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Max A Million

Lenas Scotch Rocks

Scotch Thistle

Moon Lynx

Chex Little Smarty

Directors Cut

  Poco Go Autumn

Cowboy Jac

Palegold Sky Walker

Poco Pac Bonanza

Blushing Gold

Moondash Peregrine

Gone Hollywood

Outona Lark

Zip N Twist

Power Player

Pepper Pop Cat

Chic A Boon

Blazing Gold

Docotah Blue Steel

Hickory Doc

Smokin Gold Command

Blue Bonanza

Champagne FromA Straw


Society Sister

Miss Bingo Twist

Stars And Bars

Berry Whiskey Slushy

Dun In Bayberry

Lil Mesquite

Zip To MLou

Pacific Goldwing

Steel Be Aechting

Sheza Copper Peppy

Sheza Lynx Kitty

Rapped In Ribbons

Lavender Thistle

Pocket Fulla Blues

Tuf Lil Whizzer

Poco Dell Mescalia

Roll Um Easy

Zans Starlight Glow

Play With Watercolors

Cashin Fancy Chex

Chocolate Thistle

This Chics Golden

Lou's Butterscotch Drop

The Quarter Horse is an American breed, created from English horse stock and Spanish horses. The breed is very popular. Once noted for massive, bunched muscles and hindquarters, today's stock can be smoother and less heavily muscled, because of the addition of more Thoroughbred blood. The breed has also gained height. Occasionally, the foundation-bred QHs are also registered as Quarter Ponies, since they sometimes stand 14.2 and less. Quarter Horses are used in racing, for working stock horses, as trail horses and pleasure mounts. Quarter Horses are also used to cross with Paints and Appaloosas, in hopes of a colored foal with QH conformation; with Arabians for Quarabs, or Andalusians for Aztecas. The colors that occur in the breed are many and varied, chestnut, bay, black, grey, dun, buckskin, palomino and roan. Pinto spotted (Paint) horses are occasionally born to registered Quarter Horse parents. Called "crop-outs", they are ineligible for Quarter Horse registration, but may be eligible for Paint Horse registry. As of 2001, AQHA revised the "white rules" so that horses that used to be able to be registered only as geldings can now be accepted as stallions. Cremello horses - a double dose of the dilute gene that creates palomino & buckskin- also occur, and are now accepted for registration. HYPP is a genetic disease from a mutation begining in the good horse, Impressive. There is a test for the disease. All our Impressive bred horses are HYPP N/N, which reflects responsible breeding. The great foundation sire Poco Bueno has been implicated as a carrier of the genetic HERDA disease. HERDA is a recessive gene, so horses may carry without being affected. The disease causes fragile skin. There is not yet a test for this disease, so breeders need to follow careful and responsible breeding practices. Breeding two carriers could result in an affected foal. The disease is not deadly, and there are management strategies.  Quarter Horse names must be 20 characters/spaces or less, and often reflect the names of sire and dam.

Quarter Horse stallions


Max A Million
1994 grulla
(Blackburn Drifter [m-mbr] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]-Little Steel Dust) Foundation bred. Doc's Hotrodder by Doc Bar, Poco Tivio, Blackburn, Sugar Bars, Poco Bueno, Wimpy. Good old lines.
P Stone SR ISH 'Gigabyte' from Haynet 99.
Multiple Photo Show Winner. OFHC ROM.
Foals 1998-2015.

Lenas Scotch Rocks
1995 buckskin stallion
(Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Poco Lena Pine [m-phf]- Doc O'Lena®) Foundation and working lines. Scotch Bar Time, Maudie Leo, Doc O'Lena, Zippo Pat Bars.
Hagen Renaker DW 'Two Bits' OF.
Multiple CHAMPION.
Foals: 1999-2016

Lucky Twist
1995 bay
(Montana Twist [m-phf] x Wildly Lucky [m-phf]) Foundation and cow lines. Cutter Bill, Hard Twist, Doc O'Lena, Jessie James, Oklahoma Star, Joe Reed, Driftwood, Lucky Blanton.
Stablemate old mold QHS OF.
Foals: 1999-2016.

Raven's Rebel Wing (deceased)
1995-2013 grey
(Rebel In Denim [m-phf] x Ravenswing [m-phf]- Poco's Dark Lingo [m]) Sire to Topsail Cody, Oklahoma Fuel, Joak, Leo. Dam is a daughter of Poco's Dark Lingo, from famous Multiple Grand Champions, to Marney Walerius's Poco's Bucketsful Of Trouble. Maternal dam is Chris Wallbruch's well bred mare with lines to Doc Bar, Sonny Dee Bar, Easy Jet and Blondy's Dude. On list a few more years for people who want to take advantage of the model lines.
Andrea by Sadek china OF.
MIJC multiple CHAMPION. 2005 MIJC Year-End Reserve Champion Quarter Horse.
Foals: 1999-2012.

Scotch Thistle
1995 bay QH stallion
(Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Dark Thistle [m-phf]- Frogettes Thistle [m-phf]) Sire is 94% foundation bred, Scotch Bar Time, Fairfax Joe, Maudie Leo. Dam brings in Double Thistle, Two Eyed Jack, Snipper Reed.
Beswick QH matte OF.
MEPSA Champion.
Foals: 1999-2016.

Moon Lynx
1996 black QH stallion
(Pocos Missing Lynx [m-m.vinyard] x Joe Jack Blue Moon [m-m.vinyard] - Mr Joe Jack®) Lines to Poco Sueno, Docs Lynx, Watch Joe Jack, Steel Bars, Sugar Bars, Spanish Cash.
BHR action stallion OF.
Performance Champion. MEPSA qualifier Halter & Performance.
Sire of Lil Black Lynx, o/b Lisa Marshall and performance winner and Reserve Champion Sheza Lynx Kitty, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2000-2017.

Chex Little Smarty
1997 buckskin QH stallion
(Smart Little Lena® x Chexy Lady®- King Fritz) Sire is famous Triple Crown Cutting Winner, Hall of Fame an AQHA Leading Sire and 88% NFQHA. Dam is earner of 43 performance points and an all time leading dam of AQHA World Champions. 88% Foundation.
Breyer G4 Reining SM OF.
Foals: 2001-2018.

Directors Cut
1997 palomino stallion
(Hollywood Hijacker® x Cutterie®- Tangueray Gin) Sire is by Hollywood Jac 86, out of a Topsail Cody mare, and gorgeous to boot. Broodmare sire is Cutter Bill. Working western.
BHR Reining horse OF.
MEPSA Champion.
Foals: 2001-2018.

Poco Go Autumn
1997 chestnut/flaxen
(Poco's Goldcoast m-phf] x September Sonnet [m-phf]- Scotch Leo [m-phf]) Sire by Pacific Bailey, AQHA Champion, stakes winner, setter of four track records, sire of 58 stakes winners and one world champion, get have total earnings of over 2 million dollars, also to Leo Tag/Leo, Scotch Bar Time, Music Mount, Poco Tivio and Mr Bar Gold.
H-R "Quartet" OF.
Foals: 2003-2018.

Strait Silver Smoke (deceased 2015)
1997 silver grey
(Smokey Bar Blues [m-rocknm] x Strait Silver Chex [m-pend-rocknm]- Strait Silver [l])
Trophy QH OF.
Photo show placed-MIJC.
Foals: 2001-2016.

Cowboy Jac
1998 chestnut
(Copper Cowboy [m-phf] x Spring Loaded [m-phf]- Hollywood Jac 86®) Lines to Jet Deck, Hollywood Jac 86, Oklahoma Fuel, Silver Chubb, King, Oklahoma Bar, Lee Bar.
Breyer classic QHS variation- no socks
Foals: 2002 on.

Palegold Sky Walker
1999 cremello
Will produce palomino from a chestnut mare, buckskin or palomino from a bay mare and buckskin, palomino or smoky black from a black mare. All colors will get a cream dilute gene in addition to what they bring to the pedigree.
(Sky Blue Walker® x Zips Golden Cookie®- Zip's Chocolate Chip) Sire 16.2 with pts in Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Hunter, Hunter Hack, Barrel Racing, Western Riding, Western Pleasure, Jumping, Green Working Hunter and Pleasure Driving. Dam by World Champion and leading Western Pleasure sire, Zips Chocolate Chip. Also lines to AQHA Supreme Champion Magnolia Pay, Skipper W and Pay Day.
Stone ISH 'Rocket Zepplin' OF.
Sire of Outona Lark, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2003-2020

Poco Pac Bonanza
2000 buckskin QH stallion
(Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] x Bingogold Te Bird [m-phf]- Golden Oak Holiday) Sire is own son of Pacific Bailey, AQHA Champion, stakes winner, setter of four track records, sire of 58 stakes winners and one world champion. His get have total earnings of over 2 million dollars. Sire's dam goes to Leo and Mr Bar Gold. Dam's sire is race ROM, SI-96, Stakes placed and AAA. Sire line to Top Deck (TB), paternal dam by Gold Pacific, also sire of Pacific Bailey. Maternal dam's sire is Te N Te, also to Poco Dell and Leo Bingo on dam's side.
Cowboy Up resin by Deb Lenzner.
MEPSA Halter Reserve Champion, western pleasure winner in MEPSA and IPABRA showing.
Sire of Blue Bonanza, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2005 on.

Poco's Lucky Gold
2000 palomino
(Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] x Wildly Lucky [m-phf]- Wild Bill [m-yvf]) Sire is by Pacific Bailey crossed on a Mr Spanish Lee mare. Also lines to Poco Pine and Otoe. Dam is by one of Yellowstone Valley's older stallions by Jessie James, out of a mare with close-up lines to Joak and Driftwood. Dam's dam has lines to Oklahoma Star and Lucky Blanton.
Breyer SR SM from Seabiscuit set 2003.
CHAMPION at Halter.
Foals: 2004 on.

Blushing Gold
2001 palomino stallion
(Smokin Gold 45 [m-phf] x Sunspun Spark [m-phf]- Billy Hollywood [m-j.sorensen]) Hollywood Jac 86, Shining Spark, Mr Gun Smoke, Price's Leo Flash, Cutter Bill. Working western.
Stone ISH 'Trophy horse' OF.
multiple Winner.
Stone ISH trophy horse OF.
Foals: 2005 on.

Moondash Peregrine
2001 grey (black) QH stallion
(Moonstruck Runaway [m-pa.horton] x Perkin Now [l]- Dash For Perks) Sire is P.A. Horton's GRI SW with a SI:102, by TB Beduino, out of an Easy Jet mare. Dam is a black QH mare with a sire side of Dash For Perks- Dash For Cash- Rocket Wrangler. 2nd dam is Bugs Menow by Lady Bugs Moon and out of a TB mare. Twice to Easy Jet. These speed lines account for many major winners on the track.
Peter Stone ISH SR of 100 'Black Frost' OF.
Foals: 2005 on.

Smokingo Twist
2002 buckskin
(Smokin Jesse Leo [m-phf] x Miss Bingo Twist [m-phf]- Montana Twist [m-phf]) Great lines to Collins Jessie, Jessie James, Mr Gunsmoke, Prices Leo Flash, Montana Doc, Cutter Bill, Hard Twist, Doc O'Lena, Golden Oak Holiday, Te N Te, Top Deck (TB), Gold Pacific, Poco Dell and Leo Bingo. Working western.
HR vintage Maverick OF.
MEPSA Champion and Reserve Champion 2012. MEPSA Reserve Champion Western Performance 2012.
Foals: 2006 on.

Outfoxxed You
2002 chestnut QH stallion
(Smooth Sailing [m-phf] x Twofox Spanish Gold [m-phf]- Two Eyed Fox [m&®-mbr]) Sire to Topsail Cody, Peppy San Badger, Cee Bee Command, Skippa Ward. Dam to Two Eyed Fox, Flying Gold Rebel. Arena working lines.
Norcrest Japan OF.
MIJC Reserve Champion.
Foals: 2006 on.

Gone Hollywood
2003 palomino QH gelding
(Turbo Charged [m-phf] x Hollywood Corona [m-phf]- Hollywood Jac 86®) Here's a way to cross your performance Poco Bueno mares away from a lot more Poco Bueno. Turbo Charged is by Zan Parr Scooter, an AQHA Champion, with almost 400 performance points. His dam also goes to Par Three, giving him a double dose. Other sire's side lines to Star Duster, Scooter W and Hired Girl and Ed Echols. Dam is by famous reiner, Hollywood Jac 86, with other lines to King and Oklahoma Star.
WEG classic reiner 2010
MEPSA & IPABRA multiple Champion Western performance. MEPSA 2012 Championship Reserve Champion OF Reining, MEPSA 2013 Championship Natural Western Trail Champion, MEPSA 2014 Championship Top Ten both Reining and Natural Western Trail.
Foals: 2007-2011 only

Outona Lark
2003 buckskin stallion
(Palegold Sky Walker [m-phf] x Smooth Lark Zip [m-phf]- Rugged Lark®)
Sire by 16.2hh super-versatile stallion with pts in Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Hunter, Hunter Hack, Barrel Racing, Western Riding, Western Pleasure, Jumping, Green Working Hunter and Pleasure Driving. Also Zip's Chocolate Chip and Magnolia Pay. Dam to Superhorse and sire of Superhorses, Rugged Lark, also Two Eyed Jack, Zippo Pat Bars.
Multiple winner.
Stone ISH regular run OF.
Foals: 2007 on.

Zip N Twist
2003 palomino roan stallion
(Montana Twist [m-phf] x Zip To M'Lou [m-phf]- Megabucks [m-j.sorensen] Sire by Montana Doc, NCHA Hall of Fame Stallion
NCHA COA-Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. By Doc O'Lena. Other lines to Hollywood Gold, Cutter Bill, Hard Twist, King Sunday. Dam sire is a multiple live and photo show Halter and Performance Champion, and IPABRA LOM. Dam lines to Poco Bueno, Wimpy, Doc Bar, Diamonds Sparkle, Topsail Cody and Okie Leo. Dam's dam is a Live show Performance Champion and IPABRA Performance ROM.
Stone ISH SR 'Heza Handsome Hancock' OF.
Foals: 2007 on.

Be My Boonalena (sold 2015)
2004 sorrel rabicano roan
(Smart Little Lena® x Little Pepto Gal®- Peptoboonsmal) Sire is renown Cutting Triple Crown Winner, Hall of Fame, 88% NFQHA,
 #2 ALL-TIME Leading Sire, Smart Little Lena. Dam is 2002 NCHA Horse of the Year and 2012 NCHA Leading Dam of the Year, by another cutting great and leading sire, Peptoboonsmal. Doc O'Lena, Peppy San, Sugar Bars, Royal King.
Breyer Smart Doc OLena OF.
Foals: 2008-2016.

Power Player
2004 palomino stallion
(Real Star Power [m-phf] x  September Sonnet [m-phf]- Scotch Leo [m-phf]) Sire
is by Jen Raymond's top model QH sire, Multi Grand Champion son of Kiawah Sunset, and dam is a daughter of ROM Halter horse, Doc Hollywood®, out of a daughter of an AQHA World Champ Cutting horse mare. Lines to Doc Bar. Dam's sire by Scotch Bar Time out of a Leo bred mare. Lines to Music Mount, Poco Tivio and Leo Tag.
Breyer classic LE 2005 'Springtime Frolic' stallion.
Foals: 2008 on.

Pepper Pop Cat
2005 bay roan
(Swingin Cat® x Miss Soda Pep [m.-c.spracklin]-Peponita® ) Sire is by High Brow Cat, Leading All-Time Cutting Horse Sire. Peponita, Colonel Freckles, Cutter Bill, Smart Little Lena.
Fraley Poco Peppy ChaCha by Angelica Nelson.
Foals: 2009 on.

Ravens Real Poco Dee
2005 black, carrying cream gene
(Boston Raven [m-phf] x Real Heartbreaker [m-phf]- Real Star Power [m-phf]) Two illustrious model lines here- Pocos Bucketsful Of Trouble and Real Fools Gold. For hobbyists who want to keep these old lines going!
currently Breyer 'Docs Keepin Time' SHS OF.
Foals: 2009 on.

TufN Peppy Cody
2005 buckskin stallion
(Outrigger Cody Pep [m-phf] x Tuf N Busybee [m-phf]-Tuf N Busy®) Performance lines with cow sense. To Topsail Cody, Peppy San Badger, Cee Bee Command, Beatle Luck.
BSO at this time
Foals: 2009 on.

Chic A Boon
2006 blue roan QH stallion
(Be Aech Please [m-c.hartung] x Lil Kaboon [m-c.hartung]- Peptoboonsmal®) Linebred to Doc O'Lena. Sire to Smart Chic O'Lena through Chic Please, and Be Aech Enterprise. Damsire is Peptoboonsmal, and dam has a line to Smart Little Lena. Reining and cutting bred.
Stone ISH 'Cowboy Joe" OF.
Foals: 2010 on.

Blazing Gold
2007 palomino stallion
(Poco's Lucky Gold [m-phf] x Hollywood Corona [m-phf]- Hollywood Jac 86) Sire is a Halter Champion by a Champion son of Pacific Bailey crossed on a Mr Spanish Lee mare. Sire's dam is by one of Yellowstone Valley's older stallions by Jessie James, out of a mare with close-up lines to Joak and Driftwood. Also lines to Poco Pine, Otoe, Oklahoma Star and Lucky Blanton. Dam is by the great Hollywood Jac 86, NRHA World Champion Non-Pro NRHA HOF, NRHA $1 million sire. Also King, Hollywood Gold, Brick Zee. Dam has produced a working Western Champion and a Halter Champion.
Breyer LB scale resin QH.
Foals: 2011-2028.

Docotah Blue Steel
2007 blue roan stallion
(Docotah Darq Blue [m-j.sorensen] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]- Little Steel Dust®) Heavily foundation bred. Sire is an IPABRA LOM winner and son of Merry Boy Hancock®. Lines to Poco Bueno through Poco Dell, Little Steel Dust and Pretty Sparkle, plus two lines to Wimpy.
Stone OOAK FCM 2014 'Jack Skellington' OF.
Foals: 2011 on.

Jalapeno Chex
2007-2014 palomino sabino stallion
(Rebel Chex [m-h.lettengarver] x Hot N Spicy [m-h.lettengarver]- Bold King) race lines from Heather Lettengarver's program. Dam is a winner.
Breyer "Smart And Shiney" OF.
MEPSA Winner. Qualified 2010/11.
QRR 9803
Foals: 2011-2015 only.

Chex Yer Gun
2008 palomino sabino and splash, double registered QH and Paint
(Nu Chex To Cash® x Berry Yer Guns®- Colonel's Smoking Gun) HERDA N/N. Sire AQHA #1 All Time Reining Point Earner. High Point AQHA Reining and Working Cow Horse. NRHA HoF. Multiple World Champ Sire. Nu Cash, Bueno Chex, Doc Bar. Dam by Colonel's Smokingun, and dam's dam holds an Arena ROM, with a line to Hollywood Jac 86 through Custom Crome and to Mr Gun Smoke through Katie Gun.
Breyer "Big Chex To Cash" OF.
Foals: 2012-2029.

Hickory Doc
2009 chestnut
(Dean Miracle® x Lady Doctor- Bully Bullion® x Be A Doctor Prospect®) Sire 1998 Racing World Champion Aged stallion. Maternal sire G1SW. Speed lines. Good for racing and barrel racing. Streakin Six, Special Effort, Be A Prospect [TB].
Breyer "Smarty Jones" OF.
Foals: 2013-2030.

Smokin Gold Command
2009 Dunalino (palomino dun)
(Smokin Gold 45 [m-phf] x Whatasweet Honibee [m-phf]- Cee Bee Command®) Sire is a Champion and multiple Champion sire. He is by Hollywood Jac 86 out of a Price's Leo Flash mare, with her out of a Mr. Gunsmoke mare. Dam is by World Champion AQHA Working Cow and Reining horse, Cee Bee Command. Cow and working lines. This stallion replaces his sire is our stallion line-up.
Breyer SR Hollywood Gold 'Adios' OF.
Sire of Shez Smokin Hot, 13, Paint mare, o/b PHF.
Foals: 2013 on, part of name carried, please.

Blue Bonanza

2010 grey QH stallion
(Poco Pac Bonanza [m-phf] x Watercolors [phf]- Sky High Leo [®]) Sire is a winner in both Halter and Performance. Sire's sire is own son of Pacific Bailey, AQHA Champion, stakes winner, setter of four track records, sire of 58 stakes winners and one world champion. His get have total earnings of over 2 million dollars. Dam grandsire is Doc O'Lena. Carries two lines to Leo, double Grey Badger II and Buck Hancock. Otherwise, no inbreeding in 5 generations.
Breyer Premier "Wyatt" 2014 OF.
Foals: 2014 on.

Champagne Froma Straw
2010 amber champagne sabino
(Champagne Cadillac® x Straws Jetset®- Dan L Straw Jr) Sire is a multiple Champion Halter horse in both AQHA and PHBA associations. He is actually champagne, not palomino, through My Skip Ashwood. Lines to Sonny Dee Bar and Goldseeker Bars. Versatile lines. Dam lines back to running and Halter QHs, along with Chico and Steel Bars. Dam is sabino.
ISH DAH 2014 champagne
Foals: 2014 on.

Quarter Horse mares


Society Sister

1993 palomino mare
(Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] x Society Rebella [m-mbr]- Rebel Rocket [l]) Bred on top and bottom side to Pacific Bailey, AAAT AQHA Champion, SW and sire of 547 Race ROMs, 2 WC, 3 AQHA Chs and 27 Show ROMs. Also to Top Deck, Leo, Spanish Joy, and Norfleet. Lots of successful race horses in her lines; she should be able to produce runners.
Breyer SR AG Classic QH mare OF.
Dam of Photo Op, '98 Paint, o/b PHF; Society Skipper, 99, o/b PHF; Summer Sister, 00 Paint, o/b PHF; and Sister Songbird, 05, o/b PHF.
Reserve Champion Dam, Champion Producer; Halter winner.
Years available: 01,02,03,04,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13. 

Ms Flashy Amberwood

1994 amber champagne QH mare
(My Gill Ashwood® x  Juliet's Nurse®- Docs Amberjack) My Skip Ashwood, Skippa String, Tonto Bars Gill, Poco Eagle, Doc Bar, Revoked [JC]. Ashwood Sue is the champagne color carrier.
BSO at this time
Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14.

Double Maple Lena
1995-2016 bay mare
(Frogette's Thistle [m-phf] x Maple Leaf O'Lena [m-phf]- Just Joe) Sire by CH Halter horse and ROM Arena sire Double Thistle, lines to Chicaro Bill, Wimpy, Oklahoma Star, and TB lines Double Feature and Silver Thistle, sire's dam by Blondy's Dude with lines to Frog W. Dam by Mary Vinyard's Just Joe, out of Rose O'Lena by Doc O'Lena. Lines to Ed Echols, Frontera Sugar, Poco Bueno, Music Mount, Bill Cody, Wimpy.
Breyer SR QH Gelding JCP 2001.
Dam of Wyoming Double, App, 05, o/b PHF.
Foals: 00,01,02,03,04,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15.

Sunspun Spark
1995-2015 palomino mare
(Billy Hollywood [m-j.sorensen] x Sunspun [m-j.sorensen]- Shining Spark®)  Excellent working lines here. Cutter Bill sired many great cutting horses. Easter King and Hollywood Gold lines. Shining Spark is a leading reining and reined cowhorse sire and is by World Champion Super Horse Diamond's Sparkle.
Breyer Stock horse mare 2006 OF.
Dam of Blushing Gold, 01, winner, o/b PHF.
Years available: 00,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14.

Miss Bingo Twist
1996 buckskin mare
(Montana Twist [m-phf] x Bingogold Te Bird [m-phf]) Lines to Montana Doc, Cutter's Dix, Cutter Bill, Hard Twist, Doc O'Lena, Golden Oak Holiday, Te N Te, Top Deck (TB), Gold Pacific, Poco Dell and Leo Bingo.
Breyer JCP SR 'Lady Phase' OF.
Multiple Champion.
Dam of Miss Moxie, 01, o/b Kathy Dodson, mutliple Champion Smokingo Twist, 02, o/b PHF and Texas Toast, 05, o/b PHF. prefer part of name carried forward.
Years available: 03,04,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17.

Stars And Bars
1997-2015 blue roan mare
(Figure Four Blue [l] x Far Stars Sparkle [m-a.ingram]-Zen Zi Bar [m-a.ingram]) Sire is live foundation bred blue roan with Hancock and Eddie breeding. Dam to Leo, Peppy San, Doc O'Lena, Gold King Bailey.
Winner's Choice micro OF.
Available: 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17.

Berry Whiskey Slushy

1998 grey (chestnut roan) QH amre
(Noble Whiskey Solano [m-r.garrett] x Strawberry Daquiri [m-r.garrett]- Docs Poco Rack [bso-e.logan]) Liines to Gay Bar King, Doc's Solano, Doc's Sug, Dry Doc. Good to breed to Poco Bueno line stallions.
Stone ISH 'Miss Dainty Doc" OF.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.

Dun In Bayberry
1998 bay QH mare
(Dun Smokin [m-c.wallbruch] x Bayberry Blue Hollie [m-phf]- Hollywood Smoke®)
DeMuth 'Arizona' resin
Champion and Reserve Champion.
Dam of Nic It In The Bayberry, 03, o/b Hannah Jameson.
Years available:  04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.

Lil Mesquite

1998 buckskin mare
(PC Bronsin® x Little Darlin' [m-phf]- Justa KHF Missile®) By a leading barrel sire, sired by Sun Frost. Lines to Doc Bar, Driftwood, Joe Reed II.
Multiple winner in Barrels.
Ski Country "Barrel Racer" decanter OF. Body may change.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,07,8,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.

Poco Peppy Pine
1998 bay
(Dual Pep® x Poco Lena Pine [m-phf] -Doc O'Lena®) Sire is 1998 world champ cutting and NCHA Open Classic Champion. Dam was a good producer for us, foals include multiple Champions. Foundation lines of Mr San Peppy, Grey Badger III, Poco Bueno/King, Doc Bar, Poco Tivio, Zippo Pat Bars.
Breyer Clas. QH mare #3045 OF
Not shown.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19.

Zip To M'Lou

1998 palomino roan QH mare
(Megabucks [m-j.sorensen] x Topsail Zipper [m-j.sorensen]- Topsail Cody®)
Breyer LP custom by Carole Hale
Dam of Zip N Twist, 03, o/b PHF, MMR Zip N Jack Flash, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink and auction horse, 08, o/b .
Years available: 04,06,07,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18.

Sheza Peppy Glow Starlight

2000-2015 strawberry (chestnut) roan + rabicano mare
(Junior Starlight® x Sheza Peppy Redhead [m-phf]- Peppy San Man®) sire is Junior Starlight, with points in Reining, Roping and Working Cowhorse, by the noted Grays Starlight. Dam was a good producer for Persimmon Hill. Maternal granddam is also dam of Zippo Pine Glow, AQHA Superior WP horse and ROM. Peppy San Badger, Doc Bar, King Fritz, Peppy San, Magnolia Bar, ard Twist, Speedy Glow.
Breyer #721 commemorative series Go Man Go OF
Not yet shown. NIB.
Dam of Zans Starlight Glow, 07, o/b PHF.
Years available: 05,06,08,09,10,11,12,13,14..

Tuf N Busybee
2000 buckskin mare
(Tuf N Busy®  x Whatasweet Honibee [m-phf]- Cee Bee Command [live]) Sire is an AQHA Champion, Superior Reining and Heading and Heeling, as well as a World Champion sire. He's by Bueno Chex, by Power Command, by King. Also has lines to Poco Bueno and Bert. Broodmare sire is 1982 AQHA World Champion Sr. Working Cow Horse & 1983 AQHA World Champion Sr. Reining Horse.
Hartland 5" QH mare OF dark and heavily shaded. Replacement mare for her dam.
Dam of ? 05, o/b PHF.
Years available: 06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19.

Pacific Goldwing
2001 palomino mare
(Poco's Goldcoast [m-phf] x Ravenswing [m-phf]- Poco's Dark Lingo [m])
Napco china OF.
MIJC multiple CHAMPION. MIJC 2005 Year-End Champion Quarter Horse, and Top Ten Napco.
Years available: 06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21.

Steel Be Aechting
2001 grulla mare
(Be Aech Enterprise [live] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]-Little Steel Dust®) Foundation AND Reining bred. Famous sire is 99% foundation by NFQHA rules, and dam is 100% foundation. Sire's get have won over a million dollars in reining. Dam sire is a Halter Champion and sire of reining, roping and team penning point earners. Maternal dam created from live lines by Ryan Jaeger.
Breyer Lady Phase CM by Suzanne McAllister Feld.
Years available: 06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21.

Sheza Copper Peppy
2002 chestnut mare
(Copper Cowboy [m-phf] x Sheza Peppy Redhead [m-phf]- Peppy San Man®) Jet A Van, Silver Chubb, King, Oklahoma Bar, Peppy San Man, Speedy Glo. Working and WP lines.
Hoffman decanter copy of Breyer QHY OF
Years available: 07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22.

Sheza Lynx Kitty

2002 black QH mare
(Moon Lynx [m-phf] x Meradas Kitty [live]- ) Lines to Poco Sueno, Docs Lynx, Watch Joe Jack, Steel Bars, Sugar Bars, Spanish Cash, Sonny Reynolds, Double L Too, Sonny Dee Bar and Poco Bueno.
Breyer BF 09 SR 'Roxy" OF
MEPSA Western Performance Reserve Champion, Reserve Champion English.
Years available: 07,08,09,10,11,12, 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22.

Rapped In Ribbons
2003 palomino mare
(Rapped In Cash® x Brand Nu Page [m-phf]- Cutta Nubuck®) Sire is an all-round working cowhorse and has a ROM in WP. Dam sire has 41.5 AQHA points in Reining, Working Cowhorse, Heading, Heeling, Calf Roping - NRHA Money Winner.
Breyer loping classic QHM "Blue Gold" set OF.
Years available: 08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23.

Lavender Thistle
2004 bay QH mare
(Shy's First Leaguer® x Dark Thistle [m-phf]- Frogettes Thistle [m-phf])
Breyer Classic QHM OF.
Halter Winner.
Dam of Chocolate Thistle, 09, o/b PHF.
Open 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24

Pocket Fulla Blues
2004 grey (bay) QH mare
(Docotah Darq Blue [m-j.sorensen] x Par Tee Doll [m-phf]- Tee Jay Silver Demon®) Sire is IPABRA LOM with lines to Blue Boy Hancock, Poco Dell, Star Duster. Dam to Jackie Bee, Shy Prescription, Chip Five.
New classic QHM customised by Jessica Claus of Montecello Studios.
Reserve Champion.
Years available: 09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24.

Augusta Tuf Stardrift
2006 sooty dunskin QH mare
(Driftys Augustus® x Star Dot Com [m-phf]- Tuf N Busy®) Sire line direct from Driftwood. Chicaro Bill, Double Bid, Peppy. Driftys Augustus sire of working cow and barrel horses, damsire is very versatile sooty buckskin, AQHA Show H&P-250+, SUP Reining, SUP Heading & Heeling, AQHA Pts in:Halter, Reining, Working cow horse, Calf roping, Heading & Heeling. Bueno Chex, Power Command, Showdown, Go Man Go, Poco Bueno and Bert. Something just a little different for your program.
BSO at this time.
Years available: 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26.

Tahlequah Te
2006 palomino Quarter horse mare
(Oklahoma Bug [m-phf] x Bingogold Te Bird [m-phf] Golden Oak Holiday®) speed lines. Good for barrels or flat racing blood.
Years available: 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26.

Tuf Lil Whizzer

2006 grulla QH mare
(Jumpin Jack Whiz® x Buckaroo Lil Tuf®- Buckaroo Bueno Chex) Sire is 1998 Congress Open Reining Champion, son of Topsail Whiz, NRHA HoF. Lines to Cee Bars, Hollywood Gold. Dam has lines to Tuf N Busy, Doc Bar, Doc Gray Bar. Reining lines.
Breyer G4 SM reining horse.
Years available: 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27.

Poco Dell Mescalia

2007 red roan mare
(Poco Red Dell [m-phf] x Julia [m-t.mcdowell]- Redemption [m-t.mcdowell]) Poco Bueno bred through Poco Dell, Poco Blunder and Doc's Poco Bar. Also King, Mescal, Wimpy, Doc Bar. Good foundation lines. Dam is an Australian mare from Gubbera Park. Mescal (Wimpy) is a top broodmare sire down under.
Starlite Original Quarter Horse OF
MEPSA Reserve Champion 2011.
Bred by Gubbera Park, N.S.W.
Years available: 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27.

Roll 'Um Easy
2007 black mare
(Fast Smash® x Roll N Moon [bso-lod]= Ladys Moon® x Bar Rollette®- )
Breyer 'Lady Phase' OF.
MEPSA Reserve Champion 2010.
Dam of Easy Lynx, 12, o/b PHF.
Available: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,on.

Zans Starlight Glow

2007 blue/brown roan mare
(Zan Parr Glo® x Peppy Glow Starlight [m-phf]-Junior Starlight®) Sire was an AQHA Res W-CH Junior Reining Horse; points earned in reining, heading, heeling, calf roping, team penning and halter and a NRHA Money Earner. From the very versatile line of Zan Parr Bar, AQHA HoF, sire of 72 Reserve World CH & World CHs in 8 events! Sire's damline is the same- versatility plus- Halter AND Reining AND Pleasure! Broodmare sire is Junior Starlight, with points in Reining, Roping and Working Cowhorse, by the noted Grays Starlight. Three Bars, Ed Echols, King, Peppy San Badger, Doc Bar,  Cowboy, Peppy San, Speedy Glow. 5 generations without a repeated name!
Breyer Roxy SR MidStates ‘Constellation’ OF
Available: 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,on.

Play With Watercolors
2008 grey (bay) mare
(Lectric Playboy® x Watercolors [m-phf]- Sky High Leo®) Sire is a World Champion Cutting stallion, by Freckles Playboy, a leading cutting horse sire. Sire's dam holds a COA, and her sire, Leonard Milligan was 1980 AQHA Superhorse. Lines to Sugar Bars, Rey Jay, Leo, Oklahoma Star, King. Damsire is a gorgeous son of Doc O'Lena, a leading Cutting and Reining sire and out of Maudie Leo by Leo. Dam's dam is double Grey Badger II, and double Buck Hancock. Lines for athletic ability and speed. Heavily Foundation bred.
Stone SR 'Glacier' OF.
Years available: 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29.

Cashin Fancy Chex

2009 frosted dunskin high white
(Nu Chex To Cash® x Fancy Driving [m-r.garrett]- Dunit Fancy [m-c.hartung]) Super working western lines. By the great Nu Chex To Cash, AQHA All-Time #1 Reining point earner, the only stallion to win Reining and Working Cowhorse Hi-Point titles in the same year. NRHA Hall Of Fame and NHRA Million Dollar Sire. He is by Nu Cash, by Colonel Freckles out of a Doc Bar mare, and his dam is a Bueno Chex mare. Doc Bar, King, Poco Bueno, Three Bars, Poco Tivio. Dam is a Halter and performance Champion and Supreme Champion dun mare, owned by Randa Garrett at Twin Springs Stables. She was bred by Cory Hartung's Double Hart Ranch, with lines to Hollywood Dun It, Mr Gun Smoke, Joe Cody, Blondys Dude and Skip N Stage (Skipper W) AQHA Hi-Pt Performance. Sire has a large, long, white blaze, and dam has four high socks. Fancy is sabino and/or splash white.
HYPP n/n, HERDA n/n, GBED n/n, PSSM1 n/n
Stone FCM DAH Chips (mare) 2014
Years available: 14, 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30.

Chocolate Thistle
2009 bay QH mare
(Zips Chocolate Chip® x Lavender Thistle [m-phf]- Shys First Leaguer®) Bred for show pleasure! Sire is a Leading all-Time WP sire and Nat'l CH WP, damsire is a 16hh and 81% Foundation AQHA WP and HP horse. Lines to Zippo Pine Bar, Jaguar, Chubby, Docs Prescription, Mr. Kane Raiser, Ima Big Leauguer, Double Thistle, Two Eyed Jack and Snipper Reed.
Breyer G4 SM QHM
Years available:

This Chics Golden
2009 palomino QH mare
(HA Chics Gold Tune® x Shiney Nu Penny [m-ics]- Shining Spark®)
MEPSA 2012 qualified. Halter winner. 1st of 57 Stock type mares, 1st of 68 QH, 1st of 29 palomino, 1st of 142 SR OF Breyer.
Breyer SR 'Roxy" Wimpy's Chic
MEPSA 2012 Championship Top Ten QH (of 118).
Years available: 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29.

Lou's Butterscotch Drop
2010 palomino QH mare, high white
(Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Zip To M'Lou [m-phf]- Megabucks [m-j.sorensen])
Cantrell AR "Ruby Keno" finished by Lisa Shepard
Western pleasure, bareback pleasure and western equitation winner, MEPSA Champion Western Pleasure 2016, qualified Halter and performance.
Years available: 15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30.