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Warmblood stallions- Warmbloods, except the Trakehner, are registries rather than breeds. A horse approved by one registry might also be approved by another, or foals of a horse or mare from one registry might be registered with another.

Gold Standard Time
1987 palomino American warmblood stallion
(Flight Time Gold [l] x Firestarter 1982 (Ima Flamethrower [m-oma] x Autumn In Vermont [lod]) Saddlebred sporthorse sire, dam is Morgan/Belgian cross.
Breyer JCP SR #710596 Morganglanz "Swedish Warmblood"
Foals: 1991-2009.

DANISH WB- Foal names begin with the first letter of the sire's name
1998 bay Danish Warmblood stallion
(Akinos® x Keshia Gamborg® EDH 3095- Rastell DH337) Akinos is a Holsteiner, and dam is a Danish Warmblood. Lines to Alme Z, Ramiro Z 2x, Cor de la Bryere, Landgraf I, Raimundo, Kafar, Atlas I, Solist 2x, Ibikus, Herbststrum.
QVC SR SM Warmblood OF.
Foals: 2002 on. Danish WB foal names must begin with "A".

1996 bay Danish Warmblood stallion
(Lando [®] x Annafrida [m-pend-oma]- Atlantic [®])
Breyer Classic 'Keen' SR Ahlerich
Foals: 2000-20

DUTCH WARMBLOOD- The first letter of name dictated by the year of birth. The letter for 2000 is T, 2001 is U, 2002 is V, 2003 is W, 2004 is Z, 2005 is A. Omit letter Q, X, and Y.

1992 bay tobiano Dutch Warmblood stallion
(Art Deco [l] blk tob x Gertrude [m-eh]- Fatalist®) Samber, Carajan, Floor, Rinko, Farn, Heidelberg. All to live lines, but not a lot of info on some.
Breyer Sears SR 'Kaleidescope' Trakehner OF.
Foals: 1996-2015.

1994 black tobiano Dutch Warmblood stallion
(Zwartekol [m-tw] x Salome [m-tw]-Herkules) From the fine breeding program of Linda Caroff's Towhee Wood, all lines to live. Paternal grandsire is Samber, paternal dam to Ommen and Fresco. Dam to Gaspari, Alcasar.
Breyer SM JAH Warmblood OF.
Foals: 1998 on.
1995 bay Dutch warmblood stallion (shown as a 2yo) only available for a short time.
(Idocus [l] x Hillier [l]- Telstar) By the famous Idocus, approved ISR, KWPN and OLD.
Competed as reserve Dressage horse in the 2008 Olympics, representing America. To Voltaire, Joost, Mexico, Frasco. Dam is a successful Dressage horse with lines to Farn, Nearco xx, Consul.
unknown Japan china
Foals: 1999 on.

2000 chestnut Dutch warmblood stallion
(Policy Of Truth [m-c.wallbruch] x Gabriella [m-c.wallbruch]- Valentine) Most lines traced to live horses, but a few dead ends. Art Deco, Roemer, Nocturn, Landsturm.
Foals: 2004 on.

HANOVERIAN foal names begin with the first letter of the sire's name

2005 chestnut sabino Hanoverian stallion
(Asterix [m-c.hartung] x Waranixe [m-c.hartung] -Wayland [m-c.hartung] ) Bred by Double Hart Ranch. All live lines. Akzent II, Cardinal xx, Woermann, Pik Bube I, Absatz, Lugano I.
Stone Chips WB OF.
Foals: 2009 on. Hanoverian foal names must begin with "A".

2006 black (chestnut recessive) Hanoverian stallion
(Adonis® x Larissa®- Lanthan) Sire is a chestnut Elite stallion, his bloodlines are a combination of the Abglanz line and the versatile D line noted for producing top jumpers and dressage horses. Damsire, Lanthan, is a leading Hanoverian sire in Germany for Dressage horses and jumpers.
Breyer resin Totilas OF.
MEPSA Qualified 2013
Foals: 2010 on. Hanoverian foal names must begin with "A".
1996 grey Hanoverian stallion
(Donavan® x Teerose®- Tanzenlicht) Sire gets dressage horses and also jumpers. Dam has produced both, too.
Starlite WB OF.
MEPSA Reserve Champion 2011.
Foals: 2000 on. Hanoverian foal names must begin with "A".

1988 bay Hanoverian stallion
(Diamont [l] x Petroushka [m-oma]-Pik Bube I®) Most lines verified to live horses. Dam lines to Sendbote, Alsterblute, Aller. Sire, Diamont, was a noted dressage sire and was ranked first in 1994, 1996 and 1997 by the USDF among all Hanoverian stallions for producing USDF Horse of the Year qualifiers.
Breyer Hanoverian OF.
Foals: 1992-2009. Hanoverian foal names must begin with "D".
1995 bay Hanoverian stallion
(Waldaire [l] x Lyriker [m-rds]-Louis Teakettle [m-oma]) All lines to live horses. Sire is Approved GOV, ISR/OLD, AWR, PHR, see him @, winner of 43 National Year End Awards, successful FEI dressage horse. To Darling, Artisitn, Matador, Velbert, Alsfeld, Sendbote, Abhang.
Breyer #951 "Borodino II" OF '98
Foals: 1999-2017. Hanoverian foal names must begin with "W".

HOLSTEINER colt names begin with the first letter of the sire name; filles follow a yearly shcedule- 2000 is P, (no Q) 2001 is a R, 2002 is S, 2003 is T, 2004 is W. (also no X or Y,and I & J share a year) 

1994 grey (bay) Holsteiner stallion
(Riverman [l] x Daquiri [m-tw]-Alcatraz [l])
Breyer Big Ben 'Stormchaser' Tour Horse 2001 OF.
Grand Champion; Championships in breed and Color.
Approved Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Hanoverian and American Warmblood.
Sire of Chane RGR, o/b Julia Gronroos and DHR Nearly Irresistable, 98, o/b Vicki Griffiths.
Foals: 1998-2016.

2002 bay Holstein & Dutch WB stallion
(Silvano ® [Hol] x Feine Loewin ® [Han]- Feiner Stern [Han]) Sire is Internat'l Grand Prix and a silver medalist in Olympic Dressage. Perhaps one of the finest Dressage horses alive. Feiner Stern is a premier sire of broodmares, approved Hanoverian. Get can be registered Holstein Verband, and/or as Dutch or American WBs.
AAA Warmblood OF.
Reserve Champion. MEPSA 2012 qualified winner.
Foals: 2006-2023.

1992 bay Holsteiner
(Titan [l] bay x Pride Of The Sky [m-eh]bay- Prinz Gaylord [l]) All lines to live. Talisman, Farnese, Cor de la Bryere, Malteser, Gotthard, Persian Gulf, Farnese. Several lines in common with my Oldenburg mare, Interpid.
Breyer #900 "Vandergelder" OF
Foals: 1996-2014.
OLDENBURG foal names begin with the first letter of the sire's name

1998 grey (from dark chestnut) Oldenburg stalllion
(Ideal ® [Old] x Amaryllis ® [Old]- Amerillo [Old]) Ideal is perhaps the supreme sire of the Oldenburg breed, and Amaryllis has produced live full siblings. Pedigree also includes Argentinus and Gotthard.
Breyer Oldenburg 'Ideal' OF
Foals: 2002 on.
2001 chestnut tobiano Oldenburg stallion
(Indulgent Daniel- Trakehner, approved Hanoverian (MHV) [m-s.carper] x Sidonie, Hall of Fame(r) [m-s.carper]) Lines to Donauwind, Hadrian, Art Deco and Argentinus, plus TBs Intents Last, Pretense, Mytens.
MEPSA 2012 Interna'l Year-End Top Ten (of 283) Light breed stallions.
Foals: 2005 on.
Riparian Rights
2000 chestnut Oldenburg stallion
(Riverman® [HOL] x Corina® [OLD]-Cor Noir) Riverman is AHHA, ISR/OldNA, GOV approved, a US Dressage Champion. He was the Reserve Champion of his Holsteiner stallion licensing,  Riverman stood 2nd in the 2000 German FN's Jumping Index and 3rd in the Overall Index for stallions of his age group, due to the success of his offspring in both dressage and jumping competitions. His dam also has a line to Cor de la Bryere, as well as Marmor, Zymbal & Don Juan.
Japan Clover OF (very old & unusual, but typically Japan)
Multiple Champion.
Foals: 2005 on.

RHINELANDER foal names usually begin with the first letter of the sire's name- the Rhinelander registry is not the same as the RPS or Rhineland-Pfaltz-Saar registry.
1994 chestnut Rhinelander stallion
(Florestan I® x Cremona®- Captain) Sire line to Furioso II (Selle Francais), also Rheingold (Rhinelander), Garamond (Trakehner). Maternal sire Captain (Westphalian), Rheinblick (Holsteiner), Abendregen (Trakehner).
Breyer SR 'Reisling' OF
Foals: 1998-2015.
SWEDISH WB- names must not be longer than 25 characters (including spaces and punctuation) No other requirements.
Bellshazzar D
2002 grey (smoky black) tobiano Swedish WB
(Balzac D [m-t.wolmer] x Haily (1) [m-t.wolmer]- Chirac 611 [live]) Bred by Decor Stud, Sweden, and imported by Persimmon Hill. All live lines, blending old and new Swedish WB and International horses. Lines to Art Deco, Granith, Chagall, Urbino. Sire is smoky black tobiano and dam is a grey from bay solid, so Shaz can sire cream dilutes and/or tobianos, or not.
Breyer SR G2 SM WB glossy.
Foals: 2006 on.
Van Der Gilt
1985 palomino Swedish & approved Dutch Warmblood and Baden-Wurttemburg stallion
(Rossini [m-tw] x Salome [m-tw]- Herkules [l]) all lines to live horses. Traces to Ramiro, Labrador (Holst) Frohlich, Gaspari, Salvatore. Bred by warmblood specialist Linda Caroff of Towhee Wood. Sire is a Baden-Wurttemburg; dam is a Swedish Warmblood. Van der Gilt is approved Swedish Warmblood, and Dutch Warmblood.
Breyer SR Big Ben 'Nautical' OF.
Foals: 1989-2008
WIELKOPOLSKI (Polish WB) Foal names begin with the first latter of the dam's name
Dande Lion
1987 chestnut Wielkopolski stallion (Polish Warmblood-Trak/Arab/TB/East Prussian blood)
(Waltraud [m-rds] x Diaspora [m-ybar] grey- Gorset) Sire lines to live, most dam lines verified back to live. Lines include Leszek, Comet, Amurath-Sahib, Mazagran, Forta, Wielki Szlem.
Breyer #59 Morganglanz OF.
Foals: 1991-2008
Warmblood mares

HANOVERIAN foal names begin with the first letter of the sire's name

1990 bay Hanoverian mare
(Graf Aster Z [m-os] x Defilante Dream [m-ybar]- Diamont [®] ) Most lines verified back to live horses, except sire's granddam. Lines include Gotthard, Lanthan, Duft I, Diamont, Furioso II, and Dorilas.
Breyer #950 "Dover" Misty's Twilight OF
Dam of Daytona, 97, o/b Eileen O'Dell; Ruby Flame, 98, o/b Andrea Lucado and Leviathan, 00, o/b Melissa Addison.
Years available: 95,96,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10.

Sapphire [GER]
2007 black Hanoverian mare
(Stakkato® x Granne®- Grannus) By a tremendous jumper, and out of a pretty mare. Lines to Spartan, Gotthard, Pygmalion, Goldstern, Graphit, Woermann, Pik Koenig.
SR "Keen" OF.
Photo show winner.
Years available: 12,13,14,on.

Waltz Tempi
1988 bay Hanoverian mare
(Weisheit [m-bb] bay x Ogygia [m-bb]- ches- Odysseus [l] bay) All lines to live horses. Lines to Ferdinand, Odysseus, Weingau.
Breyer SM Warmblood OF
Years available: 93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08.

HOLSTEIN colt names begin with the first letter of the sire name; filles follow a yearly shcedule- 2000 is P, (no Q) 2001 is a R, 2002 is S, 2003 is T, 2004 is W. (also no X or Y,and I & J share a year) 
1992 chestnut Holstein mare
(Bachus Z [l] x Wenora®- Caletto II) Sire Bachus is by a Shagya Arabian; much liked by the Holstein Verband, a grandson of Bachus is being used as a sire. He was a tight and scopey jumper. Bachus' dam was a grandaughter of Ramiro Z and Atlas I. Dam Wenora is by Caletto II, an excellent Holsteiner sire who met an untimely death as a 3yo. He is known to pass athletic prowess through his daughters, as well as siring sires. He had excellent conformation and movement, good jumping skills, and a sound temperament. Lines to Shagya Arabian Sultan, Moltke, Cor de la Bryere, Waterman, Consul, and as previously mentioned.
Breyer #3040GI "Ginger" OF.
Dam of DHR Nearly Irresistable, 98, o/b Vicki Griffiths.
Years available: 97,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.
OLDENBURG foal names begin with the first letter of the sire's name
1991 grey Oldenburg mare
(Gonzo I® [Han] x Diva® [Old]- Duellglanz [Han]) Glitterati has mostly Hanoverian lineage, but her dam is registered Oldenburg. Sire Gonzo I had jumping success in the Open and Puissance Divisions. He also competed through Fourth Level Dressage. Dam has lines to Duellglanz, Goldlack I and Romadour II.
Breyer G3 SM WB OF
Years available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11.

1993 Oldenburg mare
(Iceman [m-os] x Fortuna [l]-Marlon xx) All lines to live horses. Grandsire is Ideal, paternal granddam is Anke III. Gotthard, Furioso II, Persian Gulf, Feldgold.
Breyer #639 "Keen" TB OF 1998 only
Years available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13.

SELLE FRANCAIS Foals are named by a yearly schedule- 2000 was M, 2005 was R. W,X,Y and Z are not used, and names must be only one word of no more than 20 letters.
PurCocoChanel (shows as Coco Chanel)
2003 grey Selle Francais mare
(Forzando® x Glissade [bso-lod]- Athlet Z®) Sire is a 1/2 TB Selle Francais, dam is a 1/4 Hanoverian, 1/4 TB, 1/2 Selle Francaise. Lines to the great showjumper sire, Alme Z, Gotthard [HAN], 3x Ibrahim through Alme Z, Ibrahim and Digne Espoir, Graustark [TB]
Clover Japan china OF.
Years available: 08,09,10,on.
TRAKEHNER Foal names begin with the dam's first letter.
1991 grey Trakehner mare
(CB Scituate's Furstsnow Syncope [m-s.scioto] x Annawind [live]-Blitzwind [l]) Sire from Crystal Brook Farm, all to live lines of Condus, Goldgraf, Flaneur. Dam is a USA based mare with a Combined Training Training level Championship, goes to Donauwind, Carajan, *E* mare, Anthea, Magnet, Anteil and Wilder Jaeger.
Breyer Keen OF.
Years available: 1906,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11.

(Polish WB) Foal names begin with the first latter of the dam's name

1991 mealy bay Weilkopolski mare
(Kinsalla [m-cc] x Ocean [m-cc]) 4/4. Most lines verified to live horses. Grandsire is the live Zeus, dam's sire is from Woodland Stables program Wabrenzo and Warzawa.
Ertl 'Collectible Animals' OF.
Dam of Nowa, 1996, o/b PHF (foal body).
Years available: 1997,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11.

WESTFALEN (Westphalian) foals names begin with their sires first letter

Regatta BWS
2005 Westfalen mare
(Rambeaux [m-j.stine] x Royal Wedding [m-j.stine]- Royal Diamond®) All lines to live. Bred by Jamie Stine of Blackwatch Stables.
Breyer 'GG Valentine' 2011 Giselle OF
MEPSA Intern'l Year-End Champion Light type mare (of 231), Top Ten (3rd) Current Trad. Breyer.
Dam of Fortunate Son, Winner and Championship Top Ten, 10, o/b PHF.
Available: 2011,12