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Mesa Boogie

Blackburn Lynx

Nashville Class

Buffalo Soldier

Jaybar Flashpoint

Whiskeys Golden Gun

Alamosa Shayde

Beauty By Design

Delta  Mint

Peppy Pepsi Sollinda

Gentle On My Mind

Platinum Blonde

Tiny Bubbles


Morning Moon

Fleeting Darkness

Jagged Little Pill

Arizona Moon Bug

Scorpion Soul

The Paint is a colorful horse with mostly Quarter Horse and/or Thoroughbred blood. More than a few Paints have two parents registered with the AQHA. AQHA now allows horses with more extensive white markings, and double dilute horses to be registered, but that wasn't always the case, so many of these horses held APHA papers only. The Paint horse registry is newer than the Pinto horse registry, and they are not interchangeable. Registered Pintos can have different breed crosses. "Paint" is the breed, whereas "pinto" is the color pattern. The color patterns are tobiano, overo, tovero, sabino, splash and medicine hat. Tobiano is basically colored spots on a white ground, with white across the back. Overo is basically white spots on colored ground, with color across the back. Toveros have some of the characteristics of tobianos and some of the characteristics of overos. Sabinos can have anything from just a high white stocking, to a white belly spot, to a very roany appearance, with extensive feathery white markings. Splash pintos often have a large white area that runs up from legs to belly in an unbroken expanse of white. Medicine hat is a white horse, with a colored spot on its forehead, poll or upper neck. There are several websites with good examples of the different patterns. Approved crosses: Paint x Paint, Paint x QH, Paint x TB. I may approve some mares for Paint x Warmblood for a Paint Sporthorse, and I will approve my Arabian stallions for Paint x Arab crosses, but not my mares. I have several part-Arab pinto mares for that. I also have some breeding stock only older Paint horses.

Names should be 21 letters and spaces or less.

Paint stallions

Mesa Boogie
1986 Chestnut overo
(Bar Mesa [l] QH x Norfleets Lass [l] ches ov- Chiefs Norfleet) Three Bars and Robin Reed on top, Chiefs Norfleet, Hired Hand, King on bottom.
Breyer #51 Yellow Mount OF
Photo Show Placed.
Sire of Boogie Nights, 1990, o/b Persimmon Hill; and Live Show Halter and Performance Champion, Sparkle All Night, 93, o/b Crissi Nickerson.
Foals: 1990-2008.

Jaggidy Jag Deck
1987 chestnut tovero
(Jaggidy Jack [l] AQHA x Unos Decky Do [m-mbr]- Jag On Uno [QH-l]) from Ryan Jaeger's fine breeding program.
Breyer 'Zippo Pine Bar' etched
Photo show placed.
Sire of Foxfire Jaggidy Mint.
Foals: 1991 on

Blackburn Lynx
1988 grulla overo
(Blackburn's Image [m-dhr] grulla QH x Barlynx Playne Jayne [m-dhr] sol blk Paint-Barlink Macho Man [l]) 4+/6. Sire is a grandson of Doc Bar and Poco Bob by Poco Bueno. Dam is by a 2x Nat'l Champion and out of a 2x World Champion mare by Doc's Lynx. Multiple lines to Three Bars, Poco Bueno, Doc Bar, Blackburn.
Breyer cutting horse 00.
Photo show winner.
Sire of Sno Lynx, o/b Alia Whipple.
Foals: 1992 on.

Monacan Legend
1989 chestnut tobiano
(Delta Flyer® x Brigalena®- Doc O Lena) By the highest money earner NCHA Paint of all time as of 2007. Full brother to APHA World Champion Reining stallion. Sire is by Peppy San Badger. Great foundation QH lines.
Sire of Foxfire Monacan Sno.
Foals: 1993 on.
Optical Hopscotch
1989 bay tobiano Paint stallion
(Hot Scotch Man [l] bucks ov x Disco Doll [m-dhr] sor tob-Disco Dude [l]) 4+/ 5+. By a 2x World Champion live sire, with lines to Leo, Joe Reed and TB Jetalong, out of a dam by a live APHA Champion sire with lines to Sugar Bars, Tinky Joe. 2nd dam is a bay TB by Three Bars, very influential in QH lines. Also to Damascus and Northern Dancer.
Breyer Ranch Horse 'Buster' OF.
Photo Show Placed.
Sire of Civil Pleasures, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Eyes A Jay and Photo Op, both on this list.
Foals: 1993 on

Tonto Breeze Bar
1989 Dark bay tobiano
(Tough Breeze [l] palo ov x Skyjet Bingo Bug [m-lod] bay tob-Sky Bug Bingo [l] ches tob) Sire is APHA Champion, lines to Three Bars through Breeze Bar, Tough Bar/Tonto Bars Gill and Tonto Bars Hank. Also Jet Deck and Sky Bug Bingo. Speed, working ability and pretty in these lines.
Breyer #48 Mustang vintage repaint
Photo show placed
Sire of MMR Tonto's Raindance o/b Debbie Teeselink and Live show placed SLM Freeze Frame, o/b Chris Wallbruch.
Foals: 1993 on

Boogie Boarder
1991 bay overo stallion
(Ima Snuffy Gambler® x Triple Gold Ribbon® QH- Triple Goldrush) Gambling Man, Double Jay, Sutters Berseem, Triple Chick, Joe Reed, Custus Rastus, Jaguar, Barred, Flying Anchor. Lots of racehorses in the background of his pedigree.
Mini scale "Van Gogh" resin by finished by Janet Bonney.
Foals: 1995 on.
Nashville Class
1991 Sorrel overo
(Mr World Class [l-88sor ove] x Nashville Melody [l] ches overo- Versary Bars) By a Leading Sire, to Sonny Dee Bar, Painted Robin, the excellent mare Jocita Bars
1999 Stone "Ratchett" OF
Sire of Dash For Class, o/b Kay Myers.
Foals: 1995 on
Buffalo Solider
1993 Paint stallion
(Toy Soldier [m-dh] x Bold Print [l]- Gill's Q Ton) Maternal grandsire is a Supreme Champion son of Q Ton Eagle, 6x Nat'l Champion. /2+.
Hartland Breyerfest 2001 SR OF.
Foals: 1997 on.
Hot Ticket
1994 dunskin overo
(Feverz Hot One [m-c.hartung] yellow dun overo x Doc's Vegas Lady [QH] m-dh- Scottish Colonel®) Lines to APHA and Nat'l CH, Yellow Fever, Hot Scotch Man, 2x World CH, Doc O'Lena, Dick Badger and Scottish. Plus color!
Stone SR ISH 'Matinee Idol' OF
Foals: 1998 on.

Silver Screen
1990 black overo
(Cinemax [l] blk overo x Ms Silver Threads [l]- Ole Adios x Paula Tag)
Winner's Choice Micro Mini OF
Dam of Champion Poster Boy, 01, o/b PHF.
Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,02,03,on.

Jacksun Browne
1996 bay tobiano Paint stallion
(Jack O'Lena [m-j.sorensen] x Evening Sun [m-j.sorensen]- Docs Acey Duecy®) Doc O'Lena, Bill Cody, Badger Man, Doc Bar, Wimpy, Poco Tivio. The good old names.
Stone AH ISH 'Providence' by Carol Williams.
Foals: 2000 on.
NEW! Jaybar Flashpoint
1996 amber champagne tobiano + sabino Paint
(Bluejay Flashagold [m-phf] x J Bar Poco Moon QT®- Pepsi Poco) Mister J Bar, Pepsi Poco, Q To Eagle, Leo San Man. Solid working lines.
Stone 'Monash' OF.
MEPSA Qualified winner 2013, 1st (74) Stock type stallions.
Foals: 2000 on.

Robin Jetinator
1999 chestnut tovero Paint gelding
(Listen To Me [m-m.stockton] x Smooth Jettin' Robin [m-m.stockton]- Lord Robin) Jetalito, Mr. Robin Boy, Doc Bar, Billy Bud. From Mary (Vinyard) Stockton's program.
Stone ISH "Koolie" OF.
Foals: 2003-2007 only, then gelded for a child's mount.

Skippa Showdown Deck
2000 grulla tobiano stallion
(Skippas Dun Smokin [live] grulla QH x Blue Deck [live] buck tob- RA Flight Deck) Lines to Skips Print, Nicky Skip, Showdown Dunnie, Lightning Straw. Dam's sire is a AAA horse, and maternal granddam is a TB race money earner.
Stone SR of 125 ISH 'Jiff's Classic Style' OF.
Winner at Halter, parade, poles, barrels.
Foals: 2004 on.

Whiskeys Golden Gun
2002 palomino splash overo Paint stallion (gelding)
(Whiskey Gold [m-h.mays] x Kenos Smokingun [m-h.mays]- Colonels Smokingun®) Sire is a QH stallion with lines to Boulder's Snip and Sabre Charge. Dam is a splash Paint daughter of Silky Keno, by a Colonel Freckles line stallion.
Stone TB "Chips" OF
Foals: 2006-2010.

Paint mares

Alamosa Shayde

1980-2012 buckskin tobiano
(Alamosan [l] buck tob x Jay's American Rose [bso-phf]- Mr. J Bar- ches ov) Mr J Bar, Sallisaw Rose, Colorow, Sporty Pedro. Sire was an APHA Champion with both Halter and Performance wins.
Breyer Lady Phase SR Breyerfest 'Leah's Fancy Chick'
Dam of Persimmon's Sugar, 96, o/b Callie Bellon and Shawna Rose, 04, ob/PHF.
Available: 87,88,89,90,91,92,93,94,95,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Pepsi Cola SnoCone
1983 bay tobiano
(Pepsi Poco® x Miss Snow Cone®- Leo San Man) Sire is an APHA Champ Sire, ROM Sire, NRHA Champ Sire. Double Leo San Man, Q Ton Eagle, Dick McCue.
Dam of Peppy Pepsi Sollinda, 93, o/b PHF; Foxfire Monacan Sno, 94, o/b Delana Metcalf and Sno Lynx 97, o/b Alia Whipple.
G3 SM Paint.
Years available: 88,89,90,91,92,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05.

Jets Rockm Robin
1984 chestnut overo
(Robin's Partee Time [l] x Peppy Jet [m-oma] sor QH- Easy Jet[l]) To Mr. Robin Boy, Casbar, Annie Echols, Easy Jet, Peppy San, Pudden's Smokey.
Winner's Choice Micro Mini OF
Not shown.
Dam of Autumn Aspen, 97, o/b Erin Logan.
Available: 89,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,98,99,00,01,02,03

Twist Of Fate
1984 bay dun overo
(Painted Tonka Toy [m-dhr] bay ov X Twist Of Yellow [m-dhr] red dun ov) 5+/5+. Sire is the same as Painted Blue Jay, on this list, and she is a half-sister to Sonsational Twist, on this list, so will not cross those two. Excellent, National winning lines! Nine Champions, 6 of them National level, within the first three generations of this pedigree!
QH gelding from the JCP SR set "Three Pintos" 1999.
Open: 1989,90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

Vice Anne Versa
1988 chestnut overo
(Versa Star [l] sor overo x Black Leanne [m-mbr]blr ov- Leo's Firey Chili) By an APHA World Champion, out of a mare from Ryan Jaeger and Lissa Lyonne breeding.
Breyer Paint mare 99 OF
Photo Show Winner, Dam & Produce winner.
Dam of April Fool, 93, o/b Michelle Arras; Redhot Chili Mama, 94, o/b Sherry Ball and Chapter And Verse, 03, o/b PHF.
Available: 95,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,06,on.

Beauty By Design
1990 chestnut tobiano mare
(Sunray Leo [live] ches tob x - Gallant Doll [m-e.o'dell]- Gallant Ghost®) Lines to Leo, Sugar Bars, Peppy Spook, Mr Gunsmoke, Jose Uno,
Breyer custom TB mare by.
Dam of Rockabilly Rebel, 96, o/b Hanna Axelsson; Gentleman By Design, 99, o/b PHF; GTF Beautiful Legend, 06, o/b Nora Gunderman and Designed By Lena, 07. o/b Jean Sorensen.
Years available: 95,97,98,00,01,02,03,04,05,08,on.

Kenos Casino Rose
1991 Buttermilk buckskin overo
(Far Ute Keno [l] buckskin overo x Jays American Rose [bso-lod] Mr J Bar [l] sor ov)
1999 Stone buckskin overo WP horse OF
Dam of SLM Freeze Frame, '96 Paint, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Rhinestone Cowboy, '98 Paint, o/b Karen Fawcett.
Photo Show Placed.
Available: 97,99,00,01,02,03

Skyjet Bingo Bug
1991 bay tobiano
(Sky Bug Bingo [l] sor tob x Honey Jet [live] bay tob-Mr Smooth Jet) Sire is a Halter Champion and ROM in Cutting, WP, HUS, Reining, Racing and Barrels! Top Deck, Three Bars, Leo, Jet Smooth, Lightning Bar, Sandy Snow.
Winner's Choice Micro Mini OF
Dam of Preferred Stock, 96, o/b Eileen O'Dell and Skywatch, 03, o/b PHF.
Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,04,05,on.

Bueno Golden Roses
1992 frame + sabino overo mare
(Minnesota Fats [m-phf] x Bueno Gold [m- m.schoedel]- Cutter Bill®) Hempen, Mister J Bar, Sallisaw Rose, Cutter Bill, Poco Bueno
ISH mare palomino overo "Glitter"
Available: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

Delta Mint
1992 dun tobiano
(Yellowstone Mint [m-mbr] x Miss Delta Zip [m-mbr]- Delta Flyer®) From Ryan Jaeger's Missouri Breaks Ranch program. Lines to Impressive, Joak, Sonny Dee Bar, Peppy San Badger, Zippo Pine Bar. Delta Flyer is a World Champion cutting horse. HYPP N/N and HERDA clear.
1999 Stone dun tob WP horse OF.
Color winner.
Dam of Jaggidy Mint, 97, o/b Delana Metcalf.
Available: 98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,on.

Kool Fox Kaydee
1992 liver chestnut overo
(Smokes Painted Fox [m-dhr] bay ov x Kool Lady Kool [m-dhr]bay ov-Kool Man Kool [l] spr ov) 6/5+. Sire is by a World Champ and Lifetime Leading working cowhorse! Lines to Mr. Gunsmoke, Mr. Robin Boy, Go Man Go.
Breyer Lady Phase SR OF 'Spirit Of The West'
Dam of Kaydee's Coda, 96, o/b PHF.
Open: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03, 04,05,on.

Peppy Pepsi Sollinda
1993 chestnut tobiano
(Peppy Sol Anson® x Pepsi Cola SnoCone [m-phf]- Pepsi Poco® Sire has 187.5 AQHA Points (Reining, Working Cow Horse, Heading, Heeling)was an NRHA World Champion -AQHA 1998 High Point Senior Reining Champion- Congress/NRHA Freestyle Reining Champion. Two-Time Top Ten AQHA World Champion Senior Working Cow Horse-
NRHA Gold Certificate Award-Winner of 6 AQHA Open All-Arounds-Earnings total $43,734. Dam's sire is also a Champion working sire.
Breyer retooled Lady Phase.
Dam of Jack Hanna, 00, o/b Jean Sorensen and Discover My Dream, 07, o/b Deborah Fritz.
Winner in Halter, Western Pleasure and Western Trail.
Years available: 98,99,01,02,03,04,05,06,08,on.

Docs Blue Demin
1994 blue roan overo mare
(Doc Olena Twist [®] x Painted Denim [m-e.o'dell]- Dungaree Blues®) Lines to Doc O' Lena, Peppy San Badger, Sky HIgh Leo, Painted Lasan, Flying Fawago.
Breyer SM G2 TB OF.
Years available: 99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.

Day's Double Drifter
1995 palomino tobiano Paint mare
(Blanton's Lucky Day [m-c.nakagawa] x Two Straws Peake [m-c.nakagawa]- Two Straws Rowdy [m-c.nakagawa]) Oklahoma Star, 3x Lucky Blanton, 4x Driftwood, Poco Bueno. Great versatile lines- working, pleasure, halter.
Breyer 2006 Treasure Hunt Lady Phase OF.
photo pending
Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,on.
Gentle On My Mind
1995 chestnut tobiano Paint mare
(Two Straws Rowdy [m-ics] palo tob x Special Affection [m-ics] ches ov - Special Effects [l]) Lines for Halter and pleasure. Many APHA Champions in pedigree. Lines to Ratchett, Sonny Dee Bar and Leo through several sources.
Breyer CM Lady Phase to canter
Performance winner, halter placed. MEPSA qualifier in WP, Barrels, Poles and Other Stock. N/A Costume winner.
Available: 00,01,02,03
Sacred Heart
1996 chestnut medicine hat
(Sacred Indian® x Amazing Miss®- Sir Robin Hood) Sacred Indian World Champion Open Jumping in 1992. Superior in Hunter under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Open Jumping. Over 430 open performance points. Sire of multiple world champions and performance point earners in various disciplines. Dam producing winning Hunters, Honey N Blue Jeans and Sacred Arrival.
Breyer gift set OF
Available: 01,02,03,05,06,on.

Steel Magnolia
1996 grulla overo
(Magnolia's Sage Lasan [m-phf] grulla ov x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]- Mr. Steel Dust [live]) 3x Poco Bueno, double Pretty Buck, double Wimpy
Breyer 'Lady Phase' grulla paint OF
Photo show winner, Champion, Grand Champion.
Dam of White Lightning, 02, o/b Marta Towne; Smokin Steel, 03, o/b PHF; Iron Ore, Stone Chips Paint, 05, o/b PHF and
Dreamin' 'Bout You, 06, o/b.
Years available: 01,04,07,on.

Platinum Blonde
1997 palomino overo
(Genuine Q Ton [m-ics] buck overo x High Class Doll [m-ics] bay overo- UnCZip Me) All live lines, halter and pleasure horses, primarily. Lines to go halter, or perform.
Lady Phase CM by Judy Renee Pope
Reserve Champion, winner, MEPSA 2012 qualified.
Available: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

Tiny Bubbles
1998 red dun + amber champagne tobiano Paint mare
(Cougarand® x Raise Your Gold ®- Raise Your Rocket) Reining, Cutting, race potential for offspring. Sire is gold champagne registered as palomino. Cutting and reining horse. Sire by Peppy San Badger, out of a Doc Bar mare. Also Sugar Badger, King Clegg. On dam's side, to Raise Your Glass, Rocket Wrangler.
Years available: 03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,on.

1999 chestnut overo Paint mare
(Im Oscar [TB] [m-c.hartung] x Q Ton’s Wild Ride [m-c.hartung]- Q Ton’s Dual Diamond) 5/8ths TB. Maternal g'sire is a Multi-Champion. Lines to Secretariat, Mr. Prospector, Northern Dancer, Q Ton Eagle, Dual Image, Hy Diamond Boy, Leo, Sugar Bars, Princequillo, Count Fleet, Man O'War & Teddy.
Years Available: 04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,on.

Morning Moon
1999 grey (black) tobiano Paint mare (1/2 TB)
(Foxfire Everyday Eddie [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Claire [m-d.metcalf]- Slews Fanmail) 1/2 TB, 1/4 QH, 1/4 Paint
Stone Pebbles WB OF
Years available: 04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,on.

Fleeting Darkness
2000 bay overo mare
(Fleet Raleigh [m-lod] x Boogie Nights [m-lod]- Mesa Boogie [m-lod]) By a Persimmon Hill TB stallion. Dam on my listing. Sport horse suitable.
Dam of MMR Dark Magic, 05, o/b Debbie Teeselink.
Years available: 06,

Jagged Little Pill
2000 chestnut overo mare
(Foxfire The Intimidator [m-d.metcalf] x Double Dose Dixon®- Mardelle Dixon)
Breyer Connoisseur 'Hope And Glory' by Bainbridge OF.
MEPSA multiple Champion and Reserve.
Years available: 05,06,

Special Kay
2001 ches/flaxen overo Paint mare
(Strawfly Special® x Slipofthespots [m-c.hartung] - Annihilate 'Em®) Sire is a racing QH,
dam is a full sister to overo TB, See Me Com En. He goes to Hempen, Nashville and Alibhai.
Breyer Indian Pony SR Breyerfest 2002.
Years available: 06,

Arizona Moon Bug
2003 chestnut frame overo
(Windchek [m-k.dodson] x Moonspinner [m-k.dodson]- Classic Rerun [®]) Race bred sire with lines to Dash For Cash, Triple Chick, Go Man Go, Litle Request [TB]. Dam has working lines to Buck McCue, Sonny Goes Lucky, Skipper's Mischief.
DeMuth "Arizona" resin by Pamela DeMuth.
Years available: 08,on.

Broadway Star
2003 buckskin tobiano mare
(Watchstar [m-lod] x Pretty Darned Quick [m-h.reaves]- The Criminologist [TB]) 3/4 TB. Sport horse suitable.
Years available: 08 on.