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Maestro del Mundo

Aguas Azul


Oriente SLM


Caminar con los Reyes



Alegre de MMR


Luna la Plata




Celestine MMR

Arroyo Rojo

Spanish Tempo

Corazon Salvage


La Princesa de las Llanuras

El Rey del Milenario

Un Soledad


Costa Del Sol

DEM Cavilhiero

Golden Earrings


Neopolitano Capistrana

Pluto Fantazia



Palace Mist


Zamora Night


Rio de Colores



Rosa Negra
Iberian Warmblood

Spanish breeds
The Spanish breeds of horses are noted for their presence, their beautiful, round movement and their luxuriant manes and tails. Andalusians and Lippizans can be relatively large and substantial horses, but are very agile. They have short backs, often have straight or convex facial profiles and carry their tails low, particularly the Andalusian. Colors for the Lippizan and Andalusian are most often, grey, more rarely, black or bay. Chestnuts were not registerable as Pure Raza Espanol (the now correct breed name) until  2004. The American registry accepted them earlier, along with some Lusitano/Andalusian crossing. Lusitanos are from Portugal, and occur in many colors, including the dilutes, palomino and buckskin. Paso Finos can be nearly any color, including pinto, but excluding appaloosa. Pasos also have distinctive gaits; the Paso Fino, Paso Paso and Paso Largo, said to be the smoothest ride in the horse world. Pasos can be Paso Finos from Puerto Rico, Peruvian Pasos or Columbian Pasos, from those countries, respectively. Peruvian Pasos exhibit the characteristic "termino", the outward paddling motion of the forefoot. Tobiano does not occur in the Peruvian Paso. Also, there are Spanish and Kiger Mustangs, descended from the Spanish horses brought to the New World by the conquistadors: mainly Sorraias and Alter-Reals. Certain herds remained isolated and not admixed with feral horses from other groups, thus retaining their Spanish heritage almost totally undiluted. They are definitely Spanish horses, but you'll find them under my Mustang listing. Names for Pasos and Andalusians are usually Spanish, Andys often have short, one-word names. The American registry requires that Andalusian, Lusitanos, and crosses of the two have names not exceeding 25 characters and spaces. Lippizan stallions are named with the prefix of the stallion and the given name of the mare combined, with Roman numerals if the cross has been made before. Lippizan mares are given a name, usually one word, beginning with the same letter as their dam.

Andalusian stallions

El Marengo PhD
1986 grey
(Majorio III [l] x Caprichosa [l]-Capitan XIII) Capitan VIII, Bizarro V, Helicon, Dadivoso and Legionario II.
Breyer #68 Legionaro III OF PSP in breed.
Sire of Relampago Blanco, M-Champion in Breed and Gender, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 1990-2009

Ardiente "Passionate"
1988 bay
(Adalid [l] x Lebrijana XI [l] - Poseido V) All PRE live lines. Terry, Cardenas and Military breeding. Adalid was National Champion of Spain,
Sarah Rose 'Deseoso' resin finished by Sheri Rhodes.
LIVE SHOW RESERVE CHAMPION! NAN Qualified. MEPSA Multiple Champion. Multiple IPABRA Champion. IPABRA Champion Sire.
Sire of Spanish Tempo, Iberian WB, o/b PHF; Zar and Forte, o/b Cindi Nakagawa and Fantasmal, o/b Erin Logan. Photo (digital okay) of SQ get requested.
Foals: 1992-2012

El Primero "The First"
1992 Bay
(Ardiente [m-lod] x Celinda [m-lod]-Teodoro [l]) Both sire and dam on this list.
Breyer # 'Spanish Pride' OF.
PS Winner.
Foals: 1996-2013

Optimo "Excellent"
1992 grey
(Don Marco [l] x Odalisca II [l]- Jardinero V) Lines to Leopardo II, Legionario III, Nevado III, Habanero IV and Bruja.
Breyer 99 SM Andalusian OF.
Live show placed (3rd) Photo show winner, PSP, including 2nd of 109 OF Stallions.
Sire of CHAMPION Iantha, 96, o/b PHF; Danzador, o/b Sarah Carper and Cristobal, o/b Kay Myers.
Foals: 1996-2012

El Maestro de Mundo
1993 bay PRE Andalusian stallion
(Ducado III ® x Tunia®- Temerario V) Linebred to Jenson. Also Legionario III, Capitano, Talayote, Egoista IV, Baratero IX.
Eberl 'Almanzor' resin by Brigitte and Lori Williams.
Sire of Lluvia de Plata, 02, o/b Becky Henson.
Winner, multiple Reserve Champion.
Foals: 1997 on.

Limero "Lime Tree"
1994 black
(Ardiente [m-lod] x Luna la Plata [m-phf]-Gozo de Plata [l]) Both sire and dam on this list.
Breyer black Andalusian OF
Not yet shown, NIB.
Foals: 1996 on.

Nacido Navidad
1994 Grey
(Domino [l] x *Navidad Blanca [m-lod]-Leopardo [l]) Legionario III sire line, also to Legionario III through dam side.
Breyer #5035 SM repaint
Sire of Father Figure, o/b Mary Lineman.
Foals: 1995 on

Aguas Azul
1995 grey Andalusian stallion
(Optimo [m-phf] x Cabriola [m-phf]- Temerario VII ®) Sire and dam both on this listing.
Breyer SR JAM 'El Campeador' OF.
Photo show winner. OFHC ROM.
Foals: 1999 on.

Magistrado "Magistrate"
1995 grey
(Optimo [m-phf] x Majolica [m-phf]-Jocoso XV [l]) both sire and dam on this list.
Breyer JAH SR SM Andalusian
Foals: 1999 on

Oriente SLM 
1997 bay Andalusian stallion.
(Ascesion® x Amada [m-lod]- Bravio®)
SM Andalusian stallion customized by S L McAllister
Winner, MEPSA qualified.
Sire of 01 foal.
Foals: 2001 on.

1998 black bay Andalusian stallion
(The General ® x Ladina ®- Ganador VIII) General is a very masculine and gorgeous PRE stallion from mostly Terry breeding. Ladina is PRE, and black.
Breyer new traditional Andalusian.
Reserve Champion, MEPSA qualified.
Sire of
Hijo de la Luna, 03, o/b Esther Johnson
Foals: 2002 on.

Caminar con los Reyes
2003 grey from bay carrying pearl PRE stallion
(Gabeno [live] x Melazo III [m-k.myers]-Bravio XVI®)  carries a recessive pearl gene from his dam. Sire is a multiple USA Nat'l Champion in Best Movement, Saddle Seat and Halter. Dam is an HR 'Tria' in bay by the lovely, now dead, Bravio.
Winner, MEPSA 08/09 qualified.
Foals: 2005 on.

Volado "Superior"
2004 grey (bay) PRE Andalusian stallion
(Novillero VIII® x Luna la Plata [m-phf]- Gozo de Plata®) Sire is Cardenas bred, a lovely stallion with outstanding movement. Jubilosa II, Jopo, Leviton, Encantada XI, Majorio, Legionario III, Juglar, Floridita.
Breyerfest 2008 SR Alborozo OF
MEPSA Champion.
Foals: 2008 on.

2006 grey Andalusian stallion (foal body)
(Optimo [m-phf] x Perla [m-phf]- Germano®)
Japan OF.
Foals: 2010 on.

2008 grey (from bay) stallion
Costoso [m-m/welte] x Opala V [m-phf]- Optimo [m-phf])
BSO at present.
Foals: 2012 on.

NEW! Alegre de MMR
2011 bay sabino Andalusian stallion
(Hatero de PB® x Amaranta MMR [bso- d.teeselink)- Conquistador XII -r ) All lines back to live. Sire is a sabino black or grulla PRE competing in Dressage. Bloodlines include Gento, Taco-Taco, Ulster, Lucifer, Conquistador XII, Cazador IX, Regalado II, Floridita IV and twice to Jordana, Genil, Quimera.
Breyer Premier 'Destado'
MEPSA Qualified 2014.
Foals: 2015 on.

Andalusian mares

1983 Grey
(Germano [l] x Eslava [l]- Honroso II) Juglar, Destinado III, Maluso, Descarado II
CM classic Ginger by Angelica Nelson.
Dam of Fantasmal, 92, o/b Erin Logan; Opala, 95, o/b PHF; Iantha, Champion, 96, o/b PHF; Poetico de Amor, 04, o/b Jean Sorensen; Rey de Perlas, 05, o/b Cindi Nakagawa and Raphael, 06, o/b PHF.
Available: 88,89,90,91,93,94,97,98,99,00,01,02,03.

1986 grey
(Temerario VII [l] x Esplendida V [l]- Hortelano) Sire is Intermediare II Champion. Sire's grandsire is the famed Jenson. Also lines to Destinado II, Bilbaino II, Destinado IV. Temerario VII is a dressage horse.
WC micro OF
Not shown.
Dam of the very handsome Zar, 1992, o/b Cindi Nakagawa; Adagio, 94, o/b Becky Henson; our own Aguas Azul, 95; Agraciado, 96, o/b Laura Graham; Danzador, 97, o/b Sarah Carper; Father Figure, 98, o/b Mary Lineman; and Golfan, 02, o/b PHF.
Open: 93,99,00,01,03,04,on

Luna la Plata
1987 alabaster grey
Pedigree change! (Granadino XI [l] x Hija de la Luna [bso-lod]-Bizarro X [l]) Lines to Leviton, Leopardo II, Legionario III, Floridita, Juglar.
Breyer Classic 'Ginger' #3040G TRU SR (part of Spanish Norman family) OF
PS Winner.
Dam of La Donna Luna, '92, o/b Heather Lettengaver; Oscura Luna, '93, o/b Becky Jones; Limero, '94, o/b PHF, Beso de Luna, '95, o/b Michelle Weston; Embajador Luna, 96, o/b Mary Lineman; Cristobal, 97, o/b Kay Myers, Hijo de la Luna, 03, o/b Esther Johnson; Volado, 04, o/b PHF and Nina de Luna, 07, o/b PHF.
Open years: 98,99,00,01,02,05,06.

1988 bay
(Teodoro [l] x Estrella [l]- Ofuscado II)  Lines to Bizarro V, Caballeroso de Nevasco
Breyer SMQHM OF.
Not yet shown.
Dam of Viento de Montana, 93, o/b Kim Martin; Maravilloso, 94, o/b Marta Towne; Sueno, 95, o/b Jen Wager and Rio Torreo, Azteca, 99, o/b Tayler McKee.
Open years: 96,97,98,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08

1991 bay (carrying pearl)
(Bravio [l] x Banda II [l]- Barquillero X) Lines to Cabelleroso de Nevasco, Barquillero X, Leopardo, Europa
Breyer # "Marabella" OF
Not yet shown, NIB.
Dam of KA Bolero, 95, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Oriente SLM, 97, o/b Laurel Dedes and Lleno de Vivido, 04, o/b Jean Sorensen.
Open years: 96,98,99,00,01,02,03,05,06,07,08,09,10,11.

1994 black mare
(Genio III [l] x Granada K [l]- Belico) 4+ gen.ped. Lines to Jerez, Jardinero V, Belico (Carthusian) and Genil (Champion of Spain)
BSO at this time.
Not shown.
Dam of Gaucho, 98, o/b PHF; Gotico, 99, o/b Alicia Vogel and Granizado, 00, o/b PHF.
Open years: 01,02,03,04,on.

1996 grey Andalusian mare
(Optimo [m-phf] x Perla [m-phf]- Germano [l])
Goebel china OF (scarce)
CHAMPION. Other Pure Breed Champion MIJC. MEPSA Reserve Champion Spanish/Gaited 2012.
Dam of Lluvia de Plata, 02, o/b Becky Henson and Coqueton, 05, o/b PHF .
Years available: 01,03,04,06,on.

NEW! Mosaica
2000 grey (bay) PRE mare
(Chevalier [m-j.sorensen] x Primaroseta [m-j.sorensen]- Poseido V®) all PRE lines, all to live horses.
Eberl 'Estada' by Nan Wagner.
MEPSA qualified 2011/12.
Years available: 05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,on.

NEW! Celestine MMR
2009 grey PRE
(Corazon Valiente MMR [m-d.teeselink] x Celestina MMR [bso-d.teeselink]- Novelisto D®) All lines to live. Hacendoso IV, Honroso, Fandango V (twice), Bravio XVI, Banbury Colonel, Favorito D, Granadino XI, Banbury Brio DM.
Breyer classic SR Andalusian mare from Sears family set
Years available: 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29.


Rio de Oro
1989 Palomino Azteca stallion
(Viento Invierno [m-phf] x Dionysiaques [m-oma]- Bequest) 1st cross Azteca- "D". 50% Andalusian, 50% QH. Andy lines to Ganador VIII, Juglar and Agente, and QH lines to Skipper W, Three Bars, Poco Rose & Skip's Reward.
Breyer Glossy Fighting Stallion #33 'King' 60-67 OF.
Sire of Rio Toreo, o/b Tayler McKee.
Foals: 1993 on.

Coronando de Nieve
2003 bay roan Azteca B stallion 2nd cross, 3/4 Andalusian
(Ladino TG x Tonto Bravia-bso-1998 bay roan {Bravio® Andalusian x Little Bros Tonto® bay roan QH}) Sire is S/P bay and beautiful. Dam is an Azteca D by the gorgeous Bravio, and with QH lines to Blue Valentine, Joe Reed and Tonto Bars Gill.
SM CM by Candace Cameron, Arbolito Ranch,
Foals: 2007 on.

Arroyo Rojo
2007 bay roan Azteca "A" stallion
(Coronado de Nieve [m-phf] x Ejemplar [m-c.hartung]- Dante [m-c.hartung]) Lines to Ladino TG, Bravio, Blue Valentine, Joe Reed, Tonto Bars Gill, Embajador IX, Bizarro. Dam from Double Hart Ranch.
CM G3 SM Andalusian by Angelica Nelson
Foals: 2011 on.

Algodona "cotton"
1997 grey Azteca mare
(Misterioso [m-l.james] x Foxy Dulcinea [m-l/james]-Two Fox Dallas® ) bred by Lisa James. First cross Azteca-D. Axis/Ingratio IX, Jardinero V, Two Eyed Fox, Sugar Bars.
Breyer Classic 'Ginger' OF grey.
Crosses to Aztecas, Andalusian or QHs/Paints can produce American Aztecas. Mexico does not accept Paint crosses. QHs or Paints used for crossing must not carry more than ¼ TB blood.
Years available: 02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Tonto Bravia
1998 bay roan (carrying pearl) Azteca D mare
(Bravio® x Little Bros Tonto®- Little Bros) ½ Andalusian, ½ QH. By the gorgeous, now deceased Bravio, out of a well bred QH mare with lines to Blue Valentine, Tonto Bars Gill and Joe Reed.
BSO at this time.
Dam of Coronado de Nieve, 03, above.
Years available: 04,05,06,07,08,on.

Other Andalusian crosses
NEW! Spanish Tempo
2008 grey Iberian Warmblood stallion
(Ardiente [m-phf] Andalusian x Alyssum [m-phf]- Trakehner- CB Scituate's Furstsnow Syncope [m-s.scioto]) All lines to live. Ardiente is our multiple Champion Sarah Rose Deseoso f/b Sheri Rhodes. His sire has all PRE live lines. Terry, Cardenas and Military breeding. Grandsire Adalid was National Champion of Spain, and dam Alyssum has lines to Condus, Goldgraf, Flaneur. Alyssum's dam is a USA based mare with a Combined Training Training level Championship, goes to Donauwind, Carajan, *E* mare, Anthea, Magnet, Anteil and Wilder Jaeger.
Cantrell 'Nocturno' AR.
Foals: 2012 on.

NEW! Corazon Salvaje
2010 black Hispano Arabe stallion
(Maestro del Mundo [m-phf] x Diademme [m-phf]- PHF Silverdrift)
Breyer porcelain LE 'Esprit' OF.
Foals: 2014 on.

NEW!  Rosa Negra
2007 black tobiano pinto Iberian Warmblood mare, 1/2 PRE, 1/4 Trakehner, 1/4 DWB
(Baroque {bso} 2002 bay tobiano Iberian WB {Rewired (Rewir ® x Riesenstern ®)'85 grey tobiano (bay) Trakehner x Bengala DFC {Vencedor X ® x Imitadora ®} '96 light dapple grey (bay) PRE x Mellifluous {bso} 2002 smoky black tobiano Iberian WB {Lynx (Hall of Fame ® x Roemer’s Silk} x Mantequilla DFC {Carmelo II ® x Novela V ®} )
Premier Club "Hermosa" 2015.
Dam of Beaux Arts, 15, o/b PHF.
Years open: 12,13,14,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27.

NEW! La Princesa de las Llanuras- on 2014 list
2005 chestnut sabino Hispano-Arabe mare
(Viento Invierno PhD [m-phf] x Baha Royale [m-phf]- Royal Bahade [m-phf]) Sire is an Andalusian linebred to Ganador VIII. Also Poseido III, Taco Taco, Agente, Maluso, Dominante. Dam is a CMK Arabian mare linebred to Abu Farwa.
CM by Angelica Nelson.
MEPSA Reserve Champion breed 2014.
Dam of Balduino, 10, o/b Autumn Rupert and Joyas de Ambar, 14, o/b PHF.
Years available: 11,12,13,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25.

Lusitano stallions

El Rey del Milenario
1993 buckskin Lusitano stallion
(*Imperador ZI [m-c.nakagawa] x Centenaria [m-c.nakgawa]- Venadito®) very well bred. Lines to Universo, Bailador, Maravilha, Venadito, Cofre.
Breyer Legionario III as 'Lavrador' OF.
Sire of Golden Vanity.
Foals: 1997 on

Un Soledad
1996 buckskin Lusitano stallion
(Phoenix DS [m-m.smith] x Shoshana [m-m.smith]- Vento Selvagem [m-wmhs]) Lines to Triunfa, Bailador, Martini. All to live.
Breyer G2 SM Andalusian OF.
Winner. MEPSA qualified 07/08.
Foals: 2000 on.

El Cazador "Treasure Hunter"
1997 Buckskin Lusitano stallion
(Nostradamos do Mirante [l] x Cielo [m-a.geci]- Espirito)
Breyer SM MS OF
Not shown
Foals 2001 on.

1997 chestnut Lusitano stallion
(Lavrador® x Quilinda do Top®- Afiancado De Flandes)
Breyer porcelain mini G2 Andalusian OF
Winner and Reserve Champion. MEPSA qualifies every year.
Sire of Wish Upon A Star, o/b Holly Goldman-Craig
Foals: 2001 on.

Costa del Sol
1998 chestnut Lusitano stallion
(Sentinel [m-s.stahl] x *Terezihna [m-s.stahls]- Trinco®) all to live. Centario, Capote, Nilo, Quieto, Gaupo, etc.
Breyerfest SR 'Galahad' OF.
Multiple Champion. MEPSA 2009 Inernational Championships Grand Champion OF Plastic Color. Top Ten (4th of 270) in OF Plastic Stallions and Top Ten (3rd of 40) in OF Plastic Spanish breed.
Sire of Aurelio Sol, o/b Jean Sorensen and Balduino, Hispano-Arabe, o/b Autumn Rupert.
Foals: 2002 on.

1999 perlino Lusitano stallion
(Armand [m-m.smith] x Shoshana [m-m.smith]- Vento Selvagem [m-wmhs]) Lines to Triunfo, Bailador, Cravo, Habanero VIII.
Safari Andalusian OF.
Foals: 2003 on.

*Disposto (willing in Portuguese)
2001 liver chestnut/flaxen stallion
(Corajoso® x Epona®- Manequim) Firme, Principe V, Bailador, Cruzado
Breyer #918 Legionario III 'Promenade' OF.
Sire of Alvaro.
Foals: 2005 on.

Dios del Sol
2003 palomino Lusitano stallion
(Saphiro® x Nevada St.C®- Extranjero St.C) Sire is a perlino Lusitano imported from Germany, dam is a lovely grey with lines to Yacht and Triunfo.
Breyer SM OF.
Foals: 2007 on.

DEM Cavalhiero "Gentleman"
2007 bay Lusitano stallion
(Solar HM®  x Ssirena®- Irreal) Sire was a Nat'l Champion Stallion in both Portugal and the US, and awarded the medal for best Movement at the Nat'l Championship show. Dam is a very pretty bay and dam of beautiful foals. Her sire was a 3yo Champion and successful Grand Prix horse. Liines to Ufano II, Xique-Xique, Urco, Euclides.
Breyer porcelain Leandro OF.
MEPSA 2011 Champion. MEPSA Champion 2012.
Foals: 2011 on.

Espectro Interagro
2009 silver bay Lusitano stallion
(Arco Iris® x Cigana Interagro [bso-lod] full sib to Pitonisa Interagro®- Emir II)
BSO at this time
Foals: 2013 on.

Lusitano mares

*Golden Earrings
1993 buckskin Lusitano mare
(Dito® x Colmeia®- Oeste) World famous smoky black sire, and full sibling to two live horses.
Breyer Classic And mare OF 99.
PS Winner.
Dam of Wish Upon A Star V, 01, o/b Holly Goldman-Craig and Aurelio Sol, 02, o/b Jean Sorensen.
Years available: 03,04,05,on

Golleria - Spanish ="Delicacy"
2000 palomino Lusitano mare
(Descaro [l] x Golilla [l]-Mercenario) By a gorgeous palomino Lusitano, out of a live chestnut mare with a record of working western!
Breyer SM QH mare OF
Not yet shown
Dam of Golden Vanity, 05, o/b Anna Childers and Alvaro, 06, o/b Autumn Rupert.
Years available: 06,07,08,09,on.

2004 chestnut Lusitano mare
(Cinabrio [m-c.wallbruch] x Wilhemina [m-c.wallbruch]-Jungle Warrior) Lines to Centenario, Capote, Granadino XI, Aragones III, Bedouin 2x. Live bred top, modelbred 3 and 4 generations on bottom.
Winner's Choice micro mini OF
Not shown
Dam of Caridad Bihotz, o/b Autumn Rupert.
Years available: 09, 11,12,13,14,15,16,on.

Lippizan stallions

Neapolitano Majestica
1982 Grey
(Romeo Neapolitano [m-cbf] x Majestica [bso-lod]-Pluto II Fantasica [l])
Breyer #30 Fighting stallion alabaster OF
Foals: 1986 on

Pluto Fledermaus
1990 bay
(Pluto Con Brio [l] x R Fledermaus [bso-lod] (Maestoso Amata II [l] x Rockrose [l]) An uncommon bay Lippizaner.
Multiple CHAMPION.
Masterpiece Porcelain by Home Interiors.
Sire of Lipp ID 3_07, '95, o/b ?
Foals: 1994 on.

Favory Bierra I
1991 grey Lippizan stallion
(Favory Bedelia I [s.feld] x Bierra [m-s.feld]- Favory II Regina) All lines to live horses.
Goebel OF.
Foals: 1995 on.

Neopolitano Capistrana
1992 grey
(Neopolitano Pallas [m-wildw] x Capistrana [m-phf]- 584 Conversano II Grace [l])
Goebel OF.
OFCC 2003 NATIONAL CHAMPION STALLION, judged by Dawn Shaw. Multiple Champion. multiple MEPSA qualified 2003. Breed and make Championships.
Sire of Neopolitano Cremolina.
Foals: 1996 on.

Siglavy III Acacia
1994 grey
(Siglavy Amorosa [l] x 638 Acacia [l]- 106 Pluto III Platana)
Franklin Mint Lippizan OF.
Sire of Siglavy Capistrana, o/b Chris Wallbruch and Siglavy Cremolina, o/b Randa Garrett.
Foals: 1998 on.

Pluto Fantazia
1995 grey
(Pluto Banshea [m-c.hartung] x Fantazia [m-c.hartung]- Meastoso Grania [m-?] Lines through Suzanne Feld's program, sire line is SLM Pluto Bonavia, and all lines to live on his pedigree except his his maternal sire's lines. His lines are all correctly named, and I assume they also go to live lines.
Breyer Pluto 475 OF 1991-1995
Foals: 1999 on.

Neopolitano Dusana
2010/2007/ grey stallion
(Neopolitano Capistrana [m-phf] x Dusanna II+ [m-pend-k.myers]- Pluto II Dixana)
HR Specialties Spanish horse 2017 release

Lippizan mares

1987 Grey
(584 Conversano II Grace [l] x Consuela [m-slm]-)
Franklin Mint Lippizan mare and foal OF.
Dam of Neopolitano Capistrana, 92, on this stallion list; Siglavy Capistrana, 98, o/b Chris Wallbruch; Maestoso Capistrana, 03, foal body, and Czarina, 04, foal body, o/b PHF.
Years open: 93,95,96,97,99,00,01,02,05,06,07.

1988 grey
(Favory Cremona [l] x Con Bria [l]- Neapolitano XIX-5) Sire has pure Piber lines!
Danbury Mint Andalusian.
Dam of Lippizan ID- 3_07, '95, o/b ?, Siglavy Cremolina, 98, o/b Randa Garrett and Neopolitano Cremolina, 99, o/b Kay Myers.
Years available: 93,94,96,97,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08.

1994 black
(Maestoso XXIX-32 [l] black x Melodina [l]- Siglavy Primavera 63 [l]) Bloodlines are from Hungary- registered Lippizans.
BSO at this time.
Dam of Moya, 99, o/b Katie George.
Years available: 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16.

Spanish Normans

Batalla Buque (Battleship)
1994 grey (black) Spanish Norman stallion
(Impressionado DS [m-m.smith] x Korena Laet [m-m.smith]- Mordecai) Lines to Andalusians Leviton and Ebano; Percheron lines to Green Lea Lance, Lo Lynd Je Laet, Prince Laet. Spanish Normans need to carry at least 50% Andalusian blood, and must be crossed only with Percheron. This stallion can throw Spanish Normans when bred to Andalusians, or another 50% Spanish Norman.
Schleich Andalusian OF.
Foals: 1998 on.

Palace Mist
1991 grey Spanish Norman mare
(Palacio PhD [m-phf] x Regal Mistique [m-phf]) Andalusian stallion and Percheron mare cross.
UD resin 'Andalusian' OF.
Years available: 96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on


Jericho (Moon City)
1989 grey (chestnut brindle) Barb
(Babgha® x Ismina®- Oggaz) 2+/2+ Brindle is typically thought to be a chimeric coloration, and not hereditary.
Stone Chip Morgan OF.
MEPSA winner.
Foals: 1993 on

NEW! al-Maghrib (the westernmost)
2000 bay dun or dunskin Spanish Barb stallion
(Lagos [m-j.sorensen] x Sabina [bso-j.sorensen]- Wilbur-Cruse Spanish Barb) USA Barb lines from the Wilbur-Cruse herd, genetically tested as Barbs.
Breyer porcelain Spanish Barb.
Foals: 2004 on.

NEW! Sirocco
2000 grey Algerian Barb stallion
(Lahdjar® x Jahra®- Foulen) 2+/2+ from North Africa, the Algerian Barb is being bred in France. Lahdjar is a lovely, Spanish type stallion, rated "excellent" for breeding and a 3x Champion in France.
Breyer resin 'Leandro' OF.
Foals: 2004 on

Zamora Night
1992 grey from black Barb mare
(London Night [m-oma] x Lady In Blue [m-oma]-*Rocain) Nicely model bred, by October Moon Acres.
Breyer Foundation stallion #85 'Azteca'
Available years: 97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,on.

Paso Fino stallions

Lagarto Azul
1985 blue roan Paso Fino
(El Alquitran Bebe® x Rosada del Rosa®- Hilaches)
Breyer 'El Pastor' OF
Foals: 1989 on.

NEW! Lustroso
1994 palomino Paso Fino stallion
(Frio Viento® x Sangrilita LaCE®- Manolito LaCE) Sire is a Champion palomino stallion, and dam is a chestnut stamped with her foundation maternal grandsire's four high white socks.
Made With Love 'My Pal' OF.
MEPSA multiple Champion
Sire of Bossa Nova PhD, o/b Kay Myers.
Foals: 2008 on.

NEW! Rio de Colores
1997 grulla Paso Fino gelding
(Trillador de la Divisa® x Rubia de S&S®- El Rubi)
BHR OF resin.
MEPSA Reserve Champion 2010.
Foals 01-06 only.

Paso Fino mares

1986 Buckskin mare
(DSS Cruzado [m-dss] x Sangrilita LaCE [l]- Manolito LaCE) Lines to Mar de Plata LaCE, Faeton LaCE.
Breyer JAH Paso SM OF
Photo show winner.
Dam of El Oro Subio, 95, o/b Cindy Kunitsugu.
Open: 91,29,93,94,96,97,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

Samba PhD
1991 Black, carries hidden dilute gene.
(Encantador Bailador [m-eh] buck x Mia Marichala-np) Choco Que Tal,Sombre LaCE, Marichal.
Breyer #5038 SM repaint.
Dam of Bossa Nova PhD, 97, o/b Kay Myers.
Years available: 96,98,99,00,01,02,03,04,on

NEW! Sparrowcita de Doble Corazon
2000 chestnut Paso Fino mare
(Oraculo de Doble Corazón [m-c.hartung] x Pasion de Doble Corazón [m-c.hartung]- Simbolo de Besilu®) Bred by Double Hart Ranch. All lines trace to live.
unknown factory resin.
Years available: 05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20.

Peruvian Paso stallions

Regla del Terciopelo (velvet ruler) SOLD 2015
1990 grey Peruvian Paso stallion
(Cuento [m-t.bartone] x Borrasca [m-t.bartone] -Chiron)
Breyer new Paso OF #576
Foals: 1994 on.

Piezas de Ocho
1997 palomino Peruvian Paso stallion
(Ocho Rios [m-m.haberman] x Luna Rojo [m-m.haberman]- Palotino) Antares, Mantequilla, Palomila, Circo.
Breyer Paso from horse and rider set OF #1223
NIB- not yet shown.
Sire of Arcanglea CDM, o/b Kay Myers.
Foals: 2001 on.

Peruvian Paso mares

1996 red roan Peruvian Paso mare
(Orgullo del Sol® x JKR Rosita®- Solariego) Sire is a bay roan, dam is a bay silver (and cute as a bug!) Linebred to Sol de Oro V. Also, Elegante, Prestigo, Coral.
Breyer G3 SM OF
Dam of Fernando, 04, o/b Autumn Rupert
Years available: 01,02,03,05,06,07,08,on.

Paso cross

2002 bay tobiano Peruvian Paso/Paso Fino Pinto mare
Citacion® Peruvian Paso x Azucar en Tostada® Paso Fino- Halago Sin Par) Since there are no tobianos in the Peruvian horse, this mare is ½ Peruvian, with a Peruvian gait, but ½ Fino to get her tobiano coloration. Lines to Burlador, Sol de Oro V, Hilaches, El Pastor. Champion lineage.
Breyer G3 SM Paso OF.
Years available: 07,08,on