) double Money Creek's Rockledge bred. Also to Dragon Seed. Breyer Fighting Stallion repaint. Reserve Champion, now retired. Sire of Trillium, and Orbiter, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1983-2003.

Festive Occasion 1981-2007 tri color leopard (Time Flies [l] x Anniversary Maid- Dusty Lake's Ambassador [l] x Maid O'Many Waters [l]- Chief Tahoe) Sire is a HOF racing App, 3/4 TB and SW of $97,250. 36 starts with 26 wins, 8 places and 2 shows. Dam is heavily foundation bred App. She goes to Bear Paw and Chief Navajo. Beswick Appaloosa OF. Winner and Get Of Sire winner. IPABRA CHAMPION Sire. 4th in breed at IPABRA Nat'ls (only horses with firsts during the year may enter) and 10th in App color. Qualified for MEPSA Nationals. Sire of: Champion Carbonation Celebration, Reserve Champion & Sire/Get Champion Holiday Prince, Multiple Champion East West Exchange, Reserve Champion Mardi Gras Party, Performance winner White Tie N Tails, and Pa Sybil Magic. Foals: 1985-2001. Limited numbers 2002-2008. Prefer similar body type foals, with photo for Get/Sire.

Snowcap's Spectrum 1981-2006 black ext.sp.blnk (Three Chicks Snowcap [l] x Moster's Fourmile BB- Chief of Fourmile II) 3+/3+. Three Chicks, Shavano. Breyer "Diamonddot Buccaneer" App Perf Horse OF 98. Photo Show winner and Reserve Champion. Sire of Midnight Spectrum. o/b PHF. Foals: 1985-2001

Streetlights 1981-2000 Black spotted blanket (Justasample [l] x Santee Apollo [l]- Hard To Beat) 3+/3+. Chief Joseph Rex, Red Eagle, J&Bs Little Red Rose, Sundance 500. Lots of foundation App breeding. Breyer "Stud Spider" OF touch-up with added characteristics. Photo show placed. Sire of Siri Snowdrift, winners Rockalena All NIght and Siri Snowlight. Foals: 1985-2001

Alias Mirage 1982 black leopard (Alias Smith & Jones [l] few spot leo. x Princess Mirage [l]- Prince Plaudit) 4/3+. Alias Smith & Jones is sire of Alias King, who is sire of Dreamfinder. Sire is 1/2 TB, by Z-Bull. Breyer SM QH stallion # OF leopard app. Sire of Alias Snow King, o/b Monika Stewart; Le Champion, o/b Betsy Bissell; and Alias Sweetheart, Alias Pawnee, Alias Prince, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1986-2004. Limited numbers 05 on.

Fancy's Kalata 1984 Black near leopard 1/2 Arabian (Ali Lazi [®] Arabian x Sarcees Fancy [®]- Simcoes Sarcee) Sire to Abu Farwa and Oran, CMK bred. Dam's sire is a Red Eagle descendant, and dam is 1/4 Arabian. Breyer FAS custom by Ellen White. Retired Champion, in both Halter and Performance. Sire of How Now Brown, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988 on.

Go Boy Bayfrost 1984 bay with frosted rump (Go Bay Go [l] x Tonee's Sunshine [l]- Skeeter Domino) Sire is famous sire of Goer, etc., and dam is a grandaughter of Double Six Domino. Breyer SM QHS SR 98 JCP. NYS. Sire of OFCC Res. Nat'l Champion Foal, Sioux Sequelle. Foals: 1988 on.

High Country 1994 near leopard bay App stallion (Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x Kachina Kitten [m-phf]- High Hand) Peter Stone "Dreamfinder" only a few made before the horse was changed. Foals: 1998 on.

Joker's Granite Bar 1984 Blue roan leopard (Joker 3 Bars [l] x Money Creek's Bay Rockie [l] bay roan w/ spots- Money Creek's Rockledge) 'Adios' customized. Sire of of Granite Horizon, 89, o/b PHF. Sire of of Granite Horizon, 89, o/b PHF, Joker's Roxseona, o/b PHF and Siri's Edelweiss, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988 on.

Wapiti Super Speck 1984 smutty palomino snowflake (Super Weed [l] buck x Wapiti Cloud III [l]-Wapiti) also to Hayes Roman Cloud, Three Chicks. Breyer "Clayton" Adios mold OF. Sire of Wapiti Moon, o/b Monika Stewart and Nike, o/b Elizabeth Romano. Foals: 1988 on

Kingfisher Silver 1985 grulla spotted blanket (Mr Spotted Bull [l] x Equal's Blue Heron [m-phf]-Silver Strike's Equal) Racing lines. Stone SR ISH "Coho" OF. Photo show winner. Sire of Zitkala and Evergreen, both o/b PHF and Nike, o/b E. Romano. Foals: 1989 on.

Macs Speck-U-Lation 1985 grey spotted blanket (Princes Mac [®] x Ms Jones [®]- Alias Smith And Jones) Sire is a Prince Plaudit line horse with a QH dam, and dam is from the same line as Dreamfinder. Breyer Stock Horse stallion SR App family OF. Sire of Rock-U-Blue, Princess Sea Lark, Speck Of Trouble and Speckled Chicory, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1989 on.

Blue Spruce 1986 Blue roan near-leopard (Doc's Fox [l] x Mighty Misty Blue [l]-Mr Mighty Dell) 4/2+. Sire by Doc's Prescription [AQHA]. Dam was 1985 Nat'l Champion Saddleseat Pleasure horse, and qualified for World in hunter pleasure and Western pleasure. Breyer CLQH stallion rem/rep by Karen Livingston. Semi-retired Champion. Foals: 1990 on

High And Mighty 1986 red (chestnut) dun few spot near leopard Appaloosa sporthorse stallion (Deal Again [®] x Mighty Blue Eyes [®]- Spittin Image) Mighty Bright, Bright Eyes Brother, High Hand, Tonto Bars Gill, Johnny Dial. Breyer "Adios" SR 1987 Traditional Western Horse. Foals: 1990 on.

Dash Of Voodoo 1987 blue roan, spotted blanket App stallion (Voodoo In The Shadows [m-ics] x Dashing Princess [m-ics]- ) Bred by Cindi Nakagawa of Indigo Creek. Red Eagle sire line. Also, Absarokee Sunset, Poco Tivio, Collins Jessie, Princes Jim, Mighty Bright, Joker B 2x, Top Hat H and Wapiti. Hartland Regal QH mold blue roan App OF. Foals: 1991 on.

Spot Me Ten 1987 black spotted blanket (Silk Spots [®] x SW Breezin [m-phf]- Navajo Breeze [®]) Sire is an Appaloosa grandson of Silky Sullivan. Dam is by racehorse Navajo Breeze, out of Another Lark [TB] mare. Over 1/2 TB. SM NM stockhorse CM painted & etched. Foals: 1991 on.

Strikes Silver Breeze 1987 black spotted blanket (Navajo Breeze [live] x Silver Susan [live]- Silver Strikes Equal) 4/4. By Navajo Breeze, whose sire line is Double Six Domino. Mostly race bred. Breyer 'Stud Spider' #66 OF. Foals: 1991 on

Wyoming Territory 1987 bay spotted blanket (Wild Affair x Prairie Magic [l] - Pondie's Leo-AQHA) 4/3+. Sire is double Wapiti, dam is 1/2 QH app. BHR Mr. Conclusion resin, customised by Jamie Coughlin. MEPSA Reserve Champion, multiple winner in breed and color, Reserve Champion Sire. Sire of performance multiple winner Wyoming's Wyandot; Multiple Champion Wyoming Bluebell; retired Champion Wyoming Larkspur and Wyoming Bluebird, Wyoming's Wyld Pajamas, all o/b Persimmon Hill and MMR Wyoming Twister, 09, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Foals: 1991 on. Must carrry part of name.

Daydream Believer 1988 bay spotted blanket (Dreamfinder [l] bay sp blnkt x Peacock's Sheba [l]-Red Eagles Peacock) 4/4. Z-Bull sire line, sire Dreamfinder is 3/4 QH, 1/8 TB, 1/8 App, while dam is foundation bred App, with TB and Arabian blood. Breyer 99 'Sir Wrangler' OF. Placed. Sire of Green Day, Passionate Kisses and Sharade's Peacock, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1992 on.

Illusive Sun 1988 bay leopard (Sun Token [live] x Sun Sickle [live]-The Phoenix Sun) this guy shows some Arabian heritage. FAS #872 Ara-Appaloosa stallion OF. NYS. Sire of Shamrock's Illusion, o/b PHF. Foals: 1992 on.

Provocative 1988 palomino spotted blanket (Bright Pro [l] x Lady Barretta [l] palo/wh leopard- Prince Fury) Provocative is a half brother to Prince Shannon, Res. Nat'l Champion. Breyer Running stallion SR OF. Foals: 1992 on.

Spanish Skyler 1988 palomino spotted blanket (Princes Fury [®] x Spanish Over [®] QH- Spanish Nick) By son of Prince Plaudit, sire's dam is Skipper W and Nick Shoemaker QH bred. Dam is Skipper W linebred. Lots of Wisecamp QHs in this pedigree. Stone ISH 'Shynoah' OF. Foals: 1992 on.

Apple Te 1989 bay spotted blanket Also Colorado Rangerbred (Royale Te [®] x Molly's Baby Apple [®]- Thunderbirds Apple) Sire is by QH Te N Te, by Azure Te [TB] and out of a double Prince Plaudit bred mare. Dam is Foundation bred and also Colorado Rangerbred, and her foals are Rangers. She has more unusual foundation lines of Apple, Washakie Tom, Comanche Brave. Breyer SHS bay app OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Carbonation Celebration 1989 tri-leopard (Festive Occassion [m-phf] x Ruby's Dusty Jewel [m-phf]- Vain Warrior[l]) Both parents on this list. Foundation breeding. Breyer 'Pay And Go' OF. Champion. Sire of Reserve Champion and winner Confetti Soiree, Meteor Shower and Pajama Party, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1993 on.

Chief's Joker 1989 black spotted blanket (Chief Of Fourmile [l] x Joker's Bright Eyes [m-ms] bay blnkt- Joker's Leader [l]) 3+/ Beside Hall Of Fame Chief Of Fourmile, Joker's Leader to Joker B and Bright Eyes Brother. Breyer 99 CE 'Chief of Fourmile' OF. Winner. Foals: 1993 on.

DoublBrightHotScotch 1989 Buckskin with spotted blanket (Bright Pro [l] dun x Little Scotch Sissy [l] QH- buckskin- Little Stringer) 4/4. Bright Eyes Brother/King Plaudit line. Breyer Stock Horse Stallion OF. Photo Show Placed. Sire of CD Bright Maple, o/b Crissi Nickerson and Bright Mesa, o/b PHF. Foals: 1993 on

Granite Horizon 1989 black leopard Appaloosa stallion (Joker's Granite Bar [m-phf] x Many Red Horizons [m-phf]- Blueeaglesupreme [®]) Breyer OM SM QHS customised by Sue Sudekum. Photo show placed. Foals: 1993 on.

Jet's Bright Operator 1989 dun with hip spots (Jetset Gigalo [l] x Leo's Bright Lace [l]- The Executive-Nat'l Ch) Sire was 4th in World Halter, stands 15.3 and threw Pleasure Champions. Dam is a Nat'l Champion Working Cowhorse with ROMs in Reining and Heading and Heeling. Double Dial Good [AQHA], Leo Feast [AAAT]. Breyer SM Citation Sears SR 1998 OF. NYS. Sire of Silverado, Jet's Corvette, Bright Eagle, Little Deuce Coupe and Burning Bright, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1993 on.

MC Escher 1989 grey near leopard Also 1/2 Arab and Ara-App (Montigre [®] x Siri Spring Snow [m-phf]-PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf]) Montigre is by straight Egyptian Al-Nahr Montego, out of a CMK mare. Dam is on this list. Peter Stone Arabian in appaloosa OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Zero Gravity 1989 black leopard Appaloosa stallion (Stargazing [m-oma] x LJ Champagne Fizz [m-oma]- Be Not Afraid [m-) Looks just like his sire. Fine model breeding. Breyer JAH SM SM stock horse OF. MEPSA qualified 2002. Foals: 1993 on

Cloud Chaser 1990 dark bay spotted hip blanket (Truly Cloud [l] solid bay x Potpourri [m-phf] TB- Watchstar) Truly Cloud is a full brother to Nat'l Champion Cloud Be Proud. They are sons of Hayes Roman Cloud, running Appaloosa. Dam is a Thoroughbred, with race lines. Breyer Classic Terrang CM by Janis Whitcomb. NYS. Sire of Aoliani, o/b Persimmon Hill. Foals: 1994 on.

Evergreen 1990 grulla with spotted blanket (Kingfisher Silver [m-phf] x Greengrass [bso]- Green Herb [®] TB) Mr Spotted Bull, Silver Strike's Equal, Mr Blackburn, Herbager [TB], Navajo Breeze. Speed lines. Stone ISH SR of 300 'Bingo" OF Foals: 1994 on.

Festive Gemstone 1990 tri leopard (Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Ruby's Dusty Jewel [m-phf]- Vain Warrior[l]) Time Flies, Bear Paw, Chief Navajo, Red Eagle's Peacock, Skipper W lines. Cheval china LE OF of 500. This is the glossy with molded on halter, which was a smaller edition than the reworked, matte, mold. Foals: 1994 on.

Cascade Eagle Icon 1991 Blue roan spotted blanket stallion (Pocket Savior [m-ccs] blr blnkt x Eagle Deal [m-oma]grey sp blknt- ) sire line of great model *Alconbury Hill. Also Bright Eyes Brother, Domino's Miss Trouble Maker. Dam is double Dealing High. Sire of Eagles Chinook Raindrop, o/b PHF. HTF Hartland 7" OF. PSP. Foals: 1995 on.

Dakota Reveille 1991 red leopard (Domino Diablo [live] x Under The Pink [m-oma]- Revel) Mostly foundation lines of Rocking Chair Revel, Dakota Sioux, Dakota Jim, Spotted Eagle, Buttons B and Kiowa Brave. Breyer 99 SM QHS OF. Sire of Pok-A-Dakota, o/b PHF. Foals: 1995 on.

Dreamshado 1991 bay spotted blanket stallion (Dreamfinder [®] x Shados Straw [®]- Ha-Dar Shado) sire WC Dreamfinder, dam has lines to Wapiti, Romans Straw Man, Johnny Dial [QH], Sully B. CM SMSH by Kimba. Foals: 1995 on.

Holiday Prince 1991 black leopard (Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Princess Revelation [m-phf]-Prince Shannon [l]) Stone ISH SR of 180, 'Hot To Trot' OF. Photo Show Winner, Reserve Champion Sire, MEPSA 2002 qualified. Foals: 1995 on.

Tumblin Dice 1991 Black spotted blanket (The Roman Gambler [live] x Acker Maker [live] AQHA- Micks Moon) 4/3. Quite a bit of TB blood in the third and fourth generations of this pedigree- Truly Truckle, Three Bars, Moon Deck. Also to High Hand. Breyer Running Stallion #127 with App color and characteristics added. PSP in Halter and Performance, now semi-retired. Foals: 1995 on.

East West Exchange 1992 bay spotted blanket (Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Ruby's Dusty Jewel [m-phf]- Vain Warrior [l]) Time Flies, Bear Paw, Chief Navajo, Red Eagle's Peacock, Skipper W lines. Cheval Appaloosa OF. MULTIPLE CHAMPION. MEPSA Champion. MEPSA 2003 CHAMPIONSHIPS TOP TEN. Wins in Breed and Color. Foals: 1996 on.

SOLD- Powder River Wrangler 1992 bay dun spotted blanket (Venable Successor [®] x Doe's Last Chance [®]- Custus Plaudit) Sire is a Halter Champion, and also a performance horse. Dam has a limited pedigree, but is a World Champion producer (dam of World Reining Champion Big Duke Six) and granddaughter of a Nat'l Halter Champion, Doe's A Rollin. Loza 'QH' by Marge Para. Multiple Champion. Sire of America's Sweetheart, Shadowed Heart, CHAMPION Shy Cedar and Skedaddle, all o/b PHF. Foals: 1996-2007.

Wyoming's Wyandot 1992 bay spotted blanket (Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x PHF Pocahontas [m-phf]- Money Creek's Monte-Time [live]) 4/4. Both sire and dam on this list. Three lines to Wapiti, also Joker B, AQHA Pondie's Leo and Singer [TB]. Peter Stone 1/2 'Pleasant Dreams' OF. Western performance winner. MEPSA qualified 05/06 in Poles, Roping and Other Stock. Foals: 1996 on.

Crowfeather 1993 black spotted blanket (Start Me Up [m-cc] x Sierra Sunshine [m-cc]) 4/4. Colorado Rangerbred as well as Appaloosa. Both grandsires and both grandams are live horses. Sire line to Stud Spider, and dam line through Sully's Baby. Ertl Colorado Ranger OF. Foals: 97 on.

Bright Badger 1994 chestnut spotted near leopard stallion (Bright Domino [m-c.hartung] x Sno Badger Princess [m-c.hartung]- Fair Charles ®) Lines to Bright Eyes Brother, Buttons B, twice to Prince Plaudit and Grey Badger II.  Breyer classic QHS CM by Linda Hardy. Foals: 1998 on.

Chelsea Cat 1994 chestnut spotted blanket Appaloosa stallion (Dun Rovin Chelsea [live] x Ima Cat Dancer [live]- I'ma Boy II) Appaloosa and Colorado Rangerbred Andrea by Sadek OF. Foals: 1999 on

Freckles Joker 1994 black leopard gelding, also Colorado Ranger Horse (Images Moonshine [®] x Sea Freckles [®]- CGR Feathersun) SR App performance horse OF. Foals: 1998 and 1999 only.

Mardi Gras Party 1994 Appaloosa stallion (Festive Ocassion [m-phf] x Sully's Dancer [®] -Sully's Image) Dam to Bambi E; QHs Joe Hancock and Grey Badger; TBs Alibhai and Bull Dog. Reserve Champion. Winner. Foals: 1998 on.

Ima Scotch Zipper 1995 chestnut clear blanket stallion (Scotch Bar Sam [m-h.mays] x Katie Hawk [m-h.mays]- Lines to Zippo Pat Bars, Prince Plaudit, Skip Bright. Breyer LE QVC 'Zippo Pine Bar' Sommer Prosser OF. Placed in halter and WP. Foals: 1999 on.

Meteor Shower 1996 tri leopard stallion (Carbonation Celebration [m-phf] x Under The Stars [m-phf]- Nugget Jim [®]) CM SM Swaps by Janet Bonney. Sire of Spring Rain Showers, o/b PHF. Foals: 2000 on.

Atom Bomb 1997 black spotted blanket stallion (Mr Rustler Charge [m-phf] x Bahama Mama [®]- Bar Charger) Double Rustler Bill bred, through Rustler Charger. Also carries lines to Absarokee Sunset, Jessie James, Three Bars, Croton Oil, and Go Man Go. Working lines, with speed behind them. Royal Worcester 'Appaloosa' by Lindner OF. GRAND CHAMPION. Multiple Champion. MEPSA qualifed 03/04. Sire of Shez Da Bomb and Rustlin Up Da Bomb, both o/b Jean Sorensen. Foals: 01 on. Show quality foals only, please.

Blackfoot Crow 1998 (shown as a yearling) Black with spotted blanket (Crowfeather [m-phf] x SLM Pretty Lil' Polk-A-Dot [m-phf]- CD Polk-A-Bear [m-c.goreham]) Stud Spider, Sully's Baby, Joker B., Mulino Cousin, Herndon's Pok A Son, Sunspot Revel and Red Eagle. Japan Appaloosa OF. Foals: 02 on.

Wichita Time 1998 chestnut near leopard (Chili Breeze [l] x Wichita Summer [m-phf]- Wichitas Geronimo [l]) Little Joe The Wrangler, Roan Waggoner, Breyer QH Yearling OF. Photo show placed. Shown as a yearling. Years available: 03 on.

Azure It Out 1999 bay spotted blanket (Azure Wrangler [®] QH x Air It Out [m.c.kunitsugu]- Dashing Gentleman) Racing lines. Breyer CM SM QHS by Julie Lamberth. Racing lines. Raced 2-3. APW SI92 5- 1-2-0-0 $3550. Breyer CM SM QHS by Julie Lamberth. Foals: 2004 on.

Paisanos Chelsea Dun 1999 bay semi leopard Appaloosa and Colorado Rangerbred stallion (Paisano Frost [bso-lod]- {Navajo Joe® x Parisa Frost} x A Quiet Affair®- Dun Roven Chelsea) Japan OF. Foals: 2003 on.

Copper Firefox 2000 chestnut blanket App stallion (Copper Key-TB [m-m.arras] x Foxy Freckles [m- m.arras]- Freckles Echo® [QH]) Sire is by Key To The  Mint, sire's broodmare sire Affirmed. Dam goes to Colonel Freckles, Doc's Prescription, Wapiti. Great lines. Racing or working, gaming get possible. Breyer "Treasure Hunt" 2007 Silver in appaloosa. Foals: 2004 on.

Doo Wahp Ditty 2000 black near leopard (Wap's Applause [l] x Sams Songstress [m-phf]- Goodbye Sam [l]) Sport and race lines. Breyer 'Wap Spotted' Secretariat OF. Foals: 2006 on.

Hot Night Spot 2000 black leopard stallion (Hot Ice [m-phf] x Rockalena All Night [m-phf]- Streetlights [m-phf]) Vintage CM Breyer Stock horse stallion. Sire of MMR Majestic Visions, o/b Debbie Teeselink.
Foals: 2004 on.

Silverado 2000 bay extensive spotted blanket App stallion (Jets Bright Operator [m-phf] x Halona [m-phf]- Cherrys Leader [®]) Goes to The Executive, Joker B., Leo, Hard Twist, Mighty Bright, Colida and Wapiti. Pam de Muth 'Vaquero' by Dara West. Foals: 2004 on.

Hopes Black Cash 2001 black spotted blanket (It's Cash's Moon Lark [l] x Wild Black Hope [bso-c.peter]- Wild Hope [l]) Sire is Champion 2YO Sprint Colt. Excellent racing lines. Breyer SM Native Dancer 1998 SR from SM barn. Racing in 2003.

Blue Bull 2001 bay spotted blanket (Out In Front ® x Equal's Blue Heron [m-phf]- Silver Strikes Equal ®) Out In Front is by Mr Spotted Bull, ApHC Racing HOF, out of Front Page by Vandy Red Cloud. He sired a Stakes placed filly on the track. Broodmare sire is a Champion racehorse. This stallion could sire racers. Breyer SR 'Adios' OF. Foals: 2005 on.

Zip Drive 2001 chestnut spotted blanket stallion (Ima Scotch Zipper [m-phf] x Miss Freckles Plaudit [m-phf]- Colonel Freckles ®) Breyer LE 2005 'Impress Me Shanon' Zippo Pine Bar OF. Foals: 2006 on.

Blarney Stone 2002 black varnish roan App stallion Blackstone [m-k.dodson] x Joker's Bright Eyes [m-k.dodson]- Joker's Leader (r)) ISH "Chief" OF. Foals: 2006 on.

Red Hot Spot 2003 bay spotted blanket (Appalachie Valor [m-l.lyonne] x Crimson Ribbons [m-phf]- Blushing Bug [®]) racing bred. Sire is 3/4 TB, by Mr Spotted Bull, also sire of MSW Bull Nunnelley.  Blushing Bug is a Stakes winner of 13 races to 8, $185,573., Champion Prep S., Carlsbad H., 2nd QHBC Sprint Classic, HQHRA Champ, Kaweah Bar H., Double Bid H., 3rd Pomona Invt. H, sire of GISW Blushing By.Breyer Family Appaloosa stallion Stud Spider OF. Photo show placed. Sire of Hot Summer Spot, Holly Daze Dazzle, Champion Seymour Spotz, Wyoming Red Pepper and Red Hot Cloud, all o/b PHF. Foals: not yet available.

Batik 2004 bay snowflake stallion (Bleachbath [m- flylion] x Go With The Times [m-flying lion]- I Love Willie ®) Sire by Apache Double, MSW racing App with lines to Double Jay [TB]. Apache Double won 18 of his 21 starts, and placed in the other 3. Sire's damline to Skipper W and King Plaudit [TB]. Damsire is a MSW and Champion racer with a SI of 100 (AAA) with lines to Count Fleet, Khaled and Go Man Go. Maternal granddam is spectacularly bred, a daughter of Easy We Go, MSW and sire of SWs, out of a Top Moon, MSW, mare. Connoisseur 'Tempest' OF 1 of 350. Foals: Booking for 09.

Code A Cloud 2004 brown blanket (Coda Lea {Coda Mundi [l] x Calla Lea [m-phf]-} x Peacock's Cloud Power [m-phf]- Hayes Roman Cloud) SM Citation custom. On the track.

Muskateer Bar 2004 brown Appaloosa and Colorado Rangerbred stallion (Klines Candy Saiela® x Flicka Feather®-   Lines to Navajos Candy, Simcoes Sarcee, Princes Mac, Holy Smoke, Joker B Bold, Deacon's Bonanza, Red Clouds Mr Twister. Foals: 2008 on

NEW! Docotah Carbon Dust 2004 sooty dun blanket app stallion (Dun In Carbon [m-j.sorensen] x Miss Blush Dust [m-j.sorensen]-The Upper Hand®) Lines to Peppy San, Poco Mr Beaver, Skipa Star, The Executive. Dam is a multiple Champion, and has produced a mutliple Champion foal, My Lil' China Boy, o/b Lake Hill Ranch. Stone ISH "Pasty" 2010 OF. Foals: 2008 on.

Jetstream Flyer 2005 grulla spotted blanket stallion (Jet's Bright Operator [m-phf] x Sea Eaglet [m-phf]- Ima Sea Prince ®) SM Citation App OF. Not yet available.

NEW!  Ima Festive Pepper 2007 tri leopard Appaloosa gelding (2011) (Festive Ocassion [m-lod] x Chipotle Pepper [m-phf]- A Miracle Chip®) Sire is the farm's Get of Sire Champion. Dam is Reserve Champion and daughter of a World Champion Western Pleasure horse. Lines to Time Flies, Chief Tahoe, Zips Chocolate Chip, Prince Charles, Bright Eyes Brother, Navajo Britches, Peavy Bimbo, High Hand Man, Mighty Peavy. ISH customised by Sherri Tristan in 2001. MEPSA qualified 2011. Foals: 2011 and 2012 only.

Signal Static 1996 red roan near leopard gelding (Zippin Shawn [m-c.hartung] x Lucky Spark [m-c.hartung]- Heather's Sparky [TB]) Breyer OF 'Arapaho' 2003. Multiple winner. Foals: 2000-2002 only.

APPALOOSA MARES updated 05/06
SW Breezin'
1976 Black spotted blanket (Navajo Breeze [l] x Another Lark [l-TB]- My Lark) Racing bred. Dam of Greengrass, 81; Under The Stars, 83 and Spot Me Ten, 87, all o/b PHF. Was a SM TBM CM. Foundation mare- deceased, available for fill-in years only. Inquire.

Choclaseona 1978 chestnut leopard (Mulino Cousin [l] x Santee Angela [l]- Utah's Comanche) Foundation bred. Dam of Jokers Roxseona, 88, and Polar Heat, 95, o/b PHF. Was a Hartland Morgan mare CM. Foundation mare-deceased- available for fill-in years only. Inquire.

Siri Snow Queen II 1974-2000 Black leopard (Money Creeks Rockledge [l] x Siri's Snow Queen [l]- Siri Sheik) Foundation bred. Breyer TB nursing mare customized by Mary Sue Humphries. She is still beautiful! Multi-Champion when last shown. Dam of Miss Siri Shamrock, '80, o/b PHF; Siris Spring Snow, 84, o/b PHF; Sirius Tango, 85, o/b Lori Williams; Alias Snow King, 86, o/b Monika Stewart; Itsallin Blacknwhite, 87, o/b Erin Logan; DHF Snow Cat, 90, o/b Vicki Griffiths; lookalike Siri Snowdrift, 92, o/b PHF; Frost King, 96, o/b Anna Childers; Occasionally Siri Us, 97, o/b PHF and Champion Minnemota, 98, o/b PHF. Available: 79,81,82,89,91,93,94,95.

Miss Freckles Plaudit 1980 red leopard (Colonel Freckles [l] AQHA x Princes Chyleen [l] Prince Plaudit) Sire is an AQHA Fut. Cutting Champion with lines to Sugar Bars and Leo, and strong cutting lines through dam. Dam is a red leopard mostly QH App by the great sire, Prince Plaudit, who was over 3/4 QH, and out of a QH Skipper W mare. Good working and cow lines. Stone WP horse OF. Dam of Cowboy's Sweetheart, 85, o/b PHF; Caramel Ripple Fudge, 89, o/b Betsy Bissell; Pop Muzik, 92, o'b Chris Wallbruch; CD Bright Maple, 93, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Spot In Heaven, 94, o/b Carol Johnson; Rustle And Shake, 97, o/b PHF and Zip Drive, 01, o/b PHF. Years available: 1986,87,88,90,91,95,96,98,99,00,02.

Miss Siri Shamrock 1980 Blue roan spotted blanket (Sutter's Shamrock [l] x Siri Snow Queen II [m-phf]- Money Creeks Rockledge [l]) Foundation bred. Breyer FAM #38 OF matte App. Not shown. Dam of Justa Blue Moon, 85, o/b Tracey Bartone; Shamrock's Serendipity, 91, o/b PHF and Siri's Edelweiss, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 86,87,88,89,90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02.

Equal's Blue Heron 1981 grulla spotted blanket (Silver Strikes Equal [l] x Rocky's Blues [l] AQHA-Rocky Red Star) Sire was a 1/2 TB Nat'l Champ Stallion and Nat'l Champ Huntseat Pleasure. Mansfield Comanche sire line. Dam is a QH mare, grulla, with one win on the track, working lines to Mr. Blackburn, Leo, Old Buck. Photo show RESERVE CHAMPION. Dam of Kingfisher Silver, 85, o/b PHF; Nike, 90, o/b Elizabeth Romano; Powder River Adrea, 00, o/b Alia Whipple and Blue Ice Floe, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 86,87,88,89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,06. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Greengrass 1981 dark bay snowflake (Green Herb [®] TB x SW Breezin [m-phf]- Navajo Breeze [®]) Green Herb is a son of Herbager. Race lines. BSO at this time. Dam of Evergreen, 90; Green Day, 99; Sweetgrass, 01; and Starry Starry Night, 09; all o/b PHF. Years available: 86,87,88,89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,00,02,03.

Peacock's Cloud Power 1981 bay spotted blanket mare (Hayes Roman Cloud [live] x Peacock's Merry Power [live]- Red Eagle's Peacock) Hayes Roman Cloud was a Stakes winner and Racing Hall Of Fame stallion. Sire line Teddy [TB]. Dam is by a Nat'l Champion, HOF stallion, by the great Red Eagle. Maternal dam is by app foundation stallion, Chocoalte Sunday. Breyer 'Spice' classic Silky Sullivan OF. Dam of Doe Cloud, 87, o/b PHF; Calla Lea, 94, o/b PHF; Pa Sybil Magic, 99, o/b PHF; Willie Power, 00, o/b PHF; Code A Cloud, 04, o/b PHF; Jet Powered Janie, 05, o/b PHF and Red Hot Cloud, 08, o/b PHF. Years available: 86,88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,97,98,01,02,03. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Pocahontas PHF1982 Brown spotted blanket (Money Creek's Monte-Time [l] x Sing-Lo [l-TB]-Singer) Sire to Joker B and Wapiti, dam is a TB mare. Sing-Lo is by Singer, who won 13 races and who's get won 6,000,000+. Breyer Indian Pony #174 OF touch-up- characteristics added. Rarely shown, since she has to show as custom. Dam of Wyoming's Wyandot, performance winner, 92, o/b PHF; Aolani, 94, o/b PHF and Poca Dot Time, 99, o/b PHF. Years available: 87,88,89,90,91,93,95,96,97,98,00,01,02. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Faux Marble 1983 marbled red (chestnut) spotted blanket (Time Flies x Money Creek's Mont-Quiz [l]- Joker's Monte) Time Flies was a Racing HOF stallion who had 36 starts with 26 wins, 8 places and 2 shows. Dam is by US and Australian Nat'l Champion son of Joker B. Maternal 2nd dam is an own daughter of foundation High Hand. Hartland 7" App Polo Pony OF. Photo show placed. Dam of Le Champion, 88, o/b Betsy Bissell. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Navajo Turquoise PHF 1983 blue roan, spots (Saable [l] AHR blk x Azure Britches [l] blro-Navajo Breeze) 1/2 Arabian appaloosa, sire has lines to Serafix, Fadjur. Res. Champion halter stallion, with placings in Hunter Pleasure and WP. Breyer FAS # OF. Retired Photo Show Winner. Dam of Appalachian Turquoise, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03. *1/2 Arabian and Ara-appaloosa*

Shebas Sharade 1983 bay spotted blanket (Atabi Moonfyre [l] Arabian x Peacock's Sheba [live]- Red Eagle's Peacock [l]) Sire is a Champion Arabian stallion with lines to Ferseyn, Jedran, Abu Farwa, Fadjur and Antezeyn Skowronek. Dam is by Red Eagles Peacock, by Red Eagle. She has several (4) lines to Ferras, Arabian sire of Red Eagle. Breyer 25th anniversary running mare OF. NIB- NYS. Dam of Sharade's Peacock, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03. *1/2 Arabian and Ara-appaloosa*

Under The Stars 1983 black leopard (Nugget Jim [l] x SW Breezin [m-swf]- Navajo Breeze [l]) Dam's dam is a TB mare by My Lark. Sire is a Grand Champion at halter and a WP Champion. Yellow Dog, Sun Spot J, Dodger I, Whistle Britches. Winner's Choice Micro Mini leopard app sliding stop mare OF. Dam of Zitkala, 88, o/b PHF; Lucy In The Sky, 90, o/b PHF; Meteor Shower, 96, o/b PHF; Midnight Spectrum,99, o/b PHF; and Treble Clef, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 89,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,00,01,02,04. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Dakota Dilly Dally 1984 dark Palomino snowflake (Tumbleweed Devil [l] x High Mar-Quiz [l]- High Hand) Tumbleweed Devil is a 1975 World Champion, and sire of Hall Of famer, Merry Weedo. His sire line goes back to Gold Strike's Equal and Comanche's Equal, and his dam is a Thoroughbred. Dam is a Champion mare by Foundation App High Hand and out of a TB mare. Breyer Indian pony OF. Dam of The Glitterman, 91, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Dakota Wanderer, 92, o/b Michelle Arras; Honey Bear, 98, o/b Nicole Perrault; Rustlin Up Da Bomb, 02, o/b Jean Sorensen; DQ Kodachrome, 04, o/b PHF. Years Open: 89,90,93,94,95,96,97,99,00,01,03,05,06. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Ruby's Dusty Jewel 1984 Red bay, two color spotted blanket (Vain Warrior [l] x Tenders Ruby Lady [live] AQHA- Tender Six) Sire is a son of Peacocks Miraklman, by Red Eagle's Peacock. Vain Warrior is a Halter Champion and race winner. Dam is a Quarter mare with Skipper W lines. Breyer SM TB mare rem/rep. Dam of Carbonation Celebration, 89; Festive Gemstone, 90; East West Exchange, 92; Dust Magnet, Live show placed, 95, o/b Carol Betcher and Dakota's Dusty Review, 96; on this list. Years available: 91,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06. Suitable for sporthorse proudction.

Sams Songstress 1984 grulla mare (Goodbye Sam [live] QH x 1979 Apache Melody- Apache Double [®] x Melody Mavis [®] TB- Silky Sullivan) Goodbye Sam was a successful racehorse, rated AA, a Champion Halter and Cutting horse, and sire of a Champion Cutting horse, Jody Fairfax. Apache Double was a Nat'l Champion and HOF racehorse, with get earnings of 2mil+ on the track. His maternal sire is the famous Silky Sullivan. Breyer 'Whispers' OF. Dam of Sams Song, 03, o/b Tayler McKee. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,06.

Siri Spring Snow 1984 black leopard (PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf] x Siri Snow Queen II-[m-phf]- Money Creeks Rockledge [l]) Sire is an Arabian, on my list and dam has double MC Rockledge,also Joker B. ceramic mini Arab mare handdone, haired. Retired Champion, later sustained a leg injury, now a broodmare only. Dam of M C Escher, 89; Siri Spring Diamond, 91, o/b PHF; Op Art, 00, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Spring Blizzard, 03; Siri Snowlight, 04; Spring Rain Showers, 05; Siri Snow Angel, 06, all o/b PHF. Years available: 90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02. *1/2 Arab & Ara-appaloosa*

Cowboy's Sweetheart 1985 red leopard (Cowboy Cadillac [l] x Miss Freckles Plaudit [m-phf]) Sire has lines to Candy's Pondie, Skipper W- QH, Wapiti, Coke Roberds. Dam appears on this list. Breyer SM Swaps SR OF. Dam of Alias Sweetheart, 91, o/b PHF and Wichita Sweetheart, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Easy Drumbeat 1985 bay blanket mare (Drum And Fife® x BR Miss Easy Kaz®- Kaskaskia Chico) Sire was a SW son of Navajo Breeze, Race Medallion and SAC Winner, ROM Race Qualifier, 1978 Champion 3 Yr Race Colt, 1980 Champion Aged Race Stallion. Maternal sire World Record holder, 2 1/2 furlongs :28.07 1976 Pompano Park, 4 1/2 furlongs :54 Pomona Futurity. Mini Whinny OF. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Milky's Way 1985 chestnut leopard (Isle Breeze By [l] x Copycats Snow Job [l]- Domino II's Copy Cat) Lines to Top Deck, Top Breeze, Jokers Sleepy, Herndon's Pok-A-Son and Shavano. Mostly foundation bred. Hartland by unknown customizer. NYS. Dam of Orbiter, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06.

Many Red Horizons 1985 chestnut roan spotted blanket (Blueeaglesupreme [®] x Ulrichs Lovelylady®- Ulrichs Many Coups) Double Ulrichs Many Coups, with a line to Bay Bob [ApHC], Bambi E, Mr Tonto Bars [QH]. Mostly foundation App lines. Hartland Polo Pony OF. Dam of Granite Horizon, 89, o/b PHF. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Cherry Blossom Time 1986 bay blanket (Money Creeks Monte-Time [l] x Plaudit's Cherry [m-oma]-Plaudit's Paprika) all lines to live. Sire is by Joker's Monte by Joker B. and sire's dam is by Wapiti. Red Plaudit, Sure Cash, Colorado Sorrel. Breyer 'Breezin Dixie' OF. Photo Show Winner & CHAMPION! MEPSA 2003 CHAMPIONSHIPS TOP TEN. Dam of Foxfire Spot On Brilliant, 91, Champion Performance horse, o/b Delana Metcalf; Ultra Blue Bars, 92, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Skipt A Spot,95, o/b Kay Myers; Wyoming Wyld Pajamas, 97, o/b PHF; Wapiti Star Time, 98, o/b Melissa Henderson; Shez Da Bomb, 02, o/b Jean Sorensen. Years available: 93,94,96,99,00,01,03,04,on.

Halona (Native American for Happy Fortune) 1986 dun spotted blanket (Cherry's Leader [l] x Mighty Wapetta [®]- Mighty Dial) Sire line is Joker B., also Chief Apache, Leo, Hard Twist. Dam goes to Mighty Bright, Colida, Wapiti. Photo show winner. Stone WP horse, OF. Dam of Luck N Dreams, 91, o/b Crissi NIckerson; Silverado, 00, o/b PHF and Springwater,04, o/b PHF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,on.

Hollywood Ladybug 1986 Red (chestnut) leopard App (Hollywood Reedy [m-mbr] x Jokettes Love Bug [m-mbr]- The Love Doctor) Hollywood Jaguar, California Champion Joker 3 Bars, Joker B, QH lines, Shalako's Plaudit. Breyer Lady Phase red leopard SR OF. Photo Show Winner. Dam of Senda Dream, 92, o/b Sarah Norini and Okie Hokie, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Kachina Kitten 1986 chestnut spot blanket (Straws Topcat [l] x Kachina's Jet [m-fl]-Easy Jet) Sire has lines to Wild Hope- ApHC Racing Hall Of Famer, Johnny Bull, Blazing Vandy and Hayes Roman Cloud. Dam to Jet Deck through Easy Jet, Three Bars, Mahmoud, Man O'War and Poco Bueno. Good racing and working lines. Breyer Indian pony OF. Dam of Kachina Red, 91, o/b Crissi Nickerson; High Country, 94, o/b PHF and Ima Catty Britch, 98, o/b Nikki Byler. Years available: 92,93,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Lakota Natane 1986 buttermilk buckskin spotted blanket (Joker Hands B Up [®] x Bright Fancy [®]- Mr Ultra Bright) Great Granddaughter of Joker B. Sire also has lines to Hands Up, Waggoner, Leo. Dam traces to Bright Eyes Brother, Prince Plaudit, Chocolate Soda and Ruff's Spot. Enesco Appaloosa by Rich Rudish for Hallmark. Multiple CHAMPION. MIJC Year-End Reserve Champion Appaloosa. Dam of Bright Lakota, 00, o/b Erica Jelen; MMR Lakota Stargazer, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink and Bright Mesa, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,01,03,04,07,on.

Princess Revelation 1986 Black leopard App (Prince Shannon [l] x Sunspots Revelation [bso-lod]- Sunspot Revel [l]) Sire is by Prince's Jim [Prince Plaudit/Joker B] son, dam is a full sister to Sunspot's Eclipse. Good old breeding. Breyer Lady Phase black leopard OF. Photo Show Placed. Dam of Holiday Prince, '91, o/b PHF; Chief's Revelation, 95, o/b Melissa Henderson; multiple winner Dalmatia, 98, o/b PHF; Alias Prince, 04, o/b PHF and Seymour Spotz, 08, o/b PHF. Years available: 92,93,94,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,07,09..

Chinook Orchid 1987 grey, with spots and white barrel (Leopard Chinook [m-oma] grey leopard x Orchid Fizz [m-oma]-Sure Gambler) Prince Plaudit, Hayes Roman Cloud, Saddle Tramp [model?], and TW model lines. Breyer Indian pony SR OF. NAN qualifier Live show Reserve Champion Stock Breed. Dam of Speckled Chicory, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,08,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Doe Cloud 1987 bay blanket (Doe's A-Rollin' [live] x Peacock's Cloud Power [m-phf]-Hayes Roman Cloud [l]) Sire was a Nat'l Champion, halter Champion and Bronze medallion winner by Oxburn's Bill and out of a QH mare. Dam is by Hayes Roman Cloud and out of a Red Eagle's Peacock mare. Breyer Kelso 'Geronimo' OF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on Suitable for sporthorse breeding.

Wego On Wheels 1987 red chestnut frosted blanket (Easy We Go [live] x Helen Wheels [live]- First Secretary) Sire was a leading race producer. Racing Hall Of Fame SI=98. Dam is a 1984 Hunter Hack ApHC World Champion by Secretariat's first foal and out of a QH mare with lines to Billy Clegg and Norfleet. Breyer SM G2 TB custom by Janet Bonney. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on. Suitable for race production.

Jokers Roxseona 1988 black marbled few spot leopard (Jokers Granite Bar [m-phf] x Choclaseona [m-phf]- Mulino Cousin [®]) Stone 'Palouse' Living horse. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Summer Moon 1988 palomino spotted blanket (Winterhawk [l] x Colida's Sunspot [l]-Candy's Plaudit) Sire is a Halter Champion, by AQHA Moore To Run, who goes back to Top Moon, AAAT. Sire's dam is to Chicado and twice to Storm Cloud by Red Eagle. Dam goes to Candy's Pondie, Wapiti, Colida. Breyer Lady Phase customized by ?. Photo show winner. Dam of Wapiti Moon, 93, by Wapiti Super Speck, o/b Monika Stewart; Topaz Wind, 94, NAN TOP TEN, o/b Kathy Dodson and MMR Zips Summer Star, 07, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,08,on.

Wichita Summer 1988 bay spotted blanket (Wichitas Geromino [live] x Apaches Summer Sun [bso-lod]- Coyote's Apache [live]) Dam is a full sister to live App, Apache's Sun Spirit, from a Brindabella mare. She is foundation bred, with triple lines to Patchy; also to Shavano, Chief Of Fourmile, Apache, Sundance 500, Illusion, Siri Sheba, Woodrow Shiek, Money Creek Rockledge, Leo [QH] and Mahmoud [TB]. Breyer grazing mare SR OF. Dam of Summer Festival, 93, o/b Jean Sorensen; Wichita Time, 98, on this list and Hot Summer Spot, 08, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,09,on.

Zitkala Name is Dakota for "bird" 1988 black spotted blanket mare (Kingfisher Silver [m-phf] x Under The Stars [m-phf]- Nugget Jim [®]) Japan china OF. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Calla Lea 1989 bay frosted hips (Bold Light Ky [l] x Double Shot Arbol [l]- Apache Double) race bred. Sire is out of producer Ocala Light, who is half TB. Sire's sire is Bold Czar [TB], by Bold Ruler. Dam is by Apache Double, who goes to Double Jay [TB] and is double Apache [App]. Breyer SM TB NM etched by Kris Brittle. Dam of Coda Lea, 94, o/b PHF and Champion Wyoming Bluebell, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Chinook Rainbow 1989 blue roan spotted blanket (Leopard Chinook [m-oma] gr x Way-Ta-Go [m-bb]-Goer [l]) Beside Goer, lines to Wa-Jo-Re, Prince Plaudit and Hayes Roman Cloud. Some model lines, most live. Hartland 5" App mare OF. Photo show placed. Dam of Eagles Chinook Raindrop, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Co-Jo Moonglow 1989 black leopard (Image's Moonshine [l] x Co-Lily [®]- Colida) By a foundation bred App, double Patchy Yamini, also Joker B and Bambi E. Breyer BHR SR IP OF. Winner. MEPSA qualifed 03/04. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Rock-U-Blue 1989 grulla mare (Macs Speck-U-Lation [m-phf] x Blue Money Missy [®] QH- Hanky Banky Bar) Princes Mac to Prince Plaudit, Alias Smith & Jones, Mr Blackburn, Chilly Star, Tonto Bars Hank, Pretty Buck. Hartland 5" appaloosa mare OF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Root Beer Float 1989 chestnut spotted blanket (Hayes Roman Cloud [l] x LCF Lacy Secrets [®]- First Secretary) Sire is Hall Of Fame Appaloosa, by Radio Rome [TB]. Dam is by the first son of Secretariat, and out of a Wild Hope daughter. Lots of TB blood here. Breyer classic Keen OF. Photo show placed. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Uncloudy Day 1989 bay with white spots/ patchy blanket (Cloud Be Proud [®] gr x Money Creeks Splendacious View [®] -Money Creeks Rockledge) Hayes Roman Cloud, Eternal Sun. ¼ QH, ¼ TB. BSO at this time. Dam of Bright Sunshiny Day, 93, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.

Blue Alternatiw 1990 chestnut clear blanket (Blue Ice [m-oma] x Alternatiw Love [m-h.tripp]- Rock Alternative) Dam is 1/2 Arab App. Creata Micro mini OF. Dam ofShadowed HEart, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07, on.

Dixie Chick PhD 1990 bay blanket (Wajo Three Chicks [l] x Dixie Doodle Dandy [m-scr]) Sire is a grandson of both Wapiti and Three Chicks, and a great grandson of Joker B and Ding Bob II. Dam has grand old model lines, including *Alconbury Hill. Breyer 'Breezin Dixie' OF. Photo Show Winner. Dam of Wyoming Wind River, 02, o/b PHF. Years Open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,on.

Lucy In The Sky 1990 Black leopard (Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Under The Stars [m-phf]-Nugget Jim [l]) Sire and dam both on this list. Sire has a racing sire and a foundation bred dam. Dam is a leopard by Nugget Jim, and out of a Navajo Breeze mare. Stone LE 'Breakaway' jumping horse OF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Sea Eaglet 1990 grey mare (Ima Sea Prince [®] x Pixie Dust [m-l.james]- Alias King ®) H-R Specialties App mare and foal. Sire is 1/2 TB grandson of Sea-Bird, damline to Red Eagle, Old Tony, King [QH] and War Dept [TB]. Dam of Sea Fog, 94, o/b PHF; Princess Sea Lark, 97, o/b PHF; Banshee Breeze, 98, o/b Jean Sorensen; Jetstream Flyer, 05, o/b PHF and Bright Eagle, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,99,00,01,02,03,04,07,on.

Alias Sweetheart 1991 bay leopard mare (Alias Mirage [m-phf] x Cowboys Sweetheart [m-phf]-) Both sire and dam on this page. Stone SR ISH mare 'Fancy' OF. Photo show winner. Dam of Conversation Heart, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,07,on.

Fleetwood Frosted Macdonna 1991 buckskin frosted Appaloosa mare (Fleetwood Bigmac ZI [m-ics] x Snowfall In Aspen [m-elkstar]-Skip Go Grand [l]) Breyer Lady Phase customised. Reserve Champion. Photo show winner, MEPSA qualified 2002. 1st of 23 in custom Stock breed mares, 3rd of 38 in App breed, 7th of 59 in App color. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Pawnee Lioness 1991 buckskin spot blnk (Bright Time Leo [m-pend-ics] x Fancy Meeting You [l]- H.P. Ol' Waylon) Dam to Cowboy Cadillac, Wapiti, Three Bars [TB], King [QH], Better Self [TB]. Breyer action stock SM OF. Photo show placed. Dam of Alias Pawnee, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Shamrock's Serendipity 1991 bay small spot leopard (Ulrichs Kingpin [l] x Miss Siri Shamrock [m-phf]) both sire and dam carry several Arabian lines, and are foundation bred Appaloosas. Breyer FAM ara-appaloosa OF. Dam of Cluster One, '96 Walkaloosa, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Shamrock's Illusion,02, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,03,04,on.

Sterling Silver Frost 1991 grey snowflake (Images Moonshine [l] x Silver Filigree [m-phf]-Silver Drift) Sire is a few spot leopard tracing to Patchy, Bambi E and Joker B. Dam is a purebred Arabian mare from Persimmon Hill with Crabbet and *Bask (Polish) lines. Breyer Running mare OF. Dam of Captivator, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,on. *1/2 Arabian & Ara-appaloosa*

True Blue To You 1991 black leopard mare (Snowcap Blue Plaudit [m-c.hartung] x You Go Girl [m-c.hartung]- Acclaim®) Sire's sire, A Touch of Blue®, is an ApHC Supreme Champion, and damsire is a World Champion Twice to Prince Plaudit, also to Goer, Three Chicks Snowcap, Rustler Bill. Lady Phase "Family App" mare OF Available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Wyoming's Tiger Lily 1991 Bay spotted blanket (Wyoming Territory x SW Breezin [m-phf]- Navajo Breeze [l]) Sire is double Wapiti, dam is 3/4 TB. Breyer Indian Pony repaint Retired Multi-Champion. Dam of Hollyberry, 99, and Wyoming Springtime, 06, both o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,00,01,02,03,04,05,07, on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Chelsea Lady Pok 1992 dunskin snowflake (Dun Roven's Chelseas Image [l] x Precious Lady D [®]- Pok-A-Dan) WC micro OF. This mare can produce cream or dun dilutes. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Claymation 1992 grulla spotted blanket App mare (First Draft [®] x Colida Sunspot [®]- Candy's Plaudit) Sire is a son of First Secretary, first son of legendary Secretariat. Dam is a grulla mare with lines to Colida, Wapiti and Candy's Pondie. Qualifes as foundation bred Appaloosa. Breyer Black Beauty CM by Berit Andersen. Winner. MEPSA qualifed 03/04. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Indigo Antitoxin 1992 grulla/grey spotted blanket Appaloosa mare (Jokers Party Confetti [m-ics] x Snakebite Cure [m-ics]-Viper ZI) Sire by Mulino Cousin, broodmare sire by Doc O'Lena. Lines to Joker B., Red Eagle, Leo, Storm Cloud F. Blend of foundation App and working QH lines. Breyer SR SHM OF. Dam of MMR Indigo Visions, 07, o/b Deborah Teeselink.  Years open: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,08,on.

Mighty Bright Confetti 1992 chestnut snowflake (The Mighty Executive x Bright Solution [l]ches roan-Bright Reflection) Bright Eyes Brother/Top Deck/ Breyer SHM #954 "Goin For Approval" OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Little Duece Coupe, photo show winner and LSP, 04, o/b PHF and MMR Wyoming Twister, 09, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,07,08,10,on.

Miss American Pie 1992 chestnut mare (Dreamfinder [l] x Ms American Maid [®]- Jack Justice) Sire is legendary Dreamfinder, dam is by QH Jack Justice, by Two Eyed Jack, with lines to Hard Twist. Stone SR ISH mare OF. Dam of Americas Sweetheart, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Sequential 1992 smoky buckskin spotted blanket (Bold Sensation [l-TB] x 5D's Queen Of Sheba [l]) full sister to Buckette Sensation. CM SM running TB mare by Terri DeWitt. Photo Show placed. Dam of Dunmeara Sunset, 97, o/b PHF; Packed Powder, 98, o/b PHF; Centennial Silver, 99, o/b Monika Stewart and Skedaddle, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,06,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Siri Snowdrift 1992 black leopard (Streetlights [m-phf] x Siri's Snow Queen II [m-phf]- Money Creek's Rockledge ®) Foundation bred. Breyer TB nursing mare customized by Mary Sue Humphries. She is still beautiful! Dam of Snow'N Ice, 06, o/b PHF. Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Voodoo Hue 1992 blue roan spotted blanket (Voodoo In The Shadows [m-c.nakagawa] x Choklite Jinx [m-h.tripp]- Chocklate Confetti [l]) also CRB. Sire line is Red Eagle. Sire has foundation App and TB lines on top, excellent working QH lines on bottom. Dam has foundation App lines, including Bear Paw, Toby II, Simcoe's Snowy Rock. Creata Micro mini OF. Dam of Lavender's Blue, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,03,04,on. *Also Colorado Rangerbred*

Wood Sorrel 1992 sorrel spotted blanket (Aspenwood [m-phf] TB x Alternatiw Love [m-h.tripp]- Rock Alternative) 1/2 TB, 1/4 Arab App. Golden sorrel, spotted blanket. ceramic mini Arab handdone OF. Dam of Trillium, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,,04,05,06,07,on.

Bright Sunshiney Day 1993 Palomino snowflake (Provoking [l] x Uncloudy Day [m-lod]- Cloud Be Proud [l]) Lines to Bright Pro, Mighty Bright, Hayes Roman Cloud. Breyer Indian pony SR 'Halayi' OF. Photo Show Winner. Dam of Evocative Locket, 98, o/b PHF; Dial-N-Shine, 01, o/b PHF and Dun Daydreamin, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,00,02,03,04,06,07,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Mighty Cherry 1993 bay spotted blanket mare (Mighty One [m-c.hartung] x Jokers Cherry Buzz [m-c.hartung]- A & B Stop Sign ®) Maternal sire is World Champion NRHA Money Earner & 2x’s ROM; also Dial Ten, Prince David, Mighty Tim. QVC SR SM Stockhorse. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Aolani 1994 bay spotted blanket mare (Cloud Chaser [m-phf] x Pocahontas [m-phf]- Money Creek's Monte-Time [l]) Breyer SM customized by Elaine McDaniel of Rocky Top Studio. Dam of Holani, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Doc Bright September
1994 chestnut spotted blanket mare (Ima Bright Doc [m-ics] x September Sonnet [m-phf]-Scotch Leo [m-phf]) Famous performance QH and foundation App lines. Doc O Lena, Docs Hotrodder, Skipper W, Sugar Bars AAA, Leo, Sonny Dee Bar, Wapiti, Joker B., Mansfields Comanche. Breyer SHM customized by Amanda Ingram. Placed. Dam of Burning Autumn, 99, o/b PHF; Doc's Bright Cat, 00, o/b Sarah Carper and MMR Zip's Autumn Moon, 05, o/b Deborah Teeselink. Years available: 01,02,03,04,06,on.

Sea Fog 1994 grey spotted blanket mare (? x Sea Eaglet [m-pfh] Ima Sea Prince [live]) Breyer 'Old Timer' in app OF Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on

Sioux See Que 1994 chestnut varnish leopard (Ulrich's Siouxchief [l] x Tobys Dancer [®]- Black Peppers Genesee Chief) Sire and dam both foundation bred. Navajos Candy, Simcoes Chinook, Kamiak Princess, Toby, Freels Chico. Border Fine Arts App mare and foal OF. MEPSA National Reserve Champion 2002. Dam of Prom Queen, 99, o/b Nora Gunderman, Champion Sioux Sequelle, 05, o/b PHF, and MMR Heza Sioux Chief, 06, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,07,on.

SLM Pretty Lil Pok-A-Dott 1994 black leopard (CD Polk-A-Bear [m-cgoreham] x Malibu Red Sun [m-cgoreham]- Opakiska Sun Chief [l]) Joker B., Mulino Cousin, Herndon's Pok A Son, Sunspot Revel and Red Eagle. CM Breyer 'Dutchess' by Suzanne McAllister. Dam of Blackfoot Crow, '98, o/b PHF; Pok-A-Dakota, 99; and Winter Suns, 04, PSW and Champion, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Foxi Comanche 1995 Chestnut with frosted blanket (Deep Thought [l] x Plum Foxy [l]-Triple Plum [JC]) Sire is by Deep South, 3/4 TB racer and dam is 1/2 TB, with prince Plaudit and Skipper W lines added. Breyer Clas Swaps frosted blanket added. Dam of PSW Topache, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,02,04,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

How Now Brown 1995 chestnut spotted blanket mare (Fancys Kalata [m-phf] x WPS Winona ®- Abu Masson- Arabian) Dam of Kentucky Hot Brown, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Rockalena All Night 1995 black near leopard mare (Streetlights x Rockalena Angel [m-c.hartung]- Solar Flair Eclat®) Lady Phase CM by ?. Photo show winner. Dam of Wyoming Onyx, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,05,on.

Shes So Fine 1995 bay blanket App mare (Stayready Bull [®] x Fine Repute [®]- Roman Jet) Sire by Mr. Spotted Bull.Z Dam is double Hayes Roman Cloud bred, and was a World Champion yearling. Also Top Hat H, Bright Eyes Brother, Depth Charge. Stone SR 'Great American' aka 'One Bright Paige' OF. Dam of Wyoming Bluebird, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,07, on.

Dusty Dakota Review 1996 chestnut spotted blanket (Dakota Reveille [m-phf] x Rubys Dusty Jewel [m-phf]) Both sire and dam are on this list. Sire goes to Dakota Jim, Cooterville Echohawk and Sunspot Revel. Dam to Red Eagle's Peacock and Skipper W. Breyer Ideal QH, etched by Jamie Coughlin. Photo show placed. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Hellcat Bux 1996 buckskin spotted blanket mare (Etta Bux [m-c.hartung] x TJ Hellagood [m-c.hartung]- TJ Im All That [m]) Lines to Coinage, Doc Tari, Joker's Monte, Mighty Bright, the notable model (real bred) ZI Steelblue Fly and The Executive. Breyer classic 'Dutchess' in buckskin App OF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,on.

Dunmeara Sunset 1997 buckskin snowflake (G.J.'s Saracen [l] x Sequential [m-phf]- Bold Sensation [l- TB]) Sire by Justasample, out of a TB mare. Lines to Chief Joseph Rex, Storm Could F, Teddy, Pharamond, Boldnesian. Breyer classic Keen OF. Photo show placed. Dam of Jet's Corvette, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 02,03,04,05,07,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Princess Sea Lark 1997 black spotted blanket (Macs Speck-U-Lation [m-phf] x Sea Eaglet [m-phf]- Ima Sea Prince) Sire and dam on this list. Sire by Prince Plaudit son, Prince's Mac, with a QH paternal dam, and dam is from the same line as Dreamfinder. Breyer SR Jamboree 01 IP 'Prairie Song' OF.Dam of Wyoming Larkspur, 02, o/b PHF.  Available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Wyoming's Little Jaguar 1997 Bay spotted blanket (Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x SW Breezin [m-phf]- Navajo Breeze [l]) Sire is double Wapiti, sam is by racehorse Navajo Breeze, and out of a TB mare by My Lark. Breyer Clas Duchess repaint. Seldom shown now, was a Reserve Champion. Dam of a permanent foal, Breyer SR Buster, o/b PHF. Years available: 02,03,04,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Dalmatia 1998 black leopard (Hot Ice [m-phf] x Princess Revelation [m-phf]- Prince Shannon [l]) Breyer new TB SM CM by Monika Stewart . Multiple winner. Years available:

Dell's Raisin Cain 1998 bay extended blanket Appaloosa and Colorado Rangerbred mare (Rural Ranger [m-oma] x SQ Thundering Dell [m-sq]- Thundering Sonny [®]) Lines to Chocklit Confetti, Regal Sundance, High Thunderbird, Majestic Dell. Her foals will be Rangerbred, since the lineage follows the dam. Years available: 2003,04,05,06,on. 03,04,on. 

Evocative Locket 1998 palomino spotted blanket mare (Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] QH x Bright Sunshiny Day [m-phf]- Provoking [l]) both sire and dam on this list. Lines to Pacific Bailey, AQHA Champion; Leo and Mr Bar Gold, Cloud Be Proud, Bright Pro, Mighty Bright, Hayes Roman Cloud Stone perf horse OF. Years available: 03,04,on 

Packed Powder 1998 buckskin extensive spotted blanket (Festive Ocassion [m-phf] x Sequential [m-phf]-Bold Sensation [JC]) Both sire and dam are on this list. Winner's Choice Creata App by Liddy OF. Photo show winner, MEPSA 2002 & 2003 Championship Top Ten, MEPSA 03/04 qualified. Years available: 03,04,on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Burning Autumn 1999 chestnut App mare (Hot Ice [m-phf] x Doc Bright September [m-phf]- Ima Bright Doc [m-c.nakagawa]) Stone SR Idaho Spud show "Mattie" OF. Dam of Burning Bright, o/b Persimmon Hill. Years open: 05 on.

Hollyberry 1999 bay spotted blanket (Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Wyomings Tiger Lily [m-phf]- Wyoming Territory [m-phf]) CM SM Seabiscuit by Berit Andersen. Dam of Holly Daze Dazzle, 08, o/b PHF. Available: 2004,05,06,07,09,on.

Pa Sybil Magic 1999 bay extensive spotted blanket (Festive Occasion [m-phf] x Peacock's Cloud Power [m-phf]-Peacock's Miraklman [l]) Breyer Lonesome Glory 'Mardi Gras' SR OF. Years available: 04 on. Suitable for sporthorse production.

Poca Dot Time 1999 brown, spotted blanket (Some Kinda Easy [live] x Pocahontas [m-phf]- Money Creek's Monte-Time [l]) Sire is an ApHC HOF racehorse, 2nd leading sire of racing Apps in 98 and 99; his half brother Geneo JJ was first. Damline to Joker B, Wapiti and Singer [TB]. Breyer QH Yearling OF. Winner of her first and only race start. Dam of Double Dotted Swiss, 06, o/b PHF. Years available: 04,05,07,on suitable for race foals.

Coppertone PhD 2000 chestnut, blnkt/spots App mare (Geneo JJ [®] x Sunny Air [m-phf] =Air Forbes Won [live] x Sunny Harbor 1983 {Harbor Prince [l] x Sunny Circle} Racing lines! Breyer NM TB CM. MEPSA qualified 2002. Dam of Coppertone's Kid, 09, o/b Nora Gunderman. Years available: 06,07,08,10,on.

Granite Rainbow 2000 blue roan near leopard- shown as a yearling (Joker's Granite Bar [m-phf] x Chinook Rainbow [m-phf]- ) Breyer 'Bosely Blue' QH Yearling OF. Years available: 05 on.

Dial N Shine 2001 palomino spotted blanket App mare (Jets Bright Operator [m-phf] x Bright Sunshiny Day [m-phf] - Provoking ® ) Photo from Stone website- this model NIB. Years available: 06,on.

Sheza Dust Devil 2001 grulla roaned spotted blanket (Hollywood Devil [m-c.hartung] x Sheza Foxy Jet [m-c.hartung]- Three Jets Shadow) Hollywood Jac 86, Merry Weedo, Prince Plaudit, Three Jets and Joker B. Breyer 'Black Beauty' as "Donovan" OF. Years available: 2006 on.

 Sweetgrass 2001 bay spotted blanket mare (Noble Houston ® TB x Greengrass [m-phf]- Green Herb  ®- TB) Sire is a live TB with a who's who pedigree, excellent movement and good looks. He has produced live ApHC horses, and also is AWB approved. Lines to Seattle Slew, Quadrangle, Smarten, Vaugely Noble, Damascus. Dam to Herbager [Fr] and Navajo Breeze. Breyer SM running TB OF Years available: 2006 on.

Crimson Appalachie 2002 bay spotted blanket mare (Appalachie Valor [m-l.lyonne] x Crimson Ribbons [m-phf] QH {Blushing Bug-QH [®] x Winning Ribbons-QH [®]-Cash Beau}) Sire is 3/4 TB, by Mr Spotted Bull, also sire of MSW Bull Nunnelley. QVC SR SM Stockhorse. Years available: 07,on.

Confetti Soiree 2003 chestnut leopard mare (Carbonation Celebration [m-phf] x Restless Blue [m-phf] TB- Restless Wind [®]) CM Strapless by Janet Bonney '03. Winner. MEPSA qualifed 03/04. Years available: 2008 on.

Apparition 2004 tri-leopard mare (Harvest Moon [m-l.james] x Winds Of Change II [m-l/james]- Rebel Wind) Sire line to Bold Ruler [TB]- also Native Dancer [TB], Hayes Roman Cloud, Wap's Spot 2, Go Man Go, Count Fleet, Shavano. Apparition is over 1/2 TB blood in the first three generations of her pedigree. She may race with Express in 2006/07. SM ND CM. Champion. Npt yet available.

Wyoming Onyx 2004 black spotted blanket mare (Wyoming Territory [m-phf] x Rockalena All Night [m-phf]- Streetlights [m-phf]) Breyer QH yearling CM by Years available: 09 on.

Jet Powered Janie  2005 bay spotted blanket mare (Go Navajo Jet [m-oma] x Peacocks Cloud Power [m-phf]- Hayes Roman Cloud ®) Sire to Easy We Go, Go Man Go, Navajo Breeze. Breyer Silky Sullivan 'Spice' OF. Years available: not presently available

ARABIANS- on their own pages: 2006 Persimmon Hill Arabians

Gaucho de Carbon
1998 Aralusian stallion (Garza del Nilo [m-phf] x Rosa de Carbon [m-phf]- Celautrur [m-oma]) 3/4 Arabian Aralusian. Spanish Arabian lines, along with *Bask. Breyer Silver Treaure Hunt OF rose grey. Winner. Foals: 2002 on.

Sun Hawks Phaeton
1996 palomino Morab stallion (3/4 Arabian) (Sun Hawk [m-starhold] x PHF Fatana [m-phf] JK Spartan [l]) Sire is Daralyn Wallace's multiple National (NAN) Live show Top Ten Hagen Renaker Morab stallion. His Arabian lines are to Lewisfield Sun God, Ibn Hanrah and Hanad. His Morgan lines are to the palomino western horse, Californio, and also to Devan horses. Phaeton's dam has lines to *Bask and *Eukaliptus. Animal Artistry large striking Arabian, finished by Marion Keefe of England. Foals: 2000 on.

1998 buckskin going grey NSH stallion (Mag [live] grey Arabian x Apricot Jam [m-phf] palo ASB- Phi Slama Jama [l]) 1/2 ASB, 1/2 Arabian. Sire is a live stallion imported from Russia, and dam is a palomino ASB mare. Stone Arabian SR 'Firewire' OF. Foals: 2002 on.

Part-Arabian Appaloosas
Illusive Sun
1988 bay leopard (Sun Token [live] x Sun Sickle [live]-The Phoenix Sun) this guy shows some Arabian heritage. FAS #872 Ara-Appaloosa stallion OF. NYS. Foals: 1992 on.

1986 Grey (Regalo Plato [m-oma] x Dolly [l]) Andalusian sire, dam is a Quarab (my live, now deceased mare). Breyer Fam Arab mare #8 'Pride' 60-66 in glossy alabaster OF. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01

Rosa de Carbon 1992 Grey (Celatrur [m-oma] x Amethsyt [m-ybs]-Diamond Bask) Breyer Fam Arab mare #charcoal OF. Dam of Gaucho de Carbon, 98, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,99,00,01

Silken Dianthus 1998 grey Hispano-Arab mare (Nacido Navidad [m-phf] x Seance's Juliet- Gai-Seance®) Enesco circus horse OF. Years available: 03,04,05.

Part-Arab Appaloosas
Siri Spring Snow
1984 black leopard (Ibn Ozem PhD [m-phf] x Siri Snow Queen II-[m-phf]- Money Creeks Rockledge [l]) 1/2 Arabian, by my Ozem son with lines to *Fadl and *Mirage, and out of my App mare, also here. ceramic mini Arab mare handdone, haired Retired Champion, later sustained a leg injury. Dam of M C Escher, 89, o/b PHF. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02

Sterling Silver Frost 1993 grey snowflake (M C Escher [m-phf] x Platinum Cloud PhD [m-phf]-Il Shakrific [m-phf]) Breyer running mare glossy # OF. Dam of Silver Jackpot, 97, o/b Hollie Uziak; Sure Sterling, 98, o/b PHF; and Captivator PhD, permanent foal, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03

Part-Arab Pintos
A-Pache Summer
1978 bay tobiano 3/4 Arabian pinto mare (Tezaar [l] x Apache Love [m-phf]-Mir Fad) Sire has lines to *Witez II, Raseyn, Mirage. Paternal g-sire is a half-brother to Bay-Abi. Maternal sire is by Fadjur, out of a mare with Crabbet and Davenport lines. Maternal granddam is an unregistered part-Arabian pinto.
bay tobiano pinto. HK 5" copy of Breyer run.mare repaint/hair.
Retired PS Winner. Dam of A-Pache Maiden, '84, o/b PHF; Heart Of Glass, 92, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Apache Scout, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 83,85,86,87,88, 89,90,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02 

A-Pache Maiden 1984 7/8ths Arabian mare (Ebony Vision [l] x A-Pache Summer [m-phf]) Sire has lines to *Raffles, Rapture, Hanad, Phantom and *Fadl. Bay tobiano. Ceramic mini Arab mare handdone OF. PSP. Dam of Tiara, 92, o/b PHF. Years available: 98,90,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02

Mint Spring 1991 Bay overo pinto part-Arabian mare (Khalico Bey PhD [m-phf] x India Badika f. 83-bso [Sheykh Ibn Deke x Indio's India [bso-lod] f.1973- King Indio PtHA P-16175 x grade pinto mare]) Breyer SM AM Pinto OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02.

Hazelwood Wizard Of Oz
1992 red taffy (silver) Australian Stock Horse stallion (Jillinda Star Deck [®] x Bullenbong Boomerang [®]- Comara Chanaby) Breyer 'Adios' as Aust stk OF. Sire of Mulwallie Silk Road and Amberle. Foals: 1996 on.

The Specialist 1993 bay Australian Stock Horse stallion (Almalema King Albert [®] x Bridgford Charcoal [®]- Crillee Jed) Cheval Thoroughbred OF. Foals: 1997 on.

Pearl Hunter
1983 grey Australian Stock Horse mare (Rivoli Rambler [®] x Pearl Queen [®] - St Fiastra) Breyer classic Duchess OF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Rio de Oro
1989 Palomino Azteca stallion (Viento Invierno [m-phf] x Dionysiaques [m-oma]- Bequest) 1st cross Azteca. 50% Andalusian, 50% QH. Andy lines to Ganador VIII, Juglar and Agente, and QH lines t Skipper W, Three Bars, Poco Rose & Skip's Reward. Breyer Glossy Fighting Stallion #33 'King' 60-67 OF. Sire of Rio Torreo, o/b Tayler McKee. Foals: 1993 on.

Coronando de Nieve 2003 bay roan AztecaB stallion 2nd cross, 3/4 Andalusian (Ladino TG x Tonto Bravia-bso-1998 bay roan {Bravio® Andalusian x Little Bros Tonto® bay roan QH}) Sire is S/P bay and beautiful. Dam is an Azteca D by the gorgeous Bravio, and with QH lines to Blue Valentine, Joe Reed and Tonto Bars Gill. Foals: 2007 on.

Algodona "cotton"
1997 grey Azteca mare (Misterioso [m-l.james] x Foxy Dulcinea [m-l/james]-Two Fox Dallas® ) bred by Lisa James. First cross Azteca. Axis/Ingratio IX, Jardinero V, Two Eyed Fox, Sugar Bars. Breyer Classic 'Ginger' OF grey. Crosses to Aztecas, Andalusian or QHs/Paints can produce American Aztecas. Mexico does not accept Paint crosses. QHs or Paints used for crossing must not carry more than ¼ TB blood. Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Tonto Bravia 1998 bay roan (carrying pearl) Azteca (Bravio® x Little Bros Tonto®- Little Bros) ½ Andalusian, ½ QH. By the gorgeous, now deceased Bravio, out of a well bred QH mare with lines to Blue Valentine, Tonto Bars Gill and Joe Reed. BSO at this time. Dam of Coronado de Nieve, 03, above. Years available: 04,05,06,07,08,on.

BARBS (Spanish, Algerian, Moroccan) stallions
Jericho (Moon City) 1989 grey (chestnut brindle) Barb (Babgha® x Ismina®- Oggaz) 2+/2+ Brindle is thought to be a chimeric coloration, and not heritable. Stone Chip Morgan OF. MEPSA winner. Foals: 1993 on

Arabesque 1990 black Moroccan Barb stallion (Yobbo [m-pend-wha] x Desert Shadow Dancer [m-pend-wha]) Metal horse OF. Foals: 1994 on.

Algierian 1992 bay Spanish Barb stallion (Orgulloso [l] x Chiripa [l]- Manoso) Blue Ribbon Spanish Barb OF. Foals: 1996 on.

Istaula 'il Hawa "Conquer The Wind" or something close to that 1996 blue roan gone grey Barb (½ Moroccan) stallion (Orgulloso [l] x Nube del Humo [m-rcg]- Chamsara el Shatane®) Goebel porcelain 'Mini Moor' OF. Foals: 1990 on.

NEW! al-Maghrib (the westernmost) 2000 claybank dun Spanish Barb stallion (Lagos [m-j.sorensen] x Sabina [bso-j.sorensen]- Wilbur-Cruse Spanish Barb) USA Barb lines from the Wilbur-Cruse herd, genetically tested as Barbs.  Breyer porcelain Spanish Barb. Foals: 2004 on.

NEW! Sirocco 2000 grey Algerian Barb stallion (Lahdjar® x Jahra®- Foulen) 2+/2+ from North Africa, the Algerian Barb is being bred in France. Lahdjar is a lovely, Spanish type stallion, rated "excellent" for breeding and a 3x Champion in France. Breyer resin 'Leandro' OF. Foals: 2004 on

Zamora Night 1992 grey from black Barb mare (London Night [m-oma] x Lady In Blue [m-oma]-*Rocain) Nicely model bred, by October Moon Acres. Breyer Foundation stallion #85 'Azteca' Available years: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

BARB/MUSTANG cross stallion
1988 black Spanish Barb/Mustang stallion (London Night [m-oma] x Vendetta [m-phf]) Blue Ribbon Spanish Barb OF. Foals: 1992 on.

Bundarrah Bree
1979 bay Australian Brumby mare (unknown sire x unknown dam) Rangebred, as a Brumby would most likely be. This mare has a lot of TB blood in her- an Australian Waler stallion with the herd she was captured from would have probably been her sire. Franklin mint TB mare and foal OF. Years available: 84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03. 

1997 brown Budyonny stallion (Baranni [m-whirlw] x ) no dam yet. Sire is also lacking pedigree, but he is a Champion shower. Lefton small Hunter OF. Photo show placed. Foals: 2001 on.

CASPIAN HORSES updated 4/01
Tandara Chafar
1993 bay stallion (Tandara Fasa [l] x Tandara Charak [l]) Jean Ross original sculpture rearing horse. Foals: 1997 on.

Kharif 1999 bay stallion (Kineton Kalif [l] bay x Mote Shalaby [l] bay- Forstals Barewa) United Designs OF. Live show placed. Foals: 2003 on

Mullacot Chloe 2000 grey mare (Danda Daniska [l] grey x Mullacot Bathsheba [l] ches- Kineton Kurush) Photo show winner, foal photo show winner. Years available: not until 2005.

Draft breeds- click here

Ulf Dragonmar
1993 chestnut/flaxen Fredericksborg stallion (Milton Torp [l] x Ditte [l]- Stjern Horns Herred) an actual live pedigree on this rare breed, and his sire is gorgeous! China resin OF. Foals: 1997 on.

1998 black Furioso-North Star stallion ( x ) no pedigree for this guy yet, but I'll continue looking! Breyer QVC SR Silver as "Black Beauty" Reserve Champion. Foals: 02 on.

GELDERLANDERS updated 1/06
Yves 1986 bay Geldenland stallion (Zooloog [®] x Onegleichen [®]- Akteur) BSO at this time- to be Breyer #483 "Big Ben" or Showjumper customized.

Mieke 1983 chestnut Gelderland mare (Monarch [®] x Rhinda [®]- Locomotief) full to Ahoy. Artist's resin "Tara" finshed by Sommer Prosser. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Wedding Party 1993 chestnut Gelderland mare (York Corps [m-oma] x Royal Bridesmaid [m-oma]-Majesty's Golden Armor) Breyer SM Silky Sullivan OF. Dam of Roheryn, 98 Dutch WB, o/b Andrea Lucado. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

HACKNEY STALLIONS (may be used for horses or ponies) updated 2/07
Zaire 1985 black stallion, with flank patches of white. 15.1hh. (Storms In Africa [m-oma] x Mississauga Maiden [l]-Suddie Sirius) Dam is by Suddie Sirius by the renowned Walton Searchlight, also once to Black Magic of Nork, twice to Solitude. Black with white markings, including white spotting lines. 15.2hh. Beswick Hackney "Black Magic Of Nork" OF. PS Winner in Breed and Color. MEPSA qualified 2002. Sire of Feenix Kinshasa,  o/b Cory Hartung. Foals: 1989-2007.

Bold Dominion 1988 bay stallion (Bold As Brass [l] x Cassilis Dixieland [l] -) 13.2hh. H-R mini Hackney OF. Foals: 1992 on.

Fortissimo 1991 Bay stallion 14.2hh (*Perfect Impression [l-bay] x May Day Symphony [bso-lod-chestnut] -King's Apollo [l]) Breyer #978 Sweet Confession OF 97. Not yet shown. Foals: 1995 on

HACKNEY MARES (may be used for horses or ponies) updated 1/06
Bandolier's Silver Lady
1986 Liver chestnut w/ flaxen Hackney pony mare 14.1hh (Dun-Haven Bandolier [l] x Maple Ridge Amazing Grace [l]- High And Mighty Gem) Ertl ASB mare OF. Not yet shown. Available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00

Panache Magic Moment 1998 chestnut Hackney mare (Blackstone Hallmandale [m-c.nakagawa] x Blackstone Sorceress [m-c.nakagawa]- ) Grace Newhouse 'Rockin' Robin' resin by Kathie McKenzie. Dam of Demetrius, 03, o/b Mary Lineman. Years available: 04,05,06,on.

HAFLINGER (names for stallions begin with sire's 1st letter; for mares, dam's 1st letter)
Hans Peter
1983 flaxen/chestnut Haflinger stallion (Hofgard [l] x St. Pr. St. Nakiska [l]- Nibelung) 4/4. Breyer 'Mountian Pony' OF. Foals: 1987 on.

Wahrheitgemass name is "Faithful" 1990 white/chestnut Haflinger stallion (Wall Street NTF [l] 1986 {Winterstein x Sonja} x Cameo [m-rvf]-Martin [l]) 2/4+. Sire is live, imported from Austria. Dam is model from Riverview Farms, with live lines. Breyer Haflinger OF. Sire of Wiser, LS Champion, o/b Cindi Nakagawa Foals: 1994 on.

Mairsedoats 1991 flaxen/chestnut Haflinger mare (Mairausch [l] x Dovey [m-thg]- Copper Rust) 4/1+ Sire is live, HBO classified, with lines to Mandl, Midas, Berthi. Dam is from Sherry Ball's Thunder Glen. Dam of Wiser, 94, Live Show Champion, o/b Cindi Nakagawa. Open: 95,96,97,98,99,01,02

Dahlia 1997 chestnut Haflinger mare (Allstar Oxnead [l] x [l] x Delia [m-rvf]- Afghan II [l]) 4/ Wonderful lines, Sire is approved and licensed, with two Elite class full sisters. Grandsire is 5x British Nat'l Champion, Granddam is Royal Windsor Horse Show Champion. Jean Ross original sculpture- one of a kind. Years open: 02

1992 bay Irish Hunter stallion (Gaelic Challenge [m-bb] x Epona [m-bb]) OF China ceramic hunter horse. Foals: 1996 on.

Silver Lining PhD 1992 bay Irish Draught stallion (Happy Ending [l] x Silver Dawn [l]) North Light OF. Photo show winner. Sire of Siebren. o/b Heather Mays. Foals: 1996 on.

Aengus  "eng + iss" (From aon "excellent" and gus "strength, vigor.")1993 grey Irish Draught stallion(Pride of Shaunlara- [l] RID x Dublin Dolly [m-phf]- Skylark [l])Breyer porcelain OF "Ballyduff". Multiple CHAMPION. Foals: 1997 on.

Shamrock Shilleboth 1996 grey Irish Draught stallion (Flagmount King [l] x Mountain Bloom [l]) Unknown plastic OF. Not shown. Foals: 2000 on.

Dublin Dolly 1988 grey Irish Draught mare (Skylark [l] RID x Goodness Gracious [l] RID) Shafford OF. Dam of Aengus, 95, o/b PHF; Champion Macha Blue, 96, o/b Kay Myers; Champion Dolly Blue, 97; Siebren, 99, o/b Heather Mays; Really Himself, 00, o/b Sandra Bickel; Dublin Drizzle, 01; winner Airman First Class, 02; and Dublin Dowser, 03; all o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,98,04,05, on.

1989 Knapstrup stallion Black leopard (Hugin [live] x Tulle [live]) 1/3. All live. Breyer Fighting stallion 709 OF. Foals: 1993 on.

*Anthem 1992 Knabstrup stallion Black leopard spotted (Apollon [l] blk leop. x Never Mind DK [l]- Don Ibrahim) Breyer Morganglanz #700893 SR OF 'Appaloosa Sport Horse'. Foals: 1996 on.

Paprika 1993 red roan near leopard Knabstrup mare (Onyx Snowdrops [m-cbf] x Trader's Business [m-shlwmd]-Inside Trader) 1+/3. ches leop) Safari OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

Annaliese 1995 tri leopard Knabstrup mare (Safir [l] x Sardi [l]) all live lines, limited pedigree. Breyer Breyerfest SR 'Flaebehoppen' OF. PSP. Years available: 00,01,02,03

Freyja 1995 Knabstrup mare chestnut spotted blanket (Romeo [m-cc] x Denmark's Darling [m-cc]) 4/3+. Two lines each to Toulouse-Latrec and Jennyanydots in the third generation; also Inside Trader and Herald Of Winter. Ertl OF. Dam of permanent foal, Thor, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,02,03

LIPPIZAN STALLIONS updated 7/09  Naming requirements- stallions must take the prefix of their sire, and the name of their dam, with roman numerals if that cross has been made more than once.
Neapolitano Majestica
1982 Grey (Romeo Neapolitano [m-cbf] x Majestica [bso-lod]-Pluto II Fantasica [l]) Breyer #30 Fighting stallion alabaster OF. Foals: 1986 on

Pluto Fledermaus 1990 bay (Pluto Con Brio [l] x R Fledermaus [bso-lod] (Maestoso Amata II [l] x Rockrose [l]) An uncommon bay Lippizaner. MULTIPLE CHAMPION. Masterpiece Porcelain by Home Interiors. Foals: 1994 on.

Favory Bierra I 1991 grey Lippizan stallion (Favory Bedelia I [s.feld] x Bierra [m-d.feld-]- Favory II Regina) All lines to live horses. Goebel OF. Foals: 1995 on.

Neopolitano Capistrana 1992 grey (Siglavy Amorosa [l] x 638 Acacia [l]- 106 Pluto III Platana) NYS. Goebel OF. OFCC 2003 NATIONAL CHAMPION STALLION, judged by Dawn Shaw. Multiple Champion. multiple MEPSA qualified 2003. Breed and make Championships. Foals: 1996 on.

Maestoso Silhouetta 1994 grey (Maestoso II Gavoresa III [l] x Silhouetta-[m-pend-ybar]-Siglavy Ladris) Breyer Classic Lippizan OF. Foals: 1998 on

Siglavy III Acacia 1994 grey (Siglavy Amorosa [l] x 638 Acacia [l]- 106 Pluto III Platana) NYS. Franklin Mint Lippizan OF. Foals: 1998 on.

LIPPIZAN MARES updated 7/09- Naming requirements- mares' names must begin with the same letter as their dam.
Bella Palerma
1982 Grey (SLM Pluto Bonavia [m-slm] x Bellea [pend-m-slm]) Old Japan china model. Dam of Neapolitano Palerma, '87, o/b Betsy Bissell. Open: 1988,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01

Capistrana 1987 Grey (584 Conversano II Grace [l] x Consuela [pend-m-slm]) Breyer #475 'Pluto' CM. Champion. Dam of Neopolitano Capistrana, 92, on this stallion list; Siglavy Capistrana, 98, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Maestoso Capistrana, 03, foal body, and Czarina, 04, foal bdy, o/b PHF. Years open: 93,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,05, on.

Cremolina 1988 grey (Favory Cremona [l] x Con Bria [l]- Neapolitano XIX-5) Sire has pure Piber lines! Ertl Collectibles Lippizan mare OF. Dam of Lippizan ID- 3_07, '95, o/b ? Years available: 93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,on.

Matadora 1994 black (Maestoso XXIX-32 [l] black x Mimi [bso=lod]- Tulipan Zverka [l]) Bloodlines are from Hungary- registered Lippizans. BSO at this time. Years available: 99,00,01,02,on.

Konstance 1996 grey Lippizan mare (Siglavy Netta I [l] x Kapriola [l]- Tulipan Zverka). BSO currently. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

*Metálicos 1991 metallic golden buckskin (Cravo® x Doninha®- Mercurio) Viega lines, from Portugal in 1992. CM Breyer 'Legionario III' Foals: 1995 on.

El Rey del Milenario 1993 buckskin Lusitano stallion (*Imperador ZI [m-c.nakagawa] x Centenaria [m-c.nakgawa]- Venadito®) very well bred. Lines to Universo, Bailador, Maravilha, Venadito, Cofre. Breyer Legionario as 'Lavrador' OF. Champion. Sire of Golden Vanity. Foals: 1997 on

Un Soledad 1996 buckskin Lusitano stallion (Phoenix DS [m-m.smith] x Shoshana [m-m.smith]- Vento Selvagem [m-wmhs]) Lines to Triunfa, Bailador, Martini. All to live. Breyer G2 SM Andalusian OF. Winner. MEPSA qualified 07/08. Foals: 2000 on.

El Cazador "Treasure Hunter" 1997 Buckskin Lusitano stallion (Nostradamos do Mirante [l] x Cielo [m-a.geci]- Espirito) Breyer SM MS OF Not yet shown Foals 01 on.

Picante 1997 chestnut Lusitano stallion (Lavrador® x Gaiata®- Almanda II) Breyer porcelain mini G2 Andalusian OF Winner. Foals: 2001 on.

Costa del Sol 1998 chestnut Lusitano stallion (Sentinel [m-s.stahl] x *Terezihna [m-s.stahls]- Trinco®) all to live. Centario, Capote, Nilo, Quieto, Gaupo, etc. Breyerfest SR 'Galahad' OF. Multiple Champion. Foals: 2002 on.

Patriarchal 1999 perlino Lusitano stallion (Armand [m-m.smith] x Shoshana [m-m.smith]- Vento Selvagem [m-wmhs]) Lines to Triunfo, Bailador, Cravo, Habanero VIII. Safari Andalusian OF. Foals: 2003 on.

*Disposto (willing in Portuguese) 2001 liver chestnut/flaxen stallion (Corajoso® x Epona®- Manequim) Firme, Principe V, Bailador, Cruzado Breyer #918 Legionario III 'Promenade' OF. Foals: 2005 on.

Dios del Sol 2003 palomino Lusitano stallion (Saphiro® x Nevada St.C®- Extranjero St.C) Sire is a cremello Lusitano imported from Germany, dam is a lovely grey with lines to Yacht and Triunfo. Breyer SM OF. Foals: 2007 on.

LUSITANO MARES- added 3/08
*Golden Earrings 1993 buckskin Lusitano mare (Dito® x Colmeia®- Oeste) World famous smoky black sire, and full sibling to two live horses. Breyer Classic And mare OF 99. PS Winner. Dam of Aurelio Sol, 00, o/b Jean Sorensen. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on

Golleria - Spanish ="Delicacy" 2000 palomino Lusitano mare (Descaro [l] x Golilla [l]-Mercenario) By a gorgeous palomino Lusitano, out of a live chestnut mare with a record of working western! Still unable to find a full pedigree for dam's dam, though. Breyer SM QH mare OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Golden Vanity, 05, o/b Anna Childers. Years available: 06,07,08,on.

Cinnabon 2004 chestnut Lusitano mare (Cinabrio [m-c.wallbruch] x Wilhemina [m-c.wallbruch]-Jungle Warrior) Lines to Centenario, Capote, Granadino XI, Aragones III, Bedouin 2x. Live bred top, modelbred 3 and 4 generations on bottom. Bred by October Mon Acres. Winner's Choice micro mini OF Not yet shown Years available: 09, on.

Chambord 1992 palomino MFT stallion (Foxy Pale Gold [t.bartone] x Little Beauty [t.bartone]- Little Charley's Duke®) All lines to live. 2x in the 4th generation to Golden Rawhide. Breyer RR 2003 MFT OF. Winner. Foals: 1996 on.

King Of The Road 1994 sooty buckskin MFT stallion (Missouri Traveler® x Midas' Sweet Dare [m-t.bartone]- King Midas®) All lines to live. Sterling Merry Boy, Golden Governor, Nancy Ann. Breyer CM MFT. Champion, MEPSA Internat'l Champion 2010, MEPSA Internat'l Res. Grand Champion 2010. Foals: 1998 on.

NEW! Missouri Yankee 1996 grey (chestnut) MFT stallion (Go Boys Golden Jester [®] x Samson's Southern Sally [®]- Yankey's Samson) Breyer MFT JCP SR 2009 OF Foals: 2000 on.

NEW! Supercalifragilistic 1997 bay tobiano MFT gelding, gelded 2006. (Silver Diago [m-a.haddock] x Pixie [m-a.haddock]- Shepherds Superman®) Breyer 2006 limited edition 'Double Trouble' OF. Foals: 2001-2006.

Boom Queen O'The Blues 1998 grey MFT mare (Songers Ambraw Boomer® x Blue Ozark Queen®- Blues Boogie II) Old MFT lines on sire's side- Jack Of Diamonds, Flaxy C, Little Charley's Duke. BSO at this time. Dam of Mississippi Queen, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 03,04,06,on

NEW! Daybreak Phancy Sunstar 2004 palomino Missouri Foxtrotter mare (Sunrise's Gold Charm® x Yank's Phantasy Star®- Missouri Yank) Japan china OF. Years available: 09,10,11,12,13,14,15,on.

MORGAN STALLIONS updated 9/01- Naming tradition- my farm prefix or PhD suffix for all foals out of my mares.
Mayflower Hawk
{BSO-deceased} 1960 Chestnut (O C R [l] x Tippy Dee [l]- Hawk Jim) Good old lines close-up: OCR by Captor by Mansfield. Linebred to Ulysses, Bennington, Lady Sealect. H-R Lippett OF. Never shown. Foals: 1966-1985

Applevale Applause 1972 Bay (Applevale Encore [m-km] x Applevale Katonah [m-km]-Pecos [l]) Pecos top and bottom, Upwey Ben Don, Mentor, Ulysses. Breyer SM #5035 OF touch-up '75. MULTIPLE CHAMPION. Foals: 1976 -1997

Delphi Adonis 1982 Palomino (Palamedes [m-ff] x Whippoorwill Penelope [bso-lod]-Californio [l]) Sire is a model Champion from Jen Raymond's stable, with Champion model parents. From there, all lines are live, Eco Jubilee, Tutor, Clement, Montabell. Dam is by Californio, with additional lines to Jubilee King through Squire Burger and more Mansfield. H-R Lippitt OF. Photo show winner, MEPSA 2001 Top Ten Morgan, MEPSA qualified 2002. Foals: 1986 on

Mayflower Pilgrim 1985 Black (Mayflower Hawk [m-lod] x Sonnett's Last Song [l]) Sire appears on this list; dam has a nice pedigree, with Chasley Superman on the sire line, and Cathy Serenity on the maternal sire side. Old lines. Breyer #5036 SM MS black OF made 75-88. Not yet shown. Foals: 1989 on.

Shadeau Theatre 1985 black sabino Morgan stallion (DHR Beauty [m-dhr] black X DHR Brite Shadeau [m-dhr] ches) Dam's sire had white markings. Lines to Donny brook Mr. Music, Vigilmarch, Windcrest Splendor, Upwey Ben Don, Trophy. Some lines are model. Breyer 'Tri Mi Boot Scootin Boogie' Justin Morgan OF NYS- NIB. Foals: 1989 on.

Vigilant Orpheus 1985 Chestnut (Townshend Vigildon [l] x HVK Twilight Vigil [l]) Linebred to Vigildon. Also to Waseeka's Nocturne and Cornwallis. H-R Lippett OF. PS Winner. Foals: 1989 on

Magnum Freeze 1986 grey stallion (RA Magic Man [mragtime] x RA Rosebud [m-ragtime]- Silver Breeze [bso-w.blum]) UVM lines, Senatefield, Warhawk, Townshend Gaymeade, Mr. Breezy Cobra, Prince de Jarnette, Saracen, Orcland Leader, Mansfield. Breyer SM MS OF. Foals: 1990 on.

Thunderglen Bold Dreamer 1986 Brown stallion (T M Bold Justice [l] x Heaven's Dreams [m-tgr]-Hermit Of Mink Hollow) Grandson of Beamington. Breyer #711094 SM MS SR slate bay OF made 94 for JCP. Foals: 1990 on

Spirit of Seventy-Six 1986 black (Stillwater Indigo [l] x Ryegate Majorette [l]-Ashwood Jess's Pride) Full Lippitt. Breyer Classic Black Beauty #4030 OF. BSO only due to an injury. Foals: 1990 on

Autumn Ember 1987 Bay (UVM Lash [l] x Autumn In Vermont [m-lod]- Applevale Voyager [l]) Twice each to Upwey Ben Don and Pecos, Orcland Vigildon. Lefton #946 OF touch-up. CHAMPION and Reserve Champion inn club showing. Foals: 1991 on

Laurelwood Esteem 1987 Bay stallion (Applevale Applause [m-lod] x Brooksong Three Wishes [m-rds]) By stallion on this list, out of a mare with additional Applevale breeding, plus Tutor and Delmont. Not yet shown. Foals: 1991 on

Laurelwood Uptempo 1987 Bay stallion (Life's A Dance [m-pend-ragtime] x Raintree Syncopation [bso-lod]-Raintree Revelation [l]) Lines to Kingston, Pecos. JAH SR SM Morgan OF Foals: 1989 on.

Laurelwood Wintergreen 1987 bay stallion (Lord Appleton [l] x Quaker Acre Windsong [l]- Trophy's Award) Sire by Waseeka's Nocturne. Goes to Orcland Vigildon, Trophy. Show lines. Breyer SM MS OF. Foals: 1991 on.

Helios Gold 1988 Palomino (Delphi Adonis [m-phf] x Fleur de Jarnette [bso-lod]) Stone Morgan 'Nashboro Gold' OF. Photo show Winner and Live show placed. Foals: 1992 on

Redfox American Echo 1988 Chestnut (Riverview Mocha Echo [m-bb] x Triton Foxy Joyce [l]- Applevale Red Fox) Breyer #5037 SM MS chestnut OF made 75-76. Not yet shown. Foals: 1992 on.

OMA Valedictorian 1988 bay (Farewell To Kings [m-wmhs] x Senecan Education [m-oma]-Tutor) Tutor grandson, also Lippitt and Lamont lines H-R new mini Morgan stallion "Shiloh" OF. Foals: 1992 on

Celtic Willy Dance 1989 black Morgan stallion (Treble's Willy Wild [®] x Celtic Dancer [®]- Big Oak Black Tie) North Light Morgan OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Laurelwood Sunrise Concerto 1989 chestnut stallion (Twilight Music [m-av] x Riverview Sunstar [m-bb]-Applevale Sunstar) Sire line to Waseeka's Nocturne. Also Ulendon, Pecos 2x, Lippitt Rob Roy. More Pecos in damline, Whitmorr Limelight, Canfield, Sonfield. 99 SM Morgan OF. Foals: 1993 on.

DQ Hypnotist 1990 Dark bay (Black River Pegasus [m-ff] x Fair Hill Baby Doll [l]- UVM Viking) Sire a Live show Champion, & an approved portrait model. He has lines to Captor, Delmont, Congo, Jubilee King, UVM Flash and Green Mt horses. Breyer #48 Morgan customized by Linda Leach-Hardy.Photo show Winner. Sire of Spellbound Secret, o/b M. Addison. Foals: 1994 on.

Laurelwood Ambassador 1990 Bay (SLM Color Of Right [m-slm] x Laurelwood Fahlene [m-lod]- Waseeka's In Command [l]) Grandson of Upwey Ben Don. Lines to Moro Hills Mequon, Lord Appleton, Ulendon, Pecos. Breyer #901 stretched Morgan 'Lippitt Pegasus' OF. PSP. Foals: 1994 on

Laurelwood Fleur de Lis 1990 black stallion (Mayflower Pilgrim [m-phf] x Fleur de Citron [m-phf]-Beau Select [l]) Sire and dam both appear on this listing. Breyer 2001 'Winchester' OF. Foals: 1994 on.

Laurelwood Ovation 1990 Bay (Applevale Applause [m-lod] x Raintree Syncopation [lod-bso]- Raintree Revelation [l]) Heavy Applevale breeding- Pecos, Kingston, Sealect of Wind-crest. Bottom line to Waseeka's Nocturne. Breyer #5184 Morgan Stallion SM OF. PS Winner. Foals: 1994 on

Laurelwood Gala Apollo 1991 Palomino (Delphi Adonis [m-lod] x Gala Champagne [m-lod]-Turfwood Royal Flush [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. Breyer "Sherman Morgan" #430 customized by Bonnie Newburg. RESERVE CHAMPION. Foals: 1995 on

Laurelwood Honorarium 1991 copper chestnut stallion (Wolf River Flaire [m-pend-wolfriver] x Autumn In Vermont [m-phf]-Applevale Voyager [l]) mini metal bronzed finish copy of H-R Morgan. Foals: 1995 on, when pedigree is complete.

Ethan Morgan 1992 Buckskin (Cantiglen Eclipse [l] x Maybelle Ethan Walker [l]-Merry Ethan) Lippitt lines. Breyer #631 Classic Black Beauty OF made 1998. Foals: 1996 on

Laurelwood Acclaim 1992 bay stallion (Applevale Applause [m-phf] x Laurelwood Fahlene [m-phf]- Waseeka's In Command[l]) Breyer OM SM MS OF. Foals: 1996 on.

Laurelwood Elan 1992 bay stallion (Laurelwood Uptempo [m-phf] x Dubonnet's Chablis-live- Dee Bobs Dubonnet. Sire is on this list. Kulfi resin finished by Gail Berg. Photo show placed. Foals: 1996 on.

Mohican Ethan Ash 1992 bay (Royalton Perfection[m-rvf] x Good News Priscilla [l]-Mededith Smoky) Full Lippitt blood. Judy Pope SM size resin. Photo show placed. Foals: 1996 on

Scythian Gold 1992 Palomino stallion (Delphi Adonis [m-lod] x Fleur de Citron) Both sire and dam are on this list. 1991 SR SM MS from Sears. Foals: 1996 on.

Laurelwood Goldhawk 1993 sooty buckskin stallion (Gold Cross Sundance® x Laurelwood Sunbonnet [m-phf]- WA Sunfield [m-a.strohm]) Working western lines.Californio, Whippoorwill Duke, Vigilmarch, Sonfield, Sparfield, Rockfield, Dyberry Ethan. Breyer "Montana Harvest" OF. Sire of Laurelwood Montana Goldrush, 02, o/b Nora Colina. Foals: 1997 on.

NEW! Laurelwood Spearmint Spirit 1993 chestnut stallion (Spirit Of Seventy Six [m-phf] x Ashmoro Bonnie Mint [m-phf]- Robert LeBrun [m-bb]) Full Lippitt. Sire and dam on this list. 2005 America's Mustangs WM set with classic Black Beauty OF. Not yet shown. Foals: 1997 on.

Hershey's Special Dark 1994 Seal Brown (Riverview Midnight Echo [m-bb] x Godiva's Temptation [m-eh]- Osiris [l]) All lines trace to live. Trophy, Upwey Ben Don, Hawk Jim, Bennington, Green Mead Yankee, Senator Graham, Beamington, Flyhawk, MaryMels Indigo, Troutbrook Playboy, Tas-Tee's Firefly. Breyer #740298 Stonington Midstates SR OF. multiple PS Winner. Foals: 1998 on

Dante's Illumination 1995 black stallion (Immortal Command [l] x Fascination [m-slm]-RHF Calumet) A half-brother to Orion's Bronze Goddess, on my mare list. Dam is a palomino, to Chingadero, Upwey Ben Don. Sire is a black '93, '95 and '97 Leading sire. By Waseeka's In Command, with lines to Government and Ben Don. Breyer SM MS OF. Foals: 1999 on

NEW! The Herbalist of Crosstimbers 1995 chestnut Morgan stallion (Crosstimbers Glory Days [m-d.thiele] x Harmony Replica [bso-d.thiele]- Crosstimbers Doublemint [m-d.thiele]) CM Trad Morgan. Foals: 1999 on.

Laurelwood Obsession 1995 yellow dun (Robbi Sues Sweet Success [live] x Amanda May [m-phf]- Mayflower Hawk) Rarest coloration in the Morgan breed. Sire is over half Lippitt, with other lines to Brown Pepper, Juzan, Flyhawk. Dam is old government and Upwey Ben Don, Waseeka's Nocturne breeding. Beside his gorgeous color, he has the balanced conformation and attitude for about anything. Moody 'Magnificence' resin, finished by Laurie Jo Jenson. LIVE SHOW WINNER, photo show placed. Sire of Intensive Game Plan, 99, o/b M. Addison, MMR Golden Obsession, o/b Debbie Teeselink and Laurelwood Velvet, o/b Nora Gunderman. Foals: 2000 on

NEW! WW Velvet Underground 1996 Morgan stallion (SLM Connoisseur [s.feld] x Lady Luck Dances [s.feld]) QVC SR new mold SM Morgan OF. Foals: 2000 on.

Banner Of Laurelwood 1998 palomino (Delphi Adonis [m-phf] x Laurelwood May Apple [m-phf]- Lethal Weapon [l]) By my good shower Delphi Adonis and out of a mare from this list with Equinox Benn Adam, Waseeka, Orcland Leader lines. H-R vintage mini Morgan stallion OF. Was Multiple Champion as a Paso Fino in an earlier incarnation, already a Photo show winner and MEPSA qualified as a Morgan. Foals: 2002 on.

NEW! Laurelwood Aurifex 1998 palomino Morgan stallion (Wolf River Goldhawk [m-phf] x Cameos Eden [m-phf]- Shagwood Shinghero [®]) Artline? Japan OF. Foals: 2002 on.

Fleur de Citron
1967-2000 Palomino (Beau Select [l] x Fleur de Jarnette [bso-lod]-) Sire line is Lippitt, through Sealect to Sir Ethan Allen. Also lines to Colonel's Boy, Bob Romanesque, Elberty Linsley. Dam's sire line is to Jubilee King, plus she has another line to him; also Mansfield, Lippitt lines, Linspar, Night Tide. Breyer SM MM OF. Citron is a half-sister to Helios Gold and Laurelwood Gala Champagne, here. Dam of Laurelwood Herbe de Citron, 88; Laurelwood Midnight Pilgrim, 90; Laurelwood Scythian Gold, 92; and Laurelwood Fleur de Orange, 93, her last foal on this list, all o/b PHF. Open: 72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,89,91.

Cimmaron's Rosalind {BSO} 1969-1999 light red Bay (Cimarron Comet [m-km] x Applevale Katonah [m-km]- Pecos [l]) Applevale lines; Pecos and Mentor. 4 gen ped. on damside, sire's has two at this time. Lefton OF. Broodmare, not shown. Years open: 73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91.

Autumn In Vermont 1977 bay (Applevale Voyager [l] x Applevale Secret Joy [l]-Pecos) 4 gen ped. Double Pecos, Upwey Ben Don, Bennington, Jubilee King and Orcland Leader. Dam of a Champion, 87, Autumn Ember and Laurelwood Honorarium, 91, on stallion list; Firestarter, on Warmblood list. Also, Aiming For The Stars, 85, o/b Amanda Geci; Blue Skies Autumn, 81, o/b Jen Dodd; Lord Diamond, 83, o/b Liana Cibery; Laurelwood Chelsea, 84, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Spirit Of Fall, 89, o/b Susanne Nilsson; Wind In The Willows, o/b Betsy Bissell; and Ibn Raakas, '98 Morab, o/b Melinda Blegan. H-R new mini Morgan mare "Liberty Belle" OF. PSP. Years open: 88,90,92,93,94,85,96,97,99,00,01,02

Laurelwood Marchioness 1979 bay mare (HVK Fieldmarch [l] x Figure's Hillary [bso-lod]-UVM Tanner) old lines- Canfield, Tutor, Vigil March, the great broodmare Cathy Serenity (dam of 3 Grand National Champions) and also Fairytop. Japan china OF. Photo Show Winner. Dam of Foxfire Khryssa, 94, o/b Delana Metcalf, Laurelwood Marchhawk, 97, o/b Malinda Welte; DHF Laurelwood Arabella, 98, o/b Vicki Griffiths and Laurelwood Grizzly, 03, o/b PHF. Open years: 84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,99,00,01,02,04.

Laurelwood Idyll 1980 bay (Wintertime [m-wolfriver] x Saddleback Sensation [m-wolfriver]-Waseeka's In Command®) North Light large reclining mare OF Open photo show Winner & RESERVE CHAMPION, MEPSA 2001 Internat'l Championship Top Ten Morgan and Bay color. MEPSA 2002 Internat'l Champion Mare. Dam of Laurelwood Fantasy Moon, 89, o/b Heather Gnidovec; Laurelwood Ashlawn Idyll, 92, o/b PHF, her replacement in our herd; Laurelwood Ashen Joy, 97, Reserve Champion and LSP, o/b Randa Garrett; Laurelwood Electra, 03, o/b PHF; Laurelwood Idyllwild, Morab, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink and Laurelwood Idyll's Echo, 99, o/b PHF. Years available: 86,87,88,90,91,93,94,95,96,98,00,01,02,04.

Evenmist Aurora 1983 Bay (Donnybrook Don Crews [m-oma] x Evenmist Auralee- Waseeka's Nocturne) 4 gen ped. Windcrest/Upwey Ben Don, Lippitt, Lamont and Senator Graham lines. Breyer #124 running mare OF. PSP, now retired. Dam of Cinnamon 'n' Sugar, 88, o/b Betsy Bissell; Orange Blossom, 89, on PH Morab list; Laurelwood Debutante, 90, on mare list; Laurelwood Merry Go Round, 91, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Evenmist Odyssey, 94, o/b Randa Garrett; Laurelwood Autumn Lights, 00, o'b PHF and a psw Morab foal. Years open: 92,93,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03.

Laurelwood Amanda May 1985 chestnut (Mayflower Hawk [m-phf] x Fawnledge Commanda [l]- Waseeka's In Command) Sire on list above; dam has Upwey Ben Don, Mansfield and Starfire lines. Breyer Morgan mare OF. Reserve Champion OF Morgan at IPABRA Nationals. Dam of Laurelwood Kassidy, 90 pinto mare, o/b PHF; Sylvan Mayfaire Gold, 92, o/b Shannon Tostanski; MS's Midnight Sunset, 94, o/b Ashley Pagliuso; Wolf River Obsession, 96, on our stallion list; Forever Amber, 97, o/b Karen Fawcett; Laurelwood Icarus, 03, o/b PHF and Shadeau's May Fall, 04, o/b Nora Colina. Open: 91,93,95,98,99,00,01,02,05,on.

Laurelwood Fahlene 1985 Bay (Waseeka's In Command [l] x Waseeka's Paprika [l]- Waseeka's Nocturne) 4 gen.ped. Double Waseeka's Nocturne, triple Upwey King Ben and Pecos lines. Lefton #2211 Morgan mare OF. PSW- now retired. Dam of Fall Aspen and Summer Aspen, o/b Amanda Geci, GCS Applesauce Fahlene, o/b Cindy Kunitsugu; both Laurelwood Ambassador , 90, and Laurelwood Acclaim, 92, on our stallion list. Years open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02

October Meadow Gold 1985 buckskin (October Highlands [m-oma] x Golden Spurs [m-oma] Brierly Gold Ethan) Lines to Beamington, Pineland Diamond Ace and Merry Ethan and also model lines. Breyer #969 running mare "Karinthia" OF. COLOR CHAMPION. Dam of Laurelwood Montana Goldrush,02, o/b Nora Colina. Years open: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,on.

Ashmoro Bonnie Mint 1987 chestnut mare (Robert LeBrun [m-bb] x Adele Ratignolle [m-bb]) Full Lippitt. Ryegate Moro Magic, Highpastures Ivanhoe, Royalton Ashline, Moro Hill's Adonis. Must be bred only to full Lippitt sires except with special permission. WC micro mini Morgan mare OF. Open: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02

Laurelwood Gala Champagne 1987 Palomino (Turfwood Royal Flush [l] x Fleur de Jarnette [bso-lod]-Whippoorwill Duke [l]) 4 gen.ped. Brunk and Lippitt lines. Jubilee King through Jubilee's Courage, Juzan and King de Jarnette; Mansfield and Sentola. Creme gene carrier through her bottom line. Dam of Gala Apollo on stallion list. Breyer #5160 SM MM OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Golden Spirits, 93, o/b Mary Vinyard; Gala Apollo, 91, on this list and Laurelwood Darwin's Drean, 99, o/b Melisaa Addison. Years open: 92,94,95,96,97,98,00,01,02

Shahcolatte Heart 1988 chestnut mare (Tom Sawyer [m-wwmh] x Closer To The Heart [m-wwmh]- Windcrest Supreme) Lines to Lippitt Ethan Ash, Waseeka's Nocturne, Upwey Ben Don, but none of these until the 4th generation. Sire is a show winner and Reserve Champion; dam is show placed and a good producer! SM MM OF. Dam of Pumpkin Glow, 96, o/b Karen Fawcett. Open: 93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02

Wolf River Sunbonnet 1988 flaxen chestnut mare (WR Sunfield [m-wolfriver] x WR Caprice [m-wolfriver]-) Working western lines. Hagen Renaker scratching mare, separated from companion. Dam of Laurelwood Goldhawk, 93, o/b PHF; Laurelwood Sonata, 04, o/b Mary Schoedel and Laurelwood Apollo, HR mini Morgan foal, 09, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,07,08,10,11,12,13,14.

Laurelwood Debutante 1990 bay (Applevale Applause [m-lod] x Evenmist Aurora [m-lod]-Donnybrook Don Crews [m-oma]) 4 gen.ped. Upwey Ben Don, Pecos, Mentor lines. Breyer #973 OF '98. PSP, now showing. Years open: 1995,96,97,98,99,00,01,02

NEW! Laurelwood Ladyhawk 1991 palomino Morgan mare (Sunup Neptune® x Lenawee Charity®- Hylees Flame Fire) Sire is sire of NVS Midas, 2005 5th place Grand National Open Reining. Flyhawk bred. Working western lines. Dam of Belgian halfbred sporthorse, Odin, 98, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Cameo's Eden 1992 Palomino (Shagwood Shininghero[l] x Kennebec Cameo [bso-lod]- Californio[l]) 4 gen ped. Lippitt Sam Twilight, Flyhawk, twice to Californio, once in the 2nd gen. once in the third. Working western, Lippitt and government lines. Breyer Marabella SR OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Aster, 97, o/b Alethea Drexler; Laurelwood Aurifex, 98, o/b PHF; Laurelwood Golden Eden, 00, o/b Julie Harris and Laurelwood Shining Scholar, 01, o/b PHF. Years open: 99,02,03,04,on.

Orion's Bronze Goddess 1992 copper Palomino (Orion's Duke [m-rds] x Fascination [m-wmhs]-RHF Calumet) Govenment, Chingadero, Waseeka lines. 7" Hartland Morgan mare OF. PSP. Years open: 97,98,99,00,01,02

WR Mocha Star 1992 chestnut mare (Star Command [m-pend-wolfriver] x WR Mocha [m-pend-wolfriver]) Japan china OF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02 (when pedigree is complete)

Laurelwood May Apple 1993 Red chestnut (Lethal Weapon [l] x Kay's Apple Blossom[bso-lod]-Equinox Benn Adam [l] ) 4 gen.ped. Waseeka, Bennfield, Orcland Leader lines. Breyer SM MM #5185 OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Banner Of Laurelwood, 98, on the stallion list. Years open: 99,00,01,02

Laurelwood Sparrow 1996 chestnut Morgan (Covenant Nathan Ash [®] x Blue Valley Mariah [®]- Stillwater Indigo) Full Lippitt. Sire is a champion in In Hand, Carriage Driving, Versatility, Saddle Seat Pleasure, Dressage and Combined Driving;has won Pleasure Driving and Jumping classes, as well as placing seventh of 13 in his one Combined Training event, winning the Cross-Country section. He is also sire of Champions. Multiple CHAMPION. HR DW 'Heather' OF. Dam of Laurelwood Conquistador, 02; Laurelwood Magic, 04, o/b Mary Schoedel and Laurelwood Vlevet, o/b Nora Gunderman. Years available: 01,03,05,06,07,08,10,on.

1983 silver bay or dunalino stallion (Fallen King [m-tgr] x Bronzed Glory [m-tgr]- Prairie King) 5/4. Sire of Bowie, on this list. Breyer Mustang stallion from 'Pony For Keeps' set OF. Foals: 1987 on.

Texas Espresso 1984 bay (Tiger Eye [live] x La Senorita De Madrid [l]- Ka-Maw-I) Both parents live. Spanish Mustang. Tiger Eye is considered to be one of the foundation sires of the modern Mustang. Breyerfest SR semi-rearing Mustang 'Sasparilla' OF. NAN qualifed 2001/02. Sire of Try To Get Me, 94, o/b Allison Harpole. Foals: 1988 on.

Blackjack Ace 1986 black overo stallion (Snakeyes [m-dhr] x TC Paint By Number [m-dhr]-Riksdag) 3+/5+ From Cory Hartung's breeding program, Blackjack's sire is buckskin, so he could carry a hidden dilute. Breyer TRU SR semi-rearing Mustang 98. Foals: 1992 on.

Mesa Verde 1987 palomino stallion (Golden Dreamer [m-oma] x Snowbound Lottery [m-oma]) H-R mini rearing stallion OF. CHAMPION and MEPSA 01 & 02 qualified. MEPSA 2003 Championship Top Ten. Sire of Midnight Sunshine, o/b Heather Gnidovec. Foals: 1991 on.

Arcilloso 1988 red dun Mustang stallion (Wildcat [m-dhr] x Jasmine [m-dhr] -Snake Bite) 4+/3+ Also from Cory Hartung's program. Breyer Sears SR semi-rearing Mustang 99. Photo show winner. Sire of Chris Wallbruch's San Jacinto. Foals: 1993 on.

Cinda's Sandstorm 1988 buckskin tobiano(Steen's Kiger® x Lucinda [m-dhr]-Fighter Cloud) Breyer 'Chaparral' OF. Winner in Breed, placed in color. Foals: 1992 on.

Bowie 1990 chestnut stallion (Weatherman [m-phf] x Cassay [l]- unknown) Sire is also on this list. Hartland Mustang stallion OF. Not Yet Shown- NIB. Foals: 1994 on.

Matonka PHF 1990 black tovero stallion (Blackjack Ace [m-phf] x Magnificent Desolation [m-rcs]) Hartland rearing Mustang OF. Foals: 1994 on.

Viper 1990 bay, minimal sabino stallion (Texas Espresso [m-phf] x Copper Cookie [m-phf]) Sire and dam on this list. Breyer 'Titan Glory' SR 96 foundation stallion. Foals: 1994 on.

Espectro del Llano 1991 grey Spanish Mustang stallion (Hemlock [m-fh] x Tiger's Sunrise [l] grey- Phoenix II) Hagen-Renaker Don Cortez OF. PS Winner, IPABRA Nat'ls 2001 qualified. Foals: 1995 on.

Purple Haze 1991 white dun Kiger Mustang (Steens Kiger [l] x Nite Lite [m-phf]- Kiger rangebred) Hagen-Renaker mini 'Skywalker' OF. PS Winner. Foals: 1995 on.

Vexacious 1992 chestnut spotted blanket stallion (Trouble [m-dhr] x Ruby [m-dhr]) Breyer SR 'Rawhide' semi-rearing Mustang OF. Foals: 1995 on.

Oglala Sioux 1992 bay frame overo Mustang/Indian horse stallion (Oglala Spirit [m-ybar] x Bright Angel [m-ybar]) Breyer John Henry 'Cree Horse' OF. Sire of Apache Dybnanight and winner Foxfire Cyia. Foals: 1997 on.

River Valley 1992 grulla stallion (Sequoyah [l] x Little Valley [l]- Jack Slade) Both parents are live, registered Spanish Mustangs. Sequoyah is a most unusual color, called "blue". Breyer 'Smoky The Cowhorse' OF. Not yet shown. Sire of Valley Girl, o/b Sherry Ball, Champion Blue Nueces, o/b PHF. Foals: 1996 on.

Chaparral Wind 1993 Buckskin stallion (Challenge The Wind [m-tgr] x Ruby [m-dhr]- Warrior's Heart) Breyer show special running stallion OF. Sire of Champion Foxfire Daisimai, o/b Delana Metcalf. Foals: 1997 on.

Muskrat Love 1991 buckskin Mustang stallion (Possum Soup [m-h.reaves] x Vibora [m-h.reaves]- Joaquin) Breyer Silver "Hobo" OF. Multiple winner and MEPSA qualifier. Sire of Fiest Love, o/b Tayler McKee. Foals: 1997 on.

Sub-Zero 1993 grey appaloosa stallion (Choctaw Sun Dance [l] x Wild Heaven [l]- Blue Crane) Full brother to a live Spanish Sorraia Mustang. Breyer Mustang glossy app OF. 1st show- Winner of a class of 144 discontinued Breyers, MEPSA qualifier. Foals: 1997 on.

Ace Of Spades 1994 black overo gelding (Comes From Dream [l] x Miss Crazy Horse [l]- Special Warrior) Japan china OF. Photo Show Placed. Foals: 1998 and 1999 only

Agave 1994 bay spotted blanket stallion (Viper [m-phf] x Mora's Spring Dance [l]-) Breyer 'Wild Horses Of America' SR 93 foundation stallion. Foals: 1998 on.

Inca Empire 1994 Palomino Mustang stallion (Gold Nugget [m-rcs] x Tempestad de Arena [m-phf]- rangebred, Old Mexico) 2/1. Japan china OF. PSP in MIJC. Foals: 1998 on.

Mako Shark 1994 grey stallion (Five O Vigilante [m-outlaw] x Concepcione [m-tgr]-Warcry In Winter) Breyer 'Rumbling Thunder' SR running stallion. Foals: 1998 on.

Paseo Libre 1991 dun tobiano stallion, gelded 1999 (Poco Loco [m-h.reaves] x Libre [m-h.reaves]- Ira's Possum [live]) Breyer San Domingo last half-year Dakotah Indian horse OF. Foals: 1998 and 1999 only.

Superstition 1994 white (all white sabino) stallion (Special Warrior [l] x Mystic Maiden [l]- Thunder Cloud) Both sire and dam are registered Spanish Mustangs. Breyer 'Silver' OF. Sire of Chris Wallbruch's Red Barchetta. Now showing.Foals: 1998 on.

Jade Stone 1996 sorrel stallion (Diablo Jade [m-cc] x Crimson Beauty [m-cc]) Breyer SR semi-rearing Mustang sorrel OF. MEPSA qualifier. Foals: 2000 on.

Chubasco- coll. for commotion 1996 red dun/grey stallion (Joaquin [m-h.reaves] x Summer Squall [m-n.perrault] Breyer Running Stallion JCP SR 1998 from 'Cowboy Pride' set. Foals: 00 on.

Blue Shadows 1997 grulla tobiano BLM stallion (VnV Blue Poet [m-s.kroese] x Cozy In Shadows [m-s.kroese]- Bound To Shadows) model bred, with lines to Bear Claw, Eternal Shadow, Blue Cougar. Breyer semi rearing Mustang OF. Foals: 2001 on.

Painted Desert Warrior 1997 palomino pinto BLM Mustang stallion (Cirrus [m-s.kroese] x Aztec Angel [m-s.kroese] - Mist of Dawn) Model bred, with lines to Wings of Fire, Golden Tide, Radiant Mist, Special Sunglow. Relco Japan china OF. Foals: 2001 on.

Devil's In The Details 1999 black overo stallion (Sundowner® x Sweet Dream Lady®- black overo-Comes From Dream) Lines to Jack Slade, Doby, Blue Corn, Miss Crazy Horse, San Domingo, Special Warrior. Lefton copy of HR Abu Farwa OF. Sire of Dante, o/b PHF. Foals: 2003 on. MIJC H2211f-L-2931

Don de Cordoba 2000 palomino stallion (Wild Mustang from Saylor Creek x Mustang mare) Hagen-Renaker 'Don Cortez' OF. Foals: 2004 on.

Sobresaliente 2000 palomino stallion (SWS El Duc® x Diamond Mountain Sunshine® 93 palomino - rangebred) Hagen-Renaker 'Sun Cortez' OF. MEPSA Champion. Foals: 2004 on.

Lobo De la Madera (timberwolf) 2001 grey (from bay dun) stallion (Street Legal [m-m.weston] x Mystic Chrome [m-m.weston]- Dances With Wolves®) Franklin Mint "Andalusian" OF. Foals: 2006 on.

Duel In The Sun 2002 palomino Mustang stallion (Fernando [m-oma] x Sigh of Spain [m-oma]- San Pozzi) Napco OF. Foals: 2006 on.

Red River Rock Star 2002 red roan Mustang stallion (Spitfire [m-oma] x Sea Drift [m-oma]- Silver Vanishing) Breyer vintage red roan running stallion Foals 2008 on.

Dante 2003 black overo Mustang stallion (Devils In The Details [m-phf] x Masadas Way®- Chief Masada) Addt'l ines to Majuba, Midnight Special. Lefton turning horse OF. Foals: 2007 on.

Willow Creek Desperado 2003 grulla Sorraia Mustang stallion (Silver Bullet® x Sulphur Rose®) no further pedigree on dam; little on sire. These live horses were wild caught or feral a few generations back. They have genetic markers for Sorraia lineage, and are registered as Sorraia Mustangs. The Sorraia is endangered in its native country of Portugal.
Foals: 2007 on.

MUSTANG MARES updated 2/07
Terra Cotta 1980 chestnut mare (Sundance Kid [m-n.perrault] x NP Gingersnaps [m-n.perrault]- El Corjito's Santana [live]) Enesco OF. Dam of Foxfire Cyia, 97, winner, o/b Delana Metcalf; Cisco, 00, o/b PHF and Deseret, 03, o/b PHF.Years available: 85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,98,99,01,02,04,on.

Tempestad de Arena 1981 palomino Mustang mare (rangebred, Old Mexico) Dam of Inca Empire, on this list. Japan glossy OF Years available: 86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Vendetta 1982 black (War King [bso-cdp] x Chocolate [l]) Spanish Mustang and Barb blood. Breyer grazing mare OF. Dam of Vengeance, 88, o/b PHF; Endless Dreamer, 93, o/b Heather Gnidovec; Try To Get Me, 94, o/b Allison Harpole; Hania, 97, o/b Cory Hartung and Superstitious Vendetta, 98, o/b Natasha Powers. Foals: 87,89,90,91,92,95,96,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Copper Cookie 1984 bronze chestnut mare (Battle Hymn [m-rcg] x Sugarcoated Candy [m-dhr]) /3+. Dam of Viper, on this list. Japan metal micro mini copy of Hartland tinymite Quarter Horse. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Jacaranda 1985 brown tobiano mare (Chocolate Mousse [m-dhr] x Lucinda [m-dhr]) 3+/3+. From Cory Hartung's ranch, and descended from Bandolero, a Champion. Her dam is also dam of Cinda's Sandstorm, so they will not be bred. Hagen Renaker mini Mustang mare OF. Dam of Midnight Sunshine, '91, o/b Heather Gnidovec, Rebel Dreams, '92, o/b Betsy Bissell; Apache Dynamight, 95, o/b Brenda Varian; Valley Girl '97, o/b Sherry Ball, Pajarita, 02, o/b PHF and Sangria, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 90,93,94,96,98,99,00,01,03,05,on.

Cobweb 1986 grey (Sundance Kid [m-breeze] x China Lake Mirage [l]) Stone Critter OF. Dam of Champion Blue Neuces, 2004, o/b PHF. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Nite Lite 1986 claybank dun mare (Choctaw Ghost Dancer [l] x Coyote [m-foxh]-Shepherd's Hey) 3/3. Has all live lines. Dam is Kiger Mustang; sire is Spanish Mustang. Hagen Renaker mini TB mare 'Raindrop' OF. Dam of Purple Haze, 91, o/b PHF; Laken, 94, o/b Melinda Blegan; Sakima, 00, o/b Cory Hartung and Dances With Wolves, 01, o/b Mary Lineman. Photo show placed. Open: 90,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,02,03,04,on.

Earth Wind And Fire 1987 red (bay) roan mare (Heartbreak Kid [m-cc] x Heaven And Earth [m-cc]- Mountain Glory) Breyer Indian Pony 'Cheyenne' OF. Photo show placed. Dam of 1997 Red Barchetta, o/b Chris Wallbruch, San Jacinto, 99, o/b Chris Wallbruch, and Raw Moves, 02, o/b Betty Hook. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,98,00,01,03,04,on.

Brindled Lady 1988 chestnut with spotted blanket (Anasazi Battlescar [m-rcg] x Naduah [l]-Rio Grande Lightning) Cm etched SM TB mare. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Wakeup Lil Suzie 1988 bay overo mare (Crash [m-pend-cc] x Anything Noble [m-ra]- Chief San Domingo [l]) /3+. WC micro OF. Dam of Wakoyantonke, 93, o/b James Hopkins; Chevayo, 97, o/b Cory Hartung; Rich And Famous, 03, ob PHF and Rain Storm, 04, o/b Tayler McKee.Years Available: 94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,05,on. Years Available: 94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,05,on.

Kiger Kittycat 1989 Yellow dun Kiger mare (Kiger Tiger I [l]- rangebred apricot dun x Kiger Katherine) plastic Japan OF. Not shown- broodmare only. Dam of Manipi, 98, o/b Cory Hartung and Kiger Kin, 02, o/b PHF. Years available:94,95,96,97,99,00,01,03,04,on.

Ice Mint 1990 grey mare (War Frost [bso-pend-cdp] x Cobweb [m-phf]) Breyer Indian pony OF. MEPSA RESERVE CHAMPION. MEPSA qualified 2002. Dam of Smokin Ice, 96, o/b Heather Mays and of multiple Champion Foxfire Daisimai, o/b Delana Metcalf; Ms Hilton, 98, o/b Sarah Carper and Spider Kiss, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,99,00,01,02,03,05,on

Khaki Kiss 1992 buckskin dun (dunskin) mare (Kiger Hombre [l] x Paloma Manana [l]- Tiger Eye) Both parents are live Spanish Mustangs, sire a handsome yellow dun Kiger and dam a silver buckskin mare with registry in the American Indian Horse association, as well as the Spanish Mustang book. Breyer 'Ginger' OF from the Hanoverian family. Dam of Overturned, 97, o/b Cory Hartung; Fernando, 98, o/b Chris Wallruch and Khaki Plan, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,00,01,03,04,on

After The Deluge 1994 grey mare (Black Thunder [m-c.hartung] x Garnet [m-c.hartung]- Neptune) Hagen Renaker mini mustang mare 'Sedona' OF. Dam of Bombero, 98, o/b Randa Garrett and Ghost Rider, 03, o/b PHF. Foals: 99,00,01,02,04,on.

Canyon Cacao 1993 yellow Dun Spanish mare (Freedom [m-foxh] x Starlite [l]-Tiger Eye) 3+/. Hagen Renaker mini Mustang mare OF Dam of Lightning, 98, o/b Melinda Blegan; Mitakuye- Oyas'in, 99, o/b Moriah Schilders; and Dustflower, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 00,01,03,04,on.

Rainbow Dream 1993 strawberry roan mare (Blackhawk Won [TB-m-tgr] x Someone Else's Dream [m-tgr] 88 bay roan) 5/3+. 1/2 TB Mustang from Sherry Ball's Thunder Glen. Excellent TB lines to Bold Forbes, Summer Tan, Chateuagay, Heliopolis. Mustang dam goes back to rangebred. Dam of Aponi, 98, o/b Cory Hartung. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Yellow Rose Of Texas 1993 yellow dun roan sabino, with corn spots, Mustang mare (Spotted Eagle [m-h.reaves] x Sabandija [m-h.reaves]- Trailblazer®) Breyer SM new TB CM by Dawn Marie Calo/Spirit Woods Studio Years available: 99,00,10,20,03,04,05,on.

NEW! Kali 1994 black appaloosa Mustang mare (Moon Spots® SMR742 bay app x Liona®- Broom) Sire is a winning Endurance racer- 1988 UMECRA Competitive Rookie of the Year; UMESRA Top Ten Competitive Lwt.; UMECRA Competitive High Point Stallion;UMECRA 4th place Competitive Horse (700 miles) Dam is also a winning Endurance horse; the first SMR NATRC Nat'l Champion. Breyer classic Mustang mare OF. Dam of Panic Switch, 98, o/b Vicki Griffiths; Kali Deva Eyes, 99, o/b Sherry Ball; Anoki, 00, o/b Cory Hartung and Sanskrit, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,06,on.

Meadowlark PhD 1994 palomino tovero mare (Chasing Shadows [m-h.reaves] x Morning Glory [m-h.reaves]- Possum Soup) Japan Enesco? OF. Dam of Kajika, 00, o/b Cory Hartung and White Sands Fox, 04, o/b Sherry Ball. Years available: 01,02,03,05,06,on.

NEW! Sagebrush 1994 grey Mustang mare (Spectrum [m-oma] x Irish Tune [m-oma]- Everything Changes) Japan OF. Years available: 2001,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Sands Of Spain 1994 yellow dun Kiger mare (Kiger Hombre [l] x Wallowa's Fancy Lady [l]- Wallowa Kiger) 1/2. Parents go back to wild, but both are live Kigers. Breyer Mesteno's dam OF Dam of Sandy Shadows, 02, o/b Deborah Kaiser and Llano de Espana, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,00,01,03,05,on. 

NEW! Wind In Her Ear 1995 brown mare (Joaquin [m-h.reaves] x Speaks To The Wind [m-h.reaves]- Son Of Sailor®) small resin horse. Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,on.

First Feather 1996 brown spotted blanket mare (Vexacious [m-phf] x Windsong [m-as/pcs]- rangebred) Breyer classic Kelso 'Geronimo' OF. Dam of Macarena, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,05,on

First Light 1996 palomino mare (Mesa Verde [m-phf] x Rising Sun [l]- rangebred) Sire is on this list, dam is a beautiful, rangebred mare. ceramic finished by Mary Miserak. Reserve Champion 1st show. Winner, Winner Headstudy. MEPSA qualified 2008. Dam of First Love, 03, o/b Tayler McKee. Years available: 01,02,04,on.

Love Minus Zero 1996 grey mare (Raven Dance [m-h.reaves] x Sunday Silence [m-n.perrault] ) Breyer Indian pony SR 'Chinook' OF. Photo show winner.

Mahala 1996 chestnut medicine hat mare (Riddle Mountain Redman [l] x Medora [l]- Chief Santa Domingo) Sire is a wonderful red dun Spanish Mustang, and dam is a medicine hat mare. Breyer Nursing mare OF from Gift set. Dam of Wynona, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,04,on.

NEW! Walks At Dusk 1999 grey (from dove grulla) BLM Mustang mare (VnV Wolf At Dusk [m-s.kroese] x Twilight Mist [m-s.kroese]- Paper Tiger) model bred. Kiger Magic, Kiger's Ecstasy. Paper Tiger, Wild Promise. Breyer Connoisseur "Casseopiea". Years available: 2004,05,06,on.

NEW! Calexica 2000 bay sabino Mustang mare (Cuervo [m-h.reaves] x Kokopelli [m-h.reaves]- Anazasi®) Dee Ann Kjelshus 'Twisted Sister' resin by Janet Bonney. Years available: 2006 on.

NEW! Kangaroo Court 2002 buckskin Spanish Mustang mare (Dunkareem [m-s.kroese] x Meoquence [m-s.kroese]- Choctaw Three) All live lines. Yellow Fox, Ka-maw-i, Choctaw II, Sirbee.  Breyer SM OM QHM OF. Years available: 2007 on.

1978 grey Orlov Trotter stallion (Kurgan [l] 1960 {? Barchuk line stallion x Kubatura} x Krutizna [l]) very limited pedigree, but all live lines. Japan china OF. Foals: 1982 on.

Prebrana "princess" 1974 bay Orlov Trotter mare (Kvadrat [l] {Proliv x Kermika} x Pridannitsa [l]) Limited pedigree, but all live lines. Breyer 'Dover' Misty's Twilight OF. Years available: 79,80,81,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Paraskovia - a female Russian saint 1982 grey Orlov Trotter mare (Mazok [l] {Zapas x Modnitsa} x Prebrana [m-lod] -Kvadrat [l]) Breyer 'Romanesque' Misty's Twilight OF. Photo show winner. Dam of Reflected Illusion, 93, o/b Carrie Duke. Years available: 87,88,89,90,91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Poltava 1988 grey Orlov Trotter mare (Plut [l] x Porfira [l]) Limited pedigree, but all live lines. Japan Norcrest china OF. RESERVE CHAMPION. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

S'ini Vzmorye 1993 grey Orlov Trotter mare (Krikan [l] 1984 {Komok x Kolomna} x pending) Japan china (Shafford?) OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

PAINT STALLIONS updated 7/09
Cody's Dark Badger
1980 bay minimal overo (Peppy San Badger [l-QH] sor x Cody Jo Lena [bso-lod] bay overo- Doc O'Lena [l]-QH]) 93+% FQH. Excellent working lines. You probably won't find a QH bred any better. Breyer SM QVC SR glossy. Foals: 1984 on

Straw Boss 1984 chestnut sabino overo Paint stallion (Hempen® x Grand Lady [bso]- Tuffernhel®) Sire is well known TB sire of QH racehorses. Dam is full sister to live sabino Paint Grand Time, a crop-out Paint QH. Maternal sire is an AQHA Champion, SI-85, ROM race, race earnings $567., H-33, P-18, ROM perf. Breyer CM Adios by Foals: 1988 on.

Topography 1984 chestnut tovero Paint (Three Jets Shadow [m-dhr] sor QH x Painted Fawago [m-dhr] blk ov-Painted Lasan [l]) 3+/3+. Sire is 1/2 TB; lines to Bill Cody, Rocket Bar, Bull Dog, Black Toney. Dam is by a National Champion and out of a 2x Nat'l Champion, by Flying Fawago, a National Champion. Lines to Leo, Bert, Chico, Top Deck. Stone 'Reckless Obsession' OF. NYS. Foals: 1988 on.

Sonsational Twist 1985 buckskin overo (Far Ute Sonsation [m-dhr] x Twist Of Yellow [m-dhr]- Deep Yellow [l]) 7/ 5+. Sire is by Nat'l Champion live horse Far Ute Roulette, and out of a mare who is a granddaughter of Sonny Dee Bar and Painted Eternal. Dam's sire if 2x Nat'l Champion Deep Yellow, by Yellow Mount, out of a Three Bars bred mare. Dam's dam to Hard Twist and King. Wonderful Paint and QH lines. From Cory Hartung's Paint program. Showing. Foals: 1989 on.

Badger's Dark Fig 1986 Dark bay overo (Cody's Dark Badger [bso-phf] bay ov x Lasan Candied Fig [m-phf] ches tovero-Diamond Jim [l]) Grandson of Peppy San Badger, with lines to Joe Cody, Adios Amigos, Doc O'Lena and more. Breyer #3045ST Clas QH Fam Stal. CM. Foals: 1990 on

Formal Attire 1986 Dark bay tobiano pinto (Black Tie Required [m-oma] blk overo x Bejewelled [m-flyl] bay tob- Painted Jewel [l]) Out of one of Lissa Wickham's impeccably bred Paint mares and by Chris Semon's Live show placed sire. Lines to *Alla Breve and Princely Act, TBs, and Jet Dial, QH. Breyer 98 Sears SR Stud Spider OF. Sire of Suit And Tie and Skywatch, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1990 on

Mesa Boogie 1986 Chestnut overo (Bar Mesa [l] QH x SW Bonita [m-ff] ches ov- Minstrel Man) Three Bars and Robin Reed on top, Bang Up Joe, Ambo Deck [TB] on bottom. Breyer #51 Yellow Mount OF. Photo Show Placed. Sire of Boogie Nights, o/b PHF. Foals: 1990 on

Ima Rocketman 1986 Cremello, reg QH Will produce palomino from a chestnut mare, buckskin from a bay mare. (Go Joe Go [m-dhr]palo x Te Minus Four [m-dhr]palo-Comin At Ya [l]) Lines to 2x Go Man Go, 2x Tonto Bars Gill, Easy Jet, Joe Reed, Clabber, Te And Te, Sonny Dee Bar, Impressive. Stone ISH 'Rocket Zepplin' OF. Photo show winner. Foals: 1990 on

Painted Blue Jay 1986 chestnut overo paint stallion (Painted Tonka Toy [m-dhr] bay ov x Three Jay Kitty [live] bay ov- Three Jay- [l]) 5+/4+. Sire is a son of APHA Champion Eternal Mount, Painted Eternal x Yellow Mount mare. Sire's dam is a live APHA Champion, and both her parents are APHA Champions, as are her grandsires. Dam is by a son of Versary Bars, 4x National Champion.. Dam's dam has lines to Leo and Flyng Farmer. Breyer SM Stock horse SR overo pinto w/ barn OF. Photo show placed. Foals: 1990 on.

Appalachian Raven 1987 Black overo (Romanze [m-oma] blk overo x Ravenswing [m-phf] blk QH- Poco's Dark Lingo)could carry a hidden dilute gene from his dam, so could throw palomino or buckskin. Breyer #229 Stock horse OF touch-up to overo. Foals: 1991 on

Jaggidy Jag Deck 1987 chestnut overo (Jaggidy Jack [l] AQHA x Unos Decky Do [m-mbr]- Jag On Uno [QH-l]) from Ryan Jaeger's fine breeding program. Half brother to my mare, Splash Tag Uno, on this list. Breyer 'Zippo Pine Bar' etched. Photo show placed. Foals: 1991 on

Blackburn Lynx 1988 grulla overo (Blackburn's Image [m-dhr] grulla QH x Barlynx Playne Jayne [m-dhr] sol blk Paint-Barlink Macho Man [l]) 4+/6. Sire is a grandson of Doc Bar and Poco Bob by Poco Bueno. Dam is by a 2x Nat'l Champion and out of a 2x World Champion mare by Doc's Lynx. Multiple lines to Three Bars, Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, Blackburn. Photo show placed. Foals: 1992 on.

Optical Hopscotch 1989 bay tobiano Paint stallion (Hot Scotch Man [l] bucks ov x Disco Doll [m-dhr] sor tob-Disco Dude [l]) 4+/ 5+. By a 2x World Champion live sire, with lines to Leo, Joe Reed and TB Jetalong, out of a dam by a live APHA Champion sire with lines to Sugar Bars, Tinky Joe. 2nd dam is a bay TB by Three Bars, very influential in QH lines. Also to Damascus and Northern Dancer. Breyer Ranch Horse 'Buster' OF. Photo Show Placed. Sire of Civil Pleasures, o/b C. Wallbruch; Eyes A Jay and Photo Op, both on this list. Foals: 1993 on

Monacan Legend 1989 chestnut tobiano (Delta Flyer® x Brigolena®- Doc O Lena) By the highest money earner NCHA Paint of all time. Full brother to APHA World Champion Reining stallion. Sire is by Peppy San Badger. Great foundation QH lines. Foals: 1993 on.

Spirit Vision 1989 Bay frame overo (Blue Max [l] black overo x Warrior Woman [m-flyl]-ches overo- Kestrel Warrior) Blue Max is an APHA Champion and a popular sire. His sire line goes back to Sonny Dee Bar [AQHA]. His pedigree also includes Top Deck and Barry Pat Star. Breyer #828 semi-rearing Mustang OF. Photo Show Winner. Foals: 1993 on

Tonto Breeze Bar 1989 Dark bay tobiano (Tough Breeze [l] palo ov x Skyjet Bingo Bug [m-lod] bay tob-Sky Bug Bingo [l] ches tob) Sire is APHA Champion, lines to Three Bars through Breeze Bar, Tough Bar/Tonto Bars Gill and Tonto Bars Hank. Also Jet Deck and Sky Bug Bingo. Speed, working ability and pretty in these lines. Breyer #48 Mustang repaint. Photo show placed. Foals: 1993 on

Bin A Jet 1990 chestnut overo (Ima Pesky Bingo [m-dhr] ch ov x Astro Jetson [m-dhr] sor ov- Jetalito [l]) 5+/5+. Sire is a grandson of both Sky Bug Bingo and Ratchett, and a great grandson of Yellow Mount.Sire's dam, A Leading Lady, is a Reserve World Champion and ROM. Dam is a full sister to George Jetson, with 4 WCs and 23 ROM get. She is by World Champion Jetalito and her dam has lines to Lightning Bar & Ute Chief. From great lines come great horses! Breyer SR stock stallion OF. Foals: 1994 on.

Chippewa Cody 1990 Bay overo (Cody's Dark Badger [bso-phf] x Splash Tag [bso-m-phf] bay ov-Clabber Tag) Breyer #604 Clas. Swaps rep. Was Reserve Champion Stallion, Judge's Choice. 1sts in Gender, Breed and Color divisions. Now retired. Foals: 1994 on

Magnolia's Sage Lasan 1992 grulla overo (Painted Sage Creek [m-mbr]blk overo x Blue Magnolia [m-phf] grulla overo- Blue Max [l]) Breyer SM QH OF. NYS. Sire of photo show winner, Steel Magnolia. Foals: 1996 on

Nashville Class 1991 Sorrel overo (Mr World Class [l-88sor ove] x Nashville Melody [l] ches overo- Versary Bars) By a Leading Sire, to Sonny Dee Bar, Painted Robin, the excellent mare Jocita Bars. 1999 Stone "Ratchett" OF. LOM. PS Winner, MULTIPLE CHAMPION, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION. Sire of Dash For Class, o/b Kay Myers. Foals: 1995 on

QH Crop-Out
Blue Chip Investment
1993 red roan, with high whites (Blue Conclusion [m-phf] blr x Chocolate Chip Bar [m-tk] bay- Zips Chocolate Chip [l]) QH Crop-Out. P Stone Ideal Stock Horse SR 'Merrimac'. MULTIPLE CHAMPION. *SELECT* Quarter Horse & Paint Foals: 1997 on, with approval, must carry part of name.

Buffalo Solider 1993 Paint stallion (Toy Soldier [m-dh] x Bold Print [l]- Gill's Q Ton) Maternal grandsire is a Supreme Champion son of Q Ton Eagle, 6x Nat'l Champion. /2+. Hartland Breyerfest 2001 SR OF. Foals: 1997 on.

Eyes A Jays 1993 palomino overo stallion (Optical Hopscotch [m-lod] x Jays American Rose [bso-lod]- Mr J Bar [l]) Breyer SM Stock horse customised by Elaine McDaniel. Foals:1997 on.

Hot Ticket 1994 dunskin overo (Feverz Hot One [m-c.hartung] yellow dun overo x Doc's Vegas Lady [QH] m-dh- Scottish Colonel®) Lines to APHA and Nat'l CH, Yellow Fever, Hot Scotch Man, 2x World CH, Doc O'Lena, Dick Badger and Scottish. Plus color! Stone SR ISH 'Matinee Idol' OF Placed. Foals: 1998 on.

Rainbeau Treasure 1994 chestnut tobiano (gelded in 2000) (Go Treasure [m-dhr] x Colors Of A Rainbow [m-dhr] -Color Me Royal) 6/5+. Heavy TB breeding. Lines to Easy Jet, Tonto Bars Hank, Raise A Native, Go Man Go, Thre Bars, Swaps, Caro, Majestic Prince, Seattle Slew. He should be able to sire some tremendous hunters and colored sporthorses. He was gelded in 2000 due to low sperm count, in order to be able to compete in open performance classes. Coopercraft OF from England. Photo show placed. Foals only from 1998 to 2000, and then only a few accepted because of his low sperm count.  

Bluejay FlashAGold 1995 palomino tobiano stallion (Smokin Gold 45 [m-lod] x Jay's Rose Bouquet [m-lod]) Stone RR ISH "Little Anthony" OF. CHAMPION & Reserve Champion. Won a class of 250 OF Plastic stallions. Foals: 1999 on.

NEW! Jacksun Browne 1996 bay tobiano Paint stallion (Jack O'Lena [m-j.sorensen] x Evening Sun [m-j.sorensen]- Docs Acey Duecy®) Doc O'Lena, Bill Cody, Badger Man, Doc Bar, Wimpy, Poco Tivio. The good old names. Stone AH ISH 'Providence' by Carol Williams. Foals: 2000 on.

Kaydee's Coda 1996 chestnut overo Paint stallion (Docs Freckles Leo® x Kool Kaydee [m-phf]) Sire by Freckles Playboy out of Freckles O Lena. Double Sugar Bar. Breyer SR 'Sam I Am' OF. Foals: 2000 on.

Lace-Z-Ace 1998 bay tobiano (Tarzans Ace High [l] x Lace Panties [l]- Sun Dee Bar Watts) 4+/3+. Lines to Sonny Dee Bar, Far Ute Roulette, Tarzan Dude, Mr Bar Watts and Skippers King. 1/2 brother to Skywritten In Lace, on mare list. JAH 2000 SR 'Confetti' Zippo Pine Bar. PSP. Foals: 01 on.

Mr Blue Q 1998 chestnut sabino +frame overo (Silk N Quincy [live] bay tovero x D.O. Miss Bluegrass [m-oma]- Whiskey Neat) Lines to Mardelle Dixon, Airman Supreme, Smoke's Peppy San, Miss Robin Hancock. Jolly 'Loco Motion' finished by Karon Grieve. Foals: 2002 on.

NEW! Robin Jetinator 1999 chestnut tovero Paint gelding (Listen To Me [m-m.stockton] x Smooth Jettin' Robin [m-m.stockton]- Lord Robin) Jetalito, Mr. Robin Boy, Doc Bar, Billy Bud. From Mary (Vinyard) Stockton's program. Stone ISH "Koolie" OF. Foals: 2003-2007 only, then gelded for a child's mount.

Photo Op 2000 palomino tobiano stallion (Optical Hopscotch [m-phf] x Society Sister -QH[m-phf]-Pacific Goldcoast [m-phf]) Breyer SM Stock horse customised. Foals: not until 2004.

Skippa Showdown Deck 2000 grulla tobiano stallion (Skippas Dun Smokin [live] grulla QH x Blue Deck [live] buck tob- RA Flight Deck) Lines to Skips Print, Nicky Skip, Showdown Dunnie, Lightning Straw. Dam's sire is a AAA horse, and maternal granddam is a TB race money earner. Stone SR of 125 ISH 'Jiff's Classic Style' OF. Multiple winner in Halter and performance(Parade, Poles, Barrels). Foals:2004 on.

NEW! Frozen Assets 2001 bay frame overo (Glacier® x  Flashy Assets [m-pend-e.o'dell]- Investment Asset®) Sire, by Clabber Tag, is a do-it-all winner; APHA Ch., ROM Halter, ROM Jumping, ROM Heading, ROM Trail, ROM Hunter Hack, ROM Working Hunter, ROM Western Pl., ROM Hunter under Saddle, Superior Trail, Open Versatility, 1986 World Ch, Hunter Hack, 1986 World Ch Working Hunter, 1986 World Ch Jumping Sire. Whew! Broodmare sire 72 perf pts. Reserve World Champion; NSBA money-earner. is get record includes World Champion, Reserve World Champion, Top Ten World Show, Superior Halter, Superior Performance, AQHA Champion, Quarter Horse Congress Get Winners, ROM Halter, ROM Performance, NSBA Money-earners. Get specialties: WP and HUS.Breyer Connoissuer "Ivy Leaguer" OF. Foals: 2005 on.

Poster Boy 2001 black frame overo stallion (Watchstar [m-phf] x Silver Screen [m-lod]- Cinemax [®]) By a Persimmon Hill TB stallion. Champion. Foals: 2005 on.

NEW! Bar That Pistolero 2002 red silver overo Paint stallion (Bar U Bill [m-s.stahl] x Pistolena [m-s.stahl]- Sam Elliot [m-l/lynne]) Dam has produced a Stakes winner. Bar U Champ Binder, Diamond Jim, Sallisaw Rose, Jamina Pondfly II, Sixteen Tons, Perfectionist, Doc Bar, Poco Bueno, Wimpy, Chicaro. Foals: 2006 on.

NEW! Assets In Sylver 2003 grey (smoky black) tobiano (Smokin Sylver [m-m.smith] x Sheza Fancy Asset [m-m.smith]- Sucha Investment [m-c.hartung])
Lines to Ludovice's Poco Grey, Smokin Joe Hollywood, Sucha Investment, Fancy Sky Bug. Stone SR "Snow Days" OF. 2008/09 MEPSA winner Foals: 2007 on.

NEW! Cactus Juice 2003 grulla overo Paint stallion (A Classic Dash® x Foxfire Straitoutofthebox [m-d.metcalf]- Skidway) Blue Max, Barlink Macho Man, Kenos Jackpot, Loius Blue. Bred for speed. Breyer Smarty Jones "Windtalker" OF. Not yet shown-NIB. Foals: 2007 on.

Technical Gemstone 2003 dark bay frame overo Paint stallion (also Paint pony) (Technopagan [m-j.a.whipple] x Lapislazulita [m-j.a.whipple]- Mecom Blue [®]) Excellent Paint, QH and TB lines to Pablo San, Doc's Stinger, Q Ton Eagle, Peppy San Badger, Prince John [TB], Sallisaw Rose, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio. Stallion is 14.2hh, and double registered, Paint horse and Paint pony. Custom Classic QH stallion by Charlotte Donohue. Foals: 2007 on.

PAINT MARES- updated 02/09
Jays American Rose
[bso] 1974 Palomino overo (Mr J Bar [l] sor ov x Sallisaw Rose [l] palo ov- Sixteen Tons- AQHA) 2+/2+ Heavily QH lines Paint mare sire is a Nat'l Champion halter and Performance horse, and dam is a Halter, Performance and racing Champion. Dam of Alamosa Shayde, 80; Minnesota Fats, 88, o/b PHF; Jays Rose Bouquet, 90; Kenos Casino Rose, 91; and Eyes A Jay, 93, all o/b PHF. Available: 79,81,82,83,84,86,87,89,92,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Lasan Candied Fig 1977 Sorrel overo (Diamond Jim [l] palo ov x Lasans Candy [live] QH ) 2+/5. Breyer Lady Phase Paint OF. Photo show placed. Dam of lookalike daughter, Lasanleo Figgy Pudding, 96; and Fig Bar, 03, both o/b PHF. Available: 82,84,85,87,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Alamosa Shayde 1980 buckskin tobiano (Alamosan [l] buck tob x Jay's American Rose [bso-phf]- Mr. J Bar- ches ov) Breyer Lady Phase SR Breyerfest 'Leah's Fancy Chick'. NYS. Dam of Persimmon's Sugar, 96, o/b Callie Bellon and Shawna Rose, 04, o/b PHF. Available: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Sweetwater Goldnote 1982 Dapple palomino tobiano (Cee Bee Command [l] buck QH x SW Sweetwater Goldnote [m-phf] palo tob- Sweet Water Johnny [m-cirp] QH x Gold Key [l]- Gold McCue) Dam's sire is old model lines. Sweet Water Johnny by Mr. Rocket Bar to Three Bars, out of a Sweet Water mare by a Sweet Water stallion. Dam's dam is by Gold McCue by Mister McCue and out of a Leo mare. 2nd dam is In Key, a TB by Whisk Broom. I am not sure of the color genetics on this mare, or whether there is any dead-end in her pedigree. Hartland 5" QH mare repaint. Retired-PSP. Available: 87,88,89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Pepsi Cola SnoCone 1983 bay tobiano (Pepsi Poco® x Miss Snow Cone®- Leo San Man) Sire is an APHA Champ Sire, ROM Sire, NRHA Champ Sire. Double Leo San Man, Q Ton Eagle, Dick McCue. Dam of Peppy Pepsi Sollinda, 93, o/b PHF; Fxfire Monacan Sno, 94, o/b Delana Metcalf and Sno Lynx, 97, o/b Alia Whipple. G3 SM Paint. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05.

Jets Rockm Robin 1984 chestnut overo (Robin's Partee Time [l] x Peppy Jet [m-oma] sor QH- Easy Jet[l]) Winner's Choice Micro Mini OF. Not shown. Dam of Autumn Aspen, o/b Erin Logan. Available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03

Twist Of Fate 1984 yellow dun overo (Painted Tonka Toy [m-dhr] bay ov X Twist Of Yellow [m-dhr] red dun ov) 5+/5+. Sire is the same as Painted Blue Jay, on this list, and she is a half-sister to Sonsational Twist, on this list, so will not cross those two. Excellent, National winning lines! Nine Champions, 6 of them National level, within the first three generations of this pedigree! QH gelding from the JCP SR set "Three Pintos" 1999. Open: 1989,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Splash Tag Uno 1985 Bay overo (Clabber Tag [l] x Unos Decky Do [m-mbr]ches ov- Jag On Uno [l] QH) Classic 'Kelso' OF. Dam of half Arabian, Mint Spring, 91, o/b PHF. Available: 93,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Blue Magnolia 1987 grulla overo (Blue Max [l] 83 blk ov x Mississipi Magnolia [bso-lod] 67 grulla QH-Magnolia Dunny [QH] ) Breyer 'Splash' QH gelding OF. 93 reserved for my use. Dam of Magnolia Sage Lasan, 92 and Mesa Blues, 04, both o/b PHF. Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Vice Anne Versa 1988 chestnut overo (Versa Star [l] sor overo x Black Leanne [m-mbr]blr ov- Leo's Firey Chili) Breyer Paint mare 99 OF. Photo Show Winner. Photo Show Winner, Dam & Produce winner. Dam of April Fool, 93, o/b Michelle Arras; Redhot Chili Mama, 94, o/b Sherry Ball and Chapter And Verse, 03, o/b PHF.Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,06,on.

DQ Regal Flame 1989 Buckskin tovero pinto (Front Royal-TB [m-phf] bay x Sheza Hot Mama [m-bb] buck tovero- Hot Scotch Man [l]) Breyer Classic 'Jet Run' CM Linda L Hardy. still showing, and recently Photo Show Placed. Suitable for sporthorse production. Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Beauty By Design 1990 chestnut tobiano mare (Sunray Leo [live] ches tob x - Gallant Doll [m-pend-e.o'dell]- Gallant Ghost®) Breyer custom TB mare by. Winner. Dam of Rockabilly Rebel, 96, o/b Hanna Axelsson; Designed By The Hour, 99, o/b PHF and GTF Beautiful Legend, 06, o/b Nora Gunderman. Years available: 95,97,98,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on.

Boogie Nights 1990 black overo (Mesa Boogie [m-lod] ches overo x Blue Nitro [bso-lod] black overo- Blue Max) 1999 Stone black overo WP horse OF. Dam of Caught In My Zipper, 98, o/b Emily Rodgers and Fleeting Darkness, 00, o/b PHF. Available: 95,96,97,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Silver Screen 1990 black overo (Cinemax [l] blk overo x Ms Silver Threads [l]- Ole Adios x Paula Tag) Winner's Choice Micro Mini OF. Not shown. Dam of Champion, Poster Boy, 01, o/b PHF. Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Kenos Casino Rose 1991 Buttermilk buckskin overo (Far Ute Keno [l] buckskin overo x Jays American Rose [bso-lod] Mr J Bar [l] sor ov) 1999 Stone buckskin overo WP horse OF. Dam of SLM Freeze Frame, '96 Paint, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Rhinestone Cowboy, '98 Paint, o/b Karen Fawcett and Gingerflash, 00, o/b PHF. Photo Show Placed. Available: 97,99,01,02,03,on.

Sky Blue Moon 1991 chestnut tobiano Paint mare (Dun Been Mooned [m-dh] bucks tob x Kenos Sky Bug [m-dh] palo tob - Sky Bug Bingo [l]) Sire's dam is a multi-World Champion. Dam's sire is world famous Sky Bug Bingo, Nat'l Championand dam's broodmare sire is Far Ute Keno. All live lines. Breyer SM TB with rider OF multiple Photo show winner and Reserve Champion. Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00

Skyjet Bingo Bug 1991 bay tobiano (Sky Bug Bingo [l] sor tob x Honey Jet [live] bay tob-Mr Smooth Jet) Winner's Choice Micro Mini OF Dam of Preferred Stock, 96, o/b Eileen O'Dell and Skywatch, 03, o/b PHF. Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,on.

Bueno Golden Roses 1992 frame + sabino overo mare (Minnesota Fats [m-phf] x Bueno Gold [m- m.schoedel]- Cutter Bill®) Hempen, Mister J Bar, Sallisaw Rose, Cutter Bill, Poco Bueno. ISH mare palomino overo "Glitter" Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

Delta Mint 1992 bay dun tobiano (Yellowstone Mint [m-mbr] x Miss Delta Zip [m-mbr]- Delta Flyer®) From Ryan Jaeger's Missouri Breaks Ranch program. Lines to Impressive, Joak, Sonny Dee Bar, Peppy San Badger, Zippo Pine Bar. Delta Flyer is a World Champion cutting horse. HYPP N/N and HERDA clear. 1999 Stone dun tob WP horse OF. Dam of Jaggidy Mint, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf. Available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Kool Fox Kaydee 1992 liver chestnut overo (Smokes Painted Fox [m-dhr] bay ov x Kool Lady Kool [m-dhr]bay ov-Kool Man Kool [l] spr ov) 6/5+. Sire is by a World Champ and Lifetime Leading working cowhorse! Lines to Mr. Gunsmoke, Mr. Robin Boy, Go Man Go. Breyer Lady Phase SR OF 'Spirit Of The West' Dam of Kaydee's Coda, 96, o/b PHF and Kool Thistle, 04, o/b PHF. Open: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Tag's Splashdown 1992 bay overo (Fleet Raleigh [m-phf] TB x Splash Tag Uno [bso-phf]-Clabber Tag). Sire is a TB. Breyer Kelso 'Vanity' OF. Dam of Splash Breeze Bar, 04, o/b PHF. Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05, on.

Peppy Pepsi Sollinda 1993 chestnut tobiano (Peppy Sol Anson® x Pepsi Cola SnoCone [m-phf]- Pepsi Poco® Sire has 187.5 AQHA Points (Reining, Working Cow Horse, Heading, Heeling)was an NRHA World Champion -AQHA 1998 High Point Senior Reining Champion- Congress/NRHA Freestyle Reining Champion Two-Time Top Ten AQHA World Champion Senior Working Cow Horse- NRHA Gold Certificate Award-Winner of 6 AQHA Open All-Arounds-Earnings total $43,734. Dam's sire is also a Champion working sire. Breyer retooled Lady Phase 2007 OF. Winner in Halter, Western Pleasure and Western Trail. Dam of Jack Hanna, 00, o/b Jean Sorensen and Discover My Dream, 07, o/b Deborah Fritz. Years available: 98,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,08,on.

Sense Of Style 1993 blk overo Paint mare (Boston Raven [m-phf] x Foxy Keno [m-dh]- Kenos Jackpot [l]) Lines to Sue Nell Bert, Far Ute Keno, Sonny Dee Bar , Boston Mac and legendary model line of Poco's Dark Lingo. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.

Docs Blue Demin 1994 blue roan overo mare (Doc Olena Twist [®] x Painted Denim [m-e.o'dell]- Dungaree Blues®) Lines to Doc O' Lena, Peppy San Badger, Sky HIgh Leo, Painted Lasan, Flying Fawago. Breyer SM G2 TB OF. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.

NEW! Day's Double Drifter 1995 palomino tobiano Paint mare (Blanton's Lucky Day [m-c.nakagawa] x Two Straws Peake [m-c.nakagawa]- Two Straws Rowdy [m-c.nakagawa]) Oklahoma Star, 3x Lucky Blanton, 4x Driftwood, Poco Bueno. Great versatile lines- working, pleasure, halter. Breyer 2006 Treasure Hunt Lady Phase OF. photo pending. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.

Gentle On My Mind 1995 chestnut tobiano Paint mare (Two Straws Rowdy [m-ics] palo tob x Special Affection [m-ics] ches ov - Special Effects [l]) Lines for Halter and pleasure. Many APHA Champions in pedigree. Lines to Ratchett, Sonny Dee Bar and Leo through several sources. Breyer CM Lady Phase to canter. Performance winner, halter placed. Available: 00,01,02,03

Twisted Bachelorette 1995 chestnut/ flaxen tovero (Bachelor Splash [m-nights] x Little Twister Lady [m-little]) Ertl Paint OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Bachelor Ace, 00, o/b PHF. Available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Lasanleo Figgy Pudding 1996 sorrel overo (Ace Of Diamonds® x Lasan Candied Fig [m-phf]- Mr. Diamond Jim®) two lines to Sallisaw Rose. Breyer Lady Phase OF. Dam of Figlet, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,05,06,on.

Sacred Heart 1996 chestnut medicine hat (Sacred Indian® x Amazing Miss®- Sir Robin Hood) Sacred Indian World Champion Open Jumping in 1992. Superior in Hunter under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Open Jumping. Over 430 open performance points. Sire of multiple world champions and performance point earners in various disciplines. Dam producing winning Hunters, Honey N Blue Jeans and Sacred Arrival. Breyer gift set OF Available: 01,02,03,05,06,on.

Steel Magnolia 1996 grulla overo (Magnolia's Sage Lasan [m-phf] grulla ov x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]- Mr. Steel Dust [live]) 3x Poco Bueno, double Pretty Buck, double Wimpy. Breyer 'Lady Phase' grulla paint OF. Photo show winner, Champion, Grand Champion. Dam of White Lightning, 02, o/b Marta Towne; Iron Ore, Stone Chips Paint, 05, o/b PHF and Dreamin Bout You, 06, o/b Oak Tree Farm. Years available: 01,03,04,05,07,on.

Platinum Blonde 1997 palomino overo (Genuine Q Ton [m-ics] buck overo x High Class Doll [m-ics] bay overo- UnCZip Me) All live lines, halter and pleasure horses, primarily. Lines to go halter, or perform. Lady Phase CM by Judy Renee Pope. Reserve Champion, winner, MEPSA 2002 qualified. Available: 02,03,04,05,06,on.

 Skywritten in Lace 1997 black tobiano mare (Mr Sky High [live] blk tob x Lace Panties [live] 93 blk tob) Breyer classic 'Swaps' gift set OF Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,on.

Summer Sister 1998 palomino w/ high whites (Sonsational Twist [m-phf] x Society Sister [m-phf] QH- ) Breyer SMSH w/ rider OF. Years available:02,03,04,05,06,on.

NEW! Tiny Bubbles 1998 red dun + amber champagne tobiano Paint mare (Cougarand® x Raise Your Gold ®- Raise Your Rocket) Reining, Cutting, race potential for offspring. Sire is gold champagne registered as palomino. Cutting and reining horse. Sire by Peppy San Badger, out of a Doc Bar mare. Also Sugar Badger, King Clegg. On dam's side, to Raise Your Glass, Rocket Wrangler. CM SM NM TB. Years available: 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

NEW! Kickstart 1999 chestnut overo Paint mare (Im Oscar [TB] [m-c.hartung] x Q Ton’s Wild Ride [m-c.hartung]- Q Ton’s Dual Diamond) 5/8ths TB. Maternal g'sire is a Multi-Champion. Lines to Secretariat, Mr. Prospector, Northern Dancer, Q Ton Eagle, Dual Image, Hy Diamond Boy, Leo, Sugar Bars, Princequillo, Count Fleet, Man O'War & Teddy. Years Available: 04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,on.

NEW! Morning Moon 1999 grey (black) tobiano Paint mare (1/2 TB) (Foxfire Everyday Eddie [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Claire [m-d.metcalf]- Slews Fanmail) 1/2 TB, 1/4 QH, 1/4 Paint Stone Pebbles WB OF Winner. Years available: 04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,on.

Second Sight 1999 grulla overo mare (HeartsInAtlantis [m-wmhs] x Cougar Mary [m-wmhs]-)CM SM TB. Photo show winner. Years available:04,05,06,on.

Fleeting Darkness 2000 bay overo mare (Fleet Raleigh [m-lod] x Boogie Nights [m-lod]- Mesa Boogie [m-lod]) By a Persimmon Hill TB stallion. Dam on my listing. Dam of MMR Dark Magic, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years available: 06,07,08,09,10,on.

Hawaiian White Ginger 2000 chestnut tobiano Paint mare (Easy Chance® x Ginger Bars Lil®-QH- Sinful Do Bars) Sire is a WP horse, dam is a roping horse. Indian Music through Smooth N Easy, Three Bars, Jaguar, Johnny Dial. Breyer original San Domingo OF. Years available: 05,06,on.

Heaven Sent 2001 black minimal overo (Fleet Raleigh [m-phf] x Sense of Style [m-phf]-Boston Raven x ) Breyer classic Swaps "Black Silk" OF Available: 06,07,08,09,10,on.

Jagged Little Pill 2000 chestnut overo mare (Foxfire The Intimidator [m-d.metcalf] x Double Dose Dixon®- Mardelle Dixon) Breyer Connoisseur 'Hope And Glory' by Bainbridge OF. MEPSA multiple Champion and Reserve. Years available: 05,06,on.

Special Kay 2001 ches/flaxen overo Paint mare (Strawfly Special® x Slipofthespots [m-c.hartung] - Annihilate 'Em®) Sire is a racing QH, dam is a full sister to outcrop Paint TB, See Me Com 'en. Breyer Indian Pony SR Breyerfest 2002. Years available: 2006 on.

Arizona Moon Bug 2003 chestnut frame overo (Windchek [m-k.dodson] x Moonspinner [m-k.dodson]- Classic Rerun [®]) Race bred sire with lines to Dash For Cash, Triple Chick, Go Man Go, Litle Request [TB]. Dam has working lines to Buck McCue, Sonny Goes Lucky, Skipper's Mischief. DeMuth "Arizona" resin by Pamela DeMuth. Years available: 08,on.

Broadway Star 2003 buckskin tobiano mare (Watchstar [m-lod] x Pretty Darned Quick [m-h.reaves]- The Criminologist [TB]) 3/4 TB. Years available: 2008 on.

Baja Californio PhD
1991 chestnut (Saradar [m-bb] palo x Belleza Ardiente [m-ybar]- Ejemplo Que Tal [l]) Lines to Manolita Lace, El Lobo de Caroline, Caribe. Breyer #65 "Justin Morgan" JCP SR 1988 OF. PSP. Foals: 1995 on

Lagarto Azul 1985 blue roan Paso Fino (El Alquitran Bebe® x Rosada del Rosa®- Hilaches) Breyer 'El Pastor' OF NYS-NIB. Foals: 1989 on.

PASO FINO MARES updated 7/09
1986 Buckskin mare (DSS Cruzado [m-m.smith] x Sangrilita LaCE [l]- Manolito LaCE) Lines to Mar de Plata LaCE, Faeton LaCE. Breyer JAH Paso SM OF. Winner. Dam of El Oro Subio, 95, o/b Cindy Kunitsugu. Open: 91,29,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01

Bandiera PhD 1989 Bay (Falconaire [m-oma] x Royal Brio [m-eh] bay-Marichalo Royal [l] blk) Double lines to Guanina II, double Mio del Cabillo, also Dablado, Marichala Royal and Singer. Breyer #5038 SM OF touch-up. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01

La Quintilla 1989 Bay mare (Coral's Monarca de Vez [l] x DSS La Cinta [m-pend-dss]- Bochica [l]) Sire is a National Champion and sire's sire is Coral LaCE, a Grand National Champion and Top Ten Sire. Sire's dam is double Tesoro Salago. Dam's dam is also mother of the World Champion Fino Mare, Profetiza. Breyer SM Paso OF. PSP. Dam of Bailerina, 00. o/b PHF. Open: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01

La Cobrena 1990 chestnut Paso Fino mare (Capuchino® x Musica de Ladrillo®- Ladrillo) Sire was 1984 Grand Nat'l Champion. Dam also prduced a Regional winner. micro mini metal copy of Hartland tinymite Morgan. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Samba PhD 1991 Black, carries hidden dilute gene. (Encantador Bailador [m-eh] buck x Mia Marichala-np) Choco Que Tal,Sombre LaCE, Marichal. Breyer #5038 SM repaint. Dam of Bossa Nova PhD, 97, o/b Kay Myers. Years available: 96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Carnivale 1996 red dun roan Peruvian Paso mare (Orgullo del Sol® x JKR Rosita®- Solariego) Sire is a bay roan, dam is a palomino dun (dunalino) Linebred to Sol de Oro V. Also, Elegante, Prestigo, Coral. Breyer G3 SM OF Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Tambopata 2002 bay tobiano Peruvian Paso/Paso Fino Pinto mare Citacion® Peruvian Paso x Azucar en Tostada® Paso Fino- Halago Sin Par) Since there are no tobianos in the Peruvian horse, this mare is ½ Peruvian, with a Peruvian gait, but ½ Fino to get her tobiano coloration. Lines to Burlador, Sol de Oro V, Hilaches, El Pastor. Champion lineage. Breyer G3 SM Paso OF. Years available: 07,08,on

PINTO STALLIONS- these are not Paints, nor part-Arabs, nor other registered breeds, but other mixes.
1976 chestnut tobiano Morab/Pinto cross (Painted Challenger [live] ches tob Morgan cross pinto x Foxcroft's Silva [live] blk tobiano 1/2 Arabian pinto) This guy has no further pedigree, but his sire and dam were both live horses. Maharajah has Morgan, ASB and Arabian lines. Breyer #48 Morgan repaint. Foals: 1980- 2001

PONIES and small horse breeds- see separate listing (http://deserthorse.tripod.com/persimmonponies.html)

Frogette's Thistle 1976 bay (Double Thistle [live] x Dude's Frogette [m-yvf]- ) Sire was a QH Champion by Double Bid. Hartland 7" Quarter Horse stallion OF Not yet shown. Sire of: Dark Thistle, Tiny Thistle, Lucky Frog, Double Maple Lena, Lavender Thistle and Thistledown. Foals: 1980-1996, limited numbers thereafter.

Scotch Leo 1980 Dun (Scotch Bar Time [l]- ches x Fairfax Julia Maude [bso-lod] red dun- Fairfax Joe [l] dun) 94% Foundation bred. Sire is 89% Foundation AQHA Superior Sire and on the Leading sire list, dam is 100% foundation, full sister to Goodbye Sam, and linebred to Joe Reed II, sire of Leo. Maternal granddam is Maudie Leo, maybe Leo's best producing daughter. Breyer #705 Adios apricot dun OF. Photo Show Winner. Sire of Foxfire Wildly Scotch, o/b Delana Metcalf; Leo's Wildfire; September Sonnet; Champion Scotch Pine; Champion Lenas Scotch Rocks; Reserve Champion Summer Dey Scotch and Champion Scotch Thistle. He tends to throw short cannoned, classic bulldoggy type foals- like Hagen Renaker "Two Bits", although he has thrown a Stone ISH. Foals: 1984 on.

Poco's Goldcoast 1982 Palomino (Pacific Bailey [l] ches x Poco's Gold Lee [bso] palo-Mr Spanish Lee) Own son of Pacific Bailey, AQHA Champion, stakes winner, setter of four track records, sire of 58 stakes winners and one world champion, get have total earnings of over 2 million dollars. On his dam's side, he goes to Leo and Mr Bar Gold. Breyer #3045 Clas. QH stallion OF. Retired Champion. Sire of Poco's Lucky Star, Poco Go Autumn, Poco's Lucky Gold, Evocative Locket, Society Sister. Foals: 1986 on

Montana Twist 1983 Golden Buckskin (Montana Doc [l] bay x Gypsy Cutter [l] palo- Cutter's Dix) Lines to the great Cutter Bill, AQHA World Champion, plus Hard Twist and Doc O'Lena. Bred to work cows. Breyer #3297 Cutting horse '98 OF. Not yet shown- still NIB. Sire of Montana Gold, Montana Lark, Montana Lynx, CHAMPION Miss Bingo Twist, Lucky Twist, Foxfire Kidd Rey. Foals: 1987 on, part of name carried, please.

Smokin' Gold 45 1984 Dunalino (palomino dun) (Hollywood Jac 86 [l] x Fire And Brimstone [m-phf]-Price's Leo Flash [l]) Sire is out of a Hollywood Gold mare, and dam is out of a Mr. Gunsmoke mare. Cutting and working lines. Dam is on list. Breyer SR Hollywood Gold 'Adios' OF. Sire/Get Champion, MEPSA Year-End Champion Other Color OF and HM of 273 in Championship Stallions. Sire of Champions. Sire of Wildly Smokin', winner Sparkin Surprise, winner Genuine Gold, winner Bluejay Flashagold, Reserve Grand Champion Buzz Bomb, winner Blushing Gold, Smoke Jumper, Caught In My Zipper. Shows in IPABRA Sire/Get classes. He sires many Stone ISHs. Foals: 1988 on, part of name carried, please.

Storm Surge 1984 grey (Silver Bars [m-yvf] x Dust Storm [m-yvf]- Star Duster) Sire is by a Champion racehorse and out of a Three Bars daughter. Dam is from cutting and halter lines, double Oklahoma Star. Breyer SR SHS OF. NYS. Foals: 1988 on.

Dial Up Hemp 1985 flaxen chestnut (Hempen [live] TB x Easy Bar Miss [live]- Easy Jet) Sire was one of the premier TB sires of racing QHs and Paints. Dam is by Easy Jet, SW, AAAT, SI-100. Easy Jet is by Hall Of Fame Jet Deck, SI-100 and out of TB Lenas Bar, AAA, AQHA Hall Of Fame. dam, Bar Joy Miss is by World Champion, AAA, ROM Racehorse, Johnny Dial and out of an own daughter of Three Bars. This pedigree says "can run". Unraced, due to a trailer accident that left him stiff. SI clocked during pre-accident workouts was 100. Breyer Mustang sorrel OF. Foals: 1989 on, part of name carried, please.

Impress A Queen 1985 bay (Pretty Impressive [l] ches x Memphis Queen [m-flyl] bay-Nashville) by the Halter and Perf sire Pretty Impressive, out of a Flyin Lion 1/2 TB mare by Nashville, sire of Azure Te. HYPP N/N. Pretty Impressive also sire of Coosa, N/N. Halter, race, pleasure possibilities. Breyer #450 Rugged Lark OF. Not yet shown. Foals: 1989 on

Outrigger Cody Pep 1985 chestnut (Topsail Cody [l] ches x Peppy Chiquita [m-mbr] ches- Peppy San Badger) What a pedigree!! Up close to Wimpy, Doc Bar, Peppy San Badger, Grey Badger. His sire, Topsail Cody is one of only three sires whose get have won over a million dollars. He is in the NRHA Hall of Fame, and was an AQHA World Champion Jr Reining Horse. His dam, o/b Ryan Jaeger, is an own daughter of Peppy San Badger, and a Wimpy grandaughter. Ertl QH stallion OF. Photo Show Placed. RESERVE CHAMPION, CHAMPION. Sire of: Amber's Sequoia Cody, Smooth Sailing, Te Bird Peppy and FF Incredible Bonus. Foals: 1989 on

PHF Bayleaf 1985 Dapple Bay (Ziggy Stardust [m-oma] x Triple Snafu [m-ff]-Tri-Jet) By Chris Wallbruch's Joe Bravo/Go Man Go line sire, out of Jen Raymond's daughter of Grand Champion Tri-Jet. Hartland 7" QH Stal. vintage repaint. Photo Show Placed. Foals: 1989 on

Ima Rocketman 1986 cremello Will produce palomino from a chestnut mare, buckskin or palomino from a bay mare. Can only produce palomino, buckskin, cremello, dunalino or dunskin, no matter how bred (except if mare is grey). (Go Joe Go [m-dhr]palo x Te Minus Four [m-dhr]palo-Comin At Ya [l] ) Stone ISH 'Rocket Zepplin' OF. Photo Show Winner. 2001 MEPSA Year-End Championships Top Ten (3rd) Other Color. Foals: 1990 on

Smokin Jessie Leo 1986 red dun (Collins Jessie [l] buck x Fire And Brimstone [m-phf]-Prices Leo Flash [l]) Sire is a Halter winner and cutting horse with AQHA Champion and ROM Perf offspring. Grandson of a great cutting horse, Jessie James, and g-grandson of another superb cutting horse, Mr Gunsmoke. Also, line to Leo. What a nice cross for your Poco Bueno or Doc O'Lena bred mares! Or, add to that cutting blood with more Gunsmoke or Jessie James! Hartland Collectibles 'Dun In Dreams' mint OF. Photo Show Placed. Foals: 1990 on.

Lady's Socialleo 1987 red roan sabino (Social Dominator [®]rro x Lady Buck Leo [®] bay- Country Bill) Sire is foundation, heavily Skipper W bred. Dam is minimal sabino, ROM Reining and Working Cowhorse. She is a granddaughter of Leo, with lines to Yellow Dan, Yellow Boy and Joe Sunday. Breyer 'Rebel' Stock stallion OF. Foals: 1991 on.

Mesquite Poco Leo 1987 Golden Buckskin (Poco Doc de Oro [l] buck x Leo Bars Ann [l]dun- Bill's Leo) Sire line direct to King through Poco Bueno. Dam is double Leo bred. Leo was known for speed. Both stallions threw working horses. Breyer Mustang stallion #87 OF. Reserve Champion. Sire of barrel winner Little Mesquite and Poquita Bird, o/b PHF; Justa Sonic Boom, o/b Erica Jelen and City of Gold, o/b Becky Henson. Foals: 1991 on

Where Theres Smoke 1987 chestnut (Gunsmoke Eyes [l] bay x Jessie's Honeydew [l]- Collins Jessie) Mr Gunsmoke and Jessie James. Cutting. Cowy, working lines. Breyer SR Classic QHS in liver chestnut OF. Not yet shown. Foals: 1991 on.

Blue Conclusion 1988 Blue roan (Rowdy Blue Man [l] blr x Two Gold Conclusion [bso] sor -Conclusive [l]-sorrel) Sire is foundation bred with Red Man, Blue Valentine and Dart Bar, dam has TB with an Impressive sire line. Maternal granddam is a daughter of Two Eyed Jack. HYPP N/N. Most of these are working lines, and this horse should work- just be a little prettier than usual, and a bit smoother. Breyer #938 "Shane" Ranch horse stock stallion OF. NIB, still placed in breeding classes with his get. Foals: 1992 on.

Boston Raven 1988 black, could carry a cream gene. (Boston Dee Bar [l] blk x Ravenswing [m-phf]blk- Poco's Dark Lingo [m-ff]buck) By a black son of Sonny Dee Bar, whose dam is a Boston Mac daughter. Raven's dam is on this list, a daughter of Multi Grand Champion Poco's Dark Lingo, whose sire line is through 3 GR CH famous models; also lines to Tonto Bars Gill, War Leo and Three Bars. Dam's maternal lines go to Sonny Dee Bar, Doc Bar, Easy Jet. Breyer #992 Doc's Keepin Time OF. Photo show placed. Sire of Paradise Raven and Sense Of Style, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1992 on

Poco Red Dell 1988 red (bay) roan (Poco's Grey Comet [l] grulla x Comet's Poco Dell [l] roan- Hailey's Comet [l]) Sire is a 100% foundation bred Poco Bueno stallion, triple Red Dog. Dam is a great grandaughter of Lightning Bar, Three Bars and Poco Dell. Breyer SR SM QHS OF. Not yet shown. Sire of Rio Linda, o/b Alice Horton and Pop Muzik, App, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Foals: 1992 on.

Goldfox Cowboy 1989 Honey Palomino (Twofox Gold Coosa [m-phf] palo x Hotshot Cody Cowgirl [l]-palo- Hotshot Bailey Bar) Real horse Coosa is HYPP negative (N/N) Line to halter horse, Impressive, but bred for all around use with Two Eyed Jack, Pacific Bailey and Red King Cody. Excellent pedigree. Sire's dam, Twofox Spanish Gold, is on this list.
Breyer 5045 SM QH stallion OF touch-up. Foals: 1993 on.

Sargeant Pepper 1989 bay (Doctor Pepper [m-bb] buck x Sassy Bar Sally [l] bay-Buddy Break) Lines to Mr. Mega Bucks, Mr. Tinky Bar, Sugar Bars, Joe Barrett, Joe Bravo, Vandy. Breyer #5186 SM QH stallion OF. Photo Show Placed. Foals: 1993 on

Spanish Medallion 1989 buckskin (Poco Peek A Bo [l] buck x Spanish Buffy Bars [l] buck- Spanish Cop) Lines to Eternal Sun, Leo, Don's Poco Buddy, Skipper's King and Skipper's Smoke. Breyer #5047 SM QH stallion buckskin OF. Not yet shown. Sire of Brand Nu Medallion, o/b Randa Garrett. Foals: 1993 on

Heza Handsom Hustler 1990 chestnut (Mr. Spanish Rebel [l] sor x Taylor's Impression [l] ches- Taylor's Impressive) Lines to Leo, Magnolia Bar, Impressive, Doc Bailey, Sugar Bars and Johnny Pine. HYPP N/N. Breyer #710295 SR dap chest stock stallion OF. Photo show placed. Sire of Handsom September, o/b Tayler McKee. Foals: 1994 on

Smooth Sailing 1990 palomino (Outrigger Cody Pep [m-phf] x Skipa Golden Bee [m-phf]) Both sire and dam on this list. Loza for BHR ceramic OF. Photo show placed. Available: 1994 on.

Twofox Gold Sonny 1990 Palomino (Sonny Dee Bar [l] x Twofox Spanish Gold [m-phf]-Two Eyed Fox [m/l-mbr]) Sonny Dee Bar was an AQHA Champion, Superior Halter (1971), ROM Halter, ROM Performance (1970), AQHA Hall of Fame and AQHA Leading Sire. Broodmare sire, Two Eyed Fox, was an AQHA Champion, AQHA Superior, Halter Horse. Non-Impressive halter lines. Breyer SM QHS OF. Sire of Foxfire Shawnda. 1994 on.

Zippo Tahnee Cash 1990 bay (The Invester [live] 69 sorrel x Tahnee Zippo [live] 86 bay) Sire is an AQHA HOF horse and one of the premiere WP QH sires. Sire by Zippo Pat Bars and dam is by Zippo Pine Bar. Dam is also dam of WC WP, Blazing Hot. Breyer 'Best Tango' Adios OF. Foals: 1994 on.

Heza Azure Skip 1991 bay (Skipa Star [l] x Sheza Te [l]-Te N Te) Skipper W, Te N Te, Bank Dough. Lines for performance, racing or halter. Breyer 'King' Ideal QH stallion #499 OF. Sire of Te Bird Skip, o/b Randa Garrett. Foals: 1995 on

Junior Page 1991 chestnut QH stallion (Ribbon Page [m-mbr] x Amber Moon[m-phf]- Mr. Conclusion) Sire and both grandsires are AQHA Champions. All 4 third dams are dams of AQHA Champs, World Champ or ROM earners. Grandson of Jay Page, g-g-son of Poco Dell. Also TT Classy Bar and twice to Bear Cat. P Stone Ideal Stock 'Hobby' Horse OF, and WOW, a nice one! Photo Show Winner. Sire of Dawns New Page, o/b Randa Garrett. Foals: 1995 on

Oklahoma Bug 1991 palomino stallion (Oklahoma Fuel [l] x Bugs Wonder World [l] Bugs Alive in 75) To Jet Deck, Three Bars, Hank W. racing lines. Sire's SI 108, 15 wins. Sire of 201 sarters, 94 winners, 3 SWs. Dam Appendix QH, dam sire famous race Champion, winner of $500,000+ in the 1970s. 2nd damsire had amazing early speed, EWR at 5f and outran 4.5f world record holder at that distance. Breyer SR SHS 'Little Man' OF. Foals: 1995 on.

Opaline Blue Smoke 1991 grey over blue roan QH stallion (Mitos Smokey Burner [m-mbr] x Coosa Blue Note [m-mbr]-Coosa) Sire by Mito Commander [r] SUP HLT, SUP PERF, HUS, WP. Lines to Native Dancer {jc} Roman [JC], King, Leo, Pretty Buck. Dam is out of Rowdy Blue Maid by Rowdy Blue Man [r] going to Blue Valentine/Joe Hancock. Bred by Missouri Breaks Ranch. A mix of foundation and "new" lines. A mix of foundation and "new" lines. Stone ISH 'Millenium Horse' OF. Photo show placed. Foals: 1995 on

Rebel In Denim 1991 grey (Rebel One [m-dhr] x Diamond N Bleu [m-dhr]- Linebars Blueboy [l]) From Double Hart Ranch horses, all lines tracing to live horses. To Topsail Cody, reining horse and sire of reining horses; Oklahoma Fuel, Joak,Bull Dog- TB, Star Duster, Top Deck, Leo. Dam's family has racing lines. Breyer SR Stud Spider 'Silver Badger II' OF. Photo Show Placed Halter & WP. Foals: 1995 on.

Scotch Pine 1991 bay (Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Poco Lena Pine [m-phf]- Doc O'Lena) Sire is 94% foundation bred. Son of noted sire Scotch Bar Time and out of a Leo mare! Sonny Dee Bar, Leo, Joak. Several lines to Joe Reed II. Dam also has foundation lines of Poco Bueno/King, Doc Bar, Zippo Pat Bars. Hagen Renaker 'Two Bits' DW OF. Winner and multiple GOS winner. Sire of Pam's Gift Of Scotch. Foals: 1995 on

Steel Wheels 1991 grulla (Blackburn Drifter [m-mbr] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]- Little Steel Dust [l]) Foundation bred and lots of grullas in these lines. Hartland Regal series SR QHS OF near mint. Photo Show Winner. MEPSA Year-End Championships Top Ten Hartland. Dam is a Produce of Dam Champion. Foals: 1995 on

Copper Cowboy 1992 Light golden chestnut w/ flaxen (Cowboy Brass [l] buck x Tiffany Copper Hue [l]ches- King Hankins) Lines to Jet Deck, Silver Chubb, King, Lee Bar. Breyer #3045 Clas. QH stallion OF. Photo Show Placed. Sire of Cowboy Jac, o/b PHF. Foals: 1996 on

Real Star Power 1992 palomino (Real Fools Gold [m-ff] x Hollywood Royal Lady [l] palo- Doc Hollywood) Sire is Jen Raymond's top QH sire, Multi Grand Champion son of Kiawah Sunset, and dam is a daughter of ROM Halter horse, Doc Hollywood, out of a daughter of an AQHA World Champ Cutting horse mare. Lines to Doc Bar. P Stone Pretty Conclusive OF, Limited First Edition. MULTIPLE CHAMPION. Sire of Real Heartbreaker, Live show placed and photo show Grand Champion; Real Buff, photo show Grand Champion; Power Player, all o/b PHF, and Major Leaguer, o/b Ashley Pagliuso. Foals: 1996 on

Turbo Charged 1993 palomino QH stallion (Zan Parr Scooter® x  Yo Zanzi Par®- Par Three) Linebred Three Bars, Joe Reed, Ed Echols. Par Three 3/2. Sire is Perf ROM, Sup Perf,  AQHA Perf CH + has Halter points! and from lines that throw good roping, heeling and reining horses. Paternal g'sire Zan Parr Bar was one of the great ones. Breyer semi-rearing Mustang SR Breyerfest "Turbo" OF. Sire of Hollywood Charged, 06, o/b Tayler McKee. Foals: 1997 on

Max A Million 1994 grulla (Blackburn Drifter [m-mbr] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]-Little Steel Dust) P Stone SR ISH 'Gigabyte' from Haynet 99. Multiple Photo Show Winner. Foals 1998 on.

Lenas Scotch Rocks 1995 buckskin stallion (Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Poco Lena Pine [m-phf]- Doc O'Lena®) both sire and dam on this list. Foundation and working lines. Hagen Renaker DW 'Two Bits' OF. Multiple CHAMPION. MEPSA qualified 2002. Foals: 1999 on

Lucky Twist 1995 bay (Montana Twist [m-phf] x Wildly Lucky [m-phf]) Sire and dam both on this list. Foundation and cow lines. Cutter Bill, Hard Twist, Doc O'Lena, Jessie James, Oklahoma Star, Joe Reed, Driftwood, Lucky Blanton. Stablemate old mold QHS OF. Foals: 1999 on.

Raven's Rebel Wing 1995 grey (Rebel In Denim [m-phf] x Ravenswing [m-phf]- Poco's Dark Lingo [m]) Andrea by Sadek china OF. MIJC multiple CHAMPION. 2005 MIJC Year-End Reserve Champion Quarter Horse. Foals: 1999 on.

Scotch Thistle 1995 bay QH stallion (Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Dark Thistle [m-phf]- Frogettes Thistle [m-phf]) Sire is 94% foundation bred, Scotch Bar Time, Fairfax Joe, Maudie Leo. Dam brings in Double Thistle, Two Eyed Jack, Snipper Reed. Beswick QH matte OF. MEPSA Champion. Foals: 1999 on.

Moon Lynx 1996 black QH stallion (Pocos Missing Lynx [m-m.stocker] x Joe Jack Blue Moon [m-m.stocker] - Mr Joe Jack®) Lines to Poco Sueno, Docs Lynx, Watch Joe Jack, Steel Brs, Sugar Bars, Spanish Cash. BHR action stallion OF. Performance Champion. Sire of Lil Black Lynx, o/b Lisa Marshall. Foals: 2000 on.

Directors Cut 1997 palomino stallion (Hollywood Hijacker® x Cutterie®- Tangueray Gin) Sire is by Hollywood Jac 86, out of a Topsail Cody mare, and gorgeous to boot. Broodmare sire is Cutter Bill. BHR Reining horse OF. 2008 MEPSA qualified. Foals: 2001 on.

Poco Go Autumn 1997 chestnut/flaxen (Poco's Goldcoast m-phf] x September Sonnet [m-phf]- Scotch Leo [m-phf]) Both parents on this list. Sire by Pacific Bailey, AQHA Champion, stakes winner, setter of four track records, sire of 58 stakes winners and one world champion, get have total earnings of over 2 million dollars, also to Leo Tag/Leo, Scotch Bar Time, Music Mount, Poco Tivio and Mr Bar Gold. No holes in this pedigree! H-R "Quartet" OF. Foals: 01 on.

Strait Silver Smoke 1997 silver grey (Smokey Bar Blues [m-rocknm] x Strait Silver Chex [m-pend-rocknm]- Strait Silver [l]) Trophy QH OF. Photo show placed-MIJC. Foals: 2001 on.

NEW! Cowboy Jac 1998 chestnut  (Copper Cowboy [m-phf] x Spring Loaded [m-phf]- Hollywood Jac 86®) Lines to Jet Deck, Hollywood Jac 86, Oklahoma Fuel, Silver Chubb, King, Oklahoma Bar, Lee Bar. Breyer classic QHS variation- no socks Foals: 2002 on.

Sun Seeker 1998 Golden Palomino (Stylish Seeker [l] x MCS Poco Gal [l]-Mighty Conclusive) Lines to Goldseeker Bars (Three Bars-TB), Conclusive and Skips Sid. Sire is a Superior Halter horse and dam is also a winning halter horse. HYPP N/N. Breyer #3045 Clas. QH stallion OF. Not yet shown. Foals: 2002 on.

Now gelded- Appendix- Cinnamoney 1990 chestnut, gelded 2001 (Kisses Of Fire [TB] [m-jcoughlin] x Little Bit Of Cash [m-yvf) racing bred. Need sire and dam, prefer Stakes Winners. Royal Doulton Connoisseur 'Grundy' OF. Champion. 2001 MEPSA Nationals Top Ten (4th) Quarter Horse and Top Ten Other China. MEPSA multiple years qualified. Foals: 1994 to 2000

Wildly Lucky 1978 bay (Wild Bill [m-yvf] x Lucky Stars [m-yvf]- Oklahoma Star [l]) Sire by Jessie James, great cutting horse. Sire's dam to Joe Reed and Driftwood. Dam also has Lucky Blanton close up. Foundation lines. Hartland small QHM OF. Dam of Foxfire Wildly Scotch, 85, o/b Delana Metcalf; Poco's Lucky Star, 86, o/b Lindsay Lockart; Wildly Smokin', 88, o/b Natasha Powers; Lucky Frog, 92, o/b PHF; Controlled Burn, 94, o/b Becky Henson; Lucky Twist, 95, o/b PHF and Poco's Lucky Gold, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 87,89,90,91,93,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,on

Fire And Brimstone 1979 red dun (Price's Leo Flash [l] dun x Gunsmokes Ripple [l] sor- Mr. Gunsmoke) Working lines, and more unusual color. Breyer LE 'Sundance' Indian Pony 99. Dam of Leo's Wildfire, 85, o/b Lindsay Lockart; Smokin Jessie Leo, 86, o/b PHF; Bobbi's Bright Legacy, 1995, o/b Bobbi Crull; John Collins, 96, mule, o/b PHF and Devil's Plaything, 97, o/b Vicki Griffiths. Not shown. NIB. Open: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,98,99,00,01

Twofox Spanish Gold 1981 palomino (Two Eyed Fox [bso-mbr& l] sor x Miss Spanish Nicki [l] palo- Flying Gold Rebel) Sire was an AQHA Champion and winner of points in 8 events, and sire of Champs. Lines are Two Eyed Jack, Grey Badger III, Roan Hancock, Foxy Buck, Pretty Buck. Dam's lines are Sugar Bars by Three Bars, Leo, Nick Shoemaker, Skipper W and Plaudit. Ertl OF. Dam of Extravaganza, 86, o/b Cynthia Forsythe, Pushing Tin, 88, o/b Natasha Powers, Sweet Temptations, '89, o/b Betsy Bissell; Twofox Gold Sonny, 90, o/b PHF; Montana Gold , 91, o/b Lindsay Lockart and Spanish Marigold, pf, o/b PHF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01

Ravenswing 1983 Black (Poco's Dark Lingo [m-ff]buck x OMA's Black Dove-[m-oma] blk- Lucky Bar II)Sire is a M GR CH from a three horse model sire line of famous M GR CHs, with real lines to Three Bars and War Leo. Dam is Chris Wallbruch's well bred mare with lines to Doc Bar, Sonny Dee Bar, Easy Jet and Blondy's Dude. Hartland QH mare 5" repaint. Not shown. Dam of Appalachian Raven, 1987 Paint, o/b PHF; Boston Raven, 1988, on this list; Dixie Star, 1991, o/b Crystal Ong; Lemonflower, 1992, o/b Rebecca Ratliff; Braveheart, 1993, o/b Natasha Powers; Raven's Rebel Wing, 95; Pacific Goldwing, 01; Poquita Bird, 06; all o/b PHF and sire replacement, 07, o/b Kay Myers. Years available: 89,90,94,96,97,98,99,00,02,03,04,05.

Whatasweet Honibee 1984 buckskin (Cee Bee Command [live] x Honi Luck [®]- Beatle Luck) J B King, King Fritz, Golden Luck, Twenty Gold. Sire is 1982 AQHA World Champion Sr. Working Cow Horse & 1983 AQHA World Champion Sr. Reining Horse. Broodmare sire AQHA CH., H-303, 8 Hunt saddle, 40.5 WP points. Sire of Superior Hlt & Perf/AQHA Ch/Perf ROM Earners. Hartland 5" QH mare OF dark and heavily shaded. Dam of Rapid Jacks Sun, 97, o/b Mary Schoedel; Tuf N Busybee, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,98,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09.

Poco Lena Pine 1985 bay (Doc O'Lena [l] x Trixie Pine [l] -Bar P Pine) Foundation lines of Poco Bueno/King, Doc Bar, Zippo Pat Bars. Breyer Clas. QH mare #3045 OF. Dam of Poco Leo Lena, 1990, o/b Betsy Bissell; Scotch Pine, 1991, o/b PHF; Hollywood Style, 1992, o/b Crissi Goreham; FF Incredible Bonus, 1993, o/b Delana Metcalf; Rio Linda, 1994, o/b Alice Horton; Lena's Scotch Rocks, 95, o/b PHF; and Poco Scotch Pine, 97, o/b Melissa Addison. Not shown. Years available: 96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Skipa Golden Bee 1985 Buckskin (Cee Bee Command [l]-buck x Skippa Me Not [l] palo- Skippa Ward) Sire is a Foundation bred World Champion Working Cow and Reining horse, dam is Skipper W linebred, also Skippa String and Bar Mount. Hartland QH mare 5" OF. Photo Show Placed. Dam of Smooth Sailing, Whatasweet Honeybee and Skipa Sweet Tumbleweed. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01

Amber Moon 1986 Chestnut (Mr. Conclusion [l] sor x Classy Moon Ett [m-mbr]bay-Classy Bar) Sire is a Res. World Champion Halter horse. Dam is a neat mare from Ryan Jeager's program, by a sire of AQHA Champions. Amber has lines to Impressive, Sugar Bars, Leo, Ding Bob. HYPP N/N. Breyer Lady Phase #40 OF. Photo Show Placed. Dam of winner Junior Page, 91, o/b PHF; Foxfire Raven Moon, o/b Delana Metcalf; Sunny Conclusion, 93, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Amber's Sequoia Moon, 94, o/b ?; Impress Me Much, 95, o/b Sarah Norini and  Amber Morn, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Bingogold Te Bird 1986 light sandy bay (Golden Oak Holiday [l] buck x Bingo Vila [l] bay- Te N Te) Sire is race ROM, SI-96, Stakes placed and AAA. Sire line to Top Deck (TB), sire's dam by Gold Pacific, also sire of Pacific Bailey. Broodmare sire is Te N Te, also to Poco Dell and Leo Bingo on dam's side. Ertl Mustang mare OF. roodmare, not shown.
Dam of GCS Hot Bingogold, 91, o/b Cindy Kunitsugu; Te Bird Skip, 95, o/b Randa Garrett; multiple Champion Miss Bingo Twist, 96; Tahlequah, 98; Champion Poco Pac Bonanza, 00; and Talequah Te, 06, all o/b Persimmon Hill. Years available: 92,93,94,97,99,01,02,03,04,05,07,08,on

Sparklin Steel Breeze 1986 Grulla (Little Steel Dust [l] x Wimpys Steel Bonita [m-mbr]) Breyer Lady Phase CM by Suzanne McAllister. IPABRA Bloodstock CHAMPION; Photo show winner. Dam of Steel Wheels, 91, o/b PHF; Live Show Champion Halter and Performance, Sparkle All Night, 93, o/b Crissi Nickerson; Champion Max A Million, 94, o/b PHF; IPABRA Auction 09 ID, 95; Champion Steel Magnolia, 96, o/b PHF;  Champion Quarab, Steel Dream, 98, o/b PHF, Champion Cowboys Steel Town, 03, o/b PHF and Champion Silk N Steel, Paint, 04, o/b PHF.
Years available: 97,99,00,02,05,06,on, part of name carried, please.

D'Anjou Bliss 1987 palomino (Questionnaire [m-yvf] x Cut A Pretty Twist [l]- Cutters Dix) Sire is a racing sire from Yellowstone Valley. Dam is a g'daughter of Cutter Bill, with lines to Hard Twist and Red Man Cue. Safari palomino OF. Dam of Bliss Seeker, permanent foal, o/b PHF. Available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Lynx Tonette 1987 chestnut (Tony Biggs [l] ches x Skeets Lynx [l] ches- Doc's Lynx) Working lines- to King and Wimpy on sire side, to Doc Bar and Poco Poco on dam's side. Cattle work, saddle work or pleasure. Breyer SR Classic QHM in liver chestnut OF. Dam of Goldtone Folly, 92, o/b Persimmon Hill; Montana Lynx, 93, o/b Monika Stewart; Lil Black Lynx, 00, o/b Lisa Marshall; 01, o/b Lisa James; Hot Lynxed, 02, o/b Becky Henson; Twinkle, 03, o/b Jessica and Angela Johnson and MMR Chips Black Lynx, 06, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,04,05,07.

Sheza Peppy Redhead 1987 Red Roan (Peppy San Man [l] x Sher Glow-rrn [l]- Speedy Glow[l]) Leo sire line, with Three Bars and Hard Twist. Dam is also dam of Zippo Pine Glow, AQHA Superior WP horse and ROM. Breyer #721 commemorative series Go Man Go OF. Dam of True Blue Peppy, 92, o/b Crissi Goreham; Lil Red Ridinghood, 96, o/b Eileen O'Dell; Sheza Smokin' Peppy, 98, o/b Melissa Addison; Sundance Chic Olena, 01, o/b Angela and Jessica Johnson; Sheza Copper Peppy, 02, o/b PHF and MMR Versarys Redrock, 04, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Not yet shown. NIB. Years available: 95,97,99,00,03,05,06,07.

Brand Nu Page 1988 buckskin mare (Cutta Nubuck® x Ribbon In Gold®- Ribbon Page) Mini Whinny reining mare OF. Dam of Brand Nu Medallion, 93, o/b Randa Garrett and Champion Rapped In Ribbons, 03, o/b PHF. Years available:94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,06,07,08,on.

September Sonnet 1988 chestnut (Scotch Leo [m-lod] dun x Howe Musical [l]-bay- Mr Poco Music) Sire is by Scotch Bar Time out of a Leo bred mare. Dam goes to Music Mount, Poco Tivio and Leo Tag. Breyer SHM #227 OF. Photo show placed. Dam of September Daybreak, 92, o/b PHF; Notorious BIG, 93, Paint, o/b PHF; Doc Bright September, '94 app, o/b PHF; Foxfire Shawnda, 95, o/b Delana Metcalf; Poco Go Autumn, 97, o/b PHF; Handsom September, 01, o/b Tayler McKee and Power Player, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,98,99,00,02,03,05,06,07,08. 

Smooth Lark Zip 1988 bay (Rugged Lark [l] bay x Zippo's Lisa Two [l] ches- Zippo Pine Bar) Breyer #450 Rugged Lark OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Skipa Zip, 95, o/b Beata Parsons; Zips Denar, 96, o/b Rachel Danculovich; Zippa Lark Twist, 97, o/b Amanda Kinaitis; Outona Lark, 00, o/b PHF and MMR Zips ChocoLatte, 06, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years available: 98,99,01,02,03,04,05,07,on

Dark Thistle 1990 bay going grey (Frogette's Thistle [m-phf] x Blameitonmidnight [l]- Me Quick Jack) Sire is offspring of Double Thistle, Champion Halter horse, and dam has lines to Two Eyed Jack and Snipper Reed. Photo show winner. Stone SR 'Glacier' OF Dam of MEPSA Champion Scotch Thistle, 95, o/b PHF and winner Lavender Thistle, 04, o/b PHF. Available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on

India Ink 1990 grey, born black. (Luke At Me [l] x Miss Vicky [m-j.lord]- Sir Savannah x Vicky Lee Pine) Sire is a beautiful black 16.3 hh WC Jr. HUS 2x to Rocket Wrangler and with a Secretariat sire line. He is a WC & RWC sire, ROM Perf sire and Halter PE sire. Dam has Potential to produce racers. Breyer LP in dapple grey OF Multiple photo show winner & Reserve Champion. OFHC ROM. Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Star Dot Com 1990 sooty buckskin (Tuf N Busy [l] x Showdowns Showoff [l]- Showdown Ed) Sire is an AQHA Champion, Superior Reining and Heading and Heeling, as well as a World Champion sire. He's by Bueno Chex, by Power Command, by King. Also has lines to Poco Bueno and Bert. Dam is a great-granddaughter of Wimpy P-1. Twice to Wimpy, also to Go Man Go. Breyer Stock Horse mare OF. Dam of Loup Breton, 05, o/b Monica H. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,5,06,07,08,09,10.

Watercolors 1990 grey over bay (Sky High Leo [l] x Rain Rain Rain [l] grey- Dick Badger) Sire is a gorgeous son of Doc O'Lena, a leading Cutting and Reining sire and out of Maudie Leo by Leo. Dam is double Grey Badger II, and double Buck Hancock. Lines for athletic ability and speed. Foundation bred. Reining, cutting, working cow potential. Stone SR 'Glacier' OF. Photo Show Winner, CHAMPION, RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION, Judge's Choice. MEPSA Year-End Champion Grey 2001, MEPSA Year-End Reserve Champion Grey. Dam of Major Leaguer, 96, o/b Ashley Pagliuso, Smoke Jumper, 97, o/b Heather Mays; Color Me Elegant, '99, o/b Mary Vinyard; Pam's Gift Of Scotch, 05, o/b PHF and MMR Tonto's Raindance, 06, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Available: 95,98,00,01,02,03,04,07,on

Bayberry Blue Hollie 1991 bay (Hollywood Smoke® x Holliedoc [m-dhr] brown- Roping Chute[l]) Sire is NRHA Hall of Fame; AQHA World Show finalist in Sr. Cutting;Performance ROM with 36 points; Sire of 1 AQHA World Champion, 11 Performance ROMs, 2-time AQHA Quarterama Cutting Champion, 1979 All American Congress Open Reining Champion, NCHA open Cutting Champion, NCHA COA earners; The only horse to have sired 5 World Champion Reining Horses in 5 years. Dam has lines to Pines Holly, Poco Pine, Roping Chute. Dam sire is a Champion Reining Horse, ROM WP, and a finalist at the NRHA Futurity. P Stone SR 'Bayberry' Reserve  Champion. Dam of Winner & LSP Foxfire Kidd Rey, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf; Champion Dun In Bayberries, 98, Cafayate Docotah Hollie, 01, o/b Melissa Addison and Suit And Tie, 04, Paint colt, both o/b PHF. Open: 99,00,02,03,05,on.

Par Tee Doll 1991 grey (Tee Jay Silver Demon [l] grey x Shy's Baby Doll [l] bay-Shy Prescription) Double Jackie Bee. Also Waggoner. Dam is a daughter of World Champion Western Pleasure horse by Doc's Prescription by Doc Bar and 2x on maternal side to Chip Five. Breyer Stock mare grey OF. Photo Show Winner. Dam of DQ Anticipation, 1995, o/b Betty Hook; Whata Par Tee, 96, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Jack Frost, 2000, o/b Amanda Kinaitis; Pocket Fulla Blues, 04, o/b PHF and Cadet Style, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,01,02,03,06,on.

Spring Loaded 1991 palomino (Hollywood Jac 86 [l] x Fuel Pac A Flash [l]- Oklahoma Fuel) Oklahoma Fuel SI=108. Franklin Mint QH OF. Dam of Cowboy Jac, 98, o/b PHF. Years open: 96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Hollywood Corona 1992 palomino (Hollywood Jac 86® x Miss Glo Duster®- Mr Joe Glo) By the great Hollywood Jac 86, NRHA World Champion Non-Pro NRHA HOF, NRHA $1 million sire. King, Hollywood Gold, Brick Zee. Breyer palomino SR 1990 "QH Gelding" OF Dam of Gone Hollywood, 03, o/b PHF and Hollywood Charged, 06, o/b Tayler McKee. Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,07,08,09,on.

Little Darlin' 1992 palomino (Justa KHF Missile [l]buck x Kiddie's Little Gal [l]ches-Cardeca) King sire line, with a dam who wins at barrels. Speed, good handle, and a lot of cow. Hartland OF. Dam of Justa Sonic Boom, 99, o/b Marta Towne. Open: 97,98,00,01

Paradise Raven 1992 black (Boston Raven [m-lod] blk x Paradise Keepsake [l]-black- Paradise Bay) Sire by Boston Dee Bar, Sonny Dee Bar/Boston Mac. Dam has lines to Goldseeker Bars and Impressive. Breyer SR Lady Phase 'Night Deck' OF. Photo Show Winner, multiple wins in breed and color. Dam of Fleet Paradise, '97, Reserve Champion, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Queensro Glorious 1992 Buckskin (Special Ruler [l]-buck x Glora Impressa [l]-chest- Impressive Avenue) Sire is a speed bred stakes winner (si 97), with Jet Deck and Top Deck lines. Dam has an Impressive sire line, with a line to Triple Chick. Breyer SR JCP SM Swaps 711094 OF. Photo Show Placed. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01

Society Sister 1993 palomino (Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] x Society Rebella [m-mbr]- Rebel Rocket [l]) Bred on top and bottom side to Pacific Bailey, AAAT AQHA Champion, SW and sire of 547 Race ROMs, 2 WC, 3 AQHA Chs and 27 Show ROMs. Also to Top Deck, Leo, Spanish Joy, and Norfleet. Lots of successful race horses in her lines; she should be able to produce runners. Breyer SR AG Classic QH mare OF. Dam of Summer Sister, 98 Paint, o/b PHF; Society Skipper, 99, o/b PHF; Photo Op, '00 Paint, o/b PHF and Sister Songbird, 05, o/b PHF. Photo show placed, Reserve Champion dam. Years available: 01,02,03,04,06,on

NEW! Ms Flashy Amberwood 1994 amber champagne QH mare (My Gill Ashwood® x  Juliet's Nurse®- Docs Amberjack) My Skip Ashwood, Skippa String, Tonto Bars Gill, Poco Eagle, Doc Bar, Revoked [JC]. Ashwood Sue is the champagne color carrier. Pam DeMuth 'Breezy" by artist. Foals: 1998 on.

Double Maple Lena 1995 bay mare (Frogette's Thistle [m-phf] x Maple Leaf O'Lena [m-phf]- Just Joe) Breyer SR QH Gelding JCP 2001. Foals: 00,01,02,03,04,on

Miss Bingo Twist 1996 buckskin mare (Montana Twist [m-phf] x Bingogold Te Bird [m-phf]) Breyer JCP SR 'Lady Phase' OF. Multiple Champion. Dam of Miss Moxie, 01, o/b Kathy Dodson, Smokingo Twist, 02, o/b PHF and Texas Toast, 05, o/b PHF. prefer part of name carried forward. Years available: 03,04,06,on.

Stars And Bars 1997 blue roan (Figure Four Blue [l] x Far Stars Sparkle [m-aingram]-Zen Zi Bar [m-aingram]) Sire is live foundation bred blue roan with Hancock and Eddie breeding. Dam to Leo, Peppy San, Doc O'Lena, Gold King Bailey Winner's Choice micro OF. Available: 01,02,03,04,on.

NEW! Dun In Bayberry 1998 bay QH mare (Dun Smokin [m-c.wallbruch] x Bayberry Blue Hollie [m-phf]- Hollywood Smoke)
DeMuth 'Arizona' resin. Champion and Reserve Champion. Dam of Nic It In The Bayberry, 03, o/b Hannah Jameson. Years available:  04,05,06,07,08,on.

NEW! Zip To M'Lou 1998 palomino roan QH mare (Megabucks [m-j.sorensen] x Topsail Zipper [m-j.sorensen]- Topsail Cody®) Breyer LP custom by Carole Hale Dam of Zip N Twist, 03, o/b PHF and MMR Zip N Jack Flash, 05, o/b debbie Teeselink. Years available: 04,06,07,09,10,on.

Tuf N Busybee 2000 buckskin (Tuf N Busy®  x Whatasweet Honibee [m-phf]- Cee Bee Command [live]) Sire is an AQHA Champion, Superior Reining and Heading and Heeling, as well as a World Champion sire. He's by Bueno Chex, by Power Command, by King. Also has lines to Poco Bueno and Bert. Broodmare sire is 1982 AQHA World Champion Sr. Working Cow Horse & 1983 AQHA World Champion Sr. Reining Horse. Hartland 5" QH mare OF dark and heavily shaded. Replacment mare for her dam. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09.

Yellowfin Tuna 2000 buckskin mare (Fishers Dash [l] x Go Poco Meadowlark [m-phf]-Joyful Hope [l] TB) By the 10th LME sire, with the highest per starter average. Dam unraced, but granddaughter of GRI SW and sire, Meadowlake. Hartland tinymite QH OF. Years available: 05,06,07,08,09,on.

Pacific Goldwing 2001 palomino (Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] x Ravenswing [m-phf]- Poco's Dark Lingo [m]) Napco china OF. MIJC multiple CHAMPION. MIJC 2005 Year-End Champion Quarter Horse, and Top Ten Napco. Years available: 06,07,08,09,on.

Sheza Copper Peppy 2002 chestnut (Copper Cowboy [m-phf] x Sheza Peppy Redhead [m-phf]- Peppy San Man®) Jet A Van, Silver Chubb, King, Oklahoma Bar, Peppy San Man, Speedy Glo. Working and WP lines. Hoffman decanter copy of Breyer QHY OF Years available: 07,08,09,on.

Rapped In Ribbons 2003 palomino mare (Rapped In Cash® x Brand Nu Page [m-phf]- Cutta Nubuck®) Sire is an all-round working cowhorse and has a ROM in WP. Breyer loping classic QHM "Blue Gold" set OF. Years available: 08,09,10,on.

Pocket Fulla Blues 2004 grey (bay) QH mare (Docotah Darq Blue [m-j.sorensen] x Par Tee Doll [m-phf]- Tee Jay Silver Demon®) Sire is IPABRA LOM with lines to Blue Boy Hancock, Poco Dell, Star Duster. Dam to Jackie Bee, Shy Prescription, Chip Five. New classic QHM customised by Jessica Claus of Montecello Studios. Years available: 09,on.

Tahlequah Te 2006 palomino Quarter horse mare (Oklahoma Bug [m-phf] x Bingogold Te Bird [m-phf] Golden Oak Holiday®) speed lines. G3 SM QHM OF. Years available: 11,on.

APPENDIX QUARTER HORSE MARES- bred to a QH, foals go in regular registry.
Deylight Savings Time
1986 red dun mare (Olden Times -TB[l] bay x Hey Dey Skip [l] dun) Sire is a grandson of War Relic, by Man O'War. Dam is Skipper W bred. Breyer grazing mare red dun #3165 OF Photo Show placed. Dam of Deylight Annie, 95, o/b Mary Lineman and Champion Summer Dey Scotch, 05, o/b PHF.Years available: 92,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on
Oklahoma Meadowlark 1988 buckskin mare (Meadow Jay [m-phf] TB ches x Poco Jubilee-buck or Oklahoma Fuel mare) By an exellently bred TB stallion, with Princequillo, Raise A Native, and the broodmare, Nothirdchance. Breyer grazing mare SR buckskin #710195 OF Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on 

Pep Rally 1992 chestnut (Outrigger Cody Pep [m-phf] x Electric Ladyland [m-cross-r] TB- Type Cast) Sire is a reining horse and sire of reining horses, dam is a race bred TB, with lines to Round Table, Ribot and The Axe. Will be shown in western games, and should produce foals with both speed and agility. Winner's Choice micro mini Not yet shown. Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Fleet Paradise 1997 black mare (Fleet Raleigh [TB-m-phf] x Paradise Raven [m-phf]- Boston Raven [m-phf]) Breyer Classic 'Swaps' OF. Photo Show Reserve Champion. Available: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Aries Choco Brandy
1994 chocolate/flaxen Rocky Mountain stallion (Blue Rain [l] x Grandview Aries Illusion [l]- Choco) Sire is a 4x Internat'l Grand Champion and is triple registered Rocky Mtn Horse, Kentucky Mountain Horse and Mountain Pleasure horse. Dam has Tobe sire line and Sam Tuttle horses in her pedigree. Breyer JCP SR Rocky Mountain Horse 2001.Multiple winner. MEPSA qualified 07/08. Sire of Bittersweet, o/b Erin Logan. Foals: 1998 on.
Docks Tick Tock
1993 chestnut Rocky Mountain mare (Choco Dock ® x Reva ®- Pena Negra) Choco Dock is a multiple Show Grand Champion Under Saddle and Conformation Champion as well as RMHA Sire of the Year Award winner and all time leading sire. Artist's resin "Miriam". Dam of Bittersweet, 98, o/b Erin Logan. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Carpe Norte
1988 bay Salerno gelding (Blind Ally [m-hmiller] x Roman Arrogants [m-hmiller]) Carpe Norte was gelded in 1995. Japan china OF. showing in MIJC. Foals: 1992 through 1996.

1992 grey Shagya Arab stallion (Bahaldar [m-shf] x Hungarian Rhapsody [m-shf] ) large Enesco china "Arabian" OF Photo show winner, CHAMPION. Foals: 1996 on.

SPANISH NORMANS updated 7/09
Batalla Buque (Battleship) 1994 grey (black) Spanish Norman stallion (Impressionado DS [m-m.smith] x Korena Laet [m-m.smith]- Mordecai) Lines to Andalusians Leviton and Ebano; Percheron lines to Green Lea Lance, Lo Lynd Je Laet, Prince Laet. Spanish Normans need to carry at least 50% Andalusian blood, and must be crossed only with Percheron. This stallion can throw Spanish Normans when bred to Andalusians, or another 50% Spanish Norman. Schleich Andalusian OF. Foals: 1998 on.

Palace Mist 1991 grey Spanish Norman mare (Palacio PhD [m-phf] x Regal Mistique [m-phf]) Andalusian stallion and Percheron mare cross. UD resin 'Andalusian' OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Walking Man PhD
1996 black tobiano Spotted Saddlehorse stallion (Paints Impala [l] x Stroker's Walking Fancy [l]- Pepe's Super Stroker) 2+/3+. TWH cross. Sire is registered TWHBEA, SSHBEA and Racking Horse, and has sired a WGC Spotted Saddle Horse. Dam is registered Spotted Saddle Horse and Racking Horse. Breyer 2001 "clock horse" OF. Foals: 2000 on.

Hot Politics
1988 palomino (Red Hot And Gold [m-oma] x Senator's Gypsy Rose [l]- Ebony's Senator) Photo Show winner. Breyer SR glossy TWH OF. Foals: 1992 on.

NEW! Ghost Wind 1990 bay sabino (Ebony Mountain Man® x Clown's Roan Lady-BSO 1972 = Spurs Clown® x Rockets Fair Lady®-Suns Rocket E) Sire is a WGC, sabino, with lines to Merry Boy, Midnight sun and Roan Allen. Dam also carries Roan Allen lines. None of these until the 3rd generation back. EquinArt TWH stallion by Janet Bonney. Foals: 1994 on.

Merry Afterglow 1991 palomino (Go Boy's Windwalker [l] black x Sunshine-N-March [l] palo- Big Yellow Chief) Lines to Merry Go Boy and Midnight Sun. Hartland TWH OF. Foals: 1995 on.

Threat Of Snow 1991 chestnut tobiano pinto (Snow Chief Delight [l] x Threat's True Love [l]-Superior Threat) Merry Go Boy, Midnight Sun, Triple Threat and Ebony Masterpiece lines. Breyer TWH OF 'High Flyer'. Foals: 1995 on.

Champagne At Sunset 1993 amber champagne (Champagne Look [l] x Sunnys Sassy Sue [®]- Sunny Midnight P) Hartland new release 2001 TWH family stallion. Foals: 1997 on.

Kitty's Cruise Control 1993 buckskin TWH stallion (Prides Gold Control [l] x Sunrise Miss Kitty [l]- Go Boy's Pride) Merry Go Boy and Spirit Of Midnight, 2x to pride of Hall Allen. Hartland TWH CM by Karen Grimm, Black Horse Ranch. Foals: 1997 on.

Masterwork Saturn 1994 Black tobiano pinto (Glorious Masterpiece [m-rvf] black x Rainbow's Fascination [m-rvf]-b tob Rainbow's Dandy Man [l]) Bred by Wendy Blum. Breyer JCP SR 99 '3 Pintos' OF. Photo Show winner. Sire of Saturn's Chyna Doll nad Never Say Never, both o/b Melissa Addison. Foals: 1998 on.

Cascading Music 1999 black tobiano (Sun Moon And Stars [live] x Final's Cascade Mist [l]- Pride's Final Edition) Hartland new release 2001 TWH stallion. Foals: 2004 on.

Sunday Misdemeanor 1988 black (Sunday Tradition [m-ics] x Pusher's Lil Miss [m-ics]- The Pusher CG [l]) Ertl mini TWH OF. Dam of Never On Sunday, 94, o/b PHF; Mischievous Spirit, 95, o/b Melissa Addison; Sunday Cruise Control, 02, o/b Tayler McKee; Sundance Cavalier, 04, o/b Chris Wallbruch; and Cruisin On Sunday, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 93,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,06,on.

Perfect'ns Pink Lady 1992 golden champagne (Arian Gold Perfect'n [l] x Papa's Hardcopy [l]- Delight Of Pride) Hartland new release 2001 TWH family mare. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03

The China Trade 1992 buckskin (Midnight Magik [m-powers] x Legacy's Chinadoll [m-powers]) Lines to real TWH, including Go Boy's Magic. North Light TWH OF. Multiple winner. Dam of Saturn's Chyna Doll. 98, o/b Melissa Addison and Country Cavalier, 03, ob PHF. Years available: 97,99,00,01,02,04,on.

NEW! Pretty Kin Charm Bracelet 1993 chestnut TWH mare (Pretty Kin Allen D [m-c.hartung] x Eb's Charming Lady [m-c.hartung]- Eb's Empty Threat®) Lines to Chubby Allen, Roan Allen King, Strawberry Allen, Double Chance D. Safari OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

Never On Sunday 1994 black mare (Bums Warrior® x Sunday Midemeanor [m-phf]- Sunday Tradition [m-ics]) UD OF. Dam of Never Say Never, 99, o/b Melissa Addison and CG Pushin' Platinum, 00, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Years available:01,02,03,04,on.

Champagne and Roses 1996 amber champagne sabino mare (Champagne Sunstar-pend-wwmhs x Venus Gold Rose-pend-j.sorensen-Dandy Copy ®) EquinArt TWH mare resin by Shannon DeWaal. Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Bandit's Sippin Whiskey 1996 buckskin TWH mare (Alans Belfast Bandit® x Brandy Time®- Carbon Coal Dust) Sire has won 20
World Champion open shod titles, and 6 World Grand Champion titles. Lovely, loose, natural gait. Lines to Rogers Perfection, Ebony Masterpiece, Sun's Delight D, Shadow's Spotted Alen, Sun's Eldorado. HR 2007 release 'Roan Lady'. Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Pride's Golden Perfect'n
1996 golden champagne sabino (Jubilee's Pushin Pride [m-ics] x Perfect'ns Pink Lady [m-phf]- Arian Golden Perfect'n [l]) Sire is a NAN Top Ten CM TWH, a photo and live show multiple Champion and a Champion sire. Lines to Midnight Sun, Merry Maker, Merry Boy. Dam is a golden champagne. Multiple winner, MEPSA qualified, IPABRA Qualified. Animal Artistry CM by unknown- please write if you did her! Years available: 01,02,03

High Lumen Output 1997 grey TWH mare (Gen's Sir Charles® x Sarahs Bright Light®- Tobe's Mountain Drifter) Mini Whinny OF. Years available: 02,03,04,05,on.

Threat's Goldensilver Girl 1997 bay silver (Proud Threat® x Gold On Silk®- Rusty Masterpiece) full sister to a gorgeous live bay silver mare. To Ebony Masterpiece, Triple Threat, Pride Of Midnight, Glory's Merry Boy. BSO at this time. Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,on.

Delight's Merry Bright 1998 palomino (Merry Afterglow [m-phf] x Sarah's Bright Light®- Tobe's Mt. Drifter.®) Dam is a lovely grey mare, with lines to Derrick's Delight, Triple Threat and Thunder Bird. Hartland TWH family mare OF. Years available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Spooky Moon 1998 grey TWH mare (Threat Of Snow [m-phf] x Masseys Silver Moon®- Master Mountaineer) Sire on this list; dam has linees to Ebony Masterpiece, Sun's Delight D., Moon-Glow Jr.Brinns Japan china OF. Years available: 03,04,05,06,on.

Apple Brown Betty 2000 bay TWH mare (Red Bud's Rambling Slim® x Brandied Cinnamon®- The Sundance) Sire is a  certified Heritage Horse, with Red Bud Allen, Merry Maker and Pride of Merry Boy lines. Dam has a line to Pride Of Midnight, Ebony Go Boy R and Rodger's Perfection. Japan china OF. Dam of Hot Apple Pie, 05, o/b Melissa Addison. Years available: 06,07,08,on

Blue Dusk Rose 2000 blue roan sabino mare (Gs Melancholy Blues [m-wwmhs] x Evening Sun Rose [m-wwmhs]- Ebony's Evening Sun ®) EquinArt TWH mare resin by Jaime Baker. Dam of Blues Main Psuher, 05, o/b Melissa Addison. Years available: 2006 on.

NEW! Tennessee Taffeta 2000 bay TWH mare (Foxfire Tennessee Masterpiece [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Sweet Southern Spirit [m-d.metcalf]-Spirits Space Odyssey) Lines to Ebony Masterpiece, Scat Man MC, Prides Secret Threat, Pride's Generator, The Pride Piper. All lines to live. Breyer JCP 2008 G3 TWH SR. Years available: 05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,on.

Wing And A Prayer 2000 grey sabino mare (Pushers Coat Of Color® x Plus Silver®- Silver Design [WGC]) G3 SM TWH OF Years available: 05,06,07,on.

WALKALOOSA Stallions added 1/07
Southern Chameleon 1998 bay near leopard Walkaloosa stallion (gelded in 2006) (Guess Whose Back [m-a.haddock] x PUBs Wish Upon A Star [m-a.haddock]- Southern Fool) Stone SR 'Bladesmith' 1 of 65, this one is a variation with brown spots. Foals: 2002-2006 only

Haiku de El Cajon 2000 black blanket Walkaloosa stallion (Hakuba Jazz® x Tempestita de El Cajun®- Pabellon) 1/2 gaited App, 1/2 Paso. Foals: 2004 on.

19 - 19 bay stallion
(Decidedly [live] x ) Decidedly was a Champion stallion, foaled in 1959. He was a middle distance horse, by Determine, by Alibhai, by Hyperion. Determine's broodmare sire was Mahmoud. Decidedly's dam was a granddaughter of Man O'War through War Glory. Dam line was Gloire Fille, Belle Femme, French Vamp, La France.
Wilderness is the sire of Aspenwood.

New Years Star
19 - 19 bay stallion
(Dark Star [live] x New Years Eve [live]- Count Fleet) Dark Star was a Champion. He was by Royal Gem II, by Dhoti. Dark Star's dam, Isolde, was by the great Bull Dog. New Years Star is Bull Dog 2/3. New Years Eve is a full sister to Tom Fool. Sprinter to middle distance lines.
New Years Star is the sire of Watchstar.

Fleet Velvet
19 - 19 stallion

(Smokester x Confederate Lady- Raise A Native) Sire line Nasrullah.
1994 Grey
Breyer #718 Man O' War "Traveller" OF

(Aspenwood x Good As Gold-Private Account [pending]) Sire line Hyperion.
Chestnut w/flaxen
Breyer Classic "Silky Sullivan" #603 repaint mane
Stakes winner of $500,000 17s: 9-3-2-1
Show placed

19 chestnut
( x )
Breyer porcelain "Expression" OF

1974 Chestnut
(Wilderness x Native Mills-Native Dancer) Sire line is Hyperion, through Alibhai- Determine-Decidedly. Dam is a million dollar mare, daughter of the great Native Dancer. Multi-Champ, Stakes winner of $416,025. For turf and distance racers. Sire of stakes race winners and Show Champions.
Breyer Classic "Silky Sullivan" #603 OF.
Foals: 1980-1999. Homebred foals only after 99.

Flag For Sunrise
( *Halo x Confederate Flag-Hoist The Flag ) Nearco sire line. Dam is by Champion speed horse and noted broodmare sire, Hoist The Flag.
1991 Bay
Breyer Running Stallion # OF
Not yet shown. model value=$25.00

Fleet Raleigh
(Fleet Velvet x Tara- Buckpasser) Nearco sire line through Nasrullah. Dam is by excellent broodmare sire Buckpasser, out of a Ribot mare out of French Polish.
1992 Bay/brown
Hagen-Renaker DW "Kelso" OF
Grand Champion, Multiple Champion,ran 2-5,SW of $454,863, 7F-1.5m, model value= $250.00

Iron Native
(Mr. Prospector or Icecapade x

PHF London Fog
(Warpath x London Calling- Celtic Ash)
Breyer SM "Native Dancer" OF

(Aspenwood x Confederate Lady- Native Dancer)
1995 Chestnut
Breyer Trad. Man O War # OF w/ eyewhites
Champion, Stakes winner of $76,823 5s: 3-0-1-1,

Meadow Jay
(Meadowlake [live] x Jayleen [m-phf]- Double Jay [live])
1988? Chestnut

(Watchstar x SWF Tara- Buckpasser)
1990 Bay
Breyer Classic "Terrang" # OF Touch-up
Grand Champion, Stakes winner of $389,076,

Front Royal
(Ack Ack x Port Royal II-Ribotlight) Alsab sire line.
1983 Bay
Hartland 7" TB Stallion OF

1981 Dark bay/brown
(Deck Hand® x Fight On®- Dark Star) *Mahmoud sire line.
Hagen-Renaker DW "Terrang" OF
Sire of Champion The Late Show; Equinox Star, MRF race winner; Starlight Journey, o/b Deborah Kaiser.
Champion and Top Ten, IPABRA Reserve Champion Sire.

(Watchstar x Tower Keep-Round Tower)
1989 Dark bay
Breyer Trad. Man O War # repaint
Stakes winner of $29,725,

(Watchstar x Shadow Wind- Pleasant Colony)
1995 Dark bay
Breyer #476 "Cigar" OF '98
Champion & Reserve Champion

(Aspenwood x Exotic Treat- Vaguely Noble) Hyperion sire line
1991 Chestnut
Breyer # Clas Silky #603 OF
Not yet shown

( x )
Dark bay
(ASB?)Breyer Classic MOW "" OF
Not yet shown

Rumstar or Watch Rum Run or Baywatch
(Watchstar [m-phf] x Bayberry Rum [m-phf]
Breyer new SM TB bay

Key Quadrant
1995 bay
(Key To The Mint [l] x Quadrana [m-pend-rvf]- Quadrangle [l])
Breyer # Secretariat SR bay OF

Sun Coast
(Peaceful Waters [m-pend-crossr] x Sun Cove [m-phf] )
Breyer new SM TB chestnut

Breyer SM Citation
19 bay, off hind sock

Breyer SM Swaps
19 dapple grey

Breyer SM Swaps
19 chestnut, off hind sock

Acanthus or Apocalypse or Aegean Seafarer or Sunstruck PhD
2001 chestnut stallion
( x Sun Cove [m-phf])(Alveoli [m-crossr] x Aaraaf [m-crossr]- Arctic Tern)
H-R "New Era" OF

H-R new mini Seabiscuit
19 chestnut glossy

Breyer SM Citation
19 chestnut or red dun, hind socks

Breyer classic Man O'War
19 chestnut, all socks

Breyer LB TB
19 chestnut, off hind socks

(Blue Conclusion x (Celestial Storm x - )
Red roan Appendix QH
Breyer Classic Terrang "Azul" OF
Not yet shown

(x - )
Breyer Trad BB 'Fairbanks' OF
Not yet shown

Verbatim or Invincible
1981 grey
(Exclusive Native [l] x Savannah- Sword Dancer [m])

Manor Born
19 bay
( x )
Beswick small TB matte on base OF.
Reserve Champion.

19 bay
( x )
Beswick small TB glossy OF.


Code Of Honor
19chestnut stallion (shown as yearling colt)
( x )
Breyer classic 'Swaps' OF
Multiple photo show winner & Reserve CHAMPION.

19 bay TB stallion
(Watchstar x )
Breyer 'Terrang' OF.
Photo show winner.

19 bay TB stallion
(Watchstar x )
Breyer HCT SR 'Triple Crown Winners Set I' left hind white OF

19 bay TB stallion
(Watchstar x )
Breyer 'Terrang' OF

Brandy Station
19 chestnut TB gelding (gelded in )
(Aspenwood x )
H-R "Man O' War" OF
Photo Show winner and Reserve Champion. MEPSA Nat'ls qualified.

Millenium Gleam
19 palomino
( x Good As Gold [bso-phf]


Heaven On Ice
2001/2002/2000 grey TB stallion
(Heaven Bound [m-n.perrault] x Ice Cream Dream [m-n/perrault]-Holy Bull )
Hartland SR TB OF

19 black TB
Breyer SM Native Dancer blk OF

19 TB stallion
resin TB unfinished from Horsing Around

General Lee
19 grey TB stallion
Beswick swishtail horse in grey matte

Intergalactic Confederacy
19 white (extreme sabino) stallion
( x )
Goebel china OF

Native Snowman
19 grey stallion
( x )
Breyer classic Man O'War SR QVC 01 OF
RESERVE CHAMPION & multiple photo show winner .

19 bay stallion
(Watchstar [m-phf] x )
Breyer QVC Cigar SR 'Seabiscuit' OF
Winner & Reserve CHAMPION.

The Late Show
19 bay stallion
(Watchstar [m-phf] x )
Breyer 'Terrang' repainted by unknown artist
Photo show winner.

Gold Steele
1988/89/90 smoky buckskin TB stallion
(Samurai Steele [m-starh] x Fool For Gold [m-rcs]-Tom Fool [l])

Northern Exposure
2001 grey (born bay) TB stallion
(Royal Crystal [m-pend-yvf] x Northern Flag [m-pend-yvf]- Northern Baby) Sire has turf ability. Dam's sire threw horses with Steeplechase ability, and turf Champions. Lines to Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, Princequillo, Double Jay, Bold Ruler.
Breyer 'Seabiscuit' TRU SR "reflections" Cigar 2001

Silver Aspen
20 grey (born bay) TB stallion
(x )
Breyer classic 'Silky Sullivan' QVC SR 2002

grey TB stallion
( x )
Breyer 'Cigar' QVC SR 2002

Raleigh's Knighthawk
bay TB stallion
(Fleet Raleigh x )
Breyer 'Seattle Slew' QVC SR 2002

Whistle Stop
bay stallion
(Fleet raleigh x
Breyer 'Seattle Slew' OF QVC SR 2002

Dark Aspen
19 chestnut stallion
( x )
Breyer classic Silky OF

Iron Native
19 grey TB stallion
( x )
Breyer classic Silky OF

1995/96/97 white sabino TB stallion
(Paint The Town [m-pend-rcs] x White Winter [m-pend-rcs]-Brazen Bay [l])
Breyer Running Stallion alabaster OF

Golden Orbiter
1998 chestnut minimal sabino TB stallion
(Night Launch [m-pend-rcs] x Spot O Gold [m-pend-rcs]- Spot Pocket [l])
'Dream Weaver' Black Beauty OF

No Peace
1997/98/99 black sabino TB stallion
(Prince Of Peace [m-pend-rcs] x North Star [m-pend-rcs]- Risen Star [l])
Stone rearing horse OF

Always Amber
19 chestnut
( x )
Lonesome Glory OF

Bayberry Rum
(Round Table x )
1976 Bay

Bayberry Wine
(Desert Wine x Bayberry Rum-Round Table) Damascus sire line
1983 Bay
Breyer SM TB #5030 old mold, semi-gloss, OF touch-up
Ran 2-4, 10s. 3-2-1-0
show winner
Years open: 89,91,92,93,95,96,97

(Chardonneret x Bellechasse- Chateaugay ) Blandford sire line
1983 Dapple grey
Breyer SM TB #5024 repaint
Ran 3-5 S.W. 16 sts: 3-3-1-4
Dam of Jack Frost PPR, 97, Irish Sporthorse o/b Eileen O'Dell.
Years open: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02

Clover Honey
( x )
19 dark Palomino
Breyer # Grazing mare OF
Not yet shown, not raced
Years open:

Confederate Flag
(Hoist The Flag x Confederate Lady- Raise A Native) Ribot sire line.
1986 Grey
Breyer # Trad. BB "Fade To Grey" OF
Not yet shown
Dam of Rebel Pride, 94, o/b Mimi Smith-DeCoster.
Years open: 90,91,92,95,96,

Confederate Opal
(Rocks [GB] x Confederate Flag-Hoist The Flag) Ribot sire line
1997 Grey
Breyer SM TB #5026 mare rem/repaint

Country Roads
(Strawberry Road x Tara-Buckpasser) Northern Dancer sire line
1994 Bay
Hagen-Renaker mini TB mare old Monrovia
Reserve Champion

1984 Bay
(Icecapade® x In Mischief®- Chieftain) ONR sub.
Breyer Classic "Ruffian" OF touch-up
Reserve Champion
Year f/a: 1989
Dam of Starlight Journey, 1995, by Watchstar, o/b Deborah Kaiser.

First Impression
(Blushing Groom x First Feather-First Landing) Nasrullah sire line
1981 Bay/brown
Norcrest TB mare OF

Fleet Ebony
(Black Water x Sister Fleet-Fleet Nasrullah) Bold Ruler sire line
1984 Black
Breyer Trad. Blk. Beauty #89 OF Touch-up

(Jet x Shadowind- ) Vieux Manior sire line
1997 Black
Breyer SM TB #5028 rem/rep
Dam of L'oreal, 01, o/b Chris Wallbruch

Fly Bye Night (Bye Bye Birdie x Shadow Wind-Pleasant Colony) Nearctic sire line
1991 Black
Beswick Black Beauty OF matte
Years open: 95,96,97

(Gallant Special x Clove-Quiet Jay ) Migoli sire line
1997 Bay
Breyer "Kelso" OF
Not yet shown or raced

Good As Gold
1985 Chestnut {Palomino}
(Private Account [l] x Spirited Gold- Gold Apollo [l])
Beswick. Not shown.
Dam of '96 Trakehner, The Great Pretender, o/b Ashley Long.
Years open: 91,93,94,95,99,00,01,02,03

Hasten Down The Wind
(Hasty Jay x Water Lily- Riverman) Hasty Road sire line
1991 Bay
Breyer SM TB #5024 OF touch-up
Ran 2-4 A.P. 15sts: 1-4-3-4

Mis Ice Princess
(Misawki x Castle Garden- Icecapade)
Breyer Kelso as "Norita" OF
Not yet shown

(Aspenwood x Maple Sugar- Seattle Slew) Determine sire line.
1988 Chestnut (woodgrain)
Hartland 7" TB mare OF woodgrain
Not shown

(Meadowlake x Good As Gold-Private Account) Princequillo sire line
1992 Palomino
Breyer Classic Terrang "Ambrosia" OF
Not yet shown

(Watchstar x Clove- Quiet Jay) Dark Star sire line
1988 Dark bay
Breyer Classic Terrang #605 rep/hair by Laura Hornick Behning
Ran at 3- set new track record 5 sts: 3-1-0-1

Royal Tamarisk
(Royal Nonesuch x Bolero's Baby-Bolero) Bull Lea sire line
16 yrs. Bay
Breyer Grazing mare # OF touch-up
Years open: 12,11,10,9,8,5,4,3,2

(Pleasant Colony x Bold Shadow- Bold Reasoning) Ribot sire line
1987 Black
Breyer Blk. Beauty #89 OF
Champion, Top Ten
Dam of Shadowind's Hour, '96 Sporthorse, o/b Ashley Long
Years open: 92,93,94,95

Silver Lining
(Beyond the Clouds x Summer Storm- Silver Buck)
1997 Dark Grey
SM TB mare customized by Kay Holmes

Summer Storm PHF
(Silver Buck x Summer Sky-Sky High II) Tom Fool sire line
1992 Dark rosy grey
SM TB mare OF
Years open: 96

Gold Brandy or Heart Of Gold
(Sun Beach or Summer Clown or Brandy Station x Good As Gold-Private Account) Princequillo sire line
1997 Palomino
Breyer Classic Jet Run # OF
Not yet shown

Sea Aspen

(Poker x Tally Round-Round Table) Princequillo sire line
1983 Brown
Breyer #3155 Mare OF touch-up
Years open: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97

Topaz Treasure
(Touch of Class x Hot Gem-Tom Fool)
1989 Chestnut
Freeman McFarlin girl with horse OF
Reserve Champion, MEPSA Nat'ls qualified.
Years open: 94,95,96,97

Wine And Roses
(Caveat x Bayberry Wine-Desert Wine) Bold Ruler sire line
1988 Bay
Breyer SM TB mare bay OF old mold, old plastic
Years open: 92,93,94,95,96,97

Wine Jewel
(Secretariat [l] x Bayberry Rum- Round Table)
1990 Chestnut

(Secretariat x Tara- Buckpasser)
1990 Chestnut
Breyer SM TB mare chestnut OF old mold, old plastic
Not yet shown
Years open: 94,95,96,97

Devannah or Erin or
19 bay
(Dehere [l] ? x Savannah [m-phf]- Secretariat)
Hagen Renaker DW 'Comella' OF

(Double Jay [live] x Winchester Queen [live]-)
1972 bay
Dam of Meadow Jay,

Sun Cove
(Sun Beach [l] x )
Breyer Nursing mare
Dam of Coppertone PhD, 2000, o/b PHF.

Clove 1984 Dark bay (Quiet Jay x Pomade-Prince John) Breyer Grazing mare OF. Dam of Potpourri, Giselle. Years open: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97

The Last Confederate or Confederate Grey or Confederate Silk
19 grey
( x Confederate Lady)
Breyer 'Phar Lap' Wild Horses of American set OF

19 black
( x )

Summer Sky
19 grey
( x )
Breyer new SM JAH SR

19 bay
( x )

1986 bay
(Daring [m-pend-rvf] x Respectful [m-pend-rvf]
Breyer # SM TB mare bay OF

Breyer # "Jet Run" chestnut OF

1983 black
(Fast Chance [m-pend-rvf] X Skinnydippin' [m-pend-rvf]
Breyer # "TB mare" OF, "Touch of Class in black

19 bay
( x )
Breyer SM Swaps dark bay OF

Breyer SM Citiation ches OF

Breyer classic Swaps in alabster OF

Good As Gold
Beswick sml palo mare OF

Hartland sml grazing mare OF

19 bay TB mare
(x )
Breyer Nursing mare 2001

19 grey TB mare
(x )
Breyer Nursing mare 2002

19 ches TB mare
(x )
Breyer classic Kelso ches OF

Unfathomable 2001 grey TB mare (Forever Silver [live] x Sea Sister [live]- Sea-Bird) Forever Silver is a Gr.I millionaire by Silver Buck, Buckpassers current leading sire son, who also sired Silver Charm. Forever Silver's dam, Disabled Maid, was unraced, but produced 11 foals, including 4 Stakes winners. Breyer TRU SR NM SM TB "Reflections". OTT in 2003.

20 ches TB mare
( x )
Breyer 'Ruffian' SR OF

ches TB mare
( x )
Breyer 'Kelso' QVC SR 2002 OF

Peachy Keen
palomino mare
Breyerfest 2001 'Kelso' SR OF

Gold Standard Time
1987 American warmblood stallion
(Flight Time Gold [l] x Firestarter 1982(Ima Flamethrower [m-oma] x Autumn In Vermont [lod]) Saddlebred sporthorse sire, dam is Morgan/Belgian cross
Breyer JCP SR #710596 Morganglanz "Swedish Warmblood"

Dreamer's Stetson
1992 Appaloosa sporthorse
(Brendan [ybar] x Plaudit's Dreamer [m-oma]) Sire is a Belgian warmblood, dam is an Appaloosa.
few spot chestnut near leopard Appaloosa
Breyer # SR 'Western Horse' Adios Appaloosa

19 brown Budyonny stallion
(Baranni [m-pend-whirlw] x
Lefton small Hunter OF

Bay Cleveland Bay stallion
Ertl small Quarter horse stallion in bay OF

Coventry Man of The Hour
1990 Bay Cleveland Bay stallion
(Signalman [l] x Knaresborough Dear Me [l]- Forest Superman)
Breyer Mesa # 'Adios' OF
Multiple PS Winner, Live show placed

1992 Dutch Warmblood stallion
(Art Deco [l]blk tob x Gertrude [m-eh])
Breyer Sears SR 'Kaleidescope' Trakehner OF

19 pinto Dutch Warmblood stallion
( x )
Breyer SM JAH Warmblood OF.

Van Der Gilt
19 palomino Dutch Warmblood stallion
( x )
Breyer SR Big Ben 'Nautical' OF

Auguste Renior
French Trotter
(Ybar has some x )
Breyer SM Silky Sullivan # OF

Trompe l'oeil (90 or 98)
Friesian stallion
(Cristopher [m-oma] x Anna [m-oma])
Grand Champion customized

Jedi PhD
19 black
( x )
United Designs factory resin OF

Joust- 84 or 95 or Othello- 88 or 96
1995 Friesian stallion
( x )
Breyer JB Andrew OF

1989 Friesian stallion
(Baron [m-rvf] x Felecia [m-rvf]- Tjimme[l])
North Light Friesian 1st version OF

1988 bay Hanoverian stallion
(Diamont [l] x Petroushka [pend-m-oma])
Sire of Daytona, o/b Eileen O'Dell.
Breyer # Hanoverian OF

1995 Hanoverian stallion
(Waldaire [l] x Lyriker [pend-m-rds])
Breyer #951 "Borodino II" OF '98
Now showing

Raptor 1994 grey Holsteiner stallion (Riverman [l] x Daquiri [m-tw]-Alcatraz [l]) All lines to live.Breyer Big Ben 'Stormchaser' Tour Horse 2001 OF. Grand Champion; Championships in breed and Color. Foals: 1998 on.

1992 bay Holsteiner
(Titan [l] bay x Pride Of The Sky [m-eh]bay- Prinz Gaylord [l])
Breyer #900 "Vandergelder" OF
Foals: 96 on.

1992 bay Irish Hunter stallion
(Gaelic Challenge [pend-m-bb] x Epona [pend-m-bb])
OF Japan ceramic hunter horse.
Foals: 1996 on.

Accurate Forecast
19 grey Irish Sporthorse gelding
Beswick 'Desert Orchid' OF.
Open Photo Show Champion.

1992 Knabstrup stallion
Black leopard spotted
(Apollon [l] blk leop. x Never Mind DK [l]- Don Ibrahim)
Blue Ribbon Stables OF

Majesty, Magistrate or Olympus
1989 Knapstrup stallion
Black leopard
(Hugin [live] x Tulle [live]) 1/3
Breyer OF

Pfefferstreuer "Pepper Shaker"
1989/88/90 black leopard appaloosa Noriker-Pinzgauer stallion
(Ashes N Soot [m-pend-whirlw] x Shire mare)
Breyer SR Noriker OF

19 Oldenburg stallion
( x )
Breyer Trakehner

1984 Chestnut Selle Francais stallion
Breyer SM Silky Sullivan # OF

Ghost Consort
1994 Selle Francais
(Dans d'la Brissants [m-eh] x Mademoiselle [m-ybar])
Breyer SM Native Dancer #5175 OF

Danbury Cross
1992 Trakehner stallion
(Horizon [l] x Donauperle [l]-)
Breyer #483 "Big Ben" OF '98
Now showing- PSP

Diamond Head
19 Trakehner stallion
( x )
Breyer Trakehner #912 'Hanover' OF

Dande Lion
1987 Wielkopolski stallion (Polish Warmblood)
(Waltraud [m-rds] x Diaspora [m-ybar] grey- Gorset)
Breyer #59 Morganglanz OF
Now showing

1987 bay ? stallion
( x)
Breyer SR Big Ben 'Molokai' OF

19 chestnut stallion? or mare?
( x)
Breyer SM 'Swaps' OF original

19 bay stallion
( x )
Breyer SM Silky Sullivan OF