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FEES & INSTRUCTIONS: E-mail breedings are free to members of my clubs. If you submit e-mail breedings, the best way to do them is to send each one in a separate mail, titled "BREEDING REQUEST". Sending a lot of extraneous stuff is highly likely to slow me down. The people who get their breedings back fastest are those who submit one horse per mail, with all needed information in one mail. If I have to write you back asking what the model is, or the other parent's color, etc., and you send me back only that info, all info is no longer in one place. Please send the complete request if there are any changes or added material. Photos of foals are still appreciated in certain cases.

For regular mail breedings, all fees are 30 cents per horse or 50 cents per s/d set and SASE unless noted. Add an extra stamp for more than 3 certificates, 2 extra stamps for more than 6, etc. No limit on breedings per submission. Photos for showing in get/produce classes are accepted in lieu of fees in some cases - email me to inquire. Send complete foal information when requesting a breeding- I will not pedigree without the mold information or a note if the foal is bso or d/o- and any information known on other parent, if not one of mine. List a choice of years for mares (dams), in case your first choice is already taken. None of the mares are open for permanent foals. I assign all foals a birth year, although you may keep your foals as non-aging if you prefer.

UPDATES: Updates on get/produce showing and/or breeding records are immensely appreciated. I will reciprocate with anyone who keeps me updated.

BREEDING POLICIES: I comply with basic color genetics rules, and I discourage inbreeding except in a few special cases. I will only accept breeds in colors that actually occur in the breed, whenever I have that information. I try to follow breed naming rules and also traditions whenever appropriate, and encourage foals to follow them also. Some horses require part of the s/d name to be carried forward. No breedings are confirmed until both parents are selected. All breedings are considered temporarily approved until I review the other parent and pedigree selected. Until then, parents may be used with the designation [pending] on your list. No information can be copied from these listings without an approved breeding. No photos may be used or reproduced without permission. I reserve the right to reject any breeding for any reason. In some cases I've indicated how many generations are available on pedigrees, I'll try to add this to all listings eventually. Some breeds' pedigrees are much harder to obtain than others, so a few of the rarer breeds may have scant pedigrees.

PHOTOS REQUESTED In cases where I'm showing the sire and/or dam in Bloostock classes, I might specially request offspring photo. Digital is fine, attached to email. I always appreciate an offspring photo. I put these in my files, and save them for breeding class usage or records.

TERMS USED: I've sometimes used the terms PSP, PSW and LSW to indicate horses which have photo show placed, won a 1st in a photo show, or live show placed, etc. Some of my records have been lost over the years, so the horses' show records are not truly complete. Also, updating the show records is one of the last things I designate time for, so some horses noted as "not yet shown" are now winners or Champions!

ID or BSO: I will accept BSO breedings for my stallions under most circumstances (inquire) and for my mares with a time limit of one year to obtain a body. If you do not confirm a body within one year, I will cancel that breeding and re-open that year for the mare.

I usually have new horses on a monthly, basis, so this list is always "in the process". I also have limited time to work on additions and finishing up breeds, so I do my pedigreeing as time allows. As disclosure notice, breeding requests are not terribly high on my priority list. They always come after all "real life" committments, and also after judging photo shows; also entering takes precedence. As with everyone, my time is limited, so these sometimes slide. All I can say is, "Keep after me" if you need it done faster than I'm getting to it.

Laurel O Dedes
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(I prefer Arabic or Arabic-style names for SE foals; I can help with some Arabic name ideas or translations)
Kibriya "majesty" 1983 grey (Roufas [l] x Rahmarra [l]-Ibn Antar mare) straight Egyptian, sire all Babson, by Fa-Serr, out of Fay-El-Dine mare; dam all "new", with lines to Ibn Rabdan and Nazeer. Breyer SM AS SR OF grey. Foals: 1987 on.

Medjool Pasha 1983 Bay (El Hadiyi [l] bay x RDM Maar Halima [l]-El Hilal) Straight Egyptian, with Babson in the bottom quarter. El Hadiyi is an Ansata Ibn Halima son, and El Hilal is also an Ansata Ibn Halima son. This breeding follows the Bedouin tradition of the sire of the sire being the grandsire of the dam. El Hilal is a noted sire of good broodmares. Beswick Xayal OF. Showing. Sire of String Of Pearls, o/b PHF. Foals: 1987 on

Ramses Dashar 1983 grey Arabian gelding (*Ibn Moniet el Nefous [l] x Ramses Set elDar [l]- Ramses Fayek) straight Egyptian. Lines with race potential. Blue Ribbon Arabian OF Foals: 1987-1994; gelded in 1993

IbnIbn Hafiza PhD 1984 Bay (*Ibn Hafiza [l] x Asmarr [l]- Zaghloul) Straight Egyptian, outcross for Nazeer blood. 2x Sameh, 5x Hamdan, also Kheir, El Dere, Sid Abouhom. Breyer 5013 touch-up,old mold. Retired Champion, Judge's Choice. Sire of Frolic PHF, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988 on

Serr Maar Gamil 1985 Bay (Serr Maariner x Princeton Gamila [l]- Faaris) Babson/Old Egyptian. SE. Heavy Fadl. Sire, Serr Maariner, is a US Nat'l Champion in Dressage, as well as sire of a half-Arabian Nat'l Champion Dressage horse, who is siring Dressage horses. Serr Maar Gamil could sire black. Breyer Clas "Sagr" OF '98. Not yet shown. Foals: 1989 on

Al Maji 1986 black (*Hedarr [l] x *Marzipan [bso]- Gharib [l]) Straight Egyptian, Nazeer outcross. This stallion carries one line to Nazeer. He is strongly bred to Ibn Rabdan and El Dere. Sire Hedarr is by Amrulla by Sid Abouhom, dam's sire Gharib was a black Anter by Hamdan son, out of a Sid Abouhom mare. Winners Choice Micro Mini OF. Photo Show Placed. Foals: 1990 on

Lujain Gamar "silver moon" 1987 grey (El Hilal [l] x AK Nashakla [l] Shaker el Masri) straight Egyptian. By El Hilal, still leading straight Egyptian sire of Champions, years after his death. This mare is by the sire of El Shaklan, who has been used frequently and with success with El Hilal mares. Shaker El Masri is straight Egyptian, however, as is his daughter AK Nashakala. Now showing. Breyer SM AS SR OF. Photo show placed. Sire of Summer Nile Night and Nile Dancer, both o/b PHF.*SELECT* Foals: 1991 on.

Bahiim Zuhrah "jet black brilliance" 1988 black (Gharib [l] x Moetazza [l]-Tuhotmos) straight Egyptian Imported from Germany. Very little Nazeer in this pedigree. Anter, Sid Abouhom, El Sareei, Shahloul. Breyer SM AS SR OF black. Now showing. Sire of Lotus and Fahm Hajar Harik, both o/b PHF. Photo show placed. *SELECT* Foals: 1992 on

Da Im Amir "enduring prince" 1988 bay (Norus [l] x Nabiella [l]-Nabiel) Straight Egyptian. Sire is by a black Anter son. Lines are a blend of Nazeer, Ibn Rabdan, Sameh and Fadl. Suitable to breed to wide range of Egyptian mares. Breyer SM AS OF. Foals: 1992 on

*Hafid Ibn Mohammed 1988 black (Brit Nat'l Ch *Sar Mohammed Aly [m-kgg] x Mutnejdmet [m-kgg]- *Melek es Shoherah) bred in England by Keren G-McG. Straight Egyptian. rare Breyer SR FAS OF black. Sire of Lavender Sachet. Foals: 1992 on.

Ibn Amaal PhD (Name is 'Son of Hope') 1988 grey (Amaal [l] x SW Bint Bint Maisa[bso-lod]-Shaikh al Badi) Straight Egyptian, heavily Nazeer bred, twice to *Bint Maisa el Saghira, who was a preeminent straight Egyptian broodmare. This pedigree contains inbreeding. Hagen-Renaker mini #47 OF. Multi-Champion, Judge's Choice, MEPSA qualified 2001, Champion Sire. Sire of Amelia, Amulet, Amaals El Nabi, Amir el Amaal- Live show Champion and NAN qualified-, Champion Dream ALil Dream, Blue Nile and Silver Blue, all o/b PHF. *SELECT* Foals: 1992 on

Saarrouf 1988 rose grey (Roufas [l] x Amiri Sanaa [l]- TheEgyptianPrince) A blend of old and new Egyptian lines. SE. Roufas was an EP Champion, and Amiri Sanaa goes to the mare *Deenaa. Hartland Regal Arabian stallion OF. NYS. Sire of multiple winner and MEPSA 2001 Top Ten, Fatima PhD. Foals: 1992 on.

Qabas ("Firebrand") 1989 chestnut (Asadd [l] ches x Neama [l] grey- Sakr) Straight Egyptian, son of a Nat'l Champion Stallion and Nat'l Champion English Pleasure Horse and out of a daughter of Nat'l TT Park horse, Sakr. Twice to Sultan, but this pedigree contains little relatively little close breeding. Breyer 'Huckleberry Bey' CM by Alicia Isacson. Photo Show Placed Breed and color. Sire of Kanjar PhD, o/b PHF. Foals: 1993 on

Alii Amir 1991 dark dapple grey (Ruminaja Ali [l] x Amiri Jahliya [l]-The Egyptian Prince) Straight Egyptian. Full brother to Quatari Nat'l Champion Stallion, Kaamil Batal. Son of US Nat'l Res Champion Futurity Stallion, who also sired Nat'l Champion Stallion Ali Jamaal. Out of mare by an outstanding broodmare sire. Breyer 99 SM Arab OF. NYS. Sire of Nile Diamond, o/b PHF. Foals: 1995 on

Atan al Rashaqa (Name is 'Gift of Elegance') 1991 Bay (Alaa Ibn Tuhotmos [l] x Balmoniet RSI [l]-Monietor-RSI) Straight Egyptian, Shahloul/Sameh/Nazeer. Sire is by Tuhotmos, out of a Kaisoon mare imported from Germany. Tuhotmos was known for his very exotic look and the horses bred at Rancho San Ignacio (RSI) were noted for their using ability. ceramic Atan handdone. Retired Grand Champion. Sire of Tarifa. Foals: 1995 on

NEW! Muftakir Amir 1991 grey (Ibn Hossny [®] x Itaba Walide [m-phf]- Ansata Ibn Halima®) straight Egyptian. China 'Aashiq" OF. CHAMPION. MEPSA qualified 2004. Foals: 1995 on.

Sahil Rayih 1991 grey [bay base] stallion (Almileegy [l] x RG Sultana [l]-Ahadd) Straight Egyptian. Ahadd is a good performance horse in various disciplines, and also a cutting horse. 'Rakkas' mini Arabian resin by Pamela DeMuth. Foals: 1995 on.

Sanaan 1991 Grey (Shaikh al Badi x Ansata Sabhiya [bso-lod] -Ansata Ibn Sudan[l]) Straight Egyptian. Sired by the top siring son of *Morafic, part of the most winning SE sire line in the US, and a US Nat'l Res. Champion Futurity Stallion. Dam by a Nat'l Champion Stallion, out of a granddaughter of Nat'l TT Stal. Ansata Ibn Halima. A lot of Morafic, A. Ibn Halima and Nazeer in this pedigree. Hagen-Renaker large "Nataf" OF glossy '80s release. PS Winner. Live show placed! Winner of Get Of Sire! Sire of PSW Sanaana, PSW Ibn Sanaan, both o/b PHF and Al-Maisan, o/b Chris Wallbruch.*SELECT* Foals: 1995 on

Serr Maarauder 1991 black stallion (Serr Rou [live] x PrincetonMaaroufa [live]- Serr Maariner) Straight Egyptian. 100% Babson lines. Maternal sire was a famed Dressage horse. Hartland Regal 2001 release OF. Sire of Shesh-Ta, 99, o/b Carra Reinmiller. Foals: 1995 on.

Tamr PhD 1991 chestnut (Tammen [l] x Qastal [live]-*Soufian) straight Egyptian. Tammen is a Multiple Champion & regional Top 5 in Halter and Costume, and a multiple Champion Country EP horse, with lines to Sameh, Alaa el Din, Talal and *Morafic. Qastal's sire is by Alaa el Din, out of Moniet el Nefous, by Shahloul and her dam is by *Sakr, out of an Anter mare. Suitable for crossing to all the new Egyptian lines, and should produce horses capable of both halter and performance, with moderate English action, and possible speed. Breyer SR JAH SM OF. Foals: 1995 on.

Fahm Hajar Harik "Coal Fire" 1992 black (Bahiim Zuhrah [m-phf] x Kayyir Bint Mokhtar [m-phf]- El Mokhtar) straight Egyptian. Lines to Anter, Sid Abouhom, El Sareei, Shahloul, Galal. Sire and dam both on this listing. Peter Stone Arabian OF RR 'Priority One' LSQ. Color winner, IPABRA 2001 National Top Ten, MEPSA 2002 qualified. Sire of Azali Akmar, o/b Laura Rushing and Anise, o/b Carra Reinmiller. Foals: 1996 on.

PHF Adjan 1995 Black (The Atticus x Ahlam Adla-Madaawi) Straight Egyptian. The Atticus is a black Champion son of The Minstril, a Nat'l TT Stallion and sire of a Nat'l TT Stallion. Twice to Ruminaja Ali in the sire's pedigree, also to Jamill. Dam by a black The Egyptian Prince son. This pedigree is closely bred to Nazeer. Breyer #401 OF touch-up. Not yet shown. Foals: 1999 on

Nile Cloud 1995 grey (Sanaan [m-phf] x Nile Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal) Straight Egyptian. Dam is a Bloodstock multiple Champion daughter of the broodmare sire supreme, El Hilal. Sire is from the most winning straight Egyptian sire line. Stone direct SR Arabian 'Cameo' by Sheri Rhodes. Breed Champion, Color winner, IPABRA 2001 National Top Ten, 2002 MEPSA qualified. Foals: 1999 on.

NEW! Muhtaram Amir 1996 grey stallion (Mufktahir Amir [m-phf] x Nile Mist [m-phf]- Imperial Imdal®) Straight Egyptian. resin 'Aashiq' by Dara West. Foals: 2000 on.

Sinai Simoom 1996 bay (Simeon Sinai [m-woodl] x Tarifa Tu [m-woodl]- *Tuhotmos [l]) straight Egyptian. Nazeer and Ibn Rabdan bred. ceramic Breyer copy. Foals: 2000 on.

Ibn Sanaan 1996 grey (Sanaan [m-phf] x PHF Nile Moon [m-phf]-Imperial Al Kamar [l]) Straight Egyptian, sire is by Shaikh al Badi, dam is out of a *Morafic mare. Both also carry lines to Ansata Ibn Halima. Stone Arabian SR 'Silver Sultan' for H & H Winner's Circle. 2001 IPABRA National Top Ten winner. Foals: 2000 on.

Amir al Nil 1997 grey stallion (LL Ib Kumar [l] x Bint al Nil [m-phf]- Imperial Al Kamar [l]) Sire is 3/4 Babson Egyptian, 1/4 "new" Egyptian, with his sire line through *Ansata Ibn Halima. LL Ib Kumar is black. Dam is by straight Egyptian Imperial Al Kamar, son of exceptional El Hilal. Al Kamar has been a good sire. Breyer CAS SR OF. Foals: 2001 on.

NEW! Jibril PhD 1997 black stallion (SW Hallany Shai® x Ravenwood Cassara®- RG Al Mone) straight Egyptian. Simeon Shai, Abenhetep, Alicibiades, Ibn Moniet el Nefous, Julyan. FM Fury OF. Foals: 2001 on.

NEW! Musharraf (dignity) 1998 bay rabicano & minimal sabino stallion (Ibnibn Hafiza PhD [m-phf] x Majeka [m-phf]- Ruminaja Majed®) Stone factory custom bay rabicano. CHAMPION. Foals: 2004 on.

Il Shakrific
1984 grey (El Shaklan [l] x Ilaha [l]-Morafic) Egyptian/Spanish cross on both sides. El Shaklan is admired worldwide as a progenitor of type. He has sired winners in many countries. PAS rose grey OF. Sire of Freshwater Pearls, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988 on

Synchronicity 1986 grey stallion (*Sakr x El Comita®- El Magato) A blending of Egyptian and old American lines. Sire is a US Nat'l Top Ten Stallion and a Nat'l Res Champ and multiple US Nat'l Top Ten Park horse. Dam is a daughter of El Magato, who produced Park Champions and a maternal g'daughter of Nat'l Champion Stallion Synbad. An Egyptian stallion on an El Magato mare produced Ali Jamaal. This cross is more action oriented. H-R "Encore" OF. Foals: 1990 on

Sahaar (Name is 'Nighthawk') 1987 Dark Grey (*Saroukh x Bint Azal-Shaikh al Badi) Egyptian/Crabbet/Kellogg/Polish. Dam's sire was a Nat'l US Fut Res Champ Stallion. Sahaar is about 3/4 Egyptian. Hartland 7" Arabian stallion OF. PSW in mold, PSP in stallions. Foals: 1991 on

Khemaro 1988 Grey (Mosry x Khameo®- Khemosabi) *Morafic/Khemo/Fadjur/Ferseyn lines. Sire is a straight Egyptian Champion *Morafic son. Dam is by US Nat'l Champion Stallion and sire of Champions in both Halter and performance. Both parents grey, but lots of color in his pedigree; he can sire grey, bay, chestnut. Breyer #766 dapple grey Arabian. New, not yet shown. Foals: 1992 on

Halimaar Phazar 1989 alabaster grey (El Halimaar [l] x Gai Cecilia [l]- Phazon) 1/2 Egyptian, 1/2 Gainey. El Halimaar is sire of Champion Abraxas Halimaar, and out of renowned mare RDM Maar-Hala. Dam is by Can. Nat'l Champ Pleas. Driving and Nat'l Res Champ EP Phazon. Lines to El Hilal, Ansata Ibn Halima and Babson; Ferzon, Raffles, Phantom. Breyer new SM Arab OF. PSP. Sire of Halimaar Shaklan, on this list. Foals: 1993 on

Muneer el Ajzaa 1990 Black (Ibn Ozem PhD [m-lod] x Ahlam Adla [m-lod]-*Madaawi [l]) Egyptian bred. Sire appears on this list, as does dam. A blending of Babson and "new" egyptian lines, with some Old American and desertbred. Breyer #211 repaint Proud Arab stallion. Semi-retired Multi-Champion. Sire of Lyric, Ebbtide, Majarra, Colorado Columbine, Dancin' Shoes, all o/b PHF. Muneer has sired several winning part-Arabian pinto foals. Foals: 1994 on

Halim Hilal 1995 bay (Mizan Taj Halim [l] x Mocha Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal [l]) Sire is a World Champion Stallion by *Ansata Ibn Halima and out of a Gamaar mare. Dam is by US Nat'l TT stallion and leading sire, El Hilal and out of an Aza Destiny (Azraff) mare. Breyer CAS OF. Foals: 1999 on.

Autumn Moon 2001 chestnut (Lujain Gamar [m-phf] x Autumn Swan [m-phf]- Autumn Seance) Egyptian related. Sire is SE, on this list, by El Hilal and dam is by a Nat'l TT Stallion with Gainey and Egyptian breeding, as well as Crabbet lines. Hartland Arabian stallion unpainted OF. not shown- might be finished and shown. Foals: not until 2005.

1980 grey (Astrologer [l] x Junes Air [l]- Lysander) 100% Davenport. HTF, all lines tracing to the Arabian desert. Considered to be the purest Arabians. Breyer SM AS OF (2). Foals: 1984 on.

Dakir el Khala 1986 grey (EA Salute [l] x Tariifah el Khala [l]- Valerian) straight Davenport. Rarest of the rare, tracing in every line to the Arabian desert. He can sire black, as his sire is black, and he was born black. Breyer # SR CAS OF grey. Sire of Korolev, o/b Rocket City Stables; Tafiq Alamein, o/b Jean Sorensen; Dakirah el Alamein, o/b Daralyn Wallace; Khai al Hawa, o/b PHF and True Love, o/b White Brook Stable. Dakir will begin showing in Get Of Sire classes with Tafiq Alamein and Khai el Hawa. PSW. Foals: 1990 on.

Khai el Hawa 1992 grey stallion (Dakir el Khala [m-phf] x Mockingbird CF [m-phf]- ) 100% Davenport. Franklin Mint OF Arabian from 'Great Horses of the World' series. Sire of Glacier Rose, o/b Martha Baker.
Foals: 1996 on.

1985 bay (Nartan [l] x Tarot [bso-lod]- Kumir) straight Russian. Piolun sire line, Korej and Piolun on dam's side. No Aswan, Arax or Salon. Breyer Proud Arabian stallion glossy bay OF. Sire of Champion Karismaa, o/b PHF. NYS. Foals: 1989 on.

Marscat 1987 Grey (*Marsianin [l] x Barodd [l]-*Muscat) Aswan/Arax cross, 2x Mammona and Priboj. By a US Nat'l Champion Stallion, out of a mare by a US Nat'l Champion Stallion. Dam is also dam of US Natl Top Ten stallion Nareyev. Breyer PAS #213 dark dapple grey OF. PSW. Foals: 1991 on

Nebula 1989 grey (Menes [l] bay x Nandolina [l] grey- Salon) straight Russian. Most of the best Russian lines in his pedigree; twice to Aswan, twice to Negativ, twice to Arax, also Ofir and Priboj. H-R mini Arabian on base OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Prismatic 1990 dappled bay (*Pesniar [l] x Mon Pappillion [l]- Marsainin) straight Russian. Aswan/Arax cross top and bottom of pedigree, with Priboj and Korej. Dam is a Halter winner mare by a National Champion Halter stallion. Sire got Halter and WP Champions, as well as winners in HP and Reining. Breyer Sham from Stallion and Frisky foal set OF. Foals: 1994 on.

Padron's Amber
1990 Bright chestnut. (*Padron x WHF Pavlova-Tamerlan) Over 3/4 brother in blood to Padron's Psyche. Sire is a US Nat'l Champion and sire of Champions and breeding horses. Dam is a combination of Aswan, Arax and Priboj blood. Breyer PAS #933 "Sundown" OF. PSP. Foals: 1994 on

Psyches Phenomenon 1993 chestnut (Padrons Psyche [l] x PHF Pennyroyal [m-phf]- *Muscat) Twice to Padron in the 2nd generation, with Arax, Negatiw and Priboj. Dam is on this listing. PSW, MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten. Stone LE 'Padron's Psyche' OF. Foals: 1997 on.

1978 grey (Naborr [l] x Druchna [l]- Rozmaryn) Son of Naborr, Nat'l Champion and sire of Nat'l Champion Aramus and Reserve Nat'l Champ, Gwalior. Both Aramus and Gwalior were out of Amurath-Sahib mares, this horse is out of a mare who is out of an Amurath-Sahib mare. 1978 was Naborr's last foal crop. Pure Polish. Breyer PAS OF. Sire of Shaamis, o/b Suzanne Feld. Foals: 1982 on

Tamakatez 1981 bay (Iwonkatez [l] x Halali Tamarisk [l]-Wiertez) Pure Polish. Double, preservation *Witez II, close-up. Also, more uncommon other Polish lines: Ibn Mahomet, Czbuthan, Miecznik, Flisak. Breyer classic "Shetan" customized. Foals: 1985 on.

Konnoisseur 1984 grey (Penitent [l] grey x Kabala [l] grey- Palas) Full brother to the Nat'l Champion Mare Kawalkada. Aquinor and Aswan on both top and bottom sides, plus Gwarny, Faher and Priboj. No Bask in this pedigree. Breyer 'Huckleberry Bey' CM by Janis Whitcomb. PSW, Reserve Champion, Champion both breed and color. MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten, MEPSA qualified 2002, IPABRA 2000 YEA Top Ten CM Arabians, IPABRA 2001 YEA Top Ten CM Arabians. Sire of Khaprica, o/b Kathy Dodson. Foals: 1988 on.

Poseidonn 1984 grey (*Eukaliptus [l] x Perdida [l]- *Elkin) pure Polish, non Bask. From the Skowronek sire line, through Negatiw and Bandos to the first Polish National Champion Stallion, *Eukaliptus. One more Negatiw line on the dam's side. Lines to Comet and Amurath-Sahib from sire; to Aquinor through US National Champion *Elkin from dam's side. Breyer LB OF. NYS. Foals: 1988 on.

Shade PhD 1984 bay (Enferno [l] x *Sabrina [l]-Aquinor) pure Polish. Sire is by *Bask, and was used in jumping. Granddam is Sabellina, who also produced Sambor, an excellent racing sire. Grand Champion micro mini OF. Not shown. Foals: 1988 on.

*Euforik 1985 Grey (Palas PASB x Eureka PASB [l]-Gwarny) "pure" Polish, but by the 3/4 Egyptian Palas. 2x Amurath-Sahib, Comet. Breyer 1998 #983 'Equus' Black stallion OF. PS Winner. Sire of Welocity, o/b Flyin Lion. Foals: 1989 on

Grenadin 1986 grey Arabian stallion (Medalion [l] x Granaada [l]- *Bask) This double *Bask /double *Comet, pure Polish stallion is a great addition for my Polish mares. He will cross with any of them. His pedigree is notable for the strong mares lines in it; only one-two generations back are Darda, *Mortissa, Balalajka and *Gdynia. Custom Peter Stone Arabian by Julie Bundy. Foals: 1990-2006.

Aladorr 1987 grey (Grandorr [l] x Gardia [l]- Caracyn) Pure Polish. Naborr, Amurath-Sahib, Comet, Aquinor. No Bask. Breyer Classic Black stallion OF. NYS. NIB. Foals: 1991 on.

Eminent Choice 1987 Bay (Well Chosen [l] x Estancja [l]- Cognac). Aladdinn/2x*Bask/Comet/2x Naborr/2x Doktryner. By a good siring *Aladdinn/*Bask cross stallion, out of a mare by a National Champion Park horse and *Bask son. *Aladdinn and *Bask were both US Nat'l Champion Stallions, and both sired Nat'l Champions in both Halter and Performance. Breyer PAS #212 bay OF. PSP breed and color. Foals: 1991 on

NEW! Capitalistt 1989 chestnut stallion (Monogramm [l] x Czandoliera [m-phf]- *Gondolier [l]) pure Polish. Bask/Aswan. Stone Equilocity 2003 SR 'Max'. Foals: 1993 on.

Pandemoniumm PhD 1989 chestnut stallion (Monogramm [l] x Pandora PHF [m-phf] ) "pure" Polish. Sire was a US Nat'l Res. Champion Futurity Colt, and sire of a National winner in Halter and English. He is a Negatraz (by *Bask) son, twice exported on lease to Poland to refresh their *Bask blood, and then coming home to the US. Dam is a daughter of World Champion stallion Gondolier. Breyer Huckleberry Bey SR from Breyerfest 01 OF. Reserve Champion. Foals: 1993 on.

Brazier PhD 1992 bay (AH Gallant [live] x MS Batista [live]- *Bask) pure Polish. Sire is a Halter Champion, and a successful retired race horse. AH Gallant has sired Champions at Halter, WP, HP, placers in Trail and Reining and 4 US Nat'l Top Ten Hunter Pleasure horses. He is by El Paso, US Nat'l Champ Stallion, out of a daughter of *Aladdinn, also a US Nat'l Champion Stallion. These Polish lines are also noted for athletic ability. Dam is a pure Polish, US Nat'l Top Ten Mare and show res. Champ Park, daughter of the legendary *Bask, with additional lines to Comet and Rozmaryn. Breyer classic "Black Stallion' OF bay Foals: 1996 on.

NEW! Euphrates 1995 grey stallion (Konnoisseur [m-phf] x Eternall [m-phf]- Geydmin [l]) pure Polish. No Bask. Aquinor, Amurath-Sahib, Aswan, Trypolis, etc. Breyer 2003 'Marengo' OF. Foals: 1999 on.

NEW! Platynowy 1996 grey (born bay) stallion (Negatraz [®] x Prima VF [®] - Bandos) Pure Polish. Perhaps the best *Bask son x crossed on a Bandos mare with excellent lines. Double Bandola, double Negatiw, Salon through Namiet. Foals: 2000 on.

Straight Spanish
Zafiro ("sapphire")1980 chestnut (AN Malik [l] grey x Song Of Spain[l]-*Barich de Washoe) straight Spanish. By the most successful Spanish sire in the US. Also good crossed with Egyptian lines. Congo sire line. SM AS SR chestnut. NYS. Foals: 1984 on.

*Parnaso 1982 grey (Navarro III SSB [l] x Gual Graciela SSB [l]- Galeon SSB) Imported Spanish. To Congo, Maquillo, Zurich, Ghandy. Can sire chestnut even when bred to grey. PAS alabaster OF. Foals: 1986 on.

Garza de Nilo 1988 grey (*Nilo [l] x Nina Tagata [l]- *Barich de Washoe) Straight Spanish. Sire has thrown Champion Halter horses and Nat'l Top Tens in WP, Sidesaddle, HP as well as the 1997 US Nat'l Champion Show Hack horse (of 49 entries), Venus del Nilo. Hoffman China copy of PAS. Foals: 1992 on.

Nizzam Diamond 1974 bay stallion (Lewisfield Nizbet [live] x Lady Diamond [live]- *Royal Diamond) Meant to be 100% Crabbet. Lines to Skowronek, Astraled, Daoud, Rissalix, Nureddin, Shareer & Rafeef. Not heavily Skowronek bred. Hartland 7" Arabian stallion OF. Foals: 1978 on

Magic Shazzam 1976 bay (Lewisfield Magic [l] x Al Marah Dame Zazu [l]- Al Marah Radames) very heavily Crabbet/English; also a few desert/E lines. Hartland 7" Arabian stallion OF. Foals: 1980 on.

NEW! *Indian Slate 1979 Grey (Haroun [l] x Indian Fire-Opal [l]- Fari II) 100% Crabbet. A total treat for you! Silver Vanity, Blue Domino, Rissalix, Ora, Indian Magic. Not too much close breeding close-up. HR 'Turning Arabian' Sire of lookalike son The Cornerstone.Foals: 1983-2003.

PHF Silverdrift 1979 Grey, gelded 1986 (Silver Victory[l] x Lewisfield Sprite [l]- *Touch of Magic) Crabbet bred. ceramic mini finished by owner, haired. Winner. 2000 placings; CM div.breed. Foals: 1983-1987.

Orans Vanity 1982 grey (born chestnut) stallion (Oran Van Crabbet [live] x AF Vanitys Tango [live]- Silver Vanity) Double Oran and Silver Vanity, Royal Diamond, Dargee. 100% Crabbet. BFA OF Arabian stallion at this time. Foals: 1986 on.

Shadow of Gold 1983 Chestnut (*Wentworth Silver Shadow® x Grand Fast®- AM Count Fast+/) Crabbet. Bright Shadow, Indian Gold, *Count Dorsaz, Grand Royal.  Breyer #3055 CAS OF. Foals: 1987 on

NEW! *Rockdove's Wing 1989 grey stallion (Saltram [®-GB/FR] x Rockdove [®-GB/FR]- Samhan) multiple lines to Sainfoin, three of them through Bahram, plus triple Chumpurrado. This is Musgrave (english) breeding. Beswick Connoisseur "Bahram" OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Ben Aura
1979 chestnut (Aurab [l] x Benrazella [l]- Benraz) double Aurab. SM AS CM by Jaci Hibbert. Foals: 1983 on. Limited numbers after 1999.

Royal Bahade 1979 chestnut (Bahade [l] x Poly Rose [l]- Poly Royal) Triple Abu Farwa, double Raseyn. His sire is an Abu Farwa son, and his dam is by the Cal-Poly trick horse, Poly Royal, who sired only a few foals. Athletic lines. Breyer SM Arabian stallion customized by Laurie Bidrawn. Foals: 1983 on.

Ibn Ozem
1978 Black (Ozem [l] x Esperanzo Mara [l]- Esperanzo) Ozem was a black son of Fa-Serr, 3/4 Babson with Crabbet and a line direct to the desert. Esperanzo Mara was dam of Champions and a National Champion, a mixture the desertbred *Mirage, Maynesboro and Polish. New body! Breyer Classic Black stallion, CM by Karla Rankin. PS Winner. MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten. Sire of Muneer el Ajzaa, O Cleopatra, Ozzobie, Shamaliah, o/b Shannon DeWaal, and Mochazema. Prefer black foals. Foals: 1982 on.

Ibn Marouf 1980 Bay, gelded 1987 (Marouf [l] x Lazza [l]- Kahar) Excellent old American breeding, very hard to find close up anymore. Beswick Arab OF c.'85. Multi-Champion. Sire of Hope You Dance. Foals: 84-88.

Kim Ibn Hanad 1980 chestnut (Kimfa [l] x Sunny Acres June[l]- Sunny Acres Cherokee) Old American/Davenport/desert lines; with Raffles and Roda. Dam is linebred Hanad. Hartland 9" Arabian stallion OF. Foals: 1984 on.

Mr Mraffles 1980 grey (Mrafden [l] x Rose Roneka [l] -Taronek) Linebred Skowronek. Traces to Skowronek through Raffles and Raseyn. Lines to Raffles through Indy, Mraff, Rafden and Kubriya. Good for getting these lines close-up. Josef china OF. Photo Show Winner. Foals: 1984 on.

Bask Cyclone 1982 grey (GG Jabask +/ [l] x Ima Electric +++ [l]- Electric Storm) Sire was a US Nat'l Reserve Champion and Top Ten Stallion and a Res. Champion EP horse. *Serafix and Indian Gold (Crabbet) with Mirage, *Raffles and the ever admired *Bask. Loza Electrica Arabian OF. Foals: 1986 on.

Count Visionary 1982 grey (Lo Vibrant [l] x Flircountess [l]- Gay Count) quadruple Mirage lines, also Raffles, Egyptian, Davenport, Ferzon. Hartland 'Regal' series Arabian stallion OF. Foals: 1986 on.

Seaswept 1982 Grey. (AM Sea Captain x Venus Rising [l]- Comar Azdeyn) Crabbet/*Raffles bred. The Al-Marah horses are known for their athletic ability, bone and toughness. Many are stock horses, cutting horses or endurance horses. Comar Azdeyn wa a Halter Champion and a good sire. Breyer SM #5013, repaint. PS Winner. Sire of SLMThe Sea Mist and Dreamscape, both o/b PHF. Foals: 1986 on.

Tishaanah 1982 chestnut (Hillcrests Tishamba ++ [l] x Diraanah [l]- Dirouf) Babson Egyptian, desertbred and *Raffles lines. These are old lines. Breyer SM OM AS customised by Lisa Rivera. Foals: 1986 on

Ozzobie 1983 black (PHF Ibn Ozem x Zobie [l]-Sarolle) Sire appears on this list, dam is by Sarolle. Lots of Egyptian lines, but also lines to the desert and old American breeding. Sire is a MEPSA Championship Top Ten winner. Hartland Arabian stallion OF. Foals: 1987 on.

Cadence 1985 Bay (Raffon x Zee Radiance-Gai-Warsaw) Sire was US Nat'l Champion Stallion and US Nat'l Champion English Pleasure, from the Ferzon line. Gai-Warsaw was a Gainey Polish outcross, with lines to Comet and *Naborr. Lines to Ferzon and *Raffles. Breyer #814 Family Arab stallion OF '89 Bay haired. Not shown. Foals: 1989 on

Count's Quest 1985 chestnut (Al-Marah Canadius [l] x PF Countessdorala [l]-*Count Dorsaz) Raffles/Rissalix cross top and bottom. Hartland Arabian stallion OF. Photo show winner. MEPSA 2002 qualified. Foals: 1989 on

Omaar Shaarif 1985 black stallion (Ibn Ozem PhD [m-phf] x AF Shamaara [l]-Gamaar) Tail female is the Davenport import, Reshan DB. Strong black lines. Mirage, DB, Witez II, Skowronek. PAS SR BHR OF. Foals: 1989 on.

Darq Moon Bey 1986 Bay (Huckleberry Bay ++ [l] x Semi-Sweet- Darq) The successful Huck/Raffon cross. Huckleberry Bey is a representative of one of the most successful sire lines in recent history. Huck was a US Nat'l Res. Champ Fut. Colt, a US Nat'l Top Ten Stallion and US Nat'l Reserve Champion English Pleasure, as well as a Champion sire. Lines to Raffon on both the top and bottom of this pedigree. Breyer Huckleberry Bey OF. PSP. Foals: 1990 on.

Khemotion PhD 1986 Bay (Khemosabi [l] x Fitz Margie [l]- Bay-Abi) Out of a Bay-Abi mare, out of a Raffon mare. Similar lines to Kaiyoum. Several of the great American horses in this pedigree: Khemo, Fadjur, Amerigo, Bay-Abi, Raffon. Breyer 'Best Choice' #975 OF. New, just starting to show. Foals: 1990 on.

Spanish Mirage 1986 grey [bay base] stallion (GG Samir [l] x Gae-Ruzaal [l]-Gazzal) Spanish and Mirage DB lines. SM Arabian customised by Elaine McDaniel. Foals: 1990 on.

Zaanzibar Geym 1986 Grey (Gaffizon [l] x Gypsy Joy [l]-Zaaris) Ferzon bred, with Old Egyptian and *Raffles. Hartland 9" Arabian stallion OF VNM. MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten. Sire of Gailey Geyma, Champion mare, o/b PHF. Foals: 1990 on

Zodiac Magnetism 1986 chestnut (Zodiac Matador [l] x Majukah [bso-lod] -El Magato [l]) *Bask/*Raseyn/*Raffles cross. Action oriented. Sire is a US Nat'l Champ Park horse as well as a Champion stallion and leading sire of English horses. Dam is by El Magato, out of a daughter of The Judge, by *Bask. This is an English performance pedigree. Stone JAM SR of 500 'Tu-Fire' Arabian stallion OF. PSP. *SELECT* Foals: 1990 on

Aramus El Jamaal 1987 bay (Ali Jamaal [l] x WN Pale Flower [l]- *Aramus) By world renowned Nat'l Champion Stallion Ali Jamaal (Ruminaja Ali -SE x Heritage Memory), out of daughter of Nat'l Champion *Aramus. Twice to El Gato, tail female is Rodania. Breyer 'Sham' in dapple bay OF from Stallion and Frisky Foal set. Foals: 1991 on

Khalico Bay 1987 bay sabino (Khrome [l] x Mi Suzette [l]- Mr. Mac) sire and dam are both sabino, sire by Khemosabi. Lines to *Raffles, *Raseyn, Abu Farwa, Gazon and Fadjur. Hartland Arabian stallion CM by Carole Hale. Prefer sabino foals, but non-sabinos gladly accepted. Foals: 1991 on.

Baskandesence 1988 bay stallion (Safire [l] x Emerald Bay [l]-El Magato [l]) Good lines for movement- *Bask and El Magato! Arabian customised by Mary Redenbach. Foals: 1993 on.

Mahogany Starfire 1988 Bay (Gwazar el Hamal [l] x Ronda Witez [l]- Rondo) Egypt/Polish cross. Sire is Anter line. Dam is triple *Witez II through Rondo and Niga. Breyer #212 '71-'80 Proud Arab stallion Bay semi gloss OF touch-up. Mostly retired Multi-Champion,Reserve Grand. Get of Sire winner and sire of Multi-Champion foals. Foals: 1992 on

Azali Ajal 1989 chestnut (Golden Reflection [l] x Rose of Fadl [l]- Fadl Dan) Gelded 2000. Heavily *Raffles bred, with *Fadl top and bottom. Thse lines are responsible for a lot of flaxen chestnuts from pale to liver. Breyer #3055 classic Arabian stallion touch-up. Winner. Shown as a gelding. Foals: 1993-2001.

Baskafire Moon 1989 bay (Never Again [l] x Mistical Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal) *Bask and El Hilal, with Hallany Mistanny and Ga'Zi. Classic beauty and athleticism combined. His Champion sire is notable for his gorgeous classic head. His dam's dam is a full sister to a National Champion mare and a Legion of Supreme Merit mare. Breyer SR PAS OF. Foals: 1993 on

Ga Zim 1989 Chestnut (Shah Azim [l] x Gazira [l]- Ga'Zi) double Ga'Zi, Bay-Abi, double *Bask, El Hilal. Breyer Trad. Sham "Copper" OF 99 LE #751. CHAMPION, PS Winner, Winner in Get/Sire. Has sired several part-Arab pintos. Sire of Copper 'N' Brass, o/b Tricia Walcott. Foals: 1993 on.

NEW! Shimmering Mirage 1989 grey (Deep Freeze® x Gazmara®- Gazzal) linebred to *Mirage DB. Gali-Rose, Niga, Rifage and Raminage, all having lines to Mirage. Also, Katar, Fay-el-Dine, Bride Rose and Alla-Jo-Kar. Deep Freeze is by Gawad. AAA porcelain striking Arabian OF. Grand Champion. Foals: 1993 on

Beyberry Beau 1990 Bay (Huckleberry Bey ++ [l] x Basks Jubilee [l]-*Bask) Bay-Abi/*Bask cross. Breyer #472 "Huckleberry Bey" OF. RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION, multiple Champion in Breed, color! Sire of Bey Finesse, Champion; Blackberry Beau, winner in Hlater and Perf; Bey Tron Magic, PSW; Baksheesh Bey, PSP; Beau Ideal, LSP, NAN qualified, all o/b PHF and Romeo Bey, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Foals: 1994 on

Javelin PhD 1990 bay (GG Jabask +/ x Opulence [l]- Muscat) Sire was a US Nat'l Reserve Champion Stallion and a Canadian TT Stallion, as well as an EP Reserve Champion and placed in Pleasure Driving and WP. Dam was a Jr. EP Champion and a Canadian Nat'l TT EP Junior horse. Loza OF glazed by Marge Para. Foals: 1994 on

Special Effects 1990 extreme flaxen Chestnut sabino, body spot (Padron [l] x WRR Golden Goddes [bso-lod]-*Erros) Sire is the Nat'l Champion stallion and sire of nat'l winners, *Padron. Dam is by 1978 pure Polish Reserve Nat'l Champion Stallion and tremendous mover, *Erros, out of a double Lewisfield Sun God, heavy Aaraf, mare. Both maternal sire and dam are sabino. Vicki Keeling LE resin "Padron" head down, by Sheri Rhodes. Reserve Grand Champion, multiple Champion, IPABRA 2001 Nat'l Top Ten, MEPSA 2002 qualified. *SELECT* Foals: 1994 on

Zorro 1990 Black (Pistoleero [l] x Gali-Melek [l]-Gahton Gayahmo) Gelded 1999. Witez II/Crabbet/Old American bred. Triple Niga. Renowned Mayu Sitt female line. Breyer SR #3055ST JC Penneys CAS OF. Not yet shown. Foals: 1994-2000.

Alada Heart 1991 chestnut (Alada Baskin [l] x PHF Bint Habeeba [m-phf]- *Zahid) Polish/Egyptian/Crabbet/Spanish. By a 2x Nat'l Reserve Champion stallion who has sired both National Halter and Performance winners, and also many horses ridden by juniors and amateurs due to their kind temperaments. His dam is a Champion model, by an English Pleasure Champion and out of a Halter Champion. Breyer SR SM AS dap ches OF. Foals: 1995 on

Jahai BRSB 1991 grey [black base] stallion (High Hopes [l] x GG Jabasket [l]-GG Jabask]) English action lines. High Hopes was a US Nat'l Champion Park Horse. Egyptian, *Serafix and *Bask lines. SM Arabian customised by. Foals: 1995 on.

NEW! Akhir Khallat 1992 grey wild sabino (Khas [m-r.gura] x Val-Moniet®- Sar Ibn Moniet) Sire is a North Light factory custom with markings like the live wild bay sabino horse Khartoon Klassic. He carries lines to Khemosabi, Barbary, *Rashad Ibn Nazeer and *Raseyn. Dam is a grey live sabino with a wide white blaze to and including lower lip, and four pointed socks. Hugus Arabians has shown that breeding two moderate sabino purebred Arabians can result in a wild sabino with a lot of white on the body.Dam carries lines to *Ibn Moniet el Nefous and double *Rashad Ibn Nazeer, along with *Mirage, *Zarife and *Raseyn. Although this model would not quaify as Egyptian related, he does have considerable Egyptian blood. Stone 'Egyptian Sundowner' RR OF. Foals: 1996 on, most will be at least minimal sabinos, even from solid mares.

Czenith 1992 Grey (Solstice [l] x Cryztal-Czester) 3/4 Polish, 1/4 Russian. Solstice is a gorgeous multi-US Nat'l Top Ten stallion, who won his last title at 13 yo, looking great! Czenith has lines to Salon, El Paso, Comet and Bask, with a strong female line of Boltonka. Breyer FAS OF 'Realto'. Not shown. Foals: 1996 on.

DancinIntheStreet 1992 liver ches/flaxen sabino rabicano Arabian stallion (Percussion [l] x Mane Street [l]- Back Street) Sire is a sabino, and dam is rabicano, registered roan. Wonderful horses in this pedigree: *Eter, *Bask, *Faleh, Negatiw and both sire and dam have *Raffles lines. This stallion can be bred many ways to lead to success. Peter Stone Direct 'Merlot' by Ed Gonzales. Multiple winner, Reserve Champion. Foals: 1996 on.

Shaikh Ibn Kim 1992 chestnut (Kim Ibn Hanad [m-phf] x Bint Habeeba [m-phf]-*Zahid®) Old American lines, along with DB, new Egyptian and Crabbet. Kimfa, Shaikh al Badi, *Count Dorsaz, Hanad and *Anter. Hartland Arabian stallion unpainted OF.not shown- might be finished and shown. Foals: 1996 on.

Tsepia 1992 Bay (Ivanhoe Tsultan [l] x Arabesque Jontue [l]-*Aramus) Polish/Raffles/Spanish. Many lines back to CMK and Davenport lines. Sire was a Halter Champion and Regional Top Five stallion. Dam's sire was a US Nat'l Champion Stallion. Breyer "Smoky" & PAS r/r/h by L. Hornick (now Behning). Not yet shown. Foals: 1996 on

FadBask Fireworks 1993 bay (Diamond Bask [l] x Sparkling Bask [bso-lod]-Grande Bask [l]) 2x Bask in the 3rd and 4rd gen, and 3x Fadjur in the 3/4/5 gens. Also lines to Eter, Alla Amarward, *Nasik. Sire was a US Nat'l Champion Pleasure Driving horse. Breyer Trad. #410 "Sham" OF. Not yet shown. Sire of 2001 MEPSA Top Ten, Wyndbask Khismet, o/b PHF. Foals: 1997 on

Halimaar Shaklan 1993 grey stallion (Halimaar Phazar [m-phf] x Shaka Dinorah [bso-phf]-El Shaklan) 2x to *Morafic through *El Shaklan and Kamal Ibn Morafic. Lines to Ferzon and Spanish. Sire is on this listing. Animal Artistry Arabian stallion. Very classic. PSP. Foals: 1997 on.

Techno Effects 1993 grey rabicano gelding (shown as a yearling colt) (PHF Special Effects [m-phf] x Tamarka [m-l.lyonne]- *Magnat) Sire is a multiple Champion by a live Nat'l Champion stallion and sire of nat'l winners, *Padron. Sire's dam is by 1978 pure Polish Reserve Nat'l Champion Stallion and tremendous mover, *Erros, out of a double Lewisfield Sun God, heavy Aaraf, mare. Dam is straight Russian, with Aswan, Arax, Korej and double Pirboj lines. Stone Arab "Chip" CM by Gotta Gallop creations. Foals: 1997-1998 only.

Blackberry Beau 1994 black (Beyberry Beau [m-phf] x Semi-Sweet [m-phf]- Darq [l]) American bred with excellent lines. Huckleberry Bey, *Bask, Raffon. Champions throughout pedigree. Winner at Halter. Winner under saddle in EP & Parade. Foals: 1998 on

Chrome Effects 1994 flaxen chestnut sabino (Special Effects [m-phf] x Czandoliera or Chrysanthemumm [m-phf]) Sire and dam both on my listings. Both have lines to Aswan. Russian, Polish, Crabbet and American Polish lines. Stone Arabian Artisan's Hall 'Ra' OF. *SELECT* Foals: 1998 on.

O Ishmael 1994 black (Ibn Ozem PhD [m-phf] x Fad-Sapphire [m-woodl]- Dundy Fadl) DB/Old American/Babson, with a little Crabbet to *Raseyn. Breyer 'Sham' Black Stallion 2002. Photo show placed. Foals: 1998 on

SLMThe Sea Mist 1994 grey (Seaswept [m-phf] x PHF Mistletoe [m-phf]-Ibn Raffon [l]) Sire and dam both on this listing. *Raffles, Raffon. Breyer SM AS OM custom by Suzanne McAllister. PSP first MEPSA show. Foals: 1998 on.

Copperberry Bey 1995 grey (Beyberry Beau [m-phf] x Silver Filigree [m-phf]- Silver Monarch) Sire and dam on my lists. Breyer 2001 SR of 500 QVC 'Paradigm' OF . Photo show placed. Foals: 1999 on

Dynadandy 1995/96/97 grey Arabian stallion (Dandy Natural +/ [l] x DZ Druzyna [m-pend-woodl]- *Druzba ++ [l]) Sire is a US Nat'l Top Ten Show Hack Horse as well as a Champion WP and HP. Lefton Japan china OF. Foals: 2000 on.

Echo Jamal 1995 chestnut (Echo Magnifficoo [l] X Wicomico Jamil [l]- Moniet el Nafis) An American blending of lines, dam heavily Egyptian bred. Sire is a US Nat'l Champion Stallion and sire of Nat'l winners. Dam's sire was a record setting high-selling auction horse, who also sired racehorse MHF Eclipse. Breyer #5181 SM Arab stallion OF. Foals: 1999 on

Tristan PhD 1998 chestnut stallion (MHR Muscateal+ ® x Serafine Fire [1988- bso] Serrific+/® x Fire Fancy®- Fire Bolt) Sire is a US Nat'l Champion Reining horse. Great performance horse lines to *Muscat, *Bask, *Serafix, Hanad, Raffles, Kahar, Mirage. Active and athletic! MEPSA Champion in Gender, Color, Breed. OFCC Champion Stallion, Breed (of 80) and Color (of 79) winner.

NEW! Make Me A Zee 1999 bay Arabian stallion (Hesa Zee+/® x Speed Princess®- Farana) Top working western lines. Full to Arabian Cutting horse, Zee Bunny; US Nat'l Cutting Champion, Zee Queen; Champion Cutter, Zee Princess, etc. Foals: 2003 on.

Vermillion Moon 1999 bay (Versace [l] x Mocha Moon[m-lod]- El Hilal [l]) By the wonderfully typey young stallion, Versace, who is by Fame VF, with lines to *El Shaklan and The Real McCoy. Dam is an El Hilal daughter with lines to Azraff and Jokkar. Stone JAM SR of 500 'Pain In The Brass' Arabian stallion OF. CHAMPION. Foals: 2003 on

Ibn Rushan 2000 chestnut (Rushan AHSB [l] x Fanee [l]-Imperial Faneeq) Sire is a very typey Egyptian/Spanish/Crabbet/English horse, imported from England. Dam picks up the Count Dorsaz Crabbet line, and adds more Egyptian, plus Raffles. Breyer SR CAS Bedouin. Not available until 2004.

NEW! Rain Beau Bey 2001 grey (black) sabino stallion (Bayberry Beau [m-phf] x EK Vermilion®- Red Tape+// ) Sire to Huckleberry Bey, *Bask, dam to *Bask, Gulastra, *Raffles, Comet, Rabiyas, Ronek. Excellent American and Polish lines. Athletic and sabino. Breyerfest SR "High Wire" OF. Sire of Bey Fahir, o/b Heather Mays. Foals: 2005 on.

NEW! Huckleberry Sun 2002 chestnut stallion (Hucklebey Berry [l] x Mamselle Cognac®- Cognac) Sire is a Nat'l EP Champion, Driving Champion, Halter Top Five and sire of multiple performance discipline Champions. Great English action lines. Foals: 2006 on.

NEW! Rysing Cyte 2002 bay stallion (First Cyte [live] x PHF Fatana [m-phf]- JK Spartan [®]) Sire is Nat'l Champion stallion with lines to Out Of Cyte and El Hilal, and dam has lines to Bask, Eukaliptus, Serafix. Stone Arabian CM. Foals: 2006 on.

Ali By Baba
1988 grey (ZT Ali Baba [l] x Akid Maarena [l]- AK Elzahra Moniet) bred for racing. He is 7/8ths Egyptian, heavily *Morafic bred, as most of the racing Egyptians are. This stallion also carries some Babson Egyptian blood, with a little Julep and Old American. Breyer SR SM AS OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Gaypolkagramm 1989 chestnut (Monogramm [l] x Gays Finale [l]- Gaypolka) Beautiful pedigree, meant to sire racers and performance horses with beauty. Monogramm was leased by the Poles to put some Bask lines back into their program. Qualifies as pure Polish. Lines to Bask, Priboj, Negatiw, Trypolis, and Taki Pan. Breyer SR SM AS dap ches OF (2). Foals: 1993 on.

Paragon PhD 1989 chestnut (RD Five Star [l] x *Poznan [l]- Nabeg) Russian stallion, sired by a racer and sire of racers. Five Star, double Aswan bred, also was a successful Halter and performance horse in the showring. Dam was a lovely mare who adds more Arax and Negatiw lines, with race dam Taktika on the female line. Breyer SR PAS 'Cappucino' OF. Foals: 1993 on.

Dunaduke Sabre 1995 bay (Monarch AH [l] x Dunasabellina [l]- *Dunajec) Pure Polish, racing lines. Sire is the leading sire of racetrack winners. This guy has two lines to the great mare Sabellina. Breyer LB Arabian OF. Photo show winner. Foals: 1999 on.

ARABIAN MARES- all Arabian mares bred only by sire approval, or to my stallions. updated 8/02
STRAIGHT EGYPTIAN (may only be bred to SE stallions)

Maar-Lala 1972 grey (El Hilal [l] x Maar Jumana [l]- Disaan) Full sister to the wonderful Champion producing broodmare RDM Maar Hala. Straight Egyptian. SM AM SR grey OF.
Dam of Aaliyah DS, 85, o/b Michelle Weston; Little Romanesque, 89, o/b Satu Marrtila; Ramika Asal, 90, o/b PHF; Fatima PhD, 92, o/b PHF; Lujain Hilala, 95, o/b PHF, by Lujain Gamar; Moon Essence, 96, o/b PHF and Nishit, 97, o/b PHF by Jean Radde. Years available: 78,79,80,82,83,84,87,88,91,94.

Itaba Walide "esteemed mother" 1979 grey straight Egyptian (*Ansata Ibn Halima [l] x Bint Fay Roufa [l]-Fabah) straight Egyptian, blend of "new" and Babson lines. *Ansata Ibn Halima was a 3x US Nat'l Top Ten Stallion, and sire of a US Nat'l Champion Stallion and Mare. Breyer glossy alabaster PAM OF. Dam of Ilmizan, 84; Multiple Champion Safi Baida, 90; Multiple Champion Muftakir Amir, 91; Sannatt, 95, o/b Heather Mays and Halima Miriya, 03; all o/b PHF. Years available: 85,86,87,88,89,92,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02.

Jinh l'Lail "dark of night" 1980 grey mare (Hossny [l] x *Fawkia [l]- Sameh) Sire by *Ansata Ibn Halima, dam by Sameh. Twice to Nazeer; both in the third generation. HTF Breyer PAM dapple with OF black points. MEPSA qualified 2002. Dam of Falak al Lail, 97, o/b PHF; Orsaz, 98, o/b Heather Mays and Sihri l'Laila, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,99,01,02,03.

Kayyir Bint Mokhtar "kind daughter of Mokhtar" 1981 black (El Mokhtar [l] x Bint Bint Wedad [l]-Kaisoon) Straight Egyptian. Sire is by Galal by Nazeer, also El Sareei, Sid Abouhom and Sheikh el Arab. Breyer Bedouin CAM SR OF.  Dam of Aamon, 87, o/b Ashley Pagliuso; Fahm Hajar Harik, '92; Cameo PhD, '93; both o/b PHF; Echos Markh, '95, o/b Melinda Blegan and Ibn Bint Mokhtar, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 86,88,89,90,91,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04.

PHF BintBint Maisa 1982 Bay (Shaikh al Badi [l] grey x Dahmah Shahwaniah [l] bay-*Ansata Ibn Halima) Straight Egyptian. Shaikh al Badi is a member of the winningest straight Egyptian sire line in the US. Dahmah Shahwaniah was a daughter of Bint Maisa el Saghira, a US Nat'l Top Mare in Mare Halter, EP and Park, as well as dam of Shaikh al Badi. Thus, this pedigree is double Bint Maisa el Saghira. Breyer Proud Arab Mare OF touch-up semi-gloss. Dam of Majidah, '87, o/b Rebel Meadow Ranch; The Real Me, 88, o/b Heather Gnidovec; Tayammun, 89, o/b PHF and Kissing Springs, 95, o/b Jennifer Selby. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Ahlam Adla 1984 black (Madaawi [l] black x Bint Serasab [l] black-Ansata Abbas Pasha) Sire by The Egyptian Prince, dam with a Babson damline. Straight Egyptian. Rare Breyer Family Arabian mare #5 '77 SR OF. Broodmare. Winner in Dam/Produce!  Dam of Akid Latif, 90, o/b PHF; Shai Sarai, 91, o/b Shannon Tostanoski; Dalthar, 92; PHF Adjan, 95; and Adhaar el Ajzaa, 04, both o/b PHF. Years available: 93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Ilmizan "the balance" 1984 grey mare (Ahadd [live] x Itaba Walide [m-phf]- *Ansata Ibn Halima) Straight Egyptian. Sire is a winning open Cutting horse, and places in several performance divisions in Class A competition. He is also sire of black HIA Sud Abnus, a beautiful Halter Champion stallion. *Ibn Halima was a Top Ten stalion 3x and sire of a Nat'l Champion Stallion and Mare. Hagen-Renaker 2001 Arabian mare OF. Dam of Kamil Mizan, 99, o/b PHF. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,00,01,02,03.

PHF Nile Moon 1984 grey (El Hilal [l] x Ansata Nile Jewel [l] -*Morafic) straight Egyptian. Sire is US Nat'l Top Ten El Hilal. Breyer Classic Arabian mare customized by Sherri Rhodes. CHAMPION and CHAMPION Dam. IPABRA Reserve Nat'l Champion Dam. Dam of Summer Nile Night,'89, o/b PHF; Nile Mist,'90, o/b PHF; Nile Cloud,'91, o/b PHF; Nile Dancer,92, o/b PHF; Blue Nile,93, o/b PHF; Nile Crescenda, '94, o/b PHF; Ibn Sanaan, 96, o/b PHF; Shaikh al Nil, 98, o/b PHF; Back Of The Moon, 99, o/b Becky Henson and Nile Crocodile, 05, o/b PHF. Years open: 00,01,02,03,04,06,on. Name must contain "Nile" or "Moon".

PH BintBintNahlah 1984 Dapple grey (Amaal [l] grey x Bint Nahlah [l] grey- *Moftakhar) straight Egyptian. By lovely *Morafic son Amaal, and tracing in female to versatile mare Nahlah, US Nat'l Reserve Champion Mare, US Nat'l Top Ten Western Pleasure, English Pleasue and Costume. ceramic "Champ" mold by Atlantic handdone. PSP and LSP. Dam of Hessa, 89, o'b Rebel Meadow Ranch, Al Ahad Alim, 90, o/b PHF; Razala, 95, o/b PHF and Aliyyah, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 91,92,93,94,96,97,98,00,01,02,03,04.

Al Jiwaana 1985 grey (Al Metrabbi [l] x Anchor Hill Serra [l]- Char Serrak x Anchor Hill Bint Gamila- Hadbah) Straight Egyptian. dam 100% Babson Egyptian. WC micro mini Arabian OF. Dam of Halawi Balah, 91, o/b PHF; Zinzilakht, 94, o/b PHF; Samira, 96, o/b Melinda Blegan, Ramik Shams, 97, o/b PHF; Isra Badr, 99, o/b Marie Sweden; Jamala Zahra, 00, o/b Mary Schoedel and Dimah, 01, o/b Chris Wallbruch. Available: 90,92,93,95,98,02,03,04.

Nafisa Jauhara 1985 grey (Moniet el Nafis [l] x *Higran-Seef [l]) Straight Egyptian. Sire is double *Morafic. he set a high selling record at auction, was very fast, and has sired a racehorse, MHF Eclipse. Dam has lines to Sameh, Alaa el Din, Shaloul and Sid Abouhom. Breyer OM SM AM customized by ?. CHAMPION, MEPSA qualified 2002. Dam of Hajar an Nasiya, 98, o/b PHF and PS Ibn alAsfan Aswad, 06, o/b Anna Childers. Years available: 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,04,05

Venus deShahzaman 1985 grey (Ansata Shah Zaman [l] grey x MFA Halwa- Abenhetep- full sister to MFA Kijafa, f. 1981) Morafic, Ibn Hafiza, Babson and Alaa el Din lines. Breyer classic Arabian mare Sears SR 84/85 OF. PSP.  Dam of Champion Nafas el Sama, 01, o/b PHF. Available: 90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,02,03,04,on.

NEW! Ghariba 1986 grey (from black) Arabian mare (Gharib [live-Germany] blk x Nusra [live-Germany] grey- Ansata Abbas Pasha) straight Egyptian. Dam of Mabsut, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

Sabiha Jalisa "graceful lady" 1986 bay (Ansata Abu Tai [l] x Bint Moftakhar [l]- Moftakhar) straight Egyptian; sire is a Nazeer/Sameh cross and dam is by outcross Moftakhar x a Nazeer mare. All Nazeer through Ansata lines, 2x Ibn Halima. Breyer CAM SR OF. Dam of Al-Maisan, '95, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Kamilah Bint Amaal, 02, o/b PHF. MULTIPLE CHAMPION, Championships and Reserves in Gender, Breed, Color, make. MEPSA Internt'l Year-End Reserve Champion and Top Ten. Dam of Bint Ibn Hafiza, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 90,91,92,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,03,04,06.

Farida 1987 Grey (*Sanaad [l] grey x Kateefah [l] ches- *Morafic) Straight Egyptian. Lines to Ibn Rabdan, Sid Abouhom, Anter, Balance, Moftakhar, Nazeer. Most heavily Ibn Rabdan, but through lines other than the Babson horses. Only two lines to Nazeer. This mare can be crossed many ways. H-R "Zara" OF. Dam of Salaa el Amaal, 04, o/b PHF and Bey Fahir, 05, o/b Heather Mays. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Fari Gaziya 1987 Grey dapple (The Egyptian Prince [l] grey x Bint Nahlah [l] grey-*Moftakhar) Straight Egyptian. The Egyptian Prince is a noted broodmare sire. Breyer running mare repositioned/painted/hrd. Retired PSP. Dam of Jamal Tahanjala, '92, o/b Dana Bennett and Hafisa, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

Ivory Moon 1987 Grey (El Hilal [l] grey x Ansata Diana [l] bay-Ansata Ibn Sudan) straight Egyptian. H-R "Zara" OF. El Hilal was a US Nat'l and Can. Top Ten Stallion and a Pleasure Driving Champion. Ansata Ibn Sudan was the first straight Egyptian US Nat'l Champion Stallion.  RESERVE GRAND CHAMPION. Dam of Kayah El Mareekh, 96, o/b Amber Berdie and Amelia, 04, o/b PHF. Available: 92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05 on.

Majeka 1987 Chestnut (Ruminaja Majed [l] x Ramses Fayeka [l]- *Ramses Fayek) straight Egyptian, good mare for racing stock. Majed was used as a racing sire, and Fayek was a racehorse in Egypt, and a Regional Halter champion in America at age 14. Fayek sired ten nat'l winners. PAM 2001 'Carinosa' OF. Dam of Alhena, '92, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Champion Musharraf, 98; Majek Ali, 99, o/b PHF and Rufai'ya, 06, o/b PHF. Available: 93,94,95,96,97,00,01,02,03,04,05,07,on

Noelle 1987 Grey (The Egyptian Prince [l] x Moynese [l] Mohssen) straight Egyptian. By broodmare sire, The Egyptian Prince, and out of a good mare by Champion stallion, Mohssen. Double *Morafic. ceramic mini Arab handdone. PSP. MIJC Top Ten repaint. Dam of Maaribi, 92, o/b PHF and Amaal el Betlahm, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

PHBinte Bint Moniet 1987 Chestnut (Rasmoniet RSI [l] x *Bint Bint Moniet [l]-Rashad Ibn Nazeer) Straight Egyptian. Rasmoniet was the best known son of *Rashad Ibn Nazeer, out of Bint Moniet el Nefous. This pedigree is double Rashad and double Bint Moniet. Breyer Classic Arab mare CM by Bonnie Sumser. Recently LSP. 4th of 60. MEPSA 2002 qualified, and still placing highly even though she is an older custom. Dam of Tanjara Sahira, 98, o/b PHF; Nimira B'saina, 00, o/b PHF and Wa'fa el Moniet, 02, o/b PFH. Available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,99,01,03,04,on.

Shikos Rabdahlia 1987 black w/ rabicano and sabino markings (Rabdal RSI [l] x Shikos Diana [l]- Shiko Ibn Sheikh) Straight Egyptian. Twice to Bint el Bataa. Rashad Ibn Nazeer, Fadl, and rarer lines of Ibn Farhan, Gamal el Din and Hamran. Breyer Bedouin CAM OF. Dam of Aniqa Dalima, 92, o/b Jean Sorensen; S\Asshara al Kouba, 93, o/b Heidi Reaves; Bump In The Night, 95 NSH, o/b Michelle Arras; Shesh'Ta, 99, o/b Carra Reinmiller and Fa-Raazem, 01, o/b PHF and Waheeda, 03, o/b PHF. Available: 94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on

Jazala 1988 grey (Jamil [l] GASB x Ghazala [l] GASB- Ghazal) Straight Egyptian, Nazeer through German lines. Madkour I, Alaa el Din. Also to Shahloul, Hamdan, Badr, El Sareei. Breyer PAM alabaster OF. Dam of Anise, 98, o/b Carra Reinmiller. Available: 93,94,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Noor Jah "morning glory" 1988 chestnut (Dalul [l] x Ramses Fayeka [l]- Ramses Fayek) straight Egyptian. Dalul was a US Nat'l Champion Futurity Colt and a US and Can. Nat'l Top Ten Stallion. Ramses Fayek was a correct stallion and former racehorse who was imported late and earned a Regional Championship in Halter at 14 years old. Breyer CAM OF. Dam of Psyches Sweet Pea, 97, o/b PHF and Sahra Sabah, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 93,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

PHF Starry Sky 1988 Dapple bay (El Hilal [l] x Jamala Tifla [l] black- Ibn Zaghloul) straight Egyptian, could produce black. By premier straight Egyptian broodmare sire, El Hilal and out of a mare with a Babson bottom line. Not too much Nazeer in this pedigree. Breyer #3097 classic Arabian mare dapple bay OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Galileo, 95, o/b Rocket City Stables. Years available: 93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Wasifa "Maid of Honor" 1988 chestnut (Zahid [l] x Bint Elwadi [l]- Dalul) straight Egyptian, by an Anter Champion son, with 2 lines to Morafic. Also Hamdan, Shahloul, Ibn Hafiza and Balance. Hartland grazing mare OF. Dam of Champion, Wasimayah, 03, o/b PHF. Available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Ghazallah 1989 Grey (*Bakil [l] x Nile Vanity [l] grey-Shaikh al Badi) straight Egyptian. Sire by the German Nazeer son, Kaisoon. Dam is by US Nat'l Reserve Champion Futurity Colt, and sire of Nat'l winners. Hartland 9" grazing Arab mare OF. PSW. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Im Nafisa 1989 grey (Imperial Imdal [l] x Imperial Nadrah [l] -Moniet el Nafis) straight Egyptian. Sire is a US Res. Nat'l Champion stallion. Tail female is desertbred Rodania. Sire's tail female is the same. Moniet el Nafis is also the sire of MHF Eclipse, race horse and sire. Breyer PAM SR OF flea-bitten. Dam of Shaji, 98, by Pamses Dashar, o/b PHF. Available: 94,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Summer Nile Night 1989 grey Arabian mare (Lujain Gamar [m-phf] x Nile Moon [m-phf]-Imperial Al Kamar [l]) SE. Double El Hilal, both sire and dam appear on my listing. Breyer CAS customized by Karla Rankin, Summer Snow Farm. Well placed in photo showing, MEPSA qualified 2002. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on

Nile Mist PhD 1990 grey mare (Imperial Imdal [l] x Nile Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal [l]) straight egyptian. Linebred Nazeer. Sire is a US Res Nat'l Champion stallion, who has spent many years on lease in Israel. Dam is my Champion broodmare, Nile Moon. Breyer SR CAM for export to England- 200-250 made. Dam of Multiple Champion Muftakir Amir, 96 and Nile Vision PhD, 97, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Ramika Asal 1990 liver chestnut/flaxen mare (PRI Asali Halim [live] x Maar-Lala [m-phf]-El Hilal [l]) Sire is a Champion at Halter and Show Hack, a Reserve Champion at Costume, and a winner in Dressage. Lailah resin by. Dam of Cal'mah, '97, o/b Carra Reinmilller and Raziya, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

Safi Baida "pure white"1990 grey (Ibn Amaal [m-phf] x Itaba Walide [m-phf]- *Ansata Ibn Halima) Straight Egyptian. By a son of Amaal, mare by the sire of El Hilal. Also, Babson lines. HR large Zara in alabaster OF. Champion Mare, Champion Arabian. MEPSA qualified 2002. *SELECT* Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Tahara 1990 Chestnut (Dalul [l] ches x Egypts Dalala [l] bay- Ibn Zaghloul) Straight Egyptian. Dalul was a US Nat'l Champion Futurity Colt and a US and Can. Nat'l Top Ten Stallion. Ibn Zaghloul was a beautiful black bay US Top Ten stallion who was exported from the US. Breyer #3055 classic Arabian mare OF. PSP. Dam of Champion Ramik Shams, 98, o/b PHF; Tanjara Sahira, 99, o/b PHF; Persephon, 00, o/b Malinda Welte; Wild Nectar, 01, o/b Nancy Baker and Kishta, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 95,96,97,02,03,04,06,on.

Tariba 1990 Grey (Imperial Imdal [l] grey x Maar Bilahh [l] grey- El Halimaar) straight Egyptian. Ansata Ibn Halima through El Hilal and Nat'l Ch. Ansata Ibn Sudan, Morafic through Ansata Shah Zaman, Dalia and Bint Nabilahh H-R "Zara" OF doeskin. PS winner, Reserve Champion. Dam of Taraaziba, 04, o/b PHF. Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Halawi Balah ("sweet date") 1991 bay (Medjool Pasha [m-phf] x Al Jiwaana [m-phf]- Al Metrabbi [l]) straight Egyptian. Breyer CAM customised by Lisa Strang. Dam of Di A'la Khatri, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

Nile Crescenda 1991 grey (El Maji [m-phf] x Nile Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal) Sire is a black Nazeer outcross, dam is a Champion daughter of renowned broodmare sire, El Hilal. Liddy Ela Gence resin finished by ? Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on

Bint el Nil "daughter of the Nile" 1992 grey (Imperial Al Kamar [l] x Al Jiwan [l] -Makhsous) By a good siring, SE son of the exceptional El Hilal, and out of a mare with Sameh and Antar lines, by perhaps the best siring current stallion of the Sameh sire line. Breyer JAM SR 'Steel Dust' OF. Dam of Amir al Nil, 97; and Bint Gamar, 98, both o/b PHF. GENDER RESERVE CHAMPION, Color winner, MEPSA qualified for 2002. *SELECT* Available: 99,00,01,02,03,on

Fatima 1992 rose grey (grey over chestnut) (Saarouf [m-phf] x Maar-Lala [m-phf]-El Hilal [l]) Ablend of old and new Egyptian lines. SE. Sire and dam both on Persimmon Hill list. Hagen-Renaker large 'Zara' OF. Multiple ps winner. MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten. Dam of Multiple Champion and MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten foal, Habibi PhD, 05, o/b PHF; Azali Akmar, 97, o/b Laura Rushing and MMR Kahliya, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years available:,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

Maaribi 1992 grey mare (Abraxas Halimaar [l] x Noelle [m-phf]-TheegyptianPrince [l]) Straight Egyptian. Sire is a Nat'l Top Ten Halter stallion and a Dressage winner. Dam is a multiple winner at Halter. Breyer SR CAM OF. Reserve Champion. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

PHF Nile Dancer 1992 grey Arabian mare (Lujain Gamar [m-phf] x Nile Moon [m-phf]- Imperial Al Kamar [l]) SE. Double El Hilal, both sire and dam appear on my listing. 'Desert Serenade' resin customized by Deb Lenzner. Photo show winner. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,on.

Cameo PhD 1993 black straight Egyptian (Bahim Zuhrah [m-phf] x Kayyir Bint Mokhtar [m-phf]-El Mokhtar [l]) straight Egyptian. Both sire and dam on this list. Lines to Galal by Nazeer, also El Sareei, Sid Abouhom, Sheikh el Arab and Shahloul. Photo show winner; MEPSA 2002 qualified. Breyer SR CAM OF. Dam of O Cleopatra, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 98,99,01,02,03,on.

PHF Blue Nile 1993 grey mare (Ibn Amaal [m-phf] x Nile Moon [m-phf]- Imperial Al Kamar [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. Kathy Bogucki 'Tifla' customized by ?. Dam of Fay Jada, 01, o/b PHF. Years available: 98,99,00,02,03,on

Moon Essence 1996 bay Arabian mare (Abraxas Moonstruk [l] x Maar-Lala [m-phf]- El Hilal [l]) double El Hilal, straight Egyptian. Sire is a full brother to Nat'l Top Ten Abraxas Halimaar. Bogucki 'Tifla' CM by Mary Redenbach. Dam of Il Hafi, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,06,on.

Nile Vision PhD 1997 grey mare (Lujain Gamar [m-phf] x Nile Mist PhD [m-phf]- Imperial Imdal [l]) straight Egyptian. Breyer SR CAM for export to England- 200-250 made. Dam of Nile Promise, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 03,04,06,on.

Bint Gamar 1998 grey (Lujain Gamar [m-phf] x Bint el Nil- Imperial Al Kamar [l]) Breyer JAH SR 'Steel Dust' OF.  Reserve Champion; Winner in Halter and PoD. Dam of Jumanah, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 03,04,06,on.

Maarasha 2000 chestnut rabicano mare (Ruminaja Majed® x N-Q Minisha®- The Minstril) Dam has same dam line as the lovely mare Dancing Colors, owned by Correada Kelley. Majed is rabicano, and The Minstril throws rabicano. Breyer CAM family set 2006. Years available: 05,06,07,on.

Nimira B'saina 2000 chestnut (Amarna El Nimr [m-amarna] x PHF Binte Bint Moniet [m-phf]-Rasmoniet RSI [l]) Straight Egyptian. Heavily Nazeer bred. Franklin Mint porcelain 'My Friend Flicka' OF. MEPSA qualified 2008/09 in Reining, Roping and Pole Bending, and Western Performance Reserve Champion. Dam of MMR Sunhawks Mirage, 06, o/b Debbie Teeselink and MMR Nimiras Khepri, 09, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years open: 05,07,08,10,on.

Nafas el Sama "breath of heaven" 2001 grey mare (IbnIbn Amaal [m-phf] x Venus de Shahzaman [m-phf]- Ansata Shah Zaman®) H-R 'Sheba' OF. 2008 IPABRA National Champion OF Mare, OF Breed, and Overall Grand National OF Champion. CHAMPION. 2009 MEPSA International multiple Top Ten OF China Mare. Available: 2006 on.

Kamilah BintAmaal 2002 grey mare (Ibn Amaal [m-phf] x Sabiha Jalisa [m-phf]- Ansata Abu Tai®) Breyer SM CM by Mary Redenbach. Available: 2007 on.

DQ Ambrosia 1980 Flea-bitten Grey (*Ansata Ibn Halima [l] x *Amaya[l]- Bandos) 1/2 Egyptian, 1/2 Polish. Breyer PAS CM by Linda Leach-Hardy. Multi-Champ, Reserve Grand, now retired. Dam of Shaamis, 85, o/b Suzanne Feld; Porcelaina, 86, o/b PHF; Sahara Amira, 98, o/b Melinda Blegan and Khaukha, 01, o/b PHF. Years available: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,96,97,99,00,02,03

Bint Azal 1983 Grey (*Shaikh al Badi [l] grey x Sunwood Indio [l]-The Egyptian Prince) Egyptian related. 3/4 Egyptian. Dam's sire is US Nat'l Champion stallion, Al-Marah Radames by Indraff. Dam's lines also include Abu Farwa and Czbuthan. Hartland 5"Arabian mare CM. Retired PSW. Dam of Sahaar, 87, and String Of Pearls, 88, both o/b PHF. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Cloudbank PhD 1983 grey (TheEgyptianPrince [l] x *Otra [l]- Galero) Half Egyptian, half Spanish. Breyer running mare OF. Broodmare. Dam of Platinum Cloud, 88, o/b PHF and Raincloud, 90, o/b PHF. Years available: 89,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Duchess of Shenandoah 1983 Bay (*Almileegy [l] bay x Egyptian Jewel [l] ches- The Egyptian Prince) Egyptian related and double Abu Farwa, double Ferseyn. H-R mini Arab mare OF monrovia dark doeskin. Not shown. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Mistical Moon 1983 bay (El Hilal [l] x Bask Mist [bso-lod]-*Bask [l]) By the all time leading straight Egyptian sire of Champions, out of a daughter of the legendary *Bask, with her 2nd dam a Hallany Mistanny mare; a full sister to US Nat'l Champion Mare Dancing Flame and Legion of Supreme Merit mare, Queen Bask +/. Breyer QVC SR PAM. PS Winner, Reserve Champion, Open Show Champion! Dam of Baskafire Moon, 89, on this listing. Years Available: 88,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Montegos Rose 1983 grey (Al Nahr Montego [l] grey x ET Maimum [l] grey- Serr Serbah) Egyptian related. Double Fa-Serr and Ibn Moniet el Nefous. Spanish lines on the bottom side. Could produce black. Breyer SM AM OF. Not yet shown. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Frangipani 1986 chestnut mare (El Hilal ® x Finnessa ®-Ga'Zi) Sire is the all time leading SE sire of Champions, and Ga'Zi mares were a nice cross for him. Ga'Zi is a Kellogg horse. Good lines for western pursuits. Breyer PAM OF. Dam of Al Ishan, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

PHF Bint Habeeba 1986 Chestnut (*Zahid [l] ches x SW Habeeba [m-lod] ches-Shaikh al Badi) Egyptian related, also Crabbet. H-R "Zara" CM by Janice Brent. Champion and Reserve Champion. Dam of Alada Heart, 91, and Shaikh Ibn Kim, 92, both o/b PHF; Azale Samahat, 93, o/b Sarah Norini and Ma Cherie Aamour, 95, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Porcelaina 1986 grey Arabian mare (Imperial Al Kamar [live] x DQ Ambrosia [m-phf]-*Ansata Ibn Halima) Egyptian related. Sire is a SE El Hilal son, while dam is by El Hilal's sire, SE *Ansata Ibn Halima, but out of a Polish Bandos daughter. The Poles have had success crossing Negatiw horses through *Bandos with Nazeer horses through Palas. This mare has more Egyptian lines than Polish, but could be bred either way- to an Egyptian stallion: Babson, Nazeer or non-Nazeer, or to a Polish stallion with Negatiw, Comet, Aquinor or some other lines. Also, good potential for Ferzon or Spanish outcrosses. Custom PAM by Julie Bundy. MEPSA qualified for 2002, with a 2nd in Custom greys. Also recv'd a 6th of 43 in Arabians and 6th of 29 in major customs, Cheryl Mundee, judge. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Seance's Juliet 1987 grey (Gai Seance 242780 [l] grey x Gai Judi Ferzada- *Ansata Ibn Halima) Ibn Halima/Ferzon cross, both top and bottom. Grand Champion micro mini Arab. Dam of Romeo Bey, 94, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Silken Dianthus, 98, Aralusian, o/b PHF. Years available: 92,93,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03

Mocha Moon 1988 Bay (El Hilal [l] grey x Arabay Azaleen [l]bay- Aza Destiny) Egyptian related, also to Jokkar and Caravan, with a very good damline. Breyer classic "Sagr" OF '98. Now showing. Dam of Mochazema, 93; and Halim Hilal, 95; both o/b PHF and DCS Star Gazer, 96, o/b Alyssa. Years available: 94,97,98,99,01,02,03

Platinum Cloud PhD 1988 grey (Il Shakrific [m-phf] x Cloudbank PhD [m-phf]- TheEgyptianPrince [l]) 1/2 Egyptian, 1/2 Spanish both top and bottom. Breyer running mare OF. Broodmare. Dam of Sterling Silver Frost, 93, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Roseyna el Ajzaa 1988 Black (*Ibn Zaghloul [l] x Fasabrah el Ajzaa-Fa-Rousse) very high percentage Egyptian, Babson/Turfa on bottom. Sire was a US Nat'l TT Stallion. Breyer SM Arab mare old mold rem/rep. Dam of Aziza Bint Ozem, 93, o/b PHF. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Snowsmist Moon 1988 Dapple grey (El Hilal [l] grey x Drifronna [l]bay- Snow Drift) Egyptian related. Also lines to Raktha, Raseyn, Farana. Breyer PAM OF. PSP. Dam of Sahan Satin Mist, 93, o/b PHF and MMR Majestic Visions, 04, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

String Of Pearls 1988 grey (Medjool Pasha [m-phf] x Bint Azal [m-phf]- Shaikh al Badi [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. Hartland grazing mare OF. Dam of Freshwater Pearls, 95, and Lavender Sachet, 98, both o/b PHF. Open: 93,94,96,97,99,00,01,02,03

Blue Bayou 1989 Black (Ibn Ozem PhD [m-phf] grey x Bint Sohair [l] bay- El Hilal) Egyptian/DB. Breyer Classic Arabian mare rem/rep. Not yet shown. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Jamala Magdalena 1989 bay (Ali Jamaal [l] bay x Gabrielette [l] bay- Nabiel) Egyptian related; sire is a US Nat'l Champion stallion. Ruminaja Ali, Alaa el Din, double El Magato, Fadjur. Breyer # PAM OF. To be shown. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Tariba 1990 Grey (Imperial Imdal [l] grey x Arabest Liara [l]grey- El Halimaar) Egyptian related. Sire is a US Nat'l Res. Chamion stallion. Double Durral on the bottom. H-R "Zara" OF doeskin. PSW, Reserve Champion. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Samaara el Ajzaa 1993 Black (El Kemir [l] black x Tara Ozara[l] bay-Tara Tanzeer) Egyptian bred. El Kemir is one of only a few SE sons of El Hilal. Dam has line to El Hazeer, who has a line to El Hilal. ceramic mini Arab CM. PSP. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

Psyches Sweet Pea 1997 chestnut mare (Psyches Phenomenon [m-phf] x Noor Jah [m-phf]- Dalul®) Breyer 2003 Christmas ornament. Years available: 02,03,04,on.

Lavender Sachet 1998 grey (*Hafid Ibn Mohammed [m-phf] x String Of Pearls [m-phf]-Medjool Pasha [m-phf]) Egyptian related. Hartland grazing mare OF. NYS. Years available: not until 03.

O Cleopatra 2000 black Arabian mare (Ibn Ozem PhD x Cameo PhD [m-phf]- Bahiim Zuhrah [m-phf]) Egyptian related. Debbi LerMond LE 'Alzubra' resin, Artist's Choice by Karen Caldwell. Photo show winner. Available: 05,on.

Wielka Baskja
1980 bay (*Bask [l] bay x *Wielka Kometa [l] grey- Comet) Pure Polish *Bask daughter out of a Comet mare. Lines with lots of trot. Breyer 'Johar' OF bay. Dam of Wardia, 85, o/b Jeni Hoppenrath; multiple Champion mare, Edycija, 86, o/b Kathy Dodson; Grand Champion mare Foxfire Chiliwack, 87, o/b Delana Metcalf; Venus, 88, o/b Amanda Geci; and On To Istanbul, 98, o/b Melinda Blegan. Available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03

*Marzipana 1981 grey (Bandos [l] x Maskota- Comet) Imported from Poland. Negatiw/Comet cross. Bandos was very esteemed, both in Poland and in the US. Breyer SM AM OF. Years available: 86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Ceruleana 1982 Rose grey (*Eukaliptus [l] x *Cerelica [l] -Partner) *Eukaliptus has been a wonderful sire in Poland, siring numerous Champion mares. His blood is harder to find here in the US, especially without *Bask crosses. *Eukaliptus was only in the USA for a limited number of years. Lady Roxana 'Proud Mother' OF Breyer. Broodmare. Dam of Foxfire Celestynka, 93, o/b Delana Metcalf and Calatrava, 02, o/b Kay Myers. Years available: 87,88,89,90,91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,03

Clarisse PhD 1983 grey (*Eukaliptus [l] x *Camelia [l] -Palas) pure Polish, but with a line to Nazeer through her maternal grandsire. Lines reflective of some of the most successful recent Polish mares, including Esklawa (Polish & Euro Nat'l CH Mare), Eminajca (Polish Nat'l CH Mare and dam of Polish, US and Can Nat'l CH Stallion, Emanor), Erlanda (Polish Nat'l Res. CH Mare), Emigrantka (Polish & Euro Nat'l CH Mare) and Grenlandia (Polish & UK Internat'l CH Mare). Negatiw through Bandos, Comet, Palas and Aquinor. Pretty, pretty. 'Marlena' resin by Sommer Prosser. Multiple Champion. Dam of Foxfire Cameo, 88, o/b Delana Metcalf and Cala Johara, 95, o/b Auumn Rupert. Years available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03 

Mimosa PhD 1983 grey mare (*Sambor [l] x *Mimikra [l]- Comet) By the great racing sire, from the Ofir line through Czort, and out of a Comet mare with a less common dam line. Suitable for race foals. Breyer 2002 release 'Susecion and foal' Dam of Militant PHD, 98; Millicent PHD, 99; and Molotov PHD, 00, all o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,01,02,03

Czandoliera 1984 chestnut (*Gondolier [l] x Czarnuszka [l]- Gwarny) "pure" Polish, sire is a World Champion stallion, and this mare is a full sister to a Regional Champion Halter stallion. Aswan sire line, no *Bask. Breyer PAM OF. Years Open: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Pandora PHF 1984 chestnut (Gondolier [l] x Pallu [l]- Eleuzis) Pure Polish. Sire is a World Champion Stallion combining the blood of Aswan, Comet and Negatiw; dam is a daughter of National Top Ten Stallion with an Aquinor sire line, and a line to Comet. Breyer SM AM SR. Dam of Pandemoniumm PhD, 89, and Pantheona, 91, both o/b PHF. Available: 90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Eternall 1986 grey mare (Gedymin x Estonia- Comet) pure Polish, Amurath-Sahib sire line, Saga dam line, little Ofir, no Bask. FAM SR "Spirit Of The Wind' OF. Dam of Elysia, 91, o/b PHF, by Medall®; photo show winner Keysha Nakira, 92, o/b Delana Metcalf and photo show winner Excellence PhD, permanent foal, o/b PHF. Available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Chrysanthemumm 1988 chestnut mare (Monogramm [l] x Camelia [l]- Palas) Pure Polish, since Monogramm was imported to Poland on lease from the US. Dam is by 3/4 Egyptian Palas. Monogramm is a son of Negatraz, one of the best siring Bask sons. Dam of Trafalgar+, 93, o/b Danelle Gatcombe; Chryptonn, 95, o/b PHF; and PHF Caliente Bey, 98, o/b Karen Hesse. Available: 94,96,97,99,00,01,02,03

Venetian Marble 1991 Dapple grey (*Origan [l] grey x Gwaliora [l] grey- Gwalior) pure Polish. Sire is a Halter Champion as well as a successful racehorse. Aquinor lines; also Aswan, Nabor, Czort, Priboj. Werbena dam line. Breyer SM Arab mare OF. Dam of Welocity, 97, o/b Flyin Lion. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

NEW! Lilak 1992 grey mare (Foxfire Matyas [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Leanne [m-d.metcalf]- Cognac ®) Pure Polish. Lines to Lech by Palas, Aramus, Cognac by Bask. Stone factory custom "Bint el Hawa" OF. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Wiczotika 1992 bay sabino rabicano Arabian mare (Perfecter x Laraa [l]- Cognac) Sire is a Regional Champion EP, Res. Reg Ch Park, US Nat'l TT Pleasure Driving Horse with lines to Palas through *Perkal, Negatiw, Comet , *Sabellina and *Bask. Dam is registered as roan, and is sabino marked. She is by the excellent action horse, Cognac by *Bask and from the damline of Wielka Zorza. Strongly prefer produce to be sabino, rabicano, or both, and LSQ. Breyer Connoisseur 'Shalimar' OF. One of 300. Champion mare, Color Champion, Manufacturer Reserve Champion, and multiple photo show winner. IPABRA 2005 Nationals Nat'l Reserve Champion Dam. Dam of Wishelle, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf; Rave Earth, 98 NSH o/b Vicki Griffiths; Whimsical Scarlett, 99, o/b Michele Smith, 2000 IPABRA 07 auction horse and Wierzba, 01, o/b Rianna Lemon. Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,on

NEW! Millicent PhD 1999 grey mare (Solstice® x MS Bavaria®- Bariznikov) pure Polish. Salon, El Paso, MS Santana, Bask, Aladdinn, Flis. All the best. A Quality Product- Japan OF china. Years available: 04,05,06,07,on.

NEW! Wiktorja PhD 2000 bay mare (Grenadin [m-phf] x Wielka Baskja [m-phf]- Bask®) pure Polish. Bask and Comet lines. Excellent producing mare lines, too. Breyer porcelain "Afire Atnight" OF Foals' name must begin with the letter "W". Available: 05,06,on.

Korolla 1976 grey (Pamir [l] bay x Lan [l]grey- Lak) straight Russian, by a stallion who really sired no foals in Russia, by Knippel, with lines to Kann, Raseem, Piolun, Nureddin and Priboj. Female line the great race mare Taktika! Her dam, Lan, has lines to Korej, Naseem, Loweles, Hardy, Priboj and female line is Konfederacja. This mare is an outcross for Aswan, Salon and Arax, some of the most common lines in Russian pedigrees. Only the Priboj is common. Very athletic lines. SM AM OF. Dam of Khalida, 89, o/b Kendra Nicolucci; Tsarina, 90, o/b Andrea Lucado; and Kariisma, 95, o/b PHF. Years available: 81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,92,93,94,96,98,00,01,02,03.

Palladia 1981 grey (Status [l] bay x Pangaea [bso-lod] grey- Aswan [live]) straight Russian. By a son of Topol by Priboj and out of race broodmare Taktika. Paternal dam is by Lak, out of an Arax mare. Dam is by Aswan, out of Pchelka by Knippel. Dam line is Taktika. Maternal granddam is the mare who produced Palas when bred to Aswan. Potential to produce racers. Breyer PAM alabaster OF. Dam of Prince Of Thieves, 90, o/b Amanda Geci; Koji Kot, 91,o/b Heather Lettengarver; Antarus, 95, o/b Mary Lineman; De Patriotik, 97, o/b Liana Cibery and Panacea, race winner, 99, o/b PHF. Years available: 86,87,88,89,92,93,94,96,98,99,00,01,02,03

Pristiara 1984 grey mare (Pesniar [Nabeg x Pesnia- Aswan] x *Pristan [Aswan x Palmira-Salon]) straight Russian. Double Aswan, dam is a Champion mare. Breyer SR SM AM grey OF. Open 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Marina 1985 bay mare (*Naturel [l] x *Matsya [l]- Podsnejnik) straight Russian. By twice US and Canadian Nat'l Top Ten stallion, by Mag, by Aswan, with two lines to Mammona. Also Priboj, Amurath-Sahib, Negativ. CM 'Sucesion'. PS Winner, Champion, Grand CHAMPION. Dam of Fires Own, 91, o/b Ashley Pagliuso; My Czaritksa, 96, o/b Laura Graham; The Fireman, 04 half- Arab App, o/b Hannah Jameson; and Munchkin, 06, o/b PHF. Open: 92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,07.

Krysta 1987 chestnut mare. (Statistic [Patron x Statistika-Topol ] x Krasalana [Tamerlan x Krasavitsa-Aswan]) straight Russian. Suitable for racing foals, as well as others. SM AM OF. Open 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Musc Delite 1994 chestnut with flaxen points (*Muscat [l] ches x Adrienes Delite 425501[l] grey-*Magnat) straight Russian. By the great *Muscat, known for his lovely trot. Grand Champions Arab OF micro mini. Broodmare. Dm of Muse Of Fire, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 99,01,02,03,on.

Kariisma PhD 1995 bay (Taliisman [m-phf] x Korolla [m-phf]- Pamir [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. Goebel Arabian OF. Multiple CHAMPION. Years Available: 00,01,02,03

1986 light golden chestnut (*Muscat [l] ches x Penelope DSA [l] ches-Padron) straight Russian. Sire was a US Nat'l Champion Stallion, dam's sire is a US Nat'l Champion. Salon, Aswan, Arax, Crabbet and Priboj. Breyer SM AM OF. Dam of Pharoan, 91, o/b Misty Acres; NAN qualified Tribulation Force, 92, o/b Amanda Geci; Psyches Phenomenon, 93, PSW, on this list; Royal Amber, 94, o/b Nightstar Stables; Sunset Flame, 95, o/b Mimi Smith-DeCoster; SK Aurifex, 96, o/b Lisa James and Psyched Up, 01, o/b Danelle Gatcombe. Years available: 97,98,99,00,02,03

1984 grey mare (*Zaon [l] blk x *Oromana [l]- Maquillo) straight Spanish. Sire is black, so she could produce black. WC micro mini OF. Broodmare. Dam of Tierra, 89, o/b Amanda Geci. Years open: 90,91,92,93,94,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Pamplona 1987 grey (GG Samir [l] grey x *Safia [l] grey-Galero) straight Spanish. Breyer # SM AM alabaster OF. Dam of Paloma de Plata, '92, o/b Ratliff Ranch. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Chime CF
1984 bay mare (Ibn Alamein [l] x Trill [l]- Tripoli) 100% Davenport. Breyer SM AM OF. Dam of Celesta, '89, o/b Jeni Hoppenrath, LSP & NAN qualified, Namtar, 90, o/b Ashley Pagliuso; Sahra Chimera, 94, o/b Jean Radde; Shamalia, 96, o/b Shannon DeWaal and Knight Of Swords, '97, o/b Daralyn Wallace. Years Open: 91,92,93,94,95,98,99,00,01,02,03

Mockingbird CF 1985 grey (Lysander [l] x Clover [l]- Ibn Alamein) 100% Davenport, from the Craver Farm. All lines go to the desert. Breyer Proud Arabian mare OF. Dam of 2002 IPABRA auction horse, '90, not yet auctioned, a full sister, Daikirah el Alamein, '91, o/b Daralyn Wallace and Khai el Hawa, 92, o/b PHF. Years open: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Egret 1986 grey mare (Audobon [l] x Nymphaea [l]- Ibn Alamein) straight Davenport, rarest of the rare. Traces in every line to the Arabian desert. These are the purest of Arabians. Dam of Korolev, 91, o/b Amanda Geci; True Love, 92, o/b Ashley Pagliuso; Haitham el Khala, 93, o/b Jeni Hoppenrath; Tafiq Alamein, 94, o/b Jean Sorensen and Midnight Phoenix, 98, o/b Amanda Geci. Years available: 95,96,97,99,00,01,02,03

Divine Night 1998 grey (MV Hashem Bey® x Corsage CF® - Plantagenet®) Davenport. Breyer PAM OF. Dam of Glacier Rose, 03, o/b Martha Baker. Years available: 04,05,06,on.

Royal Conceit
1974 bay mare (Vanitys Count [live] x Royal Jewel [live]-*Serafix) 100% Crabbet. Hartland 6" Arabian mare OF. This mare for Crabbet preservation breeding only. 1986 reserved for my use. Dam of Count The Stars, 98, o/b PHF. Years available: 79,80,81,82,83,84,85,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97.

Sera Van Krabbet 1986/87/88 chestnut (Oran Van Krabbet [live] x Sera Dancer [m-pend-woodl]- Kem Sera Star [l]) straight Crabbet. Oran Van Crabbet, *Serafix. Gr Ch micro mini A chestnut OF. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

*Golden Crystal 1988 chestnut sabino (General Gold [live] Aust. x Crystal Sheen [live] Aust.- Crystal Magician) straight Crabbet. Royal Diamond, Oran, Bright Shadow 2x, Indian Magic, Indian Gold, Raktha, Rissalix, Blue Domino. 'Amirah' resin by Equine Arts. Dam of Foxfire Cristal, 93, o/b Delana Metcalf and Silvergilt Crystal, 96, o/b Jean Radde. Years available: 94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on

Candlelight 1991 greyed chestnut mare (*Saherin [m-d.wallace] x Silver Moonfire [m-d.wallace]- Sindh [l]) straight Crabbet lines. Indian Magic, Silver Vanity. PAM customised by Deb Poole. Dam of Foxfire Camiro, 96, o/b Delana Metcalf. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Ann Baha
1977 chestnut (Antezeyn Skowronek [l] x Rahbaha [l]- Abu Baha) Strong Abu Farwa lines, with Antez, Rahas and Ferseyn. These lines give athletic, working horses, with Abu Farwa's sire, Rabiyas, being 5 gaited. Best Talking Arabian mare OF. Dam of Mellanie Baha, 82, o/b PHF; Baha Royale, 90, o/b PHF and Bey Magik, 96, o/b Eileen O'Dell. Years available: 83,84,85,86,87,88,89,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

NEW! Angel Eyes 1978 grey mare (Rajag [live] x Rosinante [live]- Jaspre) Triple *Mirage, double Katar. Desert, Old American, Babson & Crabbet lines. Lefton Arabian OF. Dam of Angelina PhD, 82, o/b PHF. Years available: 83,84,85,86,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Bay-Mirage 1978 bay (Bay-Abi [l] x Gamar Mirage [l]- Raffon) Grand Champion OF. Dam of Wood Sprite, 84; Gentrified, NSH, 85; multiple photo show winner; Broadway Starlette, 86; O Mariah, 95, and Bey Tron Mirage, 02, all o/b Persimmon Hill. Available: 83,84,85,87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00

Lihah 1978 Cocoa Chestnut (The Gazi Kid [l] x Jhamila [l] bay-Bahade) Kellogg breeding. Dam was a Champion mare. Ceramic mini Arab mare haired. PSP. Dam of Hope You Dance, 84, o/b Sydney Taylor; Leilani Magic, 88, o/b PHF; Kula Shaker, 89, Hispano-Arabe, o/b Amanda Kenney; Keys To The Penthouse, 90, o/b Chris Wallbruch; RA Heartbreaker, 93, o/b Heather Gnidovec; Rememberance, 99, o/b Beata Parsons and Lihah Zee, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 83,85,86,87,91,92,94,95,96,97,98,00,01,02.

Semi Sweet 1982 Dark Bay (Darq [l] black x VO Raffogal [l]-Raffon) Raffon, with Indraff, Jokkar and Royal Diamond. Hartland Arab 5" mare repaint. Broodmare. Dam of Darq Bey Moon, 86, o/b PHF and PHF Darq Perl, 87, o/b Karen Hesse. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99

NEW! Fadgalia 1983 bay (Fadjur® x El Wicu Galia®- Camelot++) An own Fadjur daughter. Try her crossed to Babson Egyptian, Mirage lines, Ferseyn, or of course, Khemosabi++++, whose dam was a Fadjur mare, herself! Dam of multiple champion and Nat'l Top Ten Foxfire Eve+, 94, o/b Delana Metcalf and Khemofadia, 97, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06.

Venus In Gold 1985 chestnut mare (*Erros [l] x WRR GoldenGoddes [l]-Sungod Reflection) Sire *Erros was a US Nat'l TT stallion with gorgeous movement and perhaps the most white of any Polish imported horse. Dam is Crabbet bred. Breyer SM CM by Mary Redenbach. Winner, Reserve Champion, Bloodstock Champion, Champion Producer, regular MEPSA qualifier. Dam of Karanina, 89, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Champion PHF Special Effects, 90, o/b PHF; Rosegold Shadow, 91, o/b PHF; Aravis, 92, o/b Shannon deWaal; Marigold, 94 Morab o/b PHF; Zimply Golden, 97, o/b PHF; Ambergold Love, 98, o/b PHF and Al-Shams Al-Sateeaa, 02, o/b Rianna Lemon. Years available: 95,96,98,99,00,01,03,04,05,06,07,08.

Silver Filigree 1986 Dapple grey (Silver Monarch [l] ches x Silhoulette [l] grey- *Bask) Silver Drift, 2x Raktha, Naborr, Bask. Great damlines. Breyer Classic Arab mare CM by Cindy Turner. PSW. Dam of Sterling Silver Frost, '91, o/b PHF; Bey By Day, '93, 0r '94, o/b Mary Vinyard; Morning Glory, '94, o/b Karen Fawcett; Copperberry Beau, '95, o/b PHF; and PHF Silverado Bey, '98, o/b Karen Hesse. Years available: 92,96,97,99,00,01,02.

NEW! Diademme 1987 grey from black (PHF Silverdrift [m-phf] x Mischiba®- Fabo) CMK/Babson. Liddy 'Parfait' resin by Candace Liddy. Years available: 92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,on.

Gai-Gossamer 1987 Dapple Grey (Gai-Seance [l] grey x Lea Gai Geyma [l] grey -Gai Parada) Gainey breeding, with El Hilal, Silver Drift and *Mirage. ceramic mini Arab mare handdone. PSP, but mainly a broodmare. Dam of Gaily Geyma, 92, o/b PHF; RA Celebrity, 93, o/b Heather Gnidovec; and Majiid Matar, 94, o/b Shannon Tostanoski. Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Gai Perlanabelle 1988 grey mare (Arn-Ett Perlane+ [live] x Gai Annabelle [live]- Gai Parada) Ferzon bred. Breyer Johar flea-bitten OF. Halter placed, performance winner in several disciplines. Available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Leilani Magic 1988 chestnut mare (Aul Magic [live] x Lihah [m-phf] The Gazi Kid) Athletic American lines. Kellogg. Cheval Arabian mare OF. Dam of Ambertone, 93, o/b Persimmon Hill; Effets de Briller, 94, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Winner Copper Aura, 97, o/b PHF and Magic Proof, 98, o/b PHF and Tremper de Soleil, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,99,01,02,03,04,on.

Mistletoe 1988 Grey (Ibn Raffon [l] grey x Pompeys Rose [l] grey- Pompeys Pride) Ferzon, Indraff, Royal Diamond. Breyer #119 SR "Running mare" '94 signed and dated OF. Not yet shown. Dam of Sokar, '93, o/b Daralyn Wallace and SLMThe Sea Mist, 94, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Fames FemmeFatale 1989 bay (Fame VF [l] bay x Spanish Eyes [l] grey- *Bask) double *Bask, Raffon, *Morafic, Gamaar. Breyer # PAM SR QVC. PSP. Dam of Copper N Brass, 93, o/b Tricia Walcott; Unforgettable Bey, 94, o/b Cynthia Forsythe; Bey Femme, 95, o/b PHF; Mei Bey Vamp, 96, o/b Carra Reinhart; Mahogany Fame, 99, o/b Melissa Henderson and a Champion permanent foal, Bey Finesse, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,98,00,01,02,03.

PHF Wysteria 1989 rose grey (grey over chestnut) (Reign On [l] x Winterset [l]- *Eter) full sister to multiple US Nat'l Top Ten English performance winner, New Market. Winterset is a top producing mare. Line to *Bask, Bajram, Comet, Amurath-Sahib and Trypolis. Spanish dam line. Breyer SR PAM OF. Dam of winner Wyndkist PhD, 94; and MEPSA Top Ten Wyndbask Kismet, 96, both o/b PHF. Open: 94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

NEW! WN Salome 1989 grey (Arn-Ett Perlane® x WN Samira®- GG Samir) Sire is the same, dam is full t the mare who produced the Legion Of Masters gelding, WN Starlane+++/. Spanish, Polish, Ferzon and Raffles lines. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,99,000,01,02,0304,05,06,on.

Baha Royale 1990 chestnut (Royal Bahade [m-phf] x Ann Baha [m-phf]- Antezeyn Skowronek [l]) linebred Abu Farwa. CMK. Good cross for Skowronek lines. BHR resin Made Mare-ian OF. Dam of Mriffle, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

PHF Fatana 1991 Chestnut (JK Spartan [l] x Fabrice [l]- *Eukaliptus) Heavily Polish bred, Bask and Bandos, also with a line to Serafix. JK Spartan is sire of a National winner, and also a National Country English Top Ten horse. Dam is a regional Champion Halter mare. Lady Roxana OF Breyer Dam of Sun Hawk's Phaeton, '96 Morab stallion, o/b PHF and Rysing Cyte, 02, o/b PHF. Available: 97,98,99,00,01,03,04,05,06,on.

Pantheona 1991 chestnut (Padron's Amber [m-phf] x Pandora PHF [m-phf]- *Gondolier [l]) sire is by US Nat'l Champion stallion and founder of a dynamic sire line, *Padron. Dam is a pure Polish daughter of a World Champion stallion. PAM SR Congress (-200 made) OF. Photo show winner. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Rosegold Shadow 1991 chestnut mare (*Padron® x Venus In Gold- *Erros®) full sister to Special Effects PhD. By Nat'l Champion Padron, also sire and grandsire of Nat'l winners.
PAM CM by Mary Redenbach of MR Creations. Dam of Roseaanah, 96, o/b PHF and MMR Golden Obsession, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink. Years open: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on.

PHF Gaily Geyma 1992 bay (Zanzibaar Geym [m-phf] x Gai-Gossamer [m-phf]-Gai-Seance [l]) sire and dam on this listing. Zanzibaar Geym has lines to Ferzon plus old Egyptian and DB; Gai-Gossamer, Ferzon, new Egyptian and DB. Hartland 'Lady Jewel' OF. Winner in Mares, breed, make and color. Champion and Reserve Grand; MEPSA 2002 qualified. OFHC Supreme Earner; Top Ten Open mares and Top Five Arabians 2001. Dam of Pysberia, 98, o/b Melissa Addison and a permanent foal. Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03

Mochazema 1993 bay (PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf] x Mocha Moon [m-phf]- El Hilal) mostly Egyptian, with both old and new lines. Also, desertbred Mirage and Raffon, a Nat'l Champ Halter and EP stallion. Breyer CAM from gift set OF. Dam of permanent foal, winner Snowdrop Moon. Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

NEW! Aziza al Ozem 1993 black mare (Ibn Ozem [m-phf] x Roseyna el Ajzaa [m-phf]- *Ibn Zaghloul) Breyer SR SM AM OF. Available: 98,99,00,01,02,03

Sahan Satin Mist 1993 Grey (Gai-Warsaw x Snowsmist Moon [m-lod]grey - El Hilal [l]) Ferzon blood with Comet; El Hilal, Raktha, Raseyn. ceramic mini Arab matte glazed. PSP, mostly a broodmare. Dam of Mrafdens Mercury, 05, o/b PHF. Available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,06,on. 

Wyndkist 1994 greying bay mare (Konnoisseur [m-phf] x PHF Wysteria [m-phf]- Reign On [l]) Sire and dam both on this listing. Sire is pure Polish, dam has wonderful English performance lines. Breyer SR Tour horse 'Banat er Rih' Photo show winner. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03

Bey Femme 1995 bay (Beyberry Beau [m-phf] x Fames Femme Fatale [m-phf]- Fame VF [l]) Both sire and dam on this list. Sire is a Champion by Huckleberry Bey, and out of a *Bask mare, and dam is a multiple winner with lines to Raffon, *Bask, Gamaar and *Morafic. Kim Harvey 'Bint al Badi' resin finished by Dawn Vaughn. Winner in western performance, placings in halter. Dam of Native Sun, NSH, 00, Champion, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.

Freshwater Pearls 1995 grey (Il Shakrific [m-phf] x String Of Pearls [m-phf]-Medjool Pasha [m-phf]) Both sire and dam from Persimmon Hill. Sire is Egyptian/Spanish through the esteemed *El Shaklan, dam is mostly Egyptian, but with Kellogg and Crabbet. Hartland grazing mare dapple grey OF. NYS- NIB. Years available: 00,01,02,03

Ma Cherie Aamour 1995 chestnut mare (Special Effects PhD [m-phf] x PHF Bint Habeeba [m-phf]- *Zahid) Both sire and dam on this listing. Polish/Crabbet/Egyptian. Sheherazade 'Jinni' resin finished by Lynne Baum Von Mayr. Available: 00,01,02,03

O Mariah 1995 bay mare (Ibn Ozem [m-phf] x Bey Mirage [m-phf]- Bay-Abi®) Mirage, Old American lines. Type and substance.  Pope/Bouras 'Sheherazade' resin by Champion. Available: 00,01,02,03,04, on.

Autumn Swan 1996 grey (Autumn Seance [live] x Silver Filigree [m-phf]- Silver Monarch [l]) Gainey, Crabbet, El Hilal, *Bask lines. Would be good bred back into any of these lines. BFA Arabian mare OF from Arabian mare and foal set. Champion Bloodstock, placed in gender, breed and color. Dam of Autumn Moon, 01, o/b PHF. Years available: 02,03

Rosaanah 1996 chestnut mare (Tishaanah [m-phf] x Rosegold Shadow [m-phf]- Padron®) Old American, desert, Crabbet and Egyptian lines. ceramic by Margaret Para, glaze custom. Dam of Miranda PhD, 04, o/b PHF. Years open: 01,02,03,05,on.

Wyndbask Kismet 1996 grey, born bay (Fadbask Fireworks [m-phf] x PHF Wysteria [m-phf]) Breyer 'Huck' CM by Elaine McDaniel. MEPSA 2001 Championship Top Ten. MEPSA qualified 2002. Dam of Beytessa, 05, o/b PHF. Dam of Beytessa, 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03,04,06, on.

Copper Aura 1997 chestnut (Padrons Amber [m-phf] x Leilani Magic [m-phf]- Aul Magic [l]) Mare combines the *Padron type and showiness of her sire, and the athleticism and temperament of her dam's CMK lines. Carol Gaspar 'Arielle' resin by Sandi Bendel-Gaertner Photo show placed. Years available: 02,03,04,on.

Psyches Aphrodite 1997 chestnut mare (Padrons Psyche [live] x Bint Habeeba [m-phf]- Zahid®) Multiple Champion. MEPSA qualified 2004. Breyer PAM CM by Ray Ann Sneathen. Dam of Khaprica, 02, o/b Kathy Dodson. Available: 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,on.

Ambergold Love 1998 chestnut Arabian mare (Padrons Amber [m-phf] x Venus In Gold) Hartland 'Lady Jewel' customised by Kathy McKenzie. Years available: 03,04, on

Pristines Pearl 1999 black rabicano Arabian mare- shown as a yearling (Desperado V [live] x KH Pristine [live]- El Hilal) Sired by a very popular Varian stallion who has thrown winners in Halter, Western performance and even racing. Out of a Champion daughter of the great broodmare sire, El Hilal. This filly was painted as a portrait of my live filly of the same name and lines. Al Shama resin by Gina Anderson. Not available at this time.

Lihah Zee 2003 Chestnut (Make MeA Zee [m-phf] x Lihah [m-phf]- The Gazi Kid [l] x Jhamila [l] bay-Bahade) Witez II and Kellogg breeding. Western performance and using lines. ceramic mini Arab mare handdone and haired, replacement for her dam.Available: 08,on


Tiki Ku Motion 1983 chestnut (Tiki Sahiber Ku [live] x Flaming Emotion [live] *Mohasz) Racing lines. Full sister to Flaming Tron Ku+/ and Tikis Flamingjet. Franklin Mint 2001 mares and foals- Arabian OF. Dam of Mistik Ku Motion, 99, o/b PHF and Motion To Move, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,00,01,02,03

Samantha Tiki 1996 grey (Monarch AH [l] x BC Shawn Tiki [l]- Samtyr) racing bred. Japan china OF. Dam of Patriots Miss Tiki, 00, o/b PHF and Mon Tiki, 03, o/b PHF. Years available: 01,02,03

Anglo-Arab stallions
1992 chestnut Anglo-Arabian stallion (1/2 TB) (Crosscurrent [m-phf] TB x Orbityra [m-phf] Arab- Samtyr®) Hagen-Renaker mini OF. Foals: 1996 on.

Voltage 1998 chestnut Anglo-Arabian stallion, 1/2 TB, 1/2 Arab (Vortex [m-phf] x Wood Sprite [m-phf]- Aspenwood [m-phf]) Hagen-Renaker mini OF. Foals: 2002 on.

Anglo-Arab mares
Wood Sprite
1984 bay Anglo-Arab mare (Aspenwood x Bay-Mirage [m-phf]-Bay-Abi [l]) by one of my TB stallions, himself a GOS winner with Champion get, and out of a well bred American Arabian mare. ceramic handdone OF. retired Reserve Champion. Won in Halter, WP, EP, Dressage, Eng Trail. Dam of Wood Nymph, 90; Wood Violet, 94; Voltage, 98; and Lalique, 03; all o/b PHF. Years available: 89,91,92,93,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,04,on.

Wood Nymph 1990 bay Anglo-Arab mare (3/4 Arabian) (Mahogany Starfire [m-phf] Arabian x Wood Sprite [m-phf] Anglo- Aspenwood [m-phf]) ceramic handdone Reserve Champion. Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Wood Violet
1994 bay Anglo-Arab mare (3/4 Arabian) (Mahogany Starfire [m-phf] Arabian x Wood Sprite [m-phf]- Aspenwood [m-phf]) ceramic handdone Reserve Champion. Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Lalique 2003 bay Anglo-Arab filly, 3/4 Arabian (Mahogany Starfire [m-phf] Arabian x Wood Sprite [m-phf] Anglo Arab- Aspenwod [m-phf] TB ) Norcrest ceramic OF MIJC Reserve Champion. Years available: 08,on.

Part-Arabian Appaloosa stallons(these horses also listed under Appaloosas, as an App breed approved cross)
Fancy's Kalata 1984 Black near leopard 5/8 Arabian (Ali Lazi [®] Arabian x Sarcees Fancy [®]- Simcoes Sarcee) Sire to Abu Farwa and Oran, CMK bred. Dam's sire is a Red Eagle descendant, and dam is 1/4 Arabian. Breyer FAS custom by Ellen White Retired Champion, in both Halter and Performance. Sire of How Now Brown, o/b PHF. Foals: 1988 on.

MC Escher 1989 grey near leopard 3/4 Arabian (Montigre [®] x Siri Spring Snow [m-phf]-PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf]) Montigre is by straight Egyptian Al-Nahr Montego, out of a CMK mare. Dam is on this list. Peter Stone Arabian in appaloosa OF. Sire of Captivator; Lavender's Blue;  o/b PHF. Foals: 1993 on.

Part-Arab Appaloosa mares (these horses also listed under Appaloosas, as an App breed approved cross)
Navajo Turquoise PHF
1983 blue roan, spots, 1/2 Arabian (Saable [l] AHR blk x Azure Britches [l] blro-Navajo Breeze) 4/3+. 1/2 Arabian appaloosa, sire has lines to Serafix, Fadjur. Res. Champion halter stallion, with placings in Hunter Pleasure and WP. Dam is by the racehorse, Navajo Breeze, whose sire line is Mansfield's Comanche. Breyer FAS #37 OF Retired Photo Show Winner. Dam of Appalachian Turquoise, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03. *1/2 Arabian & Ara-appaloosa*

Shebas Sharade 1983 bay spotted blanket (Atabi Moonfyre [l] Arabian x Peacock's Sheba [live]- Red Eagle's Peacock [l]) Sire is a Champion Arabian stallion with lines to Ferseyn, Jedran, Abu Farwa, Fadjur and Antezeyn Skowronek. Dam is a foundation registered mare by a son of Red Eagle, who was half-Arabian. Dam goes twice to Ferras, AHR. Breyer 25th anniversary running mare OF. NIB- NYS. Dam of Sharade's Peacock, 2004, o/b PHF. Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02. *1/2 Arabian & Ara-appaloosa*

Siri Spring Snow 1984 black leopard (PHF Ibn Ozem [m-phf] x Siri Snow Queen II-[m-phf]- Money Creeks Rockledge [l]) 1/2 Arabian, by my Ozem son with lines to *Fadl and *Mirage, and out of my App mare, also on this list, foundation bred to Siri Sheik . ceramic mini Arab mare handdone, haired Retired Champion, later sustained a leg injury, now a broodmare only. Dam of M C Escher, 89; Siri Spring Diamond, 91, o/b PHF; Op Art, 00, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Spring Blizzard, 03; Siri Snowlight, 04; Spring Rain Showers, 05; Siri Snow Angel, 06, all o/b PHF. Years available: 90,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02. *1/2 Arabian & Ara-appaloosa*

Sterling Silver Frost 1991 grey snowflake (Images Moonshine [l] x Silver Filigree [m-phf]-Silver Drift) Sire is a few spot leopard tracing to Patchy, Bambi E and Joker B. Dam is a purebred Arabian mare from Persimmon Hill with Crabbet and *Bask (Polish) lines. Breyer Running mare OF. Dam of Silver Jackpot, 97, o/b Holly Uziak; Sure Sterling, 98, o/b PHF and Captivator, 02, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,99,00,01,03,04,on. *1/2 Arabian & Ara-appaloosa*

Aralusian stallion
NEW! Gaucho de Carbon 1998 grey (from bay) Aralusian stallion (Garza del Nilo [m-phf] x Rosa de Carbon [m-phf]- Celautrur [m-oma]) 3/4 Arabian Aralusian. Spanish Arabian lines, along with *Bask. Breyer Silver Treaure Hunt OF rose grey. Foals: 2002 on.

Aralusian mares
1986 Grey (Regalo Plato [m-oma] x Dolly [l]) Andalusian sire, dam is a Quarab (my live, now deceased mare). Breyer Fam Arab mare #8 'Pride' 60-66 in glossy alabaster OF. Years available: 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01

Rosa de Carbon 1992 Grey mare (from black)  (Celatrur [m-oma] x Amethsyt [m-ybs]-Diamond Bask) Breyer Fam Arab mare #charcoal OF. Dam of Gaucho de Carbon, 98, o/b PHF. Years available: 97,99,00,01

Silken Dianthus 1998 grey Hispano-Arab mare (Nacido Navidad [m-phf] x Seance's Juliet- Gai-Seance®) Enesco circus horse OF. Years available: 03,04,05.

Morab stallions
Sun Hawks Phaeton
1996 palomino Morab stallion (3/4 Arabian) (Sun Hawk [m-starhold] x PHF Fatana [m-phf] JK Spartan [l]) Sire is Daralyn Wallace's multiple National (NAN) Live show Top Ten Hagen Renaker Morab stallion. His Arabian lines are to Lewisfield Sun God, Ibn Hanrah and Hanad. His Morgan lines are to the palomino western horse, Californio, and also to Devan horses. Phaeton's dam has lines to *Bask and *Eukaliptus. Animal Artistry large striking Arabian, finished by Marion Keefe of England. Sire of Laibah, o/b Randa Garrett. Foals: 2000 on.

Corinthian 1997 palomino Morab stallion, 1/2 Arabian (Royale Bahade [m-phf] x Orions Bronze Goddess [mphf]- Orions Duke [m-b.gustas]) Breyer Black Stallion customised by Linda Leach Hardy. Foals: 2001 on.

Panorama PhD 1999 dun Morab stallion (Wolf River Obsession [m-phf] x Pandora PhD [m-phf]- Gondolier®) Stone SR Arab 'Autumn Knight' OF Foals: 2003 on.

Hi-Gold Zimpetuous 2003 palomino Morab stallion (Ga'Zim [m-phf] x Golden Ballerina [m-a.haddock]- Sleepy Pegasus [bso-a.haddock] ) Sire to Ga'Zi, Bey Shah and *Bask, Dam lines to Tio Lalo, Pegasus Persuader, Triple S Red Cedar. Royal Doulton # OF. Foals: 2007 on.

Morab mares
Orange Blossom 1989 bay Morab mare (Takara Rafabi [®] x Evenmist Aurora [m-phf]- Donnybrook Don Crews [m-c.wallbruch]) Sire is by Takara Raffon, by Raffon, with Image and Raseyn; dam line to Bay-Abi. Dam is Morgan. Breyer # SM Arab mare OF touch-up. Years available: 94,95,96,97,98,9,00,01,02,03,04,on.

Dawns Light Rain 1994 palomino Morab 7/8 Arabian mare (Foxfire Rainmaker+ [m-d.metcalf] X Foxfire Skylark [m-d.metcalf]- Storm Warning) Lines to Abu Farwa, Indraff, Aurab, Muscat, Fadjur, Orcland Ambassador.Breyer Johar OF. Dam of Laibah, 00, o/b Randa Garrett. Years available: 99,01,20,30,40,05,06,07,on.

Marigold 1994 palomino Morab mare (Delphi Adonis [m-phf] x Venus In Gold [m-phf]- *Erros®) Sire is a multiple Champion Morgan, dam is a winner and Produce of dam winner Polish/CMK cross Arabian. Breyer SR 1982 MW running mare OF. Dam of Sundust PhD, 99; Forsythia, 01; and African Daisy, 04, all o/b PHF. Years available: 00,02,03,05,on.

Black Velvet Dress 2000 black Morab mare 50/50. (WW Velvet Underground [m-phf] x Durga [m-pend-h.reaves]- *Bask) Breyer running mare customized. Years available: 04,05,on.

1985 black bay stallion (Harlem Globetrotter [live] black ASB x Bay-Mirage [m-phf] bay Arabian- Bay-Abi [l]) 1/2 ASB, 1/2 Arabian. Sire is a well known Saddlebred, and dam is by the sire of Bey-el-Bay. Stone Arabian 'Great Expectations' OF Sire of , o/b Suzanne Feld, Foals: 1989 on. Only Arabian, ASB and NSH mares accepted.

Pure Goldeyn 1990 palomino National Show Horse stallion (Pure Gold [m-s.feld] x Bint Stormeyn [m-s.feld]- *El Minyat [m-a/willis]) 7/8 Arabian, 1/8 ASB. OF Stone Arabian Chip. Foals: 1994-2000. Gelded 1999.

Magnicot 1998 buckskin going grey NSH stallion (Mag [live] grey Arabian x Apricot Jam [m-phf] palo ASB- Phi Slama Jama [l]) 1/2 ASB, 1/2 Arabian. Sire is a live stallion imported from Russia, and dam is a palomino ASB mare. Stone Arabian SR 'Firewire' OF. Foals: 2002 on.

NEW! Red Letter Day 1999 chestnut tobiano stallion (Red Tape++/® x Konfettis Muscaspot [bso-lod]- KS Konfetti®) By a mega-winning English and Driving *Bask son, out of a tobiano mare with lines to *Serafix and Nazeer. Breyer JCP SR "Huckleberry Bey" pinto family. Foals: 2003 on.

Bask Aristocrat 2000 bay NSH stallion (Gentrified [m-phf] x Fames FemmeFatale [m-phf] Arab- Fame VF [l]) ¾ Arabian NSH. Sire by an outstanding ASB sire, who got Champions and winners in 5 gaited, 3 gaited and harness, crossed with a BayAbi/Raffon mare, for pretty and good motion. Dam is double *Bask, with Gamaar. This is a creme de la creme of American Arabian cross breeding, responsible for numerous winners in both performance and halter. Also one line to *Morafic. Lakeshore Collection porcelain 'Status Symbol' OF. Foals 2004-2007.

NEW! Native Sun 2000 bay tobiano 3/4 Arabian NSH (The Color OfFame®-1/2Arab NSH x Bey Femme [m-phf]- Bayberry Beau [m-phf]) Stone Arabian. CHAMPION. Foals: 2004 on.

Here Comes The Sun 2001 chestnut tobiano Pinto (Qabas [m-phf] x Spotted Sunbey [m-pend-a.haddock]- Color Me Handsome) ¾ Arabian NSH. Stone SR of 30 Factory custom. Multiple Champion.

Riyadh Sunset 2002 palomino NSH 3/4 Arabian (Pure Goldeyn [m-phf] x Psyches Sweet Pea [m-phf]- Psyches Phenomenon [m-phf]) 15/16th Arabian. Stone SR 'Rising Star' 300 for Georgia Live show. Foals: 2006 on.

Forsythia PhD 2001 Part Arabian- 1/4 Morgan- mare (Ben Aura [m-phf] x Marigold PhD [m-phf]- Delphi Adonis [m-phf]) 3/4 Arabian. Aurab lines through sire. Padron lines through  HR large vintage Zara in palomino. Dam of Alstroemeria, or Daffodown Dilly, Lady's Slipper 05, o/b PHF. Years available: 06,08,on.

NSH mares
Broadway Starlette 1986 black bay NSH 1/2 Arabian mare (Harlem Globetrotter [l] ASB x Bay-Mirage [m-phf] Arab- Bay-Abi [l]) Sire is an outstanding ASB sire, who got Champions and winners in 5 gaited, 3 gaited and harness. Dam is a Bay-Abi/Raffon cross. Will take a *Bask line stallion very well! Rhodes resin 'Bahira' by artist.Dam of Perfect Pandemoniumm, NSH, 93, o/b Alicia Schafroth. Years open: 91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.. Only ASB, Arabian and NSH sires accepted.

Dancing At Midnight 1990 3/4 Arabian NSH palomino tobiano mare (Zodiac Magnetism [m-lod] x Midnight Rose [m-j.hoppenrath]- Rosetez) Mini Whinny OF.
Dam of Champion Waltz Dream, 95, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Daffodil PhD 1991 palomino NSH mare (Prince Charmin [m-a.haddock] x Sunshine Rhythm [m-j.hoppenrath]- Caydansk) Don Amistad, Rou Fad, Gdansk, El Mudir, Robert E Sea. Breyer QVC SR 2002 Sucesion OF. Dam of Daffy's Tidbit, 04, o/b PHF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Mimosa PhD 92/91/90 gold champagne NSH mare (Khriptonite [m-pend-j/hoppenrath] x Unrequited [m-pend-j/hoppenrath]- ) 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 ASB. Available to Arabian, ASB or NSH stallions. Breyer OF NSH 'Chamapgne Toast" Breyerfest SR Years available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on.

American Idol 1994 amber champagne NSH mare (Firewind Roi D'Or [m-wwmhs] x Serenade [m-wwmhs]- Serr Moniet ®) 75% ASB, 25% Arabian. Breyer MSH 'Madison Avenue' OF. Dam of Ga Serenade, 99, o/b Alicia Schafroth and Zimpossible Dream, 00, o/b Heidi Reaves. Years available: 01,02,03,04,on.

Irish Eyes 1994 bay tobiano pinto NSH (1/2 Arabian) mare (Emerald Isle's Mile High [m-phf] bay tob x Wielka Baskja [m-phf]) 1/2 Arabian. Sire and dam 100% tracing to live lines.  The incomparable *Bask, along with Comet, The Rambler, Starheart's Society, RWC Anacacho Dancer, WC Oman's Anacacho Rhythm, Anacacho Denmark, Veiled Prophet. Old, more unusual ASB lines, with the best moving of the Arabian lines. Bred to trot. Breyer NSH OF. Photo show winner. Years open: 99,00,01,92,93,94,on.

Waltz Dream 1995 buckskin tobiano pinto NSH mare (Medjool Pasha [m-phf] x Dancing At Midnight [m-phf]- Zodiac Magnetism [m-phf] ) 87-1/2% Arabian, 13-1/2% ASB.
Breyer CAM Custom by Janet Bonney Winner, Champion, Reserve Champion, Reserve Grand Champion. Dam of Foxfire Caramia, 00, o/b Delana Metcalf and Champion Tiny Dancer, 05, o/b PHF. Years open: 01,02,03,04,06,07,on.

Southern Sweet Tea 1998 chestnut tobiano NSH 3/4 Arabian (Psyches Phenomenon [m-phf] x Sweet Touch [m-a.haddock]- Columbia@) 5/8 Arabian, 3/8 ASB. Padron's Psyche, Muscat, CH Buck Rogers. Moody resin 'Shania' Years open: 03,04,005,on. Only ASB, Arabian and NSH sires accepted.

NEW! Blue Fire Fashion 2000 grey NSH mare (Europia+® x Rose Gold [m-m/schoedel]- Afire Bey V) 3/4 Arabian NSH. Lines to the excellent producer of English horses, Afire Bey V, also Flight Time and with the Polish NSH nominated English sire, Europia. Breyer Holiday horse 2006 Years available: 05,06,on.

Magnifique 2002 palomino tobiano pinto NSH mare (Magnicot [m-phf] x Image Of Perfection [m-pend-j.lord]- Paramount Perfection ®) 50% ASB, 50% ASB. Breyer NSH QVC SR 2002 OF Photo show winner Years open: 07, on.

NSH Pony mare
Bourbonee Lacquer 1995 National Show Horse (pony) mare (Magnitude [m-ics] x Sunny Bourbonee [m-phf]) Japan china OF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,on.

Part-Arab Pinto stallions (pleasure type pintos)
1982 bay tobiano stallion (Jay Dee [l] x Gasyndia [bso-phf]- Gazon) Sired by Pandemoniumm Pintos legendary Jay-Dee, out of a very well bred Gazon/Synbad mare. Breyer PAS Show Special 'Kalico' OF. Foals: 1986- 2002.

White Chocolate Truffle 1993 bay tobiano stallion (Ga Zim [m-phf] x A-Pache Summer [m-phf] - Tezaar®) Breyer Sham JCP SR OF. Foals: 1997 on.

Gazateer 1997 bay tobiano pinto stallion (Ga Zim [m-phf] x Tiara [m-phf]- Mahogany Starfire [m-phf]) Breyer Sham BFest SR 'Seminole Wind' OF Foals: 2001 on.

Tempezt 1998 bay tobiano pinto stallion (Ga Zim [m-phf] x Tiara [m-phf]- Mahogany Starfire [m-phf]) Creata OF Foals: 2002 on.

A-Pache Scout 2000 7/8ths Part-Arab Pinto gelding (Mahogany Starfire [m-phf] x A-Pache Summer [m-phf]) Chestnut tobiano Ceramic mold finished by owner Champion. Foals: 2004 on.

NEW! Night Moves 2001 bay tobiano Pintabian 99+% Arabian pinto (Bansidhe Dancer [m-j.radde] x DC Boogie Woogie®- JHR Ramses Motif) Dam is a 4x (15/16ths or 95%) Arabian tobiano mare. Also NSH nominating him to IPABRA. Breyer Connoissuer 'Bold Impression' OF Foals: 2005 on.

Alada Fire 2002 chestnut tobiano part-Arabian pinto stallion (Alada Heart [m-phf] x Fantasy Fireworks [m-phf]- Fadbask Fireworks [m-phf]) Breyer SM from card game 2001. Winner. Foals: 2006 on.

Part-Arabian pinto mares (leasure type pintos)
A-Pache Summer
1978 bay tobiano 3/4 Arabian pinto mare (Tezaar [l] x Apache Love [m-phf]-Mir Fad) Sire has lines to *Witez II, Raseyn, Mirage. Paternal g-sire is a half-brother to Bay-Abi. Maternal sire is by Fadjur, out of a mare with Crabbet and Davenport lines. Maternal granddam is an unregistered part-Arabian pinto.
bay tobiano pinto. HK 5" copy of Breyer run.mare repaint/hair.
Retired PS Winner. Dam of A-Pache Maiden, '84, o/b PHF; Heart Of Glass, 92, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Apache Scout, 00, o/b PHF. Years available: 83,85,86,87,88, 89,90,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,01,02 

A-Pache Maiden 1984 7/8ths Arabian mare (Ebony Vision [l] x A-Pache Summer [m-phf]) Sire has lines to *Raffles, Rapture, Hanad, Phantom and *Fadl. Bay tobiano. Ceramic mini Arab mare handdone OF. PSP. Dam of Tiara, 92, o/b PHF. Years available: 98,90,91,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02

Mint Spring
1991 Bay overo pinto part-Arabian mare (Khalico Bey PhD [m-phf] x India Badika f. 83-bso [Sheykh Ibn Deke x Indio's India [bso-lod] f.1973- King Indio PtHA P-16175 x grade pinto mare]) Breyer SM AM Pinto OF. Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02.

Tiara 1992 15/16ths Arab pinto mare (Mahogany Starfire [m-phf] x A-Pache Maiden [m-phf]-Ebony Vision [l]) bay tobiano pinto Breyer "Karma Gypsy" OF. Dam of Gazateer, 97; Tempezt, 98 both o/b PHF..Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,05,on.

Crrrazy Quilt 1995/96/97 chestnut overo part- Arabian mare (Calico Cat [m-pend-a/pilch] x Madjical Riot Grrrl [m-pend-a.pilch]) ceramic mini Arab mare handdone OF. Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,0607,on.

Fantasy Fireworks 1997 1/2 Arabian chestnut tobiano (FadBask Fireworks [m-phf] x India Badika f. 83-bso [Sheykh Ibn Deke x Indio's India [bso-lod] f.1973- King Indio PtHA P-16175 x grade pinto mare])) ceramic "Champ" mold handdone and haired, LSP. Dam of Alada Fire, 02, o/b PHF.Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,07, on.

Last Tango 2000/01/02 bay tovero part- Arabian (Undeniable Attraction [m-pend-a.pilch] x Calico Djipsy [m-pend-a.pilch]- Calico Cat [bso]) 90+% Arabian H-R "Zara" rep/hair by Bonnie Sumser PS Winner. Years available: 05,06,07,on.