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PONIES updated 10/07
All British ponies must carry the prefix or suffix "Coventry". Connemaras carry "Blue Ridge". Chincoteagues carry "Chesapeake" prefix or suffix. Other American ponies should include part of the sire or dam's name, or reference to it. Breedings not following these guidelines might be refused.
Australian Pony
NEW! Koora-Lyn Silver Luck 1987 grey Australian Pony stallion (Koorana Desert Pride® x Riverglen Snowbird®- Riverglen Maluka) Lines to Lowlynn Silver Chief and Barolin Faluka. BFA "Welsh' OF Foals: 1991 on.

*Craigston Canberrian 1990 bay Australian pony gelding (Spartan Zeus [l] x Craigston Storm Kestrel [l] -Barolin Jim [l]) Breyer porcelain 'Sir Buckingham' OF. Multiple Champion. Sire of Live Show Champion Sweet Surrender, o/b Mary Stocker. Foals: 1994-2000 only.

*Craigston Lucky In Love 1987 dun Australian pony mare (Narada Jim Beam [bso] x Craigston Lucky Charm [l]- Kathlyn Monty) Dam carried Exmoor blood in addition to Welsh.
Breyer 'Rocky' POA OF. Dam of Bosco, 91, CHAMPION Quarter Pony; Sweet Surrender, 94, Live Show CHAMPION, o/b Mary Stocker; and Lucky's Australian Lovebird, 99, both on this list. Years Open: 93,95,96,97,98,00,01,02,on

Linbee Carousel 1995 grey mare (Circus Bee [m-oma] x Lady Lindy [m-oma]) several Burradoo lines. Unknown Japan glossy. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04, on

1995 bay/brown Bardigiano pony stallion (Ercole® (Baco x Dora- Ribot x Furiella) x Gilda®) Japan china pony OF. Foals: 1999 on.

British Spotted Pony
Mr. Chips
1995 British Spotted Pony stallion, liver chestnut leopard (Blackwater Tarot [l] x Sunrise [l]) 2/2. Foals from: 1999 on.

Erminetoes Star 2001 black leopard BSP stallion (Holwell Kestrel® x Wiremead Twinkle®- Hayeshill Polkadot) to Wantsley Ariel, Erminetoes, Merriot Dark Star. CM SM by Janet Bonney. MEPSA qualified 2007/08. Foals: 2005 on.

*Blinded By Color 2000 British Spotted Pony mare (Connolly's Colors [m-k.gilfoyle-macgroatry] x Snowblind [m-k.gilfoyle-macgroatry]) Japan mini bone chian OF. Years available: 2005 on.

Colorchip 2004 British Spotted Pony 2004 colt (Mr. Chips [m-phf] x Blinded By Color [m-phf]- Connolly's Colors [m]) Japan mni bone china OF. Not available until 2008.

*Matrose "Sailor" in German 1995 grey Camargue stallion (Amadou [l] x Gauloise [l]) 1+/2 no further pedigree, but both parents are live. Safari OF. NYS. Sire of Parsifal, o/b Sherry Ball,Marquis, o/b Megan and Loire, o/b C. Wallbruch. Foals: 1999 on.

Saint de la Ferme 1982 grey Camargue mare (Nouve Du Marais® x Noukeia Des Iscles®- Galipian) Franklin Mint Camargue. Dam of EDZ Grimilkin, 92, o/b Edith Zelmore and Columbe, 2004, o/b PHF. Years available: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05.

Vue Blanche 1984 Camargue mare (Monseigneur [®] x Nielle IV [r]- Brisquimi) 2/2/. Stone Critters OF. Not shown. Dam of Lumi, 89, o/b Karen Beeson; Gateau Petit, 92, o/b PHF; Marquis, 99, o/b Megan and Loire, 00, o/b C. Wallbruch. Years available: 90,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,01,02,on

Glaçonee, colt foal Charbon 1986 grey Camargue mare (Pecheur du Mas® x Pepita de Listel®- Indien de Listel) Maruri Camargue OF Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,07.

Gateau Petit 1992 grey Camargue mare (Revenant [m-ybar] x Vue Blanche [m-phf]-Monseigneur [®]) 1/1 Safari OF. NYS. Dam of Parsifal, 99, o/b Sherry Ball. Years available: 97,98,00,01,02,on

Tandara Chafar
1993 bay stallion (Tandara Fasa [l] x Tandara Charak [l])Jean Ross original sculpture rearing horse. Foals: 1997 on.

Kharif 1999 bay stallion (Kineton Kalif [l] bay x Mote Shalaby [l] bay- ) United Designs OF. Live show placed, RESERVE CHAMPION photo showing. MEPSA qualified 2007/08. Foals: 2002 on.

Mullacot Chloe 2000 grey (Danda Daniska [l] grey x Mullacot Bathsheba [l] ches) Photo show winner, dam of photo show winner. Years available: 2005 on.

The Crows Nest
1980 black Chincoteague stallion (island bred x island bred) Japan OF. Foals: 1985 on.

Atlantic Isle 1985 blue roan stallion (Island stallion- wild x Blue Jay [m-lpf]) Breyer "fighting Mesteno" WM SR 02. Foals: 1989 on.

Sloan 1985 chestnut Chincoteague stallion (Chantey [m-thg] x wild ) Breyer classic Mustang stallion from "Pony For Keeps" set, #3234. Foals: 1989 on.

Marsh Hawk 1988 buckskin tobiano stallion (Phantom Cloud [m-lpf] x Freedom [m-lpf]-) Bred by Lochinvar Pony Farm. Breyer SLT SR Black Beauty Classic. Foals: 1992 on.

Hennessey 1998 chestnut tobiano Chincoteague stallion (Sloan [m-phf] x Candyspots [m-phf]- Shaugnessey [m-ybar]) Japan china salt and pepper set copy of H-R 'Wrangler' OF. Foals: 2002 on.

Morning Mist 1986 palomino tobiano mare (Lissome Bandit [m-pend-bb] x October Mists [pend-m-oma]) Breyer 'Misty' OF. CHAMPION. Dam of Misting March Queen, 92 o/b Cindy K. and Clouded Mist, 93, o/b Amanda K. Years available: 91,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on

Wings Of Dawn 1989 palomino overo pinto mare (Wings Of Mist [m-pend-misty shadows] x Dawn Mist [m-pend-circledp]) Enesco pinto OF. Dam of Canberrian Mosaic, 98, o/b Alia Whipple; Maid O'Scots, 02, o/b Lori Monk and Isle Wing It, permanent foal. Years open: 94,95,96,97,99,00,03,on

Peg O'My Heart 1989 Palomino tobiano Mare (Poker [m-pend-lpf] x Only A Mist [m-pend-lpf]) Breyer 'Misty' OF. Dam of Chesapeake Sugarplum, Chesapeake Ceshelle and Isle Steal Your Heart. Multiple PS Winner, Reserve Champion, MEPSA 2002 qualifed. Dam of winner Chesapeake Sugarplum, 94; Pony show 2002 ID, 95, o/b ?; winner Chesapeake Ceshelle, 97; and Isle Steal Your Heart, permanent foal, all o/b PHF. Years open: 95,96,98,99,00,01,03,on

Candyspots 1993 chestnut w/flaxen tobiano mare (Shaughnessy [m-ybar] x Nutmegger [m-oma]) Shafford china OF. Copy of H-R "Maydee". CHAMPION. Dam of a CHAMPION filly. Dam of Hennessey, 98, Copper Candy Kettle, 99, and Imp, permanent foal, and Little Jarod, 2002, o/b Lori Monk. Years available: 97,00,01,03,on.

Chesapeake Sugarplum 1994 palomino tobiano Chincoteague mare (Atlantic Isle [m-phf] x Peg O'My Heart [m-phf]) Hagen Renaker "Misty" for Breyer. Multiple winner, Reserve Champion, always Championship qualified.  Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,on.

High Water Hideaway 1996/97/98 smoky black overo (Atlantic Isle [m-phf] x Island Rhythm [m-ybar]) Dam is half-TB. Breyer SLT SR Ginger Classic OF. Years available:

Chesapeake Ceshelle 1997 chestnut tobiano Chincoteague mare (Marsh Hawk [m-phf] x Peg O'My Heart [m-phf]) Franklin Mint "Misty" OF. Years available: 03,on.

Copper Candy Kettle 1999 chestnut tobiano Chincoteague mare ( x Candyspots [m-phf]- Shaugnessey [m-ybar]) Japan china salt and pepper set copy of H-R "Maydee" OF. Years available: not until 04.

Cashel Dafydd
1987 grey stallion (Kilkerrin's Rebellion [m-ic] x Morningside Rejoice [m-ic]- Arthur's Black Paddy [l]) True pony type. Shafford Japan OF. Sire of Blue Ridge Fiddler, o/b Mary Lineman. Foals: 91 on.

Vale Killarney 1987 bay stallion (Lynfields Cormac MacCarthy [l] x Valleri [m-ybar]-Gemini) Enesco OF. Sire of Irish Morn, o/b Christie Richardson. Foals: 1991 on.

Appleberry Donnybrook 1989 bay Connemara stallion (Bar S Tex [l] bay x Appleberry Acres Gabriel [l]- Foxglove Malarky) Breyer 'Erin Go Bragh' POA OF. Sire of Ice Capades, o/b Mary Stocker. Foals: 1993 on.

Lord Of Mischief 2004 bay Connemara colt (Appleberry Donnybrook [m-phf] x Kiss Me Kerry [m-phf]- Kerrymore Madison®)Beswick OF. Foal body. Foals: 2008 on.

Blue Ridge Tansy 1983 red (bay) roan mare (Blue Ridge Jubal Early [l] x Pamunkey [l]) Full sister to gelding Blue Ridge Tiger. Breyer QVC SR CWP OF. Dam of Blue Ridge Fiddler, 00, o/b Mary Lineman. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02,03,04,05

Blue Hills Camisole 1986 grey (buckskin) mare (Erin Laddie [l] x Blue Hills Morning Star [l]) Dam is a "dun" buckskin, so this mare can pass on dilute colors. Breyer CWP JAH SR OF. Showing. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Morningside Glaise 1986 bay Connemara mare (Tre Awain Ginger Blue [l] x Morningside Reverie [m-oma]) Breyer 'Tara' CWP OF. Dam of Irish Morn, 91, o/b Christie Richardson and Bettor Off Free, 97, LSP- NAN Qualified, o/b Carol Betcher. Years available:92,93,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Kiss Me Kerry 1993 bay mare (Kerrymore Madison [l] x Irish Kisses [m-oma]-Wisbridge Erinmore [l]) Live lines on both sides. Beswick small TB mare OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Persimmon Kerida 1998 grey mare (Cashel Dafydd [m-phf] x Kiss Me Kerry [m-phf]- Kerrymore Madison [l]) Japan china OF. Dam of Ice Capades, 03, o/b Mary Stocker. Years available: 04,on.

Colorado do Junco
2000 red roan Criollo stallion (BT Pajador do Junco [live] red roan x BT Leviana do Junco [live] - BT Diador do Junco )Mesteno OF. Foals: 2004 on.

*Patagonia 1999 grey (dun) Criollo mare (BT Halo [live] grey x BT Nene do Junco [live] grulla- BT Sargento) Japan china OF. Years open: 05,06,07,on.

La Dignitaria 2000 yellow dun Criollo mare (BT Guzman [live] x BT Larissa [live] dun- BT Cara e Coroa) Breyer 'Criollo' OF Years open: 04,05,06,07,on.

*Neblenosa 2004 grulla Criollo filly (BT Nazareno x Patagonia [m-phf] BT Halo [l]) Breyer CM nursing foal. Years available: 2009 on.

Dales Pony
*Strathblane Dallin
1991 bay stallion (Slaypits Black Magic [l] x Strathblane Daisy [l]- Burdon Hero) Goebel 'Pony' OF. Sire of Starlight Lord, o/b Jeannine Bergeron. Foals: 1995 on.

*Kilmannan Overlord 2001 grey stallion (Village Defender [l] x Dartdale Mazie [l]- Hett Shamrock) BSO presently, was Breyer "Jack Frost' Christmas Freisian OF. Foals: 2005 on.

*Raecleugh April 1990 black mare (Stoneriggs Dice [l] x Stoneriggs Elsie [l]- ) Beswick Dales pony OF. Years open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Dragonstar Roxy Girl 1992 black mare (Village Brat [m-pend-h.reaves] x Rambos Girl Friday [m-pend-h.reaves]- Lummas Rambo [®]) North Light Dales pony OF- BSO- on order from H and H. Years open: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Dartmoor Pony
*Senruf Sir Finnegan
1990 bay Dartmoor pony (Shilstone Rocks Fury [l] x Senruf Jacaranda [l]- Whitmore Arbutis) full brother to *Senruf Jehad. Kristina Lucas-Francis Dartmoor artist's resin, LE of 50. Sire of Coventry Easy Ways, o/b Sherry Ball. Foals: 94 on

Lord Benton of Persimmon Hill 1992 bay stallion (*Cruachan Valentine [l] 87 x Balford Brooke [bso-lod]) 4/4. Dam is on this list. Beswick 'Dartmoor' OF. MEPSA Championship Top Ten 2002 Bay & Other China. Foals: 1996 on.

*Oaktree Daguerrotype 1994 dark chestnut stallion (Brandsby Cyclone [®] x Hisley Stardust [®]- Hisley Woodcock) Heredities bronze Dartmoor stallion. Foals: 1998 on.

Shilstone Rocks Witchdoctor 1995 bay Dartmoor (Shilstone Rocks D Day [l] x Shilstone Rocks Snowfall [l]- Shilstone Rocks Darkness) Animal Artistry by Alchemy mini china Dartmoor OF. Foals: 1999 on.

Ursus Minor 2001 chestnut stallion (*Oaktree Daguerrotype [m-phf] x Shilstone Rocks Morning Fog [bso-lod]- Shilstone Rocks D-Day®) Animal Artistry resin 'Dartmoor' by Dara West. Multiple CHAMPION Foals: 2005 on.

Balford Brooke 1987 brown bay mare (Brandby Cyclone [l] brown x Balford Belinda [l] black) 4/4. Breyer CM NM SM pony. Dam of Lord Benton of Persimmon Hill, 92, o/b PHF and Coventry Easy Ways, 94, o/b Sherry Ball. Years available: 93,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,on

Coopermill Minna 1991 bay mare (Brandsby Jack Frost [l] imported x Black Brenda [l]) 3/3. North Light Dartmoor "Kirtley Ladybird' OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Shilstone Rocks Morning Fog- BSO at this time 1996 grey mare (Shilstone Rocks D Day [l] x Shilstone Rocks Snowfall [l] grey) 2+/2+. Years available: 01,02,on

Exmoor Pony
Moreton Torch- imp from England
1990 bay stallion (Dunkery Buzzard [l] x Redwood [l]- Royal Duke) Sire is a darling 1979 horse by Luckwell x Dunkery Moss. Dam is from the Hawkwell herd, with her sire from a herd founded in 1818. Beswick OF. Foals: 1994 on

Whirlwind Parker 1998 bay stallion (Peregrine [l] x Heartlight [m-whirlw]-Quarme [l]) 3/2+. Jean Ross original sculpture Foals: 2001 on

Bluebell Lassie 1987 bay mare (Octavius [l] x Fillyjonk [l]- German) 2/2. Breyer 'Sari' OF Years open: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Tawbitts Bramble 1987 bay mare (Knightoncombe Dark Spectacle [l] x Tawbitts Sweet Briar [l]- Mounsey Hill) North Light "Miranda" Shetland pony OF. Years available: 93,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

*Coventry Tiddlywink 1989 brown mare (Hammingdon Dragonfly [l] x Frithesden Tilly [l] 9/66- Ambrose) BFA Exmoor mare and foal OF. Dam of Coventry Sienna, 94, o/b Michelle Arras and Coventry Ciderman, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on

Coventry Hawksnest 2004 bay mare (®Vinca Major x Lilac®- Cracker) Animal Artistry by Alchemy OF china mini MEPSA qualified 2007/08. Years available: 09 and on.

Fell Pony
Moorhouse Vespers
1987 brown stallion (Heltondale Lucky Lad II [l] x Heltondale Pansy V [l]- Heltondale Ranger) Kristina Lucas-Francis Dales/Fell artist's resin, LE of 50. Foals: 1991 on

Murthwaite Giant 1994 black stallion (Tebay Vespa [l] x Murthwaite May Queen [l]) Hart Of Thor production resin OF by Sheryl Leisure. Sire of Coventry Black Dancer, o/b Lori Monk. Foals: 1998 on.

Blue Mountain Magpie 1994 black mare (Heltondale Bobby [l] x Heltondale Jewel [l]- Heltondale Black Prince III) Beswick Fell pony OF. Dam of Coventry Black Dancer, 04, o/b Lori Monk. Years open: 99,00,01,02,03,05,on

Fenwick Plum Blossom 1994 bay mare (Orton Hall Danny [l] gr. f 90 x *Lownthwaite Orange Blossom [l] f.88- Townend Samuel) North Light action Fell pony OF. Dam of Coventry Manraeden, 99, o/b Carra Reinmiller. Years open: 00,01,02,03,04,on.

Ama de Casa
1987 palomino roan Galiceno mare (Brio [m-vnv] x Palabra Final [m-vnv] - Lorian [m]) model bred, because of the lack of live Galiceno information available. Japan OF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Una Senorita Estrella 1993 bay mare (Lone Star [m-pend-s.ball] x Little Miss Midget [m-pend-s.ball]) model bred, because of the lack of live Galiceno information available.
Breyer Galiceno OF. Years open: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Hackney Pony
Bold Dominion 1988 bay stallion (Bold As Brass [l] x Cassilis Dixieland [l] -Cassilis Debonaire) H-R mini Hackney OF. Photo show placed. Foals: 1992 on.

Fortissimo 1991 Bay Hackney Pony stallion (*Perfect Impression [l-bay] x May Day Symphony [bso-lod-chestnut] -King's Apollo [l]) Breyer #978 Sweet Confession OF 97
Not yet shown. Foals: 1995 on

Nightlady Strutter 1985 black Hackney pony mare (Squire's Little Strutter [l] x Hallmandale Black Heather [l]- Hallmandale Majestic Seal) Japan OF. Dam of Feenix Kinshasa, 90, o/b Cory Hartung. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Bandolier's Silver Lady 1987 Liver chestnut w/ flaxen Hackney pony mare (Dun-Haven Bandolier [l] x Maple Ridge Amazing Grace [l]- High And Mighty Gem) 3/2. All live lines. Ertl ASB mare OF. Not yet shown.Dam of Sophisticated Little Lady, 04, o/b PHF. Available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on

Persimmon Wellesley 1990 bay mare (Royal Manor Seredipity [l] x Duchess Of Wellington County [l]- Comet's Step'n Tyme) 4/3+. H-R Brookridge Stella matte OF Champion & Grand Champion. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on. Only offspring with LSQ body.

Fool For Love 1993 bay Hackney pony mare (Midnight Deception [m-thg] x Love Me Do [m-thg]- Thundercrest) 3+/4. Japan OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Hans Peter
1983 flaxen/chestnut Haflinger stallion (Hofgard [l] x St. Pr. St. Nakiska [l]- Nibelung) 4/4. Breyer 'Mountian Pony' OF. Foals: 1987 on.

Wahrheitgemass name is "Faithful" 1990 white/chestnut Haflinger stallion (Wall Street NTF [l] 1986 {Winterstein x Sonja} x Cameo [m-rvf]-Martin [l]) 2/4+. Sire is live, imported from Austria. Dam is model from Riverview Farms, with live lines.Breyer Haflinger OF. Sire of Wiser, LS Champion, o/b Cindi Nakagawa. Foals: 1994 on.

Carly 1990 chestnut Haflinger mare (Michel NTF [l] x Cameo's Kelly HFB [l] x- Sir Henry [l]) Sire is National Champion from Holland. Lines to Monarch, Medicus, Stanislaus, Alpen Konig. Szeiler England OF. Years open: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Mairsedoats 1991 flaxen/chestnut Haflinger mare (Mairausch [l] x Dovey [m-thg]- Copper Rust) 4/1+ Sire is live, HBO Classified silver and AHR approved, with lines to Mandl, Midas, Berthi. Dam is from Sherry Ball's Thunder Glen. Dam of Wiser, 94, Live Show Champion, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Foxfire Madde, 95, o/b Delana Metcalf; Melissa, 00, o/b Lori Monk and Wachposten, 01, o/b PHF. Open: 96,97,98,99,02,03,04,on

Dahlia 1997 chestnut Haflinger mare (Allstar Oxnead [l] x [l] x Delia [m-rvf]- Afghan II [l]) 4/ Wonderful lines, Sire is approved and licensed, with two Elite class full sisters. Grandsire is 5x British Nat'l Champion, Granddam is Royal Windsor Horse Show Champion. Jean Ross original sculpture- one of a kind. Years open: 02,03,04,on

NEW! Heidi of Persimmon Hill 2003 flaxen chestnut Haflinger mare (Foxfire Maximillion [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Henka [m-d.metcalf]- Stroemer [m]) All lines to live. Oxnead Majesty, Montana, Sturmer, Nestroy, Stern, Afgan, Anker. Schleich Haflinger mare OF Years available: 08,on.

Highland Pony
Stone Churchill of Rhum
1992 grey Highland Pony stallion (Rummlegairie of Trailtow [l] x Rhum Primrose III [l]- Callum of Cragieach) Dawn Deale resin. Sire of Dubhglenn Leith, o/b Sherry Ball. Foals: 1996 on

Mosshill of Denmill 1999 dun Highland Pony stallion (Balmoral Moss [l] x Cassie of Denmill [l]- MacNair of Denmill) Beswick 'Highland' pony OF. Sire of Blue Flame of Glennfinnan, o/b Carra McClelland and Coventry Margaret, o/b Sherry Ball. Foals: 2003 on.Foals: 2003 on.

Burnside Glenna Kay 1993 dun Highland Pony mare (Highfield Glen Albyn [l] x Eriskay of Dalbrack [l] -Highland Chief) Breyer G3 SM Highland Pony OF. Dam of Coventry Winter Lotus, 2001, o/b Carra McClelland, Dubhglenn Leith, 03, o/b Sherry Ball and Coventry Layza, 04, IMEHA Champion, BMHR Champion Pony, o/b Rianna Lemon. Years open: 98,99,00,02,05,on

Skye Glen of Woodhaven
1997 grey Highland Pony mare (Viscount of Whitefield [l] x Fara Of Woodhaven [l]- Glentrool) Breyer SR Christmas pony 'Snowball' at this time. Dam of Coventry Skye Blue, 02, o/b Carra McClelland and Coventry Margaret, 03, o/b Sherry Ball. Years open: 04,on.

Hucul Pony
1991 brown Hucul Pony stallion (Tegi [bso-lod] x Patria [l]- Hawran) 100% live Hucul lines. Foals: 1996 on.

Convicted Of Pride 2000 Hucul pony stallion (Lubas [®] x Revoked Fine [m-phf]- Bjorgo Pass) Foals: 2004 on.

1990 brown Hucul Pony mare (Hawran [l] x Zieba [l]- Cukor Gurgul-5) 3/3. Japan OF Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Revoked Fine 1994 Hucul pony mare (Bjorgo Pass [m-foxhaven] x Podskala [live]- Rygor) 3+/2. Years available: 99,01,02,03,04,on

Icelandic Horse
Hafísjaki frá Persimonia Hóll "Iceberg from Persimmon Hill"
19 chestnut splash pinto Icelandic Horse stallion (x) Breyer SR OF. Foals:

Gudrun frá Sjöundihæð 1990 brown (liver chestnut) Icelandic Horse mare (Vindur from Greenbrook [m-sound]x Litla-Sokka of Sjöundihæð [m-sound]-Djarfur von Aegidienberg ) china 'Gunsmoke' OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01

Landais Pony
Fripon Royale
1986 black Landais stallion (Menestrel II [l] x Oberoye [l]- Jongfleur) 3/3. Japan OF. Foals: 1990 on

Dominique 1980 bay Landais mare (Diabolo [l] x Delphine [l]- Couscous) 3/3 BSO at this time. Open years: 85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,010,02,03,04.

Nuit Noire du Maitresse 1992 black Landais mare (Ketchup III [®] x Turquoise [®]- Hippolyte) 3/3 Breyer W-M SR 2003. Open years: 97,98,99,00,010,02,03,04.

1987 black Merens stallion (Vengeur [®] x Neige Noire [®]- Hippolyte) 3/3 BSO at this time. Foals: 1991 on.

Velours 1986 black Merens mare (Gavroche [®] x La Tarte du Pouech [®]- Hautbois) 3/3 Swedish pony OF. Open years: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04.

Miniature horse
1989 black tobiano Miniature stallion, carries a hidden dilute gene. (Del's Scout [live] x Touch Of Honey [m-pend-oma]) Breyer 'Midnight Tango' OF. Foals: 1993 on

Tweedledum 1994 bay spotted blanket appaloosa stallion (Little Kings Locomotion [l] x Kobecks Princess [l] red leop- Dell Teras Eagle) 2+/2. Sire is a National Reserve Champion, by Boone's Little Buckaroo. CM SM by Jill Weimer.Foals: 1998 on.

Hobbit 1997 bay tobiano Miniature stallion (Hooten Hollows Batman [l] x Sweetfern's Moonshadow [l]-) x ) Breyer SR 'Merrylegs' OF JCP 3 Pintos. Foals: 01 on.

Phantasia's Moonstone PhD 2000 grey (from black) tobiano Miniature stallion (Phantasia [m-m.addison] x Adonis's Split Decision [m-m.addison]-) heteroygous for both tobiano and grey, so can throw other colkors/patterns. resin 'Moonstone' by Bouras and Anderson. Foals: 2004 on.

Harlequin Clockwork 1985 (change to 91) Miniature mare Black tobiano (Dominic's Ebony Jet [m-pend-ybar] x April [l]- Tuckaway's Marmaduke) Breyer SM pony 99 OF. Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Hearts and Flowers 1995 red roan mare (Red Earth Cowboy [m-np] x Valentine [m-np]) Breyer SM pony OF. Dam of TS Little Tyke, 00, o/b Randa Garrett. Available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Mixed Ponies
1998 grey 1/2 Konik, 1/2 Lippizan stallion (Neapolitano Majestica [m-phf] x black dun Konik mare [bso]) Japan china OF. Foals: 2002 on.

Oakleyfe of Persimmon Hill 1992 yellow (bay) dun 1/2 Highland, 1/2 Shetland mare (Tieryn of DragonStar [m-h.reaves] x Cinnamon Sugar [m-phf]-) HR mini custom glaze by Nancy Morgan. Only to be used with Highland or Shetland stallions. MEPSA qualified 07/08. Dam of Tally Ho of Persimmon Hill, 02, Reserve Champion Performance, o/b Emme Hones and Acorn of Persimmon Hill, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,03,04,06,on.

New Forest Pony
Merrie Major
1992 bay New Forest stallion (Forest Hill Martian [l] x Robnic Easter Angel [l]) unknown Japan china OF. Foals: 1996 on

Priory Mirage 1990 grey mare (Sturtmoor Safari's Hot Spark [l] x Priory Prickle [l]- Tomatin Golden Gorse) 4/4. North Light New Forest pony OF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

*Redwing Classic
1995 grey from chestnut Nordland/ pony stallion (Orion [l] x Sonja [l]- Silkesvartan) 5/5 H-R 2003 'Highland pony' mini OF. MEPSA qualified 07/08. Sire of Redwing Blackbird, 00, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Redbud, 05, o/b PHF. Foals: 1999 on. 

*Wren 1992 grey from brown Nordland pony mare (Boy Charo [l] x Embla [l]- Silkebrunen) 5/5. H-R 2003 'Highland pony' mini OF. Dam of Redwing Blackbird, 00, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Redbud, 05, o/b PHF. Years open: 97,98,99,01,02,03,04,06,on.

Norwegian Fjord Horse
Arve PHF "Heir"
1985 brown dun stallion (Sven® [l-brown dun] x Adelien® [l-brown dun]- Lars) Foals: 1995 on.

Erlend Sjollor 1991 brown (yellow) dun stallion (MVF Erland x Myrgard [bso-jsorensen]-Myrstein [l]) Alchemy china from Chaney mold OF. Multiple Champion stallion and breed. Sire of Hellzapoppin, o/b Mary Stocker. Approved Foals: 1995 on.

Kovenhavn 1989 grey dun Fjord mare (Scytha [s.feld] x Valkyri [s.feld]- Bjutind®) Classic Mustang mare CM by Laurie Jo Jensen. Multiple Champion mare and breed. Dam of Hellzapoppin, 95, o/b Mary Stocker and Something Blue, 96, o/b Mary Lineman. Years open: 94,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Korra 1986 brown (yellow) dun mare (Anders [live-brown dun] x Karin [live-brown dun] -King Gjestar [l]) Schleich Fjord OF. Years Available: 91,92,93,94,95,6,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Linen 1988 white dun mare (Anvil's Rikolv [live-brown dun] x Line [live-white dun] -Skreien [l]) BSO at this time. Years Available: 93,94,95,6,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Paint pony
Mr Blue Q
1998 chestnut sabino +frame overo Paint horse (Silk N Quincy [live] bay tovero x D.O. Miss Bluegrass [m-oma]- Whiskey Neat) Lines to Mardelle Dixon, Airman Supreme, Smoke's Peppy San, Miss Robin Hancock. Also a good choice for Paint ponies! Jolly 'Loco Motion' finished by Karon Grieve. Foals: 2002 on.

NEW! Technical Gemstone 2003 dark bay frame overo Paint stallion (also Paint pony) (Technopagan [m-j.a.whipple] x Lapislazulita [m-j.a.whipple]- Mecom Blue [®]) Excellent Paint, QH and TB lines to Pablo San, Doc's Stinger, Q Ton Eagle, Peppy San Badger, Prince John [TB], Sallisaw Rose, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio. Stallion is 14.2hh, and double registered, Paint horse and Paint pony. Custom Classic QH stallion by Charlotte Donohue. Foals: 2007 on.

Passing Malarky 2008 palomino tobiano Paint pony stallion (Mr EZ Elegance® QP x Harlans Jazzy Bug®-Paint pony- Josies Amigo Sunray ) Gladys Brown Edwars trophy horse finished by Laura Hornick. multiple Champion. Year End Champion. Foals: 2012 on.

Short And Sassy 1990 palomino tobiano Paint pony mare (Medicine Man [l] 87 blk overo x Sweet Dixie Music [live] 86 buck tob) Both parents live, sire has no further pedigree. Breyer SR 'Sassafras' OF. Dam of Foxfire Penny Candy, 95, o/b Delana Metcalf and Coventry Sassy Silver, 96, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02

Pony Of The Americas
NEW! Bagadavita Cat 1972 bay blanket POA (Sanskrit® x Burns Valley Miss Kitty®- Calcutta) Old App lines. including Sanskrit, Dragon Seed, also QH, and a line to Ferras.
UD POA OF. Foals: 1976- 2000.

Gold Bullion 1986 palomino spotted blanket POA stallion (Genuine Gold [m-apph] x Spots Of Pepper [m-hs]-Midnight Explosion 2) POA with Qh, TB blood. Breyer LB App OF palomino. Available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00

Santee Double Tough 1987 Chestnut leopard POA stallion (Tough Plaudit [l] x L & G Princess Pat- Copper Coin's Hot Shot) 4/2 Breyer POA OF. Foals: 1991 on

Dragon Tongue 1991 black leopard POA stallion (Dragon Dancer [m-hs] x Martha Say [m-hs]- Spot) Blue Ribbon leopard App OF. Foals: 1995 on

Cowtown Tarzan 1992 POA stallion (Ibn Doc Super San [live] x Safari Jane [m-pend-ybar]) Sire is a reining horse, ApHC. Lines to Peppy San, Rebels Red Hawk, Absarokee Cowboy on sire's side. Chestnut snowflake. Blue Ribbon 'Appaloosa' OF. Foals: 96 on.

Derek's Domino 1997 bay blanket POA gelding (Gold Bullion [m-phf] x Robin's Love Bug [m-phf]- Gold Bug) Stone Direct CM English pony Gelded 2002. Foals 2001-2 only.

Sure Sterling 1998 grey snowflake POA gelding (Jackpot's Sure Too [l] x Sterling Silver Frost [m-phf]-M C Escher [m-phf]) Stone Direct SR 1500 'Snowblizzard' pony OF Gelded 2002. Foals 2002 only.

Robin Pepper 1988 bay spotted blanket POA mare (JC Pepper's Pride [l] x Crystal Robin [m-pend-hs]-Gold Chips [l]) Dam of Robin's Love Bug, 92, on this list; Field Of Dreams, 93, o/b Jessica Roberson; Santee Ima Pepper. 94, o/b Cory Hartung and Sandy Robin, 96, o/b Alethea Drexler. Years open: 95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.1985 palomino snowcap POA mare ( x Santee Belle II [l]) no model yet-pending. Available: 90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00

Santee Gold Sky 1991 palomino spotted blanket POA mare (Skip Intense [live] x Santee Goldfinch [bso-phf]) POA with QH, TB blood. Breyer SR POA 'Cream Of Tartar' OF. Available: 96,97,98,99,00

Spring Vignette 1991 blue roan spotted blnktPOA mare (Santee Double Tough [m-phf] x L&G Dainty Touch [l]- Touch Of Gold) Breyer old AM CM , customized by Suzanne McAllister. Years open: 96,97,98,99,00

Robin's Love Bug 1992 bay spotted blanket POA mare (Gold Bug [l] x Robin Pepper [m-phf]- JC Pepper's Pride) 3/. Breyer Cl QHM OF app Years Open: 97,98,99,00

Sugar Tale 1992 bay blanket POA mare (Sugar Daddy [l] x Little Tale [l]-Latch's BB's Number-One-Son) WC micro app mare OF Open: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Spring Violette 1993 blue roan spotted blnkt POA mare (Santee Double Tough [m-phf] x Lady Jane Muddley [l]- unknown) dam is a live, POA registered pony, but from unknown parents. Breyer SM AM SR OF. Dam of Bluette. Years Open: 96, 97,98,99,00

Spring Vireo 1996 tri color leopard POA mare (Santee Double Tough [m-phf] x Spring Vignette[m-phf]- Jackpot's Sure Too) Full sister to Spring Violette. Breyer SM AM OF Years Open: 01,02,03,04,on.

Glen's Dee Duzzit 1997 POA mare (Glen Stirling [l] x Dee [l]-Docs Tough Gambler) Breyer Haflinger ' Scat Cat' OF Years available: 02,03,04,on.

NEW! Margaritaville Kitty 1995 buckskin POA mare (Bagadavita Cat [m-phf] x Salty Mini Britches®- Chief Little Britches) Maternal sire was the first POA Supreme Champion stallion, a four year winner and a leading sire of performance ponies. Bagadavita Cat has old App lines, including Sanskrit, Dragon Seed, also QH, and a line to Ferras. Classic OM QHM customised by Janet Bonney. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Pentacle 1996 black spotted blanket POA mare (Negative Space [m-pend-s.ball] x NP Witchcraft [m-n.perrault]- J-N Freespirit®) Dam has 1 generation pedigree. Breyer SR POA OF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

*Toffee And Spice
1984 bay tobiano mare
(Muttil [®] x Oria [®]- Attila) live ponies, no further pedigree. The Pottock or B
asque pony is still semi-feral. These are French studbook registered. Japan shafford? OF. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Quarter Pony
1987 chestnut Quarter Pony stallion (Social Circle [m-pend-scr] x ) Jasper has a flaxen mane. Safari horse red chestnut OF. Foals: 91 on.

Black Diamond 1989 black Quarter Pony stallion ( x Gold Diamond [l]- Double Redeemer) Blue Ribbon TB OF. Foals: 93 on.

Cee Mee Jammin 1990 bay Quarter Pony stallion (Holiday's Candyman [m-pend-scr] x Jamaica [l]) dam registered, but no further information) Blue Ribbon QH OF. Foals: 94 on.

Bosco 1991 liver chestnut Quarter Pony stallion (Tarde Bobby Sox [live-AQHA-14.0hh] x *Cragiston Lucky In Love [m-phf]- Narada Jim Beam) Sire is a registered, foundation bred Quarter Horse. Dam is an imported Australian pony, with Welsh, Exmoor, TB and Hackney blood. CHAMPION STALLION, Breed winner. Breyer SR CL QH ST OF. Sire of Dream Scheme, o/b Heather Mays. Foals: 1995 on.

Kit Kat Bar 1988 liver chestnut Quarter Pony mare (Cue Bar Dude [l] x Ginger Rose [m-pend-hs]-Autumn Burn) Breyer SR CL QH M OF Breyer SR CL QH M OF. RESERVE CHAMPION! Available: Available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,on.

Apricot Snow 1993/94 palomino Quarter Pony mare (Blackjack [m-dhr] x Snowy Lilacs [m-oma] ) Shafford china OF. CHAMPION.MEPSA qualified for 2001. Years open: 98,99,00,01,on.

Citrus Slice 1993 palomino Quarter Pony mare (Billy Bob's Mercury VB [®] x Squaw Princess AB [®]- Texas Works) Dam is a foundation bred QH mare, sire a classic Shetland pony. Japan Norleans glossy OF. Dam of Citrus Zinger, 1998, o/b Michelle Arras. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Western Sunset 1994 buckskin Quarter Pony mare (Blackjack Davey [m-os] x Sunset Challenge [m-tgr] QH- The Traveller) Safari QH mare buckskin OF Dam of Sunrise Golden Quartz, 99, o/b PHF and Dream Scheme, 00, o/b Heather Mays. Years open: 01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Call Doodlebug 1996 bay Quarter Pony mare (Reign Creeks Call To Arms [l] x Absodoodles [l]- Mr HB) 1/2 Quarter horse, 1/2 Welsh on both sire and dam's side. Hartland grazing mare OF. Years Open: 2001 on

Lucky's Australian Lovebird 1999 grulla Quarter Pony mare (Australian Bird [m-hs] x *Craigston Lucky In Love [m-phf]- Narada Jim Beam ) Breyer "Just Justin" OF. Dam of So Aus See, 05, o/b Kay Myers. Years Open: 04,06,07,08,09,10,11,on.

Sunrise Golden Quartz 1999 palomino Quarter Pony mare (Jasper [m-phf] x Western Sunset [m-phf]- Blackjack Davey- [m-out]) "Sun Country" USA palomino circus pony OF. Years available: 2004 on.

Shetland (Modern American)
Fernwood's Top Brass 1969 bay Modern Shetland stallion (Lazy K's Captain Kidd [l] x Ponyland's Sweetheart [l]- Seth Thomas) BSO. Foals: '74- '89, limited book '90 - '94

Top Brass Honor Guard 1988 chestnut modern American Shetland stallion (Fernwood's Top Brass [bso-lod] x Gold's Starlight Miss [bso-lod]- Supreme's Bit Of Gold [l]) Japan OF. Foals: 92 on.

Silver's Its So Easy 1991 American Shetland stallion (Michigan's Silver Dollar [l] x So Easy To Love [l]) live parents, no further pedigree. Breyer LB Morgan dapple grey OF. Foals: 1995 on

Two To Tango 1995/96/97 palomino modern American Shetland stallion (Peaches An Cream [m-pend-whirlw] x Kewpie Doll's Hat Dancer [m-pend-ybar]) Breyer LB Morgan palomino OF. Photo show winner!

Gold's Starlight Miss 1964 palomino Modern Shetland mare (Supreme's Bit Of Gold [l] x Toppers Larigo Starlight [®]- Larigos Topper) SM NM ASB OF. Years available: 69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,81,82,83.

NEW! Persimmon's Miss Daisy Mae 1995 buckskin Modern Shetland mare (Fernwood's Top Brass [bso-lod] x Driving Miss Daisy [bso-lod]) Kitty Cantrell "Applause" resin by Rita Menard. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

NEW! Persimmon's Gypsy Songbird 1991 bay tobiano Modern Shetland mare (Kewpie Doll's Oracle [l] x Silver Song '86 [bso-lod]-Silver Blazer [l]) CM NM SM ASB by Jayne Sabino. MEPSA Champion. MEPSA qualified 07/08 in Halter and Harness. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

B&Ls Golden Lady Supreme 1992 copper chestnut Modern Shetland mare (Masters Golden Supreme Captain [l] x B&L's Buckskin Lady [l]-B&L's Mr Golden Gentleman [l]) SM NM ASB OF. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Shetland (classic type)
Soldier Boy
1987 Chestnut tobiano Shetland Pony stallion (Toy Soldier [m-gms] x Haitian Dance [m-oma]) Breyer 'Bond Snippet' Merrylegs OF. Model bred. Sire of Foxfire Leeza Volt. o/b Delana Mecalf. Foals: 1991 on

Major Mischief 1988 bay tobiano stallion (Kensai Quantum Leap [m-ff] x Kissproof [m-ff]) Goebel OF pony. NOW: Live show placed! Foals: 1992 on.

Michigan's Warpaint 1989 American Shetland Stallion (Michigan's King Pin [l] x Michigan's Half-Breed [l]) live parents, no further pedigree. Bay overo.Breyer Rearing Stal CM. Foals: 1993 on

Bigshot Buckeroo
1991 buckskin stallion (Boulder Buff [m-dss] buck x Honey Pie [m-dss] dun- Abe v h Rinkveld [l]) BHR Shetland Pony OF MEPSA qualified 2001. Foals: 95 on

Indigo Nighthawk 1991 Black stallion (GMF Blue Lagoon [pend-m-ybar] x )Breyer rearing stallion CM. Foals: 1995 on

Butterball of Persimmon Hill 1993 palomino stallion (Little Bit [pend-m-rocknm] x Sugar [pend-m-scr]) HR mini Shetland pony with saddle. Foals: 1997 on.

Flagship Commanding Officer 1994 Shetland stallion Blue roan sabino overo (Royal Red Viking [®] x Hillswickes Spice 82 [®] -Hillswickes Big Time) Resin copy of HR 'Wrangler' finished by E. Bouras. Sire of Copper Command, o/b Delana Metcalf. Foals: 1998 on.

Rock This Town 1994 red roan (bay roan) classic Shetland stallion (Fernwood's Top Brass [bso-lod] x Knight's Sioux [l] {War Whoop x Knight's Bright Eyes}) ?/2. Dam is live. Breyer Rearing stallion red roan OF Foals: 98 on

Little Persimmon 1992 chestnut tobiano Shetland stallion (Bonafide Brass [m-pend-ff] x Wildflower [m-pend-rds] ches tob- Night Prowler) Napcoware pony OF Sire of Memento and Persimmon Junior Swirl, both o/b PHF. Foals: 95 on

NEW! Come Together 1999 ches/flax tobiano Shetland pony stallion (Fox [m-k.dodson] x Midge [m-k.dodson]- Buckskin Lady’s Supreme Captain KC®) Sire is Kathy Dodson's excellent shower and handsome fellow, Fox. Live and model lines. Schliech Shetland OF. Foals: 2003 on.

NEW! Snelsmore Mojo Calipso 2005 chestnut tobiano Shetland pony stallion (Snelsmore Calipso® x Grutness Evlora®- Viscount of Grutness) only 1 generation on mare's side,but great, adorable, correct live ponies! Japan copy of HR Wrangler. Foals: 2009 on.

Falling Star  1982 Black tovero pinto mare (Kensai Quantum Leap [m-pend-ff] x Catch My Fall [m-hs]- Red Bantam) Breyer Trad. Shetland SR #3066 "Our First Pony" Model bred. Dam of Foxfire Leeza Volt, 91, o/b Delana Metcalf. Years available: 87,88,89,90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04.

Abbess 1983 grey classic Shetland pony mare (Merlin [m-s.ball] x April Magic [m-s.ball]- Neighbor II) Japan china OF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04.

Gladiola 1983 Bay tobiano pinto mare (Bink [m-hs] x Sweet Pea [m-hs]) Breyer Trad. Shetland #801 Dam of NAN Qualifier NTS Tiny Troubles, 92, o/b Chris Wallbruch.
Foals: 88,89,90,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Cinnamon Sugar 1987 chestnut Shetland pony mare (Colmair McLeod [m-pend-ff] x Laffy Taffy [m-pend-bb]) H-R mini Shetland OF. Dam of Coventry Oakleyfe, 92, o/b PHF; Rascal, 98, o/b Melinda Blegan; Spoonful Of Sugar, 99, o/b PHF and Maya, 00, o/b PHF. Foals: 92,93,94,95,96,97,01,02,03,04,on.

Angelwing 1988 light grey Shetland Pony mare (Llewelyn [m-sddlbck] x Snow Fire [m-circledp]) Breyer 'Merrylegs' OF alabaster #3234 "A Pony For Keeps' set Dam of Foxfire Shirelle, 93, o/b Delana Metcalf. Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Crystal Prism 1988 grey mare (Ebony Prismatic [pend-m-ff] x Seabrooke [pend-m-ff]) Breyer 'Merrylegs' OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Foxfire Rainbow Prism, 93, o/b Delana Metcalf.
Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Copper Lily 1988 chestnut tobiano Shetland mare (Bonafide Brass [m-pend-ff] x Coppers Honey®- Crescent Golddusts Copper King L) Breyer SM Pony CM MEPSA qualified for 2001. Dam of Copper Command, 98, o/b Delana Metcalf and Stargazer, 99, o/b Chris Wallbruch.Foals: 93,94,95,96,97,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Dante's Bluebelle 1989 black mare (Dante [m-pend-oma] x Deliah Belle[pend-m-ybar]) Breyer Clas.'Merrylegs' OF. Now: Live show placed! Years available:94,95,96,97,98,99,00

Orange Pekoe 1990 palomino mare (Cheesiest [pend-m-ybar] x Larigo Yankee Lassie [pend-m-ff]-Filbert) Japan china OF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00

Sassy Samantha 1990 chestnut Shetland pony mare (Satan Cody's Bright Spot N.T.A. [l] x Foxfire Cody's Fantasia N.T.A. [l]- Pierre Cody's Fox Fire). Japan (Shafford?) china pony OF. Dam of Foxfire Im Your Buckaroo, 95, o/b Delana Metcalf and Persimmon Junior Swirl, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on

Lil' Bit-O-Honey 1991 chestnut Shetland pony mare (Lil Bit O'Gold [m-h.gnidovec] x Honey Ritz [m-h.gnidovec]-) Schleich Shetland OF. MEPSA 2002 Championship Top Ten British Pony & Other Plastic. MEPSA qualified 07/08. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

NEW! Mocha Minx 1991 chestnut Shetland pony mare (Knock Fanfare® x Riccalton Firefly®- Beacon Andrew) Champion. HR Maydee OF. Prefer show quality offspring and a photo for POD use. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Soft Touch 1991 grey mare (Autumn Ashes [pend-m-bb] x RM Merrylegs [m-rocknm]) Japan china OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00

Golden Chinaberry of PHF 1992 palomino roan mare (Masters Golden Supreme Captain [l] x B & L's Buckskin Lady [l]- B&L's Mr Golden Gentleman) Japan shafford? OF. Dam of Speckled Daisy, 97, o/b PHF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Michigan's Wee Winter Hour 1992 grey Shetland pony mare (Michigan's Midget Mike [l] x Michigan's Time Will Tell [l]- Michigan's Aquanaut) Taylor Farm National Champion lines. Breyer 'Shetland' CM. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Pride's Sun Day Best 1992 palomino mare (Firth Golden Pride [pend-m-ff] x Windy Day [pend-m-rocknm]) Breyer 'Merrylegs' SR OF. PSP. Years available: 97,98,99,0

Jack's Lazy Daizy 1993 creme or lt. palomino Sheltand Pony mare (Black Jack [bso-dss] x Blazin Daizy Dukes [bso-dss]-Put Up Your Dukes [l]) Pony In My Pocket "Misty" OF Years Open: 98,99,00,01,092,03,04,on.

Kit 1993 chestnut British Shetland mare (Shagworth [m-pend-s.ball] x Dandelion Wine [m-pend-s.ball]- Apothecary) Ertl Shetland pony OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Funny Lady 1994 bay British Shetland mare (Court Jester [m-pend-h.reaves] x Raindrops [m-pend-h.reaves]- Lakeland Thunderbolt [®]) plastic OF. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Silverberry Juniper 1995 silver dapple Shetland pony mare (Silver Pride Heath [bso-dss] x Jennifer Juniper [m-dss]-Abbe [l]) Breyer JAH Shetland Pony OF. MEPSA qualified 2001. Dam of Summerfling, 99, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Years Open: 00,01

Macaroni's Pillow Talk 1996 Shetland pony mare (WBP Macaroni [m-oma] x Snuggles [m-scr]) Shafford china OF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Speckled Daisy of PHF 1997 palomino roan mare (Butterball of Persimmon Hill [m-phf] x Golden Chinaberry [m-phf]- Masters Golden Supreme Captain [l]) Japan shafford? OF. Dam of permanent foal, Lil Goldfich of Persimmon Hill, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Charmin 1998 grey Shetland pony mare (Soldier Boy [m-phf] x Soft Touch [m-phf]- Autumn Ashes [m-bb]) Japan china OF. Dam of Cottonelle, 03, po/b PHF. Years available: 04,on.

Memento 1999 chestnut pinto Shetland pony mare (Little Persimmon [m-phf] x Cinnamon Sugar [m-phf]- Autumn Ashes [m-bb]) Metlox china OF.Years available: 04,on.

NEW! Gidget's Lovage Farrar 2001 chestnut tobiano Shetland pony mare (Brat Farrar [m-pend-k.dodson] x Gidget [m-pend-k.dodson]- Japan copy of HR Maydee. Years available: 06,07,08,09,on.

Dust Bunny 2002 chestnut pinto Shetland pony mare (Ultimate End [m-s.kroese] x Kyna [m-s.kroese]- Sandown Emperor St. Ninian®) Lines to Winks Showdeo, Kewpie Dolls Oracle, Wells Viceroy, Balmour Nick. H&H Resinry production resin 'Theople' OF. Champion. MEPSA qualified 2007/08. Years available: 07,on.

NEW! American Show Pony Lady's Pint of Paint  1996 bay overo (frame + sabino) American show pony stallion (Michigan's Warpaint [m-phf] x Nightlady Strutter [m-phf]- Squire's Little Strutter®) ½ Hackney pony, ½ Shetland pony.  Breyer JAH "mini Connoisseur Mosaic" on the G2 Morgan. Foals: 2000 on.

Walking Pony
Never Say Goodbye 1988 palomino Gaited Pony mare (Never Say Never [l] TWH x The Goodbye Girl [bso]) Sire is a purebred 14.3 hand live TWH, with lines to Janmik's Diamond, dam is a bso Walking Pony with an unregistered sire and dam. Dam has TWH and some Welsh pony blood. Norcrest Japan OF Years Open: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Honey's Dancing Butterscotch 1991 palomino Gaited Pony mare (Bristol Shadow Dancing [®] x Ebony's Gold Honey [®]- Ebony's Celebrity) Sire is a black Welsh "B" pony, dam a TWH. Japan metal OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Gun's Shake It Up 1997 palomino Gaited pony mare (Guns For Hire [®] x Ebony's Gold Honey [®]- Ebony's Celebrity) by a 13.1hh purebred TWH, and small size, like her sire. She is a purebred TWH, and can be bred to full TWHs, or to a Welsh pony for a Walking pony. Japan metal OF. Years available: 02,03,04,on.

Welsh- Section A
Lloyd y Gaeaf
1982 grey Welsh Mountain pony stallion (Ardmore Goneaway [®] x Tiara's Ripple [®]- Severn Red Tide) Japan OF. Reserve CHAMPION. Reserve Champion Make, Breed winner. Foals: 1986 on.

NEW! Holly Run Sunlight 1984 palomino Welsh A stallion (Cynan Curyll® x Beauty Cream®- Holly Run Sunray) Lines to Cui Spark, Criban Shot Again, Coed Coch Madog, Criban Leading Lady, Dyrin Burma Boy. Japan rearing horse OF. Foals: 1988-2009.

After Dinner Cognac 1987 chestnut Welsh pony stallion, Section A. (Tri-Ef Cognac [l] x Dandarel Tammie [®]- Dandarels Britrail) MEPSA qualified 2001. Foals: 1991 on.

Dragonbourne Boutonniere 1987 grey gelding ('95) (Springbourne Ulysses [m-dss] x *Dyrin Seren Clover [m-dss]) BFA Welsh A OF. Foals crops: 1991-1996 only.

NEW! *Coventry Highlight 1987 palomino Welsh Mountain pony stallion (Golden Thunderbolt® x Snow Pony Goldilocks®- Findeln Sandollar) Sire to Cui Mark 2x, Dyrin Goldflake 2x. Animal Artistry Welsh A resin Foals: 1991 on.

Nighthenge Aneiran "of true gold" 1987 palomino stallion (Nighthenge Silver Reveler [m-] x Nighthenge Heulwen [m]- *Criban Gold Cockade [l]) North Light Welsh "A" OF. Winner, MEPSA qualified. Foals: 1991 on.

Stonecroft Toasted Coconut 1989 chestnut Welsh Mountain Pony stallion Sec. A (Sumrin Silver Star [m-rvf] x Stonecroft Storm Dancer [®]- Ardmore Artist) Sire has all live lines, traces to Bowdler Blue Boy 2x, also Criban Bantam and Dyrin Martini. Dam is a Champion, and dam of a Grand Champion; has lines to Severn Storm, Coed Coch Madog. H-R mini Shetland OF. Champion. Foals: 93 on

Palace Konfetti 1990 grey "A" stallion (Royal Dancer [m-scr] x Konfetti x In Rose [m-scr]-) Pony In My Pocket OF 'Lippizan' Years: 94 on

Foxhaven Sun God 1993 palomino Welsh pony stallion Section A (Yaverland Carousel® x Brierwood Lyrical [m-foxhaven]- Elberton Sundowner®) Animal Artistry Welsh "A" mini, painted by AA Sire of Champion Welara, Leonine. Foals: 1997 on.

Indigo Impressionist 1996 silver dapple bay stallion (Cascade's Obsfuscator [m-anne-li.mell] x Dandarel Showstopper [m-ics]) Kathman 'Llewleyn' resin by Lesli Kathman. Reserve Champion, Winner breed and color. Foals: 2000 on.

NEW! Brecon Blue Owl 1997 grey Welsh A stallion (Blue Skies Jester [m-kay myers] x Brecon Eclipse [m-kay myers] - Meadowlawn Night Owl®) North Light OF Welsh "A"

NEW! Nighthenge Dylan Rhys 2000 bay Welsh "A" stallion (Nighthenge What Not [m-j.bergeron] x Nighthenge Diva [m-j.bergeron]- Severn Sirocco®) traces to all live horses, including: Revel Light, Coed Coch Glendwr, Mathrafal Vim, Severn West Wind, Severn Holly, Criban Bumble Bee and Mathrafal Tuppence. Pour Horse "Owynn" Champion. Foals: 2004 on.

*Ceulan Spring Bud 1988 palomino mare Section A (Twyford Sprig [®] x Rondeels Cavala [®]- Twyford Thunder) BSO at this time. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

*Radmont Lady In Waiting 1990 grey Welsh pony mare Section A (Revel Guardsman [l] x Radmont Lady Luck [®]- Synod Joshua) BSO at this time. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

DragonStar Clover Kala 1992 grey Welsh "A" pony mare (DragonStar Odysseus [m-h.reaves] x Dyrin Seren Clover [m-h.reaves]- Breierwood Rocket II®) Japan circus pony OF. Dam of Welara, So Ruff Tuffy, 97, Multiple Champion, o/b PHF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

DragonStar Clover Fala 1993 grey Welsh "A" pony mare (DragonStar Odysseus [m-h.reaves] x Dyrin Seren Clover [m-h.reaves]- Breierwood Rocket II®) Japan circus pony OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Windsong Midnight Sun 1998 blue roan mare Section A (Bristol Sun God [®] x Tanglewood Midsummers Night [®]- Chamcook Mountain Cat) BSO at this time. Not available until 2005.

Burnished Heather 1999 silver dapple bay Welsh Pony mare Section A (RosMel's Creme Brulee [bso-lod] x Heatherstone's Ice [m-oma]- Pure Ice) Sire is a full brother to a section "A" cremello pony thought to carry silver dapple. Japan repaint. Dam of Coventry Silver Heather, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 05,06,07,08,on.

Welsh- Section B
Will O The Wisp
1989 grey Welsh B stallion (Talybont Quicksilver [®] x Rio Oso Molly [®]- Rio Oso Midnight Special) Winner. Foals: 1993 on.

Burnished Heather 1989 silver dapple mare (have a sire x Lieseter Angel Heather [pend-m-ybar]) Section B. Japan china CM. A rare color. Prefer she produce silver dapple. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99

Sumrin Shadow Play 1990 black Welsh pony mare Section B (Shadow Of Doubt [m-bb] x *Sumrin Tabitha [m-bb]- Vardra Julius [l]) Breyer cantering Welsh pony SR OF. Photo Show Winner. Dam of Fey Shadow, 95, o/b Sarah Norini. Open years: 97,98,99,00,01,02

Bristol Sheer Elegance 1992 grey Welsh B mare (Pecan Creek's Overture [®] x Bristol Elan [®]- *Coed Coch Ballog) Not shown much. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Welsh- Section C
Carregcoch Hephaestus
1990 chestnut Welsh Pony stallion Sec. C (*Bryn Derwin Oberon [m-pend-ranchod] x Carregcoch Charlotte [l]-Parc Boneddwr) Unknown Japan china OF. MULTIPLE CHAMPION & RESERVE in MIJC. Foals: 1994 on.

Penrhyn Owynn Glendower 1988 bay Welsh pony stallion Sec. C (Nebo Bouncer [l] x Teryn Fae Twinkling Star [l]- Chwinclad Cynneu) Beswick rearing Welsh Cob OF. Sire of Foxfire Tarenteg, o/b Delana MEtcalf. Foals: 1992 on.

October's Kaw-Liga 1995 bay Welsh "C" stallion (KS Ivy Leaguer [m-oma] x Aberdare Shamrock [m-oma]- Aberdare Colvin) Breyer CM by Candace Liddy. Foals:1999 on.

Perfect Gentleman 2001 bay Welsh "C" pony stallion (Parvadean The Governor® x Glynwyn Delicia®- Percie Ramrod) United Design OF. Champion. MEPSA qualified 2007/08.
Foals: 2005 on.

*Wye's Pink Grenadine 1984 palomino "C" mare (Gwelfro Tywysog [®] x Wyedean April [®]- Tanffynnon Trustee) full to Tinvaal Princess. Japan china OF. Dam of Foxfire Tarenteg, 94, o/b Delana Metcalf. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Summer Lilacs 1985 flaxen chestnut Welara mare (Sun Miracle- Arab x Snowy Lilacs-Welsh) bred by OMA. Lines to Port Bask, TW Will-O-the-Wisp, Coed Coch Berwynfa. Purchased from Double B. WC micro mini OF. Dam of FMF Man In Black, 89, o/b Lauren Palmer; Vegas Gold Streak, 90, o/b Laurel Dedes; Blizzard, 93, o/b Lauren Palmer and Donovan, 03, o/b Mary Lineman.Years Open: 91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

*Popsters Persimmon Gorse 1996 palomino Welsh "C" mare (Rookery Full Moon [®] x Parvadean Bo Peep [®]-Synod Replay) Hagen Renaker OF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Welsh Cobs- also under horses
Griffin Sundial 1990 Palomino Welsh Cob stallion Section D (Nesscliffe Sunrise [l] x GlanNants Ariel [bso-pend-bb) Breyer 'Sunny Boy' OF Foals: 94 on

Vinyard's Raconteur 1996 blue roan Welsh stallion Section D Rollingwood's Rocketeer [l] roan x Virginia Princess- [m-oma]-Could Care Less) Breyer OF blue roan Welsh cob Foals: 00 on

Count Elijah
1984 strawberry roan Welara stallion (Elijah-Welsh [m-pend-bb] x Al-Marah Letitia [l]-AM Count Fast) Breyer SM Arab stallion SR OF. Foals: 1988 on

Shasta's Khalypso 1996 bay Welara stallion (Khalifornia-Arab [m-pend-bb] x Shasta-Welsh [m-pend-bb]) Safari bay Arab OF. Foals: 2000 on

NEW! Leonine 1997 Welara palomino stallion (Foxhaven Sun God [m-phf] x Lihah [m-phf]- The Ga'zi Kid®) Chris Jolly 'Kalliel' by Chris. MEPSA Champion. Foals: 2001 on.

NEW! So Ruff Tuffy 1997 grey Welara stallion (Mr Mraffles [m-phf] x Dragonstar Clover Kala [m-phf] -DragonStar Odysseus [m-h.reaves] ) Multiple Champion in MIJC showing. Japan OF. Foals: 2001 on.

Sumrin Staccato
1994 grey (black base)1/2 Welsh, 1/2 Shetland pony stallion (*Sumrin Stradivarius [m-pend-bb] x Dante's Bluebelle [m-phf]) Grey (black base) Cheval Welsh pony OF. Live show placed, PSP 10th of 109 in gender, also make, now more placings! Foals: 1998 on.

Heartstrings 1995 bay 1/2 Morgan, 1/2 Welsh "A" mare (Lloyd y Gaeaf-Welsh [m-phf] x Laurelwood Fahlene[m-phf]-Morgan- Waseeka's In Command [®]) Japan OF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,on.