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This is my site to show off my collection of models. I've collected since I was just a small child, and I'm still at it! Sometimes I show, and sometimes I don't, but I always collect. It's the only way I can have as many animals as I like :-) Most of my collection consists of horses, but I also have dogs and some other animals.

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Spring- my favorite season!

Spring 2017

2009 bay Arabian mare
(Ibnibn Hafiza [m-phf] x )
Breyer vintage honey bay PAM OF

I found a honey bay PAM in excellent shape :)

Pedigreeing news:
Appaloosa: Bronze Orchid 2001 bay blanket Appaloosa mare (Mardi Gras Party [m-phf] x BBFs Nite Orchid®- NLB Midnite Magic)
Khalid 2008 flaxen chestnut stallion (Sahil Rayih [m-phf] x BinteBint Moniet PhD [m-phf]- Rasmoniet RSI®) SE
*Amaranth 2006 grey (black) stallion (Feres® x Alhena®- Santorin) pure Polish
Rubi'a 2011 grey (chestnut) stallion (Sanaan [m-phf] x Ilmizan [m-phf]- Ahadd®) Straight Egyptian
Cee Zee Top 2003 bay stallion (Make Mea Zee [m-phf] x Czandoliera [m-phf]- *Gondolier®) performance bred
Arabian cross: Alada Sweet Dreams 2009 buckskin tobiano part-Arab mare NSH mare (Alada Heart [m-phf] x Waltz Dream                                                                 [m-phf]- Medjool Pasha [m-phf]) 93+% Arabian
                All Blushed Up 2006 red roan overo+sabino 1/2 Arabian, 1/2 Paint (Vermillion Moon [m-phf] x Docs Blue Demin [m-phf]-                                   Doc Olena Twist®)
                Beautiful Dreamer 2008 chestnut tobiano part-Arab mare NSH mare (Shahin [m-phf] x Waltz Dream [m-phf]- Medjool        
Pasha [m-phf])
Drafters: Belle Brillance 2013 bay roan 1/4 Euro, 3/4 American Belgian mare (Down Home Stalwart [m-k.bjorgo] x Oakwood Korry's                                                 Lil [m-c.nakagawa]- Korry's Captain®)
Babette van Barben 2006 bay roan Trait du Nord/Belgian Brabant mare (Buffalo van't Camillenhof® x Wandy van de                                                                     Azaleasraat®- Buffalo Van't Zwaluwnest)
Greyfaire Silver Mist 2006 grey Shire mare (Grayingham Bombardier [m-c.nakagawa] x Greyfaire Misty Morn [m-c.nakagawa]-                                                     Dyfed Gray Sage)
Glyndahl Jayden 2004 grey (chestnut) Percheron stallion (Glyndahl Jameson [m-c.hartung] x Glyndahl Joyus [m-c.hartung] -Bar J                                             Blackmark ®)
Morgan: Laurelwood June 2002 wild bay Morgan mare (Bourbon Street® x Trust In June®- Fiddlers Trustee)
Mustang: Tahoe 1998 dunalino Mustang stallion (Spotted Eagle [m-h.reaves] x Morning Glory [m-h.reaves]- Possum Soup [m-h.reaves])
Other breeds and crosses: Sahkonteic (White Eagle in Nez Perce) 2010 Nez Perce stallion, 1/2 Akhal Teke, 1/2 App
(Milan® Akhal-Teke x Siri Snowdrift [m-phf]- Streetlights [m-[phf])
*Synderella Magic 2001 grey Australian stockhorse mare (Warrenbri Omega® x Bellfield Lirok®- Smiths Stockman)
Hildegaard 2005 black leopard Knabstrupper mare (Ambrosius af Asgard® x Miracle In The Mist®- Digamist [TB])
Maribel 2005 black Irish Draught mare (Roman Rebel [m-j.sorensen] x Beaumaris [m-j.sorensen]- Touch Of The Blues®)
Coventry Madigan 2002 bay Irish Draught stallion (Roman Rebel [m-j.sorensen] x Noelle [m-j.sorensen])
*Akos (Ahkosh) 2004 grey Kisber-Felver stallion (Baron Gyemant® x Jump For Joy®- Alaric)
Bastiaan-Joop 1996 bay Groningen stallion (Blackmail [bso-h.reaves] x Confession [bso-h.reaves]- Otto®)
SW Eleanora 2002 chestnut Hackney horse mare (Celtic Warrior® x MH Chestnut Surpize®- Norfolk Parader of Maple Hill)
Xanadu 1991 black Friesian mare (Bendert® x Elaine®- Willem)
Aladdin 2000 black Friesian stallion (Gradus® x Amke®- Ouke)
*Apollonia 2000 black Friesian mare (Teunis® x Rosilda®- Gaije)
Paints: Color Me Smokin 2009 buckskin roan tobiano + sabino (Smokin Gold 45 [m-phf] x Color Me Blue [m-c.nakagawa]- Hollywood Blues [m-c.nakagawa])
Joe Chicka Dun 2004 red dun homozygous tobiano Paint stallion (Dun Been Mooned [m-c.hartung] x Little Smokin Jolene [m-c.hartung]- Smokin Joe Hollywood)
Moon Junction 2008 grulla overo Paint mare (Junction Man [] x Half Moon []- KTR Smashing Silver [])
Watchword 2010 bay tobiano Paint mare (Watchstar [m-phf] x Skyjet Bingo Bug [m-phf]- Sky Bug Bingo®)
Ponies: Robin's Girl 2010 buckskin Connemara mare (Gun Smoke® x Persimmon Genie [m-phf]- Balmullos Beacon®)
Karlkyns fra Glyndahl 2004 silver bay tobiano Icelandic stallion (Sterk fra Glyndahl [m-c.hartung] x Annika fra Stafri [m-c.hartung] -Fengur fra Stokkseyri ®)
Triumfer 2005 red dun (rodblakk) Fjord stallion (Flotren® x Roza®- Fjelljon)
*Shovern Mochalatte (imp UK) 2004 silver dapple bay Miniature mare (Gwenest Ivor® x Royal Oaks Morning Mist®- Polings Sir Elegant)
Nighthenge Copor Arlliw 1994 chestnut Welsh "B" stallion (gelded 2013) (Farnley Flash [m-j.bergeron] x *Downland Flamina [m-j.bergeron]- Solway Master Bronze®)
Beauty Spot- on 2014 list 2002 bay with broken white hip blanket P.O.A. mare (Bounce Back Jack® x Darlin Jill®- Super Sun)
*Kim's Buttercup- on 2014 list 2001 palomino sabino British Riding pony mare, 13.3hh (Cusop Finger Print® x Rotherwood Jubilation®- Solway North Wiind)
King Cumulus Chex- on 2014 list 2002 grey Quarter pony stallion (Chex My Freckles [m-ics] x Lady In Waiting [m-phf] [Tri-ef Kings Ransom®)
Lucky's Straight Shooter 2000 bucksin tobiano Miniature stallion (Shadow Lake Hot Stuff® x Lucky Four Jessica James®- Richters Apache)
Lil Licorice Dot- on 2014 list 2005 black leopard British Spotted Pony mare (Wantsley Sparks® x Broomells Plum Petal®- Majon Plum Duff)
The Cowboy Way 1999 bay going grey tobiano Paint pony stallion (Winter Wind [m-k.dodson] Paint x Music Box- [m-k.dodson] QP- No Border)
Surrender To Chocolate 2006 bay tobiano Paint pony mare (Chipped Chocolate [m-m.vinyard] x Sweet Surrender [m-m.vinyard]- *Craigston Canberrian [m-l.dedes])
Lochoir Creag- on 2014 list 2001 grey Eriskay pony stallion (Scalpay Scalpay® x  Hollanden Lorna®)
  Heidi of Persimmon Hill- on 2014 list 2003 flaxen chestnut Haflinger mare (Foxfire Maximillion [m-d.metcalf] x Foxfire Henka [m-d.metcalf]- Stroemer [m])
 Elvira Mistress of the Dark 2000 grulla tobiano Shetland pony mare (Kizzy [m-m.vinyard] x Dragons Rosey Freya [m-m.vinyard]- Lord Dragon of Fairie [m-h.reaves])
 My Favorite Martian 1988 chestnut leopard Falabella stallion (Francisco of Kilverstone® x  Toyland Lollapaloosa®-  Leopard)
Quarter Horses: Chocolate Thistle 2009 bay QH mare (Zips Chocolate Chip® x Lavender Thistle [m-phf]- Shys First Leaguer®)
Docotah Blue Steel 2007 blue roan QH stallion (Docotah Darq Blue [m-j.sorensen] x Sparklin Steel Breeze [m-phf]- Little Steel Dust®)
Lou's Butterscotch Drop 2010 palomino QH mare, high white (Scotch Leo [m-phf] x Zip To M'Lou [m-phf]- Megabucks [m-j.sorensen])
Chic A Boon 2006 blue roan QH stallion (Be Aech Please [m-c.hartung] x Lil Kaboon [m-c.hartung]- Peptoboonsmal®)
Spanish: Sparrowcita de Doble Corazon 2000 chestnut Paso Fino mare (Oraculo de Doble Corazón [m-c.hartung] x Pasion de Doble                                                 Corazón [m-c.hartung]- Simbolo de Besilu®)
Warmbloods: Incendiary 2001 chestnut tobiano Oldenburg stallion (Indulgent Daniel- Trakehner, approved Hanoverian (MHV)                                 [m-s.carper] x Sidonie, Hall of Fame(r) [m-s.carper])
Fotogenic 1994 chestnut Rhinelander stallion (Florestan I® x Cremona®- Captain)
Regatta BWS 2005 Westfalen mare (Rambeaux [m-j.stine] x Royal Wedding [m-j.stine]- Royal Diamond®) 

MEPSA 2016 results are in!
First time ever! I got Performance Division Grand Championships and Reserves.
OF Western Performance Reserve Grand: Zip Drive (app gelding) and OF Performance Judge's Choice for Arena Liberty with POA gelding Scandalous Cat.
CM/AR English Performance Grand Champion with Twofox Alpengeist (QH/Haflinger cross) AND CM/AR English Performance Reserve Grand Champion with Broadway Star (pinto sporthorse)
Working at it paid off.
 Halter Division Grands: Dust Bunny, Shetland pony; Saskatchewan Sadie, Mule; Blue Amber, Appaloosa; Dust Devil, Mustang
Reserve Grand Champions: Here Comes The Sun, part Arabian; Twice As Bright, Appaloosa; Night Mare, Mustang; Tristan, Arabian; Coventry Ardor, Clydesdale
numerous more Class Grand Championships and Reserves

Some new herd members that I love:

New favorite Arabian stallion- china Jamil!

Love this new Arabian!
Samir el Shaklan
already on the list, he's a Spanish/Egyptian cross

A trio of Beswicks - the Connemara mare

Second- the Welsh Cob

Finally- an early version of the Beswick Appaloosa- this guy took a long vacation in Sweden without permission!

A lovely Thoroughbred mare customized from Ruffian

An Artist resin, another Darcy!

vintage "Bramble" AR

Strapless "Party Girl"


Breyer 4th "Big Cat"

Models I'm looking for:
Mini Pearl- finished or unfinished (Arabian mare Artist mini resin) FOUND!
Gizelle- finished or unfinished (Arabian mare Artist resin) FOUND!
*Muscat- finished or unfinished (Arabian stallion Artist resin) FOUND!
Indian Silver- finished or unfinished (Arabian stallion Artist resin)
Stone TB "Fondest Dreams"
Lady Phase honey bay
Breyer SM Drafters "Snowflakes"
Shafford Japan Great Dane
Breyer China Spanish Barb in bay  'Adriano'
Ruby Keno AR 
CC Shuffle dapple grey
  Others I'd love top have:
Athari by Cantrell
Melodia by Pam DeMuth 
Herden QH by Carol Herden
Power Steering
El Alamein
Persuasion by Deb McDermott
Romantz by Chris Flint (Nandell)

Connoisseurs I don't have, including Silver Knight, Conquistador, Blue Velvet,
  Molly Maguire, Fortissimo, Scallywag, Quarterflash.

Indian pony- Miigwan-
Cigar- Sunday Silence, Affirmed
Strapless- Party Girl FOUND!, Bluegrass
Huck- Be Mine, honey bay herd stallion, resin Huck
Roxy SR- Fontana
Summer Love, Make A Wish
Adios- BHR SR dapple grey
Zippo Pine Bar- Music City
Ruffian- Puuku
Bluegrass Bandit- Under The Sea, Lady C

Clock horse Saddlebred- Duke
Elegance Dressage set, or horse from set

Hobby resources
Oh Joy Farms
Braymere blogspot
Breyer positions, breeds and gaits
Identify Your Breyer
Pony Lagoon- identify your Breyer
Stone Horse Reference - Peter Stone horse ID
Equine Resin Directory- AR ID

I am a satisfied member of a terrific model pedigree assignment club, IPABRA. New members are happily welcomed.

A young version of me

Daisy and Clover, August 2016

I've been active at various times in the model horse showing hobby, as well as simulated horse racing, and my models have their own identities, pedigrees and show records. Although I'm very amateur and not particularly talented, I've also enjoyed painting models, making ceramics and creating tack!

Daisy and Clover


MEPSA 2014 Championship
The Championship entrants must qualify by earning a 1st through 3rd place during the season. In Halter, any win qualifies for all Halter classes,
but for Performance, you have to qualify in every class you enter.
I didn't meet my goal of getting a Performance section Championship or Reserve in the fierce MEPSA competition, but since I know what I was showing against, I'm really not too disappointed. My 2015 Championship goal will be the same one!
In OF Performance, Pauite was Reserve Champion in WP- Standing (of 23); Peppy Pepsi Sollinda was 3rd of 42 in Western Arena Trail; Freckles Joker was awarded 3rd in Natural Western Trail, and Gone Hollywood was 10th (of 18); Gone Hollywood brought in a mediocre 8th of 26 in Reining. Roping gave me a better showing, with all three of my entrants in the top ten (of 35). Jack In The Black was 3rd, Dilly Bar 8th, and Smokingo Twist was 10th. I'm happy, since this is a complicated class to set up, so I think at least two of my shots will work for another season. In Pole Bending, Sheza Lynx Kitty was Champion of 28 entrants, which was a nice surprise! Smokingo Twist was 10th in Pole Bending. On the English side (Huntseat is less comfortable for me than Western classes, because I have very little riding experience in it, though I do have spectator experience) Bayleigh got a Top Ten (of 31) in English Equitation, and that was it. But I have new photos for this season, and will be working on upping the game with the horses I have previous photos of.  Sheza Kynx Kitty and Locked And Loaded both got Top Tens in Native American Costume (of 27), and Locked And Loaded managed it without a rider, with a super costume from Chris Allen. If this guy had a similar quality rider, I know he could do super well. I also have to mention that my friend, Robin Nere, for whom I proxied OF Performance showers, really kicked butt, as she deserved to. She earned FOUR Division Championships or Reserves within the OF Performance Championship.

In Custom/Artist Resin Performance, one of my entries DID win a Division Championship, but since the photos was set-up and taken by the super-talented Yvonne Stevens, I can't take credit there! This was my Dressage star and MEPSA 2014 English Performance Champion, Silent Treatment, who was also repositioned
 and finished by Yvonne. Other than that, Millenium Venus managed a 7th of 24 in Western Riding, and Summer Shades squeaked out a 10th in Roping (of 26). Thanks to Joan Yount, who caught and pointed out to me that I'd forgotten to remove the rider's chaps for the roping shot! So maybe next year, he'll do a little better, since I've now fixed that! Heza Hired Gun got 10th of 25 in Other Stock Work, and Laurelwood Minuteman got a 10th of 16 in Pole Bending. Because of the aforementioned Silent Treatment along with Twofox Alpengeist and Fleetwood, who have a couple of good English photos, I actually did a little better in the English classes. Alpengeist was named Reserve Champion Jumper of 19 entrants and 3rd of 30 in English Games. Fleetwood was 9th in Jumper, 7th of 30 in Huntseat Pleasure, 4th of 25 in English Equitation, and 5th of 23 in Dressage! Kim's Buttercup won 10th place in Dressage (23) and Spring Highlight got 5th of 30 in English Games. Rubi'a was Reserve Champion of 23 in Arabian Costume, with Fired Up getting 7th, and Millenium Venus getting 8th. Blackberry Beau got a Top Ten of 18 in Parade. Clarisse was Arena Liberty Champion, and Lover Boy Bey was Reserve Champion, of 11 entrants. Lastly, my portrait mare, Pristine, done by Donna Lorello, earned Champion of 41 in Headstudy, while Blue Amber, last year's Champion in this class, was bumped down to Reserve, and Pepper Pop Cat was 7th.
2012/13 MEPSA Championship
OF China Grand Champions: Bright Idea, Sleightly Blue, Exaltacao, Chloe, Coventry Madigan, Bataljecomandant
Arist Resin Grand Champions: Zuleika (Judge's Choice!), Ardiente, Maestro del Mundo, Moorhouse Vespers, Coventry House of Lords
Custom Grand Champions:
Psyches Aphrodite
OF Plastic Champions and Reserves: Silverlight, Roxys Blue Fox, Magic Man Of Laurelwood, Optimal Graffiti, Show And Tell, Arielle, Ima Carbine Kid, Burnside Glenna Kay, Baha Mania, Gailey Geyma.
OF China Champions and Reserves: Exaltacao, Poco Dell Mescalia, Sioux See Que, Okie Hokie, Pentimento, Bright Idea, Atom Bomb, Allegro, Laurelwood Sparrow, Persimmon Hill Wisteria, *Buerre Bruni, Sleightly Blue, Dust Bunny, Craigston Canberrian, Chloe, Coventry Madigan, Bataljecomandant, Poco Dell Mescalia, Aries Choco Brandy,
OF Performance Champions and Reserves: Peppy Pepsi Sollinda-WP, Gone Hollywood- Nat. W. Trail


OFP CHAMPIONS: Light type mare (231) Regatta; Non-Stock filly (99) Felecitys Rose; RES CHAMPS: Half/Grade/Mix (47) Show Me Gold; Stone Pebbles/Chips (63) Imagemaker
OFC CHAMPIONS: RESERVE GRANDS- DYLAN RHYS, VICTOR HUGO, FORSYTHIA. CHAMPIONS: Paiute, Dylans Rhys, Victor Hugo, Forsythia, Lustroso, Buerre Bruni, Springerle, Wisteria of Persimmon Hill  RES CHAMPS: Corazon Salvage, Amberleigh, Poco Dell Mescalia, Copperearth, Okie Hokie, Bella Noche,Victor Hugo, Persimmon Hill Shyne, Nicolette Simone TOP TENS: Strykyr, Picante, Smokingo Twist, Lenas Scotch Rocks, Night Mare, Persimmon Hill Shyne, Sleightly Blue, Wisteria PhD, Buerre Bruni, Okie Hokie, Pams Gift Of Scotch, Tamarind, Prince Charming, Tah'riki, Sioux Sequelle, Habibi PhD, Pauite, Espectro DeLlano, Count The Stars, Fleet Raleigh, Daelich, L'wood Tigress, L'wood Sparrow, Zaire, Picante Phd, Sirocco, al-Mahgrib, Long Island Iced Tea, Perpetual Romeo, Lustroso, Rumplestiltskin, Kollin Voorhees, Sleightly Blue, Small Talk, Nicolette Simone, Tabitha, Jibreel, Tabitha, Kana'i
AR CHAMPIONS:  Gretel PhD (pony type mare-25, Other Pony breed-14) Unfurled (black-9), Iasaar (non-stock colts-9), RESERVE CHAMPS: Shez Dun Magic- stock type mare (23), Smoke On The Water- stock type filly (11), Blue Amber (appaloosa- 19), Cedarwood (TB-8), Pristines Pearl (black-9), TOP TENS: Ardiente, Maestro del Mundo, Blue Amber, Dun In Bayberry, Steel My Heart, Ursus Minor, Foxhaven Sun God, Mr Blue Q, Twofox Alpengeist, D'Arcy, Maribel, Smoke On The Water, Erland Bjorn, Hajar an Nasiya,   
CM: *Akos, Binte Bint Moniet, Blackberry Beau, Brassie Lassie, Bright Badger, Caminar Con Los Reyes, Cloud Cover, Coventry Silver Heather, Coyote Moon, Dereks Domino, Fahim Pharaoh, Fleetwood, Frosted Tahoma, Grenadin, Hidden Hearts, High Time Charlie, Jambalaya, Laguna, Luarelwood Demeter, Laurelwood Minuteman, Luckys Straight Shooter, Magic Mushroom, Merry Trickster, Mo' Bling, Naranja Daylily, Perla, Persimmon's Gypsy Songbird, Platinum Blonde, Psyches AphroditeSeymour Spotz, Society Bourbon Cynsation, Starjay, Stop N Stare, Struttin The Sun, Tagalong Splash, Tansy's Rustier, Tarnung, Tell Me When, Tess, The Late Show, Tishanaah, Zimbabwe
OF Performance: RES, CHAMP: Gone Hollywood- Reining TOP TEN: Smokingo Twist- Pole bending (21); Aspenman- Hunter (42); MMR Honeybuns Dunit- Native American Costume (21); Good Day Sunshine- Liberty (49);
CM Performance: CHAMPION: Fired Up- Arabian costume (16);
TOP TEN:  Heza Hired Gun-cutting (21) Heza Hired Gun- barrel racing (17- 6th); Sneakers- Arena English Trail (30- 3rd); Ambergold Love- Arabian costume (16); Hy-Tyme Angel- Parade (16); Blackberry Beau- Parade (16); Twofox Alpengeist- Headstudy (35)

Some of my MEPSA 2010/11 loot. Not shown is The Book, which is the best part.

To get to the MEPSA Championships, the model has to be placed first, second or third in a qualifying MEPSA show. At the Championships, the winners from throughout the year compete for Grand and Reserve, Championship, Reserve and Top Ten honors.
MEPSA 2009 International Championships results
International Grand Champions: Costa del Sol- Lusitano stallion, Sneakers- Chincoteague mare. Shy Cedar- App filly
International Reserve Grand Champion: Shez Dun Magic- App mare
International  Champions: Costa del Sol- Lusitano stallion (color), Zip N Twist- Qh stallion (color), Laurelwood Esteem- Morgan stallion (Make) Faayroufa- Arabian mare (make), Dust Bunny- Shetland mare (gender + breed), East West Exchange- App gelding (breed), Aries Choco Brandy- Rocky Mtn. Horse stallion (breed), Count The Stars- Arabian stallion (color+make) Unfurled- TB mare (gender+color), Shez Dun Magic- App mare (gender+color), Ursus Minor- Dartmoor stallion (gender), Jahlee Tralee- Belgian mare (gender+ breed), Wolf River Obsession- Morgan stallion (breed), Spanish Tempo- Iberian WB stallion (breed), Waahida- Arabian mare (color), Brassie Lassie- TB mare (gender), Oakleyfe- pony mare (gender), Seymour Spotz- App colt (gender), Shy Cedar- App filly (gender, breed, color+workmnshp) Starjay- TB filly (gender), Laurelwood Demeter- pinto filly (gender), Bint Binte Moniet- Arabian mare (gender+breed), Copper Lily- Shetland mare (gender), Sneakers- Chincoteague mare (breed),
International  Reserve Champions: Laurelwood Esteem- Morgan stallion (breed), Nile Mist PhD- Arabian mare (make), Count The Stars- Arabian stallion- (gender), Bright Idea- App mare (gender), Wisteria of Persimmon Hill (gender+, breed + make), Cartier Classic- Morgan mare (breed), Wildebeest- TB stallion (breed), Springerle- German Sportpony mare (breed + color) Aries Choco Brandy- Rocky Mtn. Horse stallion (color), Nafas el Sama- Arabian mare (make), Rumpelstiltskin- NASD stallion (breed), Silverado- App stallion (gender), Beatrix- Suffolk Punch mare (gender). Chief's Kenzie- Clydesdale filly (gender), Unfurled (breed), Maestro del Mundo- Andalusian stallion (breed), Foxhaven Cedric- Suffolk Punch stallion (breed),Jahlee Tralee (color), Heza Head Turner- QH stallion (color), Laurelwood Struck Silver- Morgan stallion (color), Bruton's Babe- Belgian mare (breed), Zip To M'Lou- QH mare (color),
Ambergold Love- Arabian mare (Arabian costume)

International  Top Tens: OF PLASTIC: Gender: Cowboy Jac- QH stallion, Hickory Doc- QH stallion, Docotah Blue Blazes- QH gelding, Spin Art- Paint gelding, Miss Thundersnow- POA mare, Country Colors- Paint colt, Wyoming Bluebord- App filly, Shes Striking- part-Arabian filly. Breed: Shez So Fine, Stop N Traffic, Cowboy Jac, Ice Mint, Reach A Star, Chrome Effects, Here Comes The Sun, Laurelwood Acclaim, Laurelwood Dawn, Volado, Frostys Sterling Belle, Solar Wings, Kronos. Color: Reach A Star- ASH mare, Solar Supreme- ASB stallion, Riyadh Sunset- part-Arabian stallion,Laurelwood Dawn- Morgan mare, Ice Mint- Mustang mare, Miss Thundersnow- POA mare, Cherry Blossom Time- App mare, Shez So Fine- App mare, Rouge pour l'Homme- Percheron stallion. Make: Hickory Doc- Qh stallion, Cowboy Jac-QH stallion, Laurelwood Acclaim- Morgan stallion, Heirloom Silver- ASB mare, Zip N Twist- QH stallion, Chrome Effects- Arabian stallion, Herecomesthesun- part-Arabian stallion, Tempezt- part-Arabian stallion.
OF CHINA: Picante- Lusitano stallion (breed), Nafas el Sama- Arabian mare (gender+color), Airman First Class- Irish Hunter gelding (gender+make), Sioux See Que- App mare (gender+color), Springerle- German Sportpony (gender+make), Remrandt- Friesian stallion (gender), Greyfaire Excalibur- Shire stallion (gender), Okie Hokie- App colt (gender+color), Pam's Gift Of Scotch- QH colt (gender), Tah'riki- Arabian colt (gender), Sheza Copper Peppy- QH filly (gender+make), Spinnaker- Paint filly (gender), Sioux Sequelle- Ap filly (gender), Habibi- Arabian filly (gender), Bright Idea- App mare (breed+make), Sioux See Que (breed), Okie Hokie (breed), Spinnaker (breed) Mesa Blues-Paint filly (breed), Director's Cut- QH stallion (breed), Sheza Copper Peppy (breed+color) Espectro d'Llano- Mustang stallion (breed), Mesa Verde- Mustang stallion (breed), Bundarrah Croc- ASH colt (breed), Count The Stars (breed), Forsythia- part-Arabian mare (breed+color), Daelich- Hanoverian stallion (breed), Laurelwood Idyll- Morgan mare (breed), Laurelwood Occidental- Morgan stallion (breed), Picante- Lusitano stallion (breed), Coqueton- Andalusian stallion (breed), Perpetual Romeo- ASB stallion (breed), The China Trade- TWH mare (breed), Bandit' Sippin' Whisey- TWH mare (breed), Rio de Colores- Paso Fino stallion (breed), Lustroso- Paso Fino stallion (breed), Chesapeake Sugarplum- Chincoteague pony mare (breed), Craigston Canberrian- Australian pony gelding (breed), Kenya- Zebra mare (breed+color), Saskatchewan Sadie- Mule molly (breed+color), Wildebeest (color+make), Cartier Classic (color), Dust Bunny (color), Noblesse Oblige- TB stallion (color), Rumpelstiltskin (color), Steel Dream- part-Arabian gelding (make), Banner of Laurelwood- Morgan stallion (make)
ARTIST RESINS: Champagne N Roses- TWH mare (gender+breed+color), Mieke- Gelderland mare (gender), Diamond Tsar- part-Arabian (gender,breed+make) Heza Head Turner- QH stallion (gender), Steel My Heart- Paint gelding (gender), Leonine- Welara stallion (gender+breed), Terrazza- pony mare (gender), Lil Licorice Dot- British spotted pony mare (gender+breed), Gretel- Haflinger mare (gender+breed), Titian Titan- Brabant stallion (gender), SLM La Chante d'Amor- Brabant mare (gender+breed), Windwalker- Draft gelding (gender), Real Buff- QH colt (gender), Buzz Bomb- QH colt (gender), Hajar an Nasiya- Arabian colt (gender+color), The Midas Touch- Qh filly (gender), Wyoming Buebell- App filly (gender), Silver Caroberry- part-Arabian filly (gender), Sheriberry Bey- part-Arabian filly (gender+breed), Shez Dun Magic (breed+make), Silverado (breed+color), Heza Head Turner (breed), Life's A Dance- Mustang filly (breed), Waahida- Arabian mare (breed), O Cleopatra- Arabian mare (breed+color), Orangerie- TB mare (breed+make), Laurelwood Struck Silver (breed), Panache Magic Moment- Hackney horse mare (breed+color), Coventry House Of Lords- Cleveland Bay stallion (breed), Pride's Goldn Perfectn- TWH mare (breed), Chief's Kenzie (breed), Amanda Mae- Belgian filly (breed), Beatrix (breed),Ursus Minor (breed), Persimmon Hills Miss Daisy Mae- American Shetland mare (breed), Mr, Blue Q- Paint pony stallion (breed), Ardiente- Andalusian stallion (color), Cedarwood- TB stallion (color), Sunhawk's Phaeton- part-Arabian stallion (color), Spanish Tempo (color)
CUSTOMS: Wa'fa el Moniet- Arabian mare (gender), Porcelaina- Arabian mare (breed), Nile Moon- Arabian mare (breed), Blackberry Beau- Arabian stallion (color), Psyche's Aphrodite- Arabian mare (color), Absorbez le Soleil- Arabian gelding (workmanshp)
PERFORMANCE: Gai-Perlanabelle- roping, Moon Lynx- barrels and poles, Olivia- HP, Whistle Stop- Hunter, Jibril- Arabian costume, Skippa Showdown Deck- Parade, Bey Femme- HP,
MEPSA 2006 International Championships results:
International Reserve Grand Champion:
Aries Choco Brandy- Rocky Mountain stallion- 2x, Picante- Lusitano stallion
Internat'l Champions:
Amanda Mae- Belgian filly, Aries Choco Brandy- Rocky Mountain stallion, Atom Bomb- App stallion, East West Exchange- App stallion-2x, Indigo Impressionist- Welsh stallion, Jagged Little Pill- Paint mare, Mulwallie Taffeta- Australian stockhorse mare, Persimmon Hill Wisteria- Percheron mare, Picante- Lusitano stallion-2x, Rumpelstiltskin- Spotted Draft stallion, Tara Belle Buck- TB mare.
Internat'l Reserve Champions:
Aengus- Irish Draught stallion, Ardiente- Andalusan stallion-2x, Bucephalus- Freisian stallion, East West Exchange- App stallion, Fatima- Arabian mare- 2x, Festive Occasion- Appaloosa stallion-2x, Laurelwood Autumn Bronze- Morgan colt, Olympus- Pegasus stallion, Shez Striking- Part-Arabian filly, Strykyr- Hanoverian stallion, Unfurled- TB mare-2x, Waheeda- Arabian mare, Wiczotika-Arabian mare- 2x.
Top Tens:
Amanda Mae- Belgian filly, Atom Bomb- App stallion, Brassie Lassie- TB mare, Bright Badger- POA stallion, Bucephalus- Freisian stallion, Cinnamoney- QH appendix gelding, Copper Lily- Shetland mare, Coventry Hawksnest- Dartmoor pony mare-2x, Coventry Witchdoctor- Dartmoor pony stallion, D'Arcy- Draft mrae, Dixie Darlin'- mule filly, Double Brandy- TB filly, Dragonstar Spanish Moss- Highland stallion, Dust Bunny- Shetland mare, Foxhaven Cedric- Suffolk Punch stallion, Gai Perlanabelle- Arabian mare (roping), HereComesTheSun- part Arabian stallion, Hush A Buck- TB colt, Indigo Impressionist- Welsh stallion, Jahlee Tralee- Suffolk Punch mare, King Nubbin- Shetland stallion, Laurelwood Sparrow- Morgan mare, Mayflower Pilgrim- Morgan stallion, Mesa Blues- Paint filly, Mieke- Gelderland mare, Mink Minx- Shetland mare, Muftakir Amir- Arabian stallion, O Cleopatra- Arabian mare,  Oakleyfe of Persimmon Hill- mixed pony mare, Okie Dokie- App colt, Orangerie- TB mare, Perpetual Romeo- ASB stallion, Persimmon Hill Wisteria- Percheron mare, Persimmon Hills Miss Daisy Mae- Shetland pony- 2x, Picante- Lusitano stallion, Pristines Pearl- Arabian filly, Rhiannon- Freisian mare, Rouge Pour l'Homme- Percheron stallion, Royal Wreath Of Flowers- Clydesdale mare, Rumpelstiltskin- Spotted Draft stallion, Sasketchewan Sadie- mule molly-2x, Seymour Spotz- App colt, Shes Striking- part Arabian filly, Shez Dun Magic- App mare, Shy Cedar- App filly, Sioux Sequelle- App filly, Society Bourbon Cynsation- ASB stallion, Southern Sweet Tea- part Arabian mare, Spanish Tempo- Iberian WB stallion, Starjay- TB filly, Tara Belle Buck- TB mare, Technical Gemstone- Paint pony stallion, Tempezt- part Arabian stallion, Tiny Dancer- part Arabian filly, Tristan- Arabian stallion, Unfulred- TB mare- 3x, Ursus Minor- Dartmoor stallion, Venus- Friesian mare, Vladimir- North Star-Furioso stallion, Wa'fa el Moniet- Arabian mare, Waheeda- Arabian mare, Waltz Dream- part-Arabian mare, Wiczotika- Arabian mare, Windwalker- mixed Draft gelding and Wyoming Bluebell- App filly .

Smokin Gold 45- 2nd in OF Sires
Festive Occasion- 3rd in OF Sires
Native Snowman, Wynter Wish For Snow, Holiday Prince, Lujain Gamar, Wysteria, Tara Belle Buck, Atom Bomb, Count The Stars, Safi Baida, HereComesTheSun, Laurelwood Sparrow, Perpetual Romeo, Heirloom Silver, Aries Choco Brandy, Smokin Gold 45, Amberleigh, Rutgers, *Craigston Canberrian, Dylan Rhys, Tamarind, Queen's Mere Magic, Vladamir, PHF Special Effects, Nile Moon, Shy Cedar, Shez Dun Magic, Wa'fa el Moniet, Say You Will, King Of The Road, Maestro del Mundo, Ardiente, Unfurled, Brassie Lassie, Spanish Tempo, Regal Colony, Dereks Domino, Ursus Minor, PH Daisy Mae, Dixie Darlin, Magic Moment.

MEPSA 2002 International Championships results:
International Reserve Grand Champion: Laurelwood Idyll
Internat'l Champion: Laurelwood Idyll
Internat'l Reserve Champions: Ice Mint, Sioux See Que, Hershey's Special Dark, Watercolors.
Top Tens: Angus McVane, Coventry Man Of The Hour, El Primero, Gailey Geyma, Ima Rocket Man, Jinh l'Lail, Laurelwood Electra, Laurelwood Esteem, Lil Bit-O-Honey, Masterwork Saturn, Packed Powder, Rouge Pour L'Homme, Solar Supreme, Wynter Wish For Snow.

MEPSA 2003 International Championships results:
International Reserve Grand Champions: Aries Choco Brandy, Daguerrotype & The Late Show
Internat'l Champions: Jahlee Tralee, Sundust PhD, After Midnight, The Late Show & Wa'fa el Moniet
Internat'l Reserve Champions: Miss Bingo Twist, Angus McVane, Afternoon Delight, Pastellen, Nile Cloud, Sabiha Jalisa, Perpetual Romeo, Golden Showers, Kovenhavn (2x), Ibn Ozem & The Late Show
Top Tens: Cherry Blossom Time (2x), Magnifique, Ice Mint, Sabiha Jalisa, Miss Bingo Twist, Cigarillo, Whistle Stop, Laurelwood Sunrise Concerto, Masterwork Saturn, Wynter Wish For Snow (2x), Angus McVane (2x), Chimena, Roll Um Easy (2x), Reach A Star, Peachy Keen, Riyadh Sunset, Dancininthestreet, Ima Rocketman, Wiczotika, Cryptographer, Solar Supreme, Pantheona, Apache Rain Dance, Castanet, Packed Powder, Tempezt, Afternoon Delight, Safi Baida (2x), Lenas Scotch Rocks (2x), Sioux See Que (2x), Cinnamoney (2x), Chesapeake Sugarplum (2x), Chesapeake Ceyshelle, Dragonwood Boutonierre, Amazonia (2x), Pentimento (3x), Blue Aspen, East West Exchange (2x), Spinnaker (2x), Mesa Verde, Dream alil Dream, Potentate, Silver Lining PhD, Maestoso Capistrana, Neopolitano Capistrana, Long Island Iced Tea, Rembrandt, Jedi (2x), Erland Sjoller, Priory Mirage, Carita (2x), Zinema PhD, Rhiannon PhD, Perpetual Romeo, Aries Choco Brandy, O Mariah, Ardiente (2x), Unfurled (2x), Shez Dun Magic (3x), Ursus Minor (2x), La Chante d'Amor (2x), Beatrix, D'Arcy, Erland Bjorn, Buzz Bomb, Wolf River Obsession, Astrakhana, Jahlee Tralee, Hajar an Nasiya, Eggnog Cream, Zulieka, Waf'a el Moniet (3x), Passing Malarky, Copper Lily, King Of The Road, Aerosmith, Celebration (2x), Di' A la Khatri (2x), Fleetwood Frosted MacDonna (2x), Mulwallie Taffeta (2x), Ambergold Love, The Late Show, Oriente SLM, Moonlight Mastergold, After Midnight, King Of The Road, Kovenhavn, Rising Cyte, Candlelight, Porcelaina (2x), Dancin In The Street (saddleseat), Mr Blue Q (freestyle), Safi Baida (headstudy)

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These 2009 runners horses have
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Past winners include ADVOCATE- QH; PANACEA- Arabian
These horses are placed: Wezelsta-Arabian, Militant PhD-Arabian, Easily The Leader-QH.
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