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Begone 1996 bay mare (Shanzig [m-j.coughlin] x Bewitched- Exotic Ritual) + AP chaser -OUT 6/18 Rnbw AlwC@3MT

Real Shy 97 b m (Quiet American x Really Blue- Believe It) AW from Megan Grant's Little Hill Farm. She will race this year, and then go into the broodmare band. -AW at 1-1/16 OUT- ATL 6/20


1999 Colts

Brushstroke 99 ch h (Broad Brush x Sea Silence, Silent Screen) OUT 6/7 Star @1-1/4M Mdn

Double Your Bucks 99 ch h (Bucksplasher® x Double Giggle, Shecky Greene®) + Last OUT EUROPE Newbury 5/5- H'cap plcd@7.5fT

In The Devils Den 99 dkb/br h (Devil His Due® x Confederate Lady, Grey Dawn II®) OUT 5/25 EME- 1s- 0-0-1-0 AP@1-1/2m

Private Buck 99 b h (Black Mountain Buck x Private I- Matt Houston) Maiden winner. from B. Suiter. OUT 6/15 Royal Ascot EUROPE

Vintage FortyNine 99 b h (Forty Niner x Bayberry Wine, Desert Wine) OUT Rnbw 6/18 Mdn Jumble@9f


1999 Fillies

Charming Aly 99 ch m (Alydar x Charming Secretary, Secretariat) / Last out 5/25 EME@6f 1s-0-0-0-0 UP give longer

DiplomaticImmunity 1999 b m (Deputy Minister x Avowed, Affirmed) / OUT Rainb 5/18

Georgia Peach 99 ch m (Millenium Gleam x Georgia Native, Exclusive Native) / OUT Lake 6/15 H'cap 4/u@7-1/2f

Tie Dyed 99 ch m (Dynaformer x Burmese Tigress, Dr. Blum) / 1s- 0-0-0 OUT 7/5 Star @1-3/16mT Mdn

Wedding Danze 99 gr m (Runaway Groom® x Danzing In The Dark, Nijinsky II®)/ 1s-0-0-0 UP OUT 6/15 Lake @5f Mdn


2000 Colts

Arlington 2000 grey colt (Sekari [GB]® x Confederate Lady- Grey Dawn II) + OFF UNTIL 7/20- MDN WNR, AP@1M-shorten up

Buck The Tide 2000 b.h (Calm Seas x Tara Belle Buck, Buckpasser) + OUT Atlantic 5/20- MDN WNR

Concentric 2000 bay colt (Dixieland Band® x Confederate Flag- Hoist The Flag) + MDN WNR@9f OUT 7/3 AspenP Alw@1-1/8

Croftlands 2000 bay colt (Crofter [m-v.neiduski] x Dylanette- Welsh Pageant [FR] ®) + - 3s-0-0-2-1 Mdn placed OUT 6/15 Lake @7fT Mdn

Culture Club 2000 ch m (Flying Continental x Cowgirl Culture, Buckaroo)

Freeformer 2000 bay colt (Unbridled x Befitting, Affirmed) OUT 6/8 JIMBO Mdn@1MT

Gold Account 2000 bay colt (Forty Niner x Smart Account, Private Account) / Last out 5/28 BLR@5f UP

Hasty Brew 2000 bay colt (Java Gold x HastenDownTheWind, Hasty Road) / Last out 5/25 EME@6f UP

Highly Polished 2000 ch colt (Aspen's Wood x PolishedPerformance,) / Last out 5/25 EME@1-1/8 -MP

Indicative 2000 b h (A.P. Indy x Avowed, Affirmed) / 2s- 0-0-0-2 MP Last out 5/15 LKSH

Nuclear Fusion 2000 bay colt (Plutonium x Alyda Bride, Runaway Groom) / OUT 6/18 Rnbw Alw 3yo@1-1/4T Maiden winner @1MT

Real Sharp Amber 2000 ches colt (Cutlass Reality® x Always Amber, *Herbager) / OUT 5/18 RNB MP

Rum And Pez 2000 b h (The Pez Factor x Bayberry Rum, Round Table) / OUT 5/31 AspenP @Alw NW3L 1M

Tall Seas 2000 dkb/br h (Calm Seas x Tallaporesa, Nijinksky [CAN]) / OUT 6/2 EPSOM EUROPE

Teakwood Malay 2000 ch h (Aspen's Wood x Malaysian, Apalachee) / Lat Out 5/28 Stakes 4th @7fT

The Boatswain 2000 bay h (Swain [IRE]® x Bayberry Ninja, Nijinsky II®) / Alw winner at 1-1/8M Last out 5/28

The Red Planet 2000 ch colt (Jaggery John x Around The Galaxy, Round Table)/ Alw winner at 10fT Last out 5/18

Wildebeest 2000 colt Last Out 5/28 SW@6f

Without A Paddle 2000 colt (Deep Creek X Pasiade [ARG], Ahmad) SpW@6f, give a little longer


2000 Fillies

Amber Sky 2000 ches filly (Holy Bull® x Amber Aura- Herbager) + 2s- 1-0-0-1 MW@1MT OUT 6/7 Star @1MT Alw NW-3

Apalachia 2000 bay filly (Artax® x Willin, Outdoors) OUT 6/18 Rnbw Mdn/Alw Jumble- Sprinter?

A Romantic Star 2000 b filly (Watchstar x Doubly Romantic, Noble Jay) / OUT 6/2 Grnwd Mdn 3/u@6f

Basket Of Clover 2000 ches filly (Basket Weave® x Clover Honey, Romantico®) / 1st- MDN WNR@5f OUT 5/31 Aspen Pointe

Bayberry Rubiana 2000 grey filly (Rubiano® x Bayberry Caveat, Caveat) / OUT 6/8 JIMBO Mdn@6fT

Belles On Her Toes 2000 grey filly (Diamond Syndicate x Bellechasse, Poker) OUT 6/18 Rnbw Mdn/Alw Jumble@1MT

Best French Perfume 2000 ch filly (Flying Continental x Aromatica, Judge Smells)/ 1s- 0-0-0 OUT 7/1 Pied @6fT Mdn

Cozzy Glow 2000 gr f (Cozzene x Golden Glow, Glow) / 3rd at 7fT-give longer Last out 5/18- 4th@9.5fT Jimbo? 7/15

Hearth And Home 2000 b m (Homeland Hero x Virginia Dare, Bold Bidder) / OUT 5/31 ASPENP @1M

Imbellish 2000 gr m (A.P. Indy® x Carondelet Belle, Caro®) + OUT 6/15 ROYAS S@1MT. MDN WNR @1MT- EUROPE

Later Tater 2000 ch filly (Hello Fierce x Earnest Gold, Earnest Endeavor) + AW 6s- 2-0-1-1 OUT 6/18 Rnbw @7f Alw

Lighthearted Lover 2000 grey filly (Dream Lover x Irreverence- Lord Poseion) + MW/AP OUT 5/18 RAINB

More Wine 2000 bay filly (Mt Livermore x Bayberry Wine, Desert Wine) / MP@5fT 2s- 0-0-1-0 @6fT Last out 5/15 EME Northern Giselle 2000 bay filly (Northern Spur [IRE] x Giselle, Gallant) + 2s-0-0-1-0 @8fT- shorten up OUT Newmarket 7/1 H'cap@6f- EUROPE

One Minute Silence 2000 grey filly (Hold The Count x Paeonia, Pireus [GB]) + SW@5fT at 2, AP@7f at 3 Last Out 4/10

Please Danze 2000 bay filly (Pleasant Colony® x Danzing In The Dark, Nijinsky II) / 2s- 0-0-1-0 AP@1-1/8m OUT 6/20 ATLN @1M

Real Burmese 2000 dkb/br filly (Known Fact x Burmese Tigress, Dr Blum) / UP@1MT. gate trouble OUT 5/31 AspenP @Alw 3/u 1-1/8m

Ruby Bonnet 2000 b m (Rubiano x Golden Bonnet, Slew O'Gold) Last Out 5/28 BLR UP@1-1/8m UP

Silken Cord 2000 b m (Cordovan x Charming Secretary, Secretariat) + 1s-0-1-0-0 MP@ 1MT OUT 6/20 Aspetuck Alw@7f

Silver Laughter 2000 gr m (Silver Buck® x Double Giggle, Shecky Greene®) / 2s-0-1-0-0 OUT 7/15 Jimbo? @6f Mdn

Synonym 2000 gr m (Alphabet Soup x As Promised, Promised City) / 1s- 0-0-0 OUT 6/20 Atl. @9fT Mdn

Unfathomable 2000 grey filly (Forever Silver® x Silent Sea®- Silent Screen) + 2s- 0-2-0-0 Last out 5/10 STRB-injury MP

War Diary 2000 gr filly (Alphabet Soup x Cannon Smoke, Relaunch) Last out 5/20 IND UP@10fT


2001 Colts

Aspengold 2001 ch (Aspen's Wood x Good'N Golden- Key To The Mint) + UP MDN 2s. OUT 7/20 Atlan MdnJ@5fT

Apentrack 2001 ches colt (Apen's Wood x Shillelagh, Key To The Mint) OUT Rainb 6/18 Mdn 2yoJ@7fT

Bayton Place 2001 bay colt (Matt Houston x Bayberry Rum, Round Table) / unpl Mdn OUT 6/10 Aspetuck Mdn@6f

Blue Move 2001 bay colt (Saint Ballado x Blue Salvia, Good Old Mort) / UP@5fT Last out 5/18

Blushing Bull 2001 gr colt (Holy Bull x Tallahassee Blush, Blushing Groom)

Brandy Station 2001 ch h (Aspen's Wood x Cannon Smoke, Relaunch) / OUT 6/8 Jimbo Mdn@6fT

Diamond Broker 2001 grey colt (Diamond Syndicate x Blue Bridal Lane, Blushing Groom)

Equinox Star 2001 b.h. (Watchstar x Shadowind- In Reality) + - MDN Wnr 1s-1-0-0 OUT 6/15 Lake @4f Opt Claim

Heaven On Ice 2001 g.h. (Heaven Bound x Ice Cream Dream-

HeckofaHangover 2001 b h (Hello Fierce x Bayberry Wine, Desert Wine) OUT Starb 7/5 Mdn 2yo@7f

Manassas 2001 ch h (Aspen's Wood x Confederate Lady, Grey DawnII) /

Manor House 2001 b.h. (Manor Born x Riverglass, Riverman®) + Last out 4/15 UP MDN

Nightwatchman 2001 b.h. (Watchstar x Midnight Service-Deputy Minister) + Last out 4/12 Sussex- 1s- 0-0-0 outrun at 5f

Ninja Greeting 2001 b h (Hello Fierce x Bayberry Ninja, Nijinsky II) /

Noblesse Oblige 2001 gr h (Manor Born x Abbey Road, Vaguely Noble) + MP@6fT OUT 6/15 Lake Mdn 2yo@6fT

Northstar 2001 b.h. (Watchstar x Around The Galaxy- Round Table) + OUT 7/15 Lakes Mdn

Nuclear Fission 2001 dkb/br colt (Plutonium x First Bridesmaid, Blushing Groom) / OUT Starb 5/10 Alw 2yo@6fT

Open Road 2001 bay horse (Langfuhr® x Avowed, Affirmed) / MP OUT STARB 5/10

River Caveat 2001 bay colt (River Flyer® x Bayberry Caveat, Caveat®) / OUT 6/15 Amsterdam Mdn plcd@5f

Song And Danze 2001 dkb/br colt (Sultry Song x Danzig Star, Danzig) /

Swiss Account 2001 b.h. (Manor Born x Highly Clandestine, Shirley Heights®) + Last out- 5/25 EME Mdn@6-1/2f- 2s- 0-0-1-0 MP

Ironclad - was The Merrimac 2001 b.h. (Devil His Due® x Bellechasse, Poker) / Last out 4/30 AMST UP@4f, try addt'l furlong OUT LAKE 6/15 Mdn@7f

The Northern Factor 2001 bay colt (The Pez Factor x Northern Clove, Northern Dancer) OUT 6/8 Jimbo 2yo Stakes@6F

Tiger Woods 2001 ch colt (Aspen's Wood x Burmese Tigress, Dr. Blum) / Last Out 5/18 Sp at 6F HOLD til mid July

Well Chilled 2001 grey colt (Northern Spur [IRE]® x Prospect Of Snow, Lion Cavern®) / OUT 6/20 Atlantic Mdn@7f

Wolfken 2001 bay colt (Wolfram x Natural Resource, Gulch) / OUT 6/18 Rnbw- 2nd@6f MP


2001 Fillies

Account For This 2001 b filly (Unbridled x Smart Account, Private Account) / OUT Lake 6/15 Mdn@7f

Affectionate Dem 2001 blk filly (Demaloot Demashoot® x Flirt, Sultry Song) +

Amber Echo 2001 ch filly (Eastern Echo® x Always Amber, *Herbager®) / HOLD Until July

Amberleigh 2001 ches filly (Fleet Raleigh x Amber Aura, Halo®)/ 2s-unp HOLD until early Aug.

Brassie Lassie 2001 ches f (El Prado [IRE] x Amber Lassie, Cutlass)

Charmingleigh 2001 ch filly (Fleet Raleigh x Charming Secretary, Secretariat)/ Last out 4/23 UP@5f

Crinoline 2001 gr filly (Miswaki x Party Hat, Al Hattab) / OUT 5/20 IND

Confederate Opal 2001 grey filly (Unbridled® x Confederate Flag- Hoist The Flag®) + Last out 4/5- 1s- 0-0-0- unplaced- cyst in hock

Cowboy Cat 2001 ch h (Hennessy x Cowgirl Culture, Buckaroo)

Etiquette 2001 b.m. (Manor Born x Go Go Girl, Easy Goer®) / Last out 4/15 UP MDN

Fancy Coffee 2001 bay filly (Java Gold x Golden Bonnet, Slew O'Gold) / OUT 5/25 EME E@4.5f Maiden winner @5-1/2f

Garden Club 2001 ches filly (Accolade x Nasturtium, Nashwan [GB]®) distance filly

Gemstar 2001 b m (Watchstar x Wine Jewel, Secretariat) / UP at 4f-try again

Heart Of The Sea 2001 ch m (Calm Seas x Heartagold, American Heart) / OUT 6/15 AMST Mdn@5f UP

Home Wrecker 2001 ch.m (Manor Born x Caboom, Capote®) + unplcd Last out RAINB 5/18 HOLD until 7/18

Innovative 2001 ch m (A.P.Indy x Georgia Native, Exclusive Native) / Last out 5/25 EME@4f UP

Into Thin Air 2001 ch m (Lost Code® x Sunny Air, Air Forbes Won) /

Married At Home 2001 gr m. (Manor Born [m-lyntara] x Alyda Bride, Runaway Groom) + Mdn 4th OUT 6/8 JIMBO Mdn@6fT

On Country Roads 2001 bay filly (A P Indy x Tara Belle Buck- Buckpasser) + OUT 6/18 Rnbw Jumble@5-7f 1s -0-0-1-0 MP@5f

Orangerie 2001 b.m. (Manor Born x Clove, Noble Jay®) / 1s- 0-1-0-0 SP@6f Last out 4/30 4th@4f- tired from 2 close races For 7/17 RNBW

Promise Me Heaven 2001 dkb/br filly (Saint Ballado x As Promised, Promised City) / OUT RNBW 7/17 1s- 0-0-0- $0 UP

Quiet Morning 2001 grey filly (Rampion x The Peaceful Dawn-Peaceful Waters) + Last out Emerest 5/25 2s- 0-0-1-0 $1650 MP

Rosemary And Dyll 2001 bay filly (Aspen's Wood x Dylanette, ) OUT 6/20 Atlantic Mdn 2yo@7fT

Sea Aspen 2001 bay filly (Aspen's Wood x Sea Nymph, Linkage)/ OUT Jimbo 6/8 Mdn 2YO@6fT

Slap And Tickle 2001 ch m (Flying Continental x Double Giggle, Shecky Greene) / OUT LAKE 7/15 Mdn 2yo@5f Maiden placed @6f

Starjay 2001 dkb filly (Watchstar x Jayleen, Double Jay) /

Summers Storm 2001 grey filly (Storm Cat x Summer Skies- Party Flag) + OUT 6/18 Rnbw Mdn J@5f UNPLCD

Terms Of Engagement 2001 bay filly (Private Terms x Carondelet Belle, Caro®) / 1s -0-0-1-0 MP OUT OUT 6/18 RNBW @5f Mdn

Winter Aspen 2001 grey filly (Aspen's Wood x Cold Shoulder, Icecapade) / Last out 5/25 EME@6fT UP

Wish On A Star 2001 bay filly (Watchstar x Amber Angel, Holy Bull)


2002 Colts

Aspenwine 2002 ch colt (Aspen's Wood x Bayberry Wine, Desert Wine) /

Court Appointed 2002 gr colt (Free House x Call The Law, Caller I.D.)

Fierce Bad Rabbit 2002 b h (Hello Fierce x Hasty Pass, Buckpasser)

Over The Banks 2002 bay colt (Earnest Endeavor x Riverglass, Riverman)

Shiloh Star 2002 b.h. (Watchstar x Confederate Flag- Hoist The Flag) /

Skywatch 2002 b colt (Watchstar x Around The Galaxy, Round Table)

Unberried 2002 b colt (Unbridled® x Bayberry Caveat, Caveat®)


2002 Fillies

Aspen's Tigress 2002 ch filly (Aspen's Wood x Burmese Tigress, Dr. Blum)

Aura Leigh 2002 ches filly (Fleet Raleigh x Amber Aura, Halo)

Charming Erin 2002 bay filly (Wicked [m-n.delany] x Tara Belle Buck- Buckpasser®) /

Dancing Bride 20002 gr filly (Fred Astaire® x Alyda Bride, Runaway Groom®)

Hello Lassie 2002 gr filly (Hello Fierce x Home Land Lass, Promised Land)

Meadow Romance 2002 ches filly (Meadow Jay x Flirt, Sultry Song®)

Narcissus 2002 bay filly (Watchstar x Aromatica, Judge Smells)

Savannah Sky 2002 ch filly (Sky CLassic x Avowed, Affirmed)

Social Sciences 2002 gr filly (Scientific x Part Hat, Al Hattab) /

Touch Wood 2002 ch filly (Aspen's Wood x Scratch N'Sniff, Judge Smells) /

Unbridled's Belle bay filly (Unbridled® x Carondelet Belle, Caro®)

2002 black filly (Stockmarket [b.suiter] x Poker Chip [b.suiter], Masur)


2003 Colts

Got Cold Feet 2003 grey colt (Lurking x Alyda Bride, Runaway Groom®)


2003 Fillies

Explosive Road 2003 bay filly (Explosive Flare x Abbey Road, Vaguely Noble®)

Mattie Buck 2003 bay filly (Matt Houston x Tara Belle Buck, Buckpasser)

Stalk The Dawn 2003 blk filly (Lurking x Runaway Dawn, Runaway Groom®) /


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